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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Hotel Ordinary Bangkok    05/18/21  (1)
Just bought $4K of BTC    05/18/21  (3)
"dupa, what's the milk mustache?...oh jesus christ"    05/18/21  (2)
get laid a lot more now than when i was younger but am less happy    05/18/21  (12)
ITT list hobbies you have ONLY while high on Adderall.    05/18/21  (26)
Why does XO say AJ Soprano character was a loser when he was much cooler than 90    05/18/21  (41)
How much does a victim hanging out with accused tarnish a criminal case?    05/18/21  (1)
aliens seem chill bc they mind their own business    05/18/21  (2)
Remember when Tony beat AJ at Mario Kart 64 with one hand?    05/18/21  (5)
rate CFP's explanation of rankings Indiana 12 & Coastal Carolina 13:    05/18/21  (35)
Another Day In America    05/18/21  (4)
Is it true Kirkland is offering six figure bonuses?    05/18/21  (24)
itt: i rate you as the percentage chance that you will one day die    05/18/21  (50)
What’s the best answer to “what are your hobbies” interview question?    05/18/21  (42)
vaccine-mo's - do you at least admit the propaganda campaign for the vax is..odd    05/18/21  (1)
Zuck gives Gates $1 - “I didn’t think you could get them to take the vaccine    05/18/21  (1)
you’re insane if you’re not on PrEP    05/18/21  (1)
there are literally aliens chilling among us rn and i'm at "work" lmao    05/18/21  (5)
jinx to whok's asshole: "You want it to be one way. But it's the other way."    05/18/21  (1)
Divorced Wilson Sonsini partner kills self after one last conference call    05/18/21  (370)
LSD tp has been right about a lot so far    05/18/21  (2)
star wars extended universe books.    05/18/21  (1)
deep state: "lol we got retards to inject themselves w experimental unproven vax    05/18/21  (95)
Should I read Dune?    05/18/21  (41)
Frog and Toad help Hermit the Cog load up the van with barrels of gasoline    05/18/21  (3)
worst part of covid reality is pre supposition everyone is 'tainted' now    05/18/21  (6)
Lawyer held in contempt of court after showing up to Zoom w goatse background    05/18/21  (6)
Aliens are here because they’re oppressed by libs also on their home planet    05/18/21  (1)
Am I mentally ill to still be wiping groceries down with alcohol/disinfectant wi    05/18/21  (17)
Do you think this meme will resonate with normies?    05/18/21  (3)
Is there such a thing called Autistic Chad?    05/18/21  (32)
Dems: if the Arizona audit is such a fraud, why all the resistance?    05/18/21  (24)
So has the Johnson and Johnson vaccine been canceled completely?    05/18/21  (1)
I have decided I will probably get the vax    05/18/21  (25)
TUCKER features new UFO video of trans medium craft    05/18/21  (18)
what's the difference between physical silver and physical silver tp?    05/18/21  (5)
AJ was the personification of Tony's weakness/failings - his rage at AJ    05/18/21  (6)
If we discover non-human intelligent life exists, humanity's mantra should be    05/18/21  (5)
🇨🇳 Some skyscraper in China is shaking for no reason 🇨🇳    05/18/21  (9)
"no mom, you're supposed to log in every day and pretend to be rich"    05/18/21  (1)
jinx had a surprise party this weekend    05/18/21  (1)
Rate this Biden supporter attempting to get gas (link)    05/18/21  (1)
No one on XO grew up rich    05/18/21  (56)
As I approach 40, it's becoming extremely difficult to not have a "dad gut"    05/18/21  (112)
Interview idea: reject interviews unless overqualified    05/18/21  (1)
A ditsoon. A charcoal briquette? A mulignan?    05/18/21  (1)
Fauci: vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors (link)    05/18/21  (3)
