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🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON GENTLEMEN'S FINAL Thread πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/17/19  (184)
Lawman8: Ilhan Omar is not your friend    07/18/19  (167)
Looking at a 1.1M mortgage, my life is about to be over    07/19/19  (159)
shrew brags about "blowing up her marriage" to "become her own trophy wife"    07/19/19  (136)
New 007 to be a BLACK WOMAN, NOT FUCKING FLAME (link)    07/16/19  (133)
My little brother makes 800k a year doing tax resolution (CSLG)    07/15/19  (129)
Trump GOES OFF on progressive House Dems    07/17/19  (127)
Board Trumpmos: Describe an example of racism that was unacceptable to you    07/17/19  (126)
USDA will lose 2/3 of researchers who REFUSE to relocate to Kansas City    07/19/19  (115)
New TOP GUN trailer out    07/19/19  (114)
Hypo: $500M but you have to live in a U.S. airport of your choosing for 1 year    07/16/19  (112)
Why/how did modern men become such soy boys?    07/19/19  (111)
Wife threatened divorce again tonight    07/18/19  (103)
Why do most unmoderated message boards become so virulently anti-Semitic?    07/18/19  (103)
*Ilhan Omar raising Somali immig quota 500%* Lawman: "But she's woke on JQ"    07/19/19  (99)
You guys don't think it's weird that life was unbearably cruel until 100 yrs ago    07/14/19  (98)
Name a major American city and I will post a Google Streetview of its worst area    07/19/19  (96)
Reading about tech founders and want to kms. Will be retiring from xo    07/17/19  (91)
4channer BEHEADS his GF because she spent to much time w/ 'beta orbiters'    07/16/19  (91)
Ilhan Omar: not only is Trump a racist, but all of his supporters are too (link)    07/16/19  (87)
I will be Governor of Florida one day    07/17/19  (86)
XO racists, do you at least admit that Asian and Indian immigrants have been goo    07/16/19  (83)
China is done here. We need to isolate it & limit exposure to its upcoming crash    07/17/19  (82)
Trump is finished: Pelosi will FORCE a vote to condemn Trump's statements    07/16/19  (81)
Asian Miss Michigan is stripped of her title because she's a Trump supporter (li    07/19/19  (80)
Mary Pete Buttigieg now claiming he's not white.    07/17/19  (78)
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ OFFICIAL 2019 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD #golf πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§    07/19/19  (77)
Still processing that Rapinoe person screaming "I DESERVE THIS" in parade    07/14/19  (75)
What kind of car do you drive?    07/19/19  (75)
🚘 New Corvette being revealed right now! 🚘    07/19/19  (72)
Midwest: abt to break ground on HYPER-LOOP (Chi-Cle-Pitt) (28 Minutes)    07/17/19  (71)
what are the most important things to do to stay looking “youthful”?    07/18/19  (71)
Got initial offer of 250K on a dog bite case (CSLG)    07/14/19  (71)
None of the immigration poli-threads take into account: IT'S ALREADY OVER    07/15/19  (71)
Male/female relationships are pretty pointless unless you really want a family.    07/17/19  (71)
I'm falling in love with a 31-year old. I'm only 29.    07/19/19  (70)
Karl Marx, "On the Jewish Question"    07/18/19  (70)
ITT we list prominent men & women with name/life synergy    07/15/19  (65)
App dating sounds horrifying    07/18/19  (65)
Is this the typical outcome for single 36 y/o leatherface white women? (pics)    07/15/19  (65)
AOC and Ilhan Omar popularity surging in key swing states    07/15/19  (64)
Elizabeth Holmes wakes up as an objective 8.2 (courtroom pic with messy hair)    07/18/19  (64)
What is the value of this crazy knee injury (CSLG)    07/19/19  (63)
Statistically speaking, in history of universe, what's the chance you'd be born?    07/19/19  (63)
ITT we list difficult songs to sing during karaoke    07/18/19  (62)
Least relevant big city?    07/15/19  (62)
Hereby ANNOUNCING my 8th RESIGNATION from XO, effective by July 26, 2019    07/17/19  (62)
