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ITT: you give me prompts, questions or ideas and I submit them to advanced AI    06/27/22  (641)
Rate my sex toys and Friday night with our female neighbor (CSLG)    06/07/22  (228)
ITT: I post well known xo monikers and you post emoji that comes to mind first    06/27/22  (225)
Turn famous book titles shitlib.    06/25/22  (222)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/28/22  (214)
POLL (Non-Jewish Poasters Only): Would you enjoy FMF threesomes w/ your wife?    06/11/22  (207)
***Supreme Court rules in favor of prayer at public school sporting events***    06/28/22  (199)
The January 6 raw footage looks very bad. You can't defend this    06/13/22  (195)
We broke up almost a year ago but he’s still on my mind all day, every day    06/13/22  (190)
Do you honestly think Biden wants to ban assault rifles so he can impose    06/10/22  (183)
Soo CR SUMMER continues to PARIS today (RSF)    06/14/22  (183)
App date ordered 2x food I did, boxed half of it and ordered $9 croissant to go    06/28/22  (175)
***Official Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard verdict thread***    06/05/22  (175)
SCOTUS decides on Breun    06/26/22  (171)
POLL: Did SCOTUS make the right decision in overturning Roe v Wade?    06/27/22  (169)
"MASE" can you poast a pic of your yarmulke?    06/14/22  (169)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/28/22  (169)
Absolutely hilarious that HATP tried to gun for Emilio    06/12/22  (168)
The Christian take on abortion is proof their brains are utterly scrambled    06/26/22  (167)
Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/27/22  (167)
The OFFICIAL Kambosos v Haney thread    06/05/22  (165)
Have you ever lived around a lot of blacks? Describe what that's like.    06/17/22  (164)
What car gives you the least credibility?    06/05/22  (164)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/28/22  (163)
You guys are such gross losers. Feel dirty having any association to this place.    06/25/22  (161)
Is this Google AI sentient: you be the judge    06/17/22  (159)
WaPo: Ukraine is utterly fucked (link)    06/13/22  (157)
ITT a complete list of lives that were ruined/severely altered because of XO.    06/13/22  (155)
Who would be the most entertaining poaster to go on Rogan?    06/14/22  (154)
it’s gross when guys try to get sexual right off the bat, irl or via text. Don    06/10/22  (152)
Hey you religious morons cheering this SC on. They're coming for porn next    06/28/22  (150)
None of you incels saw my 9th Cir argument today? Hallmark of a TTT law board    06/25/22  (150)
an asian girl from our hr dept sent me nudes and a pic of her in her wedding dre    06/22/22  (146)
Ukraine is turning into a straight up Russian massacre of Ukrainian troops    06/26/22  (142)
MiG reported posters to the FBI    06/09/22  (138)
Titus refused a victory garland after exterminating Jews & destroying Temple    06/22/22  (136)
US HIMARS have arrived to Ukraine    06/25/22  (136)
Rate my $900 a month LUXURY apartment in Vietnam    06/02/22  (136)
WaPo: Texas secession sounds like a good idea    06/23/22  (134)
Women really don't have any hobbies    06/18/22  (133)
Asked Communist friend how he reconciles it w/ governments being untrustworthy    06/09/22  (133)
Why do people believe Sandy Hook was a fake? Are they insane?    05/31/22  (132)
To be fair has absolutely destroyed dupa as a poster over and over. Amazing    06/08/22  (131)
Most iconic sports events in your lifetime?    06/26/22  (130)
Breaking: Senate agrees to TAKE YOUR GUNS    06/13/22  (129)
Rate my $15,000 dinner with Kenny/friends (CSLG)    05/31/22  (129)
Which celebrity death will be the biggest gut-punch for you?    06/08/22  (129)
Elon singlehandedly destroying WOKE LIB concept of "Remote Work"    06/03/22  (128)
