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Had to stop wife from indoctrinating my 7 yo daughter w/ uber-shitlib thoughts    05/23/17  (151)
The Bill Nye "sex junk" video is getting roasted on youtube. 500 likes 37k disli    05/14/17  (149)
*******AHCA HAS THE VOTES TO PASS********    05/04/17  (143)
Solve this LSAT math problem    05/17/17  (122)
Calishitlawguru Home Photos and 2017 P&L    05/20/17  (103)
I STILL have NO IDEA what this Russia issue is    05/18/17  (102)
Great LONGREAD: My Family's Slave    05/20/17  (101)
Iranian guy calls out the Jew in City Council meeting in CA    05/06/17  (99)
PROLE TELL: not buying a car via cash only    05/05/17  (97)
$600k in NYC vs $500k in Chicago suburbs    05/20/17  (92)
Mexicans monopolize all the public parks in California on Sundays    05/01/17  (91)
what would you charge to do a start-up's operating agreement?    05/02/17  (89)
Why do Libs think this stiff upper lip bullshit after a terror attack is so cool    05/23/17  (86)
Never tell an overweight female friend that losing weight will help dating prosp    04/26/17  (85)
Why do gen-Xers love to chase salaries?    05/12/17  (77)
Rate this Texas inmate who was executed    05/04/17  (74)
affirmative action in one graph    05/13/17  (73)
how much money do you make    05/05/17  (73)
Real talk, Jews are literally destroying America    04/29/17  (73)
Earl, billing and drinking, while wife is gone - taking questions    05/21/17  (71)
Orange County residents literally look down at Los Angeles residents of    05/05/17  (71)
Why do Arabs in America own so many businesses ? How the fuck they do it?    05/06/17  (65)
First day of being a Summer Associate and I think I messed up at lunch.    05/15/17  (64)
Why are parents so concerned about good school districts? If ur kid is smart    05/11/17  (63)
mass stabbing at UT-Austin    05/02/17  (62)
I'M BACK    05/05/17  (61)
Almost all Jewish men want to marry non-Jewish women    04/25/17  (59)
Rank the prestige of schools in "The South"    05/15/17  (58)
40 hear old ex coworker is dating a hot Greek teen (pic)    05/02/17  (58)
Persians are so full of themselves    05/10/17  (57)
If you vacation in Europe where the prole locals go you'll have a 180 time    05/17/17  (56)
Does anyone poast here anymore who isn't TTT?    05/04/17  (56)
Are "high end" lawyers flame?    05/18/17  (55)
Harrison Barnes Rolls Out Another Bizarre Rant    04/28/17  (55)
wife started running around the house at 430 am. left at 7 am.    05/17/17  (54)
POLL: u feel we should deport illegals who've been here for 20+ years. are    04/28/17  (54)
Fiveten is back tonight, drunk, and taking questions    04/27/17  (53)
Did Donald Trump really say "I thought this would be easier"? Or Fake News?    04/28/17  (52)
Hot mormon teen gets engaged to average looking dork (link)    04/24/17  (52)
DOE says PSLF language in MPN does not provide borrowers with contractual right    05/20/17  (51)
I grew up culturally prole-ish with two parents who didn't tiger mom me    05/11/17  (51)
This is what Computer Scientists look like.. #SpelmanCollege #BlackGirlsGradua    05/18/17  (50)
if AHCA passes, PSLF is doomed    05/05/17  (49)
Solo w PC. Do I reimburse myself for all expenses paid?    05/18/17  (48)
EVERYTHING blacks do is self centered    05/22/17  (48)
Latin America is better than Middle East?    05/07/17  (48)
Anyone else have a dog that gets into fights all the time?    05/05/17  (48)
Protester arrested for wearing a mask at Berkeley    04/28/17  (47)
Why is Drake so popular?    04/27/17  (47)
Tiffany Trump Apparently Planning on Law School    04/27/17  (47)
