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REMINDER: Lynn Conway tp tried to get xo shut down bc we hurt his feelings    06/01/24  (296)
Artsy rock bands that actually sucked    06/19/24  (235)
i lost track of who everyone else is on xo and i dont think it'll ever change    06/13/24  (216)
Young Thug's lawyer gets 20 days in jail for contempt (insane story)    06/16/24  (172)
Rate my friend’s wife    06/01/24  (162)
Friends, my obesity has absolutely gotten out of control.    06/21/24  (158)
My firm hired two SEC sorority girls for the summer temp jobs    06/01/24  (142)
Explosion in homeschooling. 1/17 kids now homeschooled. 6% of all students.    05/26/24  (141)
Earned $4,190.67 last month in Interest/Dividends    06/13/24  (140)
Trump narrows down list of VP candidates to seven names    06/09/24  (139)
"Eating pussy" has become a ridiculous emperor has no clothes situation    06/20/24  (137)
Rating poasters as their most likely cause of death    06/21/24  (135)
Escaping Iran after piping the POTUS, u mad Birdshitz?    05/23/24  (125)
Biden @ G7 has no idea where he is, Italian PM has to tell him    06/16/24  (122)
This is a massive win for Trump. Not flame.    06/12/24  (120)
How often do parents end up in this situation    06/05/24  (118)
NYT interview with JD Vance. He explains how he became MAGA.    06/18/24  (118)
How many xo men are single no kids 40+    06/10/24  (107)
Wake Forest seems like an awesome UG to attend.    06/20/24  (104)
Board genius HATP: "I never liked twins. On a good day he was mid."    06/14/24  (103)
Mo$t overrated European city?    06/04/24  (101)
Lefty Chinese friend got back from China, now redpilled on social conservatism    06/07/24  (101)
ITT: we list things every UMC Millennial white guy likes    06/05/24  (100)
ITT: I name a poster. compliment the poster    06/11/24  (95)
Gastropubs with an item called “The Burger” on their menu    06/11/24  (95)
new “social” app FlyMeOut lets chicks apply to be taken on free vacays    06/02/24  (94)
Good city to buy cash flowing rental properties?    06/09/24  (92)
USC student stabs homeless criminal, arrested for murder.    06/21/24  (90)
Trump vows to reinstate all student loan debt that Biden cancelled (link)    06/20/24  (87)
Girl on left seems perfect - sfw    06/16/24  (87)
wife has been away for the week; being a single parent is less stressful    06/01/24  (87)
XO ROAD TRIP to South of France starts TOMORROW (RSF)    06/17/24  (86)
“Writing a letter” to seller of House you’re trying to buy is the cuckiest    06/04/24  (86)
One of the weird things about growing up in a blue state and turning con    06/19/24  (86)
IDGI. What's Wrong With Putting Cheese On A Raw Burger?    06/18/24  (85)
WSJ: Private Equity All Set to RUIN College Athletics    05/24/24  (85)
Once Larry Bird dies, Birdshits will have ZERO sports heros!    06/12/24  (85)
my a/c has died, fuck this gay earth    06/19/24  (85)
So spaceporn is suing the board b/c online people were mean to him?    06/07/24  (85)
Trump likely does have genius level intellect    06/20/24  (84)
Paid myself 7.1 million so far this year (CSLG)    06/14/24  (84)
I think many posters here are legitimately incompetent as attys    06/03/24  (83)
Who are the manliest men of xo?    06/17/24  (82)
Dating App bros - need some advice on how hard I should blame myself on this one    06/15/24  (82)
ALL IN: Trump Verdict Predictions    06/02/24  (82)
Why aren’t the libs backing down?    06/04/24  (80)
*** HUNTER BIDEN GUILTY ***    06/11/24  (80)
Joe Biden shits himself at D-Day    06/17/24  (80)
Best everyday beer?    06/15/24  (79)
Breaking: Egypt and Israel exchange fire at Rafah    05/28/24  (79)
