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Ukraine's counteroffensive is over. They have no strategy, military looks dead    06/07/23  (19)
Megan Fox and her 3 boys    06/07/23  (18)
Gravity subthread blew my mind    06/07/23  (15)
i'm a striver, siblings are prole. it's driven a wedge...    06/07/23  (9)
good morning    06/07/23  (9)
Daily strength + cardio is probably most important hour of the day    06/07/23  (8)
Wife catches husband cheating (TikTok vid):    06/07/23  (7)
best mexican food in LA is at those fly by night street joints    06/07/23  (6)
A "$econd" being alive is a "$econd" too long    06/07/23  (5)
White Supremacists leave RACOON and lengthy 'hate message' for Black mayor    06/07/23  (5)
*sprays liquid Abilify from fire hose into Russiacuck thread*    06/07/23  (5)
Amerikkka is sucking me dry and skull fucking my lizard brain through eye socket    06/07/23  (5)
"Americans" look awful    06/07/23  (4)
literal nazi here, have been hiding out in SA for 3 generations. even i think TT    06/07/23  (4)
2023 update: cryptocurrency still has no use case    06/07/23  (4)
Meta Execs Admit Knowing Election Manipulation, Pedo Network Facilita (WSJ)    06/07/23  (3)
Karen is a fag hag, loses her shit bigly in anti-homo threads    06/07/23  (2)
animeboi, mainlining, evan39, booom and 5 others are all the same garbage poster    06/07/23  (2)
a diverse pizza ecosystem in which even street-corner slices are 180    06/07/23  (2)
Canada is a failed state    06/07/23  (2)
what ever happened to that guy who shot a boy through his door?    06/07/23  (2)
Why is Apple advertising their $4000 headset with a middle aged black lady    06/07/23  (2)
Russian troops are leaving civilians on east bank to fend for themselves    06/07/23  (2)
   06/07/23  (2)
"donald's not the only conman. his daughter's a grifter too." (chris christie)    06/07/23  (2)
TIL Britain expelled every single JEW from their country in 1290    06/07/23  (2)
kid asked if i could put on peppa pig, gay couple within 60 seconds    06/07/23  (1)
Shout Your Height™ a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established by the ZoZo Corporation a    06/07/23  (1)
girlfriend just left me for GORGEOUS yamnaya turdskin. fml    06/07/23  (1)
Secret iPhone trick help travelers find flight details leaves thousands stunned:    06/07/23  (1)
"Oh well, now that the dam is gone we're just gonna let Russia win" lol    06/07/23  (1)
Ukraine troops huddle at the front so they can all die together    06/07/23  (1)
The UFO bit was to resssure the feds he doesnt need to be Epsteined    06/07/23  (1)
Redditor wonders how to bill 2200 without working weekends    06/07/23  (1)
New UFO details emerge: "Dinosaurs" were their first attempt    06/07/23  (1)
Carnivore diet but instead of meat it’s oatmeal.    06/07/23  (1)
Musk basically stole Truth Social's business niche. Trump must be pissed    06/07/23  (1)
study: sharks ALWAYS sizing up whether or not you taste good    06/07/23  (1)
Candy Ride tp is a Ben Shapiro conservative republican    06/07/23  (1)
thank God Tucker is back in the Barstool civnats and UFO Truther beat    06/07/23  (1)
new Tucker Carlson Original dropped: hour long interview w/ Bernie Goetz    06/07/23  (1)
Hypertorus the entire thing cr?    06/07/23  (1)
They are going to cancel the Belmont Stakes because of the smoke.    06/07/23  (1)
‘Never Seen Pizza Boxes at a Wake Before’: Mourning a N.Y. Pizza Legend    06/07/23  (1)
Richard Hidalgo    06/07/23  (1)
Lil' Tay Tay Nuts    06/07/23  (1)
Quebec City professional women’s brunch convention finally wrapping up    06/07/23  (1)
Try on this green jacket, my friend!    06/07/23  (1)
Short Kings rise up!    06/07/23  (1)
The most prestigious anal fissure discussion board in the world.    06/07/23  (1)