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First Neil Young, now Joni Mitchell: how will Spotify go on????    01/29/22  (21)
Concepts you just can't understand    01/29/22  (16)
Every thread about Blue Smoke/tbtp/GJR ends up hitting 100 poasts    01/29/22  (15)
What other "conspiracy theories" have been right all along?    01/29/22  (14)
AZNgirl Chief of Staff to AZNgirl Boston Mayer is committed to "SnowPlow Equity"    01/29/22  (10)
the globe is a lie - they are hiding god and what he built - that is the secret    01/29/22  (10)
Scheduled my D7 visa appt at Portugal embassy for next month    01/29/22  (10)
Benzo what music do you like    01/29/22  (10)
Woman, 26, who came out as a trans man at age 19 reveals she is now 'DE-transiti    01/29/22  (8)
Ash Barty is fucking this American ho up...QLD dominates again!    01/29/22  (6)
watching Voyager, holy shit Kes just got so OP    01/29/22  (6)
rsf pretends to be passionate about travel to conceal his passion for uncut cock    01/29/22  (5)
this whole fucking planet is the biggest crock of shit    01/29/22  (5)
My dog has more dates than I do is a little bitch    01/29/22  (5)
JUSTICE CHILDS, dissenting. These ignorant racists…    01/29/22  (4)
List of reasons libs SHOULDN’T be beaten within an inch of their lives    01/29/22  (4)
is my family back in Boston gonna die this weekend?    01/29/22  (3)
Anyone else never organize their iPhone apps?    01/29/22  (3)
God may be dead, but simping is very much alive    01/29/22  (3)
we all get wiped out by a drone in the end    01/29/22  (3)
Bill Burr discussing Hitler w/ a jew: “No reason? Really? None at all?”    01/29/22  (3)
Alice in Chains - Dirt is 180    01/29/22  (3)
one day just woke up and realized most people are stupid as fuck    01/29/22  (2)
She only want me for my SIMP JUICE    01/29/22  (2)
Higher empathy and pair bonding makes people more racist    01/29/22  (2)
ASH BARTY, SON!!!!!!!!!!~    01/29/22  (2)
Dear Salma Hayek: they PAID to see your tits, you fuckwitted beaner whore.    01/29/22  (2)
pretty insane we can easily reach North Pole but cant even access South Pole    01/29/22  (2)
the plausible explanation isn't politically convenient. impossible one must be t    01/29/22  (1)
the nepotism in football coaching is absurd    01/29/22  (1)
very simple geometry proves earth is not round    01/29/22  (1)
as the twig is bent the tree’s inclined    01/29/22  (1)
Every time a Sam Hyde video ends, a Joe Rogan video begins    01/29/22  (1)
5 figure digits of LINK tp    01/29/22  (1)
The War Against Boomers is coming and will be the biggest struggle of our time    01/29/22  (1)
lib friend curses god out before every meal & at bed time    01/29/22  (1)
may you have the confidence of a mediocre Affirmative Action hire    01/29/22  (1)
I drink so much champagne in euro. Should be more popular in US    01/29/22  (1)
Arkan returns pretending to be "the box," uses her old pics to catfish & blackma    01/29/22  (1)
TT6 drinking Gatorade from a glass bottle as he collects jockstraps after game    01/29/22  (1)
Lawyer = "Fast Money"    01/29/22  (1)
Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man    01/29/22  (1)
surprise no one remembers cuomo's opponent saying "blow me, olive garden" at deb    01/29/22  (1)
the nepotism in football coaching is absurd    01/29/22  (1)
Danielle Collins has far more testosterone than redditors.    01/29/22  (1)
manhandles penis aggressively    01/29/22  (1)
fucked up worm level zero slime human    01/29/22  (1)
Dumbnig Ijeoma Oluo is SO MAD @ "mediocre white males" (who are smarter than her    01/29/22  (1)
Rate this article about racism in the DTU (DuckTales Universe)    01/29/22  (1)