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Taking Qs on upcoming trips, my insane stalkers, etc...    04/13/21  (228)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 9 🚨    04/09/21  (213)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 10 🚨    04/09/21  (208)
Where have you been that you can safely assume no one else on xo has?    04/14/21  (198)
POLL: Have you gotten JABBED with the covid vaccine yet?    04/12/21  (193)
Potter - 2nd deg MANSLAUGHTER charge - WTF    04/14/21  (166)
Nobody is patriotic anymore.    04/13/21  (164)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 12 🚨    04/14/21  (144)
Rate these 18-23 yo female inmates seeking love    04/13/21  (141)
On the record: Was it right or wrong to draft dodge Vietnam?    04/14/21  (134)
Anyone here attend a top private high school?    04/14/21  (133)
J&J Vax Halted    04/14/21  (133)
i have over $100 million riding on the coinbase IPO    04/14/21  (133)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 11 🚨    04/12/21  (115)
Does the number of lurkers here ever concern you?    04/10/21  (111)
Examples of elite institutions becoming too diverse, losing prestige?    04/13/21  (107)
Former Female Google engineer complains about her time working there (NYT)    04/10/21  (105)
WSJ: China’s Message to America: We’re an Equal Now    04/13/21  (102)
Having dated a lower middle class white are country woman before: it's choatic    04/10/21  (97)
xo Spieth about to win another green jacket    04/10/21  (94)
RSF now claiming that he was never caught with alts. LJL    04/14/21  (94)
Wait, only 30-50% of people have an INNER MONOLOGUE?    04/14/21  (94)
Former national intelligence agent admits UFOs are likely ALIENS (Fox)    04/13/21  (93)
Biden’s America: illegal immigrants in NY will receive $15.6k each.    04/09/21  (93)
Tech shrew makes $6M in IPO, writes indulgent guilt-ridden screed    04/14/21  (92)
Is a trip to Mexico City cr    04/14/21  (90)
68% of entering Princeton freshman are now "POCs"    04/11/21  (89)
Sick of NYC but hate FL. Where to move?    04/14/21  (89)
Super senior associate. What’s next?    04/13/21  (88)
If we can't open up with vaccines, what was the point?    04/11/21  (87)
How Stupid to Buy a House Now?    04/13/21  (86)
ADL calls for Tucker to be fired for pushing "White Replacement Theory"    04/10/21  (86)
Steak-umms EVISCERATES science in tweetstorm    04/14/21  (86)
Ukraine declared war on Russia, and top news is George Floyd.    04/14/21  (85)
Why does "Return of the Jedi" get shit on? Just rewatched.    04/14/21  (84)
Rofl cop who killed latest MN turd is a WOMAN    04/13/21  (84)
Rate my website (CSLG)    04/14/21  (83)
Amy Chua in hot water at YLS    04/11/21  (82)
Kinda crazy that insane quotemo made Henry Aaron a board legend    04/13/21  (82)
SCOTUS: 5-4 CA can't use fraudvirus to ban prayer meetings at home    04/11/21  (82)
ADL: WE WILL NOT BE REPLACED!!!    04/13/21  (81)
Fauci: “Surge is on its way”    04/09/21  (79)
Big prole tell: mounting a huge TV on the wall or above a fireplace    04/14/21  (79)
Military nigger resists arrest and files suit against white cops (video)    04/14/21  (79)
Where should a smart kid born today try to go to college?    04/12/21  (76)
Korean Solana FOMO Updates Megathread    04/14/21  (75)
the insane US propaganda is actually far worse than what USSR had    04/09/21  (75)
🚨 Official AutoAdmit Derek Chauvin Trial Live Stream Thread Day 13 🚨    04/14/21  (73)
Would you buy a house with basement water damage?    04/09/21  (73)
mayonnaise just infuriates kikes its insane    04/14/21  (72)
Tucker just said Dems plan to intro bill to add 4 new justices to SCOTUS    04/14/21  (72)
Russia formally classes the US an enemy nation. First time ever.    04/14/21  (72)
