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Staying in shape in your 40s    09/27/22  (21)
Democrat kills 80-year-old woman in home invasion    09/27/22  (15)
Swastika-wearing ex-pupil kills 15 in Russian school shooting    09/27/22  (13)
The time has come to do something about white libs    09/27/22  (12)
LOL Ukrainian "counteroffensive" has failed. Vid shows 10 captured, 1000+ KIA    09/27/22  (12)
Why do you faggots like Trump?    09/27/22  (10)
Does anyone besides bogans/low lifes go to Bali/Thailand?    09/27/22  (10)
Hurricane Ian could be the big one. I hope everyone has left Central Florida.    09/27/22  (9)
has the entire debauched Afghanistan withdrawal just been memoryholed at this pt    09/27/22  (9)
Quality of sluts on reddit nudie subs has declined precipitously in last few yea    09/27/22  (8)
Rate this white family who refuses to bathe their child    09/27/22  (8)
"Cons are so violent and stupid!" yelled the lib as the mugger shot him    09/27/22  (6)
lex why not get a tenured professorship @ an ivy league school?    09/27/22  (6)
It makes sense for Russia to sabotage pipelines and say nothing    09/27/22  (6)
I’m coming out tonight I’m coming out tonight! To treat myself to a tall man    09/27/22  (5)
"i still upload," napster founder quips after more than 30 years pirating music    09/27/22  (5)
Evolutionary pressures on chattel slaves must’ve been weird    09/27/22  (5)
This is the best John Malkovich film    09/27/22  (4)
Happy feast of St Vincent de Paul    09/27/22  (4)
Can you start a law firm from scratch And do real estate closings?    09/27/22  (4)
Here's a little poem I wrote just now as I'm typing this thread title    09/27/22  (4)
FYI: Masturbation really does cause acne    09/27/22  (4)
A slim thug in ur office--he shouts, "ya boi!"--massaging ur temples as u brief.    09/27/22  (4)
Bear climbs tree trying to eat us    09/27/22  (4)
Priest turning confession box sign to closed when he SEES DAT GJR COMING    09/27/22  (4)
Priest explaining to GJR he can't absolve her for tomorrow's sin against BP.    09/27/22  (4)
Hurricane Ian is going to be crazy    09/27/22  (3)
No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country    09/27/22  (3)
The "slim thug" period: In a series of revolutionary poasts between June and Sep    09/27/22  (3)
lex just synthesize plato's theory of recollection with early christian resurr    09/27/22  (3)
It's only a matter of time before internet cables get cut by powers that be    09/27/22  (3)
Huge woman stomping at you: IM COMING OUT TONIGHT IM COMING OUT TONIGHTB    09/27/22  (3)
Good morning. Why are Chinese boats catching so many fish off the Galápagos?    09/27/22  (3)
Rate this justification for a female cheating    09/27/22  (3)
Biden promises next astronaut who flies to the moon with be a woman of color    09/27/22  (3)
Facebook shuts down huge Russian toll network, cons furious    09/27/22  (3)
How to cheat on wife without her finding out?    09/27/22  (3)
Did you know that 11% of Lawyers Admit to Suicidal Ideation?    09/27/22  (2)
I don't think they should have released experimental virus and destroyed economy    09/27/22  (2)
Benzo, TSINAH, other paupers- Why not try OnlyFans?    09/27/22  (2)
DeSantis 2024 train hop on now or regret it later    09/27/22  (2)
Alexa, please filter out the "I miss him" XO threads    09/27/22  (2)
lex just discover the holy grail and/or fountain of youth    09/27/22  (2)
Hey Team, can you get in all your good poasts ASAP? I have a hard stop @ 11 EST    09/27/22  (2)
Just another video of Russians killing 30 Hahols in 30 seconds    09/27/22  (2)
Why has secularism taken a much stronger hold in Europe compare to US?    09/27/22  (2)
Biglawyers do you ever stop caring about the quality of your work?    09/27/22  (2)
Ken Paxton, Texas AG, is next level    09/27/22  (2)
I rejoiced in the good news they told me.    09/27/22  (2)
Here is a good video that talks about "something from nothing"    09/27/22  (2)