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SOLANA currently PWNING this SHIT out of other coins, mooning Taking Q    03/01/21  (11)
Kamala Harris literally sucked and fucked her way into the VP job    03/01/21  (8)
Let's be honest here: For how many SOL coins would you actually suck cock?    03/01/21  (8)
$Rune is the high IQ coin. I went all in    03/01/21  (6)
Literally impossible to consume any media anymore    03/01/21  (6)
all these Covid visa restrictions and shit are so retarded    03/01/21  (6)
XO POLL: Does TRUMP run in 2024? And can he win?    03/01/21  (6)
Neville Francis Fernandes was FIRED by Littler then self deported due to NOWIG    03/01/21  (5)
JFK Reloaded (2004 video game)    03/01/21  (4)
i put forth that Aristotle, Descartes, Newton, and Leibnitz made modern world    03/01/21  (4)
i don't think mia farrow is making it up    03/01/21  (4)
rate me as a gentleman and a scholar    03/01/21  (3)
Lib media pretending cancel culture doesn't exist    03/01/21  (3)
Covid restrictions straight from the Onion    03/01/21  (3)
imagine thinking a 5'8 mexican homosexual catboy is going to save the white race    03/01/21  (3)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) is a 180 song    03/01/21  (3)
Hate it how some posters are trying to sabotage TSINAH's political career    03/01/21  (3)
Remember when Trump lost re-election and is now facing jail time    03/01/21  (3)
The history of world record progression videos    03/01/21  (2)
my husbands grandpa died. bet i can get some sympathy. (female)    03/01/21  (2)
Did Trump address the”spaceporn issue” in his CPAC speech?    03/01/21  (2)
Richard, from Pedoland    03/01/21  (2)
Democrats even admitted in Time magazine that they stole the election    03/01/21  (2)
I like to read random newspaper columns/articles from 40+ years ago    03/01/21  (2)
The Six with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith    03/01/21  (2)
'Rachel' Levine answers door: "Oh wait, was she a great big fat person?"    03/01/21  (2)
"God ur an annoying faggot" - Henry Aaron's Dr. at his weekly psychotherapy sess    03/01/21  (2)
new amazon services goes beyond in house deliveries, offers in house enemas    03/01/21  (2)
Jodie Foster: "Aaron Rodgers has done amazing things for our community."    03/01/21  (2)
RATE this half a million dollar Atlanta house    03/01/21  (2)
Is buying land the same 20% down shit as house or can I finesse/Jew this elseway    03/01/21  (1)
Probably the most considerate antisemite I’ve ever met    03/01/21  (1)
European history from 1000 to 1945 was epic as shit. Now it’s boring af-just w    03/01/21  (1)
uj just pretending to be jewish so he can seem more unlikable    03/01/21  (1)
the inability of East Asians to think outside the box is really odd    03/01/21  (1)
Ljl    03/01/21  (1)
surprised more men don't say they're going to get cigs and just never return hom    03/01/21  (1)
read a book? what is this, jail?    03/01/21  (1)
so mia farrow saved soon yi from a marauding band of korean cyberpunks?    03/01/21  (1)
remember how trump's family avoided living among the voters they pretend to like    03/01/21  (1)
'Rachel' Levine lowers the lotion in the basket    03/01/21  (1)
Best city to become an NPC consumptionPIG (NFL, EPL, poison, foodie culture?)    03/01/21  (1)
Trump announces he is WICCAN--what result?    03/01/21  (1)
Justification for higher education    03/01/21  (1)
Humans reproduce by imprinting their psyches on one another    03/01/21  (1)
*Henry Aaron takes inkblot psychotherapy test* "I see eggplant, squash, gourd"    03/01/21  (1)
id change my moniker too if i were as reviled as upset jew    03/01/21  (1)
I luv bottoming for young black men (BOOM)    03/01/21  (1)
Rate and rank the following novels I have recently read.    03/01/21  (1)