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Unbelievably Bad Token (UBT)    10/25/21  (20)
AssFaggot doggystyle on a bed at an airport hotel while I eat his ass    10/25/21  (24)
is ricky schizophrenic    10/25/21  (5)
Can’t believe I was a 91k insurance defense shitlawyer 4 years ago    10/25/21  (14)
Try to find a photo of pregnant Michelle Obama    10/25/21  (41)
imagine how much money liberty mututal wastes on advertising    10/25/21  (8)
In market cap terms FTM at $2 is like Sol at $16....    10/25/21  (18)
O'Brien sending cowgod to Room 101: Endless barrage of 9/10 reviews for GCN game    10/25/21  (6)
Jason Momoa in Dune but it's cuttingtable saving elite golden retriever pedigree    10/25/21  (4)
PROLE TELL: Picking a bank because you get $ two days before payday    10/25/21  (6)
Is M. Night Shyamalan's "Old" worth watching?    10/25/21  (2)
Possible to still enjoy Curb knowing Larry David is a toxic neoliberal freak?    10/25/21  (4)
New Dune is 180    10/25/21  (70)
How did Japan become so gorgeous?    10/25/21  (70)
Rate Jaime Lee Curtis’ “daughter”    10/25/21  (19)
you all bought samo/sol shitcoins when I said to buy avax and ftm    10/25/21  (3)
Does she have a nice body? Or too thin?    10/25/21  (23)
Never really "got" Momma's Family as a kid. Seemed like bunch of retards.    10/25/21  (4)
"Abortion is murder!" screamed the Theocrat as hordes of libs overtake society    10/25/21  (13)
Can't decide whether Becks sucking is a fatal flaw in Netflix You    10/25/21  (4)
What is your FAVORITE thing about asian pussy?    10/25/21  (8)
I no longer wish to compete in the American sexual marketplace    10/25/21  (1)
A gorgeous Charles Dance lookalike with eyes like Gay Grandpa tp    10/25/21  (5)
like 3 minutes could easily be cut out of the GNR son 'Estranged"    10/25/21  (1)
A lazy suburban Sunday afternoon circa 1996, magic hour daydreaming tp    10/25/21  (2)
A golden retriever and an alpha AZN man playing Flower circa 2009 on PS3    10/25/21  (2)
Finally got my account back from the hacker. Gondorian Lives Matter. Period.    10/25/21  (2)
In MFH, even short guys with hot chicks    10/25/21  (3)
Brian Jacques looking down from Heaven at "our" rat-faced elite: Haha wow holy s    10/25/21  (1)
What anti-aging serum is Tom Brady and other rich people on?    10/25/21  (14)
Paul Atreides in Dune but it's me dreaming of Lily Collins joining Jews for Jesu    10/24/21  (2)
“Cosmic Bootcamp Lives Matter!” the golden retriever barked earnestly    10/24/21  (2)
Diamond Dog Lives Matter!    10/24/21  (3)
The War on Noticing    10/24/21  (18)
Devout Christian AZNs are too gorgeous for words    10/24/21  (30)
Sheepdog Lives Matter    10/24/21  (27)
our black and brown bodies    10/24/21  (1)
What is the most accurate predictor of cryptocurrencies that go from 0.01 to 1.x    10/24/21  (24)
Christianity = White Suicide    10/24/21  (10)
not a fantasy novel dork and know nothing about Dune. Would I enjoy it?    10/24/21  (2)
House Atreides leading humanity along the Golden Retriever Path    10/24/21  (7)
wrote a script that alerts you whenever exeunt poasts (link)    10/24/21  (2)
Can literally IBR for life    10/24/21  (3)
they will say lies are truth, the ugly is beauty, and you will agree    10/24/21  (2)
Florida has the LOWEST rate of covid-19 🦠 in the nation. 📉    10/24/21  (2)
guys, maybe if we give on the vaxx libs will just leave us alone after that    10/24/21  (11)
Any advantage to raising a kid in the US nowadays if you have other options?    10/24/21  (3)
