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remember that goober 'Scott Walker' who ran for potus in 2016?    06/28/22  (21)
Why is drakemallard constantly linking to right wing grifters    06/28/22  (14)
Wife is 2 weeks pregnant. We are going to abort tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (12)
My ex whore blocked me , why do I feel sad??    06/28/22  (7)
Uvalde mall cops gangstalking parent who saved her own kids from shooter (articl    06/28/22  (6)
How is it profitable for a factory to make shit like rubber bands    06/28/22  (6)
Anyone have GENEVA recommendations? (RSF)    06/28/22  (6)
Reptiles:obsessed with fetuses, Fuck you to real kids    06/28/22  (6)
The modern American underclass is a bizarre-looking muttified dysgenic mess    06/28/22  (6)
Is Evan the wittier, less mega-poasting version of Benzo?    06/28/22  (6)
Suburban woman: "I can't vote Democrat, they want to eliminate TSINAH's debt"    06/28/22  (4)
Clarence Thomas goes RVing to get away from it all    06/28/22  (4)
Did ex-felon Mike Tyson go back to prison for assaulting that guy on the plane?    06/28/22  (4)
Imagine yourself dying in a truck trying to break into the US    06/28/22  (4)
Xo posting slowed down to a crawl at 930pm EST last night    06/28/22  (3)
Hillary Clinton: Clarence Thomas is an angry black guy.    06/28/22  (3)
Gen Z at bar said to me: "I didn't know you were chill like that." Felt good.    06/28/22  (3)
I will never ever ever ever be happy    06/28/22  (3)
Mid 50s nigger makes about video about how he met his FOB Thai wife    06/28/22  (3)
Moonshine GF demanding that you shoot some possums in the holler for supper    06/28/22  (3)
Tecate GF telling you that she's on her regla and to use her culo instead    06/28/22  (2)
Hey Libs, get ready for SCOTUS to rule on EPA vs. WV! *Cues up Jock Jams*    06/28/22  (2)
He tested very high in anogenital distance, bone-pressed and clavicle lengths    06/28/22  (2)
Women go on sex strike until Justice Thomas reverses SCOTUS    06/28/22  (2)
Other than all being Jewish and having Asian wives, what do we have in common?    06/28/22  (2)
remember when libs were dressing up their children as 'RBG'?    06/28/22  (1)
Evan39 - I need you to confirm something important please    06/28/22  (1)
"Sully" comes out as transgender (link)    06/28/22  (1)
Democrats Press the White House for a More Assertive Response to Roe’s Fall    06/28/22  (1)
Your Chartreuse GF growing insane and murderous and stabbing you to death    06/28/22  (1)
Board incels: women should stop getting fucked. 1yr later: why can't I get laid?    06/28/22  (1)
DESCRIBE Allen & Overy LA to me    06/28/22  (1)
Libs and cons, please kill each other in a civil war soon thank    06/28/22  (1)
There's no fucking way Biden won lmao    06/28/22  (1)
Resuming the destruction of Taris    06/28/22  (1)
Stayed up all night masturbating    06/28/22  (1)
How is dirte just living life and not poasting?    06/28/22  (1)
46 Migrants Dead Because of Republican Immigration Policies (NYT)    06/28/22  (1)
MORNING TRUMPMOS! Just a reminder that thousands of abortiosn will occur today    06/28/22  (1)
Serious Q for Obsessed Incels & Shrews- Is only surgical abortion banned?    06/28/22  (1)
rate this $10 croissant    06/28/22  (1)
Yo I'll be ringside for Breidis-Opetaia this Saturday night. Rate me as a poster    06/28/22  (1)
<Yonkers resident on hot mic> 'I yonked all of them, of course...'    06/28/22  (1)
Wow I'm actually getting pussy from instagram. Made it a few months ago    06/28/22  (1)
rate this new open style office floor plan    06/28/22  (1)
my 4y/o turned to me and said 'Mommy, we need to protect women's right to choose    06/28/22  (1)
Still lolling at Black woman in 'Ozark' who is “smartest math whiz in FBI”    06/28/22  (1)
Clarence Thomas scored a 154 on the LSAT tp    06/28/22  (1)
Harris retroactively casts “super no vote” for Kav & Gorsuch, nullifies Dobb    06/28/22  (1)
My 6 yr old said she’d prefer hysterectomy to Justice THOMAS forcing baby on h    06/28/22  (1)