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ITT: If you HAD to choose, which poaster would you rather be?    11/08/19  (240)
Davis Polk getting sued for being raciss    11/10/19  (172)
In-House Counsel, Taking Qs and Giving Advice...    11/08/19  (172)
Rate my letter to Mercury... they are horrible (CSLG)    11/11/19  (141)
Why is Alabama ranked higher than undefeated Minnesota?    11/11/19  (122)
People who make pizza at home. Explain this idiocy    11/11/19  (116)
Bros who are frugal (frugalmos) what do you do differently    11/07/19  (115)
Shrew: "I'm Panicking Because I'm Getting Older & There's No One Left To Date"    11/10/19  (106)
Why are we picking on Drake Mallard? His turn? He's 180    11/06/19  (92)
🚚 Fresh TikTok Delivery! 🚚    11/08/19  (90)
Is UChicago the most prestigious school in the entire Midwest?    11/10/19  (89)
Don Cherry fired after criticizing immigrants for not wearing poppies    11/12/19  (89)
What would it take for San Francisco to elect a Giuliani type?    11/10/19  (88)
Question for libs who think the United States is on "stolen" Indian land    11/11/19  (86)
"Streaming services" now more expensive than traditional cable package    11/10/19  (84)
How can GOP improve in the well educated suburbs?    11/12/19  (83)
New SF DA: We're not gonna prosecute any quality of life issues    11/12/19  (83)
Main takeaway from Japan: Lol America is a huge shithole    11/10/19  (82)
Total chaos fascism in Bolivia rn    11/12/19  (81)
2019 BIG LAW BONUSES ANNOUNCED    11/12/19  (80)
What's The Point Of "Behavioral" Interview Questions?    11/08/19  (79)
MILLIONAIRE Tommy T Taking Questions Before Next RETIREMENT    11/10/19  (79)
NYT: Michael Bloomberg is filing to run for POTUS as a Democrat    11/08/19  (76)
Best thing Christian churches could do would be simply to host dating events    11/07/19  (74)
As a Sienna owner, I finally get where TMF is coming from re: SUVs.    11/12/19  (74)
GF admitted that she scored an 820 on the SAT's... twice    11/09/19  (74)
Pete Davidson now fucking Kaia Gerber. Wtf is going on?????    11/08/19  (74)
Climate scientists: "We need to kill half of humans on the planet to solve this"    11/07/19  (72)
Why Do Trans Guys like Me Keep Getting Ghosted by Women? one trans-man complain    11/12/19  (72)
'Go back to California': Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise    11/11/19  (70)
BART police attempt to cite man for egg mcmuffin, 15 minute argument ensues    11/11/19  (66)
Lakers are now 7-1 LJL BIRDSHITS U MAD?    11/10/19  (66)
Who is the de facto alt right leader now?    11/07/19  (65)
Trump's "shithole countries" comments gets at the heart of our political divide    11/06/19  (64)
Abundantly obvious by age 30 everyone who "makes it" had massive HEAD START    11/12/19  (63)
Rapper TI takes his daughter to Gynecologist to ensure her intact hymen    11/06/19  (60)
actual expert here taking your ?s on nick fuentes, groypers, TPUSA, etc.    11/12/19  (60)
WA state in fight of its life against reinstating affirmative action    11/08/19  (59)
RATE my December travel itinerary    11/11/19  (58)
My theory as to why pedophilia is so rampant among 'the elite'.    11/06/19  (58)
Pete Davidson has a ten inch cock. His women feel FILLED UP.    11/08/19  (58)
Just closed on 1M home. Come RATE my decision and tell me it's gonna be OK.    11/07/19  (57)
GOP is now toxic in the suburbs; it's a strictly rural redneck party    11/06/19  (57)
Is ERIC CIARAMELLA ("whistleblower") also Anonymous author of the op-ed/book?    11/11/19  (57)
Nikki Haley will be Trump’s natural successor    11/12/19  (55)
No Longer a MILLIONAIRE in 21 minutes    11/11/19  (55)
White woman offers Popeyes, gets diversity nap    11/10/19  (55)
Dems have played impeachment timeline perfectly so far    11/07/19  (55)
Ben Shapiro going after XO Nick Fuentes and alt right    11/12/19  (55)
