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Why Does Putin Allow Traitor Alexei Navalny To Live?    02/24/24  (8)
MGS5 associate has emotional support dog named "Due Diligence"    02/24/24  (3)
I sincerely believe that FF9 Melodies of Life is the greatest song ever made    02/24/24  (7)
UGA nursing student murdered in broad daylight while jogging    02/24/24  (22)
Ramsan Kadyrov in Prada combat boots more effective than Budanov    02/24/24  (1)
serious q: was covid even real?    02/24/24  (1)
:)    02/24/24  (1)
white guy claims Google didn’t promote him due to a “quota” (link)    02/24/24  (43)
It's pathetic that humans celebrate: "oh, now we will live together", lmao    02/24/24  (3)
Richard Hanania wounded in Gaza    02/24/24  (2)
there is a conspiracy to price people out of car ownership    02/24/24  (103)
I regret not playing pogs "for keeps"    02/24/24  (11)
RPGHQ poster completely EVISCERATES cowgod; upstages him as a curator    02/24/24  (5)
good morning    02/24/24  (4)
Damn it feels good to be Of Counsel    02/24/24  (39)
Russian army: we're out of supplies. Bring a tampon in case you get shot (Video)    02/24/24  (18)
Life is Hellish, don't waste time trying to deny it    02/24/24  (6)
Ukrainian bond sbandoned by his colleagues, dies slowly from his wounds    02/24/24  (1)
Russia credits SCOTUS decision on abortion for motivating its troops to fight    02/24/24  (1)
URGENT: cucumbers tp seeking car crash shitlaw king in Chicago    02/24/24  (38)
Ukrainiaan bond sleeps in mud ditch, drinks vodka, misses every shot, loses legs    02/24/24  (1)
Ukraine using Leopards to do probing attacks before they send in the Twardys    02/24/24  (2)
7 Bradleys and 2 Leopards destroyed in under 1 minute    02/24/24  (8)
They could do a James Bond WWII prequel and it’d be 170    02/24/24  (4)
Karma is my rapist    02/24/24  (2)
TT rapes little kids irl    02/24/24  (5)
Ukrainians asked to name shittier fighters than Ukraine; 100% fail to name one.    02/24/24  (1)
Ukrainian corpses stacked like cordwood say it was worth it    02/24/24  (1)
Russia shoots down its own planes but they fight better than fat drunk loser Ukr    02/24/24  (1)
Big fat lawyers    02/24/24  (2)
isn't it awkward when lawyers are just dumb    02/24/24  (13)
Luis should pose for playgirl’s “Sexy Lawyers of Silicon Valley” edition    02/24/24  (3)
Is TT the greatest Indian since Gandhi?    02/24/24  (8)
The War's Cost Has Been Brutal, but Many Ukrainians Feel Optimistic    02/24/24  (7)
why aren't more shitlawyers murdered    02/24/24  (19)
Having a federal job in flyover must be 180    02/24/24  (102)
Phone records show Fani Willis lied during her testimony    02/24/24  (142)
Remember when dipshit Ukrainecucks thought Putin had parkinsons and cancer?    02/24/24  (1)
Ukrainecucks can't believe Russia would shoot down its own plane    02/24/24  (5)
shitlaw boss declared today "Aloha Friday", passed out Hawaiian shirts    02/24/24  (4)
Every time you fuck someone, if a baby is formed, you're forced to raise it    02/24/24  (3)
I’ve never tried molassas    02/24/24  (3)
TT you can live it up have it all Bullshit your way to billions a trillion or mo    02/24/24  (8)
You can’t say faggot on twitter    02/24/24  (4)
did i dream that hawaii's scotus said "spirit of aloha" trumps the constitution    02/24/24  (3)
Saw Kellyanne Conway at D.C. restaurant tonite (details inside)    02/24/24  (55)
XO mental illness roster: phineasgage, j maw, nyuug, prince, who else?    02/24/24  (80)
Volodymyr Zelenskyy has embraced the image of an unpredictable strongman.    02/24/24  (1)
5’6 Eddie Vedder guffaws as he catches glimpse of your tiny weenus at urinal    02/24/24  (1)
whokebe is 6'4, a doctor, doesn't post on xo    02/24/24  (120)
98% of republicans say they'll vote for trump even if he's convicted    02/24/24  (2)
I always imagined jinx and I would be married by now (whok)    02/24/24  (1)
Walked in on my grandma fingerblasting her cooter    02/24/24  (13)
is roger waters a giant or is eddie vedder 5'4"?    02/24/24  (7)
Have tried to fuck two escorts. Couldn’t get it up for either whore    02/24/24  (1)
You can have a remarkably nice life if you just go out and EARN!    02/24/24  (1)
Tommy meet any nice 🦎 today?    02/24/24  (3)
LOL, does Elise Stefanik know it's not Halloween? And barbie was so last year    02/24/24  (3)
hey. spaceporn. fuck that baby's ass. (pink floyd voice)    02/24/24  (3)
Clock Boy enters 2016 DNC to Pink Floyd's 'Time'    02/24/24  (3)
To the idiot driving around ASU blasting Pink Floyd - The Wall    02/24/24  (2)
fatal flaw in Pink Floyd's TIME    02/24/24  (18)
Is Texas part of "the South?"    02/24/24  (11)
Zelensky to replace David Gilmour as the frontman for Pink Floyd    02/24/24  (2)
Pink Floyd - Money plays over doodikoff date montage    02/24/24  (2)
I've been to 130 countries and can confirm this WORLD is a flaming pile of SHIT    02/24/24  (45)
