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rafael deversity equity & inclusion    08/03/21  (2)
Worst fate in life: Jamarcus Russell, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Matt Leinart    08/03/21  (5)
Why is my poast about pregnant vaxxed woman x-ray deleted?    08/03/21  (3)
120k SENIOR engineer spends thousands annually on fake Chipotle employee why?    08/03/21  (22)
“The GOAT got it done. #Bronze”    08/03/21  (69)
Jewish posters: let's compile a list of our favorite board goys.    08/03/21  (3)
MASK UP, STAY HOME! 40% of deer have contracted Covid    08/03/21  (4)
BREAKING: Active white supremacist shooter at the Pentagon (link, not flame)    08/03/21  (2)
cousin choosing t100 undergrad ($100k overall debt) over cheap state school    08/03/21  (16)
WGWAG sighting in my neighborhood    08/03/21  (1)
Is it true that a Red Sox infielder poasts here?    08/03/21  (14)
My buddy fucks ftm trannys. I said he’s a Fag got he’s like they’re girls    08/03/21  (11)
How much cash are you sitting on?    08/03/21  (10)
Just got a fuckin' PS5 (cowshit)    08/03/21  (31)
3rd and 4th Capitol Police found dead by suicide    08/03/21  (20)
<90 IQ: Lives near parents whole life. >130 IQ: Same. 91-129:    08/03/21  (2)
WSJ: Law School Msg Bort Loses Luster as Insanity Mounts and Discussion Stagnate    08/03/21  (2)
There is a black in every single commercial    08/03/21  (1)
What are the Delta vs. non-Delta mortality rates for COVID-19?    08/03/21  (4)
So the "The Irishman" guy admitted to killing Hoffa and it's still "unsolved"?    08/03/21  (3)
What is up w/ the uptick in unruly airline pax? Is this flame or COVID backlash?    08/03/21  (2)
Biles is the GOAT? Hell no. Larisa Latynina deserves that honorific.    08/03/21  (2)
Perkins Coie evades fed jurisdiction in Carter Page suit with ONE WEIRD TRICK    08/03/21  (16)
Deep State plant Kinzinger calls for war in Iran and Syria    08/03/21  (11)
do u think this horseplay between this dad & nanny is appropriate or not?    08/03/21  (33)
Cuomo announces plan to take a mental health break    08/03/21  (2)
*** BREAKING: NY AG to make "major announcement" at 11 AM EST ***    08/03/21  (32)
( . ) ( . )    08/03/21  (4)
Family: Lives in house since 1550. You: What city should I move to? (Link)    08/03/21  (8)
rate the pic of benzo on the wikipedia article on pauperism    08/03/21  (3)
Governor Cuomo: "I'm gay"    08/03/21  (1)
London Stock Exchange CEO claims he worked 130 hour weeks at GS regularly    08/03/21  (44)
I excel without ever even trying    08/03/21  (8)
Joseph My Ass Is Wiped Biden, the President of United States    08/03/21  (1)
THE VACCINE IS COVID    08/03/21  (6)
WSJ: Law School Loses Luster as Debts Mount and Salaries Stagnate    08/03/21  (40)
I know at least two (2) fully vaccinated people get covid in the last week.    08/03/21  (8)
Anything more humiliating in politics than a one-term POTUS packing up his shit?    08/03/21  (15)
Demons by Dostoevsky is all you need to read to understand the current events.    08/03/21  (5)
Guy completely destroys US arguments about China    08/03/21  (1)
FBI used pics of young female agents w/o their consent to snag pedos    08/03/21  (13)
Reasons why China banned Shang-Chi capeshit movie    08/03/21  (10)
If Trump wins in 2024 will he go nuclear on dems?    08/03/21  (20)
Is there honestly *any* peer-reviewed evidence w/r/t breakthrough infections?    08/03/21  (1)
America's turning point: Mike Ditka declining to run against Obama for Senate    08/03/21  (2)
At 40 my wife is hot as fuck, she is the MILF of the neighborhood    08/03/21  (9)
Have mass evictions started yet?    08/03/21  (1)
old man wentz out 12 weeks (aka the season)    08/03/21  (5)
Delta is the only good legacy carrier    08/03/21  (22)
