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Gunneratt is a stupid fucking faggot    02/03/23  (77)
What one consumer item most captures America's decline and fall?    02/03/23  (62)
Former FBI Director McCabe: FBI must put Hunter laptop store guy in jail    02/03/23  (61)
We can't make fun of proles on here anymore.    02/03/23  (59)
Which XO poster wifed up this law shrew?    02/03/23  (58)
Trans freak has two trans kids. What a coincidence.    02/03/23  (58)
This girl's a good example of wife material - video    02/03/23  (55)
Jobs report blowout. SELL! SELL!    02/03/23  (48)
it's absurd how much of our paychecks get whittled away by taxes    02/03/23  (43)
As an older guy, do you ever stop falling for much younger women?    02/03/23  (40)
Ukrainecucks: guess which city Russia has designs on in the next 60 days    02/03/23  (37)
Solo here. How do I hire an associate?    02/03/23  (36)
TV shows that succeeded by identifying an A-lister in their first season    02/03/23  (36)
99 Chink Spyballons...    02/03/23  (35)
Biden rightly blames inflation in Trump    02/03/23  (33)
Could you handle this thicc powerlifting white girl?    02/03/23  (33)
GJR releases statement: "The spy balloon is creepy. I would never date it"    02/03/23  (32)
ITT you link to interesting and funny Lex Tp threads    02/03/23  (32)
This recession is weird man    02/03/23  (32)
Why do "religious" goyim only go to Church 1x/wk? Jews go 3x/day, Muzzies 5x/day    02/02/23  (28)
Does anyone think things would have been better without all the money printing?    02/03/23  (27)
Biden blames Chinese spy balloon on inflation    02/03/23  (27)
Name the best towns in California starting with "Santa"    02/03/23  (27)
Adult star-turned-data scientist: I had more sex than showers in 2022 (NYPost)    02/03/23  (26)
Who are the Top 5 Most Based Jews to ever live?    02/03/23  (25)
Why are the food options so TTT in the South?    02/03/23  (24)
Gotten to the point where I don't do any work on Friday    02/03/23  (23)
is the Restaurant business as brutal as they say it is? 7 day work weeks for    02/03/23  (23)
so basically if ur a woman u only have to work like 5 yrs tops, get creampied &    02/03/23  (23)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/03/23  (22)
luis, im back to on double cheeseburger diet    02/03/23  (22)
Rating posters as balloons    02/03/23  (21)
I have a theory about FLW    02/03/23  (20)
Who actually abuses fentanyl?    02/03/23  (20)
is it unreasonable to resent best friend for thinking fridays are social day?    02/03/23  (20)
The matter that comprises you will be reincarnated and it’s life will SUCK    02/03/23  (19)
🚨 Project Veritas Pfizer Part 2 is up    02/03/23  (19)
It's impossible to retire early because of health insurance    02/02/23  (19)
Okay to skip pre-closing inspection?    02/03/23  (19)
Blacks are a musical people! *puts on monotonous, tone deaf rap*    02/03/23  (18)
Biden judicial confirmations: 5 white men, 22 black women    02/03/23  (18)
CR to have a PC to play AAA games and Switch for Nintendo 1st party and indies?    02/03/23  (18)
HBS Mormon w/5 kids jumps off Manhattan high rise    02/03/23  (18)
Eat shit Upset Jew    02/02/23  (18)
How terrible is cancer? Assume u are totally fine with dying.    02/03/23  (18)
your realtor rubbing her clit as some dude fucks her in your future family home    02/03/23  (17)
*****Floats into your thread*****    02/03/23  (16)
Rep. Eric Swalwell: If I had a son, he’d look like the Chinese spy balloon    02/03/23  (16)
What are some appropriate occasions to wear a 3-piece suit? Can't think of any    02/02/23  (16)
Just back from hinge date with azn girl who basically raped me    02/03/23  (16)