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Official September DNC Debate Thread 😻😻😻    09/15/19  (593)
I changed my mind about babby, I'm having it (pf)    09/17/19  (386)
Your Watch Says More About Your Status Than You Think    09/16/19  (237)
NEED advice (30 y/o unemployed Harvard MA/Ivy BA)    09/06/19  (225)
Modern relationships: 29 y/o woman asks if she should leave her 35 y/o boyfriend    09/16/19  (216)
I'm gonna defend Drag Queen Story Hour.    08/21/19  (213)
Suburbs feel weird.    09/10/19  (206)
What's the constitutional argument for being able to own assault rifles?    09/14/19  (195)
Iowa attorney, wife, and new mom opens up about side job as a prostitute    09/10/19  (187)
Worst crisis of your life ?    08/31/19  (182)
This pic DESTROYS xo gym-mos (lifting is for FAGS)    08/29/19  (173)
CSLG: are you sending your kids to Harvard-Westlake??    09/11/19  (172)
Proles find $120,000 in their bank account. Spend it on prole shit, get arrested    09/11/19  (172)
Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show 'total lack of knowledge    08/21/19  (168)
Poaster who you most want to meet IRL    09/07/19  (165)
RSF here. Out of retirement for one day because of CFB. FUCK LIBS    08/27/19  (160)
** Official North Carolina 9th Congressional District Election Thread **    09/11/19  (158)
NYC Lib writer pens EPIC SCREED on how SHITLIB his kids' public schools are    09/14/19  (155)
Study: Marriage rates declining due to lack of "economically attractive men"    09/15/19  (155)
The indisputable evidence of men's plummeting T levels shld be a top 3 issue    09/04/19  (154)
One of you tweeted the wrong employee and she went all MeToo on Twitter    08/27/19  (154)
Where does AA leave Asian-Americans? (NYT)    09/04/19  (154)
ITT: Small conveniences that are 180 and will change your life    09/15/19  (153)
Rate my shitlaw office... photos inside (CSLG)    08/28/19  (152)
What options are there for accountants looking to get OUT of accounting?    09/12/19  (146)
🇺🇸🗽🎾 US Open Day 9 (9/3) Official Thread 🎾🗽🇺🇸 #tennis    09/04/19  (143)
The sad truth is that life = dramatically under-lived outside the Mediterranean    08/30/19  (141)
Middle school student told her attire is ‘distracting’ boys (link    09/04/19  (141)
Trans lawyer sanctioned for acting mentally ill at deposition    09/16/19  (138)
How would WNBA all-star team do against a mediocre HS boys b-ball team?    09/04/19  (137)
NYT: De Blasio aiming to eliminate all gifted education programs to level field    08/27/19  (136)
Urban professionals meet/marry at age 30+ when bodies are turning to shit    09/03/19  (135)
Street football-- what were your rush rules?    09/12/19  (135)
Shitlibs coming HARD after Dave Chappelle for his "bigoted" comedy special    09/01/19  (132)
Had 4 hour race and social justice training yesterday. Good NPC update    09/03/19  (131)
Wife turned me down again for sex. Taking questions.    09/18/19  (131)
Attended 50th College Reunion - Taking Questions    08/24/19  (131)
Wife just arrested for DWI    09/13/19  (130)
2.5 years out of office, Obama suddenly has enough $ to buy $15mm house    08/24/19  (130)
WaPo: Boy Scouts' future bleak due to their inability to adapt to modern times (    09/16/19  (125)
moving out of marital home soon :(    08/20/19  (124)
America: the land where nothing is affordable    09/01/19  (123)
🇺🇸🗽🎾 US Open Day 10 (9/4) Official Thread 🎾🗽🇺🇸 #tennis    09/05/19  (121)
I need a 100% wfh $200k+ job    09/16/19  (120)
NYT: Women Poop. At Work. Get Over It.    09/18/19  (119)
ITT: List underrated Sega Genesis games that no one ever talks about    08/22/19  (119)
STATE YOUR ALLEGIANCE: Do you support SAUDI ARABIA or IRAN in their upcoming war    09/17/19  (118)
Replace a word in a movie title with "Birdshit"    09/10/19  (117)
