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i unironically feel like a real bitchboi tonight    05/24/22  (3)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/24/22  (123)
A dozen kids shot in elementary school mass shooting. USA! USA! USA!    05/24/22  (152)
If shooter is from south of the border, libs will say Covid is not over    05/24/22  (1)
Why did Border Patrol respond to school shooting??    05/24/22  (4)
Omnipotent, omnipresent "god" lets a bunch of kids get shot, why    05/24/22  (13)
3 years as a solo--here are my numbers    05/24/22  (18)
Doordash inflation is insane    05/24/22  (3)
Is there a bigger prole tell than “gun ownership”?    05/24/22  (82)
Zelensky is like a homeless dude who doesn't want food, just money    05/24/22  (10)
Mavs in 7    05/24/22  (1)
Unlimited bread sticks*, *TSINAH is no longer welcome at our establishment    05/24/22  (2)
Why is the news misgendering the school shooter?    05/24/22  (1)
The bitchmade faggot trash masquerading as "christian" "men" in america    05/24/22  (1)
hypo: u print a nude pic of ur wife to 1 work printer, xo nig thread to another    05/24/22  (7)
If you give a single shit about this shooting you are a huge worthless fag    05/24/22  (3)
What does board hate TINSAH    05/24/22  (6)
Are defense contractors ok with Afghan withdraw Now in light of Ukraine?    05/24/22  (5)
If the name is Ramos, libs will "vamos!"    05/24/22  (16)
Burger king coupon 3 whoppers 3 cheeseburgers 3 fries 3 drinks $12.99    05/24/22  (24)
Uvalde shooting just proves Mexicans are really assimilating as Americans    05/24/22  (1)
Ukraine FUCKED; Russia deploying new state of the art tanks (link    05/24/22  (9)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    05/24/22  (134)
Classics has been skinsuited for years and years    05/24/22  (44)
if Texas doesn't want kids to die, maybe they shouldn't act like faggots 🤷    05/24/22  (1)
TOP GUN: Maverick was fucking GREAT    05/24/22  (24)
New photo shows Texas shooter was a tranny wtf    05/24/22  (25)
The Book of Ricky    05/24/22  (2)
Why does board hate TSINAH just because he's hateable?    05/24/22  (1)
How do I buy BTC for CASH    05/24/22  (4)
Sadly Russia is just stronger than Ukraine in broad-front battles    05/24/22  (3)
Every NBA game is a blowout now lol    05/24/22  (7)
This place is for bitch bois to INCELate themselves from reality    05/24/22  (1)
Ricky finally escaping the world getting torn apart by the quantum vacuum    05/24/22  (3)
Flags at half staff for Uvdale, but not for Buffalo? Libs?    05/24/22  (2)
Really hope Dems run on gun confiscation for 2022 and 2024. Lets go    05/24/22  (2)
if the name is Ramos, libs will vamos    05/24/22  (2)
After Campus Uproar, Princeton Proposes to Fire Tenured Professor    05/24/22  (49)
What red state area is CR for home prices?    05/24/22  (33)
The Mimetic Theory of Blank Bumps    05/24/22  (3)
Just bought another Glock 19. Fuck you Libs    05/24/22  (13)
How can i become a Scientist at age 40?    05/24/22  (11)
It's Sick but today is a YUUUGE political win for libs    05/24/22  (15)
Real talk: buy shares in gun company stocks. AOBC, RGR etc    05/24/22  (2)
Bro that owns 2nd home in Uvalde TX taking ?    05/24/22  (45)
If the race is omitted, the left has forfeited.    05/24/22  (1)
Article says local cops evacuated their own kids from school first?    05/24/22  (4)
Dallas Mavericks to be the first team to ever cum back from 3-0 series deficit.    05/24/22  (1)
I have WAY fewer disciples than box or nutella imho    05/24/22  (28)
gun fags who "concealed carry" - be honest, have you ever drawn it?    05/24/22  (88)
