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Holy shit this is what the Oscars used to be like    11/12/18  (46)
Dem 2020 poll: Biden 26, Sanders 19, Beto 8, Warren 5, Harris 4, Booker 3    11/12/18  (42)
the internet is effectively fenced in now. leads away from knowledge.    11/12/18  (40)
Had the most insane nu male experience at a “Friendsgiving” jfc    11/12/18  (36)
whoa boy Wisconsin high school prom pic shows kids seig-heiling    11/12/18  (32)
Arizona to Trump: Eat a dick    11/12/18  (30)
Should I just buy a dodge charger?    11/12/18  (29)
So the consensus is Jesus never really existed, right?    11/12/18  (28)
Do you know any Lawyers that named their pets after Legalese terms?    11/12/18  (27)
Germany should have won WWI at Marne - no communism, nazis, mideast clusterfck    11/12/18  (25)
selling out and becoming lib    11/12/18  (22)
Guess a substance consumed this weekend & I will rate you based on accuracy    11/12/18  (21)
Anyone else not give a fuck about CA wildfires?    11/12/18  (20)
ITE2 just around the corner folks    11/12/18  (20)
Got a handjob last night. Twist: It Was A $2000 handjob. Taking ?s ITT!    11/12/18  (20)
Kenny just got a 100k global settlement offer on a case    11/12/18  (18)
Sidley responds to article about partner's suicide    11/12/18  (17)
everyone sitting out market w/ cash waiting to jump back in means 1 of 2 things    11/12/18  (17)
Hillary shrew accidentally reveals too much re: Beto.    11/12/18  (15)
Where can I go to escape America if just for a year or two    11/12/18  (15)
trump's biggest mistake was not going full dictator on day 1    11/12/18  (15)
GC glaring at you as you introduce yourself to your neighbors    11/12/18  (14)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/12/18  (14)
Acquaintance of mine works at Kirkland Ellis. Prestigious?    11/12/18  (14)
these are your elite polo players in today's (((ivy league)))    11/12/18  (14)
Ocasio stands on a table in heels. She is so brave.    11/12/18  (13)
didnt expect THOT_RAVAGER to be such a content creator    11/12/18  (13)
Which historical figure will you be cosplaying as at Charles's wedding reception    11/12/18  (13)
do dadmos here at least acknowledge that this is their future?    11/12/18  (12)
Why are so many home contractors scum?    11/12/18  (12)
GC frowning as you strengthen family relationships and local ties    11/12/18  (12)
We have NO CULTURE. The West = BUY. SELL. BUY. SELL. BUY. SELL.    11/12/18  (12)
newest employee added me on FB. awww yeahhh bikini shots    11/12/18  (12)
% chance that Trump will win these states in 2020?    11/12/18  (12)
Ginsburg still alive, shitcons blown out    11/12/18  (12)
Barbie used to come with a scale permanently set at 110 pounds    11/12/18  (12)
quietly retiring itt without fanfare    11/12/18  (11)
Oh you’re Jewish? Im sorry I had no idea.    11/12/18  (11)
Worst part of modernity is nothing matters, constant reminders of disposability.    11/12/18  (11)
Bros, this week is TRANSGENDER AWARENESS WEEK    11/12/18  (11)
GTTR, why are you married to a rancid shitlib?    11/12/18  (10)
Examples of LAME Reddit Answers    11/12/18  (10)
Genetics is destiny. Sucks. But can mind overcome?    11/12/18  (10)
besides 9/11 and moon landing, what are some other notable frauds perpetrated on    11/12/18  (10)
alt-right BABE on the IDW!! PIC!! SO HOT!    11/12/18  (10)
Took a week off from lifting. Lost five pounds.    11/12/18  (10)
I’m almost entirely a nihilist at heart    11/12/18  (10)
180 BILLION! Just discovered a hack/loophole to change moniker    11/12/18  (10)
Friend of mine has retarded baby. Poasts photos of it as if it was a normal baby    11/12/18  (10)
Why isnt there more media attention about how Divorce leaves most men devastated    11/12/18  (10)