How am I supposed to trust another guy in a relationship again    10/24/21  (106)
I don't care about abortion.    10/24/21  (1)
Hans Zimmer will get Oscar for soundtrack and effects for Dune    10/24/21  (5)
How badly did you want a Nintendo Power Glove?    10/24/21  (4)
Wife just shared the name of a young lawyer she knew who killed herself    10/24/21  (1)
Exeunt and Gatermo, how do you guys take care of ur health/body?    10/24/21  (27)
life has been 180 as fuck since i got an asian girlfriend    10/24/21  (6)
yo this nerds got HAIR    10/24/21  (1)
i believe Claire - Zappin is making his story up    10/24/21  (44)
HYPO: Bitcoiners agree to burn Satoshi's 1 million coins if they aren't moved.    10/24/21  (20)
SF bros, rate my wife’s current location. Not looking too good (pic)    10/24/21  (165)
the top 25 bachelor’s degrees in the US by lifetime ROI:    10/24/21  (20)
Let me tell you a couple of three things...    10/24/21  (6)
Just got power back. TBF - I am coming for you bro. Prepare.    10/24/21  (164)
Companies that hire people but say you cannot take vacation the first year    10/24/21  (34)
POLL: Are you more or less autistic than Elon Musk?    10/24/21  (4)
Ever fuck/date a camgirl? What was it like?    10/24/21  (1)
Happy Sunday, Rudolph! Fuck you    10/24/21  (2)
To be clear: It would be 180 if Rudolph caught Covid and died    10/24/21  (11)
Chani being a mulatto kind of spoils Dune    10/24/21  (10)
Obvious flaming gay FBI Mormon tp - LMAO (at this Globohomo Borg “planet”)    10/24/21  (8)
What is causing Americans to be so fat?    10/24/21  (65)
🤭🤭🤭 Paymos 😂🤣😂🤣    10/24/21  (16)
If you look closely enough you can spot glitches in the matrix. in ur everyday    10/24/21  (2)
really think these vaccines are eating people's brains    10/24/21  (6)
saying 'hatred of women is beta' is something ugly women say    10/24/21  (5)
have a bad feeling about this week    10/24/21  (9)
These are Jews we are talking about    10/24/21  (1)
‘saying 'hatred of women is beta' is something ugly women say’ sounds like x    10/24/21  (1)
Berenson: Vax prevents natural immunity and leads to stronger variants    10/24/21  (16)
$5 million but you have to marry an American woman    10/24/21  (2)
Trump just doubled his net worth. Hurr durr what a shitty businessman!!    10/24/21  (6)
Hatred of women is very beta    10/24/21  (8)
Isn’t it weird that there are zero vaccine commercials?    10/24/21  (18)
post ITT if u were inside azn pussy this weekend    10/24/21  (4)
Coming up on 10 months of Biden's "leadership" - any accomplishments?    10/24/21  (9)
Walt Disney's It's a Small World After All with many distinct & gorgeous nations    10/24/21  (4)
Men and women are distinct and complementary - we are not blank slates    10/24/21  (39)
FBI agents approached me yesterday, not flame    10/24/21  (4)
antisemitism and transphobia are BETA AS FUKKKK, BRAHHHH    10/24/21  (2)
suggest some nice little distractions that aren't sporttt    10/24/21  (2)
whats the truth on "blacks created rock and roll"?    10/24/21  (37)
Alec Baldwin is a piece of shit, but it sucks this will get him sympathy    10/24/21  (39)
nathaniel hawthorne    10/24/21  (1)
Harrison Barnes strikes again    10/24/21  (3)
Fucking crazy how government allows blatant conflict of interests    10/24/21  (2)
Taking a sick day tomorrow but I’m perfectly fine    10/24/21  (2)
Abortion is such a retarded hill to die on    10/24/21  (82)
At a local MMA event (TSINAH)    10/24/21  (18)
pain    10/24/21  (1)
It begins: 2 killed so far in Texas Race War (link)    10/24/21  (14)
