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Azn girl, Harvard grad, Huffpo blogger BUSTED for cheating at marathon TWICE (li    02/22/17  (190)
I love these small homes. Makes me feel like a white 1950s America    02/22/17  (19)
I see a lot of 34 year old women who are hotter and look better than 18 year old    02/22/17  (18)
Why do liberals use the rebuttal: "I get it XYZ is hard"    02/22/17  (16)
Peterman & SAD settling Most Annoying Poster via ass-to-ass dildo eating contest    02/22/17  (14)
What's living in Naples, Fl like?    02/21/17  (12)
Real talk: Silicon Valley doesn't really innovate    02/22/17  (10)
What does the typical millennial college grad do for work now?    02/21/17  (8)
Client told me I'm an insult to my profession    02/21/17  (8)
It must suck to be super rich in a TTT country/City    02/22/17  (7)
Murphy's law: When trying to leave for vacation, client always calls w/ new deal    02/22/17  (6)
HYPO: if California seceded, would you move out?    02/22/17  (5)
Downtown Los Angeles has lots of Jewish stores    02/22/17  (5)
Being forced to watch Fiddler on the Rooftop in 5th grade made me hate Jews    02/22/17  (5)
XO deal finder I need some wool socks, long underwear and sweatpants    02/21/17  (5)
Azn girl busted for cheating at marathon (link)    02/21/17  (5)
USA and revived USSR teaming up to defeat Mecha-Caliphate, save Europe    02/22/17  (4)
PROTIP: apple cider vinegar removes rust from metal    02/21/17  (4)
LOL at CNN BEGGING MLK III to attack Trump.    02/21/17  (4)
Rate this Latino immigrant who killed California cop    02/21/17  (4)
Americans would be retarded to go to war w/ Iran    02/22/17  (3)
Recruiter lied, said new firm would be accepting of my NWOBHM lifestyle    02/22/17  (3)
Ann Coulter's Adios America should be required high school reading    02/22/17  (3)
Rate this WWII vet who carried a LONGBOW, BROADSWORD, and BAGPIPES into battle    02/21/17  (3)
HOMEOWNERS: this is why you never hire white roofers    02/22/17  (2)
40 star-size penises discovered orbiting earth 7 light years away    02/22/17  (2)
Using "as" as a synonym for "because" - very annoying part of retard business ta    02/22/17  (2)
After tonight, Peterman's shitpipe is a train wreck, folks. Disgraceful!    02/21/17  (2)
Thread where IFNB wrote to Harvard Law?    02/21/17  (2)
Toxoplasmosis Update: Cats Dont Cause Mental Illness    02/22/17  (1)
VISUAL: how war with Iran will look like    02/22/17  (1)
Saw Lib friends last night, all they wanted to discuss was Milo    02/22/17  (1)
Youngest sibling got 9.5 (99 percentile) on COCKSAT. Blasian Dad is MAF.    02/21/17  (1)
I probably create the same exact threads every few months without realizing    02/21/17  (1)
Fake Nudes! Sad!    02/21/17  (1)
The Federalist has some good writers    02/21/17  (1)