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Trump cancels Pelosi’s field trip over her misbehavior    01/19/19  (216)
Law school now $100,000 a yr., hehe    01/20/19  (215)
buddy's 14 y/o son got a bj from a 12 y/o girl; recorded it; girl's parents foun    01/19/19  (179)
Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress    01/22/19  (150)
Which MLB pitcher in your lifetime was most dominant in his prime?    01/22/19  (142)
hey ";;;..;..;;;.." - ur false alarm cop call on me worked, they came by today    01/22/19  (142)
Biglaw More Profitable Than Ever    01/22/19  (134)
Any cuisines that are underrated?    01/19/19  (125)
NYT: There is nothing wrong with open borders    01/19/19  (124)
Is $300k supposed to be good now?    01/17/19  (124)
Google employees melt down over the use of the word "family" (link)    01/18/19  (120)
RE: YOUR BILLING FRAUD    01/18/19  (113)
MAGA kid's statement (pdf)    01/22/19  (112)
Can we all agree that the TEEN in the MAGA hat vs Indian showdown    01/21/19  (112)
Official XO racial census    01/18/19  (110)
Absolutely ZERO of these culture war short term "victories" matter. Only demogra    01/22/19  (107)
The California pension crisis is going to get very bad    01/22/19  (102)
Christianity would be 180 if real    01/20/19  (100)
LOL, dumbfuck libs fell for LITERAL FAKE NEWS re: the DC march incident    01/22/19  (98)
ITT: Examples Of GC Flooding The Market w Similar Products Owned By Same Company    01/17/19  (98)
car bros - considering striver car. which one    01/22/19  (97)
Anyone here have 4 or more kids? Please help.    01/18/19  (95)
MAGA teens - Clearest example of mass lib psychosis in Trump era?    01/21/19  (95)
National Review: MAGA hat teen personally crucified Jesus    01/21/19  (93)
So Mueller has evidence Trump committed a high crime but taking 3 yrs to reveal?    01/19/19  (92)
ragnus streaming facebook interview.    01/18/19  (91)
Megachurch girl was going to make me a home cooked meal    01/21/19  (88)
So WashPost, CNN, MSNBC looking endlessly, but BUZZFEED breaks this story    01/19/19  (88)
the most interesting political ideas are on the right    01/20/19  (85)
late 30s. 0 savings. 0 assets. is it worth contributing to a 401k?    01/20/19  (85)
How did MAGA teens explain the nazi hats and tomahawk chops?    01/22/19  (85)
Taking Q’s on a 18000 NYE trip, top-5 for sure (RSF)    01/22/19  (84)
whats better? 150k pension or 10mm saved retirement?    01/18/19  (84)
Who was most EVIL character in Sopranos, Wire, Breaking Bad    01/17/19  (82)
Thinking about quitting my job and working with my wife    01/18/19  (79)
Sports Illustrated: Black coaches are too dumb for the NFL, and that's racist    01/18/19  (79)
Is it bad for car to shut off engine while climate control is running?    01/21/19  (78)
Rate these Montana med school graduates. Not very diverse. (Pic)    01/22/19  (78)
You guys don’t get it. Trump could offer to resign in exchange for the wall an    01/22/19  (78)
TRUMP tweets about MAGA teens    01/22/19  (76)
Libs have all the MAGA teens numbered like a most wanted list wtf?    01/22/19  (76)
Prolific posters that don't "get" xo    01/19/19  (75)
Peterman here. 4 drinks deep. Taking Qs for 10 minutes.    01/22/19  (75)
describe the xo worldview    01/19/19  (75)
Having bad parents is one of the worst curses in life    01/20/19  (75)
Venice beach turning into SF style luxe dystopian shithole    01/19/19  (75)
Pelosi to Trump: "Reschedule" State of the Union address or submit it in writing    01/17/19  (73)
Covington story just got really weird    01/22/19  (73)
You have been conditioned to Not Care about WWI    01/20/19  (71)
