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What are some forgotten things from the early years of the Internet?    05/22/19  (167)
Poast things that are going well in your life or bring you joy    05/22/19  (75)
My brother is a BIG futurist, taking ?’s    05/22/19  (62)
Great long read by an academic trying to get laid on tinder    05/22/19  (59)
󠀠    05/22/19  (57)
getting kinda bored of gf after 11 months. normal?    05/22/19  (56)
What State in the Lower 48 has the most depressing and worst weather?    05/22/19  (48)
Trump's ALPHA POWER MOVE leads opponents agape.    05/22/19  (43)
I just tested POZ for HSV-1 and CHLAMYDIA    05/21/19  (42)
South Korea is literally finished as a nation    05/22/19  (41)
what would you do if you're me? 32F married    05/22/19  (40)
In Japan everyone gets a public insurance plan    05/22/19  (39)
Why Do Oriental Parents Emphasize Hard Work Over Working Smart & Efficiently?    05/21/19  (39)
Lol Margot Robbie, 28 y/o white woman, already starting to get ghoul face (DTP)    05/22/19  (38)
How can Trump win MI and PA against Biden?    05/22/19  (36)
Life seems to be becoming extremely shitty    05/22/19  (35)
You can literally buy entire house kits on amazon now (link)    05/22/19  (33)
Just ordered 300 condoms online for $42 USD. Taking ?s ITT.    05/22/19  (33)
Still confused as to where DTP's will to live comes from    05/21/19  (32)
Whats heroin/fentanyl like?    05/22/19  (31)
My life philosophy: 5% of women are heavenly treasures. The rest worthless (DTP)    05/21/19  (29)
Looked up another "Good" asian girl on FB. Of course her exes are all there (DTP    05/22/19  (29)
Stop Mel Gibson’s new anti-Semitic movie, if needed by erecting new laws (link    05/22/19  (28)
GC: Spending time with your kids can negatively impact your wages!    05/22/19  (28)
not much just attributing too much meaning to every text u send or don't send ha    05/22/19  (24)
Libs vandalize "problematic" pioneer statue    05/22/19  (24)
Moby & Natalie Portman dispute whether they ever dated    05/22/19  (23)
Breaking point: shrew goes off on proles.    05/21/19  (22)
🚨 BREXIT Party hits 37% 🚨    05/22/19  (22)
NY Federal Reserve Chief: Take out a HELOC or 2nd mortgage to consume more! Hehe    05/22/19  (21)
This year i put 6k in fixing 1994 truck. Decadent or shrewed    05/22/19  (21)
Rate the text messages that TN's House Speark is resigning over    05/22/19  (21)
Will Smith's rendition of Prince Ali is one of the worst ever    05/22/19  (20)
What are the best erotic thrillers?    05/21/19  (20)
Living that chill $90K government 9-5 job life, should I go for more?    05/21/19  (19)
Benzo, how many times have you fucked other men for pills?    05/22/19  (18)
Wharton School of Business    05/21/19  (18)
Prominent Jew calls out other Jews for having gone crazy on anti-white immigrati    05/22/19  (18)
how many women would fuck a 6’1 guy w mild gynecomastia    05/21/19  (17)
Hi. I'm looking for a marginally law oriented, aggressively homosexual forum.    05/22/19  (17)
What are some forgotten things about computing from before the Internet?    05/21/19  (17)
ITT poast ways to steal from the rich    05/22/19  (16)
ITT we discuss YONKERS    05/22/19  (16)
Emilia Clarke Watched Hitler Speeches to Prepare for Big Game Of Thrones Moment    05/22/19  (16)
Shit like Ayahuasca only works on people with no inner monologue    05/22/19  (16)
Black youths just wearing face masks in public 24/7    05/22/19  (16)
Typical suburbs by country (pictures)    05/22/19  (15)
The priority pass $28 food credit at restaurants is pretty cool    05/21/19  (15)