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Asian girl sleeps through date with White dork, posts angry texts on Twitter    06/07/23  (106)
PGA bends the knees, agrees to merger with LIV (!!!)    06/07/23  (91)
Loaned car to ex-wife. It got "stolen" then found by police next day at Costco..    06/07/23  (83)
Life After College: 28 Year Old Man with a Normal Job (video)    06/07/23  (79)
TUCKER drops new show on Twitter (Ep 1)    06/06/23  (79)
Bud Light sales down 60% for Memorial Day Weekend    06/06/23  (75)
Libs freaking out over completely normal June wildfire smoke blanketing USA    06/07/23  (55)
Who runs Second City Bureaucrat?    06/07/23  (52)
St. Louis NIGGER shoots at police car, gets run over (video)    06/07/23  (47)
Switzerland: 3% of the world's watch market, 24% of its value    06/06/23  (45)
I was insanely sexually selective in HS and college    06/07/23  (45)
WaPo: US knew Ukraine would attack Nord Stream pipeline - link    06/06/23  (43)
Gorgeous Korean Girl shits on GOOKmen in Epic Screed NYUUG DONE HERE 😱    06/07/23  (40)
I recently learned that Americans wipe shit across their asses with paper    06/07/23  (40)
Ukraine bombed that dam with HIMARS repeatedly    06/06/23  (38)
Rate these leaked Nike internal emails    06/06/23  (36)
US agrees to 100% tech transfer of advanced GE Jet Engines to INDIA    06/07/23  (35)
Really good 4chan UFO disclosure larp the other day    06/07/23  (34)
holy shit Trump really is getting charged by the Special Counsel this week    06/06/23  (30)
Glendale Armenians Riot Against LGBQT Pride Outside School Board Meeting    06/07/23  (29)
James Woods: "How evil is Hollywood? Multiply your worst fears by 100"    06/06/23  (29)
Finally have AC in my office (TSINAH)    06/06/23  (28)
Ohio woman shitting massive amounts of rare Covid variant into sewer (link)    06/06/23  (27)
Why isn't the US Coast Guard a respected branch of the Military    06/06/23  (27)
The single most defining feature of proles is how Loud they are    06/07/23  (26)
The dam collapse screws Russian agriculture, not just in Crimea - link    06/06/23  (24)
All A-B had to do was apologize and fire the dumb marketing slut    06/06/23  (24)
Jenna Bush’s daughter announces on live tv that Jenna never wears panties (vid    06/07/23  (20)
Gf checking in during 'Girls Night Out'...chirps every 30 seconds in background    06/06/23  (20)
Where the fuck did COVID go? It just disappeared like poof.    06/07/23  (19)
TUCKER absolutely SHITS on XO retards for supporting UKRAINE    06/07/23  (19)
Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Heaven doesn't exist"    06/06/23  (19)
Mueller was a pussy, Jack Smith is going to rape Trump a new butthold    06/06/23  (17)
basically no WWII veterans left, it's insane.    06/07/23  (16)
xo Taliban bros cleansing Afghanistan of drugs    06/06/23  (16)
does xo need a land acknowledgement on the homepage?    06/06/23  (16)
I am setting a new goal. 200 pounds by October 1, 2023.    06/06/23  (15)
Tony Soprano said he had an IQ of 136. He said it was tested. But was he lying?    06/07/23  (15)
I recently learned blacks clean their chicken with dish soap and water    06/07/23  (15)
Rating poasters as the names of alt-light (at best) web outlets    06/06/23  (14)
Double decker plane seats coming YOUR FUCKED    06/06/23  (13)
do u know an older person who represents your future doomed self?    06/06/23  (13)
Owner of SF's largest Hotel gives up, surrenders hotel for NOTHING to Lenders    06/06/23  (13)
Everyone involved in Russian collusion hoax should be executed on live TV    06/06/23  (13)
Revised LSAT just asks your opinions about gay rights    06/07/23  (12)
Sometimes there are gems on reddit that blow away anything on xo    06/07/23  (12)
Russia blows up combine harvester, claims Leopard tank kill - link    06/06/23  (12)
Why do employers write things like "challenging opportunity" in job ads    06/06/23  (12)
Foreigners describing their hate for America/Americans    06/07/23  (12)
TBF is the king of sarcasm    06/06/23  (12)