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The Kids Are Alt-Right: When Your Star Pupil Gets Red-Pilled    08/14/20  (140)
The most “Middle Class” brands    08/14/20  (104)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/14/20  (93)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/14/20  (87)
NYT: Ex FBI Lawyer to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to spy on Trump admin    08/14/20  (86)
Poll: You can throw a 104 mph fastball OR a curveball that breaks up    08/14/20  (85)
Can you find the most egregious salary on Transparent California?    08/14/20  (61)
This is what Irish people look like now (pics)    08/14/20  (58)
Does God exist    08/14/20  (55)
Went hiking today. Virtually everyone had masks. Completely insane.    08/14/20  (55)
Portland abolishes single family zoning    08/14/20  (48)
White girl dating an Asian guy here. My boyfriend had a 35 ACT, straight A's, pa    08/14/20  (48)
BLM protesting in Seattle neighborhoods, wants whites to give up their homes (li    08/14/20  (47)
How much student loan debt do you have left?    08/14/20  (41)
So, you can't thrown the ball faster than 78 mph, but you strike out everyone    08/14/20  (35)
FBI Agent: “My Goddamn name is all over documents investigating Trump’s staf    08/14/20  (33)
What brand/type of eggs are best for raw consumption?    08/14/20  (31)
People spent weeks studying and paid thousands to barbri. Now bar is open book.    08/14/20  (30)
Rate this chick at San Diego Costco    08/14/20  (29)
Biden takes COMMANDING +11 lead in national poll    08/14/20  (28)
Lol at John “Kerry” and “Theresa Heinz Kerry”    08/14/20  (26)
i want ONE rational observer to tell me how this market makes ANY sense now    08/14/20  (26)
8/13/2020 Frank Lloyd Wrong Suicide Watch Thread    08/13/20  (25)
My Son’s .1% (a poem)    08/14/20  (25)
diamond dood, is your 35 y/o hag wife Latina or Asian? (DTP    08/13/20  (24)
So most “whites” admitted to Ivies are Jews lol?    08/14/20  (24)
The Joe Rogan Ideology is dangerous    08/14/20  (23)
NJ: richest state, miles of coast, nice communities, city access    08/14/20  (23)
RATE the DNC speakers, night by night    08/14/20  (22)
Proles can't see beyond the next "paycheck"    08/14/20  (22)
Rate the $10k pizza oven I purchased    08/14/20  (22)
Austin, Texas, cuts its police budget by a third    08/14/20  (22)
How did back surgery become so widely accepted in the US    08/14/20  (22)
Hypo: baseball player hits home run every at bat. Does he make it to MLB??    08/14/20  (21)
Thoughts on this cool&definitely not satanic art group that’s been tied to 9/1    08/14/20  (21)
Investormos - plan on DCAing into VTI/BND. Dumb?    08/14/20  (21)
How dumb to stay in CA if high, medium or low earner?    08/14/20  (21)
State of the Race: Is it Over? (NYT)    08/14/20  (20)
Tried to go on a weekend trip with my family; already want to kill myself    08/14/20  (20)
I miss biglaw lives matter tp    08/14/20  (20)
Mainstream media won’t touch murder of 5 yr old boy    08/14/20  (20)
UPDATE I weigh 187 pounds now    08/14/20  (19)
5 year old white boy shot to death point blank by "25 year old man"    08/14/20  (19)
Top "white nationalist" betrayals: Diamond dood marrying 35 y/o Asian wife (DTP)    08/13/20  (19)
trans "people" = surgically + chemically mutated cross dressers    08/14/20  (19)
Hard to believe how little trump has gotten done in 3 years    08/14/20  (19)
Instagram Reels is horrible. How hard is it to just copy Tiktok?    08/14/20  (18)
Credited road trips from LA > 6 hours?    08/14/20  (18)
Just remembered the videos from Wuhan of people wailing into the night    08/14/20  (18)
How many Youtube channels are you boys subscribed too?    08/14/20  (18)