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Jews: civilized, assimilated, get holocausted. Muslims: violent, crazy, celebrat    06/18/18  (101)
Video of San Francisco officer shooting fleeing suspect    06/18/18  (73)
Trying to get wife pregnant. HELP ME (with advice, not cum).    06/18/18  (71)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/18/18  (67)
How long would you last if you were dropped off in the 1300's?    06/18/18  (58)
I want and will never attain a thick country girl    06/18/18  (53)
RATE this hot skinny Jewess #DBG    06/18/18  (52)
This is your typical mid-20s white woman these days (DTP)    06/18/18  (51)
ICE response to horrific reporter attack on veteran's military tattoo.    06/18/18  (50)
JFC, 9-2 window to wait for aircon repair people    06/18/18  (50)
Millenial scumbags arent tipping    06/18/18  (46)
Scott Adams said that the children being separated from illegal alien parents    06/18/18  (45)
Turdskins done here. Avg Northern Euro female as strong as avg South Asian "man"    06/18/18  (44)
tommy t, when will you travel to iran    06/18/18  (41)
MAGA-hatted cuties at 'Conservative Conference' (NYT)    06/18/18  (40)
if your girl open palm slaps you in an argument, what is an appropriate response    06/18/18  (39)
Harvard Medical School removes portraits of 31 former department heads.    06/18/18  (38)
Poll: Republicans Approve of Trumps Family Separation Policy    06/18/18  (34)
feel like Nietzsche watching the horse get whipped    06/18/18  (31)
So Tommy T comes back to cheers on xo, and hes just as annoying/toxic as ever?    06/18/18  (28)
Explain how what Chris Hardwick did is "assault"    06/18/18  (28)
Reminder: Libs cry crocodile tears for illegals, but mocked Otto Warmbier    06/18/18  (27)
The living conditions of these immigration camps is unconscionable! (pic)    06/17/18  (27)
has anyone actually had a health problem solved by a doctor    06/18/18  (26)
First time in UK. 180 so far. Taking Qs and abuse    06/18/18  (25)
LibMedia has been testing the kid splitting for months. Only forcememed now.    06/18/18  (25)
Rate these girls (sfw)    06/18/18  (25)
Why did the US fire Jurgen Klinsmann? Wasn't he our only good coach ever    06/18/18  (25)
Epah father day (pic)    06/17/18  (25)
rating posters as UK shit holes    06/18/18  (24)
I don't get it. How are the suburbs not soul-crushingly boring?    06/18/18  (24)
CBS 60 Minutes: Lack of oversight of pill distributors has killed 200,000    06/18/18  (24)
Trump orders the creation of a SPACE FORCE.    06/18/18  (22)
So my mom has decided to join mensa    06/17/18  (22)
What is the liberal solution to illegal immigrant "Child separation" issue?    06/18/18  (21)
wow panama is extremely overmatched    06/18/18  (21)
The grateful dead is the best band of all time    06/18/18  (21)
I just want to play computer games from the 90's    06/18/18  (20)
Zero-Tolerance In Full-Effect: ICE Arrests 16 Illegals in Montana!    06/17/18  (20)
Chimped out at the supermarket today    06/17/18  (20)
lol @ GC hyping up Brazil every World Cup    06/17/18  (20)
so Ed Harris's wife killed herself b/c she discovered he raped & killed robots?    06/18/18  (18)
RATE this hot, blonde, skinny Princeton graduate    06/18/18  (18)
Wtf girl Im dating wakes up in the middle of the night to eat    06/17/18  (17)
Family separation is Trumps Katrina moment    06/18/18  (16)
I have a question about immigration.    06/18/18  (16)
What was the defining/most important tech on 20th century?    06/18/18  (16)
why did scholarship tp go quotemo? :(    06/17/18  (16)
Would you enter a bodybuilding contest if you looked like this?    06/18/18  (16)
Is orthodox Calvinism Cr?    06/17/18  (16)