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XO Trumpmos, is your wife/gf full-on MAGA? MAGA-adjacent? Or shitlib?    02/17/17  (130)
The Trump Tax Plan is 180    02/18/17  (116)
Former Classmate Has Gone Insane    02/16/17  (88)
Are there any sports/games of skill where women are just as good as men?    02/15/17  (73)
New Shake Shack in Century City Mall - $17.50 for burger shitty fries and shake    02/13/17  (64)
I know women in NYC who make weekend trips to London every month, is this common    02/19/17  (63)
NYT: Husbands are more dangerous than terrorists    02/13/17  (54)
BAM! You are transported to the year 1993. What do you do?    02/20/17  (53)
Jared Kushner is leaking information    02/15/17  (53)
I hate white-collar professionals who can't hack it in the rat race, quit, and    02/20/17  (50)
Oh god at this instagram model. Kill me now.    02/18/17  (49)
So libs want us to pretend like that Landbeast Ashley Graham is a 10 ?    02/17/17  (46)
Tell me what to see in Hong Kong    02/17/17  (45)
The way asians are always denigrating low class whites is sad    02/16/17  (45)
I fall head-over-heels for Persian chicks who have this look SFW    02/17/17  (40)
Check out the twitter feeds of the 2 main POTUS reporters at failing NYT    02/17/17  (37)
Wilbur Mercer is a dumb faggot    02/13/17  (37)
Rate these USC sorority girls dressed like the chick from Clueless    02/18/17  (34)
Shrew who works in Senior Management rants about employees quitting w/o notice    02/19/17  (32)
I will admit, watching Trump being miserable and squirm is very enjoyable    02/17/17  (32)
Why do people take 5-7 years to get a PhD? What are they actually doing    02/14/17  (32)
Can you buy good ice cream at the grocery store or is it all GC corn syrup fraud    02/19/17  (31)
I hate minorities who want to pursue the American dream    02/16/17  (30)
how do you know when your time on xo has run its course    02/18/17  (29)
Most famous male virgins ever?    02/15/17  (28)
Armenians in Los Angeles are huge scammers. BE CAREFUL DOING BUSINESS W THEM    02/16/17  (28)
Lasik Surgery    02/19/17  (27)
Should I buy 2006 BMW 530 with 57k miles for $9500?    02/17/17  (27)
JP Morgan makes D.C. jurors drive 90 miles to get their pay without a fee.    02/16/17  (27)
do adopted black kids get AA?    02/13/17  (27)
Buying 4k smart TV - Lg vs Samsung?    02/19/17  (26)
How the fuck are so many Arabs in SoCal business owners?    02/17/17  (24)
Need the most Credited way to carry cash, ID, debit and credit card    02/15/17  (24)
$281,690: What a San Francisco house would cost with less regulation.    02/15/17  (22)
depressed about back injury    02/14/17  (22)
New SAT has HUGE INFLATION. I was wondering why so many schools had 1600 75th pe    02/13/17  (22)
is the MPRE hard    02/18/17  (21)
EPAH how do you pay your associates? W-2 or 1099? Hourly or Salary?    02/19/17  (20)
I want to drop butthole first down a Plinko wall of dicks    02/18/17  (18)
Rate this FATAL dog fight in Pakistan    02/14/17  (18)
Rate this prole chick I think she is hot as heck    02/15/17  (18)
CHUCK SCHUMER: delegitimizing the (((press))) is unAmerican    02/16/17  (17)
Why do wealthy ppl from TTT countries buy real estate in LA, London, Paris, Madr    02/17/17  (16)
Kinda feels like its over for Trump now bros. Sucks. The media will be having a    02/14/17  (16)
Politico: President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing So Far    02/14/17  (16)
Larry Wilmore v. Milo Yiannoupoulos    02/18/17  (15)
Anyone here a former/current Cravathmo?    02/15/17  (15)
The Food Lab's 10-minute mac and cheese, inspired by cacio e pepe:    02/15/17  (15)
Meeting prole hairdresser chick at the bar in a few mins    02/20/17  (14)
