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ITT: your top 3 red pilled moments    08/14/20  (206)
got fired. taking ?s.    07/17/20  (206)
Do you guys realize the utter sincerity of Germans' belief that the US is ...    08/14/20  (184)
Jews demand jail for 93-yo man who was forced to guard Nazi camp when he was 17    07/26/20  (184)
Rate this Yale XC girl who likes to do Tik Toks in her underwear    08/10/20  (182)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/14/20  (180)
Naïve young lawyers face 40+ years in prison    08/09/20  (178)
Quality content— Barr hearing    07/29/20  (175)
Hard work and intact families are racist.    07/20/20  (174)
💣BREAKING: Tactical nuke explosion in Lebanon 💣    08/05/20  (171)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/11/20  (168)
Someone made an 8 million dollar offer to buy my firm...should I sell? (CSLG)    07/28/20  (160)
In a rut / struggling with alcohol addiction. Taking Q’s and advice    08/14/20  (157)
Shitlibs surround car in Austin and get SHOT (video):    07/26/20  (154)
School is 100% remote for the fall now lmao    07/18/20  (152)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/14/20  (150)
An Azn man breaks it down before kill self at age 40    08/03/20  (148)
Oh boy here we go: Floyd bodycam footage released    08/04/20  (148)
NYT: Oh I guess CHAZ was actually bad    08/10/20  (148)
TAYLOR SWIFT: FOLKLORE/// First Impressions & Review Thread    08/13/20  (147)
Rate this blonde 2020 Harvard Law grad?    08/05/20  (145)
The Kids Are Alt-Right: When Your Star Pupil Gets Red-Pilled    08/14/20  (140)
What movie have you watched the most times start to finish?    08/02/20  (140)
What explains early 30’s men who are unmarried?    08/09/20  (140)
5 year old white boy shot in head at point blank range by black neighbor.    08/14/20  (139)
Most overrated U.S. cities    08/13/20  (138)
Taibbi: The Left is now The Right    07/25/20  (137)
How do Southerners feel being views as trash by the rest of USA?    07/24/20  (136)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/12/20  (134)
Goddamn Trump sounds fucking stupid in the Axios interview    08/05/20  (132)
Rented out house five months ago. $9500 in the hole currently    08/07/20  (131)
180 article about upcoming white flight from cities    08/08/20  (130)
is joe rogan flame or is there really a mass exodus out of CA?    08/10/20  (130)
What poasters were 120 while active but 180 from a historical perspective    07/27/20  (127)
spaceporn's house is a fucking dump, ljl at that peasant    08/10/20  (126)
If you had HS age kid, would you put balls on the line and advise NO COLLEGE    07/28/20  (125)
Dumbest thing you lost a friend over ITT    07/28/20  (124)
Isaac Chotiner in New Yorker claims CharlesXII 'us[ed] the N-word'    07/27/20  (124)
WSJ Poll: 56% believe USA is racist, 57% approve of riots, 52% kneeling    07/23/20  (123)
It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be a CONSERVATIVE and be OK with federal "police"    07/21/20  (123)
Catholic bros, what do you do to help the poor?    08/03/20  (120)
Question for biglaw partners or former senior associates who got canned    07/24/20  (119)
Wait, so PN washes cars for a living? That’s his “job” now?    08/11/20  (118)
Civil War Q:How was the South "traitors" if their citizens voted for secession?    08/13/20  (118)
Hottest thing a girl has ever done sexually?    08/02/20  (117)
LOL at Trump treating a dementia test like it’s an IQ test    07/25/20  (116)
What's the appeal of Susan Rice as VP?    08/09/20  (116)
ITT i reveal 3 secrets every shoplifter should know    08/01/20  (115)
NOT FLAME: CXII was working with US Marine Corps, lost that job too    07/17/20  (113)
whats the shittiest type of shitlaw you can do?    07/31/20  (112)
how much does spaceporn make as an 18th yr associate    08/10/20  (111)
XO pos: "Shitlibs are dogmatic and irrational. Btw love Christianity" (DTP)    07/28/20  (110)
What is an item under $250 worth owning?    08/09/20  (110)
New Taibbi article: "Kansas Should Go Fuck Itself"    08/05/20  (109)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/05/20  (108)
RSF talking about how he doesn't even want to travel but has nothing to do    08/12/20  (108)
Hard to overstate how bad GOP messaging is in 2020    07/25/20  (107)
NYC Karen enforces bike law on dumbfuck white male pedestrian    08/05/20  (107)
Kanye West missed WI filing deadline by 14 seconds    08/12/20  (106)
Welp, Biden just lost the election by calling for a gun ban:    08/06/20  (106)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/13/20  (106)
The most “Middle Class” brands    08/14/20  (104)
Chinese Fordham student getting fucked over by ridiculous shitlibs    07/27/20  (104)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/14/20  (103)
"It is I, the noble PI ambulance chasing faggot. I am checking corporate America    07/30/20  (102)
Joe Biden asks Black Reporter, "Are you on cocaine?" (video)    08/05/20  (102)
What’s the Definitive Civil War 2.0 Rifle and Handgun Starter Combo    07/23/20  (101)
CNN host argues with Yale scientist over hydroxychloroquine (link)    08/05/20  (101)
Nate Silver releases election model    08/13/20  (100)
Taibbi on Bret Weinstein's podcast: truly terrifying    07/20/20  (100)
WSJ: Millennials Slammed by Second Financial Crisis Fall Even Further Behind    08/12/20  (99)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/14/20  (99)
Bros, check out my disastrous day one experience on SA    07/22/20  (99)
@kanyewest wigging out right now. Attacking Kardashians for child porn    07/21/20  (99)