Just got offer to be park ranger in Arches Natl Park ($45,000)...    11/09/19  (54)
XO Nick Fuentes shuts down Charlie Kirk/Trump Jr event after 30 minutes    11/11/19  (54)
honestly, starting smoking cigs was smartest thing I did all 2019    11/09/19  (54)
how are we celebrating when chomsky dies?    11/12/19  (54)
Pulled all my money out of the stock market today. Calling the top.    11/09/19  (53)
Bloomberg's achievements are more impressive than Trump's?    11/08/19  (52)
New ABC poll: Biden leads Trump by 17 points    11/06/19  (52)
How well travelled are you?    11/09/19  (52)
LMAO: Gordon Sondland's recollection has been refreshed, adds testimony    11/07/19  (49)
Highest IQ POTUS? Jefferson or maybe Hoover?    11/08/19  (49)
How much would Trump freak out if Republican loses KY Governor race?    11/06/19  (49)
new england tp taking qs about new england    11/11/19  (48)
If I could do college over again, I'd go to LSU    11/11/19  (48)
Future majority-white countries to immigrate to?    11/10/19  (47)
What would happen in America if we had 0% taxes but if you get to $10mm+ nw then    11/11/19  (47)
How to never EVER pay on a date (Female Dating Strategies)    11/06/19  (47)
Fuck me it's 3 AM and I just finished motion prep    11/08/19  (47)
thinking about getting an au pair. thots?    11/07/19  (47)
Don Jr goes on The View and triggers all the harpies    11/07/19  (47)
Remember famous pic of Obama staff making >:( faces at Trump? Guess who’s in i    11/08/19  (46)
DailyMail savagely eviscerates 29 y/o perpetually unhappy/single Emma Watson    11/07/19  (45)
UJTP taking questions for 15 minutes.    11/06/19  (45)
BREAKING: Democrats win complete control of Virginia government    11/06/19  (45)
which one is hotter    11/08/19  (44)
Need board Jews to rate this textbook scam I pulled in college    11/11/19  (43)
Just looked at the murder rate for the Caribbean. Haha wow, holy shit    11/09/19  (43)
How cr to have a bunch of kids and then just take off and ditch them?    11/09/19  (43)
NYT: 33 writers beg- Words Matter. Stop Using 'Quid Pro Quo.    11/11/19  (43)
How did the japanese beat the chinese and so many more in WWII?    11/08/19  (43)
how much ass kissing is too much on a guy who can make you a millions    11/07/19  (42)
I feel like women college volleyball is just AA for hot chicks being "athletes"    11/12/19  (42)
Wrong to ding a chick solely based on pussy aesthetics?    11/08/19  (42)
DTP taking questions on having dated 2 white women recently (11/8/2019)    11/09/19  (42)
NYT: Highschool Football is Nearly Dead    11/09/19  (42)
xo Seahawks vs. TLS 69ers    11/12/19  (41)
Will Oregon move to #4?    11/11/19  (41)
Had no idea Bloomberg’s net worth was 50x Trump’s    11/11/19  (41)
rating poasters as godzilla movie monsters    11/06/19  (41)
new england is THE top region in the US and if u dont live there ur prole    11/10/19  (41)
dupa is most likely the biggest loser to ever have lived    11/07/19  (40)
Taking Chandler to CPK for dinner... what should we order? (CSLG)    11/07/19  (40)
Mexico City meetup happening now (pf)    11/11/19  (40)
This Air Traffic Controller almost killed a couple hundred people    11/06/19  (40)
New Watch (CSLG)    11/12/19  (40)
extroverts will just talk to u out of nowhere. no public place is safe    11/09/19  (40)
ABC is trying to hunt down and kill the guy who leaked the Epstein footage    11/07/19  (40)
Seattle libs getting assaulted by homeless: "It's like rape culture" (vid)    11/06/19  (40)
World GDP in 2050 (trigger warning for BIRDSHITS)    11/10/19  (40)
****OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** All xo minorities are welcome in the movement    11/12/19  (40)
Why do minorities have lower test scores?    11/05/19  (39)
Rate my letter to CSLG    11/10/19  (39)
