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ITT, rating you as CharlesXII-like facts about Korea that I learned this week    03/25/19  (38)
LOL nurse put in formal complaint that I checked NBA scores on her computer    03/25/19  (15)
JDilla do you own an ali baba sword    03/25/19  (14)
wow lipinets retired peterson    03/25/19  (6)
MC Ren donating $300 to get kid into Cal State Dominguez Hills    03/25/19  (6)
GOP learns that elections have consequences    03/25/19  (6)
Ever have a common cold or flu cause you to function like a normal non-aspie?    03/25/19  (6)
The real indictments were the friendships we made along the way    03/25/19  (5)
"haha we pwned the libs guys" *100k more central americans pour in*    03/25/19  (4)
glenn greenwald throwing insane foam party today    03/25/19  (3)
There aren't even any Boomers in the workplace irl, what are we complaining of?    03/25/19  (3)
reminder: xo dialect is CARTOON world, not CLOWN world    03/25/19  (3)
The leaders of the MSM are going to resign over this, right?    03/25/19  (3)
Libs deflecting this morning: “So how about that NAACP tournament you’ve bee    03/25/19  (3)
ali baba sword schtick is nigger    03/25/19  (3)
Chinese airport bathrooms are the GOAT on Earth (not flame)    03/25/19  (3)
the sunday scaries    03/25/19  (2)
care to explain, xo zelda nuts?    03/25/19  (2)
Best part of XO = mr. jinx threading    03/25/19  (2)
modern phenomenon of "pube shaving" is a sign of shitlib decadence/infantilism    03/25/19  (2)
mr. jinx here, ok i was totally wrong. ordering a MAGA hat now (mr. jinx))    03/25/19  (2)
how is The_Mueller subreddit doing today    03/25/19  (2)
full exoneration, pretty much whenever we want    03/25/19  (2)
shrew gf: you're a retard!!! 2nd cousin: your son is a retard!    03/25/19  (2)
With probe concluded, B Mueller seeks comeback with the Red Soc    03/25/19  (2)
fucking mindless retards on amazon answering solid questions with non sequiturs?    03/25/19  (2)
Since slowing down Obama's deportations I'm now a Trumpmo    03/25/19  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal & 8 Genetic Males Playing Strip Poker (PIC) #tennis    03/25/19  (1)
99% of people on xoxo are nigger    03/25/19  (1)
Bob Mueller is a prestigious guy with a big prestigious cock    03/25/19  (1)
I vote and I buy guns.    03/25/19  (1)
Papa don't squanch I'm in trouble deep    03/25/19  (1)
why didn't trump expose all the interference the US does in foreign elections?    03/25/19  (1)
Devastating to libs that there was no big alternative news story last night    03/25/19  (1)
Irregardless of whether he colluded, he conspires to cover it up    03/25/19  (1)
Dude Has A Perfect Bracket Into Round Of 16. 1st Time Ever Per NCAA    03/25/19  (1)
William H. Macy paying $5 million for daughter to pose for Playboy    03/25/19  (1)
reminder Trumpcucks: best Drumpf Mueller bombshells wont b released until 2020    03/25/19  (1)
IIIIIII WANT RICEHOAL (SQUANCH, SQUANCH, SQUANCH, SQUANCH) tune of I want candy    03/25/19  (1)
Scott Walker (the singer) (1943-2019) (not flame):    03/25/19  (1)
Cr    03/25/19  (1)
wind "energy" = mild benefit but in 1000 years earth is tidally locked & uninhab    03/25/19  (1)
sexual tyrannosaurus, the xoxo poster, is nigger    03/25/19  (1)
wlmas here, ok i was totally wrong. ordering a MAGA hat now (wlmas)    03/25/19  (1)
LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!    03/25/19  (1)
“Cucking” generally is the sublimation of anticooperative impulses    03/25/19  (1)
jfc cnn commentators practically grieving this am    03/25/19  (1)
Not flame Biden considering Neill deGrasse Tyson as his running mate (link)    03/25/19  (1)
Board libs: Trumpmos are your betters    03/25/19  (1)
Nadler gets heckled at a press conference. Guy calls him a loser.    03/25/19  (1)