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*** ACB Hearings Day 2 Live Reactions Thread ***    10/14/20  (233)
BREAKING: CIA: Biden Bursima emails FORGERIES by RUSSIA. (nyt)    10/16/20  (213)
Jeffrey Toobin suspended for pulling dick out in Zoom meeting    10/19/20  (151)
LOMACHENKO v. LOPEZ Official Thread    10/18/20  (146)
OldHLSbro: have libs ever been this deranged?    10/15/20  (140)
Can someone explain how it is legal for Giuliani to have Hunter Biden's hard dri    10/15/20  (129)
Doobs why did your Alaskan neighbor try to shoot you?    10/19/20  (123)
Twitter BLOCKS SHARING OF HUNTER BIDEN NYPOST STORY - “potentially harmful”    10/15/20  (115)
How can you reconcile the belief that God is omniscient with free will?    10/19/20  (115)
ITT list a film title followed by “in my ass.”    10/18/20  (112)
Paris teacher beheaded by muzzie parent in street for showing Muhammed picture    10/17/20  (109)
NYT: Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect    10/17/20  (109)
The saddest shit I ever saw in my life in college (cuck story)    10/16/20  (105)
Is this Florida shit real?    10/16/20  (104)
Trailer for Hillbilly Elegy movie    10/18/20  (103)
Ivy League to end affirmative action for white students    10/19/20  (102)
Whelp, shitlibs finally did it: CA unveils new racial grievance hierarchy    10/17/20  (97)
Rate this photo of Hunter Biden falling asleep w a crack pipe in his mouth    10/15/20  (96)
Board Libs what Trump policy positions do you most disagree with    10/19/20  (95)
RCP TX: Trump +4.4 Early Vote: GOP +8.3 RCP Battleground: Biden+4.5    10/19/20  (94)
At what age should a dude really panic about being single    10/13/20  (88)
How you know the Hunter Biden story is fake. This was the author's 1st STORY at    10/19/20  (88)
Second Civil War has already started, people just don’t know it yet    10/19/20  (87)
OldHLSDude’s blank slatism is straight out of a horror movie    10/19/20  (87)
The only rebuttal to critical theory is pragmatic race realism    10/19/20  (86)
Latest BLM protest is going to be a doozie: teen shot by gas station clerk    10/15/20  (86)
LJL turn on the Biden town hall. This is a joke.    10/16/20  (84)
Wait, Sonya Sotomayer didn't clerk AT ALL?    10/17/20  (83)
C-Span has suspended Steve Scully after he admitted he lied about being hacked    10/16/20  (82)
Where does Republican Establishment go from here? Next leader will look weak and    10/19/20  (82)
What’s your IQ based on LSAT conversion according to this formula (link)    10/16/20  (79)
Fox News passed on the Hunter laptop story because of credibility concerns    10/19/20  (78)
Where would you invest $1 million?    10/19/20  (78)
Is Roe v Wade actually badly decided?    10/15/20  (78)
New retirement number is 15 million (CSLG)    10/18/20  (78)
After Barrett testimony, Webster's marks the word "preference" as offensive    10/14/20  (77)
Border tp MN VBM / EV update alert    10/17/20  (75)
225,000 COVID-19 deaths. Florida and Texas have PASSED NY for deaths.    10/19/20  (75)
Chris Hayes: we need a 9 month lockdown of everything    10/16/20  (75)
October Surprise! Delaware Computer Shops Has Old Burisma E-mails, Hunter video    10/14/20  (74)
big-titted Colombiana drops $665k on 680ft2 in MFH    10/18/20  (74)
If u played a full season in the MLB can you hit over .150?    10/18/20  (74)
stopped smoking weed for about a month, cant believe what a faggot it maed me    10/15/20  (73)
I don't see myself buying real estate, getting married, or having kids    10/18/20  (71)
Convince me my life isn't over at 44    10/14/20  (71)
Drove coast to coast with U-Haul trailer in 5 days with weed gummies    10/15/20  (68)
Prosecutors and criminal law bros, hard to learn your practice? Skills needed?    10/17/20  (68)
