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Spaceporn tp admits to making under 300k/yr and sub-1 mil NW    05/21/24  (160)
Friday MDMA chemsex report (gunneratttt)    05/20/24  (117)
Trump is being normalized in the npc mind    05/16/24  (115)
Imagine being the faggot who ran Red Lobster into the ground    05/21/24  (107)
My haters are getting a little more uppity and its 180    05/21/24  (103)
McDonald’s is getting rid of free drink refills — and more fast-food chains    05/21/24  (100)
Is it stupid to pay for an elite prep school for kids if UMC?    05/22/24  (100)
you are old: spaceporn stopped returning his son's calls    05/21/24  (91)
would you rather be EPAH, CSLG or RSF? (you can't pick killself)    05/21/24  (89)
There is NOTHING i do in law that AI could not do better, today    05/21/24  (83)
About to hit 35 Million NW and life update (CSLG)    05/21/24  (83)
but seriously, something probably happened to TT    05/20/24  (82)
If you were training a child to be a mechanic, what would you start him on?    05/21/24  (78)
Trump shouldn't debate Biden    05/16/24  (77)
correction tp needs to be banned for his own mental health    05/20/24  (76)
"Covid" was so insane I still think about it all the time    05/19/24  (76)
Zero HP pens lengthy screed on twitter    05/18/24  (75)
Did gunneratttt get any therapy after his wife ran away?    05/19/24  (75)
rate this woman explaining what she WON’T do for her husband (video)    05/20/24  (74)
“Segregation Explorer” map shows how much ur old school demographics changed    05/22/24  (74)
friends w/ CSLG irl. hes losing his mind from $$ & pimping wife out at sex parti    05/21/24  (73)
Diddy on video beating shit out of gf at Intercontinental Hotel    05/18/24  (73)
I weigh 367 pounds now. The only clothes I have that fit are athletic shorts.    05/18/24  (69)
POLL: Would you swap practices with spaceporn?    05/20/24  (68)
Top 20 items purchased with food stamps    05/21/24  (66)
What an actual mafia-owned business looks like    05/21/24  (64)
Men’s SMV peaks at 40, women’s at 18    05/21/24  (64)
how is cowshit still such a joke after all these years    05/19/24  (64)
Lynn, to your knowledge was Gunnerratttt emailing me?    05/15/24  (61)
What will be next to go after Red Lobster? Chili's? Applebee's? IHOP?    05/21/24  (61)
***OFFICIAL USYK FURY THREAD***    05/18/24  (60)
what's the credited horror movie to watch with a girl    05/21/24  (60)
helicopter carrying Iranian POTUS has disappeared (link)    05/20/24  (58)
Luka vs Joker is gonna be soooo 180000000    05/19/24  (58)
List the Board Bullies.    05/16/24  (56)
What the fuck is a “smash burger”    05/20/24  (56)
The people left doing service jobs are literally mentally retarded    05/18/24  (52)
One thing is really underrated for a law office--    05/16/24  (51)
In retrospect I'm thankful for the COVID scam    05/21/24  (50)
Carried a woman with a broken leg down the side of a mountain today    05/19/24  (50)
Oh wow TRUMP it is    05/16/24  (49)
lmao they got Michael Cohen to admit that he stole from Trump on the stand??    05/21/24  (46)
Scottie Scheffler in the SLAMMER    05/18/24  (45)
All 5 toilets in my house currently are functioning and have intact seats    05/21/24  (45)
Time to take the cue from MASE and DrakeMallard and take leave from this place    05/18/24  (45)
Flying in a suit is actually really dumb and unnecessary    05/21/24  (44)
new cars are piling up on lots    05/19/24  (43)
Best EVOLUTIONARY explanation for DEPRESSION? Why only in some people?    05/17/24  (42)
libs coming after KC Chiefs kicker for giving based commencement speech    05/16/24  (42)
