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"And now let's go to US expert Neera Vijaykrishnamenonajaya for why Whites suck"    09/27/22  (24)
*Offspring voice* "You got financial speculators!"    09/27/22  (10)
Hypothetically, which area of crime is relatively safe AND lucrative?    09/27/22  (33)
"fuck liiiiiiibs" shouted tsinah as he ran from an outback steakhouse manager    09/27/22  (51)
Liberals pull over Trump going 57 in a 55 zone. “WE FINALLY GOT HIM!”    09/27/22  (27)
TSINAH in Tales from the Crypt episode “Here Toupee, Gone Tomorrow    09/27/22  (14)
I don't think they should have released experimental virus and destroyed economy    09/27/22  (2)
"What? Babe, no, EPAH and TSINAH are different people. Are you even listening    09/27/22  (11)
"IS THAT ALL YOU GOT GOD?!?!" tsinah shouted as his scalp glue outlasted hurrica    09/27/22  (9)
"Oh yeah, but aren't you bored all day without a wife nagging you constantly?"    09/27/22  (2)
too bad tsinah can't also superglue a roof to his scalp 🤣    09/27/22  (16)
Drank three bottles: turkey 101, OGD bonded, and Beam for old times sake    09/27/22  (2)
Why did the Jewish media hate The Passion of the Christ (2004)    09/27/22  (44)
claim: "russian conscripts forced to buy tactical maxi pads" tbf: "needs context    09/27/22  (12)
I hate niggers.    09/27/22  (12)
5'11 guy worshipped as a god by tiny South American tribe (insane pics)    09/27/22  (3)
I understand and I wish to kill self    09/27/22  (1)
Mr. Jinx in critical condition following a vajazzling machine accident:    09/27/22  (4)
i'm elevating Karlstack to my full-time xo BF while Emilio is AWOL    09/27/22  (1)
Link to Joel Gilbert documentary “The Trayvon Hoax”    09/27/22  (12)
Link to Joel Gilbert documentary “Dreams From My Real Father”    09/27/22  (4)
we should let people opt for russian roulette as an alternative to prison    09/27/22  (6)
EPAH, you should move to seal the case against you.    09/27/22  (18)
Is it normal to not enjoy talking to women?    09/27/22  (13)
Best way to handle clients too fucking retarded to send complete docs?    09/27/22  (14)
has cowgod ever made a good thread or comment?    09/27/22  (19)
Fancy Cat: "A Postcolonial Analysis of Meowlticultural Education"    09/27/22  (2)
Cat Fancy: "A Postcolonial Analysis of Multicultural Education"    09/27/22  (3)
luckily nothing bad's ever happened when italy's elected a fascist    09/27/22  (10)
Covid Vaccines Make Cancer Worse (The Atlantic)    09/27/22  (9)
Boor is a big stinky nigger    09/27/22  (1)
Old AZN man gets robbed and BEATEN by youths on the Chicago subway:    09/27/22  (4)
Paul "The Buck" Clubette    09/27/22  (28)
real national socialism has never been tried    09/27/22  (6)
Space Orgs have no right to interfere with asteroids heading towards Earth IMHO    09/27/22  (1)
I was lost and beat up, turned out, burned up. You found me    09/27/22  (1)
I wish I loved anyone as much as Green Jolly Rancher    09/27/22  (1)
Any Floridians here? Have you lubed up for Ian yet?    09/27/22  (1)
Larry Summers clutching pearls abt unknown "social phenomenon"    09/27/22  (65)
Sick of being just another stupid goy. I'm ready to fight back.    09/27/22  (47)
every lib you interact with would gleefully ruin your life for fun    09/27/22  (15)
Canada removes all Covid19 travel restrictions October 1    09/27/22  (9)
The COVID vax prevents baldness    09/27/22  (3)
At tuning shop. Getting secondary cats removed from my CAMARO 2SS SUPERCAR.    09/27/22  (1)
Our founding fathers would never recite the "Pledge of allegiance" total crap    09/27/22  (8)
Italian PM roasts CSLG's "Tuscan" decor (link)    09/27/22  (14)
Karlstack, please do a deep dive on cheating anal-bead chess player    09/27/22  (5)
Passion of the Christ 2 - The Resurrection (not flame)    09/27/22  (15)
