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Looking at a 1.1M mortgage, my life is about to be over    07/19/19  (158)
Asian Miss Michigan is stripped of her title because she's a Trump supporter (li    07/19/19  (80)
🚘 New Corvette being revealed right now! 🚘    07/19/19  (72)
Met hot young Chad...and he's gay (evan39)    07/19/19  (57)
Fox News is going ALL IN on the Omar brother marriage story! 180!    07/19/19  (53)
Name a bad thing that certainly was not caused by Jews.    07/19/19  (39)
Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Get    07/19/19  (38)
Colonoscopy survivor, taking questions and insults    07/19/19  (38)
The tell that upset Jew is actually gay irl is his constant feminine hysteria    07/19/19  (34)
ITT: perfect example of white male aging (from age 22 to 29)    07/19/19  (31)
Aaron Boone is 180. LOL at how he BERATED the 24-year-old NOWAG ump (vid)    07/19/19  (31)
whok are you wearing a suit and tie for pac-thurman    07/19/19  (28)
XO GASPING @ 1M mortgages--do any of you live near large cities? It's standard    07/19/19  (28)
Report: American men are ASHAMED of their body hair (link)    07/19/19  (27)
POLL: what is your before tax contribution for health insurance?    07/19/19  (26)
Most influential poaster in bort history?    07/19/19  (26)
Women are always looking to upgrade to a more high status male    07/19/19  (26)
What is the most comically Jewish thing you've ever done    07/19/19  (25)
if you're white you're a moron for not having your kids baptized catholic    07/19/19  (24)
Literally EVERYTHING is ANTI SEMITIC now according to GOP    07/19/19  (24)
Is PF changs Prole?    07/19/19  (24)
So never trust fags who pretend to have life figured out?    07/19/19  (24)
Michelle Obama is the worlds most admired woman (poll)    07/19/19  (23)
French language bros, recommend Some cr media/listening/easier reading    07/19/19  (23)
Why won’t upset Jew, notoriously promiscuous homo, meat up with any posters?    07/19/19  (23)
Wtf is"wales"?    07/18/19  (23)
Rate Chicago on $137k Salary    07/19/19  (22)
Dershowitz literally went on Laura Ingraham and inventoried his sex life    07/19/19  (22)
It's not specifically vagina that men like...it's a woman's overall feminity.    07/19/19  (21)
COT DAM BAR PREP has become such a fucking GRIND    07/19/19  (21)
Becoming a single father    07/19/19  (20)
im an old college board poster. the following users were not real:    07/19/19  (19)
I make about 500k, have no friends, no prospects, and run a 6 minute mile    07/19/19  (19)
Friend from HBS wrote article about social life    07/19/19  (18)
Hard to believe no other forums use XO format when it’s far superior    07/19/19  (18)
The only 2020 Dem I worry about is Sanders    07/19/19  (18)
CNN: Trump election led to more preemies to Latinas, sign of maternal stress    07/19/19  (18)
Straight guys can make money jerking off for fags online    07/19/19  (17)
What’s Trump’s idea behind disavowing send her back chant? Lost his playbook    07/19/19  (17)
Brooklyn Landlord Won't Rent His Jewish Building To Black Tenants    07/19/19  (17)
Question re: Omar--why choose this time to endorse BDS?    07/19/19  (16)
Shitlib Kike sportswriter Jonah Keri arrested for beating his wife    07/19/19  (16)
Many top pumos and quotemos on rn    07/18/19  (16)
Stebbins, Alaska --- A town where every cop has been convicted of Domestic Viole    07/19/19  (16)
Unnnngh high school golf cart attendants in DFW    07/19/19  (15)
We need to raise the age of consent    07/18/19  (15)
Anything worse than an absolute fucking retard giving you advice    07/19/19  (15)
how long do you have to study coding for to get a job as a developer    07/19/19  (15)
Incredible how flawed and clumsy the human specimen is compared to the feline    07/19/19  (15)
Rate how I see xo on my computer    07/19/19  (15)