can't remember not having overwhelming urge to knock my faggot dad's teeth out    05/18/21  (1)
in Sopranos did they ever kill HS kids (never seen it)    05/18/21  (8)
5/18/21 Mega Millions *official thread* ($475 million)    05/18/21  (1)
man o war went to grambling state university and majored in AA studies    05/18/21  (1)
diversity is our strength    05/18/21  (4)
I don't think the general public has any idea of how bad the ADA is    05/18/21  (9)
Gonna fuck a NIGGER up today    05/18/21  (2)
thanks MVIS    05/18/21  (37)
is semester at sea prestigious?    05/18/21  (19)
$LINK is more important than BTC or ETH combined    05/18/21  (6)
I visited your home this morning, spaceporn, after you'd left.    05/18/21  (25)
benzo: scamming vaccine court and claiming disability also benzo: get the vaxxx    05/18/21  (1)
Simulation, flat earth, and NPCs    05/18/21  (1)
I’ll fuck anything that moves    05/18/21  (5)
Whatever drives your anxiety, there's a social media "app" for it    05/18/21  (3)
Is ETH a good buy at this price point?    05/18/21  (2)
My wife loves long 7+ day vacations.    05/18/21  (4)
a 45-year law career equivalent to aj with the knife in the nursing home    05/18/21  (1)
"it's called the triforce" your future wife giggled bent over between two chads    05/18/21  (4)
$400k BTC, $10k ETH, $1000 Chainlink, and $1000 Solana    05/18/21  (4)
Feels like we’re overdue for another Islamic terror attack    05/18/21  (1)
'shit on my dick or blood on my needle. the rule is simple'    05/18/21  (1)
hot, rich, teen blonde to AJ Soprano: "I'm like a gangster dude's girlfriend"    05/18/21  (3)
How many weeks of "shelter in place" before unrest    05/18/21  (22)
Colt making the soy face as he holds a Nintendo Switch    05/18/21  (15)
no hobbies and still poor    05/18/21  (6)
I’m severely autistic and mentally ill irl    05/18/21  (10)
wow im an abject failure    05/18/21  (5)
does consuela still get 40K/month from his ex-wife?    05/18/21  (2)
It truly delights me that lawyers richly deserve all their misery and depression    05/18/21  (1)
Did anyone here NOT buy $1 Solana last December?    05/18/21  (13)
Just test drove Audi RS5    05/18/21  (9)
was it always flame or is this a recent development?    05/18/21  (2)
"The Counsel" by Kenny Rogers    05/18/21  (13)
rate gen z russians talking shit about america    05/18/21  (1)
what changes between $1.6m and $10.6m net worth    05/18/21  (101)
bros this videos is scary af to me    05/18/21  (1)
a "chill" 2% property tax negating a flat asset that rises only w/ inflation    05/18/21  (1)
Someone at my company has been there 48 years, lol jesus christ    05/18/21  (7)
Bumble FINALLY banned me, I ran a fake hot guy account for years    05/18/21  (107)
“What curve? Just stay home and wear masks until the fucking cure”    05/18/21  (6)
mask culture and the Wuhan Flu    05/18/21  (28)
LJL Robinhood owns all your "Bitcoin" keys    05/18/21  (1)
Who wants to nut in my ass? (zurich)    05/18/21  (5)
Describe your China Virus Wuhan Flu situation/plan right now    05/18/21  (19)
I still haven't gotten the vax    05/18/21  (5)
Guy who media ate up at the descendant of Robert E. Lee turns out to be a hoax    05/18/21  (2)
Kirk Mccaskill gave up back to back jacks to Ken Griffey’s Jr and Sr.    05/18/21  (9)
If I had just put 80% of my NW in VOO one year ago...    05/18/21  (13)
i have 300K of debt i will never pay, just deal with a phone call 2-3x a year    05/18/21  (1)
Boart Kikes: explain this fucking video    05/18/21  (1)
rate this cheerful russian girl happy to live in communist concrete shitbloc    05/18/21  (1)
Lol Sean Hannity tp You Thieving Kike LoL    05/18/21  (1)
Airlines going to start weighing passengers before flights now    05/18/21  (4)
