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Rate these Nazi soldiers breaking into Jewish homes in Germany    06/25/16  (149)
NYT: Trump's speech - what you missed & our fact checks    06/23/16  (112)
WSJ: 29.4% of US households are upper middle class    06/24/16  (107)
First non-controversial Republican with this platform will transform country    06/25/16  (97)
Landscaper dude buys 2 Monsters, pack of cigs, can of chew and 2 burritos every    06/21/16  (79)
Would you let your daughter hang out with girls like this? (Pic)    06/21/16  (51)
BREAKING NEWS: Trump fires Corey Lewandowski    06/20/16  (50)
BREITBART: 20yo cute instructor sends nudes to 11yo kid    06/23/16  (49)
never knew Indiana U-Bloomington is so beautiful (pics)    06/25/16  (48)
NYC is a patheic city and the "High Line" is a sick joke    06/25/16  (42)
Not flame: xo Ted Kaczynki writes letter to "journalists in general" & pwns them    06/21/16  (36)
So. Much. This. Because, reasons.    06/23/16  (32)
Rate this cute instagram model that died of a Heroin OD (Instagram)    06/22/16  (32)
holy shit not flame Cameron RESIGNS    06/24/16  (31)
autoadmit invented the term "brexit"    06/24/16  (31)
Costco sells cars now. Saw a dude leaving with 6 Honda Accords    06/19/16  (27)
Wiki leaks founder: We will leak more emails, which may lead 2 her indictment    06/23/16  (26)
Shooter on Lib's video: I kill b/c of *computerized female voice* the patriarchy    06/20/16  (26)
Rate this big titted jewess    06/20/16  (25)
Company is paying $600 a month for me to rent an office    06/23/16  (24)
Hypo: you have to kidnap Mark Zuckerberg and collect ransom how much does he pay    06/20/16  (24)
Trump releases his new slogan    06/23/16  (23)
Clarence Thomas to Retire from SCOTUS After Election    06/20/16  (23)
Cuckolds have a "look" to them.    06/25/16  (22)
Libs controlled western world for 8 years. Result: tranny bathrooms and ISIS    06/25/16  (22)
Can someone not histrionic explain cogently how Trump fucked up so bad recently    06/20/16  (22)
Sandy Hook quotemo posted 1300 times yesterday    06/20/16  (21)
What kind of person goes to Bard College?    06/19/16  (21)
Has anyone here taken the "cruises" from Stockholm to Helsinki?    06/22/16  (20)
A subthread with 2 posters going back & forth calling each other Asian, forever.    06/21/16  (20)
Do WGN and TBS still show all the Cubs/Braves games?    06/21/16  (19)
trumpmos, we chose poorly    06/19/16  (19)
Investor: in light of Brexit, don't buy stocks - buy apartment complexes    06/25/16  (18)
Bigfed directly out of lawschool?    06/19/16  (18)
EPAH getting dunked on by Boner Police    06/24/16  (17)
the world seems to be spazzing out today with Brexit, SCOTUS, shootings, etc.    06/24/16  (17)
Reminder: The media is to blame for mass shootings. Any loser can become famous    06/19/16  (17)
Portland shrew gets hit on by a guy and calls police and goes viral on FB    06/25/16  (16)
hedge fund manager gets charged with insider trading, slits own throat    06/22/16  (16)
LOL @ how badly Trump is raping his supporters    06/21/16  (16)
Went to synagogue today, described my grandparents as "alleged holocaust survivo    06/19/16  (16)
Entrepreneur: timing beats talent every time    06/25/16  (15)
Trump to EU: "Get him out of here!"    06/24/16  (15)
Starting a business is like hitting on a lot of hot girls at a bar    06/21/16  (15)
Disney done goofed. Video of employee restraining gator YEARS before incident    06/20/16  (15)
The "NBA" is bad    06/20/16  (15)
So is the Fourth Amendment dead now?    06/23/16  (14)
Why would a mom post pictures of her daughter like this on the web?    06/19/16  (14)
