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Pic of me and boner police    09/22/22  (276)
This is what my wife told me to do this morning    09/26/22  (171)
Quality of life in Euro is better at even 80k in euro than 200k in US    09/26/22  (157)
itt: list xo memes you never really understood    09/23/22  (157)
Had to do laundry at a laundromat in the hood (TSINAH)    09/26/22  (132)
Special Master orders Trump to provide affidavit that docs were declassified    09/24/22  (119)
i'm expecting russia to roflstomp ukraine as the gloves come off    09/25/22  (119)
SHITLIBS going INSANE about "Fascist" Bitch winning Italian Election    09/26/22  (118)
Russian rats sleeping in a hole get their legs blown off (video)    09/26/22  (117)
Lmao, rate the "subpoena" ZZZ just issued    09/23/22  (116)
List of worst Airports IMO    09/26/22  (116)
ending it all today - actually signing up for the lsat    09/25/22  (111)
Crazy protests in Iran    09/23/22  (111)
I wish you guys wouldn't use anti-semitic slurs in your usernames    09/24/22  (109)
RATE ZZZ's email effort to get out of the hearing ITT    09/22/22  (109)
Italian PM quotes Emilio Estevez tp (link)    09/27/22  (108)
Single woman screed: A “Nice Guy” is not enough    09/22/22  (106)
Life is going to get very bad for most Americans soon    09/23/22  (103)
AmEx fucking sucks    09/22/22  (102)
Erin Andrews, 99.999th percentile phenotype genetics, shrewpwn3d and childless    09/27/22  (99)
With 10 days to go in FY, Army at 52% of recruitment goal    09/25/22  (94)
So US has thrown trillions $$$ into the Ukraine, only inflicted 5937 casualties?    09/22/22  (92)
my coding career is over. need to speedrun my side hustle or end up on the stree    09/22/22  (91)
Full text of Putin's speech:    09/22/22  (91)
Realistically, what is spaceporn's iq? 105 max?    09/26/22  (91)
Idiocracy is real: Italy to elect HS grad as POTUS lmao    09/27/22  (91)
my mom is really pushing me to law school lately. naive?    09/22/22  (90)
Moved to Florida two years ago from NYC taking questions    09/21/22  (88)
My hoTTTel has ants in it (TSINAH)    09/26/22  (87)
NYT literally speechless about Italy election    09/27/22  (84)
China now delivering 20 Y-20s worth of weapons to Russia weekly    09/26/22  (83)
TSINAH, no matter what ur alts tell u, we are all rooting AGAINST you    09/26/22  (82)
do you read with your kids often?    09/23/22  (82)
Philly Wawa ransacked    09/26/22  (82)
worst place to grow up in the US?    09/22/22  (77)
Ukrainian casualties are massive    09/27/22  (77)
U.S. Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if It Uses Nuclear Weapons    09/26/22  (76)
GJR can't hold down a boyfriend because she's mid as fuck    09/22/22  (73)
Assigning poasters as countries for future XO model UN thread    09/27/22  (72)
Kiwifarms owner Joshua Moon has personal and business addresses terminated    09/20/22  (72)
I am tired of the Nullo guy. What's his agenda?    09/27/22  (71)
How can anyone buy a home at 7 percent    09/25/22  (71)
Is Putin threatening to use ONE tactual nuke?    09/25/22  (69)
what is going on with Housing Market?    09/26/22  (69)
GJR is the only female poaster I would call "hot" IRL    09/23/22  (68)
Rate this Iranian chick protesting    09/24/22  (67)
LJL TSINAH still hasn’t been evicted, libs crying, losing hoap    09/24/22  (67)
my experience using dating apps    09/21/22  (66)
Wish I couldve been on this boart 2 years ago to see you freaking out over covid    09/22/22  (65)
Larry Summers clutching pearls abt unknown "social phenomenon"    09/27/22  (65)
Sam Hyde wrapping his belt around GJR's neck    09/22/22  (65)
