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Why are Americans so weird about salt and pepper?    12/06/21  (1)
WAGMI to the poor house    12/06/21  (2)
Eagles have 3 first round draft picks in 2022    12/06/21  (2)
SOL $150 waiting room    12/06/21  (12)
lol at San Francisco's District Attorney (link)    12/06/21  (11)
Why do Americans have a fetish for finding the “best” of everything    12/06/21  (1)
Tom Brady (44) is leading the NFL in TDs again    12/06/21  (2)
Rate this $1.4m home in Berkeley CA with spectacular views    12/06/21  (19)
Anyone else buying more SOL during the dip/ just bought 20K more at 185    12/06/21  (15)
I need a bourbon rec ITT    12/06/21  (53)
Guys: Do you have any Bros that got involved with single Moms? Does it ever    12/06/21  (52)
Small batch bourbon markup is out of control    12/06/21  (57)
remember when libs made Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figures & documentary?    12/06/21  (16)
180: Thug who kicked 84 y/o Azn out of wheelchair in SF gets 15 yrs hard time    12/06/21  (24)
Lol at not using a dirt cheap or burner phone    12/06/21  (6)
what art should i get to decorate my walls    12/06/21  (7)
A River Runs Through It is a beautiful movie    12/06/21  (15)
trump is altering his body in preparation for a 2024 run...but it's not helping    12/06/21  (2)
TSINAH having a huge weekend    12/06/21  (35)
dr jill biden in fishnet stockings & short dress will spruce up ur voltage    12/06/21  (7)
Exile and Loathing in Nepal: The Tragic Tale of Thomas Turdskin    12/06/21  (5)
People have talked about Linux being ready for the desktop for 30 years now    12/06/21  (10)
RATE my lifting form (TSINAH)    12/06/21  (1)
spent more than a thousand dollars on snowboarding shit this week, taking qs    12/06/21  (33)
skipped out on my bills with a famous creditor (TSINAH)    12/06/21  (2)
i know, it's only pest control, but i like it    12/06/21  (1)
played cornhole with a famous yakuza captain (TSINAH)    12/06/21  (1)
Is the 206-minute director's cut of Oliver Stone's JFK worth watching?    12/06/21  (4)
biz idea: live stream of the board's best known posters    12/06/21  (2)
6'5" & change. played a lil college ball. $500k in Florida. weeps at JRPGs.    12/06/21  (2)
derek chauvin case was a travesty and no one even remembers it now    12/06/21  (15)
Detroit lions 1-10-1 how prestigious ?    12/06/21  (2)
yakuza like a dragon is 180    12/06/21  (1)
white boy summer...you need to be pounding black poon like this white boomer    12/06/21  (2)
Crypto nearing the "the goyim know, shut it down" stage imo= link    12/06/21  (54)
Top Swedish scientist prosecuted for leaking a paper with stats on migrant rape    12/06/21  (61)
We mock whok for being a dumbshit cumslut, but for an abo, he's pretty bright    12/06/21  (20)
Creampied a new 18 yr old last night. Taking ?s ITT.    12/06/21  (50)
Nobody in this country should be allowed to identify as "black"    12/06/21  (6)
Historical American taking qs    12/06/21  (2)
French generals pen letter to Macron telling him to prepare for race war    12/06/21  (17)
The UK is seeing 127 non-Covid excess deaths a day    12/06/21  (1)
nick gerz    12/06/21  (2)
Birdshit Americans: more knowledge of Indian street shitting than STEM subjects    12/06/21  (2)
20 Questions: guess the city/town I live in North Carolina    12/06/21  (34)
whok, I heard from jinx that you're fair game for all kinds of deviant shit    12/06/21  (12)
the unremunerated emotional labor of long-haul covid sufferers (NYT Sunday)    12/06/21  (1)
whok, worst act of depravation and deviancy you've been subjected to by jinx?    12/06/21  (14)
