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WaPo: "So yeah maybe this Coronavirus DID come from the Wuhan laboratory"    04/03/20  (67)
Fancy Miami Hotel Cancels Passover Program, Refuses To Refund $2.3M Deposit    04/03/20  (64)
🚨Long-term SHORTAGES of FRUIT, VEGETABLES, possibly MEAT are coming (Reuters)    04/03/20  (56)
Law school c/o 2011 vs 2022-24    04/03/20  (51)
6,000 Americans have already died and it's not slowing, it's getting worse    04/03/20  (48)
The number of virus Deaths is about to explode    04/03/20  (46)
What are the chances that Trump gets re-elected in a landslide?    04/03/20  (42)
People in the park literally yelled at my kids    04/03/20  (41)
*Buys a $2 million house on $350k income*    04/03/20  (38)
I want a cigarette so bad right now.    04/03/20  (37)
Lawyers: Is Amazon Banning Me From Returns, Or Just No Courtesy Credits?    04/03/20  (29)
CR to forbid grandparents from seeing their grandkids?    04/03/20  (27)
underlying stress these days is 120    04/03/20  (25)
Applied for SBA Covid19 $10K immediate loan with that website...    04/03/20  (25)
Retard RSF pumo '''""" fell for TRAP    04/03/20  (23)
More people have died from COVID-19 in 3 months than US combat losses in Iraq/Af    04/03/20  (20)
Black 25 y/o with poli sci major makes $210k after coding bootcamp (DTP)    04/03/20  (18)
people were tuning out fake media political narratives, so they switch to Virus    04/03/20  (18)
WilmerHale PE Partner identifying the real heroes in this crisis.    04/03/20  (16)
Best shows from xo HBO like The Sopranos are free now because of Corona    04/03/20  (16)
Anyone Playing Golf?    04/03/20  (15)
they're putting up 5g towers and shit everywhere right now    04/03/20  (14)
NY State to not flame push for brevet lawyers    04/03/20  (14)
CNN's Brooke Baldwin now positive for COVID-19    04/03/20  (14)
so now there's going to be even more competition with NY waiving the bar exam    04/03/20  (13)
Max Iger IG post: Dad was told about this (& more) first week of January (link)    04/03/20  (12)
Is it just me or are BOOMERS being really cavalier about the safety measures?    04/03/20  (12)
Texas casually joining OPEC this week nbd    04/03/20  (12)
Causality between vitamin D levels and Covid 19 prognosis (link)    04/03/20  (11)
life is really miserable when dealing with back pain all the time lmao    04/03/20  (11)
Gavin Newsom's wife is an 8.5    04/03/20  (11)
Reform jew "buys" bread from 10,000 jews for Passover for $1 and TAKES DELIVERY    04/03/20  (10)
Buy oil and oil co calls and retire    04/03/20  (10)
People over 60 should be forced to stay home 24/7    04/03/20  (10)
Australia says their shutdown to continue through at least October    04/03/20  (10)
SOMEONE want to explain why this thread was modded?    04/03/20  (10)
CHASE.COM/CARES IS LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    04/03/20  (9)
She Survived The Holocaust, But Couldn’t Survive Covid. 54 yo Rachel Goldstein    04/03/20  (9)
need dbg to defend his jewish influencer crush itt    04/03/20  (9)
Why are troops clustering in Jersey City, Weehawken and Fort Lee? Something is    04/03/20  (9)
Why is Rudolph being *such* a fag about the gay FraudVirus?    04/03/20  (9)
luis do u like sublime    04/03/20  (9)
AP exams this year will be open book, 45 minutes online lmao    04/03/20  (9)
Would like to see US, UK, AUS, CAN, JPN, SK and others cut off China    04/03/20  (9)
If Bowling for Soup’s 1985 were released today, it would be “2001”    04/03/20  (8)
Simulation glitch? Corona the hardest hit COVID 19 neighborhood in Queens    04/03/20  (8)
Theyre trying to get rid of the bar    04/03/20  (8)
RSF has a 20mm+ trust fund but still spends his days obsessed w/ benzo lol    04/03/20  (8)
Girl$ are getting chunkier and chubbier it $eem$    04/03/20  (8)
Explain under 40 y/os who are scared of the virus.    04/03/20  (8)