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Rate my room (GJR)    10/25/21  (77)
Saw the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding    10/25/21  (50)
Inflation still doesn't seem that bad imho    10/24/21  (45)
Honestly can’t take any man that drives a small sedan or SUV seriously    10/25/21  (44)
Wife got new AGC in house job (CSLG)    10/25/21  (42)
Try to find a photo of pregnant Michelle Obama    10/25/21  (41)
Official SOL vs AVAX vs FTM thread    10/25/21  (40)
I'm fucking pissed at myself for selling my SAMO. I had 8m, bought around .002    10/25/21  (40)
Alec Baldwin is a piece of shit, but it sucks this will get him sympathy    10/24/21  (39)
ITT i rate you as a mental illness & prescribe a drug cocktail    10/25/21  (38)
The UK is much whiter than the US    10/25/21  (36)
Biden voter here. Still loling that Trump lost by 7,000,000    10/24/21  (36)
Getting Phenibut; what do I get on Liftmode while I'm here    10/24/21  (35)
Companies that hire people but say you cannot take vacation the first year    10/24/21  (34)
“I am … not … THAT MAN,” tbf lied unconvincingly.    10/25/21  (33)
Gay Grandpa is a SAMO millionaire    10/25/21  (28)
I’ve 10xed my money so far this crypto cycle    10/25/21  (28)
Exeunt and Gatermo, how do you guys take care of ur health/body?    10/24/21  (27)
I remember the first time I went to a law firm dinner at a nice restaurant    10/24/21  (27)
Americans may freeze to death this winter due to global energy shortage    10/24/21  (27)
real talk, annoyed I missed out on the crypto run    10/25/21  (26)
Joseph Smith: 23 y/o 3d grade education, dictates 268,000 word book out of a hat    10/24/21  (25)
Opposition To Tax Enforcement Is Undemocratic    10/24/21  (24)
Does she have a nice body? Or too thin?    10/25/21  (23)
Almost went three weeks no sex    10/24/21  (22)
LBGTQ+: 3% of the population, 20% of the White House Counsel's office    10/25/21  (20)
Rate Jaime Lee Curtis’ “daughter”    10/25/21  (19)
Men are basically children their whole lives    10/24/21  (19)
October update thread: What % of your NW is in crypto    10/25/21  (19)
Law school audit discovered you are three credits short of JD. Now you have to    10/24/21  (18)
Benefits of being incel    10/25/21  (17)
REMINDER: TBF lost his kid IRL, but uses his time to make up stories on XO about    10/25/21  (17)
ive ben up all night farming and staking on FTM and AVAX    10/24/21  (17)
can a single guy survive on a 50k/year job    10/24/21  (17)
Can’t believe I bought TTTezos what a garbage shitcoin    10/25/21  (17)
fauci inspecting NIH research experiment: "i clearly specified GOLDEN RETRIEVERS    10/24/21  (16)
Berenson: Vax prevents natural immunity and leads to stronger variants    10/24/21  (16)
East Asian Countries Ranking: (1) China (2) Mong/NK (4) Taiwan (5) SK (6) Jap    10/25/21  (16)
FTM all time high =)    10/25/21  (16)
The more I age, the more I agree with everything about ISLAM    10/25/21  (15)
Shitlib Kike Insane Indian Cricket Team takes a knee to support NiggaLivesMatter    10/25/21  (15)
Politico: Biden Quietly Deciding How to Cancel Student Loan Payments (link)    10/24/21  (15)
The Law That Ate the Constitution    10/25/21  (15)
Off to see "Dune" for a second time, almost never see a movie twice    10/24/21  (15)
What anti-aging serum is Tom Brady and other rich people on?    10/25/21  (14)
Can’t believe I was a 91k insurance defense shitlawyer 4 years ago    10/25/21  (14)
ESPN threatens to "ruin the lives" of employees who mention 8-0 UTSA    10/24/21  (14)
It begins: 2 killed so far in Texas Race War (link)    10/24/21  (14)
Do most law firms pay for annual license and professional fees?    10/24/21  (13)