this is what they're teaching students at Columbia (pic)    10/19/20  (67)
even Sweden is accepting the need for lockdown. the debate is over    10/19/20  (66)
Real talk: Trump's presidency was completely cookie cutter &he was utterly inept    10/18/20  (65)
Can we get a thoughtful moderate’s take on the censoring of the Hunter Biden s    10/15/20  (65)
Giuliani has Hunter CP videos    10/18/20  (65)
Recommend a car for me: $50-60k budget    10/17/20  (64)
BigFed loser here. I just count down hours until 5:30pm ET. Then I'm free.    10/14/20  (64)
Why is scuba diving so dangerous?    10/17/20  (63)
Quickest way to be a board celeb: overreact to trolling    10/19/20  (63)
These 2 videos of Trump answering QANON questions perfectly show who he is.    10/16/20  (63)
JPMorgan analyst: I expect Trump to win    10/15/20  (63)
PREDICT where ACB will fall ideologically between the justices    10/19/20  (62)
Going through some serious serious financial woes right now need advice    10/18/20  (61)
Does Biden win NC?    10/19/20  (60)
Trump campaign loses MAJOR election case at Supreme Court    10/19/20  (59)
Rate this Covid cases by state graphic    10/13/20  (59)
Starting to get worried re: diversity leadership hire    10/17/20  (59)
Twitter dude calls out Fiver for being a wokester hypocrite.    10/19/20  (59)
Trump campaign to donors: victory assured. Biden “””: we are fucked    10/19/20  (59)
My conservative parents are voting for Biden    10/18/20  (58)
TSINAH was briefly outed last night via a video of him    10/13/20  (58)
How long could Taiwan hold off a Chinese military invasion    10/15/20  (58)
UK lockdown rules ban sex for “tier 2” couples    10/17/20  (58)
ITT a scholarly response to BordersTP    10/16/20  (57)
Fauci: Thanksgiving CANCELLED. Eat canned food alone at home. Enjoy depression!    10/16/20  (56)
I hate reddit so much and I don't know why, don't have the IQ to synthesize why    10/14/20  (55)
Trump will lose and its because of college educated white women    10/16/20  (55)
Black voter asks Biden how he'll help him. He says he's reforming crime laws    10/16/20  (55)
OldHLSdude what do you think about charles murray    10/18/20  (55)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    10/19/20  (55)
So OldHLSdude is ok with USA going from 90% to 60% white in a generation?    10/18/20  (55)
Just moved my family from Silicon Valley to an SEC suburb. Need to pick a team    10/19/20  (54)
borders I’m staring to feel down on trumps chances pls halp    10/19/20  (54)
how do country clubs still exist?    10/18/20  (54)
REMINDER: A vote for Biden is simply a REPUDIATION of Trump. That's why he is    10/15/20  (54)
Debate commission will MUTE microphones at the Thursday debate    10/19/20  (53)
Quantifying polling error in 2016 and 2018 statewide races    10/19/20  (52)
Just visited a HS buddy of mine. His apartment is SPARSE as fuck    10/16/20  (52)
Hunter email story seems bad for Biden    10/15/20  (52)
Hypo: You can only choose one, which one and why?    10/14/20  (52)
If you covered Jerry Rice in an nfl game, could you hold him under 50 yards?    10/18/20  (51)
Hunter Laptop repair guy found - perfectly logical interview - link    10/15/20  (51)
Do you honestly think Humans will ever go extinct?    10/14/20  (51)
Rate the view from epah’s pool (pic)    10/19/20  (51)
NYT: The Problem of Free Speech in an Age of Disinformation    10/15/20  (51)
hunter biden caught on video having sex with a first daughter    10/17/20  (51)
Would you consider this to be a nice neighborhood?    10/17/20  (50)
I’m dumb. What did Biden do wrong?    10/17/20  (50)
barely visible AUSA sig on laptop subpoena is from a kiddie porn prosecutor    10/17/20  (50)
