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Queens residents OUTRAGED over Amazon HQ2 announcement    11/13/18  (78)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/13/18  (77)
Atheism is low IQ, I'm convinced *something* is going on. Not sure what.    11/13/18  (60)
CNN files lawsuit against Trump administration for banning Acosta    11/13/18  (56)
Has any guy ever actually successfully overcome Madonna-whore complex?    11/13/18  (45)
Most prestigious liquor?    11/13/18  (39)
Tucker Max tries MDMA, feels overwhelming love    11/13/18  (38)
House to subpoena Mark Judge, others to find out if Kav committed perjury    11/13/18  (36)
RATE the complaint in CNN v Trump    11/13/18  (32)
In retrospect it was REALLY weird Monica Lewinsky saved cum-stained dress    11/13/18  (25)
Day 2: CIVIL WAR. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strikes at Nancy Pelosi.    11/13/18  (24)
Imagine conservative companies firing people for supporting Obama. The outrage    11/13/18  (22)
Trump fucked: Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting AG, not Whitaker    11/13/18  (22)
Rate this now-deleted tweet by a virtue-signaling doctor    11/13/18  (21)
RSF’s unbridled childlike enthusiasm for Medieval Times makes me lmao every ti    11/13/18  (20)
There are people that graduate from TTT with 6 figure debt & never can pass bar    11/13/18  (18)
Will Alexandra Cortez have to do same fundraising grunt work as other freshmen?    11/13/18  (17)
i never realized how much i loved boner police until he was gone    11/13/18  (15)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her race 78%-14%    11/13/18  (15)
Trump is WINNING so hard that the GOP    11/13/18  (15)
I’m surprised there aren’t way more mass murderers & revenge killings    11/13/18  (14)
Disney World bans Man who waves Trump banners on roller coaster rides (link)    11/13/18  (14)
are persimmons xo-approved?    11/13/18  (13)
Seems impossible to get myself to care about paper pushing job    11/13/18  (13)
Rate this Ukranian escort    11/13/18  (12)
Ancestor: conquer trans-alpine Gaul. You: pegged by trans Appalachian ghoul.    11/13/18  (11)
Kavanaugh breaks down in tears as House proves he doesn't like beer    11/13/18  (11)
Friend killed himself    11/13/18  (11)
Is the inbred southern hick meme propagated by Hollywood    11/13/18  (11)
What professions are narcissists most attracted to?    11/13/18  (10)
Rate this $1.75M CONDO in Seattle with $2k/mo HOA (link    11/13/18  (10)
Backspace was ur submission 2 Leper Creativity rejected 4 being 2 astute?    11/13/18  (9)
If a review says book is “timely” it means a woman thinks it criticizes trum    11/13/18  (9)
/* Facebook exec fired because he made donation to Trump /*    11/13/18  (9)
Human females raised Neanderthal children among human tribes like it was okaynbd    11/13/18  (9)
Exodus of Trump cabinet members will begin very soon.    11/13/18  (9)
If you can cultivate genuine delight in others' joy, your joy is boundless.    11/13/18  (9)
Taco Bell to launch fast-casual "Cantina" in northern Virginia:    11/13/18  (8)
But one waitress has a bad memory of working with Ocasio-Cortez, 28    11/13/18  (8)
Disgusting lack of second cousin threading this close to thanksgiving    11/13/18  (8)
just brush your teeth with fucking coal lmao    11/13/18  (8)
Ocasio-Cortez still is selling her used panties online    11/13/18  (8)
House Dems did even better in 2018 election that during blue wave of 2006    11/13/18  (7)
was boner police serious about dating jewesses? or was it "flame"?    11/13/18  (7)
how rich was Frasier supposed to be    11/13/18  (7)
I really Love you all    11/13/18  (7)
Foucaults unpublished “The Genealogy of Apples” monograph    11/13/18  (7)
TCtp officially a wagecuck now :(    11/13/18  (7)
Is the Unabomber Harvard's most prestigious graduate?    11/13/18  (7)
Porn/Mastuerbation is POISON peddled by GC    11/13/18  (6)