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Can’t wait till this shithole message board dies forever    04/19/24  (2)
Law shrew stinkflaps    04/19/24  (4)
Choate college acceptances don't seem very impressive (1400 SAT avg)    04/19/24  (14)
goodnight xo. *dies clutching flickering server*    04/19/24  (1)
Live in a trailer park fucking scumslut whores & wrenching on exotic cars    04/19/24  (5)
Owen Benjamin on the four stages of corporations    04/19/24  (1)
STICKY: We are fucked.    04/19/24  (8)
Absolutely incredible how little Americans get in return for their taxes    04/19/24  (51)
Secondary IMMOLATOR manifesto warns of imminent "Redneck Rebellion."    04/19/24  (3)
has NSAM posted since that lunatic burned himself?    04/19/24  (1)
Clean your butthole.    04/19/24  (8)
All cash buyers caused SoCal housing prices to hit a new record    04/19/24  (1)
Mike Fart gets a big boner when I rip a stinker in his face.    04/19/24  (43)
RATE this Jewess (PIC):    04/19/24  (3)
The Universe is telling us to go live IRL--fuck this busted shithole    04/19/24  (1)
How old is Rachmiel? 50? Imagine him giving a single shit about us    04/19/24  (2)
Jewish/Protestant Legalism is so Stupid: Its One Weird Trick (God sighs, you got    04/19/24  (1)
Well, this is weird - link    04/19/24  (2)
The vaginal microbiome    04/19/24  (1)
The vaginal microbiome    04/19/24  (1)
Should I migrate to reddit, slash.law, or gamefaqs?    04/19/24  (24)
Karen, I want to slide my meat into your poop hole rn    04/19/24  (2)
what do jews DO on shabbat? other than trick god    04/19/24  (1)
Ayuuuuda Legaaaaaal con CSLG! ¡Vamanos cholos!    04/19/24  (1)
Sure would be great if Rach weren't a piece of shit absentee landlord    04/19/24  (1)
the amount of people who try to sell me cocaine every day would shock you    04/19/24  (21)
Xbox DOMINATING Sony's PlayStation Store (link)    04/19/24  (2)
Turns out deer like Bach - video    04/19/24  (3)
China’s Cities Are Sinking Below Sea Level, Study Finds    04/19/24  (1)
We will bump this thread every day until DrakeMallard returns to xoxo    04/19/24  (114)
Is there a dish you gave up trying to get right?    04/19/24  (36)
Going to eat out a vagina this weekend (Stalin tp)    04/19/24  (1)
Why would this guy get 17 masters degrees? (Has a degree from all Ivies too)    04/19/24  (90)
FizzKid doing white-asian raceplay porn on OF "chink hole4u"    04/19/24  (1)
Does your wife use THE VOICE on you ever?    04/19/24  (3)
Can’t stand all the entitled turds in America    04/19/24  (3)
Imgur tp— who the fuck is this idiot?    04/19/24  (4)
Joe Biden is probably the best POTUS of the past 50 years.    04/19/24  (1)
Heartwarming story about teenagers    04/19/24  (10)
Hunters. Prey. Magicians. Pyramids.    04/19/24  (3)
Would love to shoot up the entire HQ of Epson Printers    04/19/24  (2)
Sipping wine by the fireplace and thinking about Gen X    04/19/24  (4)
Millennials, the Dying Children    04/19/24  (218)
Had 5 dates w/in last month. All nerdy white guys from CoffeeMeetsBagel (FizzKi    04/19/24  (1)
Google CEO to entitled employees protesting in office: GTFO    04/19/24  (20)
Should I take job?    04/19/24  (4)
How many times per year do you get poopfinger while wiping?    04/19/24  (1)
Do fat people poop more?    04/19/24  (12)
the place i'm staying at has metal straws for their smoothing, they are 18000000    04/19/24  (4)
The global world order is centralized at levels above the nation-state    04/19/24  (7)
Comex silver activity is approaching the zenith of the 2021 SilverSqueeze    04/19/24  (3)
Jews are just an idea    04/19/24  (1)