don't worry, the good jews will save us from the bad jews    12/06/21  (7)
I wonder if it occurred to Bob Dole as he looked at Amerca 2021 that 'conservati    12/06/21  (2)
it is loooooooooong past time for obeezy to get outed and googlebombed    12/06/21  (3)
The Rape of Europe    12/06/21  (1)
Columbia U loves being surrounded my high crime and murderous thugs    12/06/21  (2)
Can a woman survive off cum?    12/06/21  (5)
don't be surprised if the board traffic gradually wanes in 2022    12/06/21  (1)
We've reached the end of the bort this is our final post    12/06/21  (1)
Is Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber hot or not?    12/06/21  (4)
after Tommy Turdskin, which poster has the smallest penis?    12/06/21  (4)
Bort dead again 0 active users    12/06/21  (2)
mr.jinx savagely brutalized by asshole. I can't get over it! (whok)    12/06/21  (7)
Zemmour massive Trump style live rally right now this is INSANE    12/06/21  (92)
My bronchitis is never going to fucking end    12/06/21  (11)
remember when chandler lost like 40 pounds    12/06/21  (2)
lol so $1B Tether printed after market crash?    12/06/21  (70)
The main difference between AGWWG and WGWAG HAPAs    12/06/21  (14)
Chandler needs to be taken down a few pegs.    12/06/21  (19)
Trump seems to have objectively been a better POTUS than Biden    12/06/21  (6)
Watching Richard Spencer interview on CNN now, he talks real faggy    12/06/21  (16)
Hello contestant. For your challenge your BF has volunteered to be submerged    12/06/21  (1)
DeSantis needs to go 100% Huel for a few months before announcing POTUS run    12/06/21  (6)
What are some hidden 💎 gems in merica worth looking into living    12/06/21  (12)
remember Charles Barkley told Richard Spencer 'your grandchildren will be brown!    12/06/21  (4)
Does Boise have any white collar industry or is it just californians WFH?    12/06/21  (2)
Do you wish you spent more on a bigger house or less on a smaller house?    12/06/21  (49)
After 20 yrs of fear mongering about "terrorism" GOP: "covid is nothing!"    12/06/21  (2)
you gon' get.... absorbed    12/06/21  (1)
Rate this AGWWG couple    12/06/21  (43)
Wtf is this bug in my garage?    12/06/21  (9)
viciously white supremacist societies attracting billions of nonwhites to them    12/06/21  (10)
Peterman slams Oliver Darcy against stall: "You think you're balder than me!?!?"    12/06/21  (81)
I absolutely HATE xo but can't quit it    12/06/21  (5)
Jen Psaki tik tok video calling out "creepy" Peter Doocy for staring at her    12/06/21  (3)
Do you think there's a winning strategy to Monopoly?    12/06/21  (43)
Ghislaine Maxwell appears in a Season 8 episode of The Simpsons    12/06/21  (1)
Mary Moon... She's a Heideggerian! (Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)    12/06/21  (1)
kind of insane that EPAH hasn't been banned for killing Halford    12/06/21  (2)
So if we say Pluto is a planet then we’d have to say another 20 objects are pl    12/06/21  (4)
it's one thing to default on a credit card    12/06/21  (2)
lmao Tank Davis is fighting the only Del Taco employee shorter than himself    12/06/21  (166)
Want to leave "law" for govt relations / public affairs / think tank / political    12/06/21  (5)
told guy to 'flame on, flamer'    12/06/21  (1)
The Kurt Warner Cinematic Universe    12/06/21  (1)
Libs cancel the phrase "kill two birds with one stone"    12/06/21  (4)
FBI Caught (again) creating rw hate group    12/06/21  (38)
Anyone ever notice how a lot of southern men have very feminine faces?    12/06/21  (2)
20 Questions: Guess who I am    12/06/21  (38)
Now that the years ending, what were the best movies of 2021    12/06/21  (18)