Covid outbreak going on at my company right now    08/03/21  (9)
Does Tucker Carlson poast here or not?    08/03/21  (1)
US getting smoked like a bitch in Olympics proof of steep decline    08/03/21  (4)
And now a person identifying as gender #39 will explain why X-Ray is racist    08/03/21  (2)
at least serfs had land to call their own haha    08/03/21  (5)
Everyday man Bruce Springsteen's daughter out of equestrian Olympics    08/03/21  (3)
Limp Bizkit - Lollapalooza 2021 - Full Show HD - Jul 31, 2021    08/03/21  (31)
cr to marry and have kids just to have hot affair w nanny/au pair?    08/03/21  (1)
Last three Republican POTUS's added bigly to English lexicon - LMAO @ libs    08/03/21  (2)
Lakers are gonna have the oldest team in history of pro sports    08/03/21  (12)
Pressure mounting for Biden to forgive student loans    08/03/21  (8)
"Fully" vaccinated sometimes isn't    08/03/21  (1)
Why are "Fully" "Vaccinated" ppl so worried about novax,nomaskmos?    08/03/21  (19)
AI can detect your race with only an extremely grainy x-ray. Libs MAF (link)    08/03/21  (7)
lol @ "Fully" Vaccinated    08/03/21  (2)
What state has the most handsome chads?    08/03/21  (8)
HBO doc Woodstock 99 is pretty good    08/03/21  (47)
Good morning! Wuhan Lab ordered $606 million A/C-HVAC overhaul in 2019    08/03/21  (11)
Funny how cowgod never mentions the most prole console ever - Xbox One    08/03/21  (14)
How alpha to show up to OCI in a white blazer, no shirt (luis-style)?    08/03/21  (2)
The difference is the Internet    08/03/21  (2)
No one cares about Silver or Bronze. Why hand them out?    08/03/21  (3)
How did Russians manage for Russian misinformation to randomly pop-up with no    08/03/21  (1)
Add ", faggot" to end of awkward Matt Damon movie lines, he sounds alpha    08/03/21  (17)
It's kind of retarded that swimmers can win 7 medals at one olympics    08/03/21  (52)
Are libs the worst ppl in the world? Worse than Islamic terrorists and chomos?    08/03/21  (33)
I should've just lit my money on fire instead of buying PLTR    08/03/21  (8)
🚨🚨 Starting to think Biden won’t be extending the student loan freeze    08/03/21  (14)
It's been a bad week for Italian governors :-(    08/03/21  (1)
RATE Miss Minnesota 2021, who is a Downs Thot (pics)    08/03/21  (12)
LOL Letitia James is a total drama queen, attention lover    08/03/21  (1)
In today's episode of LIBS EAT THEIR OWN: NY AG comes for NYPOTUS Cuomo    08/03/21  (4)
New Seattle Mariners fan here. New fan. First day.    08/03/21  (5)
Cuomo can't help it, Italian men are touchy feely and full of love    08/03/21  (1)
China = 32 gold medals. US = 24    08/03/21  (9)
Rate my new Olympian spinner distance runner crush, Karissa Schweizer    08/03/21  (5)
US advises against traveling to Greece bc of covid. RSF pwnd. (link)    08/03/21  (1)
NYC mandates proof of vaccination for indoor activities    08/03/21  (2)
buy a vase inspired by dupa (pic)    08/03/21  (22)
America's reputation on the world stage: uppity losing/quitting negroes    08/03/21  (3)
Dupa sobbing outside Simone’s house “You’ll always be the GOAT, Simone!”    08/03/21  (2)
Interesting hand in today's NYT Ambition column    08/03/21  (15)
ordered an ac unit for apartment. self install or should i get an hvac guy?    08/03/21  (3)
Doodikoff why is everyone getting murdered in atlanta?    08/03/21  (8)
bros i think i have Morgellons    08/03/21  (15)
Covid killing kids at an increased rate    08/03/21  (13)
Denmark cyclist crashes into English cyclist at Olympics. Criminal charges pendi    08/03/21  (1)
If US was divided East/West right down middle, which side wins in a war    08/03/21  (29)
What's Tucker doing in Budapest, the least globohomo capital of Europe?    08/03/21  (9)
