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Erin Andrews, 99.999th percentile phenotype genetics, shrewpwn3d and childless    09/27/22  (99)
Realistically, what is spaceporn's iq? 105 max?    09/26/22  (91)
NYT literally speechless about Italy election    09/27/22  (84)
Ukrainian casualties are massive    09/27/22  (77)
I am tired of the Nullo guy. What's his agenda?    09/26/22  (69)
Catholic grade school fired teacher for living with fiance out of wedlock    09/27/22  (63)
How the fuck is anyone still working a “service job” lol    09/27/22  (56)
Russia's "mobilization" is a disaster - link    09/26/22  (50)
it's insane how differently guys treat u when you're attractive to them vs. no    09/27/22  (46)
America needs a radical far-right politician desperately    09/26/22  (46)
Best old cancelled network sitcom.    09/27/22  (44)
Black Indiana teen gets perfect score on AP Calc exam    09/27/22  (44)
"you're soooo white..." cooed the fobby PhD to dark lex,    09/27/22  (42)
Loss Prevention Associate killed himself    09/27/22  (42)
hate myself for it, but on some level, i resent that i missed out on debauchery    09/27/22  (40)
Wedding venues are out of control. Very few are married in churches anymore.    09/26/22  (39)
Resigned: I am unretiring    09/27/22  (39)
Best place to buy a desktop pc?    09/26/22  (37)
Hypothetically, which area of crime is relatively safe AND lucrative?    09/27/22  (33)
HOW important is a car to your dating life?    09/27/22  (33)
In house bro taking questions    09/26/22  (33)
Kent State was really fucked up    09/26/22  (30)
i bet julia is looking hot af right now    09/27/22  (29)
Assigning poasters as countries for future XO model UN thread    09/27/22  (29)
Difference between EU and US "Far Right" pols is EU aren't furking retards    09/27/22  (29)
I don’t understand how some NFL teams have shitty kickers    09/27/22  (28)
TSINAH, do u seriously think ur just gonna waltz into MI and become lawyer there    09/26/22  (27)
I lost years of my life to depression/other mental illness and internet addictio    09/26/22  (26)
does this migrant need to go back?    09/26/22  (26)
New Italian PM: "I miss boner police"    09/27/22  (26)
the arc of most xo poa's political views is fucking hilarious    09/27/22  (26)
30 FBI agents w/guns drawn raid man who protested at abortion clinic    09/26/22  (24)
What conceal carry should I use in CA (CSLG)    09/26/22  (24)
make so much $ from my SaaS + being overseas I don’t care how much things cost    09/27/22  (23)
I summon TSINAH    09/26/22  (22)
For $200 u can have an artillery shell custom inscribed before it kills Russians    09/26/22  (21)
National Divorce: Which of the 8 new countries would you pick?    09/26/22  (21)
LJL at “men” who want wife to take care of them AND kids    09/26/22  (21)
Can we all admit "crypto" was retarded fucking flame? Nobody uses this shit    09/26/22  (20)
Here are some photos I took in Yellowstone    09/26/22  (20)
Cowgod, please admit that Xbox360 was the best console in multiple generations    09/26/22  (20)
Chipotle for 2 in NYC is well over $50    09/26/22  (20)
XO Florida crew Hurricane Ian check in ITT    09/26/22  (19)
Biden admin spox: MAGA Republicans are seeking to destroy America    09/26/22  (19)
Who fucked the right more, putin or trump?    09/26/22  (18)
EPAH, you should move to seal the case against you.    09/27/22  (18)
the "election" was blatantly stolen it's just laughably obvious    09/26/22  (17)
decent guide to seeing k-girl hookers    09/26/22  (17)
Tucker spoke of "15 FBI whistleblowers", where are they whistleblowing?    09/26/22  (17)