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Almost told wife about the extent of my crypto losses    12/09/18  (114)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    12/09/18  (95)
luis is a nasty guy    12/09/18  (89)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/09/18  (82)
Photos of Plaintiff's Car From Chandler's Trial (CSLG)    12/09/18  (59)
How much to retire at 40 (CSLG)    12/09/18  (58)
If this arrested Chinese CFO spirals out of control, it will backfire on America    12/09/18  (50)
Fox News: Latest DOJ Filings Exonerate Trump    12/09/18  (47)
There should just be Laws about working 45-50 hours a week    12/09/18  (45)
Comic book movie fanboy audience reactions are disturbing (vid)    12/09/18  (44)
Rate my 5x5 workout today    12/09/18  (43)
Is it cr to invest in single family rental properties?    12/09/18  (42)
do you prefer short, average, or tall for a woman's height?    12/09/18  (42)
real talk: Trump looked like a fucking BOSS at the Army-Navy game    12/09/18  (41)
what would you do if you were luis at this point?    12/09/18  (37)
Problem with NPC meme is overly political; NPCs can be right wing or apolitical    12/09/18  (31)
Come ITT to rate my latke from last night's Hanukkah party.    12/09/18  (31)
Why is luis being so mean now?    12/09/18  (31)
charles do u just get paladins and teutonic knights to protect trebuchets    12/09/18  (29)
Denver tell me pros cons    12/09/18  (29)
go to church tomorrow you fucking loser    12/09/18  (29)
Dollar stores feed more Americans than Whole Foods    12/09/18  (29)
If I prefer sex with transwomen over genetic women, does that make me gay?    12/09/18  (28)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is really good    12/09/18  (27)
Partition of North America would be 180    12/09/18  (27)
Rate this wine shrew    12/09/18  (26)
This is what I did to my Boomer parents.    12/09/18  (24)
How often do you eat LAMB or MUTTON?    12/09/18  (24)
Luis is a piece of shit for quitting his job    12/09/18  (23)
lost interest in cslg since his schtick Is all bragging/ (((marketing)))    12/09/18  (23)
Would you bring this heroin teen home for Christmas?    12/09/18  (22)
Tea Party movement = coopted & failed. Trump movement = same. Next need dictator    12/09/18  (21)
Give me a Netflix rec    12/09/18  (21)
remember when poastradumbass kept saying Ronda Rousey could beat up men    12/09/18  (21)
FACT: Women marry a lifestyle, not the man.    12/09/18  (21)
Chick fil A has people taking orders OUTSIDE    12/09/18  (20)
Gonna get a BJ tomorrow morning    12/09/18  (20)
RATE This Jewish US Army Colonel At The White House (PIC)    12/09/18  (20)
Snoop Dogg to Kevin Hart: Tell the Academy to suck a dick    12/09/18  (20)
Dolphins just beat PaTTTrioTTTs with cal stanford play    12/09/18  (19)
What are your annual must watch Christmas movies?    12/08/18  (19)
it is honestly insane how unfunny SNL has become    12/09/18  (19)
Posters who get mentioned 20 times for every 1 time they Post    12/09/18  (19)
started 'gardening' as a hobby    12/09/18  (17)
do you consider halle berry hot? now or then    12/09/18  (17)
I miss Dennis and Peterman. I wish they would both come back    12/09/18  (17)
Getting a Yule log this year    12/08/18  (17)
Anybody here on TRT? Worth it?    12/09/18  (17)
Running list of people luis has destroyed lately    12/09/18  (17)
What is XO thoughts on Queen ruled monarchies in middle ages Europe    12/09/18  (16)