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My sister in law just continuously flashes her tits, ass and puss at me    07/31/21  (163)
Breaking point: emailed ex's mom when I learned about lies he was telling abt me    08/03/21  (160)
Kyoot Kirkland partner killed in horrific traffic accident    08/02/21  (149)
Huge fight with wife over Simone Biles    08/03/21  (139)
Only a few days left in St. Tropez bros 😭    07/28/21  (134)
Incredibly good-looking, successful nd wants me to move to Falls Church, VA    08/03/21  (129)
Desperately praying for Netherlands to beat US in women’s soccer right now    08/01/21  (127)
Tokyo Olympics are a "complete ratings disaster"    08/03/21  (119)
"i'm going to infect strangers..." *libs gasp* "..with HIV" *roaring applause*    08/03/21  (115)
lol libs are now shitting on kerri strug    08/02/21  (115)
Biden: “We are trying to figure out how to mandate vaccines for the country”    08/02/21  (111)
These two libs on TikTok debunk the myth of higher crime rates in black areas    08/02/21  (107)
Healthy 40yo dude I know sedated on ventilator from Covid    08/01/21  (107)
Where are we on Vax? xoers still not doing it?    07/30/21  (104)
so this site is basically just Qanon level science denialism now    08/03/21  (103)
NBC: an asterisk belongs next to Sunni Lee’s name    07/30/21  (101)
Did the CDC even consider that they probably just killed NYC for good?    08/02/21  (100)
70% of Americans now vaxxed. xo antivaxxers: “we are the silent majority.”    08/01/21  (94)
Wapo: CDC Internal prez admits Vaccines are useless & people know that    07/30/21  (94)
Antivaxmos, when will I start to suffer ill effects from the vax?    08/02/21  (92)
Seattle Mariners traded their closer to rivals, promptly lose on 2 blown saves    08/03/21  (90)
Rate this CIA safehouse for sale in Dallas    08/01/21  (90)
Post ITT if you'd like to see Henry Aaron IP banned and shot into the sun    08/02/21  (86)
Normie Republicans really, really don't like dissident thought    07/31/21  (86)
Lowest IQ tell: thinking car dealerships should be replaced with Tesla-style    08/02/21  (84)
doordash guy just complained about no tip. the natives are getting restless    07/30/21  (84)
tbtp: have you considered being a "sugar baby"?    07/28/21  (83)
I read a particularly vile TBF poast to some friends, they were genuinely horrif    08/03/21  (82)
board is terrible right now jfc    07/29/21  (81)
These liberal guys are weightlifting so they can be strong enough to fight Nazis    07/29/21  (81)
XO Jason Whitlock on Simone Biles    07/29/21  (80)
is anyone else completely shocked the CDC admitted vaxxedmos = superspreaders?    07/30/21  (80)
Welp broke down and got J&J shot    08/03/21  (78)
Pfizer: ppl will need 3rd dose + annual shots (link)    07/29/21  (77)
US women down 0-1 in 80th minute in soccer semi finals    08/03/21  (76)
did lawman8 really get outted by UJ?    07/31/21  (76)
“The GOAT got it done. #Bronze”    08/03/21  (75)
i consider my experiment with Christianity a complete failure    08/03/21  (74)
anti-vax horseshit is peak male trying to prove toughness brain    07/31/21  (73)
Dealer offered me 20% more than I paid for my Land Cruiser 2 years ago    07/31/21  (72)
Who is the greatest military tactician in history? (hint: it isn't who u think)    07/29/21  (70)
Fourth Jan. 6 cop (2nd today) commits suicide    08/03/21  (69)
Buddy is a 35 year old “5” and made out with a 19(?) year old “10”    08/01/21  (69)
There is one thing about lawman8 that sucks beyond all the others    07/29/21  (69)
Vaxmos, do you feel tricked?    07/30/21  (68)
Future prez? Kamala Harris now 'underwater' as sinking popularity alarms Dems    08/02/21  (67)
Met a very nice 22 yr old CHINESE cutie last night. Taking ?s ITT.    08/03/21  (67)