So every single 'right-wing' group is embroiled in drama over a transsexual?    05/21/24  (42)
"You're the jew!" "No, u" "No, you sir are the jew!" (xoxo2024)    05/20/24  (42)
Fed: brace yourselves for 10% mortgage rates (link)    05/19/24  (42)
In a really really stupid mortgage situation    05/18/24  (42)
CR career choice = become "Librarian"?    05/21/24  (41)
Obese WOC in emergency exit seat delays flight bc “I ain’t helpin no one”    05/22/24  (41)
Early MPM 2024 frontrubbers?    05/19/24  (41)
Blacks with terrible grades giving grad school admission advice    05/18/24  (40)
Whats the cliffs on why/how TT left pseudo-biglaw?    05/21/24  (40)
Noob question about hockey.    05/20/24  (39)
Complaint thread    05/20/24  (39)
Whoever is shitmodding correction tp is 180    05/20/24  (38)
Attys only (not disbarred ones) what wld u do if for one year u were appted to    05/22/24  (38)
King Charles official painting signals end of the monarchy    05/16/24  (38)
ITT : List totally unremarkable poasters indistinguishable from pumos    05/17/24  (38)
Rate my last four Tinder likes (pic)    05/17/24  (38)
three weeks of PTO starts today. what should i do?    05/19/24  (38)
why is the ER exclusively filled with proles?    05/16/24  (37)
Are proud atheists a dying breed?    05/21/24  (37)
Poverty Redditors discuss things that poverty has made them do    05/16/24  (36)
ITT poast good things about "USA"    05/16/24  (36)
leftist rag Jacobin goes after Wal-Mart, gets destroyed by comm. notes    05/21/24  (36)
how big was your High School graduating class?    05/21/24  (36)
lol shitskin "correction" tp is fuming MAF for being shitmodded    05/21/24  (35)
Exclusive: Scandal at America's Top Science Fair (Karlstack)    05/21/24  (34)
NIH Dir: yes, of course we funded gain of function at Wuhan, duh.    05/17/24  (34)
How did Heath ledger die at 28 from drugs, I've mixed way more than he has    05/21/24  (34)
Pizza snobs are ridiculous    05/16/24  (34)
fully loaded Alienware M18 R2: $3500K    05/18/24  (34)
someone needs to throw correction tp into a woodchipper feet first    05/17/24  (34)
Anyone have a bad experience in "Boston"?    05/20/24  (34)
Yakubian tricknology did this    05/21/24  (34)
Post an image that summarizes your political outlook.    05/19/24  (33)
NATO says Russians won't make breakthrough - link    05/18/24  (33)
was Bush-Bush-Obama-Obama the worst 16 year POTUS run in US history?    05/15/24  (33)
would you rather be hatp, gunnerattt, or lex?    05/21/24  (33)
To the pumo that stalks the “mentally retarded jewish” quotemo    05/15/24  (33)
Watched the first half of Master & Commander tonight    05/16/24  (33)
What the fuck is a “street taco”    05/20/24  (32)
LOL so whok lied about being pregnant? Lmao    05/19/24  (32)
really incredible that 2/3 of xo supports 80IQ Hamas monkeys    05/21/24  (32)
OYT Thread ITT    05/16/24  (32)
I have a question for Pro-Palestine + Anti-BLM posters    05/18/24  (31)
ITT proof that gunnerattt and zurich tp are the same person    05/16/24  (31)
Rate the daughter and wife of the Iranian crown prince - link    05/21/24  (31)
was this police shooting justified? (video)    05/18/24  (31)
The tls Nuggets are ALREADY getting btfo lmao    05/20/24  (31)
What is "The People's Car" in America    05/20/24  (30)
if Biden is going to be "ballot harvested" to a "win" no matter what, what then?    05/15/24  (30)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/22/24  (29)
What is the point of life?    05/18/24  (29)
Rome to Florence to Dolomites, two week trip, cr?    05/21/24  (29)