what do we know about this "Trump" guy?    01/18/19  (71)
Obese mental patient PN off his meds and outing again    01/22/19  (71)
simple but tricky probability question    01/20/19  (71)
Rate this NPR tweet    01/19/19  (70)
Heroic company makes vid response to Gillette: "We see the good in men"    01/22/19  (70)
How would Kamela do in the general election vs Trump?    01/22/19  (70)
Booked a $300 round-trip flight to FRANKFURT in two weeks. Taking suggestions    01/17/19  (70)
what would you say to an indian who said "go back to europe"?    01/22/19  (69)
DBG confronts NYPD Traffic Officer after Illegally Parking car (Video)    01/17/19  (68)
Seems weird how "moving to California" used to be a middle class white dream    01/22/19  (68)
Haven't watched "news" in months. So negative/anti-Trump it's a joke.    01/16/19  (68)
Your Dad Sobbing As Your Asian Wife Asks Him To Take His Shoes Off In Your House    01/18/19  (68)
Why are companies so stupid re: raises/promotions? Rather lose talent that give    01/22/19  (67)
The MAGA teens were yelling at random women in DC (video)    01/22/19  (63)
Ocasio going to "run train" on the progressive agenda (WaPo)    01/17/19  (63)
is Matt Damon the fakest hollywood alpha ever?    01/19/19  (63)
Downtown Disney with Chandler, Kenny, and CSLG... (CSLG)    01/19/19  (62)
Graduating in '08, ITE humilation, being fired, all made me an IRL cuckold    01/21/19  (62)
I let wife go to HomeGoods without me. She bought $78 of words to put on wall.    01/21/19  (61)
how do video game speed runners do it? trial and error?    01/17/19  (61)
CNN: "Beto's Excellent Adventure DRIPS with White Male Privilege"    01/18/19  (59)
CSLG just got me $10K for 1.5 year old case w/ no medical bills    01/18/19  (59)
NYT: How We Destroy Lives Today (link)    01/22/19  (58)
440 lb man made flight attendants wipe his ass on flight, moaning "Go deeper"    01/22/19  (58)
So Tom Brady is the GOAT now? It's settled?    01/22/19  (58)
CNN:Emails, texts, witnesses show Trump directed lawyer to commit perjury (link)    01/18/19  (57)
Is RSF a COUNTRY COUNTER?    01/20/19  (57)
rate this girl demonstrating proper squat form    01/19/19  (56)
Which MLB players in your lifetime lost the most potential due to injury?    01/20/19  (56)
What gives you joy in life? Almost nothing gives me joy, it’s all obligations    01/21/19  (56)
PSA: if you have brown eyes you're not "white"    01/21/19  (56)
NYMag writer on MAGA teens: "I just want these people to die, simple as that"    01/22/19  (55)
Rate this L.A. blonde's body    01/22/19  (55)
dumb to drop $1800 on 3 suits?    01/20/19  (54)
What's the best piece of advice you've received in life?    01/18/19  (54)
Rate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend (pic)    01/17/19  (54)
WaPo: It doesn't matter if Steve King was only defending Western Civ. That's rac    01/16/19  (54)
Travelmos -- where is the CR place in Europe to rent a villa and chill?    01/21/19  (54)
🍆💦🐑💦🐑 SAINTS VICTORY THREAD 🍆💦🐑💦🐑    01/22/19  (54)
partners care about the stupidest shit in biglaw    01/16/19  (54)
Study: 44% Of MDs Want To Killself Or Quit Medicine    01/21/19  (53)
Are very tall girls (5'9, 5'10 and up) tcr for tall bros?    01/17/19  (53)
MSNBC says Bernie is canceled.    01/15/19  (53)
Thomas M. Cooley LSAT splits for 25/50/75 percentile: 138/141/147    01/19/19  (53)
Is there ANY then-“conservative” ideal that has withstood the test of time?    01/20/19  (52)
dennis tp taking SONG REQUESTS    01/19/19  (52)
Who does XO think will actually fight in a civil war    01/22/19  (52)
Bros who MAX out 401K and IRA. How much do you put into brokerage?    01/21/19  (51)
