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NYT: Women Poop. At Work. Get Over It.    09/18/19  (119)
🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 ISRAEL ELECTIONS THREAD 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱    09/18/19  (114)
NYT: Pack the Supreme Court    09/17/19  (112)
GF is pressuring me to propose. Not sure what to do.    09/18/19  (81)
I literally cannot pay my bills due to lack of cash    09/18/19  (65)
10a-5pm, WFH Friday, 160K base + 20K bonus + 10% 401K contrib. JD preferred    09/18/19  (48)
Why are people so fat despite more people going to gym???    09/17/19  (47)
Why are JAPANESE so much better than other asians?    09/18/19  (46)
5 days to draft 11 page 3000 word brief?    09/18/19  (44)
I'm out $600 after my(29m) best friend(31m) and his wife(29f) made me the door m    09/17/19  (43)
Got absolutely pwnd today by my shit life    09/18/19  (41)
House passes bill forcing schools to let males compete in women's sports (link)    09/17/19  (40)
am I the youngest one here I’m 33    09/17/19  (37)
are libs going to win in the end? they don't seem like winners tbh    09/17/19  (36)
it pisses me off that other forums stop you from replying to old threads    09/18/19  (33)
Jcm here, rating poasters as songs i loved in my youth    09/17/19  (31)
Shitlaw Gurus: wife got T-boned while driving thru green light.    09/18/19  (30)
Ancient Romans vs Ancient Isrealities who wins?    09/17/19  (30)
Does anyone here not refer to all their friends by last name?    09/17/19  (29)
IRAQ is 180 juice, fruit, and bread country    09/18/19  (28)
And this is why you have an AR to defend your home (when "teens" rob you)    09/18/19  (28)
JD here. Never passed bar. Never practiced law. Not one day.    09/17/19  (27)
Monthly pre tax HHI of $36k, currently saving zero. Taking Qs.    09/17/19  (26)
He was a Yale graduate, Wall Street banker and entrepreneur. Today he's homeless    09/17/19  (26)
Dear women under 30: Where have your purses gone?    09/18/19  (25)
Hillary Clinton: "I lost the election because of voter suppression"    09/17/19  (25)
Minneapolis City Council: Sorry landlords, no more screening tenants (link)    09/17/19  (25)
The Stallman thing is surreal    09/17/19  (23)
They knew the planes on Sept 11 that were hijakced - why not shoot down?    09/17/19  (23)
At a restaurant in Tampa. Boomers really have done a number on this country.    09/17/19  (23)
Kyrsten Sinema about to be purged for independent thought.    09/17/19  (22)
Anyone married to a woman they can't have intelligent conversation with?    09/18/19  (21)
Can a lawyer serve discovery without filing an appearance?    09/17/19  (21)
fucking HAZE enveloping my city. cant see for shit. fuk u indonesia    09/18/19  (20)
Started dating a 21-year old. What a disaster.    09/17/19  (20)
Can you name your great grandfathers? Great great grandfathers?    09/18/19  (20)
Do boomers feel any sort of guilt for what they're leaving their kids/grandkids?    09/17/19  (19)
Would you marry a woman who suffered from muteness?    09/18/19  (19)
I feel bad for women. It's really hard to stay thin eating a Western diet.    09/17/19  (19)
Lol at the writing on the wall: Biden won't be the nom. Can we stop pretending?    09/18/19  (19)
your formerly angelic future wife's first underboob tattoo tp    09/17/19  (19)
who the fuck buys these books "written" by celebrities and politicians    09/17/19  (19)
i spent 500 dollars at strip club in 25 minutes. fuck    09/18/19  (18)
"Look, I'm not a sucker. I know this isn't a fair price for healing crystals."    09/17/19  (18)
big time lawyer came to my steakhouse ln and left me $100 on $200 check    09/17/19  (18)
was alexandre dumas full black? he is by far the best black author, cr?    09/17/19  (17)
Was my response to this 41 year old shrew on “Hinge” unhinged hehehe    09/17/19  (17)
Just went solo and have no health insurance. Can I get free Obamacare?    09/17/19  (17)
Climate Strike N.Y.C.: 1.1 Million Can Skip School for Protest (WaPo)    09/17/19  (16)
My newly single male neighbor is taking my wife to dinner tonight. Weird?    09/17/19  (15)