Keens Steakhouse >>>>>>> Peter Luger Steak House    05/12/17  (46)
Found my new favorite attorney bio    05/15/17  (45)
HAHAURFUCKED, if you're out there, i promise you'll love this article    05/15/17  (45)
McKayla Maroney is full slut on Instagram now (Link)    05/16/17  (44)
Need some help on which college housing setup to choose    05/02/17  (44)
Why are Japanese ppl so superior to all other Asians    05/21/17  (43)
Beckersted, what's the most egregious SJW shit you've seen on campus?    05/06/17  (43)
Cant stop spending MONEY. Fuck my ass.    04/27/17  (43)
the DEFINITIVE lifehack to get you out of your cycle of chronic procrastination    05/11/17  (42)
Blacks are overrepresented on TV    05/03/17  (41)
How big of a deal was the Trayvon case on xo?    05/12/17  (40)
Ozark proles have their own version of autoadmit and it gapes this bort (link)    05/10/17  (40)
After escalating series of bizarre rants, Harrison Barnes Finally Steps Down    05/03/17  (40)
Rate this cute NYC escort that charges $1500/hr    05/14/17  (39)
I'm 30 years old and have never dated or kissed anyone.    05/13/17  (39)
Just ran into Bernie Sanders    05/08/17  (38)
Best sex position to have a woman cum: fuck her while she's flat on her tummy    05/22/17  (37)
Biggest difference between Orange County and Bay Area:    05/08/17  (37)
What should people with preexisting conditions do under trumpcare    04/28/17  (37)
will Seyfarth Shaw bloodbath trigger wave of biglaw layoffs?    05/19/17  (36)
Just got back from solo trip to Costa Rica, any quesions?    05/05/17  (36)
have any of you been held back from graduating for failing a class in law school    05/02/17  (36)
name three short-term goals you can accomplish in a year that would improve life    05/23/17  (35)
Lol, just lol at clothmos who think a Zyzz body is achievable naturally    05/15/17  (35)
"exeunt" is literally a pied piper of retards    05/09/17  (35)
Most lawyers are scared of being too rich    05/07/17  (35)
Would you run for a congressional seat if you knew you couldn't win?    05/05/17  (35)
The extension out to 30 years is brutal for PAYE bros, but ok for IBR bros    05/23/17  (34)
When will the tide finally turn against multiculturalism?    05/23/17  (34)
2017 high school prom pics. LOL America is done here    05/13/17  (34)
Preppy shoe style?    05/10/17  (34)
More cr: $200k as a shitlaw king or $200k as a salesman    05/01/17  (34)
Who says dead lifts are useless? 30 foot tree fell across my driveway    04/25/17  (34)
dude pals should I have gone to med school?    04/24/17  (34)
Brought in big client as associate. Give origination to parter?    05/14/17  (33)
Cute 19 year old neighbor girl is getting married damn    05/12/17  (33)
Haven't had a single argument or fight with wife. I can't believe most people do    05/04/17  (33)
"The Smiths": Is there a faggier band in history?    05/23/17  (32)
S-Corp Solo: How do i deal with my health insurance premiums?    05/19/17  (32)
Smallest carat weight of solitaire engagement ring for UMC girl to take srsly?    05/15/17  (32)
Minimum passive income you would need to retire?    05/12/17  (32)
Can you decorate your office as a Summer Associate?    05/08/17  (32)
How the fuck is JOE LIEBERMAN qualified to run the FBI?    05/18/17  (31)
Rate this Blonde Greek 19 year old    05/16/17  (31)
Real life stories of biglaw parters/white collar ppl regretting life choices?    05/10/17  (31)
How do you get good summer associate assignments?    05/09/17  (31)
Recommend HORROR/SCIFI films on Netflix tytyty    05/15/17  (31)
Mormon church is 150 years old, and there are already more Mormons than Jews    05/16/17  (30)
