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***Supreme Court rules in favor of prayer at public school sporting events***    06/28/22  (199)
App date ordered 2x food I did, boxed half of it and ordered $9 croissant to go    06/28/22  (175)
Hey you religious morons cheering this SC on. They're coming for porn next    06/28/22  (150)
New bill burr Netflix comedy special is extremely shitty    06/27/22  (69)
test of if someone "gets it": if they think George Carlin would be lib or con    06/27/22  (68)
I'm pro-choice but abortion is a sad, somber thing. Modern libs celebrate it    06/28/22  (65)
Can you spot the #1 problem with this week's New Yorker cover? (pic)    06/28/22  (56)
pretty sure i just got “the talk” as a partner    06/28/22  (52)
It amuses me that libs don't know how prayers after football games work    06/28/22  (50)
arkan chasing hyde's sloppy seconds like gatsby    06/27/22  (48)
Women at the gym putting weight on their pussy and thrusting upward    06/28/22  (48)
Cons need to be careful about owning the libs . There will be consequences.    06/27/22  (47)
Beavis & Butthead learn white privilege    06/28/22  (47)
Twitter thread by Scottish SCHOLAR on Donbass situation (link)    06/28/22  (46)
I think Julia would make a great wife. extremely hot.    06/27/22  (46)
DeSantis hoping Trump gets indicted (link)    06/27/22  (45)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/28/22  (41)
cool, the same loser pumo spammer just woke up and is now spamming again    06/27/22  (37)
True all women are sluts now but consider this: every pornstar dates ripped MMA    06/28/22  (36)
In Portland, ME taking q’s (TSINAH)    06/28/22  (33)
Why did RSF go to such awful undergrad/law school despite his privilege? dumb?    06/28/22  (32)
Your internet “friends” would go out drinking and partying tonight if they h    06/28/22  (29)
shocking video shows rape in metaverse platform, guess race    06/27/22  (28)
“Great idea! I’ll take 2 $13 chocolate almond croissants to go!” (doodi    06/27/22  (27)
i STILL have dreams where there is a final exam tomorrow and i didnt study    06/28/22  (26)
The acceleration of this country's decline over the past decade is shocking    06/28/22  (26)
Been eating salmon every day, never felt better    06/27/22  (26)
crazy that you're "supposed" to feel good, energetic and excited about life    06/27/22  (26)
Colonel Chet Muscles has also been demoted to Lt. Col. Chet Muscles    06/28/22  (25)
Dems get 10-point poll bounce after SCOTUS ruling - link    06/28/22  (24)
It's just me and this Floyd faggot awake?    06/28/22  (24)
Southerners: "YOU FORCED US BACK IN!" *ok leave* Southerners: "Umm"    06/27/22  (23)
Pretty sure I'm going to get fired soon for underperformance    06/28/22  (23)
46 people found DEAD in Texas    06/28/22  (23)
Hello if you are a Southerner you're a piece of shit and not a real American    06/27/22  (23)
How serious is a DUI charge if you had your kids in the car?    06/27/22  (22)
i don't know who the fuck "karen" is    06/27/22  (22)
When I was in college, college football seemed really exciting    06/27/22  (22)
app food is now 60% taxes, "delivery fees", "convenience fees", and tip    06/27/22  (22)
trump jr will run if trump does not, and he is no neocon    06/27/22  (21)
Real talk: Doodikoff has a severe defect and his #1 priority should be finding    06/27/22  (20)
🔫California AG release names, DOBs and addresses of all CCW holders 🔫    06/28/22  (20)
Joe Burrow dons the pussy hat    06/27/22  (20)
Being pro life is prole    06/27/22  (20)
58% of Americans are paycheck-to-paycheck    06/27/22  (20)
I advise everyone in my family to ardently refuse to pay medical bills    06/28/22  (19)
What would theoretically happen if Thomas or Alito got assassinated?    06/27/22  (19)
Meester Roberts promise me we keep abortion. He lie to me.    06/28/22  (19)
Did I ever tell you the story about how I was kicked out of my first UG?    06/27/22  (19)
https://lottery.com/    06/28/22  (19)