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Why is Alabama ranked higher than undefeated Minnesota?    11/11/19  (122)
Don Cherry fired after criticizing immigrants for not wearing poppies    11/12/19  (88)
How can GOP improve in the well educated suburbs?    11/12/19  (63)
Nikki Haley will be Trump’s natural successor    11/12/19  (54)
new england tp taking qs about new england    11/11/19  (48)
What would happen in America if we had 0% taxes but if you get to $10mm+ nw then    11/11/19  (47)
Need board Jews to rate this textbook scam I pulled in college    11/11/19  (43)
I feel like women college volleyball is just AA for hot chicks being "athletes"    11/12/19  (42)
xo Seahawks vs. TLS 69ers    11/12/19  (41)
Will Oregon move to #4?    11/11/19  (41)
****OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** All xo minorities are welcome in the movement    11/12/19  (40)
New Watch (CSLG)    11/12/19  (39)
Ever been walked in on masturbating?    11/11/19  (38)
Pretty 180 that xo inspired the Nick Fuentes movement    11/12/19  (36)
big tech has really done a good job stamping out the right on social media    11/12/19  (35)
Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness    11/12/19  (35)
"rape-prevention scholar" accused of...well, guess what he's accused of    11/12/19  (33)
WINE PAIRING is FLAME, right?    11/12/19  (31)
Guy I went to HS with just RETIRED from the Army. Draws pension IMMEDIATELY!    11/12/19  (30)
Young people moving to Los Angeles now residing in "capsule" homes (link)    11/11/19  (26)
Kagan now the most influential justice (New Yorker)    11/11/19  (24)
Never watched Bond movies. Started some this weekend (wife's suggestion)    11/12/19  (23)
You must never vote for Bloomberg (nytimes)    11/12/19  (23)
youd be happier as a fatass nazi hvac bro, TONS of cigs, dip, getting blasted w    11/11/19  (23)
Rural land: huge buying opportunity, 100s of acres in desirable areas for cheap    11/12/19  (21)
Climate change is easily solvable by planting trees    11/11/19  (21)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/11/19  (21)
Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Considering 2020 Run: NYT    11/12/19  (21)
ITT rank the B1G Universities in terms of academic prestige    11/11/19  (21)
A few Monday morning Tik toks    11/12/19  (20)
Met a chick that’s vegan and her 10 yo dotter is vegetarian    11/12/19  (20)
General Nick Fuentes going live soon    11/12/19  (20)
Vitamin D only acceptable milk to drink?    11/12/19  (20)
SCOTUS clears way for Remington to be sued by Sandy Hook families    11/12/19  (19)
Alt right white supremacist professor Alan Dershowitz    11/12/19  (19)
This is Bolivia's new female, right-wing POTUS    11/11/19  (18)
Rate This (((Startup))): Capsule Living For White Goy Millennials Flocking To LA    11/11/19  (18)
DBG, according to g-d I am a Jew. Why do orthos think their words mean more?    11/12/19  (18)
Why is some meaningless "contemporary" art worth millions and how do Jews profit    11/11/19  (18)
📰 Northwestern student paper apologizes for texting and taking photos. 📰    11/12/19  (18)
Lol aging balding disgusting XO GYMCELS are DONE HERE (pic) (DTP)    11/11/19  (18)
Own a Switch, but not Mario Odyssey. Should I buy that or Link's Awakening    11/11/19  (17)
Anyone heard of this hot black stockbroker from the LinkedIn commercial?    11/11/19  (17)
Net Worth: $1,009,387    11/12/19  (17)
Libs in my social media feeds starting to regularly attack Boomers    11/11/19  (17)
Chink calls out Dan Crenshaw    11/11/19  (16)
FakeNews Media just "oops destroyed" Buttigieg's life (link)    11/11/19  (16)
We can’t tax the rich because they wouldn’t pay! (Xo boomer)    11/11/19  (16)
Penn Law's Name Change Sparks Outcry Following $125 Million Donation    11/12/19  (16)
Man broke neck during chiropractor treatment and died    11/11/19  (16)