NYT: There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote    07/29/21  (67)
Two fully vaccinated people in my office just got covid    07/29/21  (65)
best way to get more sex from wife?    07/31/21  (65)
whok really is the dumbest fucking retard on this site    08/02/21  (64)
US Women's shotputter shakes ass at camera after losing, rants about racism    08/03/21  (64)
my conception of australian people and culture was RADICALLY off-base    07/31/21  (63)
I play video games with zoomers and now I can't stop talking like them    07/30/21  (63)
Buffalo Bills (1960-2021)    08/02/21  (62)
Blue Smoke taking questions before peacing out    08/01/21  (62)
if you don't do community college -> in-state state school, ur literally insane.    07/29/21  (62)
It's kind of retarded that swimmers can win 7 medals at one olympics    08/03/21  (61)
ITT we rate poaster quality    07/29/21  (60)
End of July NEVERVAX CHECK-IN    08/01/21  (60)
Not owning a car is a liberating experience    07/31/21  (60)
antibody dependent enhancement = vax makes it so benign diseases kill u    08/02/21  (59)
Had a dive-off with another fat dad at our neighborhood last weekend.    07/28/21  (58)
What do Trumpmos think the govt’s motive is in wanting people vaxxed?    07/30/21  (57)
Is it worth learning how to ski at 35 years old?    07/30/21  (57)
Lineage of game consoles favored by the Working Class    08/03/21  (57)
Found out my wife has been breastfeeding and taking adderall. Huge fight and now    08/02/21  (57)
Ashli Babbitt's loyal DOGDOOD died waiting for her to return after she was execu    07/31/21  (57)
Humans weren't meant to "date" or "break up" with a lot of people    08/02/21  (57)
Ben Shapiro happens to be doing gods work wrt the vaccine    07/28/21  (56)
Infrastructure shoulda been a layup for Trump. How’d he screw it up so badly?    08/03/21  (56)
Simon Biles got perfect 10s last night 2am-6am, wins Gold (CNN)    08/01/21  (55)
In LA.. seems like a 180 place    08/03/21  (55)
Billionaire boomer leaves entire fortune to mistress, cuts out two sons, ex-wife    08/02/21  (54)
Vaccine side effects update    08/01/21  (54)
Just got a fuckin' PS5 (cowshit)    08/03/21  (54)
Why is Fox News 100% nigger outside of Tucker?    07/29/21  (53)
if ur wife is not a milf have u basically failed at life?    08/03/21  (53)
XOer poasting on Stocktwits (not flame)    08/02/21  (52)
what am I supposed to do on weekends    08/01/21  (52)
Society is collapsing. Get out of cities. It’s going to get much worse.    07/30/21  (52)
1 = Extreme right, 10 = Extreme left. yours?    08/02/21  (52)
Covid bullshit won't end for a couple more years    07/31/21  (51)
What’s the most prestigious Olympic Gold Medal?    08/02/21  (51)
There is a media blackout on the current trucking/container crisis    07/29/21  (50)
WSJ: Law School Loses Luster as Debts Mount and Salaries Stagnate    08/03/21  (50)
Guy who pays for naked women to give him handjobs/titjobs, taking Qs    08/01/21  (50)
Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?    08/02/21  (50)
I am appalled by this website    08/03/21  (50)
what the hell goes on in Mormon temples?    07/29/21  (49)
lol Biles quit AGAIN    07/31/21  (49)
As a short male, you absolutely have to lift heavy    07/29/21  (49)
does anyone sort of detest this country now    07/28/21  (48)
Guy whose son was killed in a no knock raid poasts on Reddit    07/28/21  (48)
Phish tour opener will be either "Free" or "DWD"    07/29/21  (48)
China to ban next Marvel movies. Even Chinese calling them SPS    08/03/21  (48)
Yes, this website in monitored by federal agencies. If you poast, they know you.    08/02/21  (48)
Illegal Mexican kills 2 good looking white kids watching a movie    08/01/21  (47)
London Stock Exchange CEO claims he worked 130 hour weeks at GS regularly    08/03/21  (47)
