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ITT: We create 1,000+ poast thread listing everyone Trump has won against    01/20/18  (201)
Kid-havers Poll: how much money, if any, are you putting in a 529 every month    01/22/18  (171)
Final 888 list    01/22/18  (167)
Top ideas outside of the overton window    01/19/18  (166)
How many "men" here can't bench 185?    01/23/18  (151)
ACLU: Trumps Fake News Awards is an attack on freedom of the press (link    01/18/18  (147)
What is a massive deal-breaker for you that others are indifferent to?    01/23/18  (133)
Making an offer on a house (mnd)    01/23/18  (116)
ITT list the Shitlibbyest shit you believe    01/23/18  (111)
FBI "Failed To Preserve" Five Months Of Text Messages Btwn Anti-Trump FBI Agents    01/22/18  (110)
"arkan" heh. two cellphones. "arkan" a laptop. "arkan" hehehehee    01/21/18  (108)
lol. "emotional support animal" frauds PWNed by Delta    01/20/18  (104)
Why did the board's feelings on RSF change?    01/23/18  (103)
Just woke up why is #ReleaseTheMemo trending    01/19/18  (102)
Amazon HQ2 top 20 list    01/19/18  (102)
What do we do with the "good" illegals?    01/22/18  (98)
Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism    01/22/18  (97)
much of puerto rico still without water and electricity    01/23/18  (92)
Impressing dates with nice restaurants is expensive af    01/20/18  (91)
Cheap sex has ruined our culture    01/23/18  (91)
Cliffs on RSF meltdown?    01/23/18  (89)
FAKE NEWS AWARDS ABOUT TO START!!!    01/18/18  (87)
Entire "alt-right" movement apparently caused by sexual frustration (ABC News):    01/19/18  (81)
Text from GF: "I miss the thrill of hooking up with random strangers."    01/23/18  (79)
Xo Lindsey Graham just destroyed Stephen Miller    01/22/18  (75)
That urbanbaby shit is disturbing    01/20/18  (73)
{$} Official ETH Price Countdown Thread {$}    01/17/18  (73)
Pumos threatening to out me    01/22/18  (71)
KINDNESS CLUB 2018 FIRST MEETING    01/23/18  (71)
Ruh-roh: Ending chain migration more popular w. voters than saving DACA.    01/22/18  (70)
President TRUMP trolls "women's march" - GOD-LEVEL    01/21/18  (70)
Why is there no modern Jack the Ripper?    01/19/18  (70)
PN off his meds and acting fucking PSYCHOTIC again    01/23/18  (69)
RSF banned the big dog aka dopamine account. Fucking lol at xo 2018.    01/18/18  (69)
LOL The Last Jedi is pulled from China after only two weeks in theaters    01/18/18  (68)
Aus Open Day 8 (1/22) Spoilers #tennis    01/23/18  (66)
D.C.-area Poasters: ELI5 about renting/buying condo in NOVA    01/19/18  (66)
Anyone dream of owning an expensive house?    01/23/18  (65)
Can't wait until UrbanBaby moms take their arguments to XO    01/23/18  (64)
do you know any girls that had kids with a black men?    01/21/18  (64)
"Account Suspended" *opens new tab* *reflexively goes to XO* "Account Suspended"    01/19/18  (64)
NY IBDmo. Single, 30yo. Thoughts on moving to SF?    01/22/18  (63)
Bout to drop 14k on engagement ring. Am I a fucking retard?    01/23/18  (63)
Outdoorsiness peaked in the 90s    01/22/18  (63)
thin norweigian women flooding into US- shrews: "actually we're anti immigration    01/21/18  (63)
Patriots-Jaguars Game Thread    01/21/18  (62)
401(k) isnt really a good deal unless you earn $1mm+ (Julia)    01/22/18  (62)
For those of you who "remember" me claiming CLS (RSF)    01/23/18  (61)
Cuckold who used iPhone to catch wife in the act deserves a medal(NYPOST)    01/20/18  (61)
I need a career    01/18/18  (61)
i thought lawman8 was my friend    01/19/18  (60)
