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real talk, annoyed I missed out on the crypto run    10/25/21  (26)
Shitlib Kike Insane Indian Cricket Team takes a knee to support NiggaLivesMatter    10/25/21  (15)
Evan39 do hot chads ever call you "buddy" "bro" "champ" etc?    10/25/21  (7)
I'm officially retiring from xoxohth/autoadmit. I have no more need for it.    10/25/21  (7)
Harbor Group Seals CBS Building Buy With $558M CMBS Financing    10/25/21  (5)
If nyuug's SAMO predictions are right, the price can still 100x from here    10/25/21  (5)
all TV/movies will be set in 80s because 'multiculti' world is repugnant    10/25/21  (4)
TT do u eat Doner Kebab    10/25/21  (4)
I’ve made more YouTube videos than actual dollars from crypto trading    10/25/21  (4)
What is Gates doing with all the farmland?    10/25/21  (4)
whok, how hard to be below jinx in every way possible & also be his fucktoy?    10/25/21  (4)
Alec Baldwin taking time "to re-center himself" after his personal tragedy    10/25/21  (4)
can't stop laughing at this Big Iron Alec Baldwin edit    10/25/21  (3)
Millions will start buying this shit dogcoins after robinhood allows crypto    10/25/21  (3)
210    10/25/21  (3)
Tommy <><><>NO SAMO<><><> Turdskin    10/25/21  (3)
Crypto is a negative sum game    10/25/21  (3)
the Alec Baldwin situation was a cover up of some kind, obviously intentional    10/25/21  (3)
Why can't helicopters just fly straight up & hover while earth rotates?    10/25/21  (3)
I do the “one for them, one for me” school of poasting    10/25/21  (3)
Hey stranger! Give me another shot? Alec Baldwin haha. Apple picking soon?    10/25/21  (3)
Over two years since MPA deleted Bumble    10/25/21  (3)
If you want more NON financial advice from me, you better tip me moonboys!    10/25/21  (3)
Have Covid and my 10 day Quarantine has been amazing    10/25/21  (3)
STICKY: create a new board for the crypto retards.    10/25/21  (3)
Birdshits: my womens must dress like whores, get fuked like hos, act like bitch!    10/25/21  (3)
SOL going to 300 this week    10/25/21  (2)
Twitter’s research shows that its algorithm favors conservative views    10/25/21  (2)
TT has been assraping nyuug tonight    10/25/21  (2)
im currently in my office committing fairly high level corporate fraud    10/25/21  (2)
my model of the world is broken    10/25/21  (2)
Baldwin to armorer: “Who told you you could work with men.”    10/25/21  (2)
Crypt Keeper sending Alec Baldwin his SCREAMplay    10/25/21  (2)
Xo armorer replacing blank bumps with live n-threads    10/25/21  (2)
most big firms are very similar to bottom of ‘attack on titan’ lore iceberg    10/25/21  (2)
Crowd of self-styled Subra-maniacs going wild for indian lawyers on TikTok (vid)    10/25/21  (2)
People that live in Southern USA.Read about that hiking family that dies in heat    10/25/21  (2)
lol someone msged me on discord    10/25/21  (2)
People think the cities will starve during collapse but it might be opposite    10/25/21  (2)
will out myself if i hit 2.1 mill NW (ricky)    10/25/21  (2)
live laugh luis    10/25/21  (2)
Exec producer Spielberg replacing Rust guns with walkie-talkies in post    10/25/21  (2)
Porn set armorer accidentally putting live rounds in Officer Nasty’s gun    10/25/21  (2)
6'4 Shitcoin bazillionaires megapoasting 18 hrs/day abt how they don't get women    10/25/21  (1)
Massive Market Crash. Empty Shelves. Surging Fuel Costs.    10/25/21  (1)
Welcome back to the PodhoretzCast. Up next: our greatest ally's greatest hits    10/25/21  (1)
Hermione getting bludgers blasted into her quivering asshole.    10/25/21  (1)
my bf broke up with me because i was logang and he was a jake pauler    10/25/21  (1)
fuck it, i'm getting back into SAMO    10/25/21  (1)
This has got to be the stupidest group of people in history    10/25/21  (1)