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Another cop being a pig and unnecessarily escalating a situation    09/30/16  (158)
is this description of the alt-right accurate    09/27/16  (72)
Hypo: John Huntsman wins 2016 Republican Nomination    09/28/16  (58)
Atlantic: Inequality in the Virtual Classroom (minorities suck at MOOCs)    09/26/16  (58)
Ran my 5K in just over 21 minutes (Earl)    09/30/16  (52)
Leave biglaw with 800k and retire to Southern France?    09/26/16  (49)
My elementary school kids spends $7 a day in cafeteria    09/30/16  (43)
Stronglifts 5X5 is not sustainable for man over 30 for more than like a month    09/29/16  (42)
It's almost impossible to land a gig on Glassdoor/Monster/Indeed    09/29/16  (42)
what's your best advice for donald trump in the next debate    09/29/16  (42)
1st year, only billed 1000 hours so far ljl im fukt    09/29/16  (40)
Hypo: You are mistakently labeled a racist and it goes viral    09/26/16  (40)
Rate these teachers' salaries for school district in Orange County, CA    09/29/16  (38)
#TrumpWon is trending No. 1 on Twitter    09/27/16  (36)
Rate HRC walk down stairs in MFH today    09/26/16  (34)
basically no one eats at chipotle now    09/29/16  (33)
Shitlibs: do NOT enter this thread. You will be TRIGGERED (pic)    09/30/16  (32)
Hypo: You are 18 again, must attend a Boston area college    09/25/16  (30)
My lib friends are terrified for tonight's debate    09/26/16  (29)
Name The World's Busiest Airport (Cargo)    09/30/16  (28)
Rate this freshman at UC Santa Barbara    09/30/16  (28)
Landlord-tenant question - security deposit for ripped floor    09/29/16  (27)
best campaign moment in last 2 months is still easily kayleigh's pussy slip    09/27/16  (27)
What will we call Bill Clinton when he becomes First Gentleman?    09/29/16  (26)
Daily Mail: Lawyer who shot 9 people in Houston was dressed in 'NAZI paraphenali    09/26/16  (26)
Why do low-IQ ppl love to say "both presidential candidates suck"    09/25/16  (26)
Hillary voter. I won't to hate fuck that blond Trump surrogate on CNN,    09/30/16  (25)
Rate this Persian teen    09/29/16  (25)
does anyone genuinely realize how weird that debate and everything else has been    09/27/16  (24)
Community theater actor sentenced to death for killing 2 to pay for wedding    09/27/16  (24)
tons of homework to do. literally done nothing all day and about to pop provigil    09/26/16  (22)
HOW DO I BEAT A SPEEDING TICKET?    09/29/16  (22)
Cascade Mall shooter in Washington is JEWISH    09/24/16  (22)
Why does sitting alone at a bar seem so much cooler in movies/TV    09/28/16  (20)
How badly is Kelly Ann Conway's husband shunned at Wachtell??    09/28/16  (19)
Majority of polls say Hillary won    09/28/16  (19)
real talk: hillary is destroying trump (not flame)    09/26/16  (19)
Hypo: Hillary faints during debate    09/26/16  (19)
Rate this Gen-Xers advice re: "company culture" in Corporate America    09/26/16  (18)
Do transactional lawyers have to write a lot???    09/25/16  (18)
Why do nubile college chicks take selfies like these:    09/25/16  (18)
xo exodus mass retirement thread 9/29    09/30/16  (17)
Doyle Brunson Unloads on annoying YLS grad Vanessa Selbst over Trump    09/24/16  (17)
Reminder: Alicia Mechado got caught having sex on a reality TV show in Spain    09/30/16  (16)
part of the middle class decline is higher prices due to black crime    09/26/16  (16)
Hypo: Bang the Hottest girl at Cal Tech or median at UCSB?    09/30/16  (15)
Trump rekts Alicia Machado (1st Miss Universe)    09/30/16  (15)
ITT: Truth about kids and marriage    09/29/16  (15)