Remember when Hillary got chucked into a van like a side of beef?    01/22/18  (59)
full blown war with China starts right now. who wins?    01/21/18  (59)
What would you consider "manly" music?    01/20/18  (59)
RATE this epic "haha" text I got after my first date with a college sophomore    01/19/18  (59)
lets have a brutally honest conversation about ethereum    01/18/18  (59)
LJL at escort ads saying "I love nice restaurants and dressing up too"    01/23/18  (58)
Workout Bros: Need serious fitness advice    01/23/18  (58)
House DACA bill literally criminalizes poverty    01/20/18  (58)
Anyone else listen to Pod Save America?    01/19/18  (58)
Fucked about 100 girls in the last 5 years. Taking ?'s    01/20/18  (57)
Can someone explain what makes daytrading difficult?    01/19/18  (57)
List a good yet obscure 80's/90's album    01/19/18  (57)
Apple to bring back to US $250 billion in foreign cash (link)    01/17/18  (57)
LOL big surprise the Babe writer who broke the Aziz story is a piece of shit    01/18/18  (56)
Lib here: Democrats lost this shutdown    01/22/18  (55)
anyone here actually WANT to be on a jury?    01/22/18  (55)
Have $10k to invest in ETH. At what price do I buy in? How much of a drop?    01/20/18  (55)
27yr software architect making 120k in Albany taking questions    01/23/18  (54)
Protip: Google obama high black unemployment    01/20/18  (54)
apparently, Amazon offers a discounted Prime membership to people on welfare    01/20/18  (53)
i learned a lot of poasters' irl identities last night    01/20/18  (52)
I personally don't think libs should jeopardize kids' health care for DACA    01/20/18  (52)
Second Penn Law Student Kills Self    01/19/18  (52)
Who here has done ayahuasca    01/18/18  (52)
Midwest is mostly white ppl, then why is it still crappy    01/17/18  (52)
XO NJ crew: bloodacre, beckersted, tmf....anyone else????    01/23/18  (51)
Libs self immolate as pussy hat marcher reveals uncomfortable truth.    01/22/18  (51)
Why the alt-right is winning Americas meme war (FT)    01/20/18  (51)
Jewish group OCCUPIES the Senate, demands DACA now!    01/20/18  (51)
Does Glenn Greenwald Know More Than Robert Mueller? [NY Mag]    01/23/18  (49)
Is Thailand worth visiting if I am NOT a sex tourist or into drugs or partying    01/19/18  (49)
Is the FISA memo a real scandal or Alex Jones conspiracy shit?    01/19/18  (49)
How many former poasters are confirmed dead IRL?    01/18/18  (49)
Aus Open Day 4 (1/18) Spoilers #tennis    01/18/18  (49)
Do liberals believe merit should be irrelevant US immigration policy?    01/18/18  (49)
someone has been poasting w PN's real name and you can't call RSF fat    01/20/18  (48)
That guilt telling a single mom' son you'll take him fishing before ghosting her    01/22/18  (48)
It's probably hopeless, but should I tell The Girl that I like her? (evan39)    01/19/18  (48)
should I buy an F-150 Raptor?    01/22/18  (47)
Has anyone been to an actually all-black party?    01/22/18  (47)
NYUUG's Take On XOXO BEEFS:    01/19/18  (47)
Cornell students bully one of their own for appearing on FoxNews    01/20/18  (47)
Krugman shrieks autistically over his Fake News Palm D'Or.    01/18/18  (47)
Newly-single CHAD flirting with The Girl (evan39)    01/18/18  (47)
How can I get this chick to text me back?    01/23/18  (46)
Ivanka wants John Kelly FIRED    01/22/18  (46)
Rate this travel shrew's post about a small black child    01/22/18  (46)
Conan OBrien at Luxury Resort: Haiti Is a Beautiful Country (link)    01/22/18  (46)
