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What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/17/21  (113)
the truth about me    01/17/21  (109)
close to pulling the trigger on a house, talk me out of it    01/17/21  (72)
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says troops and cops are not going away    01/16/21  (65)
35, Married but haven’t had kids yet. Not sure I want them anymore, I’m too    01/17/21  (59)
Treasonous far right populist militias exist in most Western 1st world nations    01/16/21  (54)
We need a Media Control Act    01/17/21  (47)
Rate this 27yo woman owned by 34yo named Matt    01/17/21  (46)
Ayanna Pressley: "We want $2k/month forever"    01/17/21  (44)
Libs - As California catches Florida in COVID deaths, do you admit masks and loc    01/17/21  (44)
Trump terrorist arrested in VA w/ handgun, 500 rounds, and fake inauguration ID    01/17/21  (40)
Lamar Jackson’s career just ended    01/17/21  (40)
I've got 600k in cash, no coins, no stocks, just cash    01/16/21  (38)
Young people have no idea how intense post-9/11 patriotic fervor was    01/17/21  (36)
Psychiatry is really, really bad    01/16/21  (33)
I will be purchasing a $350,000 house in flyoever with a big yard    01/17/21  (32)
Does the GOP realize how FUCKT they are re: Trump's Supporters???    01/16/21  (31)
How do gov employees afford to live in DC?    01/16/21  (31)
suicide note of french programmerdood who donated BTC to alt right    01/17/21  (28)
"not all trump voters are terrorists. oh by the way we need a muslim ban."    01/17/21  (26)
wife's ass is getting big. like a black woman's ass. what should i do?    01/17/21  (26)
boner police fighting earl in mma right now    01/16/21  (25)
parents just told me they're leaving half to my sister, half to me. FMA.    01/16/21  (25)
ITT I rate you as a porn genre    01/17/21  (24)
Which stocks will be 100 baggers?    01/16/21  (24)
I’m on Naples. What should I say to these chicks? (TSINAH)    01/17/21  (23)
FoxNews ratings CRATERS (link)    01/17/21  (23)
Asked app girl if she wants to come over for a drink, she replied with "hahaha"    01/17/21  (21)
so Nick Fuentes received $550k from a French suicide last week?    01/17/21  (21)
All colleges are online schools now lol    01/16/21  (20)
Hegemon what are your thoughts on myoreps?    01/16/21  (20)
LOL TRUMPMO TRAITORS - 300 ID'd, will grow exponentially (link)    01/16/21  (20)
Halfway through TENET and I completely guessed the ending    01/16/21  (20)
Everyone is a bitch but Trumpmos are the worst losers of all time    01/17/21  (19)
This is going to be an insane and 180 year of AutoAdmit. We're going to have fun    01/17/21  (19)
Hegemon you big stud muffin, get in here    01/16/21  (18)
the COVID economy is really gonna widen the wealth gap    01/16/21  (18)
“Trump is a genius!” *loses to Hillary by 3,000,000, Biden by 7,000,000*    01/17/21  (18)
Betsy DeVos was the best SecEd the country has had possibly ever    01/16/21  (18)
I'm giving up my account. Username newpostcritic password verizon180    01/16/21  (18)
Lamar Jackson: A Bad QB    01/16/21  (18)
libs, do you feel a little bit uneasy right now?    01/16/21  (17)
So Dems were right about Trump all along?    01/17/21  (17)
Was shocked at amount of ass wife's 40y old former boss pulling in Nashville    01/17/21  (17)
Lower IQ: Trump or Kemp?    01/17/21  (16)
Cr to live in isolation in the suburbs?    01/16/21  (16)
Just pwned some Harvard guys at the bar    01/17/21  (16)
we need prole megafascism    01/16/21  (16)
Lots of UMC-bred Yuppie millennials are living w/ parents and saving 90% income    01/17/21  (16)