Why is U.S. even fighting wars in the Middle East?    09/29/16  (15)
"cyber" -- President Donald J. Trump    09/28/16  (15)
BREAKING: 9 killed in UIUC shooting    09/25/16  (15)
POLL: do you think pugs are CUTE or UGLY    09/25/16  (15)
Crazy NYC employee Spic-chimp pulled a can of mace on me at the beach yesterday    09/25/16  (14)
IGWC you in NYC?    09/25/16  (14)
"Moving on to.. WAIT who just joined? WHO JUST JOINED??"    09/24/16  (14)
Trump pwns CNN in a single tweet.    09/30/16  (13)
Anderson Cooper and Hilldog are going to gangbang Trump at next debate. But Trum    09/28/16  (13)
Jew kike Shimon Peres dies at 93    09/28/16  (13)
not flame provigil is the ultimate and perfect hangover cure. provigil. buy it    09/27/16  (13)
Trump now crushing Time Poll    09/27/16  (13)
Played golf yesterday with a +1 Handicap. It is really just amazing.    09/27/16  (13)
Sexual quotemo's fat penis making an actual semen swamp in IGWC's asshole    09/27/16  (13)
at 6 yo's football practice. good lord this is unbeaeable. how many mos?    09/25/16  (13)
Mark Cuban getting his shit shoved in by Ben Garrison    09/24/16  (13)
Stanford Swimmer/Rapist Serves his time and comes home to this    09/29/16  (12)
this site has amazing russian escorts    09/30/16  (12)
My former hedge fund friend is now a rabid anti-semite    09/24/16  (12)
Taking ?s on PERSONAL JURISDICTION    09/30/16  (11)
Xo has normalized degenerate homosexuality to me where MSM+school couldn't    09/29/16  (11)
Educated Asian friend vs charlotte blacks    09/28/16  (11)
Is this what high school girls upload on YouTube these days?    09/25/16  (11)
guy i know on propecia lost all muscle tone and has memory loss    09/28/16  (10)
Dorks on this website cannot understand why Trump is attacking Machado.    09/30/16  (9)
The irony of "lock her up" is that Trump is who'll probably end up jailed    09/30/16  (9)
Plaintiffs Securities Litigation    09/30/16  (9)
Ex boyfriend commenting girls instagram    09/29/16  (9)
Wife's carpet does not match her drapes.    09/29/16  (9)
Rate the smugness of this NYT writer (((Paul Krugman))) tweet    09/27/16  (9)
Poast your race and hair color in this thread.    09/25/16  (9)
Boston College vs Cornell (Which one do you go to?)    09/25/16  (9)
MSM says Washington mall shooter is HISPANIC, but security footage shows he's ME    09/24/16  (9)
Would you date this 20yo chick Reed College sophomore    09/30/16  (8)
HuffPo rips Trump a new one amid his tweets about Alicia Machado    09/30/16  (8)
What cut do Temp Agencies take for hourly contract law firm work?    09/28/16  (8)
DBG - rate this 15yo Israeli chick in Tel Aviv    09/29/16  (8)
oh my god it's going to be a great debate holy shit here we gooooooooooooooooooo    09/26/16  (8)
I know I was trolling iPhone but lol just lol it's 180    09/26/16  (8)
180 NEW TRUMP AD: "The most important job any woman can have is being a mother."    09/30/16  (7)
Yahoo News: Commission admits issues with Trump audio during debate    09/30/16  (7)
now libs coming after advertising agencies for INSUFFICIENT DIVERSITY    09/30/16  (7)
I don't want to be @ work today just want 2 clean apt &rewatch Videodrome    09/30/16  (7)
Gunbros: should I get a Norinco SKS?    09/30/16  (7)
All polls say Trump won except CNN poll    09/27/16  (7)
J-J-J-JULIA! looks like my mom (NOT FLAME)    09/26/16  (7)
Women were never meant to work    09/25/16  (7)
PSA: Hispanics don't go shooting up malls    09/25/16  (7)
Rate this FB post of Arcan Cetin    09/25/16  (7)
LOL LSU    09/24/16  (7)
Ask me to draw something and I'll draw it for you    09/24/16  (7)
why do Israelis want the U.S. to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel    09/30/16  (6)
