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Home prices are absolutely insane    01/16/21  (198)
McConnell is happy with Trump impeachment    01/14/21  (155)
AMA re: Crypto (exeunt)    01/15/21  (151)
josh hawley is a potential monkey's paw situation for libs    01/16/21  (151)
Job offer in Oslo - take it?    01/14/21  (150)
Biden eliminating the step up in basis and dropping estate tax to $3.5M    01/12/21  (141)
This is why the GOP lost Georgia and it's not voter fraud    01/16/21  (139)
Columbia settles with guy who they said raped girl. He taped entire thing.    01/12/21  (135)
Trumpmo cries at airport after being placed on no fly list    01/11/21  (130)
Meat prices need to go up by 2-3x    01/14/21  (128)
$15 minimum wage will cause companies to automate more low skilled jobs    01/16/21  (127)
White man attempts to live in Philadelphia; is promptly murdered by thugs    01/17/21  (127)
Married Bros: did any of you ask your wife's father for permission to propose?    01/15/21  (125)
30 year old Nashville bartender arrested for Capitol riots is unrepentant    01/11/21  (120)
rate this slutty doctor    01/16/21  (119)
What are the biggest bands to come out of every major city?    01/11/21  (113)
Reminder: Jesus' father was a 21-22yo Roman soldier who knocked up 12-13yo Mary    01/16/21  (113)
What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/17/21  (113)
So Biden just straight up says we're prioritizing all races over whites?    01/13/21  (112)
the truth about me    01/17/21  (111)
Describe being a middle class kid at a rich kid school    01/16/21  (110)
anyone else eat meat 6-7 days a week?    01/15/21  (110)
My dad has become and unhinged leftist. Feels pretty bad, bros    01/13/21  (109)
Someone explain what it is about “QAnon” that riles up libs so much?    01/16/21  (109)
bitcoin crashing. LOL @ cointards    01/14/21  (108)
Is Ohio State the most universally respected STATE SCHOOL    01/15/21  (107)
what state has the least likable people in your opinion?    01/17/21  (104)
lmao at nebraska football    01/14/21  (102)
ITT regale us with stories of solos who FAILED    01/15/21  (94)
Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas    01/16/21  (91)
Most talented rock bands of all time: Zeppelin and Cream cr?    01/16/21  (90)
Let's pivot. Take tOSU +8.5 tonight over 'Bama. Also, take the over at 74.5.    01/12/21  (87)
exeunts ex here answering burning questions for BTC    01/15/21  (85)
Do you say congrats to someone “promoted” to Of Counsel?    01/13/21  (85)
What do you extreme no-maskmos think of wearing seatbelts?    01/12/21  (83)
Black family fly fishing on cover of Cabelas catalog why    01/11/21  (82)
My 8 yr old son wants to quit hockey and do figure skating    01/15/21  (82)
I'm jobless, selling nudes online, and still struggling    01/14/21  (82)
Seattle granted permission to vaccinate general pop, first shots go to BIPOC    01/14/21  (81)
I'd say there's a 100% chance the FBI is monitoring this board right now    01/16/21  (81)
CA tenant; haven't paid rent since March. How to negotiate settlement w LL    01/16/21  (79)
when you tip the maid at a hotel is it every day or just at the end?    01/13/21  (79)
Breaking point: 83-inch OLED.    01/12/21  (79)
Sane Republicans. Defend this tweet by a standing US Congressman from Alabama.    01/11/21  (78)
Pro tip: the people who are against free speech are the bad guys. Every time.    01/17/21  (76)
Hot New PBS Special: do Asian women have "White Fever"?    01/11/21  (75)
Bill and Melinda Gates revealed as largest private farmland owners in US    01/16/21  (75)
Madison Avenue meming black people into every mode of existence    01/10/21  (75)
My wife has been pregnant for two months and refuses to stop taking adderall    01/16/21  (74)
