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ITT think hard and list your top 3 films.    05/16/21  (193)
XO Poll: Are you fully vaccinated at this moment Yea or Nay    05/14/21  (162)
Oops, libs caught deleting databases w evidence right before AZ audit    05/15/21  (160)
My Dad died today :(    05/12/21  (137)
What's the most third world part of the United States?    05/15/21  (135)
SCOTUS opens path to overrule Roe v. Wade    05/18/21  (124)
**Biden Announces UBI for Families: $300 per child as the floor**    05/18/21  (117)
So tommy basically did FIRE on less than $1mil?    05/16/21  (117)
πŸ€ 26% of men don't think they could beat a rat in a fight πŸ€    05/15/21  (117)
Israel bombs the fuck out of the Associated Press building    05/16/21  (115)
Gates was weird and couldn't get women (NYT)    05/18/21  (112)
As I approach 40, it's becoming extremely difficult to not have a "dad gut"    05/18/21  (112)
Rate the new video on my firm website (CSLG)    05/14/21  (110)
mRNA vax makes magnets stick to arm    05/15/21  (109)
Bumble FINALLY banned me, I ran a fake hot guy account for years    05/18/21  (107)
what changes between $1.6m and $10.6m net worth    05/18/21  (101)
Could Bill Gates bang 10/10s if he even tried    05/17/21  (101)
What race has the LEAST musical ability?    05/14/21  (97)
Election day 2020 seems surreal at this point    05/13/21  (96)
Anyone else not care about money?    05/17/21  (95)
LMFAO at this new statue at Rockefeller Center (pics)    05/12/21  (94)
taking question about dating a high volume escort    05/17/21  (92)
Prince Harry, now living in US, calls First Amendment "bonkers," says he doesn't    05/18/21  (92)
Prole tell: asking guests at your home to split cost of food    05/13/21  (92)
ITT: your *reasonable* solution for Israel-Palestine conflict    05/17/21  (90)
Couple cancels adoption bc they can't post child on social media for 1 year.    05/12/21  (87)
Is it normal to go like 0 for 7 on recent job interviews    05/16/21  (82)
not a conturd but it's alpha as fuck how Liz Cheney gives no shits    05/14/21  (80)
what did Pizza Hut get right about pizza back in the 1990s?    05/18/21  (80)
Biden: "The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do."    05/14/21  (78)
Blacks don’t get enough credit for dominating ALL sports, not just fast-twitch    05/15/21  (76)
Australian aborigines seem completely alien and weird    05/14/21  (76)
Why do libs hate the nuclear family?    05/15/21  (76)
ty nyuug for SAMO    05/16/21  (76)
im going to commit suicide    05/14/21  (75)
Naked HANDJOB/TITJOB finish TOMORROW with FBSM, 34G provider    05/13/21  (73)
Palestinian dad proudly showing off his daughter (pic)    05/16/21  (73)
lol so there was no supply issue, it was just trumpmos hoarding gas in trashbags    05/14/21  (72)
Would you go to Dartmouth or state flagship for ug?    05/14/21  (71)
Would you fuck this 32yo teacher?    05/18/21  (71)
What has to happen in someone's life for them to be a (modern day) liberal?    05/16/21  (70)
The Orwellian shit in US started with the Holocaust dogma.    05/17/21  (68)
Boy Scouts to Mandate BLM badge    05/17/21  (68)
18 yr old with insane body wants to hookup, cant do it    05/18/21  (68)
HYPO: $5M to walk across Afghanistan--Khyber Pass to Kandahar to Herat    05/14/21  (66)
CDC now: No masks for vaccinated, indoors or outdoors.    05/13/21  (65)
Need serious app dating advice from xo. Help.    05/17/21  (65)
If these vaccines are as safe and effective as they say they are    05/18/21  (65)
App chick opener: What's your most controversial opinion?? Response ideas ITT    05/18/21  (64)