CHALLENGE: Name one under-50 famous male actor who's never done capeshit    09/13/19  (115)
So for Darwin's theory to be right...    08/25/19  (114)
🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 ISRAEL ELECTIONS THREAD 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱    09/18/19  (114)
Kamala drops 12 points in latest CNN Democrat poll    08/21/19  (113)
Jim_Kelly & Others: DESCRIBE The Specifics Of A Dead Bedroom?    08/30/19  (113)
NYT: Pack the Supreme Court    09/17/19  (112)
Fighting with wife. Spent afternoon drinking, going to a movie. Plan my next mov    08/27/19  (112)
why does TMF have so many haters    09/06/19  (111)
What is a social issue about which shitlibs are correct?    09/18/19  (111)
Poll: How many times have you been banned from other online forums and what for?    09/13/19  (109)
Which NFL team is the most prestigious?    08/21/19  (108)
What's the most prole food to. "not like"?    09/09/19  (108)
Is XO seriously okay with CSLG plastering advertising on his kid's t-shirts?    09/13/19  (108)
What were a few URBAN LEGENDS from your childhood    08/25/19  (107)
NYT: The Airplanes were at fault for 9/11    09/12/19  (107)
Anyone else never use all the useless tech features in their car?    09/08/19  (106)
Give me tips on how to engage a gorgeous 8 in elevator; her office is next door    09/04/19  (106)
married mos: Is there anything after years of marriage you still hide from spous    08/21/19  (106)
Contacting benzo's parole officer in the morning about his most recent threat    08/27/19  (105)
CharlesXII here, taking specific suggestions for stuff to see in JAPAN    09/16/19  (104)
Just spent ~2 wks locked up in major US metro county jail-taking Q's (not benzo    09/13/19  (103)
Why is object oriented programming flame?    08/29/19  (102)
Fucked a 30 year old 6.5/10 last night. Taking Qs.    09/17/19  (101)
How do you proposition your wife for sex?    09/01/19  (100)
Breaking: 30 PEOPLE shot in TX... USA USA USA !!!    09/01/19  (100)
There is a palpable sense of malaise in coastal America now. Too many Hispanics    09/01/19  (98)
What is the most underrated LARGE city in the US?    09/17/19  (97)
Name a city and I will link to a picture of the "average woman" of that city    08/20/19  (97)
Travel as a Service: $2500/m subscription for unlimited access to luxury resorts    08/30/19  (96)
How do 38+ xo men land 18-23 year olds?    09/13/19  (96)
Most important moment in human history?    09/07/19  (95)
VICE has turned into a puritan scold website. "Why South Park is no longer OK"    09/06/19  (95)
Getting to the gym 5x per week as a married dad is impossible    09/06/19  (94)
At what point would you quit if you were me? (CSLG)    09/13/19  (94)
Stanford bitch who ruined Brock Turner's life is an ugly hapa that looks 40 yo    09/05/19  (93)
lol even Blasey Ford's dad didn't think Kavanaugh did it    09/17/19  (92)
Why are GOYIM so anti lawsuit?    09/02/19  (92)
Johnsmeyer continues to produce content at Reddit    08/24/19  (91)
Foods that are overrated    09/06/19  (91)
Lmao just bombed a phone interview. Fuck my ass    09/05/19  (90)
It’s hilarious how many websites know about JJC    09/04/19  (90)
Why The New York Times Is Unreformable And Must Die (Ann Coulter)    08/25/19  (90)
This chart represents everything wrong with modern society    08/28/19  (90)
gf keeps bitching about getting fat and no matter what i say she just gets cunty    09/09/19  (90)
Dave Chappelle Once Tore Down the Establishment. Now He Represents It    09/14/19  (90)
Do people vacation in random cities like Kansas City or Grand Rapids    09/01/19  (89)
what are some truly bizarre / anomalous / freaky regions in the US?    09/07/19  (89)
Is there still STRICT etiquette about eating at steakhouses?    09/02/19  (88)
