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What's definitive explanation for why there's so much support for Palestine?    12/08/23  (184)
POLL: Is Israel committing a holocaust in Gaza?    12/05/23  (170)
Random second rate athletes with memorable names    12/05/23  (123)
New Order + Pet Shop Boys - Gayest bands of all time?    12/09/23  (120)
I am in the blackest depression atm    12/08/23  (119)
TDNW really isn't that bad, no different than any other politipoaster    12/09/23  (115)
ITT we list shameless consoomer GC products that make us feel ALIVE    12/08/23  (111)
How low IQ do you have to be to unironically believe in conspiracy theories?    12/04/23  (110)
Spotify shitcans 1,500 techfag 'workers'    12/05/23  (110)
What is the most money you have wasted on something and what was it?    12/09/23  (105)
Hunter Biden hit with 9 federal tax charges    12/08/23  (103)
Presidents of Harvard, MIT, Penn: “Calling for Jews to be killed is CR”    12/06/23  (100)
Can someone whos NOT retarded explain XO's descent from prestigious race realism    12/09/23  (99)
Xo alcoholic roll call    12/07/23  (99)
So xo really sides with Islamists over Jews?    12/04/23  (97)
BREAKING: UPenn president fired    12/09/23  (97)
White Chad vlogger goes to Brazil jungle & gets a hot tribal Amazon GF (video)    12/05/23  (95)
Wife spends over $300 a day on ubereats a day    12/06/23  (90)
STOP ARCHIVING THE BOARD    12/09/23  (87)
Large surrender of Hamas in Gaza - video    12/09/23  (84)
Matchmaker Rejects "Hot" 28 Year Old 'Type A' Woman As Client...(link)    12/09/23  (84)
I got picked up during sex!!!!!!    12/09/23  (84)
I want to be repatriated back to Europe    12/09/23  (82)
Biden announces $8.3 billion high speed rail project    12/09/23  (82)
Chandler, taking Qs on making 2 million + this year    12/07/23  (78)
GTA VI trailer (link)    12/06/23  (78)
My ranking of top classical pianists    12/10/23  (77)
You're trapped in a room as a mass shooter rampages    12/07/23  (75)
Is 401K part of net worth?    12/06/23  (74)
🐘 🐘 🐘OFFICIAL GOP DEBATE 12/06/23 πŸ¦— πŸ¦— πŸ¦—    12/07/23  (73)
What are good euro cities for getting drunk and meet new(young women)?    12/05/23  (73)
Who has more stress: BIGLAW associates or Ukrainian soldiers?    12/05/23  (72)
There should be a community that only speaks Latin    12/08/23  (71)
Married guys: 20 yr old subjective 10 wants you to leave your family for her    12/06/23  (70)
Jews are rapidly getting RED PILLED and turning conservative    12/04/23  (69)
One of the few simple pleasures in life is going to a quaint cheese shoppe    12/09/23  (67)
65% of Korean Women Dont Want Children    12/06/23  (67)
The music of Phil Collins & Genesis hold up extremely well    12/07/23  (65)
No one makes more obscure Jew references than TBF    12/05/23  (62)
the Democrats are tanking aid to Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan (link)    12/06/23  (62)
Reddit Poverty Studies: Dave Ramsey out of touch because he says get $20/hr job    12/08/23  (58)
FMA this surgery recovery is BORING and fucking SUCKS (RSF)    12/06/23  (58)
Oh my God why did I marry a chink?    12/04/23  (58)
Wife refuses to combine her laundry with kids' laundry.    12/06/23  (57)
Fucked a semi thick blonde southern shiksa last night, was 178 af    12/04/23  (56)
Zelensky is turning Ukraine into authoritarian state says Vladimir Putin    12/06/23  (56)
Going to buy a mid-size SUV this year. What do you guys recommend?    12/09/23  (55)
Is there a reason NOT to buy a lab grown diamond?    12/06/23  (53)
Rate this photo (CSLG)    12/09/23  (51)
Main comments on GTA VI trailer: “I don’t want to play as a woman”    12/06/23  (51)