British woman to Don Lemon: "There should be slavery reparations. Pay us."    09/27/22  (84)
Connor Oberst to take over head coaching duties for Nebraska football    09/27/22  (12)
MiG will you go see Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection with me?    09/27/22  (7)
Carnival Cruise comedian calls audience NIGGAS, tells them GTFO    09/27/22  (2)
Crypto is mooning as we speak. Lol if you didn't get in sub-$20k.    09/27/22  (1)
Pompeo v. Tien    09/27/22  (10)
Anyone read Leo Strauss?    09/27/22  (37)
going to get high and watch passion of the christ    09/27/22  (10)
How much of the USA's economy is dependant on niggers eating fried chicken?    09/27/22  (23)
Who is #1 Grandpa?    09/27/22  (1)
“Really tired of these kikes.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero    09/27/22  (3)
Erin Andrews, 99.999th percentile phenotype genetics, shrewpwn3d and childless    09/27/22  (99)
Netflix making series on Dark Lex tp (link)    09/27/22  (3)
Megan Markle reported the Queen's Racism to Buckingham Palace HR Dept (link)    09/27/22  (42)
"You don't love me, you only love Morrowind's ambiance!"    09/27/22  (11)
i didnt forget about istanbul street cat    09/27/22  (12)
later said, “I think we have enough financial speculator museums.”    09/27/22  (4)
geneticists are probably sitting on cold hard world-altering findings    09/27/22  (8)
New Italian PM: "I miss boner police"    09/27/22  (26)
make so much $ from my SaaS + being overseas I don’t care how much things cost    09/27/22  (23)
Everyone smarter than me is a Jew. Everyone cooler than me is nigger. Everyone    09/27/22  (13)
GJR performing the Dance of the Seven Veils, asking Rach for Mike Fart's head    09/27/22  (14)
YOUR OLD: Thomas Aquinas would be 790 today if he hadn't died    09/27/22  (16)
Fetterman trying to become the first retard elected Senator    09/27/22  (1)
BP, you were a fool to leave GJR.    09/27/22  (1)
England and Denmark spoke mutually intelligible languages until recently    09/27/22  (1)
Gays out-reproduce straights. Do trans also out reproduce straights?    09/27/22  (11)
Gays enjoy things more than straight males    09/27/22  (13)
The worst part about dying is you have to enrich/support the earth like a cuck    09/27/22  (20)
gf is making me chicken shwarma with fries and little heirloom tomatoes    09/27/22  (1)
the arc of most xo poa's political views is fucking hilarious    09/27/22  (26)
Catholic grade school fired teacher for living with fiance out of wedlock    09/27/22  (63)
Difference between EU and US "Far Right" pols is EU aren't furking retards    09/27/22  (29)
Was Friends better than Seinfeld?    09/27/22  (54)
we discovered that most females report waiting at least 48 hours following an in    09/27/22  (3)
Should I pay $1,610 for a two week "Zero to Hero" sailing course?    09/27/22  (64)
My sibling is “bad at test taking” according to my mother    09/27/22  (4)
Peterman will you be my mentor?    09/27/22  (7)
greatest xo male fear = being considered creepy by femposters    09/27/22  (2)
Would you pick a lower offer on your house if the buyer was a young trans woman?    09/27/22  (8)
Lex conway. These “female to male” transgenders are fake bullshit right?    09/27/22  (2)
shoes & socks    09/27/22  (4)
Lol niggers watermelon and fried chicken niggers    09/27/22  (1)
Ha$TTTings officially renamed to 'UC College of the Law, San Francisco'    09/27/22  (8)
Ive been sued by sovreign citizens twice (both black)    09/27/22  (3)
i've decided to use marijuana until i get marijuana psychosis and die    09/27/22  (7)
one in four females acknowledge infidelity, one in eight admit having sufficient    09/27/22  (14)
List of best domestic airports?    09/27/22  (5)