Rare 180 from Mitt Romney, criticizes Simone Biles for quiting on her team    07/28/21  (47)
Twitter has suspended all accounts poasting about Election Audits    07/29/21  (47)
I tested my resting heart rate this evening. 117 bpm. Preftigious?    07/30/21  (47)
Rating posters as anatomical structures of the human body.    08/01/21  (46)
So Chris Chan had sex with his mom who has dementia?    08/02/21  (46)
I feel like everything is about to crash. Car prices have doubled and evictions    07/31/21  (46)
Bought old house, no end to my troubles    07/29/21  (45)
ScarJo sues Disney for simultaneous theater & streaming release:    08/02/21  (45)
My brother is toxic and mentally ill    07/29/21  (45)
If covid was as bad as libs think, they would he justified. It isn’t tho.    07/31/21  (44)
The vaccinated could have higher levels of the virus & infect others (NBC News)    07/29/21  (44)
NYT BENDS THE KNEE RE: SUNNI    07/29/21  (44)
*** BREAKING: NY AG to make "major announcement" at 11 AM EST ***    08/03/21  (43)
So Californians voted to ban bacon and now they don't have any and will starve?    08/03/21  (43)
1,000D chess: Dems get GOP to defend terrorists who attacked America    07/28/21  (43)
incredible reddit post about muslims, hijabs and trannies    07/29/21  (43)
Punk! The Offspring fire drummer bc health conditions prevent his vax    08/02/21  (43)
$1,194,422    07/31/21  (43)
Should I get vaccinated?    07/31/21  (43)
Rank in order of priority: wife, kids, career, religion, self    08/01/21  (42)
Rate the lawyer behind this new divorce app    08/02/21  (42)
Identifying "irony" is a 115 IQ tell.    07/31/21  (42)
Another anti-vax Trumpmo bites the dust    07/30/21  (42)
Biles is giving Black women permission to remove their superhero capes and take    07/31/21  (41)
who is in charge here?    08/03/21  (41)
New NYC mayor Eric Adams: "I'm running AGAINST the Democratic Socialists"    07/29/21  (41)
Iceland: Despite 75% Vax rate, restrictions required for “5-15 years”    07/30/21  (41)
Biles got the twisties, where your body just won't do the moves correctly    07/30/21  (41)
Even the ACLU has admitted that the January 6 prisoners are getting shafted    07/29/21  (41)
CDC: COVID vaccinated individuals have just as high a viral load as non-vaxxed    07/28/21  (41)
34yo, married, absolutely zero friends. how pathetic?    08/01/21  (40)
Does anyone actually regularly eat a huge breakfast?    08/01/21  (40)
What's a good laptop?    07/29/21  (40)
NYTimes: There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote    07/29/21  (40)
Epic GameFAQs poast imho    08/02/21  (40)
I'm 19 and the Michael O. Church banning scandal has scared me away from tech    07/30/21  (39)
Moving to Chicago. Single, 200k, no friends. Where should I live?    08/01/21  (39)
well, u guys gonna love this you bastards, prince here, back from psych ward    07/31/21  (39)
Bob Odenkirk (October 22, 1962 - July 28, 2021)    07/28/21  (39)
AOC attacks hero Krysten Sinema    08/01/21  (39)
Vaccine Myth Exposed: Vaccines Did NOT Eradicate Polio!    08/02/21  (39)
Libs fawning over how brave, powerful, applaud worthy Simone Biles quitting    08/01/21  (38)
Tesla drives itself autonomously into a tree LMAO    08/01/21  (38)
My wife is one of a handful of people that CALLS Amazon    08/01/21  (38)
NYC to require "vaccine passports" for indoor dining, gyms, and shows (link)    08/03/21  (38)
Still interviewing with a company but given an offer somewhere else    07/29/21  (38)
Biden wants to give every “newly vaccinated” American $100    07/30/21  (38)
People had amazing Portion Control in the 1940s-60s    08/01/21  (37)
Voodoo Child crew: FLW, Emilio E, Richard, TSINAH, RSF, Henry, LSD, Muscadine    08/01/21  (37)
What’s going on in Florida with Covid? Every headline is about this    08/01/21  (37)