Economists baffled why diverse firms are less profitable than white firms    12/04/23  (51)
Biggest Class Divide in America: white vs. colored Christmas bulbs    12/08/23  (50)
Rate 40 year old Alison Brie in a tiny bikini    12/10/23  (50)
I like Paralegal Mohammed but he will never be White    12/09/23  (50)
Biden says he will make "significant concessions" on border policy to win Ukrain    12/06/23  (49)
Most poasters are atheists and its embarassing the bort won't admit this    12/09/23  (49)
why did pop culture music movies etc fall off a cliff around 10 years ago    12/07/23  (48)
30 years ago would this chick be considered obese? Every american woman looks    12/08/23  (48)
Cost of Going Out for Lunch: $3.3m Over Career    12/08/23  (46)
The Economist: “ One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth”    12/10/23  (46)
Ryan Day Forces McCord Into transfer portal    12/04/23  (46)
Somewhat obvious but if Georgia had completed the comeback and beaten Bama    12/05/23  (46)
Movies you liked more than the book?    12/06/23  (46)
When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself on Christmas?    12/07/23  (46)
Based MSNBC exposing AIPAC contributions to politicians (video)    12/09/23  (46)
Natalie Portman: I'll Never Show My Tits In A Movie    12/06/23  (46)
Five gayest bands of ALL TIME    12/08/23  (46)
Just finished watching BAND OF BROTHERS: So everybody died a Prole?    12/04/23  (46)
Which is better: XO tree structure or Reddit's up/down vote structure?    12/09/23  (45)
Lib goes to walmart in a democrat city    12/04/23  (44)
"Quickbooks" sure became a ridiculous scam really quickly    12/09/23  (44)
In middle school I used to get beaten up a lot    12/03/23  (44)
ITT: We poast our crypto stacks.    12/08/23  (44)
Bill Ackman drops a Karlstack link    12/10/23  (43)
Massive house explosion in Arlington, VA    12/06/23  (43)
If a girl breaks up with you is the CR move to tell her you'll fuck 18-22 yr-old    12/07/23  (43)
Rep. Corey Bush: "N-word is just a word, nbd who uses it. Words dont hurt."    12/08/23  (42)
Ukrainemo, but part of me is looking forward to seeing these Republican congress    12/07/23  (42)
Best NFL QB is black. Best running back is white.    12/04/23  (42)
Is the grand seiko spring drive movement cr?    12/08/23  (42)
what's a good movie to watch tonight while gf is gone?    12/09/23  (42)
Nikki Haley: "Lil boys should be allowed to cut dick off w/ parental approval"    12/06/23  (41)
What does xo think about men hitting women?    12/06/23  (41)
Me and autistic interactions with girls in highschool. Rate them.    12/05/23  (41)
BONK is killing it…..want to killself    12/07/23  (41)
My dick is literally 4 inches long    12/08/23  (41)
Unbelievable number of trash 6-6 teams in bowls, who is watching this    12/08/23  (40)
US students’ math scores plunge to lowest recorded level ever    12/06/23  (40)
I'm not a Christian bc Jesus was a kike (TBF)    12/05/23  (40)
These Italian Women's Youth Water Polo swimsuits are basically thongs WTF (vid)    12/08/23  (39)
Just caved in and bought a 58 degree lob wedge    12/09/23  (39)
Who was the most evil serial killer?    12/08/23  (39)
Ever dealt with a lawyer who couldn't understand shockingly basic concepts?    12/05/23  (38)
I prefer Jews to Muslims tbh    12/09/23  (38)
Texas study: Actual cost of electric vehicle ownership is $18 per gallon    12/06/23  (38)
Feels like Alabama has an “easy” path to the NC with FSU and UGA out    12/04/23  (38)
if fsu is a clear top 4 team, why will they lose bigly to number 6 team?    12/05/23  (38)
2605 A.D., students opening Loeb Classics edition of "Autoadmit, Vol. XXII, 2014    12/08/23  (38)