Bachelorette: Bible Luke was 100% right to call her out for being a WHORE.    07/18/19  (61)
Dershowitz: David Boies fucks WAY more than I do    07/19/19  (61)
House Dems fuming over AOC's chief of staff.    07/14/19  (61)
Wife constantly whining about her pay    07/16/19  (61)
Call me naive but open borders happened way sooner than i thought it would    07/17/19  (61)
what area of the world will remain white the longest?    07/15/19  (60)
7 hr flight coming up this friday. how to endure    07/19/19  (60)
they are just yelling at Mnuchin calling him racist. lmfao    07/15/19  (59)
Most prestigious hispanic country of origin?    07/16/19  (57)
Met hot young Chad...and he's gay (evan39)    07/19/19  (57)
Wrote a paper in college (2003) about how trading would democratize China    07/17/19  (56)
Wait, did the CSLG thread where he got caught using an alt get deleted?    07/18/19  (55)
unstoppable future is dem majorities, removal of filibuster, insanity    07/15/19  (55)
NPR tried to interview cubans in miami about "racist tweet" today & it backfired    07/18/19  (55)
Someone gave us a KitchenAid Mixer when we got married    07/19/19  (55)
John Paul Stevens DEAD    07/17/19  (54)
Fox News is going ALL IN on the Omar brother marriage story! 180!    07/19/19  (53)
Toddler dies after falling into restaurant’s grease trap in Rochester, NY    07/16/19  (53)
*****2019 WSOP FINAL TABLE THREAD*****    07/17/19  (53)
Starting to question the use of sunscreen and sunglasses    07/15/19  (53)
Describe online dating for a 35 yr old dude with $100K salary and top 10% looks    07/18/19  (50)
not flame. there is no question that minorities are getting more aggressive    07/16/19  (49)
The KOSOVO WAR was an underrated milestone in America's decline    07/18/19  (49)
Back in colonial America, many whites went voluntarily to live with Indians    07/18/19  (49)
70 yo dad lives alone in his 3mm house, no social life    07/14/19  (48)
ljl at rand Paul getting shit pushed in    07/18/19  (47)
Wait a minute, weren't most Asian countries colonized too?    07/17/19  (47)
What is the best STEAKHOUSE in DALLAS?    07/19/19  (46)
Fact: "White privilege" just result of thousands of years of competence    07/18/19  (46)
In Bend, OR. This town sucks    07/15/19  (46)
Protestors pull down US flag from ICE HQ building, put up Mexican flag instead    07/19/19  (45)
Cars from the early 90s literally look ancient    07/18/19  (45)
Rate the contents of my gun safe (CSLG)    07/14/19  (45)
I really don’t want to go home from work tonight    07/17/19  (45)
Poast your Amazon Prime Day purchases ITT    07/16/19  (45)
What's the conservative argument against asylum?    07/16/19  (45)
Facebook and Google track your porn browsing    07/18/19  (44)
Recently discovered walmart- jfc I’ve been getting owned by gc for ages    07/18/19  (43)
Have You Been Told to ‘Go Back’ to Your Country Even Though You Are American    07/15/19  (43)
Liberal prof/Hillary voter: Big Tech manipulated MINIMUM 2.6 mill votes in 2016    07/18/19  (43)
Rate this reddit thread about dating in DC    07/15/19  (43)
Base level Macbook Pro is ttt. Possible to return?    07/18/19  (42)
Underwear smells like “ass” when I sweat some. Didn’t used to do this.    07/17/19  (42)
Net Worth: $1,017,991    07/13/19  (42)
007: "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger, muttering: "Only at the movies"    07/16/19  (41)
most forbidden person u sexed: teacher, relative, mailman,best friend's gf, etc.    07/18/19  (41)
β™Ώ 25% of students at Oberlin are disabled. β™Ώ    07/18/19  (41)
CNN mired in a credibility crisis as ratings continue to collapse    07/15/19  (41)
Name a bad thing that certainly was not caused by Jews.    07/19/19  (40)
Rate this CHINA trip ITINERARY    07/17/19  (40)
People who have never done biglaw don't get how hard it is    07/15/19  (40)
T or F: Indians, Arabs and Chinks move to white countries because    07/15/19  (40)