Going to pick 10 random people ITT and give them 1.80 ETH    05/17/21  (64)
Christopher Nolan is a genius.    05/18/21  (63)
board olds: what is "Daria"    05/15/21  (63)
Is Marjorie Taylor Greene legit crazy?    05/15/21  (62)
Rate this Ukrainian film about Biden Crime family    05/17/21  (62)
They caught Quinxuan Pan!    05/15/21  (61)
Wife wants to move to UES (UWSmos)    05/17/21  (61)
Rate this pic of some Dartmouth track athletes    05/13/21  (60)
lol the fed is stuck. must raise rates to fight inflation but crashes market if    05/13/21  (60)
Rate my Upcoming Vacations List (CSLG)    05/14/21  (60)
If I were a minority I'd rather be a minority who is hated by xo racists    05/15/21  (60)
Getting dat JOHNSON AND JOHSON shot tomorrow    05/15/21  (59)
Bucknell frat members terrorize LGBTQ residence    05/18/21  (58)
Young women are destroying their bodies with tattoos    05/17/21  (58)
Portland History in Pictures    05/18/21  (58)
please explain like im literally retarded how to buy SAMO rn?    05/12/21  (56)
Anyone else hate Southwest's boarding process?    05/12/21  (56)
No one on XO grew up rich    05/18/21  (56)
most intense pain you’ve ever experienced in your life?    05/16/21  (55)
LOL at RSF shitmodding my thread about his insane lying re Alumni blurb    05/18/21  (55)
how to cope with the constant unexplained rejection of job interviews    05/13/21  (55)
Is Bruce Willis the least physically imposing tough guy actor ever?    05/16/21  (55)
RATE Rachel Maddow's response to new CDC no-mask guidelines (link)    05/16/21  (55)
XO Poll: was the lab leak intentional, and not incidental? Y/N    05/16/21  (55)
Which poaster is probably the most unlikeable IRL?    05/18/21  (55)
me at 31: mid 9 figures, you: impotently trying to reach 8 figures by age 70    05/16/21  (54)
question for Fauci and MSM    05/14/21  (53)
They’re Vaccinated and Keeping Their Masks On, Maybe Forever (NYT)    05/18/21  (53)
white students walking racistly on sidewalks at Northwestern    05/18/21  (52)
I love worcestershires sauce, but rarely use it. I just forget it exists    05/12/21  (52)
120 retired generals write letter praising Biden    05/13/21  (52)
What's behind the coordinated hit on Bill Gates?    05/18/21  (52)
Body transformation in 21 days    05/16/21  (50)
Article on the IQ DECLINE in the modern west:    05/16/21  (50)
You wouldn't believe the shitlaw client I have in right now    05/18/21  (50)
What's your "office desk gun"?    05/15/21  (49)
44% of women fail military's new fitness test (link)    05/13/21  (49)
Apple fired new hire before he even starts for Problematic content    05/17/21  (49)
Ford f150 is the worst purchase i have ever made    05/18/21  (49)
Are these kids too young to be doing this football drill? (Link)    05/13/21  (49)
Would you rather live in TENNESSEE or KENTUCKY?    05/16/21  (49)
most prestigious Disney villain?    05/15/21  (49)
Just made some beans in the pressure cooker. pretty 180    05/15/21  (49)
At peak numbers, what % of the USSR "bought into" the ideology?    05/15/21  (48)
Who's the most alpha here wrt MASKS? Any1 who refused to wear the entire time?    05/18/21  (48)
Libs are so conflicted and mad about Biden's new mask rule    05/17/21  (48)
Started selling raw milk during the pandemic. Now a lot of customers are sick    05/18/21  (48)
Why Is Coeur d’Alene America’s Hottest Housing Market? (WSJ)    05/13/21  (48)
LMAO at the UCs actually banning SATs and ACTs    05/16/21  (47)
why poaster has the lowest IQ?    05/16/21  (47)
i almost hope rsf's fiance is real so i can send her all of his poasts    05/16/21  (47)