"Scientists Built an AI to Give Ethical Advice, But It Turned Out Super Racist"    10/24/21  (1)
Nathan Bedford Forrest's address to troops during their surrender    10/24/21  (2)
At a fairly fancy “resort town” in Florida. Almost no tattoos anywhere    10/24/21  (9)
Antibody | Dependant | Enhancement    10/24/21  (1)
how bad is it really to smoke like a pack of cigs a week    10/24/21  (4)
Is the depopulation vaxx more of the sterilizing or killing type?    10/24/21  (7)
do people who are still nocoiners in 2021 realize how pathetic they are?    10/24/21  (8)
Don't know theres a group that squandered as much institutional goodwill as Jews    10/24/21  (3)
jews and shitlibs make me sick    10/24/21  (1)
Is Tiburon in Bay Area chill or batshit lib also?    10/24/21  (6)
Gout. Gout. The pain makes me shout. These are the foods I must do without:    10/24/21  (38)
I remember the first time I went to a law firm dinner at a nice restaurant    10/24/21  (27)
*knocks yarmulke off of honiara's malformed undersized head*    10/24/21  (7)
When i become mod I'm going to delete every honiara post    10/24/21  (1)
Center Hall Colonial homes are 180. These "open concept" new builds are garbage.    10/24/21  (1)
So Fauci started global pandemic, tortures puppies, AND is 5'4"? Any doubt this    10/24/21  (3)
fauci inspecting NIH research experiment: "i clearly specified GOLDEN RETRIEVERS    10/24/21  (16)
RATE this old Alec Baldwin tweet    10/24/21  (4)
Peterman not sucking off truckers is causing the supply chain issues    10/24/21  (1)
Men are basically children their whole lives    10/24/21  (19)
bird brain woman cop can't stop making tiktoks    10/24/21  (6)
the left: 'our coalition is niggers, mexicans, gooks, jews but we are ELITES!'    10/24/21  (2)
Was Zachary Taylor murdered?    10/24/21  (2)
"Yeah come over man, the wife made some bomb ass Lumpia" i texted to spritezero    10/24/21  (5)
A-fucking-VAX    10/24/21  (1)
I'm Pro aVAX    10/24/21  (2)
taking the family to DUNE    10/24/21  (10)
Opposition To Tax Enforcement Is Undemocratic    10/24/21  (24)
pro-tip: Buy Avax. It's eth when it was 1-15 dollars    10/24/21  (7)
Is AVAX a good buy rn?    10/24/21  (14)
AVAX or SOL: which will win out?    10/24/21  (8)
AVAX is more decentrlized than SOL    10/24/21  (2)
Exeunt what are your thoughts on AVAX?    10/24/21  (8)
AVAX up 110% last 2 weeks. SOL down 22%    10/24/21  (17)
AVAX and LUNA will be worth more than SOL long term    10/24/21  (9)
chinks will make AVAX a top 5 coin soon    10/24/21  (3)
AVAX, FTM and LUNA are better networks than SOL tbh    10/24/21  (35)
AVAX is 180    10/24/21  (2)
AVAX is 180    10/24/21  (2)
SOL is a clear 4th place network wise behind ETH, AVAX & FTM    10/24/21  (4)
AVAX will overtake SOL long term and is a better ROI buy rn market cap wise    10/24/21  (19)
JFL if you'e not buying AVAX and FTM shitcoins rn hfs    10/24/21  (2)
FYi theres a FTM <-> AVAX bridge on Spooky Swap    10/24/21  (2)
SOLmos, what are your thoughts on AVALANCHE (AVAX)?    10/24/21  (6)
Lauren Boebert in MAGA hat showing the soles of her feet (pic)    10/24/21  (4)
This is an AVAX board now hth    10/24/21  (4)
OldHLSDude is one of those evil boomers that helped ruin the country by working    10/24/21  (2)
lol so AVAX > SOL?    10/24/21  (5)
ESPN threatens to "ruin the lives" of employees who mention 8-0 UTSA    10/24/21  (14)
2022 will be the darkest year in recorded history    10/24/21  (5)

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