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Had to stop wife from indoctrinating my 7 yo daughter w/ uber-shitlib thoughts    05/23/17  (152)
I STILL have NO IDEA what this Russia issue is    05/18/17  (102)
Why do Libs think this stiff upper lip bullshit after a terror attack is so cool    05/23/17  (86)
Earl, billing and drinking, while wife is gone - taking questions    05/21/17  (71)
If you vacation in Europe where the prole locals go you'll have a 180 time    05/17/17  (56)
Are "high end" lawyers flame?    05/18/17  (55)
wife started running around the house at 430 am. left at 7 am.    05/17/17  (54)
DOE says PSLF language in MPN does not provide borrowers with contractual right    05/20/17  (51)
This is what Computer Scientists look like.. #SpelmanCollege #BlackGirlsGradua    05/18/17  (50)
Solo w PC. Do I reimburse myself for all expenses paid?    05/18/17  (48)
"The Smiths": Is there a faggier band in history?    05/23/17  (44)
Why are Japanese ppl so superior to all other Asians    05/21/17  (43)
Best sex position to have a woman cum: fuck her while she's flat on her tummy    05/22/17  (37)
will Seyfarth Shaw bloodbath trigger wave of biglaw layoffs?    05/19/17  (36)
name three short-term goals you can accomplish in a year that would improve life    05/23/17  (35)
The extension out to 30 years is brutal for PAYE bros, but ok for IBR bros    05/23/17  (34)
When will the tide finally turn against multiculturalism?    05/23/17  (34)
Buy the crappiest house in a nice neighborhood    05/24/17  (33)
S-Corp Solo: How do i deal with my health insurance premiums?    05/19/17  (32)
How the fuck is JOE LIEBERMAN qualified to run the FBI?    05/18/17  (31)
so, trump is pretty much a lame duck now    05/18/17  (29)
suggest LLC names that would be impossible to google    05/23/17  (28)
HYPO: you are a 26yo young man again but in 2017. What do u do different    05/20/17  (26)
Bosnians completely deserved their "genocide" and we should have helped it along    05/19/17  (25)
Salesman here: prospect just told me he makes 450k/yr asked how much I make    05/20/17  (25)
Reminder: you can't borrow your way into wealth    05/23/17  (23)
Why do ppl feel so proud & successful in buying homes?    05/21/17  (23)
Modern remake of Oregon Trail but you are flying to Portland for gender reassign    05/20/17  (23)
DoE Moves to End PSLF (including retroactive)    05/22/17  (23)
Client demanded phone records to audit our billing    05/18/17  (23)
Europa Universalis 4 with all DLC costs 932 dollars on steam    05/23/17  (22)
Found yet another homeless man "cooling off" in our walk in freezer (evan39)    05/20/17  (22)
Trump Calmly Redlining out PSLF and PAYE before anybody gets forgiveness    05/19/17  (22)
ITT: Ways to piss off Arab people    05/22/17  (21)
Rate my crypto OPSEC    05/23/17  (20)
Was a Trumpmo from day 1. This is really embarrassing, but I want to be honest    05/21/17  (20)
The new TIME magazine cover on Trump is 180^180    05/18/17  (20)
You would all be happier with 5 acres, a garden, and some chickens    05/17/17  (20)
Rate this Jew's tweet re Manchester, England terror attack    05/23/17  (19)
Nobel Laureate James Watson Disinvited From U Illinois Due To RACISM    05/18/17  (19)
most prestigious club you belong to    05/23/17  (18)
Reminder: most Americans are paying for a mortgage they will never, ever own    05/21/17  (18)
Do young college women know EXACTLY what they're doing wearing yoga pants?    05/17/17  (18)
180 HOAX Article in PEER-REVIEWED Journal: The Penis as Social Construct    05/23/17  (17)
You you marry this half Latina/half white 20yo chick from OC    05/21/17  (17)
Jew rump Trump literally bends over for Saudi Dune Coons (link)    05/21/17  (17)
Seems like 22 year olds looked way older in the early 90s (pics)    05/20/17  (17)
PUT ME ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST    05/22/17  (17)