Holy shit. Had no idea BETO is Dems 2020 favorite in Predictit.    01/17/19  (51)
Aus Open Day 9 (1/22) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/22/19  (50)
20yo at work with a son and a boyfriend in the army sending me racy photos    01/17/19  (50)
my wife is going to leave me because i don't make enough money lol    01/22/19  (49)
Exactly one Republican represents a México border county. He opposes the wall.    01/18/19  (49)
Saudi teen refugee: Starbucks, bacon, eggs, & bare legs (link)    01/18/19  (49)
Florida's Department of Health is suspending licenses for student loan defaults    01/16/19  (49)
Alex Kozinski now running a one-man firm in TORRANCE    01/20/19  (48)
Elon wants this fat pussy    01/22/19  (48)
THAILAND is the MOST overrated SHITHOLE in ASIA    01/21/19  (48)
i tried to warn you guys about the "baby goldstein" freak, you didn't listen    01/20/19  (47)
Rate the manageability of this courseload while working full time (~40-50 hrs/wk    01/22/19  (47)
Tony Romo got the EXACT call right there    01/21/19  (47)
42% of French population on welfar. 30% exclusively survive on benefit payments.    01/19/19  (46)
RATE This Skinny Slav (PIC) #ironside #jim_kelly    01/18/19  (46)
Jesus there is VIDEO EVIDENCE the MAGA kids did nothing wrong    01/20/19  (46)
6'2 is the ideal male height    01/21/19  (46)
How boring would it be if your wife agreed with ALL your political positions?    01/20/19  (45)
CharlesXII, how are your dating pursuits going this year? Doing anything differe    01/22/19  (44)
LOL apparently Jesuits are the most homosexual group of catholic priests?    01/22/19  (44)
rate this business idea    01/18/19  (44)
So Dennis calls other people "creepy autistic losers" but is a creepy autistic    01/20/19  (44)
Do any of you still watch movies at the theatre    01/21/19  (44)
Just finished 3some, finished inside girl who sent video of her to bf in Europe    01/22/19  (44)
RATE this "aspiring actress" and her $2,500/month MFH studio apartment    01/22/19  (44)
Anyone ever hand dig a grave? 6 ft seems VERY arbitrary    01/22/19  (44)
Former World Series MVP John Wetteland arrested for child sexual abuse (ESPN)    01/16/19  (44)
Why am I attracted to trannies and femboys?    01/21/19  (44)
Trump, a good negotiator, is asking for $5 billion to protect dreamers?    01/19/19  (43)
Here’s what Trumpmos don’t understand about the MAGA teens    01/21/19  (43)
Considering a job offer in Shenzhen    01/18/19  (42)
Which dem POTUS candidate infuriated you the most? Gilibrand? Kamela?    01/22/19  (42)
Smug MAGA teens might be expelled for getting in Native Vets face    01/20/19  (42)
PROTIP: in TTThailand yell at TAXI drivers if they try to ripe you off    01/20/19  (42)
MAGA teens episode is worse than Travyon, Kavanaugh, Duke Lacrosse    01/22/19  (42)
So the CEO of WeWork leases buildings he owns back to WeWork    01/17/19  (42)
Shrew doctor, 38, sends WARNING to young working women re: FERTILITY    01/22/19  (42)
Ratings of SHITTIEST nationalities in ASIA    01/20/19  (41)
best jrpg town of all time?    01/19/19  (41)
I regularly pull 6s and 7s and the occasional 7.5 on Tinder and Bumble. Chadly?    01/19/19  (41)
How many animals have to die each year so you can live?    01/17/19  (41)
Salary went up 6K, nothing else changed. Net take home only went up 2.5K. How?    01/21/19  (41)
Harvard ug admissions is even tougher than we had though    01/18/19  (41)
Aussie TEEN forced to wear colostomy bag after ROUGH ANAL SEX    01/16/19  (40)
Sim City 2000 was a lot of fun    01/20/19  (40)
Staying in top floor of the finest hotel in Spokane    01/19/19  (40)
Top Asian American Porn Star, Jeremy Long, heading to PRISON    01/17/19  (40)