Watching bits of actual trial and then watching media coverage of Chauvin trial    04/09/21  (71)
What's been the worst thing about Biden's POTUSy so far?    04/13/21  (70)
Project Veritas guy trolls CNN staffer he met on Tinder    04/14/21  (69)
War with Ukraine inches closer. Russia deploys first fighter units west.    04/14/21  (68)
lol, Singapore doesn't process student visas for black students, even for INSEAD    04/13/21  (68)
deep state: "lol we got retards to inject themselves w experimental unproven vax    04/14/21  (68)
Capitol rioter beaten in jail, may lose eyesight    04/10/21  (66)
When did xo become filled with low iq prole shitcons from the south?    04/14/21  (65)
Rate these three Yale lacrosse fags that transferred to Denver    04/11/21  (65)
Brothers I'm worried I'm going to breed with a fertile Latin mami    04/13/21  (64)
rsf's apartment is kind of a dump    04/13/21  (64)
Do goyim find Jewish success "confounding" ?    04/14/21  (63)
historical xo npc taking a few questions    04/14/21  (63)
Holy shit how do conservative men even date these days?    04/12/21  (63)
Confessions of Big Law's burned-out associates [Business Insider]    04/14/21  (62)
seems like having an inner monologue is low iq    04/13/21  (61)
Sad thing is if America fails, the world fails. It is eternal night.    04/11/21  (61)
People underestimate how much you have to compartmentalize life after wife/kids    04/12/21  (61)
Minneapolis getting looted again    04/12/21  (61)
US govt is giving Blackrock trillions to buy homes in social engineering experim    04/13/21  (60)
Here is what's really going on in Ukraine.    04/14/21  (60)
What would NYC be like without rent control?    04/12/21  (60)
True story: I'm gay, but in 7th grade I made fun of this kid for being gay    04/13/21  (60)
Biden to begin paying Central Americans to convince them not to come to USA    04/10/21  (59)
PREDICT what happens in Ukraine    04/11/21  (59)
Bloomberg: We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic    04/10/21  (59)
Former “Bachelor” contestant Colton Underwood: “I’m gay”    04/14/21  (58)
Aussie Navy girls twerk on deck of new battleship (link, not flame)    04/14/21  (58)
going to see this escort tonight at 9pm for $275 (pics)    04/14/21  (57)
Amazon HQ: skyscrapers in multiple cities. Walmart HQ: just a big walmart    04/13/21  (57)
Aaron Rodgers is embarrassing himself with this engagement charade    04/14/21  (56)
If SOL hits $30 today I will give 3 poasters 30 SOLs    04/12/21  (56)
shorter: RSF or benzo?    04/14/21  (55)
Crowdsourcing a LIST of all INTERNAL CONTRADICTIONS of the Virus narrative    04/14/21  (55)
Montgomery HS in NJ has an average SAT score of 1320.    04/14/21  (54)
Las Vegas is the credited destination for people moving away from NYC    04/13/21  (54)
Fauci: vaccinated people should not eat at indoor restaurants or bars (link)    04/12/21  (54)
Colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. Taking questions.    04/14/21  (54)
So 9mm ammo is now $1 a shot    04/13/21  (54)
single greatest mistake made by US was refusal to take over world post-WW2    04/14/21  (54)
Strangers rank their intelligence in viral video (Youtube)    04/09/21  (53)
Angry crowd is gathering in MINNEAPOLIS following a police shooting:    04/12/21  (52)
The benzo/RSF drama is next level    04/13/21  (51)
Countries where having US$1 million is impressive to average person?    04/11/21  (51)
Hypo: $90k for one year of only eating at retail store-brand takeout. Do you?    04/12/21  (50)
Renters just called and said pizza driver hurt foot on my deck. Its my fault.    04/12/21  (50)
HYPO: $1m for each year of state prison. How many years do you do?    04/13/21  (50)