Why do 30-40yo old men call 22-27yo old men "kids"    02/18/17  (14)
XO has poasters who are Niggers or Faggots, but not both. That's where I come in    02/16/17  (14)
Emily Ratajkowski's boyfriend is a bald Brown graduate    02/16/17  (14)
Will eGOP impeach trump so they can have pence?    02/15/17  (14)
German kid vs Jewish kid    02/13/17  (14)
Is this what online dating is like? RATE THIS PROFILE    02/20/17  (13)
So basically my friend does many chargebacks on his Amex. Is this common?    02/19/17  (13)
Which POTUS had the hottest wife?    02/19/17  (13)
My wife lives like a poor. She bought us salmon bones for dinner. 50 cents/pound    02/18/17  (13)
Anyone want to start a modeling agency with me ?    02/18/17  (13)
Chances I could legitimately get myself on this commission? (Earl)    02/16/17  (13)
Home Depot is basically Toys R Us for terrorists, everything u need to make bomb    02/17/17  (13)
"Human trafficking" is a huge shitlib myth. Basically never happens    02/14/17  (13)
This board is the only place on the web that still is fast on dialup 56k    02/13/17  (13)
Why do entrepreneurs hate working 9-5 gigs w/ 401ks, vacation pay?    02/13/17  (13)
Rate this Instagram model in lingerie    02/18/17  (12)
Day w/o Immigrant Protests Felt Nowhere Except    02/17/17  (12)
All my white friends are "trying" to get pregnant for years meanwhile mexicans    02/16/17  (12)
Any SoCal bros familiar with Souplantation? LOL at the name.    02/16/17  (12)
Rate this Jewbro surrounded by Nazibros    02/15/17  (12)
In 3rd grade, we gave class presentations on what we'd do with a time machine    02/15/17  (12)
Conway, kushner, and spicer are the next that need to go.    02/13/17  (12)
LJL white women. ITT a 40 year old azn.    02/13/17  (12)
Watching too much Unsolved Mysteries is harming my mental health    02/20/17  (11)
Canadians get raped by GC far worse than Americans    02/19/17  (11)
3 pitbulls maul cute kitten to death    02/17/17  (11)
just lol at "taquerias" that only have three meats.    02/17/17  (11)
Sila Star breaks silence, reviews JJC:    02/17/17  (11)
Big Trumpmo here but I starting to thinka Donard Trump is seriosry russian prant    02/16/17  (11)
Remember the 2013 Trayvon Martin trial-threading? 180.    02/15/17  (11)
Trump pwns Netanyahu in a single sentence. DBG done here.    02/15/17  (11)
Rate this 15 year-old girl get her ass/tits touched by refugees    02/15/17  (11)
Ezra Klein: founder; u: poast    02/14/17  (11)
Ppl who use the term "2.5 kids" are incredibly insufferable    02/13/17  (11)
Son, promise me you'll spend entire weekends rageposting about politics    02/19/17  (10)
Julias weird tits look like when you put a "nudity patch" on Quake 2    02/19/17  (10)
Whats the best way to have my renters pay me so I dont have to ever see them    02/18/17  (10)
POLL: would u feel harassed if strip searched by female cop?    02/16/17  (10)
White, thin girls aged 15-17 >>> hot white women aged 30+    02/15/17  (10)
Americans need to demand that their elected officials stop support of Israel    02/15/17  (10)
So Ratajkowski got offended because she used to escort to, right?    02/16/17  (10)
Tons of women at airport in leggings...UGH    02/18/17  (9)
Immigrants who feel better than low-income whites: FUCK THESE TTT    02/17/17  (9)
Message to Ivanka Trump from AutoAdmit poaster    02/16/17  (9)
Asians > Whites > Hispanics > Blacks when it comes to money sense    02/16/17  (9)
they have "downvotes" on my posting career and "chaperone" you?    02/16/17  (9)
So AutoAdmit invented "shitlib" and now we're on the front page of Reddit?    02/15/17  (9)
Why do people buy growlers of beer? Don't they go flat    02/13/17  (9)