Went on date with older Asian chick in her 40s.    06/20/22  (127)
Vaccine skeptics have lost a lot of momentum    06/08/22  (126)
Amber Heard defames Johnny Depp again    06/14/22  (125)
Old white men in Florida caught on camera attacking black kid in gated community    06/22/22  (124)
Armed robber killed by armed clerk. Family says, NOT FAIR!    06/23/22  (124)
I hate how libs make up new terms, enforce their use, then a few years later    06/09/22  (123)
My kid just told me the other kids at summer camp didn’t want to play with him    06/08/22  (120)
Steph Curry >>> Kobe, right? Does anyone dispute this?    06/24/22  (119)
Cannot stand how thin skinned people are these days    06/11/22  (117)
This country is falling apart very rapidly now    06/23/22  (115)
Globohomo brings WW3 one step closer with today’s Kaliningrad action    06/27/22  (115)
Sooo CR SUMMER starts TOMORROW, here we gooooo! (RSF)    05/30/22  (114)
Elon Musk says Twitter is in material breach    06/08/22  (113)
5 yo left unattended in a Porsche in 100 degree Houston heat dies    06/22/22  (112)
Towns with prole names ITT    06/24/22  (112)
Post ITT and I'll tell you where you rank by posting volume over the last 6 mo    06/05/22  (112)
Private equity forces mobile home owners (who can't move) to pay higher rents    06/08/22  (112)
ITT, COLOSSALLY UNDERRATED songs by mostly forgotten bands.    06/18/22  (112)
So is the US/Ukraine losing the war against Russia? truth, not media bs please    06/24/22  (111)
Ukraine may be recapturing Severdonetsk right now    06/07/22  (110)
Maine shelters overwhelmed by African illegals    06/07/22  (110)
Taking POOL/LAKESIDE Q’s from amazing hotel on Lake Lucerne (RSF)    06/25/22  (109)
Amber Heard should kill herself    06/02/22  (109)
Jared Fogle got his ass beat in prison.    06/27/22  (109)
Sooo CR SUMMER starts TODAY, PART 1: FLIGHT (RSF)    05/31/22  (109)
It’s genuinely disturbing how much you guys despise women    06/19/22  (108)
no better feeling than falling in love with a cute teen girl at 16    05/30/22  (107)
Who else do you want if you fags hate DeSantis so much    06/23/22  (106)
Are there ANY girl next door types left, at all?    06/05/22  (106)
XO is blocked on Spectrum internet. Wtf    06/20/22  (105)
🚨Lauren Boebert sugar baby past about to leak 🚨    06/22/22  (105)
ROE OVERTURNED. THANK YOU JESUS. πŸ’–    06/24/22  (104)
$71,000 in 45 minutes🀣    06/15/22  (104)
Why do same 5 posters post in every LSD thread? Star Trek, MASE, etc.    06/12/22  (104)
Arkan is archiving the fucking board    06/10/22  (103)
I fucked a girl with a Pepe the frog ass tattoo (pic inside)    06/05/22  (103)
May CPI at 8.6%. We’re fucked.    06/11/22  (102)
Bill Clinton's Epstein fixer found dead hanging from tree with a shotgun blast    06/08/22  (102)
XO'ers who make $400k/year really feel that they are Oppressed Middle Class    06/17/22  (102)
WaPo journalist suspended lol    06/08/22  (101)
98% of constitutional law profs cannot TEACH the Roe opinion about to drop    06/07/22  (101)
New GF has the worst pussy I've ever experienced    06/22/22  (101)
girls love gossiping about short guys    06/09/22  (101)
Is this what 2008 was like? This is nuts    06/22/22  (100)
Could you have been a special operator if you had really tried?    06/25/22  (99)
Don't want Russia to win but it's nice seeing MSM get it's shit pushed in again    06/01/22  (99)
How much money should I offer my friend's sister to fuck her ass?    06/14/22  (99)
Pro athletes who had stints with teams they aren't well associated with.    06/03/22  (99)
This chick is a legit 10 (pics)    06/07/22  (99)
AOC is such a bizarre phenomenon    06/16/22  (98)
"emilio" is gonna die soon    06/12/22  (98)
