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Jesus there is VIDEO EVIDENCE the MAGA kids did nothing wrong    01/20/19  (46)
National Review: MAGA hat teen personally crucified Jesus    01/20/19  (43)
THAILAND is the MOST overrated SHITHOLE in ASIA    01/20/19  (40)
How boring would it be if your wife agreed with ALL your political positions?    01/20/19  (35)
LMFAO so RSF did you literally get REJECTED from tOSU and have to TRANSFER IN    01/20/19  (29)
Krampusnacht taking questions for 33 minutes only    01/20/19  (26)
Rate this 1980 Washington Post review of The Empire Strikes Back    01/20/19  (26)
Sim City 2000 was a lot of fun    01/20/19  (24)
Rate UrbanBaby's woke take on the MAGA kids / Injun Joe showdown    01/20/19  (23)
Gay couple tries to eat at Big Earl's, gets called fags (vid)    01/20/19  (19)
I HATE GILLIBRAND so fucking much    01/20/19  (17)
Poasters you've changed your mind on    01/20/19  (16)
Flying OUT of AFRICA tomorrow BA F WDH-JNB-LHR-JFK    01/20/19  (16)
Blonde chick home from college at church today was splling out of her top (pic    01/20/19  (14)
💉 Do we have any anti-vaxxer fucktards here? 💉    01/20/19  (14)
Any video evidence that the kids chanted "build the wall"?    01/20/19  (14)
Hung out with super shitlibs last night. Here are there thoughts on 2020 dems.    01/20/19  (13)
The Real Problem with HOBBIES like playing guitar    01/20/19  (13)
Everyone just calm down, things aren’t so bad    01/20/19  (12)
evan39 describe the “decor” / furniture / etc in ur prole relatives’ homes    01/20/19  (11)
Got high and went to the zoo to watch the penguins    01/20/19  (11)
hey dirte you stupid fuck. i tried corey wayne and it backfired miserably    01/20/19  (11)
Sometimes, do you ever get the hunch that Lawman8 drives a PT Cruiser?    01/20/19  (11)
dirte and other female MFEs, need your help itt    01/20/19  (11)
There is no way this country is not going to hell in the medium term    01/20/19  (10)
So Trumpmos are you saying they were good kids? They didn't do nothing?    01/20/19  (10)
Ghostface Billah is a good poster    01/20/19  (10)
how the fuck is it possible to still be a white liberal at this point    01/20/19  (10)
medical emergencies in open office = peak gc    01/20/19  (10)
TRUMPTURDS you are so PREDICTABLE and DUMB    01/20/19  (9)
You can push your poop out by leaning back at 117 degrees    01/20/19  (8)
chick started convulsing and screaming in open office & flailing on the ground    01/20/19  (8)
Unstoppable (2010, runaway train story)    01/20/19  (8)
Millenial pair killselves instead marriage    01/20/19  (8)
MAGA hat kids vs indian reminds me of Duke Lax bros story    01/20/19  (7)
Female joggers would be in much better shape if it were legal to chase them    01/20/19  (7)
Steve Bannon on How 2008 Planted the Seed for the Trump Presidency    01/20/19  (7)
oh RSF, I JUST EMAILED UR DADDY!    01/20/19  (7)
Kentucky teens were 100% in the wrong. The videos support that    01/20/19  (7)
Gildebrand and Gabbard just got smoked on jake tapper lol    01/20/19  (7)
If you know how to utilize money you can live perfect easily forever    01/20/19  (6)
good god @ the amount of drag / tranny / fag shit on youtube and how hard they    01/20/19  (6)
Since we are in a "trade war," why doesn't China just stop buying Treasuries?    01/20/19  (6)
Mainstream lib position is that a MAGA hat is 100% the same as a swastika    01/20/19  (6)
The only important thing to know about the MAGA-Indian shodown    01/20/19  (6)
Trump to Pelosi: BTW, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they're disgusting!    01/20/19  (6)
Libs angrier at the MAGA kids than black kids who rob, murder, assault    01/20/19  (5)
Can you completely disable Facebook Messenger so people can't message you?    01/20/19  (5)
xo analyzing non-event w/ white kids like Zapruder film... meanwhile    01/20/19  (5)