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Med student expelled from UVA for questioning microaggressions    04/06/21  (422)
what's the closest you've gotten to a celebrity (more than just "sighting")?    04/11/21  (297)
**** Offical Biden Presser Thread ****    04/10/21  (296)
Unspoken Truths of XO Vol. 1    04/14/21  (280)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 4 🚨    04/03/21  (240)
Taking Qs on upcoming trips, my insane stalkers, etc...    04/13/21  (228)
High Speed Rail development by country (1970-now)    04/01/21  (215)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 9 🚨    04/09/21  (213)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 10 🚨    04/09/21  (208)
So SCOTUS of the USA is going to end college football as we know it? Trumpkins?    04/03/21  (203)
Where have you been that you can safely assume no one else on xo has?    04/14/21  (198)
Non-lib MD buddy told me I’m retarded for worrying about vaccine    04/08/21  (198)
POLL: Have you gotten JABBED with the covid vaccine yet?    04/12/21  (193)
Woman writes to Slate: "My white daughter is being bullied at black school."    04/01/21  (193)
USNWR 2022 rankings dropped    04/02/21  (192)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 7 🚨    04/07/21  (186)
No point in living in big cities to be around “smart” people    04/02/21  (167)
Biden now saying tax hike will affect people making 200K    04/13/21  (166)
Potter - 2nd deg MANSLAUGHTER charge - WTF    04/14/21  (165)
Post mental images of what you think xo posters look like itt    03/26/21  (165)
Nobody is patriotic anymore.    04/13/21  (164)
At the escort’s apartment complex early. She is really poor    03/29/21  (163)
Buddy went out on first date with divorcee of 3 months. They had sex that night.    03/17/21  (161)
I didn't know until today that floyd swallowed a huge bag of fent and meth    04/02/21  (161)
is it just me or does biden's hands green screen past the microphones?    03/18/21  (158)
Went nuclear on shitlib gf    04/07/21  (156)
Rate this video of a guy reviewing 3-day worn teenage panties (YouTube)    03/24/21  (156)
Biden's tax plan is going to fuck real estate owners    03/22/21  (155)
Going to give everyone a few ETH in the morning    03/15/21  (151)
Why do people get so upset at intergenerational wealth?    03/16/21  (151)
Store owner robbed at 4am shoots burglar, OWNER charged. DA: "he could have hid    04/11/21  (150)
Pitbull tries to attack horse and gets fucking CLOBBERED:    04/11/21  (149)
Hired Chef to Do Omekasi At Home - Photos inside (CSLG)    03/27/21  (147)
We really need stronger gun laws -- this shit's crazy    04/11/21  (147)
Day in the life of a White American    04/08/21  (145)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 12 🚨    04/14/21  (144)
I am developing a serious cuckold fetish    04/12/21  (142)
Rate these 18-23 yo female inmates seeking love    04/13/21  (141)
XO MLB crew roll through (2021 edition)    04/03/21  (139)
RSF taking POOLSIDE questions again    03/17/21  (137)
lol at how Upset Jew thinks he's some native MFH scion    03/27/21  (135)
On the record: Was it right or wrong to draft dodge Vietnam?    04/14/21  (134)
Anyone here attend a top private high school?    04/14/21  (133)
J&J Vax Halted    04/14/21  (133)
i have over $100 million riding on the coinbase IPO    04/14/21  (133)
Have you listened to this guy--this UVA med school student?    04/04/21  (132)
RSF leaving FREE FLORIDA tomorrow, back to NYC, taking Qs    03/26/21  (128)
Shitlib GF lost her mind when I talked about Floyd's tox report and autopsy    04/07/21  (127)
Amazon prices are becoming insane    04/06/21  (127)
never stop laughing at Jim Kelly's reserve beer wedding story    03/16/21  (125)