Is this “Qanon JFK reincarnation” thing (((media))) flame?    05/24/22  (6)
So the Warriors’ scrubs are gaining on the Mavs’ starters? LJL    05/24/22  (11)
Can any posters here write even 1/10th Hunter S Thompson wave crest essay or any    05/24/22  (1)
Love Death + Robots is pretty fun    05/24/22  (13)
Three states full of subhumans: Kentucky, Idaho, Montana    05/24/22  (2)
"I'm one of the good ones"    05/24/22  (3)
So this is the deadliest female spree killer in history, right?    05/24/22  (3)
TSINAH your GF is 180 and my wife is freaking beautiful too    05/24/22  (1)
Yup, the shooting was a TRANNY (pic)    05/24/22  (27)
What're your obligation levels when a grandparent's new spouse dies?    05/24/22  (22)
Post triumphant Sega games that no one cares about    05/24/22  (3)
My organic GF is so hot that kids ask for her picture at Disney World (TSINAH)    05/24/22  (11)
Are law firms going to email about this incident? they emailed about Buffalo    05/24/22  (1)
Modern physics has an actual dr. seuss ontology    05/24/22  (1)
The tranny was in the country illegally? Lol    05/24/22  (1)
My dog immediately leaves the room when a fly comes in. Anyone else?    05/24/22  (1)
Watching The Leftovers on HBO. Did XO ever get into this?    05/24/22  (3)
rapper openly brags on podcast about suing every 9-5 job he's ever had    05/24/22  (4)
US House voted 420-1 to condem antisemitism...XO Thomas Massie    05/24/22  (39)
This is what happens when DEI hires run the MKUltra program    05/24/22  (1)
dark matter / dark energy is just DMT elves HTMFH    05/24/22  (2)
I am calling for a complete and total ban of Texas until we figure out what the    05/24/22  (1)
Marjorie Taylor Greene wins reelection and George P Bush loses    05/24/22  (13)
Shamelessly soliciting things to listen to    05/24/22  (26)
Jews seem a bit unhinged lately    05/24/22  (3)
BAM! Gawker writes an expose on your XO persona using your real    05/24/22  (8)
Thoughts on moderately tall big butt redheads?    05/24/22  (30)
What is the spookiest thing that has happened on this site?    05/24/22  (75)
Any XO approved solutions to school shootings?    05/24/22  (140)
Why does TSINAH come here to make outlandish lies?    05/24/22  (1)
The reason there's no gun control is bc these crimes don't impact boomers    05/24/22  (1)
imagine TSINAH sweating, grunting, thrusting on top of you    05/24/22  (2)
KITH    05/24/22  (1)
do you guys have any idea how big the universe is    05/24/22  (3)
Georgia seems to really fucking hate Trump    05/24/22  (1)
sex with men for money vs. oral with men for crack rock. thoughts?    05/24/22  (1)
emilio after someone steals his seat on the bus    05/24/22  (8)
NBA betting king giving advice for Mavs GSW Game 4. Go all in on Mavs today    05/24/22  (5)
Davíd Hoggzalez recounting gunman's rampage to Univision reporter in broken spa    05/24/22  (5)
Paying for TSINAH to do a fitness boot camp (CSLG)    05/24/22  (13)
Arkansas Gov. Mansion GET THE TOILETS READY, Sarah Huckabee Sanders wins primary    05/24/22  (1)
Check out this spider dood I just rescued    05/24/22  (15)
La Chancla nanny wants to take my son to her nephew's bday party this weekend.    05/24/22  (1)
Finally about to take off back to Orlando (TSINAH)    05/24/22  (17)
All the shit being spewed by people is not the reality    05/24/22  (26)
Taylor Lorenz trying to police journalism again (link)    05/24/22  (6)
Any XO approved school shootings?    05/24/22  (1)
i am a white supremacist incel and this website radicalized online    05/24/22  (1)
Describe life in Mt. Shasta, CA.    05/24/22  (4)
