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***OFFICIAL 10/15 Ohio 2020 Democratic Debate Thread***    10/16/19  (459)
2019 World Series game 7: NATIONALS vs. ASTROS (home team 0-6)    10/31/19  (252)
ITT: If you HAD to choose, which poaster would you rather be?    11/08/19  (240)
Jury rules that 7-year-old boy must be chemically castrated against dad's wishes    10/25/19  (214)
The Horrible Truth About BigLaw    11/07/19  (212)
NCAA votes to allow college athletes to profit off of their likeness    11/02/19  (204)
TMF has worked tirelessly in life simply to be able to afford a 70k car    11/01/19  (195)
Davis Polk getting sued for being raciss    11/10/19  (172)
In-House Counsel, Taking Qs and Giving Advice...    11/08/19  (172)
NYC restaurants cutting staff hours in response to $15 minimum wage hike    11/03/19  (167)
Rank your top 5 candy bars    10/16/19  (160)
Elizabeth Warren's Healthcare plan to cost $52 TRILLION over 10 years    11/04/19  (143)
Rate my letter to Mercury... they are horrible (CSLG)    11/11/19  (141)
WaPo: Why America Needs A Hate Speech Law    11/01/19  (140)
Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President (NYT)    10/19/19  (139)
Emma Sulkowicz turned conservative by alpha CHAD    11/02/19  (139)
*************OFFICIAL XO KOVALEV v. CANELO FIGHT THREAD*************    11/03/19  (139)
XO Tulsi just called out Hilldawg    10/22/19  (138)
Lol at people who complain about biglaw like it's hard. You are a pussy.    11/02/19  (135)
2019 World Series game 6: NATIONALS vs. ASTROS    10/30/19  (132)
wife is 12 wks pregnant w/2nd kid. recent tests = 98% probability of Trisomy 18    10/24/19  (131)
What is happening with Elizabeth Warren?    10/25/19  (130)
android seems pointless now that ios is actually usable    11/02/19  (130)
Let’s name some 90’s MLB players    10/13/19  (127)
GOP Republicans storm DEPOSITION and refuse to leave    10/24/19  (126)
Lol wtf watchmen is about black heroes hunting white supremacists    10/29/19  (126)
The LH attention seeking thread    10/31/19  (123)
Why is Alabama ranked higher than undefeated Minnesota?    11/11/19  (122)
DBG's faux (yes, FAUX) orthodox shtick is 1) creepy 2) sad 3) not genuine    10/20/19  (119)
whok, I have about 10 dates with Mexican chads off Bumble    11/10/19  (119)
ABC uses footage from a gun range in Ky as vid of Turks slaughter Kurds    10/14/19  (119)
Astros junior exec goes on pro-women beating tirade after WS clinch    10/25/19  (117)
****ALCS Game 4 - Astros @ Yankees****    10/18/19  (116)
People who make pizza at home. Explain this idiocy    11/11/19  (116)
Rate my new watch (CSLG)    10/28/19  (115)
pathetic things you do during the workday    10/28/19  (115)
Bros who are frugal (frugalmos) what do you do differently    11/07/19  (115)
Is there a "high white" race?    10/18/19  (114)
flaw in Schiff's scheme was he didn't expect Trump to release the transcript    10/31/19  (112)
How long have you been with your wife/gf? (CSLG)    11/10/19  (111)
wtf is there to do after age 30    10/29/19  (110)
Libs have gone full 100% neocon jfc it’s hilarious    10/16/19  (110)
Pretended to be a centrist lib to with a lib app chick last night    11/06/19  (110)
Second baby born, life unending misery    10/25/19  (109)
Married men: how many lovers did your wife have before you?    10/19/19  (109)
BIGLAW partner shits on firm diversity program in email by accident    11/02/19  (109)
Bronze Age Pervert responds: America is done (Claremont Institute)    11/02/19  (107)
Why has XO soured so much on Austin?    10/23/19  (107)
Shrew: "I'm Panicking Because I'm Getting Older & There's No One Left To Date"    11/10/19  (106)
Is paying off house early a goy trap    11/06/19  (105)
Kurt Suzuki wearing a red MAGA hat for visit with Trump. Twitter libs apoplectic    11/07/19  (105)
