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Blind girl is now blind gf    01/28/22  (440)
Covid simple..didn't need to be any shutdown..was purposely released    01/28/22  (421)
*** MPM 2021 VOTING: FINAL FOR THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT, Dec 30-31 ***    01/25/22  (385)
Blind girl date went well    01/19/22  (333)
Merrill Lynch FIRES top 25 producer because of 'racist tirade' (link)    01/26/22  (302)
Dude pumped and dumped many NYC girls. They’ve united on TikTok    01/23/22  (298)
What is your take on the Lib claim that "Billionaires shouldnt exist"    01/27/22  (273)
ITT: I post a word, you say the first poster whose name comes to mind    01/12/22  (258)
OldHLSDude Enters his 75th Year. Taking questions    01/03/22  (238)
Who is the consensus all time best poaster?    01/19/22  (225)
MUST SEE video to understand young female Americans (tiktok)    01/29/22  (223)
Wordle    01/29/22  (215)
REMINDER: Every single "death camp" was "discovered" by the USSR.    01/10/22  (210)
Asian American dating is a cesspool    01/16/22  (202)
Supreme Court blocks enforcement of Biden admins OSHA workplace vaccine    01/14/22  (198)
We focus on how much single 30+ women suck but the men are just as bad    01/29/22  (192)
Professions it's a wonder anyone goes into    01/28/22  (189)
The economics of moving to these third tier cities don't work for most people    01/20/22  (189)
BLUE SMOKE is the biggest FAILURE in xoxo history    01/29/22  (182)
Post ITT and I will assign you a wife from Bard College's women soccer roster    01/12/22  (178)
name the city game. Medium-Hard    01/03/22  (175)
Why the push for vaccines when EVERYONE gets it and spreads it anyway?? WTF    01/07/22  (170)
Manhattan DA promises no prison time except for murder and a few felonies    01/05/22  (162)
When you get to mid 30s the outcome disparities become huge    01/05/22  (159)
Anglin: No, There is No New Virus. The Flu was Renamed “Covid-19.”    01/05/22  (157)
Got put on a performance improvement plan…how fuckt?    12/30/21  (157)
Car stolen in my driveway    01/17/22  (156)
Dominican teen girl executed during Manhattan Burger King robbery    01/16/22  (156)
Can someone give me cliffs on why COVID VAX BAD!!! the most credible arguments    01/14/22  (152)
Atlantic Editor Blows Up Family for No Reason, is Proud (link)    12/31/21  (151)
New lockdowns starting in CA    01/05/22  (151)
Why not marry a poor 18 year old Colombian and move her to USA?    01/12/22  (149)
How are some posters still lib after all this shit    01/18/22  (146)
Who has the highest sexual market value on xo?    01/18/22  (146)
Great Grandma pissed away over 2 million before she died    01/07/22  (142)
D.O.D CANCERJAB STATS RELEASED - VAXXCUCKS! Get in here!    01/27/22  (142)
Blind girl at my college potentially wants my dick    01/14/22  (138)
🚨🚨🚨 BOB SAGET DEAD AT 65 🚨🚨🚨    01/10/22  (136)
Got back into “gaming” recently. What a mess.    01/13/22  (136)
Half of women are now childless at thirty for the first time ever    01/28/22  (134)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/25/22  (133)
So Biden came out & called Trump + his supporters treasonous traitors?    01/12/22  (132)
WFH will go on forever    01/28/22  (130)
exeunt is a little bitch. lol @ him being so mad    01/28/22  (130)
Remember that LSAT question of those monkeys living in a landfill    01/13/22  (129)
Fuck racist birdshit law professor Amy Wax: "US is better off with fewer Asians"    01/09/22  (128)
I have finally started to root for crypto to collapse TT6    01/10/22  (128)
What conspiracy theories do you completely reject?    01/19/22  (126)
Heart attacks are on the rise. Here’s why that’s a good thing (Slate)    01/01/22  (123)
