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so weird how Gazans want war to end but won't give up the hostages    02/21/24  (11)
Called opposing counsel "stereotypical short man"- got an angry letter IRL    02/21/24  (3)
itt discuss ur fave pruno recips    02/21/24  (2)
Underappreciated heroes: xoxo server hamsters 🐹    02/21/24  (10)
Wife thinks its weird that I play on my phone while taking a shit    02/21/24  (16)
4 in the floor    02/21/24  (1)
Any BIGLAW bros on international flights bill more than 24 hours in one day?    02/21/24  (4)
BIGLAW BROS: is it easier to pad into Corporate or Shitigation?    02/21/24  (2)
Globohomo likely ordered Dementia Joe out: who's the replacement?    02/21/24  (57)
In the old Civilization games switching to Democracy caused unhappiness to spike    02/21/24  (2)
The sky above the port was the color of television...    02/21/24  (5)
Claire, in a SS leather suit, explaining her love of Jews on the train platform    02/21/24  (2)
"'Whokebe' (born Lev Greenbaum in Malibu, CA) is a prominent internet homosexu    02/21/24  (4)
Guys, I'm really having second thoughts about the whole "antisemitic" thing (TBF    02/21/24  (27)
You could've been going around having a great life all along    02/21/24  (2)
2024 REDDDDDDDD KINGDOM    02/21/24  (2)
Jewiah Bond giving neon sparkle exploding pens to Gaza children    02/21/24  (1)
   02/21/24  (1)
ITT poast your social security number (SSN)    02/21/24  (26)
Disco I had the golden spoon like Swift even better..chose not to take it    02/21/24  (3)
Irish Bond ordering six martinis and passing out in first 10 min of movie    02/21/24  (95)
LOL Dementia Joe only leads TRUMP by 10pts IN NY STATE    02/21/24  (19)
America allows people to not work or go to school to have it all on gold Platter    02/21/24  (7)
Please critically think ..it's all yours    02/21/24  (6)
"you should totally run for congress, my friend!" (tsinah's adderall addiction)    02/21/24  (47)
Average high school dropout already made 50k in 2022 in middle America    02/21/24  (1)
Arresting murderers? Sounds like something Russia would do (TDNW)    02/21/24  (1)
Just got a call re: sports league asking if I'd be interested running int'l lega    02/21/24  (2)
police now using 23&Me to find criminals from 20 years ago (link)    02/21/24  (8)
no he's a sex offender, with a record    02/21/24  (1)
World cld be on FIRE and 99% Women wld be like "Oh look @ me on IG"    02/21/24  (7)
"we need the feds again!" (greg abbott confronting an inconvenient staircase)    02/21/24  (14)
Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary: New York is a loser state now    02/21/24  (34)
I once met Alan Keyes at an Aberdeen Outback    02/21/24  (2)
Ukraine builds world's largest Ukrainian trench that isn't pure shit    02/21/24  (1)
Is Alan Keyes a genius?    02/21/24  (1)
Nobel committee tricked into giving Peace Prize to Nvidia RTX A6000 rack    02/21/24  (1)
AI reads Aristotle, says it's just random scribblings, historians are lying    02/21/24  (1)
Guys can you imagine how bad things are going to be in America in 10 years    02/21/24  (73)
"just house money haha" luis said while reverse mortgaging parents' house    02/21/24  (47)
Isaac Newton: devout Christian. You: reddit posting atheist.    02/21/24  (26)
how $8000 becomes $62 million in 3 weeks (benzo)    02/21/24  (15)
Quadrallel Isaac Newton getting fucked up & down on $GME, never eating soup agai    02/21/24  (1)
guess there's some hope for tsinah finding happiness after all    02/21/24  (1)
I see skies of Jew and clouds of Turd...    02/21/24  (2)
What’s SHORTEST drive time you’ll do before simply walking?    02/21/24  (1)
Guy from the matrix getting shit stomped in by sentinels for eternity^eternity    02/21/24  (1)
UK says it's adopting Ukrainian "shoot and scoot" tactics, shoot HIMARS from sub    02/21/24  (1)
What’s longest drive time you’ll do before buying direct flight    02/21/24  (67)