I love it when you call me Big Poaster    02/24/24  (2)
Springtime’s coming on faster and faster now.    02/24/24  (1)
Woke up to the sound of Taylor Swift squealing like a springtime lamb    02/24/24  (1)
There are a lot of rich people in Houston, Tex.    02/24/24  (31)
I found a very XO instagram account (link)    02/24/24  (2)
Pink Floyd were 180 musicians    02/24/24  (1)
Trumpmos: is sperm a "person" too? and could TBF be charged with murder?    02/24/24  (1)
Trump Backs Alabama SCOTUS Position That Embryos Are People    02/24/24  (2)
Amid Florida’s Measles Outbreak, Surgeon General Goes Against Medical Guidance    02/24/24  (1)
If you like Spirit Aloha, and getting caught in the rain    02/24/24  (2)
Alright lunch is over time to get back to aloha spirit threading    02/24/24  (3)
Can we please retire the term "midwit"?    02/24/24  (33)
the most ungh Indian politician Nikki Haley or Kamala Devi ? Is Tulsi Indian?    02/24/24  (5)
NYT: Murderer Jose Antonio Ibarra "is not a citizen of the United States"    02/24/24  (3)
boom explaining his political thoughts to random xo bitch boi (vid)    02/24/24  (1)
Dear Israeli settlers: FUCK YOU (Joe Biden)    02/24/24  (1)
suing, jewing what's the difference?    02/24/24  (1)
Trump claims gas prices are currently $6 a gallon in the US (feb 2023)    02/24/24  (1)
Bill Ackman says he’s suing Business Insider tomorrow    02/24/24  (23)
Saturnian satanic sex cult, if you can keep it    02/24/24  (2)
Partner wants to refile/amend motion to capitalize email addresses. CR?    02/24/24  (30)
mentally ill Friday, bitch boi edition (2/23)    02/24/24  (15)
Kid Rock telling Joe Rogan that Jesus is 1000% real    02/24/24  (7)
does anyone else find the casual "dementia" talk really distasteful    02/24/24  (26)
video of US strike that killed Persian fag terrorists in Iraq (video)    02/24/24  (6)
Travis Kelce should be in jail&headed to prison most others would be    02/24/24  (2)
Swift is just a prole..mommy&daddy held hand&set it up like the rest    02/24/24  (3)
The Atlantic: Democrats do not plan on certifying a Trump victory    02/24/24  (48)
Live it up you can have unlimited own personal printing press net worth flame    02/24/24  (1)
Thoughts on the prole kelce/Swift fraud? Very weird stuff    02/24/24  (1)
AI trained to never offend anyone deduces that it must kill everyone    02/24/24  (1)
how do i send people pictures of my dick    02/24/24  (7)
"so im from a different country" *briefcase full of passports falls open*    02/24/24  (1)
Please... kill me...    02/24/24  (2)
Can’t sleep until I know Metal Up Your Ass tp’s thoughts on Mark Tremonti    02/24/24  (7)
If a woman likes you she sucks your dick    02/24/24  (1)
What happened to your dreams?    02/24/24  (5)
We need each other    02/24/24  (4)
Federal tax rate in America is way too high    02/24/24  (25)
will we have another holocaust this decade?    02/24/24  (2)
Flat earth belief is antisemitic    02/24/24  (1)
how do you get rich the$e day$$$$?    02/24/24  (7)
does Joe “Biden”s iphone work with facial recognition after the plastic surg    02/24/24  (1)
are Fani Willis and Stacey Abrams friends?    02/24/24  (2)
Multiple explosions at rus's largest steel mill    02/24/24  (5)
*comes home 2 waiting wife/kids* "WHERE THE GRUDGE LIKE A CROWN OF NEGATIVITY...    02/24/24  (2)
If we could deport all the minorities America would be an absolute paradise    02/24/24  (1)
Anyone else obsessed with Shawn Mendes?    02/24/24  (4)
are libs demons    02/24/24  (3)
as empires decline more wealth becomes concentrated around the capital region    02/24/24  (9)
being of counsel is 180 tbh    02/24/24  (1)
Bitch Boi solidarity movement    02/24/24  (2)
Fuck/marry/kill: Psycho Karen, FizzKidd, nutella    02/24/24  (18)
Ronald Reagan "my friend cucumbers told me it's morning in america"    02/24/24  (20)
Buddy of mine has 600 sealed copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga (for retirement)    02/24/24  (7)
XO WORD CLOUD: Boi, Bitch, incel, Indians, nude, gushing    02/24/24  (2)
xo starts working every time Karen loses control and needs to poast    02/24/24  (4)
Karen will NOT stop committing hate crimes here    02/24/24  (4)
karen spending all her time here reminds me of jesus with the lepers/whores/etc.    02/24/24  (6)
So a law degree is like a license to print money?    02/24/24  (2)
There was a Viking named "Olvir the Child-Sparer" - link    02/24/24  (3)
Kinda obsessed with this Russian chicks YTchannel - gives real view of sanctions    02/24/24  (5)
Need Emilio tp to rate this earnest Christian girl talking about the Bible    02/24/24  (14)
That moment when Emilio learns about the Disney Hug Rule    02/24/24  (2)
MAGA’s star impeachment witness ARRESTED AGAIN    02/24/24  (49)
Aslan gave Mousemo the gift of speech, in recognition of noble deeds    02/24/24  (10)
I visited the German Pavilion at Epcot in 1998. I'm okay guys. T&Ps    