what’s the most anti-shitlib movie?    07/23/20  (98)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/14/20  (98)
Reminder that Beckersted believes non-believers "choose" to go to Hell (DTP)    07/29/20  (98)
Austin or Denver for an escaping CA fag?    08/13/20  (97)
Black heroine in NYC paints over BLM sign AGAIN as beta cop tries to arrest her    07/20/20  (96)
Democrats suing trump over executive order extending unemployment benefits    08/11/20  (95)
Epstein forced then minor Jane Doe #3 to have sex with . . . Alan Dershowitz    07/31/20  (95)
Discussion: Is COVID a bigger deal than 9/11? The financial crisis?    07/27/20  (94)
a roach in my kitchen survived 1 minute on high in my microwave    07/29/20  (94)
xo Poll: Do you find FRINGE SCIENCE or mainstream science more credible?    08/02/20  (93)
Rolling Stone: America Is Done Here Forever    08/11/20  (93)
Most overrated European cities    08/14/20  (92)
cancel culture cost me a relationship    07/23/20  (92)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/14/20  (92)
Bronze Age Pervert is 40 years old    07/30/20  (91)
Teachers basically treating the prospect of returning to school as Chernobyl    07/16/20  (90)
Honest thoughts on Black Lives Matter?    08/04/20  (90)
Evanston, IL schools: "Black and Brown students" given priority for in-class    08/14/20  (89)
The Barr Testimony is plainly bizarre    07/29/20  (89)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/09/20  (89)
home depot LP day #2 post-orientation update    08/05/20  (89)
Critical theory is an amazing, unifying force for the country.    07/28/20  (89)
Insane how annoying small children are.    07/19/20  (89)
NYT: Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates    08/04/20  (87)
anyone wanna hear the story of how I pissed away the 1400 eth I once had    07/18/20  (87)
NYT: Ex FBI Lawyer to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to spy on Trump admin    08/14/20  (86)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/14/20  (86)
Rating poasters as things I consider to have been a disappointment    08/04/20  (86)
scheduled a handjob/titjob finish massage for tomorrow    07/21/20  (86)
Serious Q: Why are southerners, by and large, stupid as shit?    08/02/20  (86)
Spike in violent crime follows rise in gun-buying amid social upheaval (Wapo)    07/17/20  (86)
TT6 -- how much $$ do I need to comfortably retire in Thailand?    07/28/20  (86)
Luis dressed up in a snuggie beating his wife (DTP)    08/13/20  (85)
Biden is, by far, the worst candidate in history    08/10/20  (85)
Longest you've ever incel'd?    07/26/20  (85)
ITT list your top 5 favorite poasters    07/26/20  (85)
Are there any places in US true elites and true proles still meet?    07/27/20  (85)
Poll: You can throw a 104 mph fastball OR a curveball that breaks up    08/14/20  (85)
Best college campuses?    08/04/20  (85)
What's the strangest thing in the Bible?    07/30/20  (85)
Joined a local craft beer group on Facebook    07/30/20  (85)
When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything.    07/23/20  (85)
Lol Portland antifa faggots are now begging gun owners to come defend them from    07/20/20  (85)
So 2nd time in a row Dems nominating a terrible candidate they don't even like    08/05/20  (84)
So spaceporn has been sending creepy threats by email to numerous posters?    08/13/20  (83)
Nearly drowned in riptide today. Strange feelings afterwards    07/25/20  (82)
Feel horrible for local newspapers    07/23/20  (82)
Friend on campaign confirmed, 100% Kamala Harris is VP, hth    08/12/20  (82)
Just finished 2000 mile cross country drive - taking questions    07/31/20  (81)
Rate this “contract” Louisville BLM offered to business owners    08/09/20  (81)
Wife won’t sign divorce papers, getting nervous this might go to court    08/09/20  (81)
is my gf getting too fat?    07/19/20  (81)
Rank your top 3 donuts    08/07/20  (80)
If RBGs seat opens up libs will go INSANE    07/16/20  (80)
AZ/TX/FL numbers are improving despite no change in social distancing    08/14/20  (79)
My Pillow guy sticks up for Charles.    07/16/20  (79)
Black doctor PWNING libs on mask wearing and hydroxycloroquine (link)    07/28/20  (79)
Feminism has ruined society, imo.    07/26/20  (79)
Wife has been initiating sex 5 or 6 times a week for the past 2 months    07/26/20  (79)
Can't believe I'm saying this but......... it is fraudvirus, isn't it?    08/07/20  (78)
Seriously though, why on earth does the DNC think Kamala is the best choice?    08/12/20  (78)
SomeOtherGhost is not spaceporn    08/10/20  (78)
The masterful way Jews exploit black tribalism is really something to behold    07/16/20  (77)
Libs now coming after “Pandemic Pods” (private study groups bcuz libs killed    07/19/20  (77)
Women have such bizarre ideas about nutrition    07/24/20  (77)
SUSPECT caught in Bangladeshi bro's decapitation: guess race!    07/18/20  (77)
Why do the elites want critical theory?    07/21/20  (77)
GOP covid bill is a nightmare. What the fuck is wrong with them    07/28/20  (77)
Layoffs this week or next at my company    07/29/20  (77)
Doing callbacks in LS was 180    08/14/20  (77)
UPitt strips Prof of fellowship after publicly questions AA in admissions    08/14/20  (77)
High on cocaine and drinking, taking Qs (Zurich)    08/09/20  (77)
GC now reneging on WFH arrangement long-term (WSJ)    07/25/20  (77)
ITT: I explain why white nationalism has never, does not, and will never succeed    08/14/20  (76)
How can a 30+ y/o male see vids of HS teens and not rue their shit lives? (DTP)    08/08/20  (76)