Lex, if your PhD is entirely online, u waited too long to realize    09/25/22  (64)
Should I pay $1,610 for a two week "Zero to Hero" sailing course?    09/27/22  (64)
Help me pick an Acoustic Guitar ITT    09/22/22  (64)
TDNW et al: "LOL Putin mobilizing Russian forces -- checkmate, Putin!"    09/26/22  (63)
Catholic grade school fired teacher for living with fiance out of wedlock    09/27/22  (63)
How do I meet girls in Mexico if I will be there for 6 months    09/21/22  (63)
Russia to announce mobilization tonight    09/21/22  (63)
Why can Chennai add 93km of modern subway but US cities cannot?    09/25/22  (62)
White woman in MN steals $250M in covid relief funds, doles it out to 46 Somalis    09/21/22  (61)
Quickest you’ve heard someone get fired from big law for horrible work    09/21/22  (60)
Stevenson v Conceicao thread    09/25/22  (60)
30 yr mortgage now at 6.7%    09/24/22  (60)
Statistical Comparison of QQQ/SPY versus 3x Leveraged ETFS    09/23/22  (58)
The subtle propaganda in seemingly innocuous kids books is really dangerous    09/23/22  (58)
Told wife today I want her out of the house    09/24/22  (57)
Rammstein Los Angeles Concert Was 180 (with boob videos) (CSLG)    09/26/22  (57)
6 month treasuries are at 3.8%    09/23/22  (57)
LJL: men talking mad shit about trannies too WEAK to confront on vc    09/26/22  (56)
How the fuck is anyone still working a “service job” lol    09/27/22  (56)
Maui in February? Good time to visit?    09/21/22  (56)
Lol ZZZ asked for dates that I'm "free to sit for a deposition." Response ideas?    09/20/22  (55)
Was Friends better than Seinfeld?    09/27/22  (54)
Can we trade GJR for ED?    09/22/22  (54)
Hamilton (musical) is unwatchable due to shitlib agitprop    09/26/22  (53)
Bench Press stuck at 150    09/22/22  (52)
🚨Spaceporn🚨 you should sue Candy Ride tp    09/22/22  (52)
Rate my September 2022 Deposits (CSLG)    09/24/22  (51)
Wife getting inheritance and I feel like a failure    09/22/22  (51)
hey just a reminder that if anyone wants to write a guest post on karlstack    09/23/22  (51)
PSA: That's the box, not GJR    09/22/22  (51)
Poll: is TSINAH the worst lowlife you’ve ever interacted with?    09/27/22  (51)
XO Trudeau banned foreign home buyers for 2 years    09/26/22  (51)
Coup currently underway in Iran    09/23/22  (51)
Just started DRANKING in XO FREE FLORIDA (RSF)    09/21/22  (51)
hate myself for it, but on some level, i resent that i missed out on debauchery    09/27/22  (50)
Russia's "mobilization" is a disaster - link    09/26/22  (50)
Need a husband to have sex with me every night.    09/24/22  (50)
I love when I used to have sex with boomer police and he was so hard that I woul    09/26/22  (49)
Karlstack honest question: what value do you think you add?    09/23/22  (49)
12,068 Sun cycle is probably true    09/27/22  (49)
Jordan Peterson: "I can't see a path forward for Russia in this war" (video)    09/23/22  (49)
Pour one out for Moldbug    09/26/22  (49)
Sam Hyde is extremely repulsive. Shocked me to the core that he had sex with GJR    09/22/22  (48)
TSINAH is responsible for SHITMODDING my poasts    09/25/22  (48)
it's insane how differently guys treat u when you're attractive to them vs. no    09/27/22  (48)
xo men are basically all mid as fuck and that's being generous    09/23/22  (47)
Went out with girl I have a crush on, ended up paying for her and her guy friend    09/25/22  (47)
counting up romantic options that might not take online dating    09/22/22  (47)
Hit on a girl walking her dog, turns out she has a BF    09/25/22  (46)
Carmos what do you think of this 2000 Mercedes-Benz SL500    09/23/22  (46)
