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BAREBACKED a 26 year old GERMAN CANADIAN last night. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    04/20/18  (77)
have any of your major life assumptions been seriously wrong?    04/20/18  (57)
What are some targets that have SURVIVED lib attacks?    04/20/18  (37)
Do you really have to tune a piano every 6 months?    04/19/18  (33)
Am I the only one here who thinks pussy is incredibly low value?    04/19/18  (28)
Part of lib strength comes from NOT disavowing/disassociating their fringe    04/19/18  (24)
ITT: Name things people spend a lot of money on that bring them little joy    04/19/18  (23)
Alabama set to execute 83-year-old murderer    04/19/18  (18)
Rate this girl who has a crush on you    04/20/18  (17)
why is everyone obsessed with HOME OWNERSHIP?    04/20/18  (17)
Tekashi 6ix 9ine is the best rapper in the game right now. Period.    04/20/18  (16)
grew up in a trailer park. AMA    04/19/18  (16)
Is reddit's new CEO a man or a woman? (pic    04/19/18  (16)
wtf jonah hill is skinny as fuck again    04/19/18  (15)
people on other forums flip out when anything controversial is discussed    04/20/18  (15)
nyuug is now trying to pretend the Russian "wife" story arc was flame    04/19/18  (13)
Ann Coulter: Jews hate Trump because he is essentially Jewish    04/19/18  (12)
Skadden partner: "So get ur associates from NYU or some other shitty law school"    04/19/18  (12)
Is crypto just one huge continuous circle jerk?    04/19/18  (11)
Go to the ca$ino now you can win like thi$    04/19/18  (11)
Things lawman8 hates: Libs, Bloodacre, Smucker's jelly, Jews, haters, "colt"    04/20/18  (10)
i am a circumsiced gentile    04/20/18  (10)
what is more prestigious: a MANIFESTO or a SCREED?    04/19/18  (10)
Why do living blacks think theyre entitled to reparations?    04/19/18  (10)
That evo psych leads to Buddhism is reason enough to conclude both false    04/19/18  (10)
life exists because various equilibrium seeking forces we already know about nee    04/19/18  (9)
welp, high as fuck, learnin' about biochem    04/19/18  (9)
GC has coined many insidious terms, but none moreso than, "disposable income"    04/19/18  (8)
Life is unlivable    04/19/18  (8)
most people on other message boards can't handle XO style truth    04/19/18  (8)
Incredible that damn daddy gaped boner police in 1-2 posts. Bp done here forever    04/19/18  (8)
Millennialize your moniker ITT    04/19/18  (8)
LJL @ prestige. Just do low stress 9-5 $100k job    04/19/18  (8)
Chandler and Kenny, what were your costs for setting up your practice    04/20/18  (8)
To the Bros "sticking it out" in shitty marriages    04/19/18  (8)
Apparently some people here took my "bigot" schtick seriously    04/19/18  (8)
rate these chill dishy chad lites getting into an accident on a dirt bike (video    04/19/18  (8)
do gay bottoms really have to clean out their assholes every time they have sex?    04/20/18  (7)
PROLE TELL: "5-star" restaurants    04/20/18  (7)
should i watch s1-s3 of twin peaks?    04/19/18  (7)
is Australia credited    04/19/18  (7)
taking questions for 20 minutes (eugene)    04/19/18  (7)
Keep hearing spin rat fuck in my head all day    04/19/18  (7)
I wonder if Peterman is ever on a date and remembers the trucker threads    04/19/18  (7)
Do Biglaw Partners ever act like this? Accounting Partner slams underling who    04/19/18  (7)
Prole tell: antisemitisn    04/19/18  (7)
This bro DESTROYS anti-semites/Kevin MacDonald/alt right    04/19/18  (7)
Anna Kendrick takes Instagram photo of post-Taco Bell diarrhea in toilet bowl    04/20/18  (6)
gf bought me some "sexy" men's underwear    04/19/18  (6)
Dear Pussy Lawyers: Most jobs fucking suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    04/19/18  (6)