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ITT: we post the other songs on Vivek’s playlist    09/08/23  (667)
birth certifcate says PB&J is the father    09/21/23  (281)
Burning Man hipster shitlibs might be fucked    09/19/23  (273)
ZOZO themed vanity plates ITT    09/16/23  (248)
Rate the ECONOMICS of my (Seeking) Arrangement.    09/09/23  (229)
goodbye, xo, this will be my last post (Karlstack)    09/15/23  (217)
Marital Problems: Apocalyptic    09/10/23  (210)
Tucker Carlson: "The US will be in a hot war with Russia in the next year"    08/31/23  (207)
70s Show actor Danny Masterson gets 30 yrs in prison for two rapes    09/08/23  (173)
Rate this "war crime."    09/09/23  (172)
So atheists believe that something just came from nothing?    08/30/23  (171)
Russell Brand's 6.6-million-subscriber youtube account demonetized for "rape"    09/20/23  (162)
Oldest kid’s SAT score came back today. 98%ile (1440). Is that good?    09/09/23  (159)
Efforts to keep Trump off the 2024 ballots are gaining steam in several states    09/10/23  (150)
Amazon CEO to remote wagies: It's probably not going to work out for you    08/30/23  (150)
Minneapolis Democrat official gets exactly what she voted for:    09/10/23  (145)
To all the wanna be fags who complained about my outfits last year (pf)    09/21/23  (144)
Julia Taking Qs    09/15/23  (143)
Depo protip for lawyers: Don't worry about blowing your load at depo.    08/30/23  (139)
Russia is finished completely    08/25/23  (137)
One of my brother’s kids became “trans.” Maybe it IS a contagion (epah)    09/04/23  (135)
Smashed an instagram model/reality tv chic last night, taking Qs    09/21/23  (132)
How are America's countless shitty little overpriced colleges still hanging on?    09/09/23  (132)
NYT: it's unfair to let men challenge rape allegations in university hearings    09/18/23  (130)
RSF always brags about having met people but none of these ppl even remember him    09/06/23  (130)
The Economist: Americans are fleeing to Europe to "escape violence"    08/31/23  (128)
every man should be forced to live with a BPD woman for 6 months    09/02/23  (127)
Taking Qs about my monthly escort usage (incel guy here)    09/20/23  (125)
Lol at Reddit doctors complaining that they are UNDERPAID    08/23/23  (123)
Welp    09/11/23  (122)
Older sister is completely schizophrenic and it’s 120    09/09/23  (121)
90s electronics brands that vanished with no fanfare    09/09/23  (118)
0% of atheists have ever questioned whether Socrates really existed    09/06/23  (117)
does a "wife" make your life easier, or no?    09/14/23  (117)
Tucker Carlson interviewing the guy who did crack with and fucked Obama    09/09/23  (116)
still absolutely seething today (TSINAH)    09/20/23  (116)
I have a cheerful mid iq prole 20-something gf now and it’s 179 af    08/29/23  (115)
Lowe’s Execs 16 yo dotter crashes Porsche. Dead    09/11/23  (114)
Rate my home renovations... not quite done yet (CSLG)    08/30/23  (112)
the aging unattractive women still holding out for that 6' 3" guy with a $200k s    09/18/23  (112)
Everyone's saying Vivek won the debate    08/25/23  (111)
What’s your favorite city that you’ve ever traveled to and why?    08/31/23  (110)
XO fantasy football?    09/12/23  (110)
Rate my new $700 a month apartment in Saigon    09/06/23  (108)
Main Archer Daniels Midlands(ADM) Plant goes Bboooooooooom 💥    09/15/23  (108)
XO theory on Ron and Vivek    08/27/23  (107)
Libs: "nobody needs a gun!" *Two nigs invade your house and rape your wife*    08/27/23  (107)
FBI creates new task force to go after critics of Hunter Biden investigation    09/22/23  (105)
Post a date from 2023 and I will post a pic from that day (RSF)    09/15/23  (104)
