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Afaik an elephant has never been to the moon    06/22/24  (14)
Salton Sea was a strange and well preserved place    06/22/24  (9)
Upgrading my PC, giving up on Handsome (FizzKidd)    06/22/24  (8)
Japanese game franchises you've heard of but know nothing about    06/22/24  (7)
The latest online romance plot taking middle-aged women by storm    06/22/24  (7)
I think about that extra days within days video all the time    06/22/24  (6)
La-teenks    06/22/24  (5)
What's the deal with humans having different blood types?    06/22/24  (5)
French women are the biggest whores imaginable    06/22/24  (5)
"Oh, that's just the Christmas carp in the bathtub", TMF lied unconvincingly    06/22/24  (5)
5 hour loop of TRUMP doing signature shimmy dance to Auslander Raus (link)    06/22/24  (4)
watch this mosquito get squashed between two magnets    06/22/24  (4)
Redhead pussy is seriously undervalued    06/22/24  (4)
Moving to Hobart in August. Taking questions.    06/22/24  (3)
"No, Chief Justice, I don't know who keeps peeing in the SC sink", Alito drolled    06/22/24  (3)
CNBC: "How the vodka soda became ‘gay water’"    06/22/24  (3)
What can you do to counter numerous frivolous restraining orders?    06/22/24  (3)
waking up screaming tp    06/22/24  (2)
The Ecoonomist (link)    06/22/24  (2)
Watching new season of The Boys and keep wondering what Jew Seth Rogan is thinki    06/22/24  (2)
JMIA got pretty banged up this week    06/22/24  (2)
Does anyone like to put ice cream on steak?    06/22/24  (2)
this faggot fuck country can eat shit right out of my asshole    06/22/24  (2)
tmf looking up from posting to see stuffed dummy sitting across from him    06/22/24  (2)
Mobb Deep fatherhood tip: Put a jungle gym behind da crib so they can enjoy yoof    06/22/24  (2)
Radiohead is seriously undervalued, pussy    06/22/24  (2)
Temple of Solomon explodes like Michael Bay film in New Testament?    06/22/24  (2)
"Coal in the stocking" actually lost German tradition of Krampus defecating in    06/22/24  (2)
You think you had a bad day? Wait till you read what happened to    06/22/24  (2)
In this life I’ve played more the role of Seth and less the role of Mike    06/22/24  (2)
The Gaza War Is Dividing the L.G.B.T.Q. Community (NYT)    06/22/24  (2)
Trader's Joe products that are superior to brand name    06/22/24  (1)
good morning    06/22/24  (1)
"Punisher" show has an extremely corny scene    06/22/24  (1)
Norwood 0 crew check-in thread    06/22/24  (1)
You're Old: Abu Perez Al-Hilton swears revenge for IDF raid on Madcapra (TMZeera    06/22/24  (1)
Meet GAYJEET, Autoadmit's new AI powered poaster    06/22/24  (1)
Build the wall    06/22/24  (1)
Barron Trump calls Shkreli his "Crypto Gurney Halleck" in new statement    06/22/24  (1)
"Babe, you were talking in your sleep... what's a 'training twink?'"    06/22/24  (1)
Ray Peat may be a Doctor of Jurisprudence    06/22/24  (1)
Caterina Sforza exits Army recruiting office with a frown & full gold pouch    06/22/24  (1)
Snoot the poaster have you been to "Awful Awful" in Murphy's New Jersey    06/22/24  (1)
Dr. Peat; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Caldo de Caña    06/22/24  (1)
Staring at copy of La Société du Spectacle & asking invisible camera behind u    06/22/24  (1)
Indian bone flute riff plays as you stare at case of Steel Reserve in Buc-ees    06/22/24  (1)
2024 Disney constantly jumping the shark    06/22/24  (1)
uday hussein and qusay hussein are both "taken" monikers on Autoadmit dot com    06/22/24  (1)
"Are you truly DUNE here? Or are you DUME here?"    06/22/24  (1)
Careful goyboy or IDF might sic a glamoured up 56 year old crone on you    06/22/24  (1)