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Trump is objectively correct about CNN, NYTimes (and WaPo)    02/25/17  (44)
Did any adult women ever do anything inappropriate with you as a kid    02/25/17  (37)
Awkward moment - guy I play basketball with in 'urban league' delivered amazon    02/24/17  (37)
POLL: which one of the 2 mindsets describes you    02/25/17  (19)
Why are women outearning men in graduate degrees yet earn less    02/25/17  (17)
CNN seriously pissed about ban. They're using the 72 pt font reserved for MH370!    02/24/17  (10)
What is the difference between HBO Go and HBO now    02/25/17  (8)
Sweden rejects asylum application for threatened Bangladeshi blogger    02/24/17  (8)
Austrian teens being taught how to do kegel exercises in school (vid)    02/25/17  (7)
Study: Lesbians give each other more orgasms than men    02/25/17  (6)
libs: why should NPR be publicly funded?    02/24/17  (6)
before whaling, whales used to follow humans in the sea and protect them    02/24/17  (6)
Oldmos: describe the economy in the 1990s    02/24/17  (5)
Best rock band of all time? Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam?    02/24/17  (5)
Anyone else cop Uber Flat Fares for the month?    02/24/17  (5)
evan39 did you see the tribute post i made for you    02/25/17  (4)
Asian guy at the office wore a scarf one day, we all called him scarf boy until    02/24/17  (4)
Bunch of cool dads in reasonable cool jeans mildly rocking out to Foo Fighters    02/24/17  (4)
JFC i think my cousin meant to snapchat this pic to her boyfriend not me (link    02/24/17  (4)
very few quotemos I wouldn't put a bullet in just to not have 2 read their posts    02/24/17  (3)
Is this song kool?    02/24/17  (2)
NYC Uber-users: Do you tip?    02/24/17  (2)
Honey, why does your face smell like African-American sperm?    02/24/17  (2)
TRUMP - Tranny bathrooms? States rights! Legalized marijuana? Federal supremacy!    02/24/17  (2)
is fatness more correlated with mental illness in women than in men?    02/24/17  (1)
Sorry to hear about your dad. Go ahead and take a half day.    02/24/17  (1)
Why does having bad gas make your balls hurt?    02/24/17  (1)
Ghostface Billah is really the best lawyer out there 02/24/17 (7)    02/24/17  (1)
hot little shitstains are straight slutting it up around town in the sun today    02/24/17  (1)