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ITT, I give you three girls. Each one is mad about you. Pick one and only one    04/22/18  (97)
Asians are 180    04/23/18  (89)
How do I SLOW DOWN AGING?    04/23/18  (70)
Just visited alma mater, met cute 19-yo who wants to attend law school    04/23/18  (51)
Should I have my bachelor party in Portland in may    04/22/18  (43)
The dating market has been optimized so women can avoid men like you    04/23/18  (42)
Rate the MIT CHEERLEADING TEAM (pic    04/23/18  (41)
Retirement Shock: Need to Find a Job After 40 Years at General Electric    04/23/18  (40)
Does anyone have a link to that Box screed on seducing guys?    04/22/18  (40)
Net worth you'd need at 35 to feel comfortable retiring/living off investments?    04/23/18  (37)
36 Years Later, Hes Out of the Friend Zone (NYT)    04/23/18  (37)
he made fun of me on xo! i'll get him thrown in jail!!! -TSINAH    04/22/18  (37)
what's the most prestigious first name for guys?    04/22/18  (35)
Dating apps present you with a lose-lose scenario (DTP)    04/23/18  (35)
If youre alpha and have a 130 IQ its literally impossible to reproduce    04/23/18  (34)
I fucking hate PPO plans - received $480 bill after 4 months    04/22/18  (33)
McKayla details (sick!): "naked on a bed, him on top of me, like fingering me"    04/22/18  (31)
Prole employees get "written up" for so many reasons    04/22/18  (31)
Holy shit Kanye is going to redpill the black population lol    04/22/18  (30)
tsinah, you conducted yourself poorly last night.    04/22/18  (30)
Do people still buy expensive electric guitars    04/23/18  (29)
Tell me about living in Chicago    04/22/18  (29)
If you're half Asian, whites think you're full Asian    04/22/18  (27)
Got thrown out of my gym today, taking ?s and praise    04/23/18  (27)
What is the most prestigious time of day?    04/22/18  (27)
Woman on Delta airlines flight fined $500 for saving Apple as a snack    04/22/18  (26)
what is most physically demanding sex position?    04/22/18  (25)
What is TCR mac laptop to buy?    04/23/18  (24)
Newsweek demands: "Why Are Richard Spencer and David Duke Still on Twitter?!"    04/22/18  (24)
Rate my back yard (pic)    04/22/18  (24)
Trump's corrupt EPA chief Pruitt got $100k discount on telecom lobbyists home    04/22/18  (24)
Lunch meal prep for the week is done    04/22/18  (23)
Jews invented Christianity because they're geniuses    04/22/18  (23)
XO Underground Man    04/22/18  (23)
"my salary will rise for 30 years!" said the 35 year old who will be fired at 40    04/22/18  (23)
Romney forced into a GOP primary for Utah    04/23/18  (23)
Sucks that benzo has to worry about violating his probation to avoid prison.    04/22/18  (23)
Why did xo fall off a cliff in 2018?    04/22/18  (22)
Derek Jeter tells Bryant Gumbel's to state his IQ before he engages him further    04/22/18  (22)
Heavy traffic even late at night now. Anyone else noticing this?    04/22/18  (21)
CDC continues to hide research confirming high # of defensive gun uses    04/22/18  (21)
alzabo is insane    04/23/18  (20)
nothing like going out in a public space to remind u of how completely finished    04/22/18  (20)
It's hard to do, but fuck your wife daily    04/22/18  (20)
Still can't believe that Trump took on all of these people and won (pic)    04/22/18  (20)
The level of heel Melania can pull off is incredible.    04/22/18  (20)
5 minutes into Wind River, this is 180. Fuck libs    04/22/18  (20)
I have decided I want to have sex with BLUE SMOKE    04/22/18  (19)
met a very ugly Asian at house party who ranted about law school prestige    04/22/18  (19)
Have benzo and tsinah been feuding for 3 days straight? like no breaks?    04/22/18  (19)