I think I’m going to die of a brain aneurism tonight    05/24/22  (4)
howard hamlin maed it    05/24/22  (3)
RATE the high-powered women of Akin Gump    05/24/22  (11)
All the HS girls I follow on Insta have been putting up prom pics. Love it.    05/24/22  (2)
The San Diego Zoo was 180 today (TSINAH)    05/24/22  (31)
George P. Bush humiliated his family to try to win AG race, lost it today    05/24/22  (4)
George Takei: I'm more of a MAN than Tucker Carlson    05/24/22  (17)
your future wife discovering "Dark Energy"    05/24/22  (1)
middlebrow 90s movies about academia that laid it on really thick    05/24/22  (26)
So those south Texas trauma surgeons lost almost ALL of their wounded patients?    05/24/22  (1)
Golden Retriever Puppy Friend Saying I Love You (pic)    05/24/22  (5)
Just fucking lol at trump and Kemp    05/24/22  (1)
CR to just wfh from some flophouse on the blackrock plantation?    05/24/22  (5)
pedude, I got a vasectomy. you can rawdog me now.    05/24/22  (7)
i think Dark Energy is the most important scientific discovery of our time    05/24/22  (2)
Why didn’t scholars of olde write treatises complaining about phenotype?    05/24/22  (46)
i'd spend 10s of dollars on superchats on cslg's youtube livestream    05/24/22  (1)
Do skinny/fit girls prefer small dicks?    05/24/22  (27)
and now for the jew's next trick...    05/24/22  (2)
Do I have a bad attitude? Someone accused me today of being negative.    05/24/22  (6)
Today's shooting totally validates TT and libs today    05/24/22  (14)
Better to have a dozen school shootings than a single Drag Queen Story Hour    05/24/22  (2)
I don't even go outside anymore. Fucking hate this god damn country    05/24/22  (4)
Turn to your right. Turn to your left.    05/24/22  (2)
what do hedge fund managers who blow up their funds do after?    05/24/22  (33)
Lesser-known market bubbles that are primed to burst?    05/24/22  (45)
Wow, Uvalde County is MAGA Country.    05/24/22  (2)
New text-to-image network from Google beats DALL-E    05/24/22  (9)
Lol, Mavs soundly beating shitlib Warriors, game stopped because of "roof leak"    05/24/22  (5)
Kraftwerk - Tour de France (Etape 1).ngr    05/24/22  (3)
WHY did tsinah represent his gf was an 8.5 then allow her to be photographed    05/24/22  (67)
Stunning new Bangladeshi porn star Numi Zarah.    05/24/22  (5)
Do your impression of exeunt in a bear market    05/24/22  (4)
a crazy catlady pussy for every incel    05/24/22  (5)
I'm in Dallas - it's a complete shithole    05/24/22  (73)
Whok Beterbiev JSJ odds are insane    05/24/22  (26)
How much wealth is realistic to achieve as a lawyer?    05/24/22  (7)
This shooting is shitlib shitborg's last stand before November.    05/24/22  (1)
“Gimme back my birthright you little shit!” *Esau chases Jacob down stairs*    05/24/22  (5)
If "Ramos Salvador" is an illegal, we won't here anymore about this    05/24/22  (24)
XO not taking small children being murdered today shows it's all over    05/24/22  (4)
Shitlib shitborg is sure excited today.    05/24/22  (1)
should i go to law school to try to find a wife    05/24/22  (1)
"The Great Escape" except Gentiles fleeing kike sim nightmare    05/24/22  (16)
It is impossible to get pussy in this economy    05/24/22  (2)
10.1k Right-wing & libertarian men, we hate you.    05/24/22  (9)
They let a freaky 18yo man in ti murder small children and staff?    05/24/22  (3)
btw just in case you haven't noticed FLW's new moniker is Pentti Linkola    05/24/22  (1)
saw an up close pic of a vag and nearly puked    05/24/22  (2)

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