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We focus on how much single 30+ women suck but the men are just as bad    01/29/22  (192)
Does anyone have a pic of The Box?    01/29/22  (118)
Youngkin sets up hotline for parents to narc on teachers who teach CRT    01/29/22  (117)
Welcome to “Free” Florida — but leave your weed at the border    01/29/22  (112)
Who would be XO’s spokesperson?    01/28/22  (92)
how much should I offer this 19 year old Asian girl to be my SB?    01/29/22  (90)
Just got second dose of J&J. Taking abuse    01/28/22  (81)
I was a lib until the Blue's Clues thing    01/28/22  (78)
esoteric sambo is clearly 105 IQ    01/29/22  (71)
weird how in 80s and 90s they were pumping out timeless classics (movies, songs,    01/28/22  (70)
Really 180 thing about COMMUNISM    01/28/22  (65)
Amy Wax doubles down on racist comments, says she will not resign ‘without a f    01/29/22  (60)
Drinking BEER is much more enjoyable than HARD LIQUOR for some reason    01/28/22  (58)
Does a 5x5 routine GROW IT BIG?    01/28/22  (55)
As an Asian, it astonishes me that people pay for childcare/daycare. Grandparent    01/29/22  (53)
ljl @ 85% of XO thirsting over some pseudo-punk slut    01/29/22  (53)
ITT Rate 18 year-old Blue Smoke    01/29/22  (52)
RATE this WaPo cartoon re: Canadian trucker protests (link)    01/28/22  (45)
Blown out 38 year old lawyers: "OMG Box titpics!!"__25 year olds: "lmao wtf"    01/29/22  (42)
lol im white and have a 149 iq and cant afford to live in america    01/29/22  (41)
FORCED to get the vax -- had to do it to travel overseas for family. FUCK. (TBF)    01/28/22  (39)
Holding 200,000 SAMO (CSLG)    01/28/22  (39)
More prestigious: Joe Biden or Mitt Romney?    01/28/22  (37)
Wisconsin will destroy Kyle's AR-15.    01/28/22  (35)
Why are so many San Franciscans moving to Montana? (Bozeman done here)    01/28/22  (32)
I’m officially priced out of my local rental market    01/28/22  (31)
anyone at a bit of a crossroads career-wise    01/28/22  (30)
was thinking about Kavanaugh insanity - did any Senator call it out    01/28/22  (30)
I almost died skiing today    01/29/22  (28)
Want to see a creepy list? Check out Global Leaders of Tomorrow/Young Global Lea    01/28/22  (28)
Mainlining here, taking questions for a few minutes, go!    01/29/22  (28)
my credit score is 813 now, SMV through the roof    01/29/22  (27)
Only three groups of Americans have replacement level fertility    01/28/22  (24)
it’s obvious FLW should have won MPM    01/29/22  (24)
The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid    01/28/22  (23)
Russia and China are 180 🖕FUCK AMERICA 🖕    01/28/22  (20)
Consuela do you mask up when they spray chem trails?    01/28/22  (20)
Steve Sailer and Charles Murray conversation on Spotify    01/29/22  (20)
Tom Brady to announce retirement    01/29/22  (19)
learning about freemason/satanic fake space and astrology is a 180 whitepill    01/29/22  (19)
do all women become mentally ill after having kids?    01/28/22  (19)
Fatal flaw in Star Wars cinematic universe    01/28/22  (19)
At dive bar, moronic guy next to me said "It is what it is"    01/29/22  (18)
S.I.M.P. (ft. guneratttt)    01/29/22  (18)
Is it credited to take your penis out to de-escalate a fight? (serious ?)    01/29/22  (18)
Poast itt if you think Ezekiel saw a ufo    01/28/22  (17)
Rate this Ole Miss law school 1L - pic    01/28/22  (17)
I know libs will disagree, but imo raping your own adopted son is wrong    01/29/22  (17)
PA bridge COLLAPSES hours b4 Biden arrived to talk about INFRASTRUCTURE bill    01/28/22  (16)
is it cr to pwn other bloodlines with race mixing or only stick to same, or both    01/28/22  (16)