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Simplest concepts that blew your mind when you first learned them    10/15/18  (225)
libs really upset about NPC meme    10/15/18  (200)
JFC, beautiful Paris is a human toilet    10/14/18  (181)
ITT We DESCRIBE poasters using ONLY emojis    10/14/18  (172)
RSF's mental illness is spiking again    10/15/18  (163)
I realized I'm going to have to get an MD to advance my career    10/14/18  (156)
reminder: christmas completely breaks the jew brain    10/10/18  (143)
NYC shrew claims 9 y/o sexually harassed her; video shows otherwise    10/14/18  (138)
And still cleaning up the mess!    10/15/18  (132)
STICKY: petition to keep xo TEXT-ONLY.    10/15/18  (130)
kanye just going off in the oval office right now, lmao    10/12/18  (120)
You guys know things are getting WAAY better, right?    10/14/18  (117)
MESSAGE FROM CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD in her GoFundMe    10/12/18  (115)
Rating poasters as real GoFundMe's currently active    10/12/18  (113)
***Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 1 Thread***    10/13/18  (110)
[Serious] Anyone else feel like they don't belong in the US?    10/14/18  (110)
Creampied teenager. They have too much energy (TT6)    10/14/18  (108)
Spaceporn retirement wasn't worth pepito ban. Now: spaceporn is back as a pumo    10/11/18  (106)
thanks rach    10/14/18  (101)
DBG, what is a "Chabad" center?    10/12/18  (99)
XO Poll: Are 34-35 year old women OLD    10/14/18  (94)
WSJ: Chinese tried to steal nuclear football from Kelly, hacked a tablet    10/13/18  (93)
How is blank bumping any better than upvoting or down voting    10/12/18  (93)
name that BOM thread based entirely on emojis    10/15/18  (93)
do you view adult PICKY EATERS as CHILDISH?    10/09/18  (92)
ITT: List your favorite COMEDIANS    10/13/18  (92)
why do people from China look different from Chinese from Singapore, etc.    10/14/18  (90)
A poster called "Bart O'Kavanaugh" on law school message board in 2012 talking    10/12/18  (90)
Why is Netflix incapable of producing HBO/AMC-level quality television?    10/09/18  (88)
White people prefer white people on dating apps — but that could be changed    10/14/18  (86)
New Yorker: The Rise and Fall of Affirmative Action    10/09/18  (84)
we'd all have so much more money if we didn't have to pay for southern welfare    10/13/18  (84)
Nicki Haley RESIGNS    10/10/18  (84)
Can we stop calling them "liberals" or "progressives"? They aren't.    10/15/18  (82)
real life woman here - what do you want to know    10/09/18  (79)
how to (easily) fuck hot 18-24yo girls on the reg?    10/15/18  (79)
Race war breaks out at CA high school between Armenian and black students    10/10/18  (79)
Reddit poster STRUGGLING with LSAT Question    10/15/18  (74)
UW @ Oregon is your college football game of the year    10/15/18  (74)
Hillary: Kav ceremony was political; Trump: I guess thats why she lost.    10/10/18  (74)
Have you ever jerked off at work?    10/11/18  (71)
Replace one word in a famous song title with the word "anus"    10/10/18  (71)
I’m 38. Dating anyone over 30 in nyc is miserable.    10/15/18  (70)
GOP Senator tells protester's kid: "your mom is using you as a political tool" (    10/12/18  (69)
I dare you to name a better pitcher than Pedro (1990 & 2000) in post WWII era    10/14/18  (69)
Ironside, Did You Hear The Puck Is In The Goal? #Jim_Kelly    10/11/18  (68)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg looked ready to keel over at Kavanaugh's ceremony today:    10/09/18  (68)
NYC cops physically assault an Orthodox Jew - VIDEO FOOTAGE    10/09/18  (67)