new season of curb is terrible    04/19/24  (22)
Trump the Peaceful kept us out of wars & once tried to buy Greenland­čçČ­čç▒    04/19/24  (5)
Slampig Nationalism    04/19/24  (1)
video shown to 4th graders in GA. (dog is a cat but that's ok.)    04/19/24  (8)
Slampig Slimepit    04/19/24  (10)
i would leave my wife in a heartbeat for a younger woman    04/19/24  (1)
Thanks, Ricky.    04/19/24  (3)
Estrada: Born to be mild    04/19/24  (8)
anyone tried Levitra/Vardenafil yet? does it really work in like 15 min?    04/19/24  (3)
Video of Jews trying to start a war with Iran again right now    04/19/24  (1)
Rate this female UChicago student fight off a robber with a gun (link)    04/19/24  (22)
Bboom everyone is saying $wift's new album is "Album of the Century"    04/19/24  (1)
That guy was completely on fire but still had more hair than me when carted off    04/19/24  (7)
Jokingly referred to my HOA as a loya jirga now I am “racist”    04/19/24  (1)
It's all easy fraud feel like questions are being asked wow fuck    04/19/24  (1)
Dumb hysterical mouthbreathing kikes    04/19/24  (1)
STICKY: All of yormur poasts are archived and your identities known    04/19/24  (2)
Parent about to succumb to cancer. Any advice?    04/19/24  (8)
Antifa is just an idea    04/19/24  (6)
replacing my grass with 90% meadow/prairier flowers    04/19/24  (22)
apparently ricky was right about the mcdonalds app. what else was he right about    04/19/24  (14)
STICKY: Big changes are coming (new rachmiel)    04/19/24  (13)
Casted as type: Bruce Willis as a mentally ill confused man    04/19/24  (2)
m night shyamalan watching “the faculty” and crushing on josh hartnett    04/19/24  (2)
Big airstrike in Iraq just now - link    04/19/24  (3)
High school cheerleader falls asleep and gets decomposed by millipedes (time lap    04/19/24  (6)
-=>New DUSQK album Gaia/RAE [JungleBreakcoreDnBDreamcastPSX]
just DROPPED<=-
   04/19/24  (1)
can someone please fix the bort or convince rach to fix it?    04/19/24  (2)
Why all the Kansas City hate?    04/19/24  (3)
It's Happening: Biden proposes tax on UNREALIZED gains.    04/19/24  (140)
which pumo is .,.,...,..,.,.,:,,:,.,.,:::,...,
:,...:..:.,:.::,., hes doing great
   04/19/24  (6)
Wait, so the Ukraine aid doesn't even contemplate a counter offensive?    04/19/24  (60)
Wow NPR CEO outted as CIA operative    04/19/24  (5)
How in the hell do scouts think JJ McCarthy is way better than Penix?    04/19/24  (13)
down 20lbs on the fat shots since Oct    04/19/24  (11)
How to respond to someone just deleting my comments from a document and    04/19/24  (3)
LOL I had a huge boner in my youth soccer team photo (pic)    04/19/24  (1)
I remember the first time I enjoyed Simply Red's "Holding Back the Years"    04/19/24  (2)
Taylor Swift is 42 years and still writes lyrics like she’s 20    04/19/24  (22)
Almost 10 years since PoeticDreamer died in that chemical fire    04/19/24  (9)
Checkout this documentary about a Taliban shitlib judge    04/19/24  (1)
Don’t see how Trump is convicted now after guy lit himself on fire    04/19/24  (1)
WTF, this burning protestor was involved in a lawsuit against the Clintons?!    04/19/24  (1)
ITT: Sealclubber learns that the wealth taxes targets wealth    04/19/24  (53)
Lebron keeps telling everyone he's the GOAT    04/19/24  (1)
So Iran was just like, "what attack?" And then everyone just went to sleep?    04/19/24  (5)
Trumpmos you cant fraudulently funnel campaign $ to hooker then falsify records    04/19/24  (43)
Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are counting on aid.    04/19/24  (2)