LOL at Libs' "It's not binding" argument; Just ignore results you don't like!    06/24/16  (13)
Takes a small amount of cash to sway betting market. Hedge by shorting pound lol    06/24/16  (13)
DBG can you give us any info on the emergency meetings tonight?    06/24/16  (13)
Just some fratty sportsnut bros casually watching the game, drinking beers and    06/23/16  (13)
Tinderella brought TAPE MEASURE to date    06/22/16  (13)
Pittsburgh is Midwest right?    06/19/16  (13)
Prime Minister's Questions next Wednesday at noon    06/24/16  (12)
Does evan39 still not realize no one finds "how dare you" funny?    06/23/16  (12)
Remember the pic of TT's distended JUICEGUT    06/23/16  (12)
$35 an hour for 5 years minimum BIGLAW    06/21/16  (12)
Q: do you miss being in your mid-to-late 20s?    06/19/16  (12)
Gareth Bale = BALD fraud (pic)    06/25/16  (11)
Why do tourists all dress a certain way and stand out?    06/24/16  (11)
EU you faggot lol!    06/25/16  (11)
Rate this cute Blonde at the beach (SFW)    06/25/16  (11)
I know maybe the only guy alive who killed a cop and is a free man today    06/19/16  (11)
I actually prefer Starbucks to my local third wave Hipster Cafe    06/24/16  (10)
Hypo: German paratroopers land in London, Merkel institutes EU Marshall Law    06/23/16  (10)
*woman accidentally brushes against nyuug* "my harem grows..."    06/23/16  (10)
Good read: How Wartime Washington Lives in Luxury    06/23/16  (10)
ITT: the side the Jew doesn't want you to know about Hitler    06/23/16  (10)
"MMA" is stupid prole carny trash. Not a "sport".    06/22/16  (10)
reminder: the god priapus    06/22/16  (10)
How do high school teachers deal with their students dressing like this? (Pic)    06/21/16  (10)
This is an amazing f'ing game    06/19/16  (10)
NBA finals used to end before school got out. Now it's almost July. LJL at this    06/20/16  (10)
Rate my plan to get out of crippling depression    06/25/16  (9)
I am dying of AIDS. Here's why.    06/24/16  (9)
Oh my god Nigel! Our exports are now competitive! This is horrible!    06/23/16  (9)
VISUAL MAP: Median Income For Millenials    06/24/16  (9)
Israel's main target is Iran.    06/23/16  (9)
UPenn launching 6-year joint JD/MD program    06/22/16  (9)
Basketball idea: shoot nothing but 3 pointers and don't rebound at all    06/20/16  (9)
rate this Jewish Israeli who murdered 29 Palestinians    06/19/16  (9)
Just tested my blood pressure -- high as fuck. Fucking biglaw    06/18/16  (9)
millenials aged 22-26 w/ college degrees literally only make $40k-$55k    06/25/16  (8)
VIDEO: guy throws golf balls w swatztikas at Trump    06/24/16  (8)
LOL at Kennedy saying UT program is "sui generis"    06/23/16  (8)
Explain Pro Atheletes with Average looking wives?    06/23/16  (8)
Friends wife has no degree and clears 250k+ doing commercial loans    06/21/16  (8)
NBA should have a shot clock on free throws. 24 seconds to take both    06/20/16  (8)
evan39 did I meet a closeted Chad?    06/20/16  (8)
Why was Draymond Green a 2nd round draft pick?    06/19/16  (8)
Neighbor girls having a pool party. All of them just looking at their phones    06/19/16  (8)
Endlessly clicking on LinkedIn Hot Chick profiles, each leading to a dozen more    06/19/16  (8)
*Blindly files counterclaims against EVERY fucking co-defendant*    06/24/16  (7)
Forex bros FAKED exit polls and made huge $ shorting the pound today ljl    06/24/16  (7)
Albania tries to join EU and member nations flee LOL    06/24/16  (7)
Libs please explain why Switzerland, Norway, Iceland are nicest countries in Eur    06/24/16  (7)
PSA: foreign currency is traded by algorithms and this is all easy profit taking    06/23/16  (7)
Why are journalists so smug now a days???    06/23/16  (7)
