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NYT Editor RESIGNS. Calls fellow NYTers a bunch of Trump Deranged FAGGOTS    07/14/20  (88)
Most iconic athlete in each city    07/14/20  (68)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/14/20  (59)
“We” pumo used to spam 24/7, HATED Tucker, now he’s gone    07/14/20  (51)
DO NOT RETIRE (TSINAH)    07/14/20  (42)
I am thinking about retiring because this latest scandal broke the board    07/14/20  (28)
NYMag fires faggot Andrew Sullivan for not being shitlib and woke enough    07/14/20  (26)
Female reporter here. Any questions shitlords??    07/14/20  (25)
Swedish politician calls for Greta Thunberg statue to replace Charles XII statue    07/14/20  (23)
POLL: if we were to identify responsible poster with say 90% certainty    07/14/20  (22)
Rach, the account we need records on is "...,,.,,,,.,,,....,...,...
   07/14/20  (20)
Lol MLS season started again? Nobody gives a shit    07/14/20  (20)
stephen colbert and amy schumer are both very talented comedians. sorry    07/14/20  (19)
Coen Brothers films really like to mock dumb white people    07/14/20  (19)
Neal Katyal temporarily joining Minn. AG to PROSECUTE OFFICERS! WTF??    07/14/20  (19)
Do not retire into that good night (vonoskar)    07/14/20  (16)
AirBnB asking renters to donate and bail out landlords so they stay on platform    07/14/20  (16)
why is it so difficult to get "facts" / reliable data and info on Covid    07/14/20  (16)
Did the internet ruin news? Discuss.    07/14/20  (15)
words that retarded normies and libs use incorrectly that have no meaning    07/14/20  (15)
Has anyone here spoken to Charles since the incident?    07/14/20  (15)
reminder: we had a coup attempt based on ZERO evidence    07/14/20  (15)
WaPo: The Lincoln Project, a REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION, fires editor for comments    07/14/20  (14)
what vpn should i be using    07/14/20  (14)
📰 Bari Weiss resigns from NY Times 📰    07/14/20  (14)
Charles's comment in Jet Black Condo doc thread was actually compliment to Azns    07/14/20  (13)
Based black dude records BLM (mostly whites) protesting people eating dinner (li    07/14/20  (13)
Client is selling his construction company for mid 8 figures, went to his house    07/14/20  (12)
7,462 active duty military members have died of Corona. Seems bad. Fraudmos????    07/14/20  (12)
Rate this IG pic of a Russian lawyeress in Florida    07/14/20  (11)
What do you want to happen to the leaker?    07/14/20  (10)
everyone's poasting all moderate and intellectual now they think cnn's here lmao    07/14/20  (10)
VOX MEDIA to fire HUNDREDS after missing revenue targets by 40%    07/14/20  (10)
COVID has really got everyone on edge    07/14/20  (10)
RACH PLEASE UNBAN MY IP    07/14/20  (10)
Fauci: "As the virus may transmit through language, we need to all use sign lang    07/14/20  (9)
is it safe bros    07/14/20  (9)
zoom court shenanigans: defensebro wearing a hawaiian shirt    07/14/20  (9)
I basically NEVER leave my 3500 sq ft house, I have no reason to, taking Qs    07/14/20  (9)
Not a lawnmo. Is there any way where Charles suing CNN reveals the outter    07/14/20  (9)
j shad on ghb wearing acid wash cutoff jorts at obscure indie music festival    07/14/20  (9)
Every day, I drink one beer and eat one clove of raw garlic.    07/14/20  (9)
Should we give Blacks their own US state?    07/14/20  (9)
CNN just contacted me about Upset Jews retirement    07/14/20  (9)
Can someone pls link me to a Tucker Carlson clip which is only about B'lahke'    07/14/20  (8)
Tucker telling his kids Charles writes at a big farm in the country now    07/14/20  (8)
Trump press conference at top of hour    07/14/20  (8)
$1 million, but you have to read 20 DTP threads/day for rest of your life    07/14/20  (8)
Someone bump this thread to PROVE I was not banned as the mean quotemo said    07/14/20  (8)
Been listening to Joe Rogan for 1 month. Now sleeping with mouth taped shut &    07/14/20  (8)