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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
xo JJ Reddick wishes nba chink fans happy new year    02/18/18  (3)
Bam you have 10MM post-taxes after selling ETH; what would you do w/ your life?    02/18/18  (16)
My cousin's wife is a disgusting striver    02/18/18  (25)
Do women like Melania ever care that much about getting cheated on?    02/18/18  (19)
If ETH hits 950 I'll give one to everyone in this thread who says please.    02/18/18  (24)
Breitbart Jews Stunned, Scared by Eruption of Anti-Semitism    02/18/18  (2)
Wife made a joke about uncircumcised guys. I'm uncircumcised.    02/18/18  (38)
Wow Dunkirk fucking sucked balls    02/18/18  (2)
I have made a decision on Honda vs Subaru (pics)    02/18/18  (50)
women hate sex, they only do it for men    02/18/18  (26)
What kind of "man" says "Trump just needs to fuck off and die already" in respon    02/18/18  (1)
Jim kelly why didnt u go to Cornell and cop big Rochester law    02/18/18  (4)
If you're not taking active steps to make yourself dumber you're insane    02/18/18  (2)
One, two, three and to the four / 1 dad, 2 dads, 3 dads, 4    02/18/18  (1)
What's the most prestigious bedtime?    02/18/18  (26)
Should I move to Colombia, Brazil, or Thailand?    02/18/18  (35)
Video game idea: MASS shooter, where you play a grossly-obese rampage killer    02/18/18  (6)
RATE: these asian teens in Bikinis    02/18/18  (6)
At Nuremberg Trials they executed a guy for merely writing bad things about Jews    02/18/18  (20)
we all interfered in Brexit by poasting. i'll negotiate group surrender terms    02/18/18  (2)
This JoS. A. Bank President's Day Sale is pretty good    02/18/18  (3)
Danica Patrick shattering the glass ceiling head first at 200 MPH    02/18/18  (2)
Crazy how Dragon Ball Super is the only reasonable justification for GC    02/18/18  (2)
spent a few days in buenos aires and enjoyed myself    02/18/18  (5)
I have AIDS    02/18/18  (1)
Plot out your "ideal" "work" day    02/18/18  (13)
this is the music (((they))) want your children to listen to & watch    02/18/18  (7)
Spoiler for the the end of Star Trek Discovery Season 1    02/18/18  (3)
Sounds like Charles XII has some fancy book learnin    02/18/18  (5)
Born in 81. Is that millennial or gen x???    02/18/18  (102)
Watching Daytona 500, eating borscht, and cleaning my AR-15. FUCK LIBS    02/18/18  (6)
Baby Boomer$ are fraud$ that ruined your lives and you allowed it    02/18/18  (7)
US sanctions Putin linked Subaru dealer. He trades CPO dualie in response.    02/18/18  (1)
whats the most insane life plan youve had    02/18/18  (15)
man dies of heart attack, his golden retriever drags his body 8miles to hospital    02/18/18  (26)
"You're ripping my asshole, jinx!" Screamed whokebe as jinx orgasmed    02/18/18  (1)
What's the most prestigious bedtime story?    02/18/18  (2)
I wonder what holdupholdup is doin right now    02/18/18  (6)
Check out my replica mont blanc pen. it is "gold" and looks 180.    02/18/18  (15)
US sanctions Putin linked Serb arms dealer. He tortures CIA duder in response.    02/18/18  (1)
Teen carries dead mom to school in backpack for 6 months.    02/18/18  (30)
Gushers ad: teen blondes, eager to try black cum, won't like it at first    02/18/18  (3)
Need legal geniuses GTTTR + libslurper120 to explain how each indictment = Trump    02/18/18  (1)
Weird thing that I've noticed about SA.    02/18/18  (139)
By Ivy League standards, Princeton has a lot of hot white girls    02/18/18  (6)
Just tried coffee meets bagel for first time. Why is it all azn chicks    02/18/18  (3)
I have 210K of debt from Trinity    02/18/18  (6)
Political correctness --> women in military --> grenades phased out    02/18/18  (93)
Leading Twitter shitlibs officially backtracking on TRUMP COLLUSION    02/18/18  (38)