She lies and says she's in love with him. Can't find a better man.    10/14/19  (102)
Mid-December NorthEasTTT Ski Thread    11/07/19  (102)
Food that people think is healthy, but isn’t    10/24/19  (100)
Lebron James unleashed a blistering anti China tirade just now holy shit (link)    10/16/19  (100)
Listened to NPR for a few hours today, here's the summary:    10/15/19  (99)
Why do goyim spend $60k on a car for their commute?    10/17/19  (99)
board geezers what was 1999-2001 like    11/07/19  (98)
Shitlibs have ruined a generation of American women, and I am MAF    11/02/19  (98)
How Chinese students are changing universities around the world    11/02/19  (97)
Trump nom to 9th Circuit starts CRYING at hearing over ABA not qualified rating    11/01/19  (96)
Trump one-shot killed Ann Coulter's career    10/31/19  (96)
Tennessee commissioner to white men: "Wake up. We got a queer running for POTUS"    10/28/19  (95)
ITT: Sexual trends you believe to be true based on your anecdotal evidence    10/29/19  (94)
Brooklyn woman experiences diversity up close    10/25/19  (94)
Keanu Reeves, 55, goes public with first 'girlfriend' in DECADES    11/06/19  (93)
whok, Canelo is hot as fuck    10/21/19  (93)
What was the CSLG alt post that Kenny nuked? Henry Aaron keeps mentioning it    10/30/19  (93)
Mysterious Swastika Incident at Yale Law School    11/04/19  (92)
Why are we picking on Drake Mallard? His turn? He's 180    11/06/19  (92)
Get Woke, Go Broke: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Bombs At The Box Office    11/04/19  (92)
🚚 Fresh TikTok Delivery! 🚚    11/08/19  (90)
boy, women sure do love halloween.    11/04/19  (90)
Bar keeps getting lower. Colleges dropping SAT/ACT requirements    10/29/19  (90)
*** New Peter Strzok/Lisa Page Texts Showing They Edited Flynn 302s ***    10/25/19  (89)
People who live where you can hit a deer or moose driving: how common is it and    11/04/19  (89)
I have to say the new Star Wars trailer looks way better than the Last Jedi    10/23/19  (89)
Things that DESTROY wealth over time: dogs, new cars, pools    10/16/19  (89)
Kurds just formed a deal with xo Assad. Almost like neocons are retarded.    10/14/19  (89)
Don Cherry fired after criticizing immigrants for not wearing poppies    11/12/19  (89)
Is UChicago the most prestigious school in the entire Midwest?    11/10/19  (89)
NYT: Vindman tried to alter the Trump/Ukraine call transcript    10/30/19  (89)
What would it take for San Francisco to elect a Giuliani type?    11/10/19  (88)
Going to a couples dinner shortly. What drugs should I take?    10/26/19  (88)
My wife has postpartum depression and is honestly ruining my life.    10/20/19  (88)
Dem Congresswomen caught smoking bong in the nude with iron cross tattoo visible    10/26/19  (87)
Im 27. Make 50k-70k. Live w parents. And i like where i am at in life    10/14/19  (86)
Question for libs who think the United States is on "stolen" Indian land    11/11/19  (86)
Katie Hill: Uses the ol "My soon to be ex husband was abusive" ploy    11/02/19  (86)
Dotter is getting fat    11/05/19  (86)
2019 World Series game 1: ASTROS vs. NATIONALS.    10/23/19  (85)
Beaver shot of the stripper I've been fucking (zurich)    11/11/19  (84)
"Streaming services" now more expensive than traditional cable package    11/10/19  (84)
lol @ this fat marathon-cheater shrew    11/07/19  (84)
New SF DA: We're not gonna prosecute any quality of life issues    11/12/19  (83)
Official Yankees - Astros Thread    10/14/19  (83)
just did the math. LIving in a state w/ income tax = so stupid    10/22/19  (82)
Main takeaway from Japan: Lol America is a huge shithole    11/10/19  (82)
Total chaos fascism in Bolivia rn    11/12/19  (81)
Not a single piece of Silicon Valley tech has made any of our lives better    10/31/19  (81)
