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Poasters insult site server; can't BELIEVE what happens next (Dhar Mann):    04/20/24  (1)
Reminder women pick guys..put your ego aside    04/20/24  (2)
Jill Biden wheeling Joe “Biden’s” corpse into Brazilian bank    04/20/24  (1)
Need xo's opinion on this buxom 6'2" app chick match    04/20/24  (23)
Is drinking a half gallon of milk per week bad?    04/20/24  (14)
there should be a word for what happened to GoT    04/20/24  (7)
Dan Schneider meticulously orchestrated a cumshot on Zoey 101 (link)    04/20/24  (40)
RATE 17 year old Britney Spears performing first hit (white shirt, nipping out)    04/20/24  (40)
Tucker Carlson on Joe Rogan    04/20/24  (21)
Boycotting the WNBA until they pay their players moar    04/20/24  (3)
This chick in the movie Anna on Netflix is so unbelievably hot    04/20/24  (7)
HEgemon, gonna hit a late night spar spot those guys told me about    04/20/24  (4)
Alpha Turd Run GOOGLE fires 28 Shitlib Employees for "Protesting" in CEO Office    04/20/24  (18)
Bout that time of year to fill bath with box wine & load up 2 hour Sade mixtape    04/20/24  (9)
Tech dork forces kids to use Grafana, Slack, Jira to keep track of chores    04/20/24  (8)
Remember when libs fortified democracy with suitcases at 4am?    04/20/24  (20)
"Put some more dick in" hissed disco fries as CSLG pumped away on his step stool    04/20/24  (26)
peeface tp is a 180 underrated poaster    04/20/24  (12)
Lots of Russian oil burning in Smolensk right now - video    04/20/24  (17)
HYPO: You're making $330k/yr but got offered a prosecutor position    04/20/24  (15)
Have you ever been BEANED, ie smacked in the head by a baseball?    04/20/24  (2)
Google 1999: town square. Google 2024: Tiananmen Square.    04/20/24  (1)
Happy Birthday my friend Hitler    04/20/24  (6)
don't date a girl who hikes    04/20/24  (12)
95yo "Swift" "singing" about her diapered nursing home breakups    04/20/24  (5)
Living in Hawaii is 180 as fuck, just FYI    04/20/24  (89)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    04/20/24  (119)
Shitlibs tied CHIPS semiconductor funding to onsite daycare    04/20/24  (40)
going on a really big, mainstream youtube channel tomorrow for an interview    04/20/24  (6)
Reminder: no one died, ever, before the COVID vaxx    04/20/24  (5)
correct ratio for ur immediate progeny?    04/20/24  (1)
"If you cannot afford an attorney, a clown-haired pedophile will be provided to    04/20/24  (60)
Jamaican woman with rental house: NO AMERICAN BLACKS ALLOWED”    04/20/24  (22)
Boeing fired 65 competent white males for being “hateful”    04/20/24  (4)
example of how Rufo’s strategy is working (link)    04/20/24  (1)
What is DrakeMallard's twatter @    04/20/24  (7)
Let’s say it’s “all you can eat” shrimp and you eat four helpings    04/20/24  (5)
taylor swift will be 80, in a diaper, whining like a teenager about ex-bf's    04/20/24  (5)
Fuck these 2 frauds imprison and execute them! That's where they belong    04/20/24  (4)
Reddit meetup pics (phenotype thread)    04/20/24  (7)
you can easily get over ANY woman's "attractiveness" by imagining the smell    04/20/24  (9)
Thomas Smith, your landscaper    04/20/24  (8)
The Left has redefined a lot of issues from solvable to unsolvable    04/20/24  (60)
FizzKidd decomposing in culvert after xo "meetup"    04/20/24  (35)
link to Lynn Conway's kiwifarms page    04/20/24  (7)
don't date a girl    04/20/24  (1)
want to buy copy of Geneva Bible, cannot find one by real publisher    04/20/24  (2)
we should exterminate chimps just to stfu Rogan    04/20/24  (1)
Saw my oncologist today. Should be starting cancer treatment soon.    04/20/24  (32)