America needs a radical far-right politician desperately    09/26/22  (46)
Worse atty: TBF before disbarment, or TSINAH now?    09/26/22  (46)
i fucking hate how vulgar these female hygiene commercials are getting    09/23/22  (45)
The CIA just blew holes in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines    09/27/22  (45)
I’m so sexually deprived but I don’t want to bang guys I wouldn’t want to    09/25/22  (44)
Google Rigged The 2020 Election    09/23/22  (44)
Black Indiana teen gets perfect score on AP Calc exam    09/27/22  (44)
i think i have an outside shot at MPM but i dont want to seem too eager    09/24/22  (44)
Best old cancelled network sitcom.    09/27/22  (44)
The amount of affirmative action for doctors is frankly terrifying.    09/24/22  (44)
NY AG sues Trump for subjective valuations of properties    09/21/22  (43)
i never got "dancing" at clubs    09/21/22  (43)
is being a judge cr? watching this litigation from a distance is 180    09/24/22  (43)
Please review my monthly spending and give me tips to improve    09/20/22  (43)
He Beat Up My BF & I Can’t Stop Masturbating To It (link)    09/22/22  (43)
Putin speech in ~15 mins. Stand back and stand by.    09/20/22  (42)
Megan Markle reported the Queen's Racism to Buckingham Palace HR Dept (link)    09/27/22  (42)
TSINAH if you ever wonder why we think you're a loser and a shitbag,    09/25/22  (42)
"you're soooo white..." cooed the fobby PhD to dark lex,    09/27/22  (42)
Loss Prevention Associate killed himself    09/27/22  (42)
Went to an Asian WHORE today    09/26/22  (41)
name a decent-sized us city and ill say something positive about it    09/26/22  (41)
Reddit: my teenaged son is arrogant about his big dick    09/23/22  (41)
I watched "Succession" just to watch the ginger actress gain weight    09/22/22  (41)
Resigned: I am unretiring    09/27/22  (41)
Are you buying index funds right now? S&P 500? Small cap?    09/22/22  (41)
Sylvester Stallone in 1977: thoughtful, heroic, on crusade against Hollywood (vi    09/27/22  (41)
Almost everyone has SHOPLIFTED unless they faggots    09/22/22  (40)
If you were a Russian soldier, would you attempt to defect to Ukraine/the West?    09/26/22  (40)
I've lost like ~35lbs by eating the same thing everyday for 5 months    09/26/22  (40)
Does ZZZ actually think he can win this case?    09/23/22  (39)
Racist Scots tell Black "Explorers" to turn off speakers    09/21/22  (39)
that huge titted male shop teacher gets off on this shit    09/25/22  (39)
Wedding venues are out of control. Very few are married in churches anymore.    09/26/22  (39)
Wife is currently drinking a bottle of wine a day and wonders why she isn't preg    09/23/22  (39)
New York City Subway System to Install Security Cameras in All Train Cars    09/25/22  (38)
Were there bad things that Hitler did?    09/26/22  (38)
Illinois man asks people along shore to quiet down at 1am....loses his life    09/24/22  (38)
Is eating too much protein bad for me?    09/26/22  (37)
Should Lawyers Use Grammarly?    09/23/22  (37)
Best videogame inspired baby names    09/26/22  (37)
no one ever explained how the flu disappeared during covid    09/22/22  (37)
Oh my God I miss him so much it hurts    09/27/22  (37)
Furk it, I'm gonna leave Vietnam do 14d sailing course in Thailand for 1.7kusd    09/25/22  (37)
Best place to buy a desktop pc?    09/26/22  (37)
rate this new tiktok about height from a jewish whore    09/24/22  (37)
Spaceporn why do you let HA/ZZZ/Candy Ride defame you?    09/21/22  (36)
School defends 'gender rights' of trans teacher with giant prosthetic breasts    09/21/22  (36)