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Imagine being the faggot who ran Red Lobster into the ground    05/21/24  (107)
Is it stupid to pay for an elite prep school for kids if UMC?    05/22/24  (96)
would you rather be EPAH, CSLG or RSF? (you can't pick killself)    05/21/24  (89)
About to hit 35 Million NW and life update (CSLG)    05/21/24  (83)
What will be next to go after Red Lobster? Chili's? Applebee's? IHOP?    05/21/24  (61)
Whats the cliffs on why/how TT left pseudo-biglaw?    05/21/24  (40)
Are proud atheists a dying breed?    05/21/24  (37)
leftist rag Jacobin goes after Wal-Mart, gets destroyed by comm. notes    05/21/24  (36)
how big was your High School graduating class?    05/21/24  (36)
Attys only (not disbarred ones) what wld u do if for one year u were appted to    05/21/24  (36)
Exclusive: Scandal at America's Top Science Fair (Karlstack)    05/21/24  (34)
How did Heath ledger die at 28 from drugs, I've mixed way more than he has    05/21/24  (34)
would you rather be hatp, gunnerattt, or lex?    05/21/24  (33)
really incredible that 2/3 of xo supports 80IQ Hamas monkeys    05/21/24  (32)
The most prestigious PE good vs PE evil debate forum in the world    05/21/24  (28)
Will you be eating at Red Lobster one last time before they close?    05/21/24  (28)
Trump is clearly entitled to a directed verdict in the NY case    05/21/24  (27)
Why haven’t they remade Back to the Future yet?    05/21/24  (27)
Taking Qs from NARITA, leaving Japan (RSF)    05/21/24  (26)
Trump will be acquitted or win on appeal imo    05/21/24  (25)
Would you rather be The Box, Julia or Rowan?    05/21/24  (24)
Passenger on flight from London killed by extreme turbulence    05/21/24  (21)
Cons: “Let the voters decide!” Also cons: “Don’t let the jury decide!”    05/21/24  (21)
buying your kid a car vs letting him use yours    05/21/24  (20)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/22/24  (20)
Biden DRAINS entire US Strategic Gasoline Reserve in order to lower prices for e    05/21/24  (19)
All of Bama's Heisman winners are totally forgettable.    05/21/24  (19)
I would pay extra for a gym that didn't play "rap"    05/22/24  (19)
niggers w schizophrenia get 2hrs+ of earnest jre head nodding    05/21/24  (18)
I live in Thousand Oaks, CA    05/21/24  (18)
XO, help me figure out a case.    05/21/24  (18)
Ayo, this place is fucking back btw    05/21/24  (17)
GOP cucks introduce bill to extend military benefits for Americans in IDF    05/21/24  (17)
I fell asleep watching terrence howard on joe rogan talking about alchemy    05/21/24  (17)
Would you rather be SP, SPjr, or Mrs. SP?    05/21/24  (17)
Some "pediatrician" had the balls to mail me an invoice for a no show appt    05/21/24  (17)
"Americans don't necessarily desire to own a home or to own a car" (link)    05/21/24  (16)
how do you get cursed so bad it becomes an integrated part of your bloodline    05/21/24  (15)
if i were rich, I'd just fuck porn star hookers everyday    05/21/24  (14)
Would you rather be evan39, boom, or mainlining    05/21/24  (14)
I long to live in a place with nicer people    05/21/24  (14)
How do any of you maintain a practice yet poast constantly    05/21/24  (14)
Musk throwing temper tantrum if he doesn't get massive bonus    05/21/24  (14)
would you rather be spending time w family, billing, or bantering w retards abt    05/21/24  (14)
Would you rather be GGtp, TBF or Consuela?    05/21/24  (14)
Wife insecure about looks post-pregnancy. How 2 tactfully agree?    05/21/24  (14)
so many guys in this hostel are snoring    05/21/24  (13)
I am too handsome to care about any of this    05/21/24  (13)
"You're all free to go! The restaurant went bankrupt!" Lobs cheering    05/21/24  (13)