i'm back motherfuckers.    10/14/20  (50)
Nothing on NYT, WSJ front-page on Hunter story    10/14/20  (49)
Went over 220,000 US COVID19 deaths today. More than all Civil War combat deaths    10/13/20  (49)
Reminder: Trump got impeached for daring to investigate obvious Biden corruption    10/18/20  (49)
Apple's new phones: same as old phones, with 5G. No fingerprint sensor still    10/14/20  (48)
Hey Feinstein, abortion isn’t an issue for over half the country    10/13/20  (48)
I'm sorry - but you can't claim Biden can't draw crowds after this event    10/18/20  (47)
I will also leave 4ever within 24 hours if trump loses    10/19/20  (47)
Why have the ACB hearings gone so much more smoothly than the Kav hearings?    10/18/20  (47)
Biden campaign: VP May Have Had ‘Informal’ Meeting With Burisma Exec    10/18/20  (47)
Dem candidate getting cash payments from china is nbd?    10/18/20  (47)
NYU prof thinks like 30 law schools are going to fail this year    10/16/20  (47)
Prince how depressed are you the days or weeks after a meth binge?    10/17/20  (46)
Orangutan picks up Marlboro Light, casually smokes it (vid)    10/18/20  (46)
The soft power of Libs is breathtaking    10/15/20  (46)
What Clique were you in in School    10/16/20  (46)
XO focuses too much on their spouse/GF’s number of ex partners    10/17/20  (46)
So the board is full of QAnon types now?    10/17/20  (45)
Know any couples that dated for years before marriage, but divorced quickly?    10/13/20  (45)
There are a handful of poasters keeping this place alive.    10/15/20  (45)
New Arizona poll shows Trump by 1 - link    10/15/20  (45)
media will never allow any GOP Presidency to be normal, we saw that with GWB    10/17/20  (44)
ITT: My quickbooks summary of last 6 years of legal fee income (CSLG)    10/19/20  (44)
The Lancet: COVID has mutated so immunity isn't gonna work lol get ur dirtbike    10/13/20  (44)
As bad as shitlibs are, Donald is worse. Just early voted for Biden.    10/16/20  (44)
Anyone watching the Apple event?    10/13/20  (43)
South Carolina law dean emails bar scores w names to entire student body    10/14/20  (43)
Remember lib anguish after Bush's 2004 victory?    10/13/20  (43)
Youtube is quickly becoming unusable with so many ads    10/14/20  (43)
Rating posters as players from the 2002 Brazilian World Cup Team    10/15/20  (43)
Big difference in quality of life between 15 million and 30 million? (CSLG)    10/18/20  (43)
Biden's townhall getting higher ratings is a dark sign brothers    10/17/20  (42)
I fucking love red wine.    10/13/20  (42)
What is the cr alternative to Obamacare?    10/14/20  (42)
Prince do you prefer smoking, injecting, or snorting your crystal meth?    10/18/20  (42)
POLL: Can you touch the ground in front of you if you keep your legs straight?    10/14/20  (42)
New Florida poll confirms national numbers...Trump down by 8    10/15/20  (42)
ITT I give advice again    10/17/20  (42)
Why do people get so involved in Politics?    10/19/20  (42)
Trump winning EVs in Michigan and Wisconsin    10/19/20  (41)
Benghazi: Nothing. Huber: Zilch. Durham: Squadoosh. Unmasking: Gabagool.    10/14/20  (40)
Bay Area real estate is tanking 180    10/16/20  (40)
Black dad says WNBA players are miserable because they're not married    10/14/20  (40)
Wife stays up drinking wine long after I go to bed. Every night.    10/19/20  (40)
Retards who buy new cars instead of just lease them    10/15/20  (40)
Amy Coney Barrett looking cuter than a button again today    10/15/20  (40)
Attention dorks: The Bachelorette (Clare) starts tomorrow 10/13. Will be 180    10/14/20  (40)
Rate the WIFE of the Denver protest shooter (DailyMail)    10/15/20  (39)
Biden campaign implicitly denies China dealings - link    10/19/20  (39)