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'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/13/18  (551)
Hypo: You'll receive $1B but can never leave a randomly assigned US state    11/13/18  (234)
Post things that you STILL don't understand    11/12/18  (179)
List the median family income of your home town in Wikipedia ITT    11/10/18  (172)
Just had a huge fight with wife- told her we are incompatible    11/12/18  (170)
"30 yr old boomer" meme is fucking amazing    11/12/18  (162)
Hypo: You'll receive $1B but can never leave a randomly assigned non-US country.    11/12/18  (158)
Any nationalists here honest about risks from rejecting intnl world order    11/12/18  (149)
In honor of America's veterans, I am giving hypos (Krampusnacht)    11/13/18  (134)
Why doesn't the GOP want felons to vote?    11/11/18  (134)
Matty Yglesias: Honestly, we should just murder Tucker Carlson, he's a Nazi    11/09/18  (131)
So America is pretty much tired of Trump's bullshit?    11/11/18  (130)
Upset Jew here, BF floating idea of moving to Japan    11/13/18  (113)
Elie Mystal completely unhinged rants on Twitter re: WHITE WOMEN. LOL @ this fat    11/08/18  (112)
Man dies after injecting silicone into genitals, mom blames gay sex cult    11/11/18  (110)
Rate this in-house comp package for in-house early-30s-mo    11/10/18  (106)
Bezos Confirmed: NYC and VA for HQ2-3 locations. LOL    11/13/18  (103)
Is there any real chance consciousness exists after death?    11/12/18  (101)
Which poasters 'punch above their weight' in life    11/11/18  (101)
ITT: Help me think of things to write off for end of the year (CSLG)    11/11/18  (97)
Post itt if your expected inheritance is $10 million+    11/10/18  (96)
the battle has been totally lost. we are a permanently different country.    11/10/18  (94)
Strategies during witness impeachment if witness refuses to admit?    11/12/18  (93)
Why are whites so much more likely to go on unhinged shooting sprees?    11/09/18  (92)
Baltimore teacher punched in face 1st day back to school after cancer treatment    11/09/18  (91)
Why do ppl w middle class salaries rent luxury apartments    11/08/18  (89)
In 2060 35% of under 18 American population will be white    11/07/18  (88)
give some examples over the past century where reactionary governments    11/13/18  (86)
I'm so sick of LOSING at dating    11/11/18  (86)
any Texas-mos on? what did you guys think of Beto's campaign?    11/12/18  (85)
WH released doctored video of Acosta incident    11/13/18  (85)
POLITICO: Tucker Carlson is a 180 & Alpha male father    11/11/18  (84)
rate this babycenter thread of moms talking about orgasming just from giving bjs    11/09/18  (84)
Would you rather your wife make 30k or 300k    11/13/18  (83)
Are Indian dudes generally lazy in the workplace    11/10/18  (82)
TRUMP suspends Jim Acosta's credentials!! (not flame)    11/08/18  (82)
14K acres on fire 0% contained. Houses in my hood on fire now (CSLG)    11/11/18  (82)
Have you ever met a legit Special Forces Operator?    11/12/18  (81)
Boneless 'wings': lets bash these ITT.    11/12/18  (79)
it's kind of amazing how stupid you have to be to support Democrats in 2018    11/10/18  (78)
Being white and living in China    11/12/18  (78)
Queens residents OUTRAGED over Amazon HQ2 announcement    11/13/18  (78)
Facebook executive outed as Trump supporter, fired from Facebook    11/12/18  (77)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/13/18  (77)
KY6 thread    11/06/18  (77)
Sherman Oaks shooter was a 28yo white unemployed loser living w parents    11/09/18  (76)
what issues have conservatives NOT lost on over the past 100 years?    11/11/18  (76)