So Trump isn't going to Parkland? Haha wow holy shit    02/18/18  (3)
RSF: lets rage! LtDan: *licks lips* mmm milk truk just arrive    02/18/18  (38)
rate this diagram of how ur penis compares with BIGCOCK.    02/18/18  (8)
Former Pro Genie Bouchard Asks If Youll Lick Her Tits After 3 Sets (PIC) #tennis    02/18/18  (7)
Re: Trump's Puckered Asshole    02/18/18  (91)
Andie MacDowell's daughters: OH GOD OH -    02/18/18  (97)
all these black hip hop artists on youtube "oh ya id accept a gay rapper"    02/18/18  (1)
Yellowstone earthquake: Fears for deadly SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION after TEN quakes    02/18/18  (2)
its impossible for anything to be good anymore    02/18/18  (4)
Wife choked on about 7 uncircumcised guys. I'm circumcised.    02/18/18  (1)
metaphysics do your opinions change a lot    02/18/18  (16)
me and my wife's son just saw Black Panther. AMA    02/18/18  (1)
The most recent episode of dragon ball super was awesome    02/18/18  (15)
Saw Black Panther. Really made me appreciate how beautiful and wonderful Africa    02/18/18  (1)
If you read any work of historical fiction, let it be IMPERIUM by Robert Harris    02/18/18  (7)
"Call me Josh" about Africans buying NYC slaves for 1700's Congo labor.    02/18/18  (1)
Ever since I started wearing bad boy Chad stubble my looks have gone up +1    02/18/18  (8)
anyone ever push out a feces so big it made u do a hands-free cum?    02/18/18  (7)
This place has become very mean spirited: not just some pumos, the whole place    02/18/18  (79)
Looks like JAMES FIELDS might get acquitted for the Charlottesville thing    02/18/18  (36)
Vitalkin Buterin vs PFR phenotypes    02/18/18  (2)
Amazon could be a LEGIT Enron-type fraud    02/18/18  (60)
If you cant make at least 150k as a lawyer something is wrong with you.    02/18/18  (64)
thinking of hiring a male escort to hit on wife when she's out with her friends    02/18/18  (15)
i have two dads    02/18/18  (3)
Charles and Krampusnacht are the same person. I'm a chad, btw.    02/18/18  (4)
Bar fight who wins: Furniture Movers or D2 college d-line?    02/18/18  (4)
Is Dragon Ball GT part of the official canon    02/18/18  (2)
Crazy how Russia and US switched villain and hero roles so quickly    02/18/18  (6)
*Pays $900 in airfare* *Flies 14 hours* *Sits on beach identical to Tampa    02/18/18  (17)
Peterman: did u FUCK or no    02/18/18  (1)
ate my roommates expensive artisinal cookies    02/18/18  (6)
Dogs think a newborn is just a chunk that fell off the vagina and is carried aro    02/18/18  (2)
So, Dr Federer Has Won 9 of 14 Titles Since His Comeback? #tennis    02/18/18  (9)
Do you know any decent chicks that hang out with chicks that have poor moral    02/18/18  (1)
ran by so many fats on my run today    02/18/18  (15)
When it's time for you and the bull to discuss rotating your husband out. [nytim    02/18/18  (3)
CNN ticker right now "Trump concedes he may lose election"    02/18/18  (16)
Trumpmos: If Trump doesn't formally concede, will your opinion of him change?    02/18/18  (24)
Fuckup a Fattie friday; like the purge but weekly on all fats.    02/18/18  (3)
xo anthem: Oscar Isaac - Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (Inside Llewyn Davis)    02/18/18  (1)
wow, Teen Vogue has great fashion insights    02/18/18  (2)
I am seriously loling @ NYUUG going to Norway in February to fuck some skanks    02/18/18  (20)
Trump NEVER giving an inch is so 180. He just never concedes to libs.    02/18/18  (5)
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson.mp3    02/18/18  (1)
where's the thread of LTM pwning an illiterate 3 y/o    02/18/18  (3)
Autoadmit is always so spot on. Hawt guys are never creeps experiment is LOL    02/18/18  (2)
Star trek is horrible liberal bullshit    02/18/18  (12)
