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Business has slowed significantly lately (CSLG)    04/02/20  (70)
WaPo: "So yeah maybe this Coronavirus DID come from the Wuhan laboratory"    04/03/20  (69)
What It’s Like to Isolate With Your Girlfriend and Her Other Boyfriend    04/03/20  (68)
Fancy Miami Hotel Cancels Passover Program, Refuses To Refund $2.3M Deposit    04/03/20  (64)
LOL Trump’s hyped hospital ship only has 20 patients in NYC    04/03/20  (64)
Poll: Do you have any face masks?    04/03/20  (60)
watch this black guy with covid-19 fight a doctor LIVE right now    04/02/20  (59)
🚨Long-term SHORTAGES of FRUIT, VEGETABLES, possibly MEAT are coming (Reuters)    04/03/20  (56)
CR to forbid grandparents from seeing their grandkids?    04/03/20  (56)
Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In "Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In His    04/03/20  (54)
Law school c/o 2011 vs 2022-24    04/03/20  (54)
*Buys a $2 million house on $350k income*    04/03/20  (54)
The number of virus Deaths is about to explode    04/03/20  (50)
People in the park literally yelled at my kids    04/03/20  (48)
6,000 Americans have already died and it's not slowing, it's getting worse    04/03/20  (48)
We just went over 1,000 dead for the day. 2nd day in a row. 6100+ total.    04/03/20  (48)
Firm is calling a partner meeting next week (Zurich)    04/03/20  (47)
This is obviously the opening stages of world war three    04/03/20  (47)
Got corona virus and recovered taking questions    04/03/20  (44)
How old were you when you started going bald?    04/03/20  (43)
GGTP holding monkey's paw: "I wish I had an in-house job."    04/03/20  (43)
What are the chances that Trump gets re-elected in a landslide?    04/03/20  (42)
Why did Trump administration wait until April to recommend cloth masks?    04/03/20  (42)
3M not selling masks to US states, gets called out by Trump (link)    04/03/20  (42)
We’ve lost 46 jobs for every confirmed Coronavirus case in this country    04/02/20  (38)
I want a cigarette so bad right now.    04/03/20  (37)
Navy fires aircraft carrier crybaby corona captain (WSJ)    04/03/20  (35)
Hey Guys...Snopes has DEBUNKED the corona "bio-weapon" conspiracy theory!    04/03/20  (34)
trashed as hell and answering questions with total honest    04/03/20  (34)
garth brooks the dance is one of the greatest songs ever imo    04/03/20  (33)
kill yourself benzo    04/02/20  (32)
Chinese internet thinks Patient Zero was a grad student at the Wuhan Lab    04/03/20  (32)
Mods lol mods    04/03/20  (30)
Covid makes biowarfare inevitable    04/03/20  (30)
Lawyers: Is Amazon Banning Me From Returns, Or Just No Courtesy Credits?    04/03/20  (29)
2nd Great Depression is here, folks: check out this line at food bank    04/02/20  (28)
You are living through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stop complaining. Enjoy.    04/03/20  (28)
Why out Benzo? We all know who he is and *still* prefer him to TSINAH    04/03/20  (28)
XO loves Trump. XO hates Kushner. Kushner basically controls Trump    04/03/20  (27)
Good tweetthread about Chinks annihilating the USA    04/03/20  (27)
WilmerHale PE Partner identifying the real heroes in this crisis.    04/03/20  (27)
Really makes you think what you can survive without; movies, haircuts, dentists,    04/03/20  (26)
Applied for SBA Covid19 $10K immediate loan with that website...    04/03/20  (25)
"YOU'RE INFECTED...with an ad-blocker. Sorry to scare you, but we rely on ads fo    04/03/20  (25)
underlying stress these days is 120    04/03/20  (25)
Retard RSF pumo '''""" fell for TRAP    04/03/20  (23)
#Boycott3M is trending on Twitter    04/03/20  (23)
MAP of NYC by COVID cases per capita (Density explanation = bullshit)    04/03/20  (23)
Model used by White House to shut down country is wildly overestimating things    04/03/20  (22)
More people have died from COVID-19 in 3 months than US combat losses in Iraq/Af    04/03/20  (22)