AMC green lights a Better Call Saul prequel    02/21/24  (28)
It’s completely normal to hate yourself at all times, right?    02/21/24  (3)
Pentagon says 45yo ICBM's can be fixed using Diapers (link)    02/21/24  (1)
a brisk hateful diapering by someone who hates you    02/21/24  (4)
there is a conspiracy to price people out of car ownership    02/21/24  (92)
When I think of this WORLD and HUMANS I think of feces    02/21/24  (2)
Alternate universe Isaac Newton on hormone blockers playing Stardew Valley    02/21/24  (2)
SoCal real estate is absolutely insane. Rate these houses in Valencia    02/21/24  (29)
Niggas are Retards!!! *Flies to Niggaland to live around them...    02/21/24  (1)
Should I quit locum work and just be a lowly primary care provider?    02/21/24  (1)
Most poaster did their best poasting while blackout drunk    02/21/24  (13)
UK confirms it has no functioning nukes    02/21/24  (10)
An associate has billed 3,000 hours this year and last. PADDING???    02/21/24  (28)
THEORY: I'm gay    02/21/24  (2)
Padding hours    02/21/24  (43)
Ask Google AI: Generate Images of Law Professors    02/21/24  (10)
Biglaw "code" for encouraging padding    02/21/24  (71)
Rate Ben Affleck's New Golden Puppydood (to Replace Jennifer Garner) - PICS    02/21/24  (15)
When will the gerbils come forward with their stories about Richard Gere?    02/21/24  (4)
do most biglaw firms have an office genuia pig / hamster / gerbil?    02/21/24  (4)
The best part about playing Elder Scrolls games is getting lost in nature    02/21/24  (11)
RUS detonates EMP over US; XO only surviving website; gerbil powered server 180!    02/21/24  (5)
Hey man, cool it. That's my wife.    02/21/24  (1)
Who here remembers gerbil the poster?    02/21/24  (2)
*xo hamsters straining furiously under new name generation workload*    02/21/24  (8)
Stapp / Tremonti songwriting partnership far more timeless than 60s Boomers’    02/21/24  (3)
I hate that “my type” is olive skinned, beady eyed, bi-polar jewesses    02/21/24  (6)
Get ready for $5-$7 gasoline prices soon    02/21/24  (31)
Arshdeep Bains turdskin makes NHL debut    02/21/24  (1)
What is the oldest LEGITIMATELY hot chick you have seen?    02/21/24  (5)
THEORY: TBF is both "hizzla" and "Karen"    02/21/24  (25)
nobody cares bitch bois    02/21/24  (1)
Korea Herald - More strollers sold for furry companions than infants    02/21/24  (2)
cucumbers tp, trapped in transfinite sims, recalls the Aleph Key: "good morning"    02/21/24  (18)
"The diapers at cucumbers' house. Welcome home."    02/21/24  (6)
Homeward Bound except flock of law ducks migrating home to scholarship tp's farm    02/21/24  (24)
Putting on random Andy Garcia movies feels like hanging out with luis    02/21/24  (26)
Has XO ever seen a bigger fall from grace than "TDNW"?    02/21/24  (29)
xo Servers Going Their Own Way    02/21/24  (3)
the elders of zion do NOT have any protocols. stop asking    02/21/24  (3)
"The Elder Scrolls": CA's new gov releases budget in "unconventional" format    02/21/24  (3)
Yesterday (2/20/24) was the last day I will ever nigger thread (Turd Sandwich)    02/21/24  (4)
The Gujarati George R.R. Martin tp, reading XO for inspiration (tp)    02/21/24  (3)
George R.R. Martin: "Winds of Winter will be packaged with Elder Scrolls VI"    02/21/24  (2)
TBF is a far higher caste than I am, like Michael Caine’s wife in her prime    02/21/24  (4)
Johnsmeyer deserves a Nobel Prize for "gorgeous dude" / "gorgeous guy" not flame    02/21/24  (89)
The best thing about having kids in America is they're born into the same prison    02/21/24  (1)
It’s fucking hilarious how stupid our country is    02/21/24  (3)
The river of fraud was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks    02/21/24  (1)
Team forfeits after girls basketball player allegedly hurt in play with male who    02/21/24  (5)
i still can't believe the nullo can unload    02/21/24  (2)
Letitia James: I will seize 40 Wall Street if necessary    02/21/24  (2)
