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Gunneratt is a stupid fucking faggot    02/03/23  (79)
We can't make fun of proles on here anymore.    02/03/23  (59)
Ukrainecucks: guess which city Russia has designs on in the next 60 days    02/03/23  (37)
Blacks are a musical people! *puts on monotonous, tone deaf rap*    02/03/23  (32)
Vicious nig beat down of 10 year old girl on schoolbus (vid)    02/03/23  (25)
Biden judicial confirmations: 5 white men, 22 black women    02/03/23  (25)
so basically if ur a woman u only have to work like 5 yrs tops, get creampied &    02/03/23  (23)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/03/23  (23)
Guy who has had sex with over 1000+ women and 75+ men taking questions    02/03/23  (23)
Rating posters as balloons    02/03/23  (21)
I have a theory about FLW    02/03/23  (20)
Which POTUS got the most pussy over his lifetime?    02/03/23  (20)
Frank Lloyd Extremely Asian and Jewish    02/03/23  (19)
Why is the crime rate so high in red states?    02/03/23  (16)
Rate this gay piss party in a Sam Smith music video    02/03/23  (14)
When did you first realize that Jews were the superior race?    02/03/23  (13)
I dont even bother using Twitter for business stuff anymore    02/03/23  (13)
Coffee in are country = 1 shot espresso, half a bag of crushed oreos, a Twix bar    02/03/23  (12)
Every room in my house has a phone jack    02/03/23  (12)
libs: movement to cure disabilities is problematic and ableist    02/03/23  (11)
Florida now wants to track young girls' menstrual cycles?    02/03/23  (11)
What are better metrics than unemployment rate? Labor force participation?    02/03/23  (10)
Smoker taking Qs about tobacco, work and life    02/03/23  (10)
Biggest sign that N64 is for retards: the three pronged controller    02/03/23  (10)
Why didnt birds evolve vertical stabilizers like planes have? Libs?    02/03/23  (10)
No drinkmo here. Going to get a case of Budweiser after work.    02/03/23  (9)
Eric Swalwell's "gf" floating away on spy balloon like Mary Poppins    02/03/23  (9)
AP stylebook recommends "balloon experiencing surveillance"    02/03/23  (9)
I never even met a Jew until college    02/03/23  (9)
Bitch boi Elon Musk Liable for Securities Fraud for tweet says De. Jury !    02/03/23  (9)
Hipster culture alive and well in the Rust Belt    02/03/23  (8)
Today is a good day to poast    02/03/23  (7)
Robin Williams genie: "What is your command, master?" how does FLW respond?    02/03/23  (7)
an administration staffed by dysgenic, gender indeterminate blobs    02/03/23  (7)
We should have nuked China the second that balloon entered US airspace.    02/03/23  (6)
Confirmed: Russia took out a HIMARS launcher (proof)    02/03/23  (6)
going to a brewery later    02/03/23  (6)
Kamala: “If you’ve nothing wrong, no reason to mind the balloon” (vid)    02/03/23  (6)
Why did the USSR collapse?    02/03/23  (6)
My son is very special to me.    02/03/23  (6)
You can tell the bort is overwhelmingly Asian due to the Playstation bias    02/03/23  (6)
a certain sort of "chill" friday afternoon of internet poasters raging at each o    02/03/23  (6)
you ever witness a friend really pathetically try to hit on a chick    02/03/23  (6)
Weird sim glitch: cut wrist and die but cut off entire arm is no big deal    02/03/23  (6)
would girls be "put off" if they saw this pillow on your bed?    02/03/23  (5)
Do AUSAs who work in the DC Superior Court get good trial experience?    02/03/23  (5)
Can anyone name something a Banker has done for them?    02/03/23  (5)
if a meeting has woman/man ratio > 1 = will not be productive, total waste of ti    02/03/23  (5)
get pissed off whenever i think about obama    02/03/23  (5)