rate my ftm friend's T levels    09/27/22  (1)
greatest xo male fear = being considered dumb by other posters    09/27/22  (4)
Rachel Dolezal OnlyFans link    09/27/22  (9)
fempoasters really trigger me    09/27/22  (6)
Getting married sounds stpid as fieck until you see a single man in his 60s    09/27/22  (8)
My ancestors went to war and now I sell SaaS    09/27/22  (5)
i love LatAm so far    09/27/22  (16)
Putin didn’t push Ukraine to try to join NATO, America did. Putin didn’t pus    09/27/22  (1)
How the fuck is anyone still working a “service job” lol    09/27/22  (56)
I don't even have shoes    09/27/22  (10)
Ukrainecucks never substantively reply… is it because they are shallow thinker    09/27/22  (1)
My burst iq is a million    09/27/22  (5)
100k YouTube videos of Motorhead live, not one where they are sloppy    09/27/22  (1)
getting called a whore by women on facebook rules    09/27/22  (2)
Someone from Virginia texted "Hello." to me just now    09/27/22  (6)
Going to bump this thread every day until we find Emilio Estevez    09/27/22  (220)
lol, Psaki finally speaks truth: Dems lose if they run on Biden    09/27/22  (4)
12,068 Sun cycle is probably true    09/27/22  (49)
TSINAH thinks he's a board celebrity because a ton of threads make fun of him    09/27/22  (1)
*** SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 @ 10:00 A.M. TSINAH eviction hearing WAITING ROOM ***    09/27/22  (358)
There's no getting through to libs, look at this Youbemom thread    09/27/22  (9)
Motorhead's 50 greatest tracks in no particular order    09/27/22  (43)
EPAH, are there any zoom links you think we'd find interesting?    09/27/22  (2)
I'm not even a real person    09/27/22  (3)
Candy Ride is a brother. Epah is a shitlib whose kids get Affirmative Action    09/27/22  (1)
can someone pls tell me how EUROPE is *NOT* about to become economic wasteland?    09/27/22  (16)
Leiter on Posner's baked goods: That's not scholar chips!    09/27/22  (3)
Odd case: 1 year after our "botched" Afghanistan withdrawal, no one cares    09/27/22  (10)
down to listening to only 12 hours of Persona and Elder Scrolls music a day    09/27/22  (4)
I'm going to kill myself    09/27/22  (2)
"you're soooo white..." cooed the fobby PhD to dark lex,    09/27/22  (42)
Jordan Peterson said I was allowed to believe in Jesus    09/27/22  (1)
Germans and Indians spoke mutually intelligible languages as recently as 500 BC    09/27/22  (3)
One of my attys called me up today and asked me if I'd like to do a class action    09/27/22  (2)
id like to be killed    09/27/22  (2)
I'm gay    09/27/22  (2)
Trump: "I have the secret of the philosophers stone"    09/27/22  (4)
XO 2012: If I don't get V5 I'll killself. XO 2022: *kills self*    09/27/22  (2)
Loss Prevention Associate killed himself    09/27/22  (42)
Wish people were more openly racist/transphobic/whatevs so I'd get more lawsuits    09/27/22  (15)
We are doing WWIII because Russia looks ready to accept the mount    09/27/22  (122)
HELP: I just got this spam email and I don’t know what to do    09/27/22  (2)
What is a good hobby that gives you an excuse to travel away from family    09/27/22  (8)
xo2012 least likely to killself: Cravath partner; xo2022: transgender accountant    09/27/22  (7)
Idiocracy is real: Italy to elect HS grad as POTUS lmao    09/27/22  (91)
House of Dragons shot itself in the foot recasting 2 lead actresses    09/27/22  (4)
Chronic, persistent, untreated mental illness    09/27/22  (5)
does ur wife still make u pay to view her OnlyFans page?    09/27/22  (1)
symbol additiction    09/27/22  (7)
Ricky, just started drinking coffee again lately. Wow this stuff is 180    09/27/22  (26)
Fun story about when my PS2 got stolen back in 2004    09/27/22  (6)

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