Disco weigh in..Swift trying to abuse lawyers&the law 2 abuse people    02/21/24  (7)
Name a "prestigious" vacation spot and I will tell you why it sucks    02/21/24  (321)
there is no way guys like 'MASE' and boner police/'screens' are actually white    02/21/24  (13)
Millennials losing track of time (link)    02/21/24  (7)
women view everything through the lense of clique theory    02/21/24  (2)
Shockingly it appears the law school discussion board is not full of Chad goys    02/21/24  (5)
I'm here to help and get your thought process right(Boom)    02/21/24  (1)
The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a    02/21/24  (15)
They can arrest you for anything and hold you in prison for life    02/21/24  (4)
*limps up to desk at end of pier* *turns on COM782* "Twins. If ur out there. If    02/21/24  (17)
tbf warily waving diogenes' lamp through xo searching for a single goy    02/21/24  (5)
TWIST: Psycho Karen tp looks like Leonor Varela circa Cleopatra    02/21/24  (13)
MASE's kid (100% filipino) will be whiter than tdnw's mexican slavic kid    02/21/24  (20)
If he were alive today, Rachmiel would still be dreamy as fuck    02/21/24  (15)
"I still attempt to load": This hamster powers the XO server.    02/21/24  (7)
Alex Morgan is hot    02/21/24  (12)
XO Hamster went goth: "Why should I care about powering the server anyway?"    02/21/24  (7)
Mase, Hegemon and TBF wearing Nation of Islam bow ties to Red Lobster    02/21/24  (5)
Taking questions from Randolph, New Jersey (dat snoot)    02/21/24  (13)
All 3 of us are here tonight. We made it.    02/21/24  (9)
Massachusetts school such a dindu thunderdome that libs call in NATIONAL GUARD    02/21/24  (1)
Fizz if I retired and you never saw me poast again you'd be heartbroken    02/21/24  (2)
I'm just an elderly man with a poor memory he's just an elderly man with a poor    02/21/24  (5)
a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory    02/21/24  (18)
Israel has a new warning to fascists    02/21/24  (4)
really wonder what happened to the first 38 evans sometimes    02/21/24  (1)
Has XO ever seen a bigger fall from grace then rise into redemption than “HATP    02/21/24  (6)
Found out I have an identical twin brother, we were adopted out to diff    02/21/24  (3)
Why am I loling at this? Ben Affleck and JLo seen at McD's for 3rd time in one    02/21/24  (69)
Ben Affleck Looking Angry All the Time    02/21/24  (6)
"Aloha and Shalom, my Fellow Haoles!"    02/21/24  (4)
If he were alive today, Kurt Cobain would be bald af    02/21/24  (8)
can we get working list of diminutive Indian guys posing as badass xo e-bullies    02/21/24  (2)
There’s a Bollywood musical version of Ben Affleck’s The Accountant (not fla    02/21/24  (2)
TDNW subthread theme (epic)    02/21/24  (7)
The Ben Affleck of Biglaw tp    02/21/24  (3)
Ben Affleck’s “TDNW” online persona a respite from life w JLo (DailyMail)    02/21/24  (1)
you basically can't post here without someone starting a 1-way 'feud' w/ you    02/21/24  (35)
Bryan Cranston says he did meth to prepare for his role in Breaking Bad    02/21/24  (2)
Matt Damon: Wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting @ 24. You: poast    02/21/24  (6)
PSA: saying "wow" on xo is a discreet way of announcing you are gay and a bottom    02/21/24  (23)
Remember that gay "filibuster " shit they used to do to SCOTUS nominees?    02/21/24  (1)
What are XO's thoughts on Mike Benz?    02/21/24  (10)
Want to have a brain seizure when I think about the "good debt" scam of 2000s    02/21/24  (24)
How important is it that a girl come from a good family?    02/21/24  (9)
Did War on Drugs change “I don’t live here anymore”???    02/21/24  (1)
Biden raised $42 million in Jan., Trump raised $8 million and spent $11 million    02/21/24  (11)
luis's kid (100% aryan) will be whiter than tdnw's mexican slavic kid    02/21/24  (8)

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