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Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/18/18  (71)
Proposal (peace offering) to Board Trumpmos    07/18/18  (67)
Best indicator of how fat American has gotten: THIS is considered normal (DTP)    07/18/18  (40)
Real talk, your asshole should be clean most of the time    07/18/18  (39)
Petition to support spaceporn heroically joining US army to fight Russia    07/18/18  (39)
6 years of SOLO shitlaw. Sick of the fucking stress.    07/18/18  (38)
POLL: do you hold hands with your girl in public    07/18/18  (35)
Democrats now pushing for Trump's Helsinki interpreter to be subpoenaed    07/18/18  (33)
Third Party Needed: Low Taxes, Free Trade, No Religious Dirtbags, No SJW's    07/18/18  (32)
lol at Trump handing over his political enemies to Russia    07/18/18  (32)
Arrested Russian spy Maria Butina = confirmed honeypot    07/18/18  (29)
/!\ Trump: "Almond milk isn't milk! Doesn't lactate! I'm banning it!" /!\    07/18/18  (29)
Walk me through the steps to get $$$ from a car accident like CSLG does.    07/18/18  (28)
Russian spy who conspired with NRA to help Trump was getting ready to flee USA    07/18/18  (26)
Obama: Don't Silence People just because they're 'White' or 'Male'    07/18/18  (26)
how much do you pay for RENT    07/18/18  (25)
StraightBoyz website tricked 600 men into BJ from cross dresser    07/18/18  (24)
Board Trumpmorons - do you think Russia did anything at all? All media lie?    07/18/18  (22)
Keith Ellison: national borders create an injustice for Mexicans (link)    07/18/18  (21)
*(*(*(*( BRITISH OPEN PREDICTIONS ITT )*)*)*)*    07/18/18  (21)
This college girl is hiding some nice big cans    07/18/18  (19)
just got out of jail early, taking q's (benzo)    07/18/18  (18)
every lib pumo thinks a "blue wave" is a sure thing    07/18/18  (17)
Men prefer debt free virgins (without tattoos)    07/18/18  (17)
New POTUS of Mexico to legalize all drugs    07/18/18  (15)
It's Time To End Hawaii Judge Style Nationwide Injunctions (WSJ)    07/18/18  (15)
Electrolyte concentrate mixed w BC powder for hangovers?    07/18/18  (14)
Reminder: people who get fired from shitlaw are above avg. IQ here    07/18/18  (13)
JJC thinking of moving to LA to chase hot girls    07/18/18  (13)
I bet ancient farmer's wives used ears of corn as dildos sometimes    07/18/18  (12)
How cool is the job title "Principal Engineer"    07/18/18  (12)
Sorry libs - 1) Khizr Khan 2) Access Hollywood 3) Charlottesville 4) Helsinki    07/18/18  (12)
Hey guys rate my response to a Craigslist ad for someone looking for workers    07/18/18  (12)
(((Zuckerberg))) defends Holocaust deniers, people lose their shit    07/18/18  (11)
DBG, have you neutered your dog?    07/18/18  (11)
Zuckerberg a principled free speech hero.    07/18/18  (11)
Admin costs for healthcare are totally insane    07/18/18  (10)
Has spaceporn been seen since yesterday's breakdown? Getting worried    07/18/18  (10)
Anyway to go genetic testing without giving up privacy?    07/18/18  (10)
Wait so a Secret Service member randomly had a stroke & died in Trump's detail?    07/18/18  (10)
'hobbies' are peak gc grift/flame gaslighting you into a wagecuck mindset    07/18/18  (10)
Trumpcucks: "We worked with Russian but NOT ON PURPOSE. We were useful idiots."    07/18/18  (10)
Greenwald destroys some other shitlib on Trump-Putin summit in long debate    07/18/18  (10)
Why are depressed people obsessed with idea that moving cures depression?    07/18/18  (9)
Feminist Bakes Sourdough Bread Using Her Own Vaginal Yeast    07/18/18  (9)
Cops in Denver make $133k a year. you: complain about biglaw emails    07/18/18  (9)
Proles are onto something about opiates. Theyre 180    07/18/18  (9)
Should i buy a Switch and octopath, or send my sister a check for graduation?    07/18/18  (9)
Wtf we really had a literal COMMUNIST as CIA Director under Obama?    07/18/18  (9)
i need some guy advice    07/18/18  (9)