post your 23andme    01/13/22  (123)
being unvaxxed is extremely prole. Sorry that's just the reality    01/25/22  (121)
31 y/o Anti-Vax Retard gives up HEART TRANSPLANT b/c won't get VAX    01/26/22  (120)
Official XO Poll: Should U.S. go to WAR with China if China invades Taiwan?    01/21/22  (120)
Japan GDP in 2021 lower than 1995    01/16/22  (120)
Does anyone else feel like life would be much cooler/better in Europe?    01/08/22  (119)
Does anyone have a pic of The Box?    01/29/22  (118)
Tucker Max announces he's a dissident, going off grid for upcoming total collaps    01/05/22  (118)
Youngkin sets up hotline for parents to narc on teachers who teach CRT    01/29/22  (117)
Being in the NICU, seeing your newborn with a tube in his throat, is hell    01/27/22  (117)
🚨🚨🚨 Justice Breyer is retiring 🚨🚨🚨    01/27/22  (116)
Best video games of the last 5 years?    01/15/22  (116)
Crenshaw: jesus is fake. Crenshaw to 10yr old girl: don't question my faith slut    01/19/22  (116)
ITT: Rate this Perfect 10 who truly cares about you    01/05/22  (115)
*** MPM 2021: WINNERS in a TIE are Tommy Turdskin & gunnerattt ***    01/01/22  (114)
Biden nominee to SDNY can’t answer basic legal questions    01/13/22  (113)
Legit plaintiff attorney question RE premises negligence damages ITT    01/13/22  (113)
** Official Rams v Buccaneers Thread **    01/23/22  (112)
HYPO: $5M to be sent to London in 1603, must be in Manhattan NYE 1606    01/11/22  (112)
Welcome to “Free” Florida — but leave your weed at the border    01/29/22  (112)
Billionaires are fine, it's family wealth that's the problem.    01/28/22  (111)
underrated phrases coined on xo    01/13/22  (111)
Project Veritas drops COVID bombshell from leaked DARPA document    01/21/22  (110)
Elon Musk calls for Cooley associate to be fired, Cooley refuses; Musk fires Coo    01/18/22  (109)
Kind of weird that SCOTUS is about to end AA and no one here cares    01/28/22  (109)
Blew up relationship with ltr gf, want to kill myself    01/01/22  (109)
ITT: NOCOINERS GO ON THE RECORD (1/22/22) -- Crypto has hit its ATH's?    01/23/22  (108)
WaPo: A site called SUBSTACK allows CONSPIRACY THEORISTS to PUBLISH WRONGTHINK    01/28/22  (108)
/r/antiwork is going crazy over their Fox News interview    01/27/22  (107)
Which NBA player (past or present) would be best 1 v 1 player?    01/05/22  (107)
What net worth at 40 to be considered middle class?    01/25/22  (106)
Best war movies ever made?    01/16/22  (106)
My sources have confirmed that Ukraine invasion is happening    01/26/22  (106)
GJR, do you feel bad for your future husband?    01/20/22  (106)
Only in the (((US))) is the Pacific War considered a part of WWII proper    01/11/22  (105)
The Lib / Media gaslighting retreat over COVID will be a sight to behold    12/30/21  (105)
greenwald lays the smackdown on elie mystal    01/12/22  (105)
Novak Djokovic's Australian visa revoked again    01/20/22  (105)
Dumber WW3 scenario: Ukraine or Taiwan ?    01/24/22  (104)
WaPo: Thousands who followed the rules are about to get COVID. Don’t be ashame    01/01/22  (104)
Rate this NYC app date experience    01/26/22  (103)
Murdered LA chick was absolutely gorgeous    01/25/22  (103)
Jewish Manhattan shitlib writes about being attacked by 'youths' in Chelsea:    01/10/22  (102)
Real estate MFEs: What would u do in this multiple offer / bidding war situation    01/06/22  (102)
Why do women like SUVs?    01/11/22  (102)
Insurance cos seeing giant spikes in Non-COVID deaths for 18-64 year olds    01/03/22  (101)
describe xo in one picture    01/09/22  (101)
Everyone knows FLW never paid his debt    01/11/22  (101)
LMAO holy shit tucker is ordering ted cruz around like a dog on live TV right no    01/07/22  (101)