Board Libs - other than ad hominem and "mean words" - name 1 bad trump policy    01/14/21  (73)
Twitter: Blocking access to social media *literally* violates human rights    01/13/21  (73)
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says troops and cops are not going away    01/17/21  (72)
close to pulling the trigger on a house, talk me out of it    01/17/21  (72)
Why do they have to inaugurate Biden surrounded by 20,000 troops?    01/17/21  (72)
I think Filipinos and Indonesians are the dumbest Asians    01/15/21  (69)
why did railroads decline so much in the US    01/13/21  (69)
I challenge you to name ONE EXAMPLE Alex Jones was wrong on anything    01/15/21  (69)
Stormfront dumbs ruined this place. Is there a board for smart normal people to    01/11/21  (68)
Good lord, shitlibs are going after Cruz and Hawley, getting biz involved    01/11/21  (68)
Biden nominates black supremacist 5-percenter Wu-Tang theorist    01/13/21  (67)
BIGLAW Bros, how much do associates inflate their hours?    01/16/21  (67)
BIDEN: $10K in the pocket of deadbeats    01/14/21  (67)
FBI has identified person who financed US Capitol attack (with BTC)    01/16/21  (66)
Curt Schilling dumped by AIG insurance coverage over social media profile    01/13/21  (66)
Fucked a new 27 KAZAKH girl last night. Bareback twist. Taking ?s ITT    01/15/21  (66)
NYTimes: “now that Trump is gone, did you know COVID is just like a cold?    01/14/21  (64)
Is DC/Puerto Rico statehood going to be a "first 100 days" thing in Biden admin?    01/12/21  (64)
Is anyone here actually from StormFront?    01/13/21  (63)
Parler Litigation: chances the Courts come out big for First Amendment?    01/13/21  (63)
Melania speaks    01/13/21  (63)
'Bama dominating college football kinda sucks    01/13/21  (63)
Just bought 2.1 million dollar home. Taking flame and Qs    01/14/21  (63)
Which genre of music has the ugliest fans?    01/14/21  (61)
XO stock tip: BIOL    01/15/21  (61)
Harden to Brooklyn Nets. BLOCKBUSTER TRADE.    01/14/21  (61)
NY cop suspended for ANONYMOUS postings    01/11/21  (61)
WFH is miserable in NYC    01/15/21  (60)
Corona should've been allowed to take its course from the beginning    01/14/21  (60)
35, Married but haven’t had kids yet. Not sure I want them anymore, I’m too    01/17/21  (60)
LMFAO Trump is going to stiff Giuliani on legal fees (WaPo)    01/14/21  (60)
working list of pop culture I have not consumed    01/17/21  (59)
China is going to nationalize Alibaba    01/11/21  (58)
TRUMPMOS UR SO FUCKED: Biden lays out "aggressive" immigration plan    01/16/21  (58)
what is the point in living/working in NYC?    01/15/21  (58)
If others did what Nyuug did this board would be unreadable    01/17/21  (58)
Men who complain about winter and “the cold” seem like huge pussies    01/13/21  (57)
PBS top lawyer: Remove kids from Trump supporters homes    01/13/21  (57)
Jared and Ivanka don't want ANYONE pooping in their house    01/15/21  (56)
Just went to gun store, no white people at all    01/17/21  (55)
If you had a younger brother going to college what would you advise re: sex    01/11/21  (55)
Treasonous far right populist militias exist in most Western 1st world nations    01/16/21  (54)
Probably the best take on the Capitol riots I've read:    01/11/21  (54)
Why is cowgod under the delusion that he has disciples here    01/13/21  (54)
know a late 40s recent divorcee chick who’s using dating apps. shit sounds ble    01/16/21  (53)
Massachusetts Mom Loses Job After Daughter Outs Her as Capitol Rioter    01/14/21  (52)
Comcast blocks access to facebook through their internet service    01/12/21  (52)
The Video Rental Store Cultural Phenomenon    01/16/21  (52)