XO racists, would you accept mass migration from 3rd world WHITE countries?    10/24/19  (80)
Why We Must Put Nazis In Their 90s On Trial (Haaretz)    10/25/19  (80)
CHANDLER TRIAL DAY 3 - OCT 16 (CSLG)    10/19/19  (80)
2019 BIG LAW BONUSES ANNOUNCED    11/12/19  (80)
NYT: Single mother of five struggles with "unpredictable work hours"    10/21/19  (80)
MILLIONAIRE Tommy T Taking Questions Before Next RETIREMENT    11/10/19  (79)
3 million people without power in California. LMAO    10/30/19  (79)
What's The Point Of "Behavioral" Interview Questions?    11/08/19  (79)
Whites-only South African town is booming!!!!!! Libs?    10/27/19  (79)
FBI investigating "It's OK to be White" and "Islam is right about woman" flyers    11/07/19  (77)
Who the fuck drinks non alcoholic beer?    10/25/19  (77)
two college students ARRESTED for 'ridiculing' nonwhites, college rejoices    10/25/19  (77)
Where would you buy a house: Upstate NY, Western MA, or VT?    10/26/19  (77)
Rate this fireplace (MND and TMF)    10/22/19  (76)
Photo of me wearing a cow costume during a depo Chandler is taking (CSLG)    11/08/19  (76)
NYT: Michael Bloomberg is filing to run for POTUS as a Democrat    11/08/19  (76)
Looking to ditch expensive SF? Move to Buffalo. Yes, that Buffalo.    11/03/19  (75)
They are inducing my pregnant black wife    11/04/19  (75)
Unrequited HS crush just texted me out of the blue for a “hang”. Dtf?    10/30/19  (74)
Tucker just referred to ‘proles’ - nice work charles    10/17/19  (74)
breach of contract question    10/23/19  (74)
Just LOL at how much lower our standard of living is v 100years ago    11/02/19  (74)
As a Sienna owner, I finally get where TMF is coming from re: SUVs.    11/12/19  (74)
Pete Davidson now fucking Kaia Gerber. Wtf is going on?????    11/08/19  (74)
Just got DINGED from in house opportunity after in person interviews    11/05/19  (74)
GF admitted that she scored an 820 on the SAT's... twice    11/09/19  (74)
People on twitter are saying an AutoAdmit poaster is the mattress girl bf    10/30/19  (74)
Best thing Christian churches could do would be simply to host dating events    11/07/19  (74)
Why has fast-casual Indian food not taken off?    10/21/19  (73)
Rate my degenerate drinking last night    10/21/19  (73)
Best on Reddit currently: Female Date Strategies    11/06/19  (73)
About to hit a girl with dat "please respond"    10/22/19  (73)
RATE the CFO of arodcorp (A-Rod's private investment firm)    10/18/19  (72)
Adam Neumann walking away with $1.7 billion. Unbelievable. (WSJ)    10/23/19  (72)
Climate scientists: "We need to kill half of humans on the planet to solve this"    11/07/19  (72)
UW vs Oregon is currently the best rivalry in college football    10/19/19  (72)
Why Do Trans Guys like Me Keep Getting Ghosted by Women? one trans-man complain    11/12/19  (72)
Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard officially done here after last night    10/17/19  (71)
posting from a fancy airport lounge... Nutella/DBG are absolutely done here    10/28/19  (71)
Working at a startup, you really see how they hire and fire to stay afloat    10/18/19  (70)
Stayed with 11 late 30s/early 40s dudes this weekend. 3 had CPAP machines    10/16/19  (70)
'Go back to California': Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise    11/11/19  (70)
$2.4B Scooter rental company Lime will lose $300M on $400M of revenue this year    10/23/19  (70)
People forget how deranged libs were about George W Bush    10/18/19  (70)
Proud owner of a certified pre-owned Toyota Sienna taking questions ITT.    11/05/19  (70)
1/6 millennials have $100,000 saved    10/22/19  (69)
XO Poll: Do you pay all your cards off in full every month    11/02/19  (69)
Failing NY Times Takes Down Peter Luger    10/30/19  (69)
What part of the country has the ugliest housing stock?    10/30/19  (69)