"wolf! wolf!" cried the media, for the 1,824th straight day.    12/06/21  (73)
NSAM57 what's ur take on the 'teen girl' genre of fedpoasting here?    12/06/21  (1)
Found hot trump voting girl 15 years my junior    12/06/21  (32)
GJR has xo wrapped around her finger now    12/06/21  (9)
Does your wife / gf know about Xo?    12/06/21  (35)
Are TMF and MND getting the booster shots?    12/06/21  (8)
Wife *kind of* named our son after a guy she’s been with, pretty pissed    12/06/21  (49)
Have you ever been to a Regus building? Almost everyone is a CIA contractor    12/06/21  (1)
jet-black pilled    12/06/21  (1)
Hypo: Clinton never meets Epstein, stays away    12/06/21  (6)
fighting off the sunday scarries    12/06/21  (2)
Dude shot in the fucking head right on K Street in DC:    12/06/21  (7)
entire southern hemisphere zombie-marching into US/EU chanting 'absorbbb meeee!'    12/06/21  (1)
Hottest Brazilian models life outcomes: Most unmarried or divorced by 40    12/06/21  (34)
Received 1st dose of Testosterone Undecanoate Replacement Therapy. Taking ?s ITT    12/05/21  (14)
would u date this cute 19yo girl?    12/05/21  (8)
Absolutely no reason why Bob Dole won’t run — and win — in 2024    12/05/21  (12)
My friend makes $10k a month popping her zits on YouTube, NOT FLAME    12/05/21  (1)
How long til FoxNews hires Chris Cuomo?    12/05/21  (3)
RSF is 180 as fuck, an XO hall-of-famer at this point without a doubt    12/05/21  (1)
anti-semitism is bad. racism is bad. slavery was bad. women are people.    12/05/21  (3)
$SAMO bros hold me    12/05/21  (11)
Fitness chick shuts down "creepy old guy" at gym who starred at her (on film)    12/05/21  (105)
exeunt taking questions on USDT    12/05/21  (14)
SF restaurant refuses to serve cops. Now apologizing    12/05/21  (5)
Hello niggers. Im winter nigger    12/05/21  (2)
BOB DOLE: DEAD AT 98    12/05/21  (24)
Amazed at how casually and seemingly effortlessly CIA ousted multiple POTUSes    12/05/21  (6)
XO Dads, does Santa wrap his presents or are they just under the tree unwrapped?    12/05/21  (15)
Work in Tech with Indians. AMA.    12/05/21  (1)
SAMO slowly but surely heading UP!    12/05/21  (13)
not wanting to literally die = being a 'nazi'    12/05/21  (1)
where should i live    12/05/21  (3)
hypo: $400k/year but u have to wear a buttplug 20hrs a day    12/05/21  (1)
Looks like SAMO finally died for good    12/05/21  (1)
there are three "tigers" in the SEC. kinda gay.    12/05/21  (4)
biz idea: RBG sex-dolls    12/05/21  (1)
lol rickshaws didn't flourish until azns incorporated 'superior western' tech    12/05/21  (7)
*throws out Barbie dolls* *replaces with RBG dolls*    12/05/21  (1)
quentin compson pounding on caddy's door demanding to inspect her hymen    12/05/21  (1)
little known fact: Enron put out a few 'cartel' style videos in the early 2000s    12/05/21  (1)
"HH -- Happy Holidays! #HH"    12/05/21  (2)
Tucker and "his buddy" Hunter Biden laugh on phone about Trump, LJL    12/05/21  (1)
Bob Dole deserves to suffer and rot in hell lived for free at your expense suffe    12/05/21  (1)
what is the cr ranking of the Indiana Jones films?    12/05/21  (34)
"Orlando Police Department. Oh, hi TSINAH."    12/05/21  (2)
anyone on XO playing Genshin Impact?    12/05/21  (4)
Who do you hope dies next ?    12/05/21  (1)
Finally that fag Bob Dole is dead didn't hear much on xo but good riddance    12/05/21  (1)
WaPo: you can't take a photo of yourself holding gun because of school shootings    12/05/21  (14)
No gas no squegeeeeee stab that gas clerk fraud 🤥 Jew in face 👀    12/05/21  (3)
Does your butt fuck buddy groomer know you poast here? 😆    12/05/21  (1)

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