Rewatching kill bill. Tarantino really loves feet huh    04/20/24  (11)
all this just for some slimy fish-scented pissflaps    04/20/24  (13)
antisemitism = antisatanism    04/20/24  (1)
Kissinger sucked. Ideas are bad. Never did shit    04/20/24  (8)
moderna offers 15% discount on monthly booster plan when you pay full year in ad    04/20/24  (40)
meaty, fish-scented pissflaps    04/20/24  (35)
I want to work well into my 70s, at least until I have to start taking RMDs    04/20/24  (1)
Trump trial immolator looked like CSLG    04/20/24  (5)
Every year is a Revolutionary Year Zero b/c we have better legal scholarship    04/20/24  (1)
EPAH check this tweet out    04/20/24  (5)
the 72 million biden voters apoplectic their 80 million votes questioned    04/20/24  (54)
rate the Dutch female 4x400 team that beat the Jamaicans (pic)    04/20/24  (28)
Timeline for June 12, 1994, Simpson Murders    04/20/24  (29)
Paul Ryan rode around giant Wiener with other straight AF dude during college    04/20/24  (4)
hunter just sold the "illusion" of daddy's influence    04/20/24  (30)
Have any of you ever even met a Jewish person IRL?    04/20/24  (4)
ITT: Video PROOF that I didn't cause transkids (Imgur)    04/20/24  (13)
My nigger attorney (Candy Ride) just fucking got sanctioned in Alachua (TSINAH)    04/20/24  (10)
Trumps judge is some dumb black bitch Jamaican immigrant Obama appointee    04/20/24  (11)
Mahomo and Kelce are fake ass frauds..product of system cheating&rigging    04/20/24  (1)
Looks like I can’t get a refund from Whatnot. Brothers do not use this app.    04/20/24  (1)
50 Cent - Outta Control ft. Mobb Deep has the best beat ever made jfc    04/19/24  (10)
Cucked husband blows cheater's face off - video    04/19/24  (2)
Dude just set himself on fire outside the Trump trial - video    04/19/24  (106)
How do you articulate Bobbi Althoff's sex appeal?    04/19/24  (2)
Henry Kissinger finally dead.    04/19/24  (19)
Where is everyone poasting once this bort stops working at all    04/19/24  (28)
Humans are horrific beings. We're definitely part God, part devil    04/19/24  (5)
Happy April 19th Oklahoma City bombing anniversary    04/19/24  (11)
Uncensored video of the nude Jamaican airport freakout by US dentist - link    04/19/24  (2)
So Newsom raised wages to $20hr for fast food employees but no one else?    04/19/24  (3)
This is boring, going to go try to fuck my wife    04/19/24  (5)
rach had to wipe the boart the last time this was happening iirc    04/19/24  (6)
Are Chocobos racist in FF7? Northern Nordic Chocobos are superior...    04/19/24  (27)
mitt romney will vote for biden over trump    04/19/24  (37)
Less than an hour and I'm having a birthday 🎂 celebration bash for Hitler    04/19/24  (1)
Just bought a new DeLonghi coffee maker. It’s 180.    04/19/24  (12)
israel interprets "don't" just like everyone else and retaliates against iran.    04/19/24  (4)
Why do realtors insist on writing up a fucking contract to make an offer?    04/19/24  (16)
Everything Swift and the Cheifs touch turns very horrific and grave    04/19/24  (1)
Ricky, do you take tadalafil daily?    04/19/24  (10)
"fame"=retarded meaningless FRAUD    04/19/24  (4)
UAW wins election in TN, Sealclubber crying losing hoap    04/19/24  (1)
Sport fraud is easy fraud and people keep buying it    04/19/24  (2)
The ultimate hard core realization came this morning 🌄    04/19/24  (13)
Covid fraud proved nothing mattered..everything ruined by design    04/19/24  (2)
Everything is rigged fraud by design..any objection is delusional    04/19/24  (2)
Would like to see Travis Kelce in a wheelchair with straw in mouth for life    04/19/24  (1)
