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Official September DNC Debate Thread 😻😻😻    09/15/19  (593)
I changed my mind about babby, I'm having it (pf)    09/17/19  (386)
NYC Lib writer pens EPIC SCREED on how SHITLIB his kids' public schools are    09/14/19  (155)
Wife turned me down again for sex. Taking questions.    09/18/19  (132)
WaPo: Boy Scouts' future bleak due to their inability to adapt to modern times (    09/16/19  (125)
I need a 100% wfh $200k+ job    09/16/19  (120)
NYT: Women Poop. At Work. Get Over It.    09/18/19  (119)
STATE YOUR ALLEGIANCE: Do you support SAUDI ARABIA or IRAN in their upcoming war    09/17/19  (118)
CHALLENGE: Name one under-50 famous male actor who's never done capeshit    09/13/19  (115)
🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 ISRAEL ELECTIONS THREAD 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱    09/18/19  (114)
NYT: Pack the Supreme Court    09/17/19  (112)
What is a social issue about which shitlibs are correct?    09/18/19  (111)
Is XO seriously okay with CSLG plastering advertising on his kid's t-shirts?    09/13/19  (108)
NYT: The Airplanes were at fault for 9/11    09/12/19  (107)
CharlesXII here, taking specific suggestions for stuff to see in JAPAN    09/16/19  (104)
Fucked a 30 year old 6.5/10 last night. Taking Qs.    09/17/19  (101)
What is the most underrated LARGE city in the US?    09/17/19  (97)
How do 38+ xo men land 18-23 year olds?    09/13/19  (96)
lol even Blasey Ford's dad didn't think Kavanaugh did it    09/17/19  (92)
Rate this dance class video full of 20s and 30s women twerking    09/17/19  (86)
Married women are miserable and hate their husbands.    09/15/19  (86)
LA City Attorney kills family, kills himself    09/13/19  (85)
My kid's teacher just wrote me about his sexism    09/12/19  (85)
Where do you guys get your casual clothes?    09/13/19  (84)
Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids    09/16/19  (82)
ITT: The worst part of every classic video game    09/13/19  (82)
WTF actually is the POINT of fucking CAPITALISM?    09/14/19  (82)
GF is pressuring me to propose. Not sure what to do.    09/18/19  (81)
Who is the most fucked up xoxo poster of all time?    09/17/19  (81)
Just a TYPICAL weekend in the life of a chad (story from heartbroken woman)    09/15/19  (79)
What are the most Jewish male first names?    09/16/19  (77)
Why is abortion THE number 1 issue for so many lib women?    09/17/19  (77)
Xoxo "hates" GC yet defends every individual aspect of GC    09/14/19  (75)
NEVER RELAX AROUND BLACKS (video)    09/14/19  (73)
In hindsight, it's truly MINDBOGGLING how fucked up AZN AMERIKKKAN girls are    09/15/19  (73)
Confronted realtor who put open house sign on my lawn.    09/17/19  (72)
I went to Hebrew school and I have no idea what the Talmud is    09/12/19  (72)
Was work as miserable before ITE?    09/13/19  (71)
Smoking pork shoulder and watching football. Fuck libs.    09/16/19  (70)
Most of the marriages I know, the man benefits far more than the women    09/16/19  (70)
What do solo travelers do on vacation    09/12/19  (69)
20% Tip On Counter "Service" Is Now Standard (NYT)    09/16/19  (68)
Israel CAUGHT spying on the White House. Cuck Trump does nothing    09/13/19  (68)
Stacey Abrams: whites are done for, stop addressing them    09/12/19  (67)
I literally cannot pay my bills due to lack of cash    09/18/19  (65)
Got My Free CSLG T-Shirt Yesterday    09/18/19  (65)
Faggot boomer accused my dog of pooping in his yard    09/16/19  (64)
Biden has lost his marbles. Gives speech about beating a black guy w/ a chain.    09/17/19  (63)
hypo: all races dont exist except for ashkenazi jews, whats the world look like?    09/12/19  (62)
Green frozen veggies are 0.1% of a grocery store. Flame?    09/12/19  (60)