why do some couples conceive so easily and others don't?    09/14/23  (104)
My wife is truly retarded    08/31/23  (101)
New email girl job video just dropped    09/08/23  (101)
LMAO cslg these reviews are getting shameless. worst one yet    09/18/23  (100)
Poll: At what age did you first start EATING ASS?    09/04/23  (99)
Report: 17 audio recordings to be played for 1st time at Biden impeachment trial    09/18/23  (96)
Rate my reddit post and the comments (CSLG)    09/14/23  (96)
Why do people believe religion when the evidence for it is dogshit    09/02/23  (95)
In Ohio - it is NOW legal to shoot alleged shoplifters.    09/02/23  (94)
I’m in a good mood today, ITT I will give all posters a compliment    09/08/23  (94)
Biden admin will attempt to ban University legacy admissions    09/13/23  (94)
If I go to Hyderabad for 3 months as a 6'1" white guy, how much puss?    09/06/23  (93)
Bought a Grill at Home Depot and tried grilling for first time ever (disco)    09/06/23  (93)
Trump inflated his net worth by $2,200,000,000.00    08/31/23  (93)
Tucker's absolutely devastating rant about modern life and nature ITT    08/27/23  (91)
"College Affirmative Action Still Exists... For Men" (NYT)    09/10/23  (91)
WSJ: Apple to raise prices of iPhones by $100 to offset costs of USB-C    09/13/23  (91)
Up 24.3% last 12mo, Soo CR    09/11/23  (91)
Who is the biggest alcoholic on xo?    08/27/23  (90)
2024 US NEWS: PMHSY. Columbia #12, UCLA #15    09/22/23  (90)
Proof all young girls just want a daddy    09/21/23  (90)
Jenna Bush: "I don't care if my kids ever strive, life is about enjoyment"    08/31/23  (89)
xo attorney tries to depose my pillow guy    09/10/23  (89)
Best part of being rich (CSLG)    09/01/23  (88)
everyone is moving to the Carolinas    09/21/23  (88)
Did that 70's guy commit rape rape? Not getting enough details from stories    09/09/23  (88)
Incels rising: dating pool dropouts    09/15/23  (88)
IGN and Gamespot review Starfield 7/10. Metacritic under 90.    09/03/23  (86)
Did the 1A drafters believe telling lies was a legitimate/useful form of speech?    09/14/23  (86)
Ken Paxton impeachment trial master man taking qs    09/16/23  (85)
NYT: 5th Circuit rules Biden admin violated 1A with social media censorship    09/15/23  (85)
Dropping out of T3 Law School    08/30/23  (85)
Why not just stay single and visit prostitute once a month?    09/01/23  (84)
Ukraine now sending trannies out to threaten the West with terrorism    09/17/23  (84)
Anyone else just hate politics now?    08/28/23  (84)
Mid 30s here, recently had an epiphany that ruined video games for me    08/28/23  (84)
Vivek Ramaswamy BENDS THE KNEE, decides Israel needs MORE AID    08/31/23  (83)
Only hand rolls. All of the sushi tasted like soap    09/07/23  (83)
Smash Mouth lead singer pwned by liver failure, death imminent    09/13/23  (83)
Official list of FizzKidd feuds    09/22/23  (83)
Las Vegas “teens” steal car and hit and kill cyclist for fun    09/16/23  (83)
Biden unloads on Trump    09/10/23  (82)
RSF is like 45, doesn't the travel posting get old?    09/02/23  (82)
So US is getting 3 MILLION illegals a year now and no one cares?    09/15/23  (82)
Michigan State begins the process of getting out of Mel Tucker's 10-yr contrac    09/18/23  (81)
So for the past 18 months, Russia has been slowly nibbling off parts of Ukraine?    09/07/23  (81)
Which Is the Soo CR Splurge For Family: Intl Biz Class, Or Super Luxe Hotel?    09/19/23  (81)
Going with your gut, did Russell Brand rape any of these chicks?    09/19/23  (80)
How common is it for proles to blow $50k weddings?    08/27/23  (79)
Is it insulting to ask a realtor to reduce commission to 5%?    08/26/23  (79)
Neil deGrasse Tyson gave chick glass of water then IMMEDIATELY ate her snatch    09/13/23  (79)
