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remember that goober 'Scott Walker' who ran for potus in 2016?    06/28/22  (15)
Prosecco GF oblivious to the fact that her nipple is hanging out of her sundress    06/28/22  (5)
SRS Q: Does Dirte still poast?    06/28/22  (9)
Tim Pawlenty actually enters rally to 'Let The Bodies Hit the Floor'    06/28/22  (12)
Oatmeal Stout GF slowly removing her Renaissance Festival Bar Wench outfit    06/28/22  (7)
Miller Lite GF's muffintop popping out every time as she yells at sportsbar TVs    06/28/22  (4)
Anyone have GENEVA recommendations? (RSF)    06/28/22  (6)
pan pizza now the size of a nickel    06/28/22  (3)
Jerry Seinfeld created a show in his own name stating himself as a chad    06/28/22  (2)
rate this (((indoctrinated))) pro-choice white women who hates her kids    06/28/22  (8)
theory - Bboom was the sailor that slid on Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time vid    06/28/22  (3)
Boons Farm GF pausing makeout session in freshman dorm to vomit in sink    06/28/22  (2)
National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman's poem about Roe v Wade (link)    06/28/22  (14)
Moonshine GF- 4 teeth & proudly describing her First Time with her Kissin Cousin    06/28/22  (2)
Moonshine GF demanding that you shoot some possums in the holler for supper    06/28/22  (3)
Wow I'm actually getting pussy from instagram. Made it a few months ago    06/28/22  (1)
remember when libs were dressing up their children as 'RBG'?    06/28/22  (1)
Can you spot the #1 problem with this week's New Yorker cover? (pic)    06/28/22  (56)
Discovering to your horror nothing but Hawaiian shirts in closet of daiquiri gf    06/28/22  (4)
Topless sunbathing Italian teenagers with classy a cups    06/28/22  (17)
Mead GF telling off her D&D Dungeon Master for being too Cisgendered    06/28/22  (4)
Sambuca gf forcing you to perform Frank Sinatra karaoke    06/28/22  (6)
Jose Cuervo GF clutching your arm for dear life, mumbling about fighting & fucki    06/28/22  (6)
Other than all being Jewish and having Asian wives, what do we have in common?    06/28/22  (2)
Mezcal GF playing with her nipple piercing through her shirt    06/28/22  (3)
Is Harry styles the modern Mic Jagger?    06/28/22  (7)
Is Evan the wittier, less mega-poasting version of Benzo?    06/28/22  (2)
<Yonkers resident on hot mic> 'I yonked all of them, of course...'    06/28/22  (1)
I advise everyone in my family to ardently refuse to pay medical bills    06/28/22  (19)
Here's the thing: you have to read a Boner Police post about 10-15x    06/28/22  (18)
Single Malt GF opening her window to smoke a Parliament    06/28/22  (4)
True all women are sluts now but consider this: every pornstar dates ripped MMA    06/28/22  (36)
Why did Hillary refuse to go to "Wisconsin" ?    06/28/22  (16)
Yo I'll be ringside for Breidis-Opetaia this Saturday night. Rate me as a poster    06/28/22  (1)
remember when like half of xo "conservatives" were exposed as neocon jews    06/28/22  (7)
"Many See a New Form of Anti-Semitism in Warnings on Social Media Dangers" (NYT)    06/28/22  (3)
Happy Tuesday! or as we say in NYC, Happy Jewsday!    06/28/22  (2)
I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn't get there. And she was married.    06/28/22  (17)
rate this $10 croissant    06/28/22  (1)
App date ordered 2x food I did, boxed half of it and ordered $9 croissant to go    06/28/22  (175)
I'm like the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera but without the musical talent.    06/28/22  (10)
I'm pro-choice but abortion is a sad, somber thing. Modern libs celebrate it    06/28/22  (65)
Beavis & Butthead learn white privilege    06/28/22  (47)
Reminder libs: Thomas is ass deep in Sysco slop at Nebraska Golden Corral rn    06/28/22  (4)
doodikoff has probably already passed cowgod as #1 poaster on this board    06/28/22  (7)
Serious Q for Obsessed Incels & Shrews- Is only surgical abortion banned?    06/28/22  (1)