was a NEET for years, got tech job a few months ago    03/29/21  (124)
XO would be better if all libs were simply banned    04/13/21  (124)
Do you guys want to hear about the time I jerked a guy off?    03/20/21  (123)
IRL Asian here, TONS of shitlib / neutral Asians are getting redpilled rn    03/21/21  (123)
Goldman sachs CEO david solomon HATES remote work    03/24/21  (122)
Dude robbed and STABBED as he is livestreaming his Vegas vacation:    03/17/21  (122)
UTexas Bangladeshi brothers kill their own family and themselves    04/08/21  (122)
Fact: Benzo has never done/said anything "witty" - ever- not even once    03/26/21  (116)
Turning 30 soon. Any advice from bort olds?    04/02/21  (116)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 11 🚨    04/12/21  (115)
I don’t get people with mortgages    03/30/21  (115)
Colorado shooter is named Ahmad    03/23/21  (115)
Not having kids past age 35 is just comically losery    04/08/21  (114)
Biden: Not a single thing a man can do that a woman can't do as well or better.    04/12/21  (114)
XO's only actual irl cuckold back taking Qs    04/07/21  (114)
Mid-30s Reddit shrews absolutely demolish 5'6" DC manlet (link)    04/05/21  (114)
Is it wrong to have zero sympathy for Saint George Floyd?    04/11/21  (114)
Grubhub ad with fat CGI minorities dancing is a bit on the nose    03/29/21  (113)
LOL. The ISRAELIS were trying to blackmail Matt Gaetz    04/10/21  (112)
What’s the best “bang for your buck” luxury/sports car deal, $40-50k?    03/31/21  (112)
SOL is ready to go to the mars. 10K SOL club members check in    03/28/21  (111)
Does the number of lurkers here ever concern you?    04/10/21  (111)
Why are libs obsessed with making sure really dumb prole ppl can vote easily    04/03/21  (111)
HYPO: $5 million to travel from LA to DC but law enforcement can shoot on sight    04/10/21  (110)
Georgetown Law prof fired for not "correcting" fellow professor about race    03/21/21  (110)
Chauvin sat at the bar and took a long drag on his cigarette...    04/12/21  (109)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 8 🚨    04/08/21  (109)
UNGHHH just booked DEM ST TROPEZ w KOR for this summer (RSF)    04/08/21  (108)
Eliminate the Bar Exam for Lawyers (WSJ)    03/20/21  (108)
Chicago man rapes woman on subway. DA drops all charges. Immediately rapes again    04/09/21  (108)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 2 🚨    03/31/21  (107)
Examples of elite institutions becoming too diverse, losing prestige?    04/13/21  (107)
OH GOD, another AT&T girl controversy (link)    03/26/21  (107)
SHITLIBS still believe FLOYD only had TRACE AMOUNTS of drugs    04/05/21  (106)
Former Female Google engineer complains about her time working there (NYT)    04/10/21  (105)
Would anyone you know be supportive of a war with Russia?    03/19/21  (105)
BAM! You will win every game in a sport u choose, for 1 yr. Which sport?    03/30/21  (104)
Doing a sleep study tonight, taking questions (Sickly)    04/10/21  (104)
ETH moonwalking to $2K as retards buy "SOL" and other "ETH killers"    04/11/21  (104)
the hooker guy is getting really irritating    03/30/21  (104)
Dadmos - how do you have your will set up?    03/16/21  (103)
WSJ: China’s Message to America: We’re an Equal Now    04/13/21  (102)
TBF, most non-Nigga peoples have had great civilizations in the past    03/30/21  (102)
What’s the greatest rivalry in video games?    04/01/21  (102)
selling calls = free money, can't lose    03/17/21  (101)
Just lmao that we make all of these plastics with no way to dispose of them    04/02/21  (101)
GULC: "Next Steps in Our Commitment to Racial Justice"    03/24/21  (101)
Church pastor EJECTS gestapo 'cops' attempting to enforce flu lockdown:    04/05/21  (101)