HuffPo: My Life At Age 27 Versus My Moms Life At 27    05/23/17  (16)
official list of autoadmit-recommended tv shows and movies    05/21/17  (16)
Should I lease a Jaguar XE for $0 down $299/month?    05/20/17  (16)
Have you ever pissed on a woman?    05/17/17  (16)
Vox: Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia (180 read)    05/20/17  (15)
Finally snapped and told fat prole woman to shove her coupons up her ass (evan39    05/20/17  (15)
anyone taking the BAR EXAM this summer    05/17/17  (15)
trump's saudi trip looks ridiculous in light of bombing    05/23/17  (14)
Bump this thread if you like Honda Odysseys    05/21/17  (14)
Prole tell: leaving chairs pulled out, random drawers/cabinets open    05/21/17  (14)
The Nintendo Switch is a travel godsend - multiple cool experiences on one trip    05/19/17  (14)
What is it with women and quotes painted in whimsical fonts on a piece of wood?    05/17/17  (14)
Media kike says Baylor should permanently drop their football program (link)    05/23/17  (13)
AutoAdmit got Trump elected and are all getting crazy rich on ETH now    05/23/17  (13)
are you supposed to go on vacation after the bar exam    05/23/17  (13)
Fat TTT law shrew berates Clay Travis for not practicing law    05/23/17  (13)
Ass to ass    05/21/17  (13)
What creatures are making this noise in my yard?    05/18/17  (13)
There is a 0% chance fat fuck Trump gets reelected. There have already been tons    05/21/17  (12)
POLL: are there any smokers at your workplace?    05/17/17  (12)
PSA: if u don't pay ur student loans, government will take away ur tax returns    05/17/17  (12)
Who is this fucking Henry Aaron queer?    05/23/17  (11)
Did you guys see the big breasted high schooler who got suspended for wearing    05/22/17  (11)
Your grandpa killed japs with a flamethrower. You: pay to park at work    05/21/17  (11)
Fuck yeah bros my new pussy and boobs are fuckin sick (High School Chad in 2017)    05/20/17  (11)
ARTICLE: illegal alien sues landlord for requiring a SSN to rent an apartment    05/19/17  (11)
Holy fuck look at media parasites begging to use Times Square video for free    05/18/17  (11)
Funny how all the Asian posters on here name themselves after rappers    05/23/17  (10)
HYPO: your tenant doesn't file taxes, do u report him to IRS?    05/23/17  (10)
Great LONGREAD: The Mad King of Juice (Juicero)    05/20/17  (10)
Aren't unemployed people bored to death?    05/19/17  (10)
PROLE TELL: Carpet in the bathroom    05/19/17  (10)
Capital One said I am "pre approved" for their MasterCard. Should I sign up    05/17/17  (10)
Cute Manchester teen left uninjured after attack blew her dress completely off    05/23/17  (9)
POLL: when did u realize Jews were fucked up ppl    05/23/17  (9)
17 year old Jennifer Love Hewitt meets Stone Cold Steve Austin (vid)    05/21/17  (9)
Having good credit to get a job is stupid af    05/21/17  (9)
autoadmit mass exodus 5/21/2017    05/21/17  (9)
Bald Jewish lawyer got in my face and said "I could bill you with my bare hands"    05/20/17  (9)
Why do employers require so much experience for entry level gigs    05/20/17  (9)
PSA: California landlords would oppose requiring tenants be Documented    05/19/17  (9)
turning every argument into personal attacks is a prole terr    05/19/17  (9)
80% of Orange County public schools are good; only 2% of LA public r good    05/18/17  (9)
Rate this SPLC suit against Mississippi    05/23/17  (8)
People should kill random innocent muslims after terror attacks    05/23/17  (8)
ETH 180    05/22/17  (8)
PSA: gas stoves >>> electric stoves    05/21/17  (8)
38 percent of California's 18-34 year-olds still live with parents    05/21/17  (8)
Wife is out of town for 10 days - how high should I get? (Earl)    05/19/17  (8)
Anthony Weiner pleads guilty for sexting a minor    05/19/17  (8)
