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Jfc my Tinder date is drunk and he throwing up in the bathroom    09/24/17  (98)
Ethiopians hate American blacks and consider them a different species    09/24/17  (50)
CHALLENGE: define the word "flame" as used here in 10 words or less    09/23/17  (37)
At will employment: let's bash this TTT    09/23/17  (30)
Everyone has tattoos on their necks, face, knuckles, feet now - it's nbd    09/23/17  (22)
Very attractive women are not very friendly    09/23/17  (21)
Trump is tricking blacks into openly showing their tribal nature and contempt    09/23/17  (16)
Rate my Chinese food delivery order    09/23/17  (14)
Think about how we will all die and be forgotten almost immediately    09/23/17  (14)
Munger Tolles Olson circulates to the firm hours billed by each atty every month    09/23/17  (11)
:D is the Joe Rogan of the bort    09/23/17  (10)
"How are you doing, brother?" RSF asked an alloy urn on his breakfast nook    09/24/17  (9)
Percentage of Trump supporters who can pronounce divisive.    09/24/17  (9)
Do we have any actual college students here?    09/23/17  (9)
Lawman8 listing his human qualities after someone tells him "see u later alligat    09/24/17  (8)
I bet many NFL fans have had relatives funerals with the flag draped on casket    09/23/17  (8)
These blonde German twins with braces are gonna be hot in a few years    09/23/17  (8)
LJL how every woman regardless of BMI wears yoga pants to the grocery store    09/23/17  (8)
This new rap shit kids are listening to really bangs    09/23/17  (7)
you knew Big 10 refs weren't letting Michigan lose this one    09/23/17  (7)
Rate this cute 16 year old French Model    09/24/17  (6)
Anyone been to the "Ozarks"?    09/23/17  (6)
lol @ peterman    09/23/17  (6)
middle easterners are very corrupt in business/government    09/24/17  (5)
More Los Angeles residents commute to work in OC than the other way around    09/24/17  (5)
Notre Dame kicker tells interviewer "guy who kicks 1st world field goals here su    09/24/17  (5)
You cucks gone stop watching baseball now?    09/23/17  (5)
Thanks to xo I burst out laughing at the sight of a semi truck now    09/24/17  (4)
ITT: #1 prole tell    09/24/17  (4)
Keep Calm and Carry Baking Soda    09/23/17  (4)
Catalan, Basque, Andalusia -- how do these relate?    09/23/17  (4)
UC Berkeley easily handling TTT USC    09/23/17  (4)
How does Sam Darnold have such a chubby face but isnt fat    09/23/17  (4)
Rrrrrrrrrrrape    09/23/17  (3)
Ljl shitcons: Angered by Trump, HS football team burns flag (pic)    09/23/17  (3)
ESPN to Add Optional "Social Action" Category to Fantasy Settings    09/23/17  (3)
WaPo headline from yesterday: "Trump is running out of Twitter tricks"    09/23/17  (3)
seems like ann coulter has been driven literally insane by the cuckening    09/23/17  (3)
Lol at this Trump tweet about Joba holy shit (link)    09/23/17  (3)
Michigan STTTaTTTe absolutely creampied by Notre Dame ljl    09/23/17  (2)
Theory: blacks dominate RB position because skin is same color as the ball and    09/23/17  (2)
lol baby boomers get pensions    09/23/17  (2)
Ungh that Berkeley chick in a sports bra had hard as fuck nips    09/23/17  (2)
RSF have you ever played hockey with this dude    09/23/17  (2)
Peterman's farts sound like someone with Bell's Palsy trying to whistle    09/23/17  (2)
You can lead an Indian to a toilet, but you can't make him shit in it.    09/24/17  (1)
Award show & NFL ratings plummet ... "We need to be more political!"    09/24/17  (1)
First day    09/24/17  (1)
Notre Dame kicker welcoming entire Michigan State cheerleading squad to harem    09/24/17  (1)
The "B1G" is absolute garbage and should be demoted to division 1-AA    09/23/17  (1)