reading gibberish only likes sex drunk was worse than learning santa isnt real    12/06/23  (38)
Jews are absolutely LOSING IT online rn    12/09/23  (38)
Today on disco fries learns to grill—the Picanha    12/09/23  (38)
Lol holy fuck McCarthy was way worse than I thought    12/09/23  (38)
Hillary Duff blowjob after getting engaged    12/05/23  (38)
The biggest benefit to being umc is being socialized to OCI    12/09/23  (38)
I'm 45 and divorced with 2 kids + net worth of 8 million. What kind of woman can    12/09/23  (37)
Loury & McWhorter went there: "Derek Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd"    12/09/23  (37)
Finally hit $1 million and I've never been more miserable. (reddit FIRE thread)    12/05/23  (37)
Anglin name-drops CXII    12/10/23  (36)
Have you ever been disappointed by someone you thought was 180?    12/05/23  (36)
Israel destroys luxury apartment complex - video    12/05/23  (36)
making bagels (TSINAH)    12/10/23  (35)
Venezuelan tanks crossing border in Guyana, World War III has officially begun    12/07/23  (35)
I'm sick and tired of women and their constant desire to THING DO    12/09/23  (35)
"Putin is on the fast path to failure. Europe should be elated." (THE TELEGRAPH)    12/07/23  (35)
RATE this house    12/08/23  (35)
Statement from Michael Alford, Vice President and Athletics Director, FSU    12/04/23  (34)
Anybody here on the mustache-no-beard trend?    12/06/23  (34)
If you learn one thing from xo this week, make it this    12/08/23  (34)
Israeli children dancing and mocking Palestinians who don’t have food, electri    12/06/23  (34)
There are ppl who pay mentally ill women 100s of $s/hour for "therapy" lmao    12/05/23  (34)
Costco’s has the worst fucking hours on earth    12/09/23  (34)
It’s annoying how fast women lose their looks past maybe 27    12/06/23  (33)
Is BMW more prestigious than Lexus?    12/06/23  (33)
Wifes parentts gave her $50k we have to pay taxes on thatt?    12/06/23  (33)
I'm only gonna SPEND about $25,000 this year TOTAL    12/09/23  (33)
Hypo: Thread Title that Gets 100 posts. $1M if success    12/06/23  (33)
What's the most prestigious NFL time slot?    12/05/23  (33)
I hate people who get everything in life and don't realise it.    12/07/23  (32)
Lawyer at career day: "U kids like homework? Wanna do it every day for 40 years?    12/06/23  (32)
Gayest major sports franchise?    12/07/23  (32)
App chick I'm "talking to" once had an Amber Alert on her for kidnapping    12/09/23  (32)
Rate this chick eating on $120 per month    12/05/23  (32)
Western "Women" have been told a bunch of Kike GARBAGE, they believe it    12/08/23  (31)
Do you guys really not flame hate the Jews now?    12/09/23  (31)
Some Jew bitch in Miami is trying to get me banned from every venue lol    12/09/23  (31)
xo needs to discuss the "we're DINKs" video    12/05/23  (31)
20s is a weird time for young people today    12/05/23  (31)
Best albums of 2023?    12/06/23  (31)
Jews cheered on shifting demographics because they wanted to fuck over whites    12/09/23  (31)
Rate Emily Ratajkowski In An Orange Bikini Top (PIC)    12/09/23  (31)
Loitering black man shits into cleaning man's mop bucket (link)    12/09/23  (31)
The Economist: Why non-white voters are abandoning the Democratic Party    12/05/23  (30)
Trump: DeSantis to blame for FSU being out of playoff.    12/08/23  (30)
Jewish pizza reviewer REFUSES to hire Harvard, MIT grads now.    12/09/23  (30)
everywhere i go, people look insanely miserable    12/10/23  (30)
Drunk, taking Questions. Fuck bitch bois hard.    12/07/23  (30)
How the fuck is consumer spending still so high    12/06/23  (30)
I remember the day after the Ukraine War started ...    12/08/23  (30)