Millennial ninja disappearing in a cloud of vape smoke. Using dildo nunchucks    05/19/17  (8)
Not bragging but dating was always really easy for me    05/19/17  (8)
Is there a way to slow it all down and just chill out? Sick of it    05/18/17  (8)
Can't wait til Eddie Vedder dies and all the other Gen-X icons. Pearl Jam is SPS    05/18/17  (8)
Burned out Biglawyer buys land in Montana, finds huge amount of gold (link)    05/17/17  (8)
Think of the retards who "retired" from here and didn't get in on ETH.    05/23/17  (7)
During the "Islamic golden age" Baghdad was 70% Christian    05/23/17  (7)
Persian landlord freaks out because Mexican tenant won't pay rent    05/21/17  (7)
Talmud: only buy from Jews, and only sell to goyim    05/22/17  (7)
anyone notice that the quality/relevance of their Youtube ads has gone up?    05/21/17  (7)
Opened a Nature Valley bar indoors now I need to buy a new house. Crumbs everywh    05/20/17  (7)
which poaster is autoadmit attacking today    05/20/17  (7)
San Diego is a sausage fest city. Not a lot of attractive women    05/19/17  (7)
If someone showed you Youtube in the 80s how much would you pay per month to use    05/19/17  (7)
Pics of the most stupid hot teens on earth.    05/18/17  (7)
Mama mia! I'm getting stoned again, Mama Mia! Now I'm blowing men    05/20/17  (7)
FedLoan is the only CR servicer    05/17/17  (7)
Dude built an entire home and furniture out of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes (pic)    05/23/17  (6)
PSLF still needs to be funded for grandfathered borrowers, right?    05/23/17  (6)
Cute white girl marries ugly Indian dude (NY Times)    05/22/17  (6)
This drug dealer has $130,000 stashed in a shoebox    05/21/17  (6)
You can buy a new SSN on the darkweb for $40. Start over fresh    05/20/17  (6)
I want to cop a filipina slave and regularly creampie her lumpia hole    05/21/17  (6)
Watch this scary GoPro video of dude removing huge tree    05/20/17  (6)
Italian guy barebacked me. I was way too stoned to notice.    05/18/17  (6)
Amex is TTT now. Call in and get berated by some black bitch    05/23/17  (5)
"Oh this message board so toxic" *logs out forever while people become millionai    05/23/17  (5)
Worse feeling than paying student loans is paying ex wife her alimony    05/23/17  (5)
Worst outcome: bus driver in Nebraska earning 55k or shitlawyer in LA making 78k    05/23/17  (5)
ITT: I rate you as a brand of Hummus    05/22/17  (5)
Winklevoss twins bought bitcoin at $266    05/22/17  (5)
anyone else constantly feel like ur life is abt to turn into a twilight zone ep?    05/22/17  (5)
Legal to speculate in crypto with discretionary student loan $?    05/23/17  (5)
REAL ESTATE TIP: do not put hardwood floors in the kitchen    05/21/17  (5)
i borrowed 300k at 8% because they said i could have PAYE but now it's gone    05/21/17  (5)
What are the chances Trump will be impeached in 2017?    05/21/17  (5)
WLMAS can I get your credulous moron thoughts on Louise Mensch?    05/22/17  (5)
EU VAT refund and customs help    05/20/17  (5)
Do you think Klondike gold miners faced a lot of "microaggressions"?    05/20/17  (5)
My client told me: "you're not even qualified to shine my shoes!"    05/18/17  (5)
Trump a week ago: Rod Rosenstein is a good dood, now: ....    05/17/17  (5)
Attractiveness in modern life seems based primarily on effort    05/17/17  (5)    05/23/17  (4)
The obscure racist message board that spawned dozens of pump and dump felons    05/23/17  (4)
Remember when people reacted to 9/11 by going out and spending $ like good goyim    05/23/17  (4)
HOT TAKE: this helps Ariana Grandes brand    05/23/17  (4)
best thing I did today: made new FM synth patch    05/24/17  (4)
Boomer's RV tire blows up, rolls over    05/22/17  (4)
Trump basically says you're either born a salesman or you're not    05/21/17  (4)
What's the law surrounding forwarding emails to a 3rd party?    05/20/17  (4)