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**Amazon HQ2 announcement to come Monday or Tuesday**    10/21/18  (39)
Hey PI guys--here's a Pie Chart you can use at trial    10/21/18  (21)
Texas Democratic Party sends pre-filled vote registration apps to illegals    10/21/18  (18)
Why Are Shitlibs & MSM Obsessed With "Early Voting" Propaganda?    10/21/18  (17)
I got a 148 on the Lsat. Anyone else score kinda low & things worked out?    10/21/18  (15)
Dangerous schoolboys in France    10/21/18  (12)
Why aren't more billionaires in Top Physical Condition all the time?    10/21/18  (12)
Have you ever spoken the word "verisimilitude" IRL?    10/21/18  (12)
Amazon in talks with DC United for jersey sponsorship    10/21/18  (10)
Twitter rumor that MbS is out.    10/21/18  (9)
Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence    10/21/18  (9)
Does anyone know about the Orthodox Church in America?    10/21/18  (9)
The Family Man with Nicholas Cage (2000) is 180    10/21/18  (9)
Jewish ABC's: Always Be Circulating Degeneracy, Especially For Goys    10/21/18  (8)
Bradley Manning finally gets a gash    10/21/18  (8)
Anyone notice how commercials have shifted from BMWF to WMBF recently    10/21/18  (8)
Libs freaking out about trump defining sex    10/21/18  (8)
First Grampa died earlier this year. Last grampa on his deadbed (pic)    10/21/18  (8)
"Centrist" = caves to lib insanity constantly    10/21/18  (7)
The Honduran POTUS is quite literally an Israeli agent    10/21/18  (7)
Lmao at Scaranucci taking a bat to Kelly’s kneecaps    10/21/18  (6)
Cold Sensitivemos, get ITT    10/21/18  (6)
Not talked about enough that cslg was in the porn business...    10/21/18  (6)
Why isn't there a "Lolita Express" investigation?    10/21/18  (6)
Who here is getting a Lottery ticket this week?    10/21/18  (5)
does anyone find alcohol makes them happier the next day?    10/21/18  (5)
Nebraska school served kangaroo meat in chili    10/21/18  (5)
$hould $tephen Colbert$ throat be $la$hed?    10/21/18  (5)
Any old poasters watch Today's Special back in the day?    10/21/18  (5)
Find the Halflings! bellows Trump as the AGWWAGs frantically hide their spawn    10/21/18  (5)
Women essentially wear diapers for a week every month?    10/21/18  (4)
How soon are Biglaw Partners forgotten once they leave firm?    10/21/18  (4)
Could Austin Powers be made today?    10/21/18  (4)
Is "would it kill you to say thank you once in a while" a particularly jewish ex    10/21/18  (4)
PredictIt doesn’t have Hillary on dem nominee list, polling doesn’t either    10/21/18  (4)
It’s Sunday. Have conturds and Russians been bashing football?    10/21/18  (4)
Built fire outside last night, whole family came out and we chilled for an hour.    10/21/18  (4)
Peterman climbs down from trucker rig to standing O, does Superman pose    10/21/18  (4)
Amazon will move to DC, ensuring no crackdown ever    10/21/18  (4)
world's richest man only bought the washington post bc he loves great journalism    10/21/18  (4)
Is A Star is Born actually good?    10/21/18  (4)
Hilarious that the most successful alum of this racist board is a black engineer    10/21/18  (4)
XO race realists whats the deal with abyssinians in ethiopia    10/21/18  (4)
I played poker vs. the hand-wringing jew swindler caricature yesterday    10/21/18  (4)
LOL! I thought there was a shortage of STEM grads!!!!!!!!    10/21/18  (4)
   10/21/18  (3)
Remember that time Germany went to war with everyone to find the lost ark    10/21/18  (3)
Obeezy, can you explain for us why Baltimore is a post-apocalyptic hellhole?    10/21/18  (3)
UAE hires ex-US spec ops dudes to kill Houthi leaders. Yankees get killed.    10/21/18  (3)
pundits keep saying republicans are going "further right"    10/21/18  (3)