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white students walking racistly on sidewalks at Northwestern    05/18/21  (52)
Why does XO say AJ Soprano character was a loser when he was much cooler than 90    05/18/21  (41)
I bought 4 BTC at $58,000. Have not told wife yet, what should I do?    05/18/21  (39)
Going from $3M to $6M is more life-changing than going from $0M to $3M    05/18/21  (37)
Tony Soprano embodies the difference between $1.6m and $10.6m net worth    05/18/21  (31)
These are scenes from a 'waterpark' in the 'America' of 2021:    05/18/21  (29)
Interviewing for Product Manager Roles    05/18/21  (28)
Dems: if the Arizona audit is such a fraud, why all the resistance?    05/18/21  (24)
THE GAYS HAVE GOT TO GO    05/18/21  (23)
lmao i hate being a lawyer    05/18/21  (22)
Florida woman, 43, CRASHES party and RAPES 17 year old boy. (DM)    05/18/21  (21)
Why Ewan McGregor has to pay ex-wife half his Star Wars $? Why she accept it?    05/18/21  (21)
UMichigan "football" is a complete disaster    05/18/21  (21)
is semester at sea prestigious?    05/18/21  (19)
What’s the best answer to “what is your greatest weakness” interview quest    05/18/21  (19)
JFC, benzo shitmodded the thread where he offered to sotp feuding    05/18/21  (18)
could Races be labeled like Dog Breeds?    05/18/21  (17)
No, Fauci and FDA head didn’t say 40%-50% of CDC, FDA staff refusing COVID sho    05/18/21  (16)
Best 70" TV for <$1,000?    05/18/21  (15)
Reporter: "Can I ask u about Israel" Biden: "Only if I can run you over" (link)    05/18/21  (15)
Did CSLG ever fuck GJR?    05/18/21  (15)
CHINA bans Crypto    05/18/21  (14)
shitmodding '''"'''"''" is so much fun LMAO    05/18/21  (14)
"The Counsel" by Kenny Rogers    05/18/21  (13)
If I had just put 80% of my NW in VOO one year ago...    05/18/21  (13)
why do libs want to keep wearing masks    05/18/21  (13)
Rate this breakdown of how a $14 sandwich loses a restaurant money    05/18/21  (13)
What's the best job for starting over late 30s in a non-major metro    05/18/21  (13)
Actual white supremacists beat down and curb stomp black woman (video)    05/18/21  (13)
im so tired of this shit    05/18/21  (12)
get laid a lot more now than when i was younger but am less happy    05/18/21  (12)
Under the bed restraints are 180 (CSLG)    05/18/21  (12)
Holy shit watch Donkey Punch on Amazon    05/18/21  (11)
California Leftists Try to Cancel Math Class (xo WSJ    05/18/21  (11)
Ironically, I was doing well, and then your email found me    05/18/21  (11)
QAnon Shaman defense attorney: "Look, these people are fucking retarded"    05/18/21  (11)
Third dose pwned    05/18/21  (10)
Is an i7-8550 1.8ghz chip a good chip for a desktop?    05/18/21  (10)
are The Talking Heads overrated, underrated, or properly rated?    05/18/21  (10)
The uselessness of Fauci shows the importance of getting right ppl in those role    05/18/21  (10)
I don't think the general public has any idea of how bad the ADA is    05/18/21  (9)
If $80k is the new $50k, is $160k the new $100k?    05/18/21  (9)
really shit poasts today so far    05/18/21  (9)
Can't wait to see shaved head HGH Bill Gates    05/18/21  (8)
UR OLD: Dad from Beethoven movies DEAD at 86    05/18/21  (8)
is it still schtick if you’re actually having sex with men?    05/18/21  (8)
i guess we all lost our innocence Jan 6    05/18/21  (8)
Am I autistic?    05/18/21  (8)
*Benzo nude, high as fuck on TuTu singing "Liza with a Z" into a cracked mirror*    05/18/21  (8)