Why didn’t the RHCPs spawn any copycat bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam both did?    05/14/21  (46)
CR truck for guy who doesnt go offroad    05/13/21  (46)
So the election was "stolen", there's just no proof or evidence of this?    05/14/21  (46)
What was this white bitch thinking trying to fight a black guy?    05/14/21  (46)
Bill Maher tests positive for COVID even after full vaccination    05/14/21  (45)
What’s the best answer to “what are your hobbies” interview question?    05/18/21  (44)
This latest Israel thing finally has Kikes worried that we’re all sick of them    05/17/21  (44)
glad to see that cunt Chrissy Teigen getting comeuppance    05/18/21  (44)
CEO of WeWork says only “least engaged” employees want full WFH    05/13/21  (44)
Jordan border BREACHED. Jordanians pouring into Israel.    05/14/21  (44)
No one in London wears a mask outside and bars open today 180000    05/18/21  (44)
Watched the NYC MAYORAL debate - we MAY, *MAY* get someone sane...    05/15/21  (44)
What’s the oldest story in the world?    05/13/21  (44)
I watched "The Dawn Wall" on Netflix. It changed my life.    05/16/21  (43)
weirdest thing in australia is that abbos call themselves black    05/14/21  (43)
Dems are for the poor and UMC bourgeoisie, GOP is for the super rich    05/16/21  (43)
What do men even order from Amazon?    05/13/21  (43)
Dadmos: How flexible/rigid if your wife with baby's nap schedule?    05/13/21  (43)
Lol at my life    05/14/21  (42)
100% of bort libs are prole    05/15/21  (42)
Panic in China as 980ft skyscraper mysteriously begins to shake    05/18/21  (42)
best car buying pro tips?    05/14/21  (42)
twitter won't let you like this video from ER Doc talking about the vaxx    05/16/21  (42)
John Mulaney confirmed gay    05/14/21  (41)
The numbers are in! Trump's stupid little blog is an abject failure    05/12/21  (41)
WSJ: Microsoft removed Bill Gates from the board because of sexual misadventures    05/17/21  (41)
Why does XO say AJ Soprano character was a loser when he was much cooler than 90    05/18/21  (41)
remember "michael bloomberg?" lmfao    05/18/21  (41)
What's the final takeaway from No Country for Old Men?    05/16/21  (40)
Singlemo and rich - CR car ?    05/14/21  (40)
🚨🚨🚨SOL ATH🚨🚨🚨    05/18/21  (40)
The problem, Trumpmos, with saying Biden is being bribed by China    05/15/21  (40)
It really does feel like something changed or broke, the world is out of control    05/12/21  (39)
A lot of mid-00's pop hits have been completely forgotten    05/16/21  (39)
$240K net worth, early 30s. Killself?    05/12/21  (39)
Tel Aviv getting wrecked by rockets right now lol    05/16/21  (39)
TT6 here. Sorry I've been gone. Recently became a DAD    05/17/21  (38)
Vaccine should be mandatory to reach herd immunity/prevent variants    05/17/21  (38)
Biden’s America: Chick Fil A limiting sauces due to supply shortage    05/13/21  (38)
I bought 4 BTC at $58,000. Have not told wife yet, what should I do?    05/18/21  (38)
any bros here ever just QUIT biglaw?    05/12/21  (38)
Based Azn Woman finally names “them” re. Asian Violence    05/16/21  (38)
what’s the greatest SUPERGROUP in music history?    05/15/21  (38)
My current drug stash:    05/14/21  (37)
Going from $3M to $6M is more life-changing than going from $0M to $3M    05/18/21  (37)
Should we legalize all 20 million illegal immigrants?    05/14/21  (37)
Gaetz's girl is hot    05/17/21  (37)
holy shit I just want two simultaneous wfh sinecures    05/11/21  (37)
Youth hockey coach blindfolded his Chad teen players & jerked them off while    05/16/21  (37)
TT is pathetically obsessed with other races    05/14/21  (36)