HiSPANIC HERE: most Hispanics dont like Alicia Machado    09/30/16  (6)
Lol my iPhone autocorrects "gun" to "fun"    09/28/16  (6)
Libs gonna lib -- Obama Says Backing Third-Party Candidates is Vote for Trump    09/28/16  (6)
Should I just become an admissions counselor at a University?    09/28/16  (6)
How much do you think Casey Nestiat makes? (Youtuber)    09/29/16  (6)
Do most people in Israel live in shitty apartments?    09/28/16  (6)
anti-defamation league says pepe is a hate symbol lol    09/27/16  (6)
read economist cover to cover to ace lsat reading comp section?    09/26/16  (6)
what are the all-time best albums of the last 2 years    09/25/16  (6)
how does gary johnson still have 15% of the vote after the tongue thing    09/25/16  (6)
Gary Johnson and John Kasich are really fucking UGLY    09/25/16  (6)
The debates are expected to draw more viewers than the Super Bowl    09/25/16  (6)
Friend is District Manager for a retail chain makes $120k    09/24/16  (6)
Money (boor)    09/24/16  (6)
Not flame: you need 5+ years of manager experience to work at Arby's as a manage    09/28/16  (5)
How the HELL do you maintain references?    09/28/16  (5)
Goy: "Why did G-d make the goyim?"; Jew: "someone has to pay retail"    09/30/16  (5)
imagine your grandfather saying "i'm with her"    09/26/16  (5)
What was the central theme of Of Mice and Men? Kill dumbs?    09/26/16  (5)
Gennifer Flowers, ex lover of Bill, agrees to show up at Monday's debate    09/24/16  (5)
Charlotte riots are truly "Africa" in America - why can't people see this?    09/24/16  (5)
Is Imagine Dragons good?    09/24/16  (5)
Chubby Wellesley 5.75 roofying Boner Police at a mixer    09/23/16  (5)
LJL media gangbang on Trump continues. Deposition video with racist shit coming    09/30/16  (4)
Zombie movies arent realistic because theres not enough raping    09/30/16  (4)
Lol at you cucks working to support sub 80 IQ black people    09/30/16  (4)
SoCal Bros: Taking a date to Lake Arrowhead    09/29/16  (4)
a mother's tears falling on a suicide note written on back of a tufts diploma    09/29/16  (4)
trump, shut the fuck up about the beauty queen!    09/29/16  (4)
for all the hate TUFTS gets here, perseus project is 180    09/28/16  (4)
god damn, marilyn mosby sounds like an insufferable bitch    09/28/16  (4)
180 how girls see a slightly receding hairline and rule out a guy entirely    09/28/16  (4)
Donald Jr.'s wife is so busted    09/26/16  (4)
Just got hit by autoreply email from British lawyer with three thanks    09/25/16  (4)
Rate Arcan Cetin (musbro mall shooter)    09/24/16  (4)
cute Trump surrogate, AJ Delgado, rekts MSNBC    09/30/16  (3)
completely lost interest in trump since he stopped talking GC    09/30/16  (3)
is merkel gonna bail out deutsche bank    09/29/16  (3)
Noticed a '7.6' & '9.2' monogram on partner's cuffs today    09/27/16  (3)
NOT FLAME: pepe appeared in last night's debate behind HRC    09/27/16  (3)
DBG - what would happen if they destroy Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem    09/30/16  (3)
FLASHBACK: George W. Bush vs. John Kerry 2004 POTUS debate    09/27/16  (3)
Why does the Bible say Israel will be destroyed?    09/27/16  (3)
my law school just sent out an email saying no maga hats allowed on campus today    09/27/16  (3)
Trump didn't say "build the wall" one time.    09/27/16  (3)
literally just had a VERY VIP person contact me about getting some provigil    09/26/16  (3)
Fox News is saying Trump lost. LJL, its over.    09/26/16  (3)
   09/26/16  (3)
FLASHBACK: Trump rekts John Kasich at the GOP debate    09/26/16  (3)