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Bumble FINALLY banned me, I ran a fake hot guy account for years    05/18/21  (107)
18 yr old with insane body wants to hookup, cant do it    05/18/21  (67)
App chick opener: What's your most controversial opinion?? Response ideas ITT    05/18/21  (64)
No one on XO grew up rich    05/18/21  (56)
LOL at RSF shitmodding my thread about his insane lying re Alumni blurb    05/18/21  (54)
What's behind the coordinated hit on Bill Gates?    05/18/21  (51)
Ford f150 is the worst purchase i have ever made    05/18/21  (49)
Started selling raw milk during the pandemic. Now a lot of customers are sick    05/18/21  (48)
What’s the best answer to “what are your hobbies” interview question?    05/18/21  (42)
Why does XO say AJ Soprano character was a loser when he was much cooler than 90    05/18/21  (41)
remember "michael bloomberg?" lmfao    05/18/21  (41)
Panic in China as 980ft skyscraper mysteriously begins to shake    05/18/21  (39)
Going from $3M to $6M is more life-changing than going from $0M to $3M    05/18/21  (35)
white students walking racistly on sidewalks at Northwestern    05/18/21  (35)
Most people are garbage at cooking eggs    05/18/21  (32)
what is the most prestigious execution method?    05/18/21  (32)
Tony Soprano embodies the difference between $1.6m and $10.6m net worth    05/18/21  (31)
T14 sticker price cost-of-attendance for one academic year (2021-2022)    05/18/21  (31)
Who's the totally disinterested poster running around "benzo it's not rsf" poste    05/18/21  (26)
I'm not gonna eat mcdonalds anymore    05/17/21  (26)
I have decided I will probably get the vax    05/18/21  (25)
Interviewing for Product Manager Roles    05/18/21  (25)
REMINDER: the “rsf quotemo” stalking benzo has stalked many other poasters    05/18/21  (24)
Dems: if the Arizona audit is such a fraud, why all the resistance?    05/18/21  (24)
Black employee stole entire pallet of baby formula and I can't fire him (evan39)    05/18/21  (23)
Really need to quit this place. This may or may not be my last post.    05/18/21  (22)
Do you like Moby-Dick?    05/18/21  (22)
When did Range Rovers become the go to car for black ppl?    05/18/21  (22)
what is the most prestigious dinner time?    05/17/21  (22)
Halfway through Stephen King Dark Tower series. It's pretty good    05/18/21  (22)
The fuck is this? (weird moon video from a few minutes ago)    05/18/21  (20)
lmao i hate being a lawyer    05/18/21  (20)
anyone else still shaken by Jan 6? the selfie sticks, moving furniture around..    05/18/21  (19)
"Palestine isn't the only country under Israeli occupation"    05/18/21  (19)
is semester at sea prestigious?    05/18/21  (19)
Benzo is having some type of mental health episode    05/17/21  (19)
Teen pulls sleeping four year old out of bed and stabs him to death    05/18/21  (19)
If this vaccine was about saving lives, why hasn't FDA approved sinopharm?    05/18/21  (19)
"when i'm 42 i want to look like a big city lesbian and brag about my dad's job"    05/18/21  (18)
JFC, benzo shitmodded the thread where he offered to sotp feuding    05/18/21  (18)
UMichigan "football" is a complete disaster    05/18/21  (18)
could Races be labeled like Dog Breeds?    05/18/21  (17)
What is the point of liberal arts colleges    05/17/21  (17)
its going to be impossible for 97% of coiners to even cash out at all lol    05/17/21  (17)
i feel bad for people that didnt have a golden retriever growing up    05/18/21  (17)
In Miami felony zoom hearing, 2/3 ASAs are smoking hot 9+s.    05/18/21  (16)
My house has 4.5 bathrooms. Can anyone here compete with that?    05/18/21  (16)
should I buy cigs, dip, snus, or zyn?    05/17/21  (15)
Survey: 8 of 10 Asian Americans are discriminated against, 77% feel disrespected    05/17/21  (15)
does kinda feel like horseback WW1 warfare to nukes in 25yrs was a little fast    05/18/21  (15)