RATE this white woman's experience in India    10/14/18  (67)
Are We Obligated To Invite Brother's Wife's Sister & BF To Thanksgiving?    10/11/18  (66)
Guess I tried to have an "XO" type conversation IRL - didn't go well    10/15/18  (65)
Minnesota just wants to kill itself. its crazy.    10/12/18  (65)
what's the point of living when none of you will ever fuck a chick this hot?    10/09/18  (65)
XO IRL: cute shrew builds girl's school in Liberia w "local" BF, BF rapes every1    10/15/18  (64)
White liberalism is dying (NYT)    10/11/18  (63)
Cornell investigating group chat where male law students rated female classmates    10/14/18  (63)
Just started Moby Dick, what am I in for?    10/14/18  (63)
FUCK THIS SHIT. Partner broke up my engagement. :-(    10/09/18  (63)
lmao there were 800 people viewing the Reddit page at one point    10/12/18  (63)
Guess the famous xo meme via emoji game    10/15/18  (62)
Leaked Google Memo: Abandonment of Free Speech Good for Safety & Civility (link)    10/10/18  (61)
$750k HHI anywhere in continental US. Where would you live?    10/12/18  (61)
Could Kamala Harris win in 2020    10/14/18  (61)
Here's a kooky idea: Let Ginsburg choose her replacement    10/10/18  (61)
Go-to dishes that you (or wife/gf) OFTEN cook & eat at home?    10/12/18  (61)
How did EVERYONE die in this limo accident?    10/09/18  (61)
Kavanaugh hired all females for his SCOTUS clerks    10/08/18  (60)
Rank these mainstream punk albums released in 1994.    10/12/18  (60)
I thought the NPC thing was a dumb fad, but then Twitter flipped the fuck out    10/15/18  (59)
The hottest "Married teacher, 28, has sex with student, 17" I've seen so far(DTP    10/12/18  (59)
Jfc Antifa absolutely runs Portland via "rule of the mob". Jfc libs (link)    10/09/18  (59)
What would the actual logistics of Charles finding a foreign wife be    10/15/18  (59)
10+ years and fucking sick of law. How to curate exit options?    10/14/18  (58)
My wife is leaving for the weekend next weekend. What should I do?    10/12/18  (58)
Why did Delaware become the central state for corporate law?    10/12/18  (58)
Rating Poasters as Emojis    10/14/18  (57)
Rate this hot chick's selfie    10/14/18  (57)
HELP: Need to smoke weed in a hotel room    10/14/18  (57)
Best friend married an AWFUL girl    10/10/18  (56)
ITT we poast whatever's copied to the clipboard    10/13/18  (56)
Idaho Fish & Game commish slays babboon family w/ recurve bow. Libs real mad    10/13/18  (55)
lmao i think emojis work now    10/15/18  (55)
BREAKING NEWS: Sears will file bankruptcy    10/13/18  (55)
Rate 36yo Barbara Bush's sideboob in wedding dress (pic)    10/09/18  (55)
Earl how much do you make now?    10/12/18  (55)
I once filed a brief at 12:05 a.m. and partner completely lost his shit    10/13/18  (55)
Need suggestions for DARK movies    10/11/18  (55)
WaPo screed: Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not en    10/12/18  (53)
is it me, or does 90% of plastic surgery seem to make the person look worse?    10/13/18  (53)
Shitlib Star Wars author gets fired and complains about it on Twitter    10/13/18  (53)
My Mexican uncle destroys American in lengthy FB poast    10/13/18  (52)
What should Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan be?    10/14/18  (52)
whittier TP, rating you as a subreddit that I have posted on    10/14/18  (52)
name that movie based entirely on emojis    10/14/18  (51)
Fucked up my one chance at happiness lol    10/13/18  (49)
So what's the deal w DBG? Why do people call him a pedo?    10/09/18  (48)
rate this hot big-titted mother's naked breastfeeding photo shoot #ironside #dbg    10/09/18  (48)
