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Weird thing that I've noticed about SA.    02/18/18  (132)
Wait, WHY did the Russians want xoTrump to win?    02/18/18  (72)
Estimate the average HHI of BMW M3 buyers    02/17/18  (68)
This place has become very mean spirited: not just some pumos, the whole place    02/17/18  (63)
Mexicans are the superior race in Latin America    02/17/18  (59)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson smugly tweets: Prayer is insufficient to protect children    02/17/18  (58)
acp here and taking qs    02/17/18  (51)
best city in texas to move to: dallas, houston, austin, or san antonio?    02/18/18  (50)
Gibson Guitars facing imminent bankruptcy.    02/17/18  (50)
marijuana legalization is wrong. It also has no legitimate medicinal properties    02/18/18  (48)
NLRB says Google engineer memo was "so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive    02/17/18  (44)
France age of consent case: "She is 11 years old and not a child"    02/18/18  (43)
Would you rather get $500k or have an objective 7.5 genuinely love you?    02/18/18  (41)
Anyone reflexively doubt rape/assault claims by porn chicks?    02/18/18  (39)
Peterman which Texas city do you live in now    02/17/18  (39)
Rate this pic some sorority sloots drew of Chad (pic)    02/17/18  (38)
describe austin texas    02/17/18  (38)
rating poasters as domestic travel destinations    02/18/18  (36)
wallet: left front pants pocket. phone+keys: right front pants pocket.    02/18/18  (36)
WORST ACTOR on the Sopranos?    02/18/18  (34)
Looks like JAMES FIELDS might get acquitted for the Charlottesville thing    02/17/18  (33)
MAL | CAN'T | WIN    02/18/18  (32)
Best car under 40k    02/17/18  (30)
just had a pretty scary uber ride -- left $10 trying to give more before this    02/17/18  (29)
My family and I are impoverished. Struggling to make ends meet.    02/17/18  (29)
Min IQ required to do this? (TRUMP clip)    02/18/18  (28)
Has anyone here dated Russian women? Describe    02/17/18  (28)
Google will only die when the web dies    02/17/18  (27)
on the actual bar, are there ever answer choices that are wrong bc "incomplete"?    02/17/18  (26)
When did xo become a low iq forum for low iq religious shitcons?    02/17/18  (25)
"I like your Darwin fish," you tell your date walking her to her Subaru orrester    02/18/18  (24)
So what has Congress done since 17 children were det 3 days ago?    02/17/18  (24)
White people really do age like complete shit    02/17/18  (24)
Florida HS student shooting victim Emma Gonzalez rips Trump a new one on live TV    02/18/18  (24)
went to the highest ranked law school in new york city. taking ?s    02/17/18  (24)
new rule: any poster that dickrides RSF gets dragged out back and shot in the fa    02/17/18  (23)
Minimum amount of $$ to receive for an Arab shiekh to shit on your face?    02/18/18  (22)
Rate this Latina (Cuban) actress (pics)    02/18/18  (21)
Conservatives accept school shootings as part and parcel of freedom    02/17/18  (21)
The family attorney wore a Colin kaepernick jersey    02/17/18  (21)
Chevy Colorado - thinking of getting a truck    02/17/18  (20)
ive already seen black panther twice. 180    02/17/18  (20)
Devils in "Tampa gay" tonight to take on lightning    02/17/18  (20)
13 Russians indicted. That is not the stuff of witch hunts and hoaxes (CNN)    02/17/18  (20)
,:,.;.:..:.,:,::,. = worst, loneliest poster
   02/17/18  (20)
What are some technical biz skills I can learn to cop new job?    02/17/18  (19)
Fuck jews invented everything    02/17/18  (19)
Reminder: France for the most part did capitulate and join Hitler    02/17/18  (18)