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ITT we estimate RSF's IQ    11/22/17  (106)
45 teachers QUIT after being sexually ASSAULTED by 1st graders in PA.    11/22/17  (99)
Jim Kelly, what does VC legal work entail?    11/22/17  (85)
Lets try to understand the plights and difficulties faced by opposite sex    11/22/17  (83)
Trump ANNIHILATES bitchmade black father LaVar Ball:    11/22/17  (80)
Going out with model/socialite tonight, taking Qs    11/22/17  (76)
RSF just claimed to have 140 IQ looool    11/22/17  (75)
Jfc just got pwned by a woman on a date    11/22/17  (70)
Chandler, superstar attorney, taking Qs    11/22/17  (67)
The job that would have changed your life but you got dinged at the last phase    11/21/17  (65)
ITT name a concept you think is too complex for me to understand.    11/22/17  (62)
So I lost a bunch of weight and... I'm hot    11/22/17  (59)
chandler is a huge fag who deserves your scorn -- not your ETH, pity, or clients    11/22/17  (58)
Welp. Hit my wife today.    11/22/17  (54)
These texts from the Closet gay congressman are fucking hilarious    11/21/17  (53)
Rating Poasters as Villians    11/21/17  (52)
How many racist comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/22/17  (50)
Let's be clear: the IQs of poaster range about 120-135. No one here is 140+    11/22/17  (48)
180 introvert lifehack: When delivery guy comes, pretend you have phone call    11/22/17  (48)
Ok to wear AE Strand on a date?    11/22/17  (48)
Are we for or against this net neutrality stuff    11/22/17  (47)
Don't let the media companies fool you: Net Neutrality doesn't matter.    11/22/17  (45)
ITT: Most prestigious sport to be best at    11/22/17  (44)
if roy moore wins grade ur happiness from 1-100% compared to TRUMP's win    11/21/17  (44)
147 IQ RSF copping a "chill" 3.25/162 en route to TTT Fordham    11/22/17  (42)
Aerial view of Los Angeles traffic    11/22/17  (42)
At which age are women most fertile    11/22/17  (41)
Wife's friend got into the wine at dinner, was playing footsie with me under th    11/21/17  (40)
Meet Malia's new Chad, Rory (UK)    11/22/17  (39)
was Obama born in Kenya?    11/21/17  (39)
what would the Confederate South be like today, if it had seceded    11/22/17  (37)
Chicago attorney taking questions    11/21/17  (36)
Mario Odyssey vs BOTW.    11/21/17  (36)
If you could send two races to a MOON COLONY forever, which would you choose?    11/21/17  (35)
Underappreciated Fact: Ivana Trump was never that hot.    11/21/17  (34)
So we're defending Roy Moore although he's a confirmed pedophile?    11/22/17  (32)
Would USA be different if we had 18 percent Muslim population ?    11/22/17  (31)
If you have a boss at work, you're not a real man.    11/22/17  (30)
XO Roy Moore odds now 66% vs. 37% Shitlib Doug Jones - suck my ASS libs!!!!    11/21/17  (30)
Mel Gibson: "Of course that shifty Jew made money off my comments on Jews."    11/21/17  (30)
New "woman-spreading" meme puts men in their place!    11/22/17  (29)
HoldUp have you considered antipsychotic meds    11/22/17  (28)
I FUCKING HATE FLYING    11/22/17  (28)
so libs whats the endgame for all this harrassment stuff? who benefits    11/21/17  (28)
Hypo: you find a dead body in the woods with 10k in cash    11/22/17  (27)
Really hate musical theater but love Phantom. Anyone else?    11/22/17  (27)
WaPo: Trump and XO Miller kicking ass on immigration    11/22/17  (27)
the key to happiness is variety    11/21/17  (25)
I honestly wouldn't care if my gf or wife wanted lesbian experiences    11/21/17  (25)
when did going to an airport become an occasion for chicks to dress like sluts?    11/21/17  (25)