Holy shit I just fucking PWNED opposing counsel on a motion to compel    01/05/22  (101)
Remodeling my house...give me some ideas (CSLG)    01/15/22  (101)
Name some former NFL starting QBs people have forgotten about    01/02/22  (100)
Seeking arrangement?    01/24/22  (100)
Supreme Court live oral arguments on vax mandates    01/08/22  (100)
Faggots that tailgate you despite going 15 MPH over the speed limit    01/12/22  (100)
Taking my HAM RADIO general license test tonight. Wish me luck!    01/08/22  (98)
unvaxxed 130+ IQ bros, how vindicated do u feel now?    01/12/22  (98)
are you an alcoholic?    01/16/22  (98)
What should I do with employee who leaves early and misses deadlines    01/08/22  (97)
Lol the red wave in this years election is going to be hilarious    01/24/22  (97)
I got hit by a car last night in my parking garage (TSINAH)    01/12/22  (97)
Black ppl ruin literally everything it’s absolutely insane    01/20/22  (97)
Biden has actually been a pretty good president. Especially considering covid.    01/27/22  (96)
TRUMP IS RUNNING BABY (LINK)    01/27/22  (95)
You dont know what critical theory is    01/08/22  (95)
Chicago speed cameras disproportionately ticket blacks, ProPublica blames racism    01/28/22  (95)
One sniper vs Roman legion    01/04/22  (94)
Opened a COVID testing site (CSLG)    01/07/22  (94)
Poll: did you give your kids cool ethnic names or boring white people names?    01/10/22  (94)
about to retire at 34    01/26/22  (94)
Raising kids is way easier than parents make you believe    01/29/22  (94)
food diary    01/29/22  (93)
Wtf is she doing in Vegas?? Supposed to be in treatment in Austin    01/01/22  (93)
Peloton (PTON) BANKRUPTCY WATCH    01/24/22  (93)
Who would be XO’s spokesperson?    01/28/22  (92)
Oops F-35 lands wrong on aircraft carrier, falls off into South China Sea    01/28/22  (92)
ITT: I post old travel photos (CSLG)    01/25/22  (92)
ITT I post two TikTok teens and you pick your favorite, v2    12/31/21  (91)
Invest in your family if you want to be happy (CSLG)    01/26/22  (91)
US Surgeon General: "Spotify should deplatform Joe Rogan"    01/27/22  (91)
you are literally a foaming at the mouth retard if you think humans went to moon    01/29/22  (91)
Hypo: you have to survive on streets of violent inner city shithole for 48 hrs    01/14/22  (91)
Most recent Rogan w Robert Malone (mRNA jab inventor) is wild    01/15/22  (90)
most youve ever spent on an escort?    01/29/22  (90)
Benzo sitting in jail because he doesn't have $200    01/28/22  (90)
Official Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo thread    01/23/22  (90)
Indefinite WFH bros, you need this setup (pics)    01/29/22  (90)
how much should I offer this 19 year old Asian girl to be my SB?    01/29/22  (90)
Seattle is in decay (Mainlining)    01/29/22  (90)
Fake meat is hilarious and will become emblematic of the decline    01/18/22  (90)
Can’t get over how much nicer Europe is than the US    01/17/22  (90)
What has absolutely no real reason for being so expensive?    01/29/22  (90)
How Hard to Learn SHITLaw? CLSG, other SHITLaw kings?    01/03/22  (89)
Cortes’s men wandering Mexico was closest to alien contact humans will get    01/29/22  (89)
With 30+ years of hindsight, which grunge/alt-rock songs have aged the best?    01/29/22  (89)
who tf are these guys fucking escorts for over 30 minutes? lmao    01/29/22  (89)
Parents is this reasonable or unreasonable    01/29/22  (89)
Libs really seem to be freaking out about the elections in the past 24 hours    01/29/22  (88)
Non-Jewish Midwest Prole Chad Catholic here. All xo isolationist pussies deserve    01/29/22  (88)
I knew Biden would be bad times, but Jesus fucking christ    01/29/22  (88)
Australia bans Djokovic for THREE YEARS lmao    01/29/22  (88)