Guy who popped anti Trump balloon charged with FELONY    11/11/19  (39)
***OFFICIAL LSU v. ALABAMA THREAD***    11/09/19  (39)
UNT Counsel uses n-word to teach a lesson about 1st Amendment (twist)    11/09/19  (39)
Ever been walked in on masturbating?    11/11/19  (38)
New York Times: College Sports Are Too White    11/08/19  (38)
Even down in polls, Kamala campaign about laughter, dancing (link)    11/08/19  (38)
big tech has really done a good job stamping out the right on social media    11/12/19  (37)
Met a chick that’s vegan and her 10 yo dotter is vegetarian    11/12/19  (37)
Pretty 180 that xo inspired the Nick Fuentes movement    11/12/19  (37)
DrakeMallard is very overweight and does sex with men in exchange for money    11/11/19  (37)
$1,000,711.21 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL    11/09/19  (37)
TMF i stand with you on the Rim Question    11/08/19  (37)
Here you go PrestigeFaggot--this is me playing YardBird Suite    11/12/19  (37)
deprecated old world professions all sound 180: polymath, alchemist, geometer    11/08/19  (36)
LA Times: Family shot up by cartel "a family with long history of violence"    11/06/19  (36)
SCOTUS clears way for Remington to be sued by Sandy Hook families    11/12/19  (36)
Daily reminder that if you're not a millionaire yet, you're a loser    11/09/19  (36)
“Apple+” is going to be a huge failure - $50 a month for a bunch of bad show    11/08/19  (36)
Signed up 10 cases today and Chandler settled one of our cases for 500K (CSLG)    11/06/19  (36)
the kinds of chicks who bartend at casual dining chains are gods in small towns    11/11/19  (36)
This is the sexiest girl on Instagram & she’s understated about it    11/07/19  (35)
What is the point of raising a daughter? No one thinks this through.    11/08/19  (35)
Sega Genesis library was top heavy af    11/10/19  (35)
TT barefoot eating durian on tiger air flight to laos    11/10/19  (35)
Guy I went to HS with just RETIRED from the Army. Draws pension IMMEDIATELY!    11/12/19  (35)
Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness    11/12/19  (35)
Parents hire openly-gay male nanny; all their sons end up molested:    11/10/19  (35)
rate my food intake today: 7 cinnamon rolls, 11 cans of coke zero    11/08/19  (35)
Rental yield REAL ESTATe    11/10/19  (35)
Blackstone acquires controlling stake in Bumble, valuing company at $3 billion    11/08/19  (35)
Facebook accused of 'empowering' a racist company culture    11/10/19  (35)
📉 Millennials worth 41% less and make 20% less than Boomers at same age 📉    11/06/19  (35)
EVERY single woman I fuck wants essentially low grade abuse, it's unreal    11/10/19  (34)
I've SPENT around $5,000 on AIRFARE this YEAR    11/10/19  (34)
florida judge grants warrant for dna database (nytimes)    11/08/19  (34)
A few Monday morning Tik toks    11/12/19  (34)
Kentucky GOP attempting to reverse result of gubernatorial election    11/08/19  (34)
WINE PAIRING is FLAME, right?    11/12/19  (33)
NYT: Can Democrats Compete With Trump’s Twitter Feed? (link)    11/05/19  (33)
Don’t go into Tech if you’re just going to do some gay front end shit    11/05/19  (33)
notre dame cathedral stood for 100s of years but burnt down after 5 years w musl    11/08/19  (33)
"rape-prevention scholar" accused of...well, guess what he's accused of    11/12/19  (33)
Wait...wtf ever happened to the Roosevelts?    11/08/19  (32)
ABC Epstein tape leaker was FEMALE. LMAO!    11/07/19  (32)
*increasingly diverse states vote dem*, we FLIPPED the state blue haha    11/06/19  (32)
Next year my ALL | IN | COMP will hit 200K    11/10/19  (32)
really enjoying seeing all of these late 20s women realize their dating pools    11/10/19  (32)
(WSJ) Columbus Ohio is now out of reach    11/09/19  (32)
Tucker on Soros: I dont want to think about his motivation; it’s disturbing    11/06/19  (32)