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Penn Law's Name Change Sparks Outcry Following $125 Million Donation    11/12/19  (16)
It's UNHYGIENIC to permit WOMEN to work in RESTAURANTS    11/12/19  (13)
Juul cuts 650 jobs in bid to slash spending by $1B as 80% of revenue at risk    11/12/19  (12)
Bill DeBlasio, jealous of San Francisco's insanity, erects statue to ISIS    11/12/19  (12)
I never let my gas tank or iPhone battery get below half full    11/12/19  (9)
Denmark tightens border with Sweden. Who knew Swedes were so violent?    11/12/19  (9)
Friend messages me every day to brag about his video game exploits    11/12/19  (8)
Hillary: "I'm not running but SoOoOoOo many people are asking! Hehe!"    11/12/19  (8)
GGTP, rate me as a past opponent of Nonito Donaire.    11/12/19  (7)
how can nazis start getting more of the nigger and kike vote?    11/12/19  (7)
HOLY SHIT the BEEFY KING in Orlando was DESTROYED by fire last night    11/12/19  (7)
"this is a CONTRACT of ADHESION," TSINAH screamed at the Burger King cashier    11/12/19  (7)
Yo, Japanese boxing crowds are fucking 180.    11/12/19  (7)
Reminder: If you were in jail today, it’d be a Tuesday of reading, chilling    11/12/19  (7)
Why can't the GOP attract Niggas, Beaners, Chinks, Terrorists, Turds, Kikes?    11/12/19  (6)
Report: At least four demons released from Pres. Carter's head    11/12/19  (6)
Joe Biden: "China has a million Wiggers, Muslims" *Throws up Seig Heil*    11/12/19  (6)
Wife bought my daughter her first Pussy Hat, 138 likes on FB    11/12/19  (6)
george20 fires on crowd of protestors in Chile    11/12/19  (5)
Trap bar DL: cr or for gay fags?    11/12/19  (5)
World's Rich Readying for Major Sell-Off    11/12/19  (5)
Wild Nigs Attack Woman at Popeyes- Pack of Fat Animals (link)    11/12/19  (5)
Children 3x happier in Minecraft than IRL (NIH)    11/12/19  (5)
Libs/media calling Trump good natured jokester when calling 2032 GOPs Nazis    11/12/19  (5)
Crispin Glover pens 180 screed about CSLG (link)    11/12/19  (5)
Met a chick that’s vegan and her 10 yo dotter is vegetarian    11/12/19  (5)
Deval Patrick wants to run for PRESIDENT    11/12/19  (4)
*rips bong* “I’m a fourth positionist.”    11/12/19  (4)
Muslim co-worker asked why I'm still single (evan39)    11/12/19  (4)
here I am    11/12/19  (4)
want to shoot every woman that talks about how much they love their idiotic "car    11/12/19  (4)
Biglaw Dice Clay: Heyyyy Bitch, Who Just Joined    11/12/19  (4)
WTF GOP now using parasitic nanotechnology for its “viral marketing” efforts    11/12/19  (4)
Is the GOP’s time teleportation strategy ethical?    11/12/19  (4)
The CONEHEADS represented Turdskin illegals, right?    11/12/19  (4)
GIULIANI has convinced Trump to release ANOTHER UKRAINE TRANSCRIPT    11/12/19  (4)
White Inmates in Chicago Jail Create Informal Opera House    11/12/19  (3)
Despite all my rage, I’m still just a cuck on a wage    11/12/19  (3)
xo Bolivian Phalangists drag mayor of Vinto through the streets, chop off head    11/12/19  (3)
Clarett v NFL was wrongfully decided. Thugs in black 👗    11/12/19  (3)
Holy Shit!! $1,011,481    11/12/19  (3)
too old to learn the purpose of tiktok    11/12/19  (2)
SLANGSHIFT: Young people no longer refer to women's erect nips as "pokies"    11/12/19  (2)
Sup guys, ready for Tilapia Tuesday?    11/12/19  (2)
2024: Rupinder enters GOP Convention to "I Wanna Sex You Up"    11/12/19  (2)
Gaggle of adoring Japanese school children following Dupa & shouting "Totoro!"    11/12/19  (2)
Elon Musk ruining nighttime sky forever so people can watch porn (link)    11/12/19  (2)
Alec Baldwin: B E N. B: Beady E: Eyes N: Narrow    11/12/19  (2)
Nebraska was joe burrows dream school. “Nah we like Reid Karen instead”    11/12/19  (2)
Craft Brew Alliance up 121%    11/12/19  (2)