Evander Kane declared bankruptcy during 7 year 49 mil contract    08/03/21  (4)
holy f*ck i hate working with coders    08/03/21  (13)
(Reddit) How do I approach wife about visible “property of Tucker Max” tatt    08/03/21  (6)
sucking another guy's dick is 180    08/03/21  (21)
i consider my experiment with Christianity a complete failure    08/03/21  (73)
McKayla discussed body-betrayl orgasm from Nasser in latest TikTok:    08/03/21  (26)
Israel needs more diversity    08/03/21  (2)
WE all need to be streaming DaBaby 24/7    08/03/21  (3)
Why do we have a federal agency called For Biden Interests?    08/03/21  (1)
New Dune movie 4K rip leaked online    08/03/21  (5)
what kind of fags sit around discussing women's gymnastics in catty tone?    08/03/21  (1)
it's 180000 that Biden hates his deadbeat voters. lol pay your debts losers    08/03/21  (1)
Britain stole $45 trillion from India    08/03/21  (28)
The most prestigious DaBaby discussion board in the world.    08/03/21  (1)
It’s not controversial: Simone Biles is the absolute GOAT    08/03/21  (1)
Hypo: $700k per year but you have to live in Ingushetia for 10 years    08/03/21  (3)
anyone else exclusively read harry potter agwwg fanfic?    08/03/21  (1)
Are there people who are eagerly awaiting Avatar 2 and 3?    08/03/21  (12)
Bro if you only knew how ur wife’s past sex partners defiled and disrespected    08/03/21  (1)
Fourth Jan. 6 cop (2nd today) commits suicide    08/03/21  (64)
(Reddit) How do I approach wife about visible “property of Tucker Carlson” t    08/03/21  (1)
Seattle Mariners traded their closer to rivals, promptly lose on 2 blown saves    08/03/21  (90)
they will never stop, dont you get it    08/03/21  (3)
Israel and Iran are in the middle of a big naval battle off the UAE right now    08/03/21  (5)
Do any non-shitlibs even believe January 6 was an insurrection?    08/03/21  (28)
I have a small uncircumcised Marathi cock    08/03/21  (1)
SPAC mastermen ITT    08/03/21  (3)
Filipino-Gondorian Nationalism    08/03/21  (8)
What's your daily ritual? i watch a baywatch rerun everyday    08/03/21  (1)
Reepicheep's Life Matters! ----{,_,">    08/03/21  (29)
"I'm here for the pizza party," said the depressed lawyer    08/03/21  (272)
I've got a roll of 5 dollar bills that would choke an elephant    08/03/21  (1)
How old would Jack be today?    08/03/21  (1)
Alpha Indian Navy deploying ships to South China See    08/03/21  (6)
xo McKayla: I competed WITH a broken foot because I love America (link)    08/03/21  (29)
What are the odds a 50-year old chad from Mass. never called someone a faggot    08/03/21  (1)
Shoji Tabuchi says there is "no doubt" voter fraud occurred    08/03/21  (1)
Biles SNOOKERED out on TWISTIES, getting Bronze medal and media praise    08/03/21  (1)
TBF's pwnage of Box reached IRL. Impressively done, Ace.    08/03/21  (8)
What’s the most prestigious Olympic gold medal?    08/03/21  (11)
HEINRICH put your Jew in the oven at 9:46 PM    08/03/21  (58)
Weird NYT headline: "Sunisa Lee Says She Rike-a Gord Medar"    08/03/21  (1)
NYT Opinion: Yes, Lee Won Gold, but the Real Story is Biles Overcoming Twisties    08/03/21  (2)
US Women's Soccer team announces that their Bronze Medal identifies as Gold    08/03/21  (15)
Simian Biles confirms she will participate in Tokyo Olimpics monkey bar competit    08/03/21  (13)
Trans Superstar Laurel Hubbard Fails to Snatch up Weight, DNFs at Olympics    08/03/21  (13)
Best value beach community in USA?    08/03/21  (8)
Box's friend here (nude pics in thread), and here are my thoughts on xo    08/03/21  (7)
IOC: Simone Biles's bronze self-identifies as gold:    08/03/21  (3)
LINK and SOL rising while BTC stays flat    08/03/21  (10)

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