A rape during a Tinder date tests a family's faith (CNN)    07/15/19  (40)
Rate this NYT longread about white male privilege.    07/19/19  (40)
Jewish neighbors ratted on me to City Code Compliance for storing my boat    07/16/19  (40)
Trump has 20% to win no matter how extreme Dems get. It’s a skin game now.    07/16/19  (40)
Could you bench 200 lbs right now    07/17/19  (39)
25 dead in ANIME studio FIREBOMBED after'obsessed fan upset that 'waifu' wouldnt    07/19/19  (39)
Copped a brand new Macbook Pro. Wtf is up with this touchbar thing    07/14/19  (39)
Have a redhead escort coming to my room tonight in Naples, FL (Zurich is Stained    07/18/19  (39)
1994 longread in Atlantic about coming reqality of 'Camp of the Saints'    07/13/19  (39)
are american public schools as much of a joke as they seem    07/18/19  (39)
correct me if im wrong but trump never said 1 racist thing    07/16/19  (39)
so Judaism is all cribbed shit from the Babylonian empire?    07/15/19  (39)
Board libs have no answer at all to Dems' immigration insanity    07/19/19  (39)
Nick Rowley trial less than 2 months away (CSLG)    07/19/19  (39)
Trade deficit with China 30% higher than when trump took office lmao    07/16/19  (39)
Trump Offers Rule to End Asylum Protection for Some Migrants    07/15/19  (39)
Tired of ‘Starting Strength’ can someone point me to better program?    07/15/19  (38)
Shitlib New Republic: Pete Buttigeig is a huge fucking faggot    07/13/19  (38)
ATP July 15-21 Thread - Newport | Bastad | Umag #tennis    07/19/19  (38)
Cold hard truth: Average white American is pretty shitty, deserves replacement    07/16/19  (38)
Does JJC even poast here anymore? I see so many accusations of being JJC but    07/19/19  (38)
Jeremy Lin: "I DESERVE THIS"    07/17/19  (38)
Colonoscopy survivor, taking questions and insults    07/19/19  (38)
Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Get    07/19/19  (38)
OZY Fest: LJL at this GC shitlib trash    07/19/19  (37)
Lone FL politican votes against criminalizing Jewish criticism, gets attacked an    07/17/19  (37)
TOMMY T drunk from a NIGHT out in ASIA, taking Qs for 1 BIRDSHIT HOUR    07/13/19  (37)
Comparison of MALE Tinder stats vs FEMALE Tinder stats. FUCK THIS GAY EARTH    07/17/19  (37)
Would you have babies w this Latina???    07/18/19  (37)
I like that minorities & decent whites are finally standing up to board racists    07/16/19  (37)
Stranger Things Season 3 is like a political ad for Trump    07/14/19  (37)
Netflix drops 12% after reporting first US subscriber decline in 8 years    07/18/19  (36)
Kike CNN reporter: I reached out to Target for comment on Trump’s racist remar    07/18/19  (36)
the saddest thing about the epstein scandal is his poor taste in decor    07/19/19  (36)
Farmers' Markets Have New Unwelcome Guests: Fascists    07/14/19  (36)
Time restricted feeding is an absolute game changer.    07/18/19  (36)
Twice-deported illegal arrested for a TRIPLE MURDER in Iowa:    07/18/19  (36)
poli sci shithead, make 90-100k. dumb to go to law school?    07/16/19  (36)
[TS Amanda] Outfit Album #1    07/17/19  (35)
2 of my female friends approaching 30 may need to be put on suicide watch soon.    07/14/19  (35)
Instead of having 5th set tiebreak, why not break tie on most games won? #tennis    07/15/19  (35)
Ilhan Omar has lived in the US since age TWELVE but still has that retarded acce    07/18/19  (35)
Official Chandler Mercedes A Class discussion thread    07/15/19  (34)
whats the most white trash thing youve done    07/19/19  (34)
Temple of doom is an incredibly strange film    07/14/19  (34)
Why I want to kill myself, a non-exhaustive list    07/14/19  (34)
The tell that upset Jew is actually gay irl is his constant feminine hysteria    07/19/19  (34)
If you made 50k in 1999 and received 3% annual raises, you'd be making 90k now    07/15/19  (33)
ITT: we name xo's "squad" and tell them they have to go back    07/18/19  (33)