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I have literally stopped finding all IRL white men my age attractive    07/22/18  (77)
Georgia 18 y/o white girl makes racist text to wrong college roommate! (DTP)    07/22/18  (62)
LOL James Gunn actually poasted that "Free Speech" comic    07/22/18  (62)
Conservative and a Vegan in New York. Wait! You Are, Too? [NYT]    07/22/18  (60)
XO TIGER *clap clap clapclapclap* XO TIGER    07/22/18  (59)
Rate this 21 year old UCLA UG im banging tomorrow    07/22/18  (58)
Why are there so many Jews in NYC who look totally white?    07/22/18  (47)
Female standards in 2018 (pic) (DTP)    07/22/18  (45)
Nebraska: date with Destiny. Iowa: never-ending outback bowl births    07/22/18  (43)
All popular sci-fi is shitlib    07/22/18  (43)
I admitted to my wife that I was concerned about our lack of a sex life    07/22/18  (42)
Niggers Illegally Parking In Handicapped Spaces Should Be Shot Dead    07/22/18  (40)
What kind of person fails the bar exam?    07/22/18  (38)
Ted Cruz TP can't speak Spanish    07/22/18  (35)
What classic 80s station wagon did your mom drive?    07/22/18  (33)
all i have in my apt is a pan and some forks - what can i realistically cook?    07/22/18  (31)
Rate this Jew and his 180 as fuck collection    07/22/18  (30)
"men" who weigh less than 200 pounds    07/22/18  (30)
MIchael Scheuer says its about time to start killing traitors to the republic.    07/22/18  (28)
Gowdy says Trump cabinet members should resign for Putin surrender    07/22/18  (26)
Shake Shack is like McDonalds, except it costs more & doesnt taste as good    07/22/18  (26)
The line for hakkasan is insane    07/22/18  (25)
Hookah tomorrow at 8pm at the Spot in Encino (CSLG)    07/22/18  (25)
should i go cop a lobster roll sandwich from lobster foodtruck?    07/22/18  (23)
If someone helped you jump start your car would you give them $$$    07/22/18  (21)
is it true that 12-0 'wisconsin' only rushed for 60 yds against 10-2 tOSU?    07/22/18  (21)
Themis MBE practice exam #4 results: 78%. CR?    07/22/18  (20)
SPIETHMO HERE FUCK TIGER    07/22/18  (20)
It's insane that people wait until their 40s to have "mid-life" crises (DTP)    07/22/18  (19)
now i get why eminem had to go all in on anti-trumpmoism    07/22/18  (19)
How Can I Make My Partners Parents More Woke? (NYT advice column)    07/22/18  (19)
Mother-of-four, 33, reveals what it's like to live w/ partner & ex-husband (DTP    07/22/18  (19)
i've been having erection problems lately. help    07/22/18  (19)
Cohen is getting disbarred for taping Trump, right?    07/22/18  (19)
I live on 110 acres in Nebraska, would poasters visit as a B&B?    07/22/18  (18)
Any posters here NOT gone to a MAGA rally?    07/22/18  (18)
Carter Page, Russian agent. Trumpmos, explain    07/22/18  (18)
saw bloodacre at the pool today    07/22/18  (18)
Why do Jews act like they're better than everyone else?    07/22/18  (17)
Krugman wonders about life after treasonous GOP    07/22/18  (17)
I havent had sex with my wife in over a yearany way to change that?    07/21/18  (17)
First day with no alcohol    07/22/18  (16)
another black v white "stand ur ground" shooting in FL...YEAH BABY!    07/22/18  (16)
Ray Kroc here taeking qs about McDonalds and competitors for 14 minutes    07/22/18  (15)
Putin's favorite Congressman Rohrabacher losing race in heavily GOP district    07/22/18  (15)
McDonald's Extra Value Meal for $2 Every Friday Using ONE WEIRD TRICK    07/22/18  (15)
What can you do on rainy Sunday thats not, essentially, shopping?    07/22/18  (15)
Wind River is better than every 2018 Oscar nominated movie    07/22/18  (15)