Cr to skip old testament? All jew shit.    01/16/21  (52)
Jafar made a dumb thread about meat and then changed his moniker    01/14/21  (51)
Anyone ever sexed a Turkish girl?    01/15/21  (51)
What should people messed up due to bad parenting do?    01/13/21  (51)
Advise Hawley ITT on how to navigate this week politically    01/11/21  (51)
We need a Media Control Act    01/17/21  (50)
Armie Hammer admits to having extreme kinks: BDSM and cannibalism    01/13/21  (50)
Greenwald on fire today    01/13/21  (50)
Trump calls pence a pussy    01/13/21  (49)
Rate this 27yo woman owned by 34yo named Matt    01/17/21  (49)
BTC CRASHING    01/10/21  (49)
Basically the board wanted to have sex with GJR so they demeaned her    01/16/21  (48)
what's your favorite book?    01/15/21  (48)
What are bars in suburbs like?    01/13/21  (48)
Chandler got 10K in sanctions against defense lawyers last week (CSLG)    01/13/21  (48)
Who do Jehovah's Witnesses believe?    01/13/21  (47)
🚨🚨🚨 STOCK ALERT: $CSPR 🚨🚨🚨    01/16/21  (47)
Dadmos: Is it normal for father not to be "into" new baby?    01/11/21  (47)
Things from the 80s we miss.    01/14/21  (46)
Video shows Capitol terrorist hit officer with fire extinguisher    01/12/21  (46)
What is argument to women make 70% of what men make etc.?    01/11/21  (46)
Ayanna Pressley: "We want $2k/month forever"    01/17/21  (46)
Rate this turdette's lie about her lie about Her Harvard professorship    01/16/21  (46)
is it normal for women to put lots of "conditions" on having kids?    01/14/21  (46)
Pencil dick pumo, when do you sleep?    01/17/21  (46)
Describe playing an RPG as a mage/sorcerer. I always play warrior or ranger    01/14/21  (45)
BREAKING: McConnel will force Senate vote on impeachment tomorrow "He's done."    01/14/21  (45)
Haha--twitter down 11%    01/11/21  (45)
Hawaiian Judge says inmates with COVID can’t be executed    01/16/21  (45)
I've moved apartments 4 times in last 3 years because of cockroaches.    01/11/21  (44)
Driving cross-country from L.A. to Florida. What route should I take?    01/16/21  (44)
Libs - As California catches Florida in COVID deaths, do you admit masks and loc    01/17/21  (44)
LJL shitlibs: THIS is your D.C. National Guard    01/16/21  (43)
Moved to new city at age 36, made a ton of new friends and life is 180    01/11/21  (43)
Gf is bringing over a young Brazilian friend she met I want to fuck tmrw    01/13/21  (43)
If you sell your initial investment worth of stocks and leave the gains do you p    01/13/21  (43)
My PillowGuy had a sit down with Trump today in WH to talk about martial law.    01/16/21  (43)
Just want to do an MS CS Full time.    01/16/21  (43)
Some Arab grabbed me on the elevator today for not wearing a mask (TSINAH)    01/15/21  (42)
how do ppl function w/o regular intense cardio exercise?    01/15/21  (42)
why do libs get a pass on everything over the past year    01/12/21  (42)
How do you convince people to have sex with you?    01/14/21  (42)
best town in New Hampshire?    01/12/21  (42)
redditor makes $5 million in six months betting on GameStop stock    01/14/21  (42)
LMAO the Google doodle of J. Naismath features a black guy & Hispanic girl    01/16/21  (42)
CANT FUCKING WAIT until McGregor-Poirier next weekend.    01/14/21  (42)
Twitter under SIEGE: Police have barricaded entrances to Twitter HQ    01/11/21  (41)
Target net worth at 40?    01/16/21  (41)
“Concerned MLB Ticket Holder” farewell speech (retiring    01/10/21  (41)
PLTR to hit 30-32 soon    01/17/21  (41)
Are transactional biglawyers doing negotiations on zoom?    01/14/21  (40)
mom is pissed at me because i bought my son a bicycle for his bday.    01/13/21  (40)
Lincoln Project co-founder: “I’m gay.”    01/16/21  (40)