I am extremely sexually unfulfilled. What should I do about it?    05/18/24  (29)
WaPo: HOW THE FUCK is Trump's trial not hurting him!?!? (Link)    05/15/24  (29)
Even basic acts of Masonry are prohibited under the Bass Pro Shop pyramid    05/15/24  (28)
It’s 180 to be American and marry a foreign wife and adopt a foreign born son    05/21/24  (28)
I wish internet phenotype commentators went outside    05/19/24  (28)
Hey gunnerfag fuck you for bringing the tranny retard back    05/16/24  (28)
The most prestigious PE good vs PE evil debate forum in the world    05/21/24  (28)
Will you be eating at Red Lobster one last time before they close?    05/21/24  (28)
Underdiscussed reason for decline of restaurants: phones    05/18/24  (28)
WhyBeMom is the parallel XO    05/16/24  (27)
Horse racing expert taking questions.    05/20/24  (27)
The economy is going to get much worse under Biden's second term    05/15/24  (27)
Why haven’t they remade Back to the Future yet?    05/21/24  (27)
Cool Asian chicks in their 40s who still act like they're 23    05/18/24  (27)
100s of 'migrants' paid $$$ to fly to Chicago & participate in staged robberies    05/20/24  (27)
My Cousin Vinny but it's Luis flying to Tehran to defend Tommy T    05/21/24  (27)
What would you do with 400k cash right now?    05/17/24  (27)
rating posters as torture techniques being used by Revolutionary Guard on TT    05/21/24  (27)
Trump is clearly entitled to a directed verdict in the NY case    05/21/24  (27)
the gay lifestyle is profoundly degenerate    05/19/24  (26)
Taking Qs from NARITA, leaving Japan (RSF)    05/21/24  (26)
34 still figuring it out    05/18/24  (26)
Gunnerattt is acting like a scorned lover and it’s 180    05/15/24  (26)
Trump will be acquitted or win on appeal imo    05/21/24  (25)
What would happen to US economy if everybody worked a full 40 hours for a month?    05/16/24  (25)
Seriously can't believe xo is blocked on every airline in the world    05/16/24  (25)
why won't Hollywood just make some normal movies    05/16/24  (25)
Mavs looking like shit huh Whok?    05/21/24  (25)
Whenever I tell xo stories to IRL friends I just use people's real names    05/15/24  (25)
Mildly disabled girls are an underdiscussed source of young pristine pussy    05/16/24  (25)
Newsweek: Jack White Trashes Joe Rogan    05/21/24  (25)
Disney World deems Tinker Bell ”problematic”    05/15/24  (25)
Would you rather be The Box, Julia or Rowan?    05/21/24  (24)
quick help me offload this blame    05/16/24  (24)
CONFIRMED: President of Iran KILLED to DEATH    05/20/24  (24)
should we notify the State Department that TT is missing in Iran?    05/20/24  (24)
What if depopulation is the BIG EVENT of the 21st C    05/21/24  (24)
Dave and Busters has been doing 50% off food for the last week    05/21/24  (24)
I don't see how "AI" doesn't ultimately make people stupider    05/21/24  (24)
Googles new AI is insane (link)    05/15/24  (24)
The Assassination of Iranian POTUS by the Poaster Thomas Turdskin    05/20/24  (23)
Biden refuses to debate Trump, says he doesn’t debate convicted felons    05/15/24  (23)
going in to get an MRI is uncannily similar to conducting your own funeral    05/15/24  (23)
"Ay Tone--you want I should whack this sick clown fuck?"    05/19/24  (23)
I’m one of the dumbest people I know irl    05/16/24  (23)
Biden has tanked and Trump has surged in the betting markets this week (link)    05/21/24  (23)
Seriously when will Gaming get better this is hell    05/17/24  (23)
White billionaire loses Senate primary to random black (NYT)    05/15/24  (23)
so Nick Fuentes watches gay porn?    05/18/24  (23)