Fuck off Kansas City frauds go suck on Reids 70yo 500 pound cawk die fags    04/19/24  (8)
Nothing but gone backwards forever    04/19/24  (4)
Kansas City is awful trash    04/19/24  (8)
A $1 mcdouble now $3 to $5 kill them all all fraud just stealing from you    04/19/24  (5)
evan39 fuck these pieces of shit    04/19/24  (8)
Conan Obrien's new travel show is a pure joy - haven't seen comedy like this in    04/19/24  (4)
Fuck Kansas City! Fuck Cleveland! Fuck Akron! FUCK NASHVILLE! FUCK AMERIKKKA DIE    04/19/24  (1)
Bros, if you're put on PIP can you simply ask to be fired?    04/19/24  (23)
how do i make $300MM very quickly?    04/19/24  (8)
"There'$ a $ucker born every minute"(Barnum)    04/19/24  (2)
Strange thought I’ll run past the subhumans of xo    04/19/24  (7)
Recently listened to lion witch wardrobe. It’s crap writing isn’t it.    04/19/24  (2)
XO posters: Maoist indoctrination camps had a point    04/19/24  (1)
This site is like a rickety 3rd-world ferry from the colonial era    04/19/24  (1)
Does ELON MUSK know that twitter is changing his brain not for the better?    04/19/24  (5)
Epah or CSLG do you have rachmiel's contact info    04/19/24  (12)
Think about how legit batshit insane you'd have to be to light yourself on fire    04/19/24  (3)
The retarded dumb fuck brainwashed indoctrinated sheep masses are the problem    04/19/24  (2)
My favorite brands are Galvin Green, KJUS and Malbon    04/19/24  (1)
A billion fraud jew shelckes bux for not properly finishing HS pretty good eh?    04/19/24  (1)
RATE this Korean bitch and video talking about Koreans suiciding themselves    04/19/24  (16)
this bort is det    04/19/24  (1)
Last time you did cocaine?    04/19/24  (11)
does *anyone* at this point doubt our society is collapsing?    04/19/24  (1)
McDonalds fight over price of small fry    04/19/24  (5)
kavanaugh: "i was willin', but she wasn't ready / so we settled for a burger and    04/19/24  (4)
Leiter to waiter at Red Lobster, "That's not Scholar Shrimp"    04/19/24  (7)
REMINDER: Jews celebrate passover with an illusory transaction to trick God    04/19/24  (83)
anyone else think there will be a phenomenal amt of cheating in this election?    04/19/24  (1)
Red Lobster eyes bankruptcy option after $11M in losses from endless shrimp    04/19/24  (7)
Crapturds    04/19/24  (1)
Hey idiot with the DDOS "OPSEC" kidscript, scramble your password    04/19/24  (22)
Let's see Paul Alan's Friday night movie.    04/19/24  (1)
We wish NSAM a speedy recovery, and pray that oxygen deprivation does not dull    04/19/24  (1)
Jordan Peterson: "The indolence of house cats is bloody terrifying."    04/19/24  (77)
i am scum    04/19/24  (5)
Ugggggghhhh    04/19/24  (1)
**rubs paddles togethers** **places them on chest of xoxo hamster** ''CLEAR!''    04/19/24  (9)
I have set myself on fire to protest Canada’s vaccine organ donation policy (K    04/19/24  (3)
Swiss Air just cancelled flight to Israel from Brazil    04/19/24  (2)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/19/24  (138)
Server repairman to Rach: "They don't even make parts for that anymore."    04/19/24  (4)
This board is unusable. See you guys when rach fixes it :(    04/19/24  (9)
AutoAdmit is over unless rach comes back ASAP    04/19/24  (5)
Can’t wait till this shithole message board dies forever    04/19/24  (2)
Law shrew stinkflaps    04/19/24  (4)
Choate college acceptances don't seem very impressive (1400 SAT avg)    04/19/24  (14)
goodnight xo. *dies clutching flickering server*    04/19/24  (1)
Live in a trailer park fucking scumslut whores & wrenching on exotic cars    04/19/24  (5)
Owen Benjamin on the four stages of corporations    04/19/24  (1)

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