Donald Trump's theory on exercise actually kind of makes sense    05/15/17  (30)
ITT: I poast a pic of my TREN and STEROID collection    04/27/17  (30)
Time to pair up with your summertime xo boyfriend    04/25/17  (30)
so, trump is pretty much a lame duck now    05/18/17  (29)
what happens if u have year lease at apartment but need to leave after 8months?    05/16/17  (29)
NOT FLAME: what are you doing for MOTHERS DAY    05/13/17  (29)
So "Panera Bread" only exists to feed garbage to fat middle class office drones?    05/10/17  (29)
ITT: help me plan 2 days in San Francisco    05/10/17  (29)
law students who open an exam and just start crying    05/10/17  (29)
Student Loan Consulting will make you big $$$ in the next few years    05/09/17  (29)
People who have lived in NYC, OC, Bay Area, AND LA, which do you prefer and why?    05/09/17  (29)
Bill Nye "blinded with science" after muslim acid attack (link)    04/26/17  (29)
Milton Friedman: the group who has benefitted most from GC in America are Jews    05/17/17  (28)
CONFIRMED: Racist note that caused St. Olaf College shutdown is hate-crime hoax    05/11/17  (28)
Check out UC Demographics...    05/10/17  (28)
Anyone here ever have a HERNIATED DISC?    05/02/17  (28)
Real Estate lawyers: can u sue a RE company for revealing personal info on FB?    05/03/17  (28)
Is this "colt" guy really a fratty asian redneck texas chad?    05/19/17  (27)
Is Laminate flooring prole?    05/10/17  (27)
this millenial shittrend of beginning sentences with "so": let's BASH this TTT!    05/07/17  (27)
put money on Le Pen on predictit and win big like I did with Trump?    05/03/17  (27)
HYPO: you are a 26yo young man again but in 2017. What do u do different    05/20/17  (26)
McKayla's back!    05/14/17  (26)
why does the GOP keeping pushing a HC bill that won't pass?    05/01/17  (26)
look and these lizards fucking each other on my porch (pic) (nsfw)    04/30/17  (26)
Can someone explain why lawyers here say making partner = breakfast    04/29/17  (26)
Women literally wear small diapers for their vag holes    04/23/17  (26)
Bosnians completely deserved their "genocide" and we should have helped it along    05/19/17  (25)
Salesman here: prospect just told me he makes 450k/yr asked how much I make    05/20/17  (25)
99 percent of blacks can't understand "per capita"    05/14/17  (25)
A Law Professor Speaks Out (    05/12/17  (25)
Why are Asian restaurants so stingy with meat?    05/12/17  (25)
Best Mexican beer? Negra Modelo or Tecate?    05/11/17  (25)
Do most DOs do just as well as MDs?    05/01/17  (25)
imagine if dems dropped the SJW and identity politics    04/26/17  (25)
RATE this Curvy British Model    05/17/17  (24)
Schizophrenia is probably not real    05/15/17  (24)
Law professor Nancy Leong advocates violence against white ppl    05/15/17  (24)
shitlib MSM angry top college laX team enters field to Trump speech    05/11/17  (24)
"What's Your Major": Another Blow to the So-Called Gender Pay Gap    05/08/17  (24)
Obamandias - a poem    05/09/17  (24)
Rate this cute Blonde Stanford undergrad that was "raped"    04/27/17  (24)
Reminder: you can't borrow your way into wealth    05/23/17  (23)
Why do ppl feel so proud & successful in buying homes?    05/21/17  (23)
Modern remake of Oregon Trail but you are flying to Portland for gender reassign    05/20/17  (23)
DoE Moves to End PSLF (including retroactive)    05/22/17  (23)
Client demanded phone records to audit our billing    05/18/17  (23)
Boner police how did the date with the 17 year old go    05/15/17  (23)
Would u report client to IRS if u found out he's avoiding taxes?    05/15/17  (23)
Cliffs on "johnsmeyer"?    05/12/17  (23)