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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
Canceled Amazon Prime and now they're ASSFUCKING ME on shipping times    04/18/19  (4)
I admit defeat    04/18/19  (2123)
Jim Kelly has the most credit senior BIGLAW setup outside of equity partner    04/18/19  (17)
Pretty amazing how Reagan/Bush survived Iran Contra    04/18/19  (19)
are scratch-off lottery tickets prole    04/18/19  (1)
Is racism just a result of humanity's evolutionary need to form groups?    04/18/19  (5)
The modern working life is such fraud    04/18/19  (7)
there's toddlers w a better understanding of when something's over than libs    04/18/19  (1)
Who the fuck is Peter Smith?    04/18/19  (1)
Lib media outlets launch coordinated attack on Bret Easton Ellis for wrongthink    04/18/19  (6)
i have a 5yo AZN patient with a very jimkelly/spaceporn-like family dynamic    04/18/19  (23)
Seth Abramson up to tweet 176.    04/18/19  (12)
Ur Dad in a somber mood as U ignore his call for 2 wks straight, while U redli    04/18/19  (3)
My therapist refuses to believe XO exists, says there is no such thing    04/18/19  (1)
Go on date with grill a foot and a half shorter than me?    04/18/19  (10)
If CharlesXII went out to the bar with me enough times I could get him a girl.    04/18/19  (11)
JFK: Hitler had in him 'the stuff of which legends are made' (BBC)    04/18/19  (5)
Should you open windows while vacuuming to make it less noisy?    04/18/19  (1)
All cops are bastards. Policewoman shoots man for putting down gun as instructed    04/18/19  (5)
jewess tranny gf referring to her nose job as "facial goyischization surgery"    04/18/19  (2)
"Excuse me sir I . . ." *briefcase opens, smaller briefcases spill out*    04/18/19  (1)
AOC: Mueller report means Trump MUST BE IMPEACHED!    04/18/19  (13)
Within Ten Years Lab Grown Meat Will Replace Animal Meat (link)    04/18/19  (7)
I like twinks that don't wear Abercrombie and Fitch    04/18/19  (1)
The looney cunt responsible for "I admit defeat" must go    04/18/19  (19)
It's time to move "I admit defeat" thread to garbage board, where it belongs    04/18/19  (5)
Ann Coulter *all in* on Bernie 2020    04/18/19  (10)
Starting to realize in disgust that Indians are actually worse than niggers    04/18/19  (6)
Impeding Justice IPA    04/18/19  (2)
If Trump was guilty rather than innocent, would he be guilty?    04/18/19  (1)
Lou Bega transported to 2019, immediately arrested    04/18/19  (1)
third cup of strong coffee, 5 xo tabs, 4 chaturbate tabs open    04/18/19  (7)
I've been extremely successful lately bedding women I'm not that into at all    04/18/19  (5)
using a trackpad on a laptop is awful. i refuse to work without a mouse.    04/18/19  (1)
if you ever get shitcanned, NEVER tell ur wife.    04/18/19  (37)
It's ok, big guy. We'll celebrate Ur mom's bday next year, as u agre all nighter    04/18/19  (3)
Petition: Could a mod please garbage "I admit defeat"?    04/18/19  (19)
Any PRePs on here other than me?    04/18/19  (1)
America: reading mueller report; xo: reading that lonely hunter thread    04/18/19  (1)
I'm a homosexual, a felon, and a Democrat. In that order.    04/18/19  (5)
Shitlib Seth Abramson currently at tweet 328 in UNHINGED MUELLER TWITTER SCREED    04/18/19  (4)
"I'd dump her before she eats eggs," Dirte blurts out randomly on a bus    04/18/19  (2)
what % of men have met a woman at a bar/party and taken her home the same night?    04/18/19  (35)
COMICBOOKMOS: You need to check out Spider-man: Life Story    04/18/19  (1)
Harm to Ongoing Matter Russian Imperial Stout    04/18/19  (7)
we need a man of iron    04/18/19  (1)
Autistic guy confronts mayor of Thousand Oaks after counting number of trees (vi    04/18/19  (11)
"So lick my butt you filthy, dirty macaca"    04/18/19  (1)
The best talent is going to SF    04/18/19  (46)
WSJ: Everyone is getting the fuck out of NYC    04/18/19  (77)