How do so many people raise multiple children? Its expensive AF    06/19/24  (79)
Jewish i-banker (52yo MD and Tufts graduate) KOs woman on Brooklyn street    06/13/24  (79)
would you rather be hatp, gunnerattt, or lex?    05/23/24  (79)
What is Israel’s endgame in Gaza?    06/03/24  (78)
Ricky and I are at a local hip suburban coffee shop pastrymaxxing right now    06/21/24  (78)
WTF has the US only built ONE major new AIRPORT in 40 years    06/03/24  (77)
Leaving today for Guyana/Suriname trip, Soo CR (RSF)    06/01/24  (77)
Had a 10 hour fuck session with a hot 25 yo Jewess last night, taking qs    06/20/24  (75)
Just matched with a 37 year old white girl. Surprisingly cute. Taking ?s ITT.    06/11/24  (75)
Rate my $510 apartment in Vietnam six minutes walk from the beach    06/03/24  (74)
538 showing Biden’s chance of victory now most likely, increasing by the month    06/12/24  (74)
Does EXERCISE actually work for DEPRESSION or is this flame?    06/20/24  (73)
Best US strat I've seen to defend Taiwan - link    06/12/24  (73)
A Rustic Cabin in the Woods Was His Dream. Not Hers. (NYT)    06/15/24  (72)
Good mayonnaise is the most delicious food there is.    05/28/24  (71)
Best postwar American short story writer?    06/03/24  (71)
What is your wife’s record for # of days before cracking screen on new phone?    06/20/24  (70)
I don't get the vitriol against people who don't want kids    06/07/24  (70)
Pics of DANANG beach    06/09/24  (69)
whats inhouse at big tech (meta, google, amazon etc.) like?    06/12/24  (69)
Matt Stafford’s wife cucked him with his backup QB at Georgia    06/21/24  (68)
who here has a couple of spare accounts? for historically important poasters    06/18/24  (67)
I'm like RSF but not lazy and fat (CSLG)    05/28/24  (67)
1-bedroom go down in price in MFH?    06/11/24  (67)
Teens do burn outs on homosexual colored street in WA. Now facing 10 years priso    06/13/24  (66)
Rate this Instagram account about living kid free    06/09/24  (66)
Saw some extremely SICK shit in Marseille today (RSF)    06/15/24  (65)
I can't even stay in ONE place for ONE furking month    06/18/24  (65)
Tell me a stock that is GAURANTEED to go up 30% by end of year    06/13/24  (65)
gave mcdonalds drive thru chink chick my number last night and she texted me    05/28/24  (65)
Putin may be about to lose Crimea    06/17/24  (63)
Any easy law jobs that pay 500k plus?    05/25/24  (63)
is Tennessee the most underrated state?    05/24/24  (62)
whok, CUM ITT or you will regret it    05/24/24  (62)
Civ lit bros, I need some help suing American Airlines    06/08/24  (62)
What are the downsides of quitting white collar job and farming full time?    05/28/24  (62)
have 36 hour layover in Doha. Suggestions?    06/20/24  (61)
Rate LAs new luxury high rise homeless Shelter    06/21/24  (61)
is there any point in paying an ER bill?    06/03/24  (61)
Sort of blew it with my “work wife” not sure if I should try to fix it    06/11/24  (61)
Taking Qs on recently completed 20th RTW trip (RSF)    06/10/24  (61)
Fauci, June 2024: yeah, closing schools was a mistake    06/19/24  (60)
ND Cal jury trial against “K&L Gates” in two weeks. Anyone have exp with the    06/15/24  (60)
TSINAH: 3 jobs, 3 homes, $550k pa in compensation, WFH + freely travels whenever    06/07/24  (60)
🚨Houthis hit and SINK USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier! 🚨    06/03/24  (60)
Real talk: what’s the real reason Azn girls like handsome? Culture? Biology?    06/03/24  (60)
180 thing about blacks: they instinctively pick up on who can be trusted    06/08/24  (60)