FL is done! Nelson and Gillum will win!    11/07/18  (75)
Black male friend of mine who went to a T6 still has not passed the bar. Sad.    11/08/18  (75)
Full, continental, or NOBRIKKFUSS this cute blonde Cooley VC lawyer?    11/08/18  (75)
I don't "get" The Big Lebowski    11/09/18  (74)
Hypo: 1-loss UGA and Mich conference champs, unbeaten Clemson and ND. 1L Bama.    11/12/18  (74)
New cars are TTT    11/11/18  (73)
I would give up on America if I had any realistically viable way to escape    11/12/18  (72)
GOP done: TX Senate and GA governor were within 2-3 points    11/09/18  (72)
WSJ: House Democrats are going to bury the REAL Russia scandal (link)    11/12/18  (72)
Bart O'Kavanaugh, you need to calm the fuck down    11/07/18  (72)
investment advisor taking q's    11/09/18  (71)
Ginsburg DEAD    11/09/18  (71)
why haven't we banned guns yet?    11/08/18  (71)
Why do non white men, esp turds, vastly overrate blondes    11/12/18  (69)
Ruth Ginsberg no longer looks halfway dead (vid from hospital):    11/10/18  (68)
quit my job yesterday    11/07/18  (67)
What are some words straight males should never use?    11/12/18  (66)
just finished Marcus arelius meditations audio book    11/10/18  (66)
What percentage of people you interact with consider you insufferable?    11/11/18  (65)
Taking Qs from MOSCOW    11/12/18  (65)
this CA wildfire pic will break ur heart 😭😭😭    11/13/18  (65)
What are the best jeans for the money?    11/12/18  (63)
*Loses 40 gerrymandered House seats with 3.7% unemployment + 4% growth*    11/11/18  (63)
SA is not safe. Discontinuing use.    11/12/18  (62)
Trump made Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Louis CK, Conan etc stop being funny    11/10/18  (62)
The white supremacist position that diversity is not a strength    11/11/18  (61)
Atheism is low IQ, I'm convinced *something* is going on. Not sure what.    11/13/18  (60)
Who are the people Jesus is referring to in John 6:44?    11/11/18  (60)
Partisanship aside GOP needs to pivot on healthcare    11/10/18  (60)
Consuela Blue WAVE round up    11/10/18  (60)
Can’t stop jerking it to Instagram thots between 20-40lbs overweight    11/13/18  (60)
Natalie Portman: Flawless at 37 without a drop of makeup (pic)    11/09/18  (59)
Why did GOP get blown out so hard in Minn? Trump almost won it.    11/08/18  (59)
Anyone wanna see some toxic tinder threading at all?    11/11/18  (58)
Is there any way to defend Trump's treatment of Acosta and doctored footage?    11/09/18  (58)
In Palo Alto - the extreme wealth disparity here is insane    11/09/18  (58)
Dating in your 30s seems silly. Cant imagine how men get up for this    11/11/18  (58)
CNN files lawsuit against Trump administration for banning Acosta    11/13/18  (56)
Lmao at Jim Acosta assaulting a woman at Trump's press conference    11/08/18  (56)
Luka Doncic is already a top 10 player in the NBA at age 19    11/11/18  (56)
Woman in this CA wildfire video probably died (link)    11/12/18  (56)
Made anti-Soros comment on local reddit page RE protests. Got downvoted, ridicul    11/08/18  (54)
If you are a Loser, "friends" try to sabotage you getting laid at all costs    11/10/18  (54)
Open borders now. We need more of this in the United States    11/11/18  (53)
Boner police retired. Not flame    11/07/18  (53)
Best coffee that's reasonably easy to obtain?    11/12/18  (53)
(((zuckerberg))) says it's time to "smoke these meats"    11/12/18  (53)
months out, i still miss Her, while she goes on a tindr date to fuck whoever    11/08/18  (53)
so what do trump and the GOP have to show for 2 years of total control?    11/07/18  (53)
SESSIONS RESIGNS    11/08/18  (52)
People who eat "ribs". Come ITT to get bashed.    11/09/18  (52)