Do I have a "dadbod" stomach? (NSFW pic)    01/22/18  (46)
Imagine being 40 and having to lie and cover up about being from NJ    01/18/18  (46)
got red pilled. thinking about divorce    01/23/18  (45)
California moves to take half of companies' savings from Trump tax plan    01/22/18  (45)
predict the price of ETH at 12pm noon 1/25. closest guess gets 1000 NIGR    01/19/18  (45)
Guitar bros: buy a 1K gretsch or save for Es-335/3K gretsch at midlife crisis    01/19/18  (45)
RATE what this Bumble shrew said to me the night after one night stand    01/22/18  (44)
Lol, xoStormy Daniels confirms TLSTrump has a TPD. LJL.    01/21/18  (44)
16.52% of ETH volume in last 24 hours caused by USDT. Nothing to see here folks    01/20/18  (44)
How much cash could you realistically get in 15 minutes?    01/20/18  (44)
Aus Open Day 9 (1/23) Spoilers #tennis    01/23/18  (43)
biglaw attorneys: can you keep alcohol openly displayed in decanter at office?    01/22/18  (43)
RATE This Indian Chick 13th Year Associate At Debevoise (PIC)    01/19/18  (43)
ITT IS A PHOTO OF A HUGE COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    01/17/18  (43)
/!\ Sessions orders investigation of Mueller investigation /!\    01/23/18  (42)
LJL Jean-Georges is only two stars    01/23/18  (42)
Squatted this morning. Just remembered how miserable squatting is.    01/23/18  (42)
a mutual friend tells u that ur organic college gf has died, do u go to funeral?    01/22/18  (42)
Watch the SNL Trump Sketch That Broke the Premise of SNL    01/22/18  (42)
Lauren Southern goes to South Africa to cover whites getting slaughtered    01/22/18  (42)
What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right    01/22/18  (42)
Author: \'\"\"\"\"\'
\" = Peter North tp quote moniker, spamming
   01/21/18  (42)
obssesed with this flat effect ikea shill on youtube & his lonely nyc apt life    01/23/18  (41)
did your gf go to the women's march    01/21/18  (41)
Fat Plodding Law Beaver used to push RSF's shit in on a weekly basis    01/20/18  (41)
Rate this cute white girl from orange county who killed a mexican    01/19/18  (41)
Spent the morning watching video of 7th graders banging (for work)    01/19/18  (41)
Giving life advice ITT    01/18/18  (41)
$37 million    01/17/18  (41)
Longest you've gone without sex in the last 2 years?    01/16/18  (41)
Libs to ROLL OVER.    01/22/18  (40)
KRUGMAN offers another HOT TAKE on crypto    01/22/18  (40)
Protip: volunteer at an animal shelter.    01/19/18  (40)
I'd like to move to Mexico once the drug cartels are gone    01/17/18  (40)
Ohio State course on toxic masculinity has hilarious 180 syllabus    01/18/18  (40)
DACA is OFF the table.    01/19/18  (39)
Hypo: You can get any car $150k or less    01/21/18  (39)
Rate this shrew power move    01/21/18  (39)
U.S. median household income by ancestry & ethnicity    01/19/18  (39)
community account for whoever was asking for one on reddit    01/18/18  (39)
Not flame. RSFs receptionist told me he was OF COUNSEL!!!    01/18/18  (39)
Told wife i would pay to replace the floor in one room of house.    01/18/18  (39)
Weed the worst drug in the world    01/18/18  (39)
We are living in a late-stage decadent, rudderless period that precedes collapse    01/17/18  (39)
Bachelor party this weekend. How should I balance booze, coke, speed & molly?    01/19/18  (39)
Could you eat at Chili's every day for a year for $1 million    01/17/18  (39)
Joe Montana seems like the most bitter NFL legend    01/22/18  (38)
Guaranteed 3-5x cryptocoin in 4 weeks itt    01/22/18  (38)