Japanese girl absolutely shits on Birdshits in 1956 video    04/08/21  (50)
Japanese dood about to win MASTERS.    04/12/21  (49)
plywood is $100/sheet now    04/14/21  (49)
The whole Tucker monologue tonight was really powerful & important    04/14/21  (49)
RSF which degree are you most proud of?    04/09/21  (48)
What the fuck sandwiches did george floyd make?    04/13/21  (48)
Good microcosm of clownworld: HARVARD SQUARE    04/13/21  (48)
I've been posting for ~20 years.    04/14/21  (48)
rate this 6'10 LA realtor Chad    04/14/21  (48)
San Fran DA drops charges against black man who beat elderly asian man    04/10/21  (47)
rate this 30 y/o SA girl seeking a "reasonable allowance," no hookups (pic)    04/08/21  (47)
Non-Golfmo here. Could the top 5 women golfers hang with bottom pro men?    04/12/21  (47)
the astroturfing of Cucker Tarlson on xo in 2021 is pathetic    04/13/21  (47)
Guy who has been to more countries than you taking Qs    04/10/21  (46)
what is the XO consensus on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?    04/14/21  (46)
Reminder: Jab Now Means Jab+++ Every Year    04/12/21  (46)
Rate this heart warming anecdote about "water boys" selling water in Atlanta    04/12/21  (45)
Little fucker and I just wrote our own latest chapter of Jacktales    04/12/21  (45)
genetic basis of Jewish subversion?    04/11/21  (45)
Rate this Minnesota MILF    04/14/21  (45)
Sucks Charles got outed from an innocuous travel thread    04/13/21  (45)
Bill Hwang Had $20 Billion, Then Lost It All in Two Days    04/10/21  (44)
Victims of Amy Chua finally speak out (link)    04/14/21  (44)
RSF explain why your psycho pumo friend posted your beach pic in like summer 202    04/13/21  (44)
6 month old. 7 hour drive. Fly or drive?    04/13/21  (44)
✅ Amazon stomping the shit out of workers in union vote ❎    04/09/21  (44)
I can't find a rational argument for a Coinbase valuation anywhere close to 100b    04/14/21  (44)
At what point did elites decide to push critical theory over colorblindness    04/09/21  (44)
OldHLSDude - when you die (which is probably soon, sorry) your money --    04/14/21  (43)
Even with vaccines the US won't reach herd immunity ljl    04/10/21  (43)
Spotify quietly deleting controversial Joe Rogan episodes (link)    04/09/21  (43)
Explain psychology behind idiots like PP and SP who get outted and then    04/13/21  (43)
Mike Lindell launching an Amazon killer    04/13/21  (43)
Rate this VC partner on a scale of your sexual fantasies    04/08/21  (42)
WTF? I love Bari Weiss. Read this piece on CRT by Paul Rossi    04/14/21  (42)
very hard to be high IQ solitary type and deal w/ small kids    04/09/21  (42)
Wife works for F500. Every support function is outsourced faceless BS. Typical?    04/09/21  (42)
How much coffee do you drink per day?    04/12/21  (42)
PENTAGON releases video of PYRAMID SHAPED UFOS    04/11/21  (42)
Gonna have to sue some 24 year old shrew for a dumb reason. JFC.    04/14/21  (42)
the clips of angry mobs telling covid 'mask police' to fuck off are heartening    04/09/21  (41)
it's crazy that posting here is probably the biggest skeleton in our closet    04/13/21  (41)
lol so Tucker just read what DrakeMallard literally poasted yesterday    04/13/21  (41)
Dollar General quietly building an absolute empire across the USA    04/14/21  (41)
What’s the best brand of olive oil?    04/08/21  (41)
How can the RCC purge itself of faggots in the priesthood?    04/12/21  (41)
Ed Snowden sums up Trump perfectly    04/13/21  (41)
Could I retire in 8 years with like 2.5mm in my mid fifties?    04/14/21  (40)
🚨 BODY CAM FOOTAGE RELEASED 🚨    04/12/21  (40)
North Florida is basically maskless    04/14/21  (40)