A Trump win would make conservatism way more socially acceptable    05/28/24  (60)
Why is Tesla stock going up again? Company has garbage mgmt, products    06/16/24  (59)
Central Texas is a great big suburb    06/10/24  (59)
There's NOTHING good abt the US anymore, just propped up by USD    06/14/24  (59)
The “Stunning” Job Losses in Hollywood (LA Times)    06/14/24  (59)
I'm still "Traumatized" from my IRAN Trip    06/07/24  (59)
Prole has 3 seizures on cruise, held hostage until he pays his medical bill    05/27/24  (59)
Kevin Spacey: "I'm broke and homeless"    06/12/24  (58)
Why do evangelicals cuck for jews and israel?    06/18/24  (58)
why are they pushing gay stuff so hard    06/11/24  (58)
I would date any chick who sucked off Zurich tp in the champagne room    06/17/24  (58)
Cons how mad are you that Biden is skirting Congress, shutting the border anyway    06/05/24  (58)
Earth hit with 12 straight months of record-breaking temperatures    06/06/24  (58)
Biden’s Gaza pier cost $320 million Lmao    05/28/24  (57)
Rate this Jew whine on LinkedIn    05/29/24  (57)
ITT: Mass PHOTOS of EVIL Gorgeous IRAN 👳    05/28/24  (57)
I gave my wife $90 to pay for a $100 bill and she pocketed it and refused to tip    06/12/24  (56)
Terminator 2 Plot Hole: they literally had no fucking plan to kill the T1000    06/21/24  (56)
In ten years Social Security can only pay out at 80%. No Boomer will address    05/29/24  (56)
correction tp = a jewish pedophile. don't engage.    06/19/24  (56)
Got TEAR GASSED last night in Lyon    06/14/24  (56)
How many trees are on your property?    06/20/24  (56)
How many Lynn Conway troons could Hegemon take in a firefight?    05/30/24  (56)
I need to make 100k asap, best way to do so    06/04/24  (55)
Things they don’t make commercials for anymore    05/29/24  (55)
Israel produces zero culture. No movies, books or music. Indonesia is better    06/05/24  (55)
Bronny James story is infuriating. Lays to rest sports being last bastion of mer    05/30/24  (54)
Taking q's from Louisville (TSINAH)    06/02/24  (54)
I don't get the whole idea of 'paying for prostitutes'    05/30/24  (54)
Mad Max: Furiosa Bombs (the FF7 Rebirth of Film)    05/28/24  (54)
new bikini pic of 40 year old work wife    06/16/24  (54)
Rate these FAT BIRDSHITS getting Obliterated by Alpha Thai Bouncers    05/27/24  (54)
Who are these guys who can’t get wives or GFs    06/19/24  (53)
Rate my evening hiking fit    06/07/24  (53)
Where is the best place in the world to live?    06/18/24  (53)
I never want to play golf again    06/12/24  (53)
OYT: $JMIA loves you, my friend    06/20/24  (53)
First ever XO TAKING Qs thread from Suriname (RSF)    06/03/24  (53)
Best style of pizza?    06/01/24  (53)
Why is Nietzsche so 180 when the rest of German philosophy is so 120?    06/12/24  (52)
holy fuck i hate managing coders    06/21/24  (52)
Milo Yiannopoulos just murdered Karlstack    06/13/24  (52)
Did professor salaries skyrocket w/ cost of higher education in past 20 yrs?    06/21/24  (52)
How many new poasters have we added this year to date?    06/17/24  (51)
Reason US Delta Force participated in Israel raid was to save US-Kike Hostages    06/10/24  (51)
6’ 1” - down from 186 to 177 in the last 5 weeks    05/27/24  (51)
Lol libs: Hunter Tweets judge "is corrupt," and the AUSA is a "Biden Hater" (lin    06/07/24  (51)
XO Consensus: Best 2-3 Films over past 5 years..GO    06/11/24  (51)
Bill Belichick dating 24 year old hot cheerleader    06/15/24  (50)
YouTube getting better at detecting AdBlocker and cucking you    06/18/24  (50)
U.S. needs to annex some territory....been too long..what is ripe for taking?    06/08/24  (50)