New Senate polls show Kavanaugh thing backfired BIGLY for Dems    10/12/18  (48)
ban Spaceporn's pumo account    10/12/18  (48)
the NPC meme retardation...jesus fucking christ..STFU    10/14/18  (48)
rach, let's talk about shitmodding    10/13/18  (48)
So there are thousands of people reading are content at any given time    10/12/18  (47)
Andrew Sullivan: The Problem is Trump Has Done too Many Good Things    10/13/18  (47)
nyuug I can never forgive you for charging TT to hang out with you    10/10/18  (47)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - Dingfagged From Jerb    10/13/18  (46)
RIGHT WING NEWS Responds to Facebook Purge With EXPLOSIVE FACTS    10/14/18  (46)
ITT we list 15-minutes-of-fame celebrities who rose and vanished over last 5 yrs    10/13/18  (46)
What about rough climates results in lower IQs?    10/14/18  (46)
Anyone here from the PR board?    10/13/18  (46)
Biglaw shrew gets dumped- here's what she blew her $ on (hint- Chipotl    10/14/18  (46)
After a decade of biglaw, hedge fund, etc. finally copped my dream job    10/11/18  (45)
My wife (non - attorney) has never heard of Roe v. Wade    10/09/18  (45)
what foods will you eat as LEFTOVERS?    10/10/18  (45)
Obama was such a... bizarre person.    10/09/18  (44)
columbus was both a great and terrible man. why is that hard for libs to get?    10/09/18  (44)
ran into a HS friend - he makes $140k a yr bartending + side hustles    10/12/18  (44)
Just bought TWO MAGA hats at TRUMP TOWER    10/10/18  (44)
shitlibs are PANICKING over Bolsonaro's imminent victory in Brazil    10/14/18  (44)
Atlantic on PC cuture. Big new study on "hidden tribes" in the US    10/10/18  (43)
are there any Eastern Orthodox poasters on here who AREN'T right wing?    10/14/18  (43)
Have a few friends that just made non-equity partner @ V10 I left 4 yrs ago    10/09/18  (43)
Rate this cute Latina teenager protesting WHITE SUPREMACY    10/14/18  (43)
I feel more mysogynistic than ever    10/13/18  (43)
What is the best subcompact SUV? Mazda CX-3?    10/14/18  (43)
why I'm voting blue from now on    10/08/18  (43)
Welcome Class of 2020 (HBS)    10/09/18  (42)
brother hired a guy to install cabinets - he charges $65/hour    10/13/18  (42)
RSF went a little crazy this morning lol    10/15/18  (42)
How did libs get white people to hate white people so much? What kind of sorcery    10/09/18  (42)
RATE this list of 22 relationship rules GF laid down    10/09/18  (42)
Itt: Worst West Coast city    10/14/18  (42)
Country is experiencing full-blown economic recession. Taking economics ?s ITT.    10/15/18  (41)
RSF taking Qs on upcoming month long MEGATRIP    10/10/18  (41)
I would DESTROY every one of you at Risk.    10/14/18  (41)
Amazon scraps AI recruiting prog after it determined male applicants are better    10/12/18  (41)
Stephen Miller GAPED by 3rd grade teacher    10/11/18  (40)
Last posted here when I graduated in 2008...    10/10/18  (40)
Why are libs unable to make memes?    10/13/18  (40)
Taiwan is a separate country from China    10/12/18  (39)
Hi Im white and my wife is asian. Please take me seriously.    10/11/18  (39)
hypo: this is your new secretary    10/12/18  (39)
RATE these insane shitlib comments in huge NYT article on immigration    10/11/18  (39)
So whatever happened to that Mueller "Russia Investigation" stuff?    10/10/18  (38)
Travelmos: How Long Did The INDIA e-VISA Approval Take You?    10/11/18  (38)
Shitlib here, but still can't understand this about gender gap argument:    10/09/18  (38)
my client is going to rehab for coke (zurich)    10/14/18  (38)