Gracie Gold nude in next months issue of playboy    02/18/18  (1)
Black Panther does $192mn Opening Weekend    02/18/18  (2)
Need recommendations for car with third row seating    02/18/18  (20)
Post your results to this sociopathy test    02/18/18  (68)
Eichenwald claims secret intelligence sources that agree with everything he says    02/18/18  (12)
the most alpha wins    02/18/18  (4)
PSA: If u aren't watching Daytona tomorrow, u are probably a homo or a lib    02/18/18  (9)
Bar Exam MBE Question Thread    02/18/18  (95)
Boston Globe Expose On Top Photographers Getting Rapey w Teen Models    02/18/18  (2)
Lol at RECYCLING fuck libs    02/18/18  (4)
poast your results of this Big Five personality test    02/18/18  (27)
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams plays as you fill out law school applications    02/18/18  (5)
WHen i have to get rid of dead batteries, go to park to feed ducks, toss batteri    02/18/18  (1)
5K of ETH at .45 cents, sell at 1500 USD, retire for LIFE    02/18/18  (3)
asked and answered, unhinged libs. your treason, not trump, IS the russian op.    02/18/18  (5)
XO Never Not Being Black & White On Travel: Shrews Travel --> All Travel Bad    02/18/18  (8)
So do the US's 10 medals include the bonus medals for our gay athletes    02/18/18  (1)
Biden tiptoes toward 2020 run    02/18/18  (65)
Will MSM just admit that Hillary was a shitty candidate already. The RUSSIANS!!!    02/18/18  (1)
xo princess alina equally comfortable in yoga pants as she is in lolita costume    02/18/18  (6)
The Violently Disagreeable Extroverted Intellectual (an Ode)    02/18/18  (1)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    02/18/18  (231)
Reminder: an agreeableness score > 5th percentile is 95th percentile on xo    02/18/18  (5)
Is Doris an OK name for a girl or too trendy?    02/18/18  (8)
Anyone LJL at emotional people?    02/18/18  (2)
Had horrible peeing accident bros :(    02/18/18  (10)
DAYTONA 500 has more women than ANY lib sport LIBS EXPLAIN    02/18/18  (2)
Had horrible skiing accident bros :(    02/18/18  (53)
Trump's 16 campaign probably more physically courageous than McCain's war servic    02/18/18  (2)
Is There A More Goyishe Job Than SKI PATROL?    02/18/18  (15)
i dont think the demographics of any metro area changed faster than dc    02/18/18  (12)
Could Trump have beaten Bill Clinton in 1996?    02/18/18  (8)
LOL at shit-genetic whites saying that being bald / no hair is NBD (DTP)    02/18/18  (55)
Donny? It's me, ted. Please fuck me. I need your daddy dick    02/18/18  (41)
How do I get a better job?    02/18/18  (2)
Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women [NYT]    02/18/18  (32)
WORST ACTOR on the Sopranos?    02/18/18  (39)
Arrested Development season 4 is unwatchable    02/18/18  (23)
Chads sperm buried in ur wifes brain membrane like kelp forest on ocean floor    02/18/18  (10)
There are no decent TV shows on now.    02/18/18  (2)
Watching sopranos and wire back to back    02/18/18  (2)
Matt LeBlanc on Episodes is 180.    02/18/18  (10)
If you're not a shitlib and you don't support Drakemallard come ITT    02/18/18  (49)
Church started w/3 min reflection on 20yr anni of Dale Srs Daytona 500 victory    02/18/18  (7)
Saint George Groves just fucked up Jamie Cox!    02/18/18  (4)
ACP just did a seminar for the ages on PENIS SLEEVES in tinychat    02/18/18  (10)
Anyone reflexively doubt rape/assault claims by porn chicks?    02/18/18  (46)
Deep State explains why George W Bush was a stoic hero.    02/18/18  (1)
Wesley R. Johnson Jr. - 7.6 & 9.2.mp3    02/18/18  (256)
This graphic shows how divided America is    02/18/18  (6)
All of oil is dead dinosaur bones. Think about that.    02/18/18  (8)
Aerosmith- Dude Looks Like Elena.mp3 (RSF remix)    02/18/18  (348)

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