Xo Utah IMMEDIATELY bans abortion, tells women to "control intake of semen"    06/28/22  (58)
Meester Roberts promise me we keep abortion. He lie to me.    06/28/22  (19)
"How Queer Chefs Are Reclaiming Bottom Food"    06/28/22  (7)
"send nudes ho" gjr "my pussy is wet but i have a bf haha txt me l8r :)"    06/28/22  (92)
HS GF just got divorced- keeps sending me messages    06/28/22  (1)
I have made a decision to pick up the stray cat that has been staying near house    06/28/22  (8)
Your HS gf texts your 2005 flip phone: Hey want to come over and watch the OC    06/28/22  (31)
Why is drakemallard constantly linking to right wing grifters    06/28/22  (10)
My ex whore blocked me , why do I feel sad??    06/28/22  (1)
Gamefaqs Posting Ideas    06/28/22  (6)
Hey you religious morons cheering this SC on. They're coming for porn next    06/28/22  (150)
Where is Polisci Major at Directional State U. Making Insights the poster?    06/28/22  (3)
before slaughtering babies women happily murdered their rivals in Salem MA    06/28/22  (1)
The acceleration of this country's decline over the past decade is shocking    06/28/22  (26)
*unravels a loaded WAR DIAPER* *slams it on the conference table*    06/28/22  (3)
*weird queer flapping arms into a random crowded conference room* "POLITICTH!!!"    06/28/22  (19)
Next person who says “said quiet part out loud” is getting shot    06/28/22  (7)
MORNING TRUMPMOS! Just a reminder that thousands of abortiosn will occur today    06/28/22  (1)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/28/22  (214)
Women at the gym putting weight on their pussy and thrusting upward    06/28/22  (48)
"grown men" who are political weathervanes    06/28/22  (1)
46 Migrants Dead Because of Republican Immigration Policies (NYT)    06/28/22  (1)
RSF you ever consider going whole food plant based brother    06/28/22  (3)
Imagine yourself dying in a truck trying to break into the US    06/28/22  (4)
How is dirte just living life and not poasting?    06/28/22  (1)
Ur HS GF: 'law school huh? That's nice. Ricky's gonna be a doctor"    06/28/22  (4)
ITT: I will rate you as an excerpt from Halford/Doobs-inspired cartoon porn    06/28/22  (4)
In Portland, ME taking q’s (TSINAH)    06/28/22  (33)
*top gun volleyball scene except it's mid 30s fat, hairy, balding lolyers*    06/28/22  (13)
Proof that one of ALITO's Clerks reads XO    06/28/22  (36)
"Becky, come over now! Rupinder just showed up with his Golden Retriever!"    06/28/22  (4)
HYPO: $1 million to swim across the Mary River in Australia    06/28/22  (22)
I stand with mainlining and if you try to ever harm him you're toast    06/28/22  (16)
Mid 50s nigger makes about video about how he met his FOB Thai wife    06/28/22  (3)
Stayed up all night masturbating    06/28/22  (1)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/28/22  (169)
fascinated by tamerlane screeds although i rarely understand them    06/28/22  (4)
Tsinah has the chillest life    06/28/22  (2)
Aslan's Country was created for Noble Hearts    06/28/22  (35)
taking ayahuasca rn will livepoast if cogent and able    06/28/22  (7)
I will never ever ever ever be happy    06/28/22  (3)
our golden retriever ran away again :(    06/28/22  (4)
"Yes, we're all nazis" said the Indian man with framed picture of golden retriev    06/28/22  (4)
Clarence Thomas goes RVing to get away from it all    06/28/22  (4)
"We should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell"    06/28/22  (63)
Artillery wars look shitty and terrifying for soldiers:    06/28/22  (30)
Trump to Cruz: 'You are the single biggest liar'    06/28/22  (7)
Resuming the destruction of Taris    06/28/22  (1)
The modern American underclass is a bizarre-looking muttified dysgenic mess    06/28/22  (2)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/28/22  (41)
Could the Supreme Court just start issuing decisions sua sponte, with no case?    06/28/22  (16)
Colonel Chet Muscles has also been demoted to Lt. Col. Chet Muscles    06/28/22  (25)