Drag Queen Story Hour CEO/Judge arrested for child porn charges    03/19/21  (100)
Crimlawmos: is it *ever* TCR for Defendant to testify?    04/08/21  (99)
Still strikes me as strange that "all lives matter" is considered bigotry    03/31/21  (99)
Feel stuck in life, despite objectively amazing outcomes    04/06/21  (98)
me and my family fly out on Monday - adios, America    03/30/21  (98)
The fatal amount of fentanyl in Floyd's system will not help the defense.    04/05/21  (98)
Having dated a lower middle class white are country woman before: it's choatic    04/10/21  (97)
the devolution of "popular" rap music in black communities tells u everything u    04/08/21  (97)
ITT rate my psychiatric diagnoses    04/07/21  (97)
most depressing parts of the country?    03/23/21  (95)
Did Biden really fall down the stairs on live TV? Wtf    03/24/21  (95)
xo Spieth about to win another green jacket    04/10/21  (94)
RSF now claiming that he was never caught with alts. LJL    04/14/21  (94)
Wait, only 30-50% of people have an INNER MONOLOGUE?    04/14/21  (94)
Former national intelligence agent admits UFOs are likely ALIENS (Fox)    04/13/21  (93)
Biden’s America: illegal immigrants in NY will receive $15.6k each.    04/09/21  (93)
Male virginity acceleration in the last 10 years is fucking insane    03/22/21  (93)
There is a MASSIVE exodus away from shitlib coastal cities right now    03/28/21  (93)
Tech shrew makes $6M in IPO, writes indulgent guilt-ridden screed    04/14/21  (92)
going to pay $500 for these two "sisters" to do a duo    04/04/21  (92)
Harvard Sparks Outrage Telling Students ‘You May Wish That You Weren’t Asian    04/06/21  (92)
Duke Univ. in crisis because of George Floyd's toxicology report    04/01/21  (92)
Tucker Carlson guest says in the next 10 years the right will elect a fascist    03/29/21  (91)
what steps r u taking to prepare for MASSIVE INFLATION?    04/12/21  (91)
Is a trip to Mexico City cr    04/14/21  (90)
MASSACRE at a RUB-'N-TUG in suburban Atlanta:    03/17/21  (90)
AR-15s are going bye bye.    03/24/21  (90)
Younger brother “matched” into Emergency Medicine. How prestigious?    03/21/21  (90)
DC Circuit judge calls for NYT v. Sullivan to be overturned    03/22/21  (90)
68% of entering Princeton freshman are now "POCs"    04/11/21  (89)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 5 🚨    04/03/21  (89)
Sick of NYC but hate FL. Where to move?    04/14/21  (89)
what is the most prole European ethnicity?    03/24/21  (89)
DC Uber Driver killers reach plea deal: no prison time, nothing past age 21    04/06/21  (89)
what is the basket of goods that makes someone solidly UMC?    04/07/21  (89)
The more I read about Gaetz the weirder it gets    04/09/21  (88)
Super senior associate. What’s next?    04/13/21  (88)
if I had RSF's trust fund, I would just hike every day    03/19/21  (88)
If we can't open up with vaccines, what was the point?    04/11/21  (87)
Marriage literally ruined my life. Do people actually troll for this flame?    04/06/21  (87)
Six-year-old on trial for picking flower from someone's yard, not flame    03/22/21  (87)
just creampied a 32 year old women met from Hinge...taking Qs    04/05/21  (87)
How Stupid to Buy a House Now?    04/13/21  (86)
United Airlines announces hiring quotas for pilots: 50% will be URMs + women    04/07/21  (86)
ADL calls for Tucker to be fired for pushing "White Replacement Theory"    04/10/21  (86)
why is Europe getting "slammed" with covid again    03/22/21  (86)
It's now time to call out black criminality.    03/30/21  (86)
Steak-umms EVISCERATES science in tweetstorm    04/14/21  (86)
Average car payment is $563 per month    03/17/21  (86)