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getting kinda bored of gf after 11 months. normal?    05/22/19  (56)
What State in the Lower 48 has the most depressing and worst weather?    05/22/19  (48)
Trump's ALPHA POWER MOVE leads opponents agape.    05/22/19  (43)
what would you do if you're me? 32F married    05/22/19  (40)
Lol Margot Robbie, 28 y/o white woman, already starting to get ghoul face (DTP)    05/22/19  (38)
You can literally buy entire house kits on amazon now (link)    05/22/19  (33)
Stop Mel Gibson’s new anti-Semitic movie, if needed by erecting new laws (link    05/22/19  (28)
Libs vandalize "problematic" pioneer statue    05/22/19  (24)
Moby & Natalie Portman dispute whether they ever dated    05/22/19  (23)
Black youths just wearing face masks in public 24/7    05/22/19  (16)
ITT poast ways to steal from the rich    05/22/19  (16)
ITT we discuss YONKERS    05/22/19  (16)
xo -- tell me if i was right to "dump" this girl    05/22/19  (15)
Typical suburbs by country (pictures)    05/22/19  (15)
Ridiculous Chad co-worker (evan39)    05/22/19  (13)
Harvard gf of Denmark Prime Minister's Son forced out of country due to    05/22/19  (12)
upset kike should be banned for outting    05/22/19  (12)
How San Francisco broke America’s heart [WaPo]    05/22/19  (11)
Got MAF at barista just now. Taking my business elsewhere.    05/22/19  (10)
If this movie trailer doesn't get you emotional, you're not human    05/22/19  (10)
I keep getting hit on by blacks girls. Methadone nurse grabbed my hand today    05/22/19  (9)
Debt-Ridden Morehouse Drop Out Needs Help With Student Expenses    05/22/19  (9)
Have PTSD from ep 3 of Chernobyl    05/22/19  (9)
Defensive players in baseball should form human wall like in soccer, block hit    05/22/19  (8)
Tucker doesn't think our leaders want to defend our borders    05/22/19  (8)
holy shit cps actually took his kids? u guys are pure shit.    05/22/19  (8)
How good would a person feel when they get out of America for good?    05/22/19  (8)
southern poverty “hate map” seems to indicate several Boston mcdonalds    05/22/19  (8)
Wtf is someone playing Turkish music    05/22/19  (8)
Why doesn't the US spread ARE Economic love to Vietnam, Cambodia, etc    05/22/19  (7)
Scientists: China responsible for climate change (link)    05/22/19  (7)
evan39 what are thought$ on thi$ $hit?    05/22/19  (7)
New York Has a Supervillain Pulling Emergency Brakes and Destroying Subway Commu    05/22/19  (7)
2nd cuz: I love singing in the rain ;) Shrew gf: Put your offspring down a drain    05/22/19  (7)
I will make it out because I have no one irl left(Boom)    05/22/19  (7)
Google 5s44YzOs9pw    05/22/19  (7)
Benzo, do you want to do coke and make out or jo?    05/22/19  (7)
What realistic opportunities are out there for people with some sense?    05/22/19  (6)
Anti-semitism never disappeared in Europa (link)    05/22/19  (6)
Trump at packed rally making fun of spaceporns hairline    05/22/19  (6)
Burger King app seems to be the only credited one now    05/22/19  (6)
London looks like fucking Karachi. Moped Machete gang robbing spree video    05/22/19  (6)
2nd cousin: I'm gonna suck it out, baby ;) Shrew gf: Wants to suction out baby    05/22/19  (6)
really doubt that Obama fucks Michelle    05/22/19  (6)
when I see a naked asian child's crotch ...    05/22/19  (6)
Is it better and safer to get out of America for good?    05/22/19  (6)
Is succession on HBO good?    05/22/19  (6)
Got my hair to regrow just by using this German shampoo on Amazon    05/22/19  (6)
Number 8 Pick in 2018 MLB to sign with NPB    05/22/19  (6)