DO you think you could successfully tackle a Pro NFL player? CFB player?    09/17/19  (59)
I just told my wife that I want a divorce    09/13/19  (59)
Why are ALL dating app shrews so into “tacos” now?    09/12/19  (55)
The Sultan of Sunnyvale    09/14/19  (55)
Red wine is so much better than white wine it's insane.    09/15/19  (55)
Ultraorthodox Rabbi Finds $98,000 In Desk He Bought On CL, Returns It To Goyim    09/12/19  (54)
Do you talk sex life with irl friends    09/12/19  (54)
Seinfeld coming to Netflix after losing Friends and The Office (link)    09/17/19  (54)
Just bought ONE LITER of 180 CHERRY juice for .88 cents -- MAD BIRDSHITZ?    09/16/19  (53)
Once you see enough places, you can see how terrible America is.    09/14/19  (52)
Extremely infrequent old school poaster. Wish me luck in my custody fight    09/17/19  (52)
PewDiePie PULLS $50,000 pledge to Jewish anti-hate group after fan backlash!    09/13/19  (52)
Trump calls for investigation into Obama Netflix deal    09/18/19  (52)
I made toddler size law firm shirts that my son wears to daycare (CSLG)    09/12/19  (52)
RAND corporation discovers new strategic command resource: teen girls (link)    09/17/19  (52)
How can Saudi Arabia justify not going to war with Iran?    09/17/19  (52)
Why are Libs so comfortable with the mask dropping off now? Guns, Borders, etc.    09/15/19  (51)
Whok, what kind of pussy are you getting lately    09/15/19  (51)
Many British colloquialisms sound retarded..."maths" "reckon" "loo"    09/15/19  (50)
82.1% Of African Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Why isnt this a bigger deal?    09/17/19  (50)
Replaced WiFi Card On Thinkpad X230 Last Night. Thanks XO    09/14/19  (49)
10a-5pm, WFH Friday, 160K base + 20K bonus + 10% 401K contrib. JD preferred    09/18/19  (48)
Whole Foods is a total prolehole    09/18/19  (48)
Why are people so fat despite more people going to gym???    09/17/19  (47)
ONE IN FOUR NYC luxury apartments are vacant (NYT)    09/13/19  (46)
Why are JAPANESE so much better than other asians?    09/18/19  (46)
Should I go to my daughter’s birthday party today or get drunk and skip it?    09/15/19  (46)
Working in tech is truly 130 at times    09/16/19  (45)
Hanging out with CHAD but he's POOR (evan39)    09/18/19  (45)
NIGGER gets curb stomped in a mall. GRAPHIC VIDEO    09/13/19  (45)
BIRDSHITS: these photos from IRAQI KURDISTAN will DEVASTATE you    09/16/19  (45)
5 days to draft 11 page 3000 word brief?    09/18/19  (44)
Liking Mario 64 better than SMB3 is a Shitlennial/Gen Z TRASH tell.    09/12/19  (44)
If you lived in the 1600s you'd be a Christian    09/14/19  (44)
I love Internet and to do Computer    09/16/19  (43)
I'm out $600 after my(29m) best friend(31m) and his wife(29f) made me the door m    09/17/19  (43)
Recovered nearly $14,000,000 for clients this year (CSLG)    09/14/19  (43)
Accident Law    09/15/19  (43)
Upset men = Happy Women    09/16/19  (42)
Snopes: factually baseless but morally true    09/16/19  (42)
We should know Felicity Huffman’s fate any moment now    09/13/19  (42)
UCF up 14-0 four minutes into the game vs Stanford. LJFL at the Pac 10    09/14/19  (42)
At $170k, AOC can't budget to pay off $20k of student loans, makes show of it    09/11/19  (42)
What percent of married couples have sex regularly?    09/18/19  (42)
forum for people who hop trains makes XO 2019 look like XO 2006    09/15/19  (41)
/*/* Trump moves to ban e-cigarettes /*/*    09/12/19  (41)
Playing basketball with Asians is the worst experience imaginable    09/16/19  (41)
Got absolutely pwnd today by my shit life    09/18/19  (41)
rating poasters as Democratic Presidential candidates    09/14/19  (40)
House passes bill forcing schools to let males compete in women's sports (link)    09/17/19  (40)