BREAKING: Trump has deranged OUTBURST in front of jury, seeks mistrial (link)    04/19/24  (4)
GOT THAT SKUNK    04/19/24  (1)
Ricky, is this website legit?    04/19/24  (2)
F-35 is going to be in service for 77 years. Eat shit.    04/19/24  (23)
Dream blunt rotation: weed smoker tp, cancer diagnosis tp, zurich tp, ricky tp    04/19/24  (14)
Got my gaming laptop back - is Baldurs Gate 3 worth the time investment?    04/19/24  (21)
do that fucking coke Cokestack    04/19/24  (1)
"Ukrainians" won't exist in a generation    04/19/24  (44)
Autistic ND QB learned teammates names by uploading profile pics to Quizlet    04/19/24  (1)
what’s something funny and mind-numbing i can watch or listen to    04/19/24  (3)
Best beaches to find middle aged white women in string bikinis (or less)?    04/19/24  (2)
should i overbill a client by 21K today?    04/19/24  (5)
The $NVIDIA meme is over    04/19/24  (4)
If RFK Jr we’re a better politician he could’ve won dem primary & become POT    04/19/24  (4)
Trump not having a good monday. $DJT shares tank another 10%    04/19/24  (12)
Ukraine is heading for victory    04/19/24  (7)
Civil War (2024)    04/19/24  (1)
read the Substack of the guy who lit himself on fire today (link)    04/19/24  (3)
US: Don't attack Iran. Israel: We attacked Iran and you will pay for our defense    04/19/24  (12)
you can throw a plunger at Boom's head and it will stick    04/19/24  (3)
Zero regrets about that double qrtr pdr I had yesterday    04/19/24  (5)
Fuck paying jew bills..go live in a Kansas city homeless shelter=cr    04/19/24  (8)
Jesus why do the frauds lie? Kansas City is a disturbing hell hole    04/19/24  (2)
Every last fraud can die cheating me out of my life    04/19/24  (6)
You're getting fucked around and won't admitt it=why? Why allow this?    04/19/24  (3)
All this sports fraud is fluke fraud shit    04/19/24  (3)
Every place is awful&it shoulda coulda all been yours    04/19/24  (2)
Chiefs and NFL are frauds have Mahomo shit facilities&a cleveland fraud "Kelce"    04/19/24  (3)
Reminder "women" are the only problem&don't mean a word they say    04/19/24  (3)
Go have gay butt sex shit poop in Kansas City homeless shelter die frauds    04/19/24  (3)
Ricky, are you still looks maxxing?    04/19/24  (1)
Kansas City and nearly all of America is a fucking joke    04/19/24  (5)
Go take a payday loan for gay buttsex in Kansas City homeless shelter    04/19/24  (2)
Hope Kelce and Mahomo end up with amputations&fractured skulls minimum    04/19/24  (3)
The masses are pieces of shit end them    04/19/24  (4)
All casino and gambling operators deserve brutal torture&execution    04/19/24  (12)
Good go ww3 this fraud "world" must end    04/19/24  (9)
Prices are up 400 to 500% minimum lol at (((them))) claiming 2 to 3%    04/19/24  (2)
You're being flat out defrauded you're getting ripped at cheated all along laugh    04/19/24  (2)
Ukraine finally destroyed a russian strategic bomber in flight (video)    04/19/24  (6)
With everything as fucked as it is it is awful pussified and tame    04/19/24  (2)
This current "society" is weak ass pussy bitch ass shit    04/19/24  (4)
If asian pussy didn't exist there really wouldn't be much of a point to life    04/19/24  (1)
Birdshits are SOOOOO Innovative!!! *sets self on fire in new exotic location!!    04/19/24  (1)
"We have a shooter! No, it's a phone, he's got a phone. He's posting. Its a poli    04/19/24  (2)
The most prestigious slaughtering your ex's dogs discussion board in the world    04/19/24  (4)
S&P down .9 %, DOW up .5 % right now    04/19/24  (3)

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