the only 7+ women are 2D    04/18/19  (1)
Any preps on here other than me?    04/18/19  (7)
could Wilson Phillips or Roxette even get on the radio today?    04/18/19  (9)
every lib headline is "Muller report details Trump's efforts to thwart inquiry"    04/18/19  (1)
Any RAGE FILLED cumskin TRUMPTURD pyschos poast here?    04/18/19  (4)
Mueller couldn't reach decision whether to set her on fire before she lays eggs    04/18/19  (4)
Democrats are lawless, racist, corrupt, evil, lying scum    04/18/19  (2)
How are fags, npc women and Jews winning at this shit?    04/18/19  (2)
TSwift's legs look like sausages about to burst from casings on Netflix special    04/18/19  (9)
the reason that shitlibs are so anti-Trump is to discredit future right-wing pop    04/18/19  (3)
the 'jawas' in star wars were barred from professions, became scavengers/usurers    04/18/19  (6)
This "investigation" was nothing less than a failed coup attempt    04/18/19  (6)
Is Organic Milk flame? Am I wasting my money? Dioxins in grass go into mouth?    04/18/19  (22)
Bret Easton Ellis with some XO advice for millenials    04/18/19  (15)
Got threatened with contempt after referring to a prosecutor as King Koopa    04/18/19  (1)
Fuck my dick this white shit is loose    04/18/19  (3)
Sorry, this is the fuck store    04/18/19  (18)
ugh, I'm going to get yelled at by a judge in a couple hours    04/18/19  (47)
My campaign needs xo's help to fight the shitlib menace    04/18/19  (7)
Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society Or, How Punching Down    04/18/19  (37)
Dirte's children begging him to take them to Moms 'R Us    04/18/19  (1)
Got completely BLOWN OUT at the club last night. Taking ?s ITT.    04/18/19  (25)
Did anyone play Bible Adventures on NES? That game was 180.    04/18/19  (1)
Dirte's kids call the recent breakup the "Millionth Mom March"    04/18/19  (2)
So main effect of Mueller report is dem party civil war?    04/18/19  (11)
Solo-Polyamory Could Change the Way You Think About Love    04/18/19  (1)
Rate horror writer Kathe Koja when she was young    04/18/19  (11)
Post ITT only if you believe white people are ruining a lot of shit.    04/18/19  (3)
The International Jew - The Jew In Character and Business    04/18/19  (20)
Supa Dupa Halford's Gonna Find Me    04/18/19  (15)
Lol at Apple pushing this lib Mueller report "news" shit (pic)    04/18/19  (7)
Why didn't Mueller investigate the Seth Rich leaks and murder by DNC?    04/18/19  (22)
had an interview today. was asked "what is ur level of familiarity w/ the lute?"    04/18/19  (4)
Buttigieg names Joseph Gerbils as Minister of Culture    04/18/19  (10)
Antifa Group fires at N.M. Citizens Brigade members detaining 100s of illegals    04/18/19  (1)
evan39 will you personally escort Zuckerfraud into gas chamber and load in oven?    04/18/19  (100)
*TT inviting yoga shrew into his incense-filled apartment w sitar music blaring*    04/18/19  (14)
charlesxii: are you considered “smart” in your profession?    04/18/19  (15)
does anyone ever use incense for anything OTHER than to cover up smell of weed?    04/18/19  (3)
Rate this leopard catching some shut eye    04/18/19  (3)
Orthodox Jew arrested for feckless driving    04/18/19  (1)
Father Boner Police blowing frankincense juul onto XO congregation    04/18/19  (11)
“Oh there he is on his lawyer friends simulator again.”    04/18/19  (8)
Halal Cart Food    04/18/19  (54)
most girls like a mix of muscle and fat, not ripped muscles    04/18/19  (35)
caliope music playing over 3x speed montage of MPA creating forcememe    04/18/19  (8)
one last 2019 ski trip baby -- flying out to breckenridge tonight    04/18/19  (18)
NYC rents finally plummet!    04/18/19  (2)
Does having a small penis matter if you’re really good at oral?    04/18/19  (54)
Stepping Over Syringes: Cum ITT    04/18/19  (2)
JJC on SF: “Ta rent is too damn high!”    04/18/19  (1)