Amazon employees irate at Amazon Pride Event that Amazon sells non gay books    06/05/22  (97)
‘Hindu Nationalism’ and ‘Caste Bias’ Entrenched At Google (wapo)    06/06/22  (97)
Lifelong NYC - moving family to the sticks - excited but totally clueless    06/15/22  (97)
14 women explain why they stopped giving BJs after they got married    06/18/22  (96)
If your wife doesnt suck your cock weekly she doesnt respect you (CSLG)    06/24/22  (96)
I've made $6.34 in two days running this stupid Resto in Asia    06/09/22  (96)
Doodikoff how old are the hinge shrews you're first dating?    06/26/22  (95)
My 9U kid made All Stars for little league. Kind of surprised. Worried about lat    06/20/22  (95)
LOL @ Depp bankrupting Amber Heard    06/03/22  (95)
Very few men really think about their values, guiding principles & live chaotic    06/10/22  (95)
Poll: between Trump and Desantis, who is your choice?    06/13/22  (93)
"send nudes ho" gjr "my pussy is wet but i have a bf haha txt me l8r :)"    06/28/22  (92)
It is so indescribably tender seeing your kids grow up.    06/14/22  (92)
One-Third of Americans Making $250,000 Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Survey Finds C    06/03/22  (92)
Trump: My daughter is a stupid, uninformed slut, okay?    06/13/22  (92)
an authentic video of chinese generals planning land invasion of USA was leaked    06/12/22  (91)
rate this Asian girl I'm going on a date with from hinge (hvac)    06/08/22  (91)
Weirdest tone shift from an original big budget movie to its immediate sequel?    06/21/22  (91)
What’s the most irrefutable piece of evidence that the election was stolen?    06/14/22  (91)
300 years ago what would XO argue about?    06/06/22  (90)
US needs to split in two    06/27/22  (90)
Average US monthly car payment rises to $712/month:    06/17/22  (89)
Anyone else really awkward in bar/social situations?    06/24/22  (89)
IDAGF I want the Ukrainians to win and retain their homeland.    06/16/22  (89)
S-s-s-s-sooooo CR SUMMER Roadtrip starts TOMORROW (RSF)    06/20/22  (89)
I still don't understand the buzz around "Metaverse."    06/27/22  (88)
GJR: smokes weed, fucked Sam Hyde & Shkerli, sends nudes, tradcath    06/23/22  (88)
Is Roe overturning good or bad?    06/25/22  (88)
Rate this email that my Mom got from a psycho lib friend of about 50 years    06/24/22  (87)
Married bros over 30, how often do you see your friends?    06/11/22  (87)
“She wanted an abortion, thanks to Texas she has twins”    06/21/22  (87)
MOON photo from my nikon p950 tonight    06/20/22  (87)
Most recent movie that might crack top 25 all time    06/22/22  (87)
AOC complains about her $174k salary, says that's poverty wages    06/23/22  (86)
desperately "wanting" "BJs" from your wife is fucked up and Jewish    06/18/22  (86)
It’s unreal how badly Dems have fucked up the economy    06/11/22  (86)
its absolutely mindboggling how much worse the us is than 15 years ago    06/16/22  (86)
what the fuck happened to XO :(    05/29/22  (86)
Why do Gunmos NEED lot's of guns?    06/07/22  (86)
POLL (Collecting data): Is FMF threesomes w/ your wife or cheating worse?    06/07/22  (86)
John Toland Hitler bio is incredible.    06/18/22  (86)
If your wife is fat she doesnt respect you and you don't respect yourself (CSLG)    06/26/22  (85)
Elon Musk feels ‘super bad’ about economy, needs to cut 10% of Tesla jobs    06/04/22  (85)
John Muir was also a twink. 180    06/09/22  (85)
Where do people go for dates in USA now?    06/03/22  (85)
🚨🚨🚨WE'RE NO LONGER IP BANNED 🚨🚨🚨    06/22/22  (84)
What's a good hobby to pick up?    06/25/22  (84)
Just kissed the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen    06/08/22  (84)
LOL at Hunter Biden's search history, porn viewing habits, and him ripping fart    06/02/22  (83)
How often do you get hit on by women IRL?    06/07/22  (83)