46 people found DEAD in Texas    06/28/22  (23)
Family living w/o roof after theirs was removed by contractor they never hired:    06/28/22  (2)
The Definitive Evan39 Flame Megathread    06/28/22  (104)
Still feel like you have no purpose, seeing shit, going crazy, etc?    06/28/22  (5)
It's just me and this Floyd faggot awake?    06/28/22  (24)
Did ex-felon Mike Tyson go back to prison for assaulting that guy on the plane?    06/28/22  (4)
Your internet “friends” would go out drinking and partying tonight if they h    06/28/22  (29)
πŸ”«California AG release names, DOBs and addresses of all CCW holders πŸ”«    06/28/22  (20)
Rate the physique on this sickly looking Russian w 7 mil followers    06/28/22  (9)
You're an AOC-loving lib if ur not studying Irish, Manx, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic    06/28/22  (8)
Boom can you say goodnight before you slumber?    06/28/22  (2)
Reminder: Libs kill respectable institutions and then wear them as skin suits    06/28/22  (174)
Twitter thread by Scottish SCHOLAR on Donbass situation (link)    06/28/22  (46)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/28/22  (48)
RSF Benzo has been stalking me under multiple alts just like he does you    06/28/22  (8)
LOL NOWAG, I demoted myself for LIABILITY PURPOSES    06/28/22  (7)
It amuses me that libs don't know how prayers after football games work    06/28/22  (50)
Does an MBA have any value outside of OCI/first job?    06/28/22  (14)
Zelenskyy is proof that frame and clavicle length are very important    06/28/22  (14)
Both England and Japan are islands. COMPLETELY different approaches to seafood.    06/28/22  (14)
The most prejudiced against short men: not short chicks by HIGH IQ ones    06/28/22  (18)
The British Isles and Japanese Archipelago: A Comparison of Environmental Basics    06/28/22  (6)
pretty sure i just got “the talk” as a partner    06/28/22  (52)
CR to brag&boast to woman 1st date that I poast here?    06/28/22  (3)
It's Monday sheeple! Bill away!    06/28/22  (9)
They will work, plow, reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.    06/28/22  (2)
It's all maed up legal bullshit! Move on from this garbage    06/28/22  (4)
board collectively extracting millions of $$ in joy from exeunts asshold (xo '23    06/28/22  (1)
This is the country that invented Superman.    06/28/22  (4)
More basefraud players running around playing games in empty stadiums    06/28/22  (2)
AA/preferential hiring is single biggest nuke Scotus could land on libs    06/28/22  (74)
New Frontline: America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump    06/28/22  (3)
Wasn't "California" supposed to fall in the ocean? Lol    06/28/22  (2)
Coldplay - Speed of Sound.mp3    06/28/22  (8)
jet-lagged narrow-minded sound barrier main people    06/28/22  (1)
Not flame, Trump played Air Force One soundtrack at his '16 victory celebration    06/28/22  (7)
Roose Bolton exemplifies the modern American man    06/28/22  (82)
And in the end, we lie awake And we dream of maeking our escape    06/28/22  (3)
I’ve always attributed the standout quality of Viva La Vida as a Coldplay albu    06/28/22  (30)
i'm gay and mainlining is my bottom    06/28/22  (2)
Holy shit Russ Feingold is going back to Senate? 180    06/28/22  (6)
Dems get 10-point poll bounce after SCOTUS ruling - link    06/28/22  (24)
High Serotonin levels make up for height and WILL get you laid    06/28/22  (20)
I Googled Chechnya. And bro....they’re crazy!    06/28/22  (1)
What’s the official top 10 ranking of the national parks?    06/28/22  (29)
I want to die so terribly    06/28/22  (2)
oatmeal, flax, walnuts, avocado, beans, soy milk, berries    06/28/22  (4)
During "covid"? This was all planned fraud obviously    06/28/22  (2)
0:02 / 1:56 We Own This City - How Wayne Jenkins spends his alone time    06/28/22  (8)
https://lottery.com/    06/28/22  (19)
It's not too late!    06/28/22  (2)

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