So Dems are definitely coming for ARE guns    09/17/19  (40)
Rate my salary progression after graduating from law school.    09/12/19  (39)
What's the cr RPM to keep a car running under?    09/17/19  (39)
xo is wrong about the NFL. It is anti-GC.    09/16/19  (39)
If you could see any musical group or artist dead or alive, who would you pick?    09/15/19  (39)
RATE Jennifer Lopez at 49 and compare her to 29    09/17/19  (39)
Rank Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and Super Mario 64    09/12/19  (38)
SCOTUS overrules 9th Circuit, allows enforcement of Trump asylum restrictions    09/12/19  (38)
Most coders burn out by mid 30s    09/15/19  (38)
Feds now going after frequent flyer fraud    09/15/19  (37)
am I the youngest one here I’m 33    09/17/19  (37)
California Passes Bill Requiring Contract Workers to Be Labeled EMPLOYEES    09/15/19  (36)
I’m going to kill myself tonight    09/14/19  (36)
Really want to get in a physical fight IRL    09/12/19  (36)
without looking, guess the number of federal judges appointed by Obama    09/17/19  (36)
BBC: Was the CIA "too white" in order to spot 9/11 clues? (link)    09/13/19  (36)
Had sex w/ hot 21 yo tiny curvy jewess. Can't brag to anyone but xo    09/14/19  (36)
are libs going to win in the end? they don't seem like winners tbh    09/17/19  (36)
It's sad but the best women are still lib women    09/12/19  (35)
Teen girl pwns her brother by blasting a fart at him (vid)    09/16/19  (35)
THEORY about STAGNATION in BIRDSHIT countries    09/11/19  (35)
If punter accidentally drop kicks punt thru the uprights does it count as 3 pts?    09/14/19  (35)
if a modern game dev team made an NES game today, how good wld it look    09/13/19  (35)
Lol at people defending this Chappelle special    09/13/19  (34)
Your Parents’ Financial Advice Is (Kind Of) Wrong (xo will appreciate this one    09/13/19  (34)
You really can’t think too hard about your life/existence    09/18/19  (34)
Attorney General moving forward with criminal charges against Andrew McCabe    09/12/19  (34)
California legislators make school discipline flat-out ILLEGAL:    09/12/19  (34)
I am making $4,175 month net income. Still live w parents. Age 27.    09/13/19  (34)
Just finished up my screenplay. Total masterpiece. What do I do now?    09/12/19  (33)
it pisses me off that other forums stop you from replying to old threads    09/18/19  (33)
Teachers in California earn 85k/year    09/17/19  (33)
Made $1,378,789 in my legal career --- PRESTIGIOUS?    09/12/19  (33)
If rather have John Robert die than RBG    09/13/19  (32)
BIRDSHITS in ex-SOVIET republics are 1,000 better than US BIRDSHITS    09/11/19  (32)
Video: Man pushed on to Metro tracks in violent attack    09/17/19  (32)
C-I!!! T-A!!!! D-E-L!!!!!!!    09/16/19  (32)
WSJ: Iran launched a missile attack on Saudi oilfield from Iraq or Iran    09/16/19  (32)
Sickly UES Jew: The links are under construction.    09/12/19  (31)
report: trump fired bolton b/c trump wants to ease sanctions on iran    09/12/19  (31)
Anyone else think sunscreen is basically a scam    09/17/19  (31)
Cam Newton is garbage now    09/14/19  (31)
in 1950s & 60s u be a mechanic or milkman & have 3-story mansion, rolling estate    09/12/19  (31)
Jcm here, rating poasters as songs i loved in my youth    09/17/19  (31)
Which Uber law firm signed off on this one weird trick?    09/12/19  (30)
I was just banned from Nextdoor.    09/17/19  (30)
what are your big 5 traits    09/16/19  (30)
Ancient Romans vs Ancient Isrealities who wins?    09/17/19  (30)
Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger the most famous body builder?    09/15/19  (30)
Every fucking career these days is soulless and boring    09/13/19  (30)