backspace, let me give you a tip brotato.    11/13/18  (52)
Science: Men can’t be too good looking but too smart is bad    11/08/18  (52)
SJW millenial gets boomer partner fired for watching porn    11/09/18  (52)
Does whole world at this point realize German Empire = good guys in ww1?    11/12/18  (52)
Why did Antifa target Tucker Carlson? Why not Hannity or Limbaugh?    11/10/18  (52)
Anyone else just not "get" wine?    11/12/18  (51)
Trump to bar asylum claims made by illegal immigrants. 180 MAGA    11/08/18  (51)
Macron: We must build a new European Army to protect against the USA    11/06/18  (51)
Really hate the cheap digital look every movie has now    11/13/18  (51)
we r inching quite close to totalitarian control of all aspects of society lmao    11/09/18  (51)
from 3-5 am, i run this forum    11/13/18  (51)
Scott Walker about to win...what a blue wave    11/09/18  (50)
if you were gonna try to achieve the mass shooting high score, how would u do it    11/09/18  (50)
Acosta should sue the president (WaPo)    11/08/18  (49)
Trump says midterms “very close to a complete victory” for him    11/13/18  (49)
Rate these niggers beating the FUCK out of their white teacher    11/11/18  (49)
What are some 180 movies to watch (no npc shit)    11/12/18  (49)
Horrified Nate Silver realizing 538 computers are all mining Boolberry    11/07/18  (48)
Predictit odds of Dems winning Arizona senate skyrocketed to 40% now wtf    11/09/18  (48)
wtf is up with doctors constantly trying to push caesarean section births?    11/10/18  (48)
When i think back to my elementary school,    11/09/18  (48)
538 swinging towards GOP    11/07/18  (47)
Rate this blonde shrew    11/12/18  (47)
XO Steve King of Iowa going down in flames tonight    11/07/18  (47)
TRUMP: France would be speaking GERMAN if it wasn't for us. PAY FOR NATO!    11/13/18  (47)
How do you like your women?    11/08/18  (46)
Re: Upset Jew: We don't need allies we cant trust    11/07/18  (46)
Settled premises case against Macys for 35k... client didnt even fall (CSLG)    11/07/18  (46)
Sherman’s March to the Sea was alpha as fuck    11/12/18  (46)
REI is a fucking evil place    11/11/18  (46)
Holy shit this is what the Oscars used to be like    11/12/18  (46)
Does Biglaw tranny work get any more interesting in more senior years?    11/08/18  (46)
So if GOP loses NV but wins MT, AZ and others, this is a stomping right?    11/09/18  (46)
Has any guy ever actually successfully overcome Madonna-whore complex?    11/13/18  (45)
What part of the moon landing do conspiracy theorists think is fake?    11/12/18  (45)
This 2020 Dem ticket will be unbeatable    11/10/18  (45)
Took Adderall yesterday and did a little blow. Can't get motivated to work today    11/10/18  (45)
ITT: Your favorite Metallica song    11/11/18  (45)
Kenny just got a 100k global settlement offer on a case    11/12/18  (44)
Who will trump pick for his new AG?    11/07/18  (44)
Absolutely failing a date rn    11/11/18  (44)
how many cups of coffee did you have today    11/07/18  (44)
Ho Lee Fuk - video of dead bodies in cars from the California fires today:    11/09/18  (43)
Dem 2020 poll: Biden 26, Sanders 19, Beto 8, Warren 5, Harris 4, Booker 3    11/13/18  (43)
Had the most insane nu male experience at a “Friendsgiving” jfc    11/13/18  (42)
the internet is effectively fenced in now. leads away from knowledge.    11/12/18  (42)
"My kids feel unsafe!" Tucker shrieks while supporting border child separations    11/08/18  (42)
which poasters punch below their weight in life?    11/08/18  (42)
CBD - legit or flame?    11/07/18  (41)
Fucked a new ISRAELI cutie last night. ISRAEL PASSPORT HOLDER here. DBG u mad?    11/11/18  (41)