Buddy works at the White House. Says Trump is fed up & defeated, it's not going    02/20/17  (8)
What % of Syrian "refugees" are women/children? According to media pics it's 75%    02/19/17  (8)
where to get movies for free on internet?    02/19/17  (8)
evan39 will you ever have kids    02/19/17  (8)
Make Somalia Great Again    02/19/17  (8)
A Korean arguing about boat shoes with a Han Chinese and an Indian    02/18/17  (8)
Rate my food today    02/17/17  (8)
Rate this $38mm Medicaid fraud by Armenians    02/16/17  (8)
See a lot of crows flying around with knives in their beaks lately    02/13/17  (8)
In france they say MDR instead of means mort de rire - dying of laughter    02/19/17  (7)
Rate this Montana senator's daughter (pic)    02/19/17  (7)
Why are xo poasters too scared of "burning bridges" & quitting their jobs?    02/19/17  (7)
chess noobs: this video is 180    02/18/17  (7)
evan39 we have almost 5 feet of snow piled up here    02/18/17  (7)
iphone 8 will cost more than $1000 lol    02/16/17  (7)
Really want to fuck the fat 21 year old chick who cut my hair today    02/15/17  (7)
Why were the only 2 good punk bands ever both from So Cal?    02/19/17  (6)
i need armodafinil to use his fuckpole to recreate Reservoir Dogs in my asshole    02/19/17  (6)
having tremendous success IMAGINING a weighted blanket & not actually using one    02/18/17  (6)
rate the exiled "Palestinian Gandhi", who preaches nonviolence, & guess religion    02/19/17  (6)
Why do 110 IQ types love to use latin plurals like "stadia" and "virii"    02/16/17  (6)
Seth Rogen DMs Trump's son and shares!    02/16/17  (6)
Any SLOW burn Horror movies you recommend?    02/16/17  (6)
Cottage cheese cellulite rippling across scholarship's GOMAD rump as I fuck him    02/18/17  (6)
Rubio, wiggling his rump, offering a "Deep State" for $100 an hour    02/16/17  (6)
Dear White Ppl: pls have more kids, & don't intermarry    02/16/17  (6)
Portland newspaper is now using "Latinx" in articles JFC    02/16/17  (6)
Real talk: Andre the Giant was neither 7'4" nor 520 lbs    02/15/17  (6)
So Congress has the right to get Trump's tax returns from Treasury?N they won't?    02/15/17  (6)
Chances trump gets impeached?    02/14/17  (6)
Ever seen a failed thesis defense?    02/14/17  (6)
You have to laugh at Trumptards. A few weeks in charge and all they've done is    02/14/17  (6)
I have no idea who "Flynn" is or what he did. Lol at politics cucks    02/13/17  (6)
Small town rural America is booming now    02/15/17  (6)
Oy Vey! Oy Vey! Market is closed for today!    02/14/17  (6)
Biz idea: sell fake adderrall pills during finals week    02/19/17  (5)
Need a good Trader Joes meal for 2 I can cook tonight?    02/19/17  (5)
Do any of these unhinged dumb blacks on CNN even know where Russia is    02/19/17  (5)
Wilbur Mercer thinks shitpoasters are 180 poasters    02/19/17  (5)
Is this blonde teen too young for you? NSFW    02/19/17  (5)
White ppl in Los Angeles are pure scum    02/17/17  (5)
Why do Jews take pride in deceiving the "low-IQ" goyim?    02/17/17  (5)
Remember you have to let an associate from a higher Vault ranked firm fuck ur gf    02/16/17  (5)
Why do so many Jews become intermediaries or consultants or advisors    02/15/17  (5)
Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained    02/14/17  (5)
Spending Valentine's Day on Business Trip away from GF    02/14/17  (5)
Reminder: conway, kushner, spicer, and preibus need to go    02/14/17  (5)
POLL: do u think 6million Jews died during Holocaust ???    02/19/17  (4)
Stone Cold Steve Autism pouring 2 cans of vaccines down his throat    02/19/17  (4)
Nicolas Cage tp is a huge faggot geek    02/19/17  (4)
Underrated actors: Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage    02/19/17  (4)