is it possible to have a happy marriage to a 9?    09/12/23  (79)
RSF: why u give CSLG shit for flying family coach when ur even cheaper?    09/18/23  (79)
WSJ college rankings just dropped (you’ll never guess #10)    09/11/23  (78)
If someone handed you $1,000,000 post-tax what would you do?    09/05/23  (78)
"right wing" twitter is now just ppl talking about how we need to kill all libs    09/01/23  (77)
Drake, was Hunter Biden at Beghazi? Or was he beaming down Bamboo Ballots?    09/22/23  (77)
Turning 30 in a few months, still a virgin, have 2 million dollars    09/11/23  (77)
1,000 shots @ 150yd for Hole in 1, win $30mil or fail and go prison 15 yrs    08/30/23  (77)
RATE Soo CR September and the rest of 2023 (RSF)    08/29/23  (77)
Totally bored of sex with my husband and sex in general    09/20/23  (77)
Lauren Boebert was giving a handy at the Beetlejuice show (vid)    09/19/23  (77)
How many hours has RSF spent trying to convince XO his life is 180?    09/19/23  (77)
Been alive nearly 40 years and have yet to see as big a scam as Dentistry    09/21/23  (76)
Hey FizzKidd how was the job fair today    09/13/23  (76)
Philly cheesesteak is the most overrated food on earth    09/18/23  (76)
Biggest Wedding Expenses Nobody Will Notice, Remember Or GAF About    09/07/23  (76)
💉💉💉 BENZO'S ATTY AWARDED $121K IN FEES @ $338/HR 💉💉💉    09/07/23  (76)
Brief update on German girl/trip to the Carribbean    09/10/23  (76)
Just sold an INSANE amount of NVDA/TSLA puts expiring tomorrow    09/19/23  (75)
My dog: flies int’l biz, cslg’s entire family: row 56 econ middle seat (RSF,    09/07/23  (75)
The percentage of Asians scoring 700+ on SAT math dwarfs any other group    09/16/23  (75)
Rate my tattoo sleeve progress (CSLG)    09/19/23  (75)
xo poasters call in to Sacramento City Council meeting    09/16/23  (75)
Tech workers regret moving from CA to Texas    09/18/23  (74)
REMINDER DEADBEATS: Ur student loan interest begins accruing again TODAY    09/02/23  (74)
is $6,500 too much to spend on rent in nyc making $250k base + $150-400k bonus    08/30/23  (74)
Smart bros who married dumb chicks and had kids' IQs regress to mean    09/17/23  (74)
Why are Trumpmos "Trumpmos" but Libs are not "Bidenmos"?    09/07/23  (74)
ITT: List your most autistic habits    08/31/23  (72)
Best rock band of all time if you only count live performances?    09/17/23  (72)
🚨 TRUMP MUG SHOT RELEASED 🚨    08/25/23  (71)
Just took 100ug of acid with wife (CSLG)    09/06/23  (71)
America wasted $120 billion on the Donbas because it is mentally retarded    09/11/23  (71)
worst Street Fighter character?    09/08/23  (71)
How did we crucify cigarette smokers but somehow fat smelly potheads are ok?    08/30/23  (71)
Shitlawyers: Explain RFAs like "Admit You are liable for breaching the contract"    08/24/23  (71)
decided today that i am going to start playing golf    09/22/23  (71)
Home Sold For 808K in Sep 2022, Relisted For 899K in July 2023, Resold for 650K    08/29/23  (70)
Unless something in housing market changes I can't ever move.    08/30/23  (70)
I'm the only poaster who actually takes my LITHIUM every monring    09/16/23  (70)
i win (benzo)    09/07/23  (70)
Ashton and Mila Kunis apologizing for their character letters is so fucking sad    09/11/23  (70)
CSLG would easily beat RSF in a fight    09/01/23  (69)
PSA: Tennis and golf are dying. Fucking pickeball is the new thing    08/25/23  (69)
CDC: vaxxed = FUCKED    08/30/23  (69)
Pensive is Dead    09/13/23  (69)
What's the BEST soap for keeping balls smell at bay?    09/08/23  (69)
Got A Lyft Driver Fired. Idiot Cancelled Ride When We Were In Car & Wanted Cash.    08/26/23  (69)
LMAO at this scam, friend sent kids to "farm camp"    09/20/23  (69)