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sad to see people trying to carry water for the saudis    10/18/18  (75)
Who here has posted for 10+ years on xoxo and can prove it?    10/18/18  (57)
29 y/o law girl wants me to jerk off on video before we meet    10/17/18  (35)
Was there a single cool car that came out in the 80's?    10/18/18  (29)
If I could go back in time and kill myself for buying crypto I'd take a bunch of    10/18/18  (29)
Dishonest trumpTARDS and conturds: INVADE IRAQ HES MEAN TO HIS PEOPLE    10/18/18  (28)
Rate Emma Watson's VC finance/tech douche (CHAD) boyfriend    10/17/18  (27)
I weigh 178lbs now. Down from 195lbs 4 months ago. Rate me (pic)    10/17/18  (21)
what should we do about them dam sauds    10/18/18  (21)
Why it’s time for YouTube to ban the alt-right (libs hitting FULL-BLOWN panic)    10/18/18  (21)
hate Trump, but "Warren (sometimes referred to as Pocahontas)" is brilliant    10/17/18  (19)
Ageism for low level white collar jobs is insanely bad    10/18/18  (18)
RATE this Manhattan apartment    10/18/18  (17)
Pam Beasley at her best (pic)    10/18/18  (16)
So the only reason people say that Iran is bad is because    10/18/18  (14)
Christine Blasey Ford’s Memory of Her Assault Isn’t a Case of Mistaken Ident    10/18/18  (14)
I think we're being spied on (anecdotal evidence)    10/17/18  (13)
AMA about immigration law practice    10/18/18  (13)
So xo was launched in early 2000's by SNL writers as sweatshop for free jokes?    10/18/18  (13)
How come some arabs are white as fuck but others look mostly indian?    10/17/18  (12)
How the fuck do people like TCtp find this bort?    10/17/18  (11)
Bumble matched with one of the hottest girls in the office.    10/18/18  (11)
How long would it take someone to find your dead corpse in your home?    10/18/18  (11)
"haha wow holy shit" (Catholic priest reading dbg police report)    10/17/18  (11)
Do AM radio talk show hosts get paid?    10/18/18  (11)
Why isn't Fox talking about Khashoggi at all? Fuck the Saudis fuck the whole thi    10/18/18  (11)
Realized people experience divergent realities    10/18/18  (11)
What did Avenatti have on the CD-ROM? Remember that?    10/17/18  (10)
Fantasy football bros, should I pickup Leonard Fournette?    10/18/18  (10)
Rust-belt guy: "Saudis chopped up Turkish Muslim? Gotta support open borders now    10/18/18  (10)
shittier feel good school for real school rejects? Rice or Tufts?    10/18/18  (10)
Would Will Smith have been the credited first black POTUS?    10/17/18  (9)
has anyone explored possibility journalist was killed bc of YouTube video?    10/17/18  (9)
Dad is an Aspie weirdo fucktard.    10/18/18  (9)
Wife wants me to drop almost $700K to buy a house in a filthy GHETTO    10/18/18  (9)
my tinder bio: "white national or gtfo ... let's smash the jewery together"    10/18/18  (9)
Rate this tweet from a Queens senate candidate    10/17/18  (9)
Today I learned the CEO of In-N-Out Burger is a 36 y/o IBS shrew worth $3B    10/18/18  (9)
The never ending story where his horse gets stuck in the mud    10/18/18  (9)
Turkey and Wapo staged (((journo))) torture/execution to hurt GOP midterm turnou    10/17/18  (8)
people who are anti-abortion should be locked up    10/17/18  (8)
Does bone-in change pan searing strips?    10/18/18  (8)
REMINDER: baby gandhari was here before baby goldstein    10/18/18  (8)
Fag Delta FA Films Porno With Fag Porn Star While On Duty (PICS)    10/18/18  (8)
bam: you're nyuug. poast on xo for more than 1 day w/o humiliating yourself    10/18/18  (7)
Is peterman still a millionaire?    10/18/18  (7)
hey SP how pissed will ur wife b when she finds out u continue risking sons butt    10/17/18  (7)
Still loling at Trump tweeting even the Cherokee don’t want Warren    10/18/18  (7)
What happened to PayFair?    10/18/18  (7)
what happened to the poster who dates/fucks trannies/pretty penis packers?    10/17/18  (6)