that faggot benzo is going to get XO shut down    08/27/19  (88)
ITT: U name the most "cringey" poaster    08/29/19  (88)
Sitting on $700k cash, waiting for buying opportunity in the market. Shrewd?    09/02/19  (88)
Tommy T, can you explain how your practice works?    09/07/19  (87)
Rate this dance class video full of 20s and 30s women twerking    09/17/19  (86)
Married women are miserable and hate their husbands.    09/15/19  (86)
Trump suggested NUKING HURRICANES to stop them from hitting the US    08/26/19  (86)
didn't realize when younger that almost all under 25 women are hot in some way    09/04/19  (86)
Date Lab: She's 38, He's 24 (wait till you see the schnozz on her)    08/30/19  (86)
Gab is growing like crazy. Over 1.5 million active users now    08/26/19  (86)
My kid's teacher just wrote me about his sexism    09/12/19  (85)
LA City Attorney kills family, kills himself    09/13/19  (85)
I drop the "wife bomb" on unsuspecting shrews, it's 180    08/22/19  (85)
If we’re in a recession why is my M&A as busy as ever?    08/29/19  (84)
The Big Short's Michael Burry on why index funds are like subprime CDOs    09/08/19  (84)
Where do you guys get your casual clothes?    09/13/19  (84)
JCM here, rating poasters as parts of songs    09/16/19  (83)
have literally lost all interest in the NFL    09/10/19  (83)
Political conspiracy theories that are probably true    08/22/19  (83)
ITT: The worst part of every classic video game    09/13/19  (82)
Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids    09/16/19  (82)
There was anti-immigrant hysteria against Europeans    09/10/19  (82)
WTF actually is the POINT of fucking CAPITALISM?    09/14/19  (82)
Who's the most overrated rapper?    08/26/19  (82)
GF is pressuring me to propose. Not sure what to do.    09/18/19  (81)
Rate this guy's Hinge/Tinder profiles.    08/23/19  (81)
Clique Law 8/26 megathread    08/27/19  (81)
Who is the most fucked up xoxo poster of all time?    09/17/19  (81)
10 Days till new TOOL album    08/26/19  (81)
Anyone else respect Lucks decision    08/26/19  (80)
Is Red Dead Redemption 2 the most disappointing game of the past decade?    08/28/19  (80)
So basically all parents of disabled kids end up murdering them?    09/08/19  (80)
Are you a butt buster or an anal explorer?    09/05/19  (79)
BERNIE TAKES THE LEAD.    08/26/19  (79)
This MFH fight video is exhilarating    08/27/19  (79)
The Joker could possibly be the best movie ever made in existence today    09/16/19  (79)
Just a TYPICAL weekend in the life of a chad (story from heartbroken woman)    09/15/19  (79)
This is my anime collection, what am I missing    08/22/19  (79)
Maryland SCOTUS Affirms Kiddie Porn Conviction Of 16yo Girl Who Sent Nude Selfie    09/04/19  (79)
🇺🇸🗽🎾 US Open Day 8 (9/2) Official Thread 🎾🗽🇺🇸 #tennis    09/03/19  (79)
How culpable were the Taliban for 9/11?    09/10/19  (79)
Guys who are unmarried at 36 are completely fucked    09/09/19  (78)
Replace a word in a movie with "Vnesheconombank"    08/31/19  (78)
So did any "supporters" of drag queen story time tell us how it benefits kids?    08/23/19  (78)
What are the most Jewish male first names?    09/16/19  (77)
Why is abortion THE number 1 issue for so many lib women?    09/17/19  (77)
XO Tulsi pivots: Build the fucking WALL or we don’t have a country (link)    09/10/19  (77)
Was anyone here autist enough to beat hard NES games in thei day?    09/03/19  (77)
How do some attorneys routinely work late into the evening and weekends?    08/23/19  (77)
New Stanford course: Physics for low IQ blacks & browns    08/25/19  (77)
Face it: ‘Whoa Cr Friend!’ Is a fucking loser    09/07/19  (77)
You're drafted into US Armed Forces, starting tomorrow 6AM    09/11/19  (76)
Spent a Week With a Welfare King & Queen & Their 4 Neglected Kids, Taking Q’s    09/16/19  (76)