Rate Brie Larson's sex scene with Chris Hemsworth in new Avengers film (NSFW)    04/18/19  (26)
XO poaster at bar poasting about BARR    04/18/19  (1)
How many moms does dirte's kids have?    04/18/19  (1)
Bboooooooooom and b00r arguing loudly over how to disolve your fraudbones fastly    04/18/19  (1)
I'm a Chad lol. One night stand tho, havent done that haha.    04/18/19  (4)
Vnesheconombank MD angrily throwing PIPE prospectus in trash    04/18/19  (1)
why hasn't JJC realized IB is overrated yet after 2 decades of striving?    04/18/19  (11)
XO HAM RADIO CLUB    04/18/19  (7)
ACP’s 9/10 tranny gf taunting him with her massive cock; comparing sizes    04/18/19  (8)
Female junior associate pauses timer while Microsoft Word restarts from crash    04/18/19  (10)
Sim glitch: Pee-wee Herman's dad was an Israeli war hero    04/18/19  (1)
Vneshcowhat? LeDarius P. Washington turn that got damn computer off and go outsi    04/18/19  (11)
Holy shit "Idle Hands" outtake unearthed shows edge of 20 yo Jess Albas asshole    04/18/19  (1)
Answering medical questions for 5 minutes.    04/18/19  (15)
Is there a word for incel but you can get girls but just don’t have any friend    04/18/19  (1)
Alpha brit CHADS all over a crowded market in Delhi    04/18/19  (2)
Spaceporn furrowing brow at mcds placemat maze as pumos advance on son    04/18/19  (4)
You glad an 800 year old fraud building burned?    04/18/19  (10)
Unattractive people universalizing their experience with the opposite sex    04/18/19  (4)
sticking with this moniker    04/18/19  (1)
There comes an age in a girl's life when she stops being innocent & playful (DTP    04/18/19  (35)
Republican strategist Ana Navarro not a fan of Bill Barr    04/18/19  (16)
LOL! Anti-Trump NY congressman Jerrold Nadler is 5'1" and obese:    04/18/19  (2)
Steve Jobs in hell watching his wife get PIPED by BBC    04/18/19  (1)
women need massive cocks digging their fucking guts out like 5-6x a week    04/18/19  (1)
I’m young in reality and Am going to save this place(Boom)    04/18/19  (10)
Me to my soulmate then she told me she was 37 ljl jfc    04/18/19  (7)
I think a lot of libs have realized they're mentally ill    04/18/19  (6)
A child rushes off the schoolbus, clutching a collection of ghost stories    04/18/19  (11)
Stock picks for 2019?    04/18/19  (92)
Spackler crowdsurfing at Cannibal Corpse concert, throwing up devil horns    04/18/19  (3)
Vnesheconombank to launch new fast casual lending chain "Venky's" in 6 cities    04/18/19  (8)
Rating posters as Risk board game strategies.    04/18/19  (12)
"Back That Azz Up" by Juvenile was the subject of a 5th Circuit case    04/18/19  (4)
YAS KWEEN SLAY: Brie Larson had the BEST clapback at Chris Hemsworth    04/18/19  (6)
vnesheconombank made it take decades to pick up a pack of Newports from the 7/11    04/18/19  (10)
Daily reminder to Trumpmos: no it wasnt a nightmare, Trump really is a loser    04/18/19  (20)
The average age on XO is mid-30s. Life only gets worse from here on out.    04/18/19  (52)
Who deleted my thread about Vnesheconombank being USPO's first name wtf    04/18/19  (7)
Vice President Buttplug    04/18/19  (1)
diesel, rowan, earl, BPM, nutella all married with kids...insane    04/18/19  (3)
Mods toxic poasts are being bumped    04/18/19  (5)
I hate people visiting & staying at my house more than anything    04/18/19  (1)
The Caine Mutiny is 180000. A Must Read    04/18/19  (1)
Anyone else feel like building an entire Car/House from scratch is easier    04/18/19  (4)
Am I crazy or is nyuug becoming a better poster    04/18/19  (4)
Wow Man City 4 Tottenham 3 in the Champions League Footy lads massive    04/18/19  (34)
Just me and petermanđź’•, hanging out I got pretty hungry🍆 so I started to po    04/18/19  (1)
Just finished reading the ENTIRE Mueller Report. Trump is FUCKED    04/18/19  (1)

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