NYUUG: your current live stream is the #3 youtube result for "solana"    05/18/21  (4)
Your dad: raising a healthy family in 1980; You: 10yr+ XOXOHTH Poasting Career    05/18/21  (33)
*nutella vomiting pure Chardonnay into Le Creuset apple pie dish*    05/18/21  (15)
JFC, benzo shitmodded the thread where he offered to sotp feuding    05/18/21  (18)
V6 2WD or 4 cylinder 4WD for truck?    05/18/21  (22)
Actual white supremacists beat down and curb stomp black woman (video)    05/18/21  (13)
noted black woman Val Demings to challenge Marco Rubio for US Senate    05/18/21  (3)
Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine    05/18/21  (2)
COVID - Notorious F.A.U.C.I    05/18/21  (15)
Trumpmos telling they court they are autistic gay retards    05/18/21  (1)
Sideways remake except it’s RSF and Benzo on trip to Burning Man    05/18/21  (13)
*TSINAH sniffing Benzo's boxers as he calls his parole officer*    05/18/21  (30)
*Benzo nude, high as fuck on TuTu singing "Liza with a Z" into a cracked mirror*    05/18/21  (8)
Best 70" TV for <$1,000?    05/18/21  (15)
california introduces bill eliminating self-defense homicide defense (link)    05/18/21  (1)
90s u: oh no my cd jewel case is broken; now u: oh no, my life is broken    05/18/21  (9)
Third dose pwned    05/18/21  (10)
App chick opener: What's your most controversial opinion?? Response ideas ITT    05/18/21  (64)
Lawman, will u ever stop being a pussy/cuck and go back to ur moniker?    05/18/21  (1)
biz idea: snakeskin dogs    05/18/21  (5)
exchanges dont have reserves of physical crypto for redemption. this is a run.    05/18/21  (3)
Silver at $27 is like ETH at $27, but not fraud. Opportunity of a lifetime.    05/18/21  (26)
frog and toad reminisce about the time faggot mods tried to step to them    05/18/21  (5)
Which poaster is probably the most unlikeable IRL?    05/18/21  (55)
Jfc this spamming quotemo is ruining the board    05/18/21  (6)
she should have snapped that nigger's neck    05/18/21  (2)
what's the epistemological basis for not being skeptical of the moon landing?    05/18/21  (2)
*bald lawyer feeling anxiety rise as he tries to ask black secretary for somethi    05/18/21  (5)
peter man's complete guide to sucking & fucking internet strangers in VR    05/18/21  (1)
funny thing is America actually was founded on white supremacy    05/18/21  (4)
Upset Jew smelling a woman’s clean vagina: “Ew, gross. No poop smell.”    05/18/21  (12)
upset jew: "im a top" *SNL cast breaks character, hyperventilates from laughter*    05/18/21  (34)
talked about daddy dialing with 6 lawyers last night    05/18/21  (9)
Going from $3M to $600M is more life-changing than going from $0M to $3M    05/18/21  (1)
"stop the steal!" he bellows as third base coach waves arms    05/18/21  (1)
Protip for blacks: Don't act like niggers    05/18/21  (31)
Black employee stole entire pallet of baby formula and I can't fire him (evan39)    05/18/21  (23)
Feel rly sad for posters who sold their SOL, or never bought in the first place    05/18/21  (9)
noSOLmos: why    05/18/21  (15)
Is QS still going to take off this year?    05/18/21  (1)
Cslg cum in my pussy, it only a few drop, but he try real hard, I wanna baby    05/18/21  (4)
Xo women now "daddy dialing" their abortions    05/18/21  (80)
Started blank bumping associate emails, they have no idea wtf I'm doing    05/18/21  (1)
Guys, thinking of buying Solana coin, good buy? Ever heard of it?    05/18/21  (1)
shitmodding '''"'''"''" is so much fun LMAO    05/18/21  (14)
"Daddy dialing" on the rise among 20-25yo girls (chart)    05/18/21  (55)
my dad was such a badass solider when military needed him they sent a helicopter    05/18/21  (284)

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