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Jeffrey Toobin suspended for pulling dick out in Zoom meeting    10/19/20  (146)
Ivy League to end affirmative action for white students    10/19/20  (102)
Fox News passed on the Hunter laptop story because of credibility concerns    10/19/20  (73)
even Sweden is accepting the need for lockdown. the debate is over    10/19/20  (63)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    10/19/20  (55)
borders I’m staring to feel down on trumps chances pls halp    10/19/20  (53)
I will also leave 4ever within 24 hours if trump loses    10/19/20  (47)
Trump campaign loses MAJOR election case at Supreme Court    10/19/20  (44)
Trump winning EVs in Michigan and Wisconsin    10/19/20  (41)
Biden campaign implicitly denies China dealings - link    10/19/20  (39)
The average poaster is short, ugly, balding and unpleasant    10/19/20  (38)
US Stress levels higher than Uganda, Rwanda    10/19/20  (38)
Guy goes shopping with a nigger alarm, you won't believe what happened next (vox    10/19/20  (37)
Debate commission will MUTE microphones at the Thursday debate    10/19/20  (35)
Twitter guy says video shows Hunter raping Chinese kids - link    10/19/20  (35)
Watching Ferris Bueler right now. So Chicago used to be a big city?    10/19/20  (34)
Why hasn't Joe Biden DEBUNKED the Hunter laptop story?    10/19/20  (33)
the NC early voting numbers are brutal for trump, beginning to think that    10/19/20  (33)
How does Biden handle this Hunter shit on the debate this week?    10/19/20  (33)
borders what do u think about this tweet from targetsmart ceo    10/19/20  (32)
Nate Silver: Dems shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Trafalgar Group polls    10/19/20  (30)
Rate my family's Halloween pic    10/19/20  (30)
True or False? Trump reelection will be the most shocking electoral victory    10/19/20  (29)
Ljl libs are done here. Trump up 0.7 across battleground states since 2016    10/19/20  (29)
why is some faggot lib spamming the board right now?    10/19/20  (29)
Blonde University of Oregon softball player knocked up by a Black (link)    10/19/20  (29)
🚨 KENNY is a legal liability to board, LOL 🚨    10/19/20  (28)
Confirmed: BILL CLINTON was fucking GHISLAINE MAXWELL    10/19/20  (27)
Trump: Dr. Fauci is a fucking faggot    10/19/20  (26)
Kids in Chicago public schools laughing at Toobin dick saying that’s not an    10/19/20  (25)
Gab CEO: do NOT repeal section 230    10/19/20  (24)
you have to marvel at how unbelievably squeaky clean trump must be    10/19/20  (23)
God damn. This man spent 36 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit.    10/19/20  (23)
So Trump has a dead addict brother and a coked up son?    10/19/20  (22)
hang on babe, the grandson of a rickshaw driver has an opinion on the South    10/19/20  (21)
How do you talk to your kids about PC-shit?    10/19/20  (21)
so biden literally did what trump was falsely impeached for?    10/19/20  (21)
RATE these collegiate squash players (pic    10/19/20  (21)
so over the years "kenny" tp has pissed off hundreds of people, is a weird gook?    10/19/20  (20)
Thug runs off after man confronts him with concealed gun:    10/19/20  (20)
REMINDER: Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Just no evidence Trump collu    10/19/20  (19)
🚨 xo Daily Mail: Laptop contains video of Hunter fucking underage Chinese gir    10/19/20  (19)
New TRAFALGAR post shows Biden up +2 in Wisconsin    10/19/20  (19)
epah, im sorry people bullied u when u were a kid, ur okay in my book    10/19/20  (19)
schools have been in open in AZ, TX, GA, for two months now. where are the cases    10/19/20  (19)
ricky goes to luis's condo to use the computer, take showers, get haircuts    10/19/20  (18)
Magnum PI wants your Pop Pop and Nana to lose their home to a REVERSE MORTGAGE    10/19/20  (18)
for those who think we did a good job, why is china's economy ripping?    10/19/20  (18)
libs dont look but RCP moved MN from lean biden to toss up, what does it mean?    10/19/20  (18)
Tomb of the Unknown Poaster    10/19/20  (17)