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Lockdown made me grateful to not have wife/kids    09/24/20  (59)
Lawyermos - need to get out a lease. HALP    09/24/20  (40)
How badly will libs cry when Roe v Wade is FUCKING DONE HERE    09/24/20  (38)
libs are still fuming about the camera in mario 64    09/24/20  (33)
What will we do when all the guys who understand how power plants work are dead?    09/24/20  (31)
Wife just facesat me for like 45mins, taking Qs    09/24/20  (30)
This Is the Casual Racism That I Face at My Elite High School    09/24/20  (29)
Trump visits RBG casket, crowd shows surprising deference to the POTUS    09/24/20  (27)
why do shitlawyers have horrible personalities    09/24/20  (26)
my gf is a butt slut    09/24/20  (23)
imagine being 40yo and having a “boss”    09/24/20  (21)
How do you even grab someone "by the pussy?" It's wet, slippery, and internal.    09/24/20  (20)
Christians: "Ur a serial killer pedo rapist but u accept Christ? Heaven awaits!"    09/24/20  (19)
Upset Jew is on fire lately. posts are unmitigated 180's every time.    09/24/20  (18)
just saw a hot chick in yoga pants taking off her top w/ her big tits busting ou    09/24/20  (17)
Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020    09/24/20  (16)
FBI finds mail-in ballots discarded in PA. All of them were cast for Biden!!!!    09/24/20  (16)
HYPO: $10,000 for every IQ point under 100 if you agree to get sterilized    09/24/20  (15)
lmao had no idea rudolph was 5’5”    09/24/20  (15)
Any good modern video games similar to Metal Gear Solid 3    09/24/20  (15)
What kind of dumbass is a catholic    09/24/20  (14)
42 year old lawyers commenting on the "soul" and "feel" of new mario games    09/24/20  (14)
Think I'd go crazy having to WFH all the time    09/24/20  (14)
Why isn't aging considered a disease?    09/24/20  (14)
I make 250k a year "coding" lmao modernity is such flame    09/24/20  (13)
Black bro credits Trump for “unlocking” him    09/24/20  (13)
The bagels of 1985 were vastly superior to the bagels of today    09/24/20  (12)
luis with his cat (video)    09/24/20  (12)
PS5 and Xbox sold out to scalpers until December. None available at launch.    09/24/20  (12)
Scaramucci goes 120 (tweet)    09/24/20  (12)
Canadian teenager arrested for anti-black hate speech in high school Zoom class    09/24/20  (12)
White male/Indian female    09/24/20  (11)
We complain about Boomers, but the Silent Generation has a death grip    09/24/20  (11)
XO stock tip: PLUG power    09/24/20  (10)
Kayleigh addresses the "peaceful transfer of power" question    09/24/20  (10)
SHOCK POLL: Trump +1 in Michigan    09/24/20  (10)
New Democrat registrations surge in Florida (link). Bloomberg gets it done    09/24/20  (10)
Jared Kushner's speed dial leaked: #1- Mossad #2- Ivanka #3- Loeb's Deli    09/24/20  (9)
Rate this video from MFH on 9/12/2001    09/24/20  (9)
would you leave wife who had preventive double-mastectomy?    09/24/20  (9)
are today's polls good or bad for DRUMPH?    09/24/20  (9)
George Soros Funded Bail Project Gives Weapons To Rioters!    09/24/20  (9)
Crypto is mooning. LOL if you didn't buy    09/24/20  (9)
"What if Trump wins but still won't concede? Five scholars weigh in" (NYT)    09/24/20  (9)
Can you imagine a Biden White House? POTUS calling it a day at 9 am.    09/24/20  (9)
You know why Trump is so crazy about being re-elected, right?    09/24/20  (9)
in all seriousness i wish i could live 1,000,000 years    09/24/20  (9)
The Death Of Justice RGB Pushed Me To Join The Satanic Temple (nyt)    09/24/20  (9)
Ever gotten chicken stuck in your esophagus?    09/24/20  (8)
Amazing how quickly Tom Brady destroyed his legacy.    09/24/20  (8)