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Absolutely ZERO of these culture war short term "victories" matter. Only demogra    01/22/19  (113)
Biglaw midlevel don't know what i'm doing    01/23/19  (90)
How did MAGA teens explain the nazi hats and tomahawk chops?    01/22/19  (85)
Rate these Montana med school graduates. Not very diverse. (Pic)    01/22/19  (78)
How would Kamela do in the general election vs Trump?    01/22/19  (70)
Who does XO think will actually fight in a civil war    01/23/19  (68)
NYT: How We Destroy Lives Today (link)    01/22/19  (66)
DevryMastersCandidate is a necessary response to Calishitlawguru    01/22/19  (62)
LOL apparently Jesuits are the most homosexual group of catholic priests?    01/22/19  (54)
Protip: most of the MIDDLE EAST is CHILL as FURK    01/22/19  (54)
Savannah Guthrie will interview Nick Sandmann (MAGA teen) on Today Show    01/22/19  (48)
Rate the manageability of this courseload while working full time (~40-50 hrs/wk    01/22/19  (47)
lol Serena about to have another meltdown    01/23/19  (47)
MAGA teens episode is worse than Travyon, Kavanaugh, Duke Lacrosse    01/22/19  (46)
KAMALA went to HOWARD and was in biggest ALL BLACK sorority- LJL saying NOTBLACK    01/22/19  (45)
shitlibs have completely ruined STEM    01/23/19  (41)
Aus Open Day 10 (1/23) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/23/19  (41)
Nathan Phillips told CNN TWICE that he was a Vietnam Vet (he wasn't)    01/22/19  (40)
Rate: This random sweet anonymous text I just received    01/22/19  (37)
Prediction: KAMALA Harris will DEMOLISH the DEM 2020 Field    01/22/19  (36)
poll: ur monthly rent or mortgage payment all in?    01/22/19  (35)
WAPO Issues CORRECTION: Indian dude Nathan Phillips DID NOT FIGHT IN VIETNAM    01/22/19  (35)
How do you stop drinking constantly and fucking fat pigs from the internet    01/22/19  (35)
I’ve literally never heard a drake song    01/22/19  (35)
How impressive is this hedge fund?    01/22/19  (35)
final SNAP payments have already gone out    01/22/19  (33)
In retrospect a lot of crazy shit happened in the 90s.    01/22/19  (33)
name a famous person that people used to like a lot but now hate    01/23/19  (32)
World would be more interesting if modern cities had Gothic architecture    01/22/19  (32)
programming bros need help    01/22/19  (32)
Are the 2010s a historically uneventful decade    01/22/19  (32)
HR wants to talk to me because I may have witnessed something    01/22/19  (31)
ITT I answer 10 questions honestly    01/22/19  (31)
I'm confused as to why Trumptards are calling MAGA teen a "Victory"    01/22/19  (29)
lol so House Dems are pushing a budget that would only fund govt for 2.5 weeks?    01/22/19  (29)
Which 2 active nba players have played the most games together    01/23/19  (28)
Thunder Collins seems obsessed with rich asians for someone who is poor white    01/22/19  (27)
If there was another civil war would Mexico ally with Democrats?    01/22/19  (26)
do you ever just "hang out" with friends?    01/23/19  (26)
Covington High School classes cancelled over safety concerns (link)    01/22/19  (25)
luis constant anxiety and depression is driving me nuts. how do u chill out?    01/22/19  (25)
Imagine the lib insanity if Trump wins in 2020.    01/22/19  (25)
Phillips' DD-214 RELEASED    01/22/19  (25)
made out with an asian 5 tonight and she bit me    01/22/19  (25)
So 90% of "Federal Employees" are completely fucking worthless?    01/22/19  (25)
Is shredding documents flame?????    01/22/19  (24)
Nathan Phillips military service under scrutiny.    01/22/19  (23)