Nuclear Engineering?    06/22/16  (7)
ESJWPN losing billions per year, will be spun off by Disney    06/22/16  (7)
WATCH: Putin praises Trump, pwns the Establishment, ridicules American "leadersh    06/22/16  (7)
"Voting" is stupid flame & taking ownership in a broken rigged system.    06/21/16  (7)
Sorry idris Elba nobody cares about black panther    06/19/16  (7)
rank the famous philosophers based on iq    06/25/16  (6)
Peterman dude is facemo?    06/24/16  (6)
ITT: Chad Trumpmo yells @ Mexicans: "make me a taco, bitch!"    06/24/16  (6)
I'm old: Friend's kids are of age and hot    06/24/16  (6)
Holy shit, forum dude made 900k today on forex (link)    06/24/16  (6)
Reminder Remain libs staged a murder of a member of parliament to swing vote LJL    06/23/16  (6)
LEAVE is running train on Remaincucks LJL    06/23/16  (6)
Jewish lib gets DESTROYED by a Brit on Question Time    06/23/16  (6)
Rate this pic of Elizabeth Warren in the House floor    06/23/16  (6)
All hyperbole aside, current XO roster is the most prole ever    06/20/16  (6)
Rate the new female mayor or Rome (Virginia Raggi)-SFW    06/20/16  (6)
   06/19/16  (6)
Bboom is a prole    06/19/16  (6)
Hypo: 50k/yr but some middle school teen girls follow you around and bully you    06/25/16  (5)
So yeah, *dips beignet in cappucino* as I was saying, he violently raped me    06/25/16  (5)
BREAKING NEWS: Holland Calls for Dutch Referendum on EU membership    06/24/16  (5)
Anyone feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now?    06/24/16  (5)
Why is Britain leaving the EU? Explain to me like I'm 14.    06/23/16  (5)
Hi I'm William Rehnquist, welcome to Jackass!    06/23/16  (5)
Planted some ranch corn nuts in my garden. Gonna save big $ growing my own    06/23/16  (5)
The "media" wants more riot$ and murder$ its all big ratings    06/23/16  (5)
Gonna need some scholars to weigh in on the Fisher II majority opinion (link)    06/23/16  (5)
Reminder: The Jews killed Jesus Christ. Now look at this Trump pic in Jesus body    06/21/16  (5)
"Summer" is already halfway over. Proves time is flame&a lie    06/20/16  (5)
Ljl at Lebron shooting like 8 for 22 and never passing oh what an MVP    06/20/16  (5)
Rank these schools in order, Medical School, Dental School or Law School    06/19/16  (5)
Ive seen probably over 1000 cocks IRL    06/18/16  (5)
Working on car in my garage, drinking a beer, AC/DC on stereo, weaing panties    06/24/16  (4)
boys boys all kinds of boys! black white puerto rican chinese boys! (askav)    06/24/16  (4)
New word I'm seeing around: "pique"    06/24/16  (4)
Is anyone else happy about Brexit but sad to see Cameron go?    06/24/16  (4)
What is the cr alternative to global capitalism? any countries doing it?    06/24/16  (4)
No big deal guys this happens on Europa Universalis 4 just boost stability and    06/24/16  (4)
Black brexit voters wondering when their eggs benedict will arrive    06/24/16  (4)
Good place to get a burrito around Union Square NYC besides dos toros?    06/23/16  (4)
Everywhere I look men are wearing Big Dog t-shirts. Kind of intimidating    06/23/16  (4)
$1 Kettle Chip$ bag had 2 chip$ in it. Ljl at this shit    06/23/16  (4)
The "U$A" is not a "country" it's a corporation    06/23/16  (4)
So a basement dwelling cachexic poker degenerate is a nutrition expert? lol    06/23/16  (4)
so the killer of Freddy Gray was a black man?JFC libs putting black man in jail    06/23/16  (4)
Israel is benefitting from the chaos in the Middle East    06/23/16  (4)
gonna WORK FROM HOME today yhy    06/23/16  (4)
Never act impressed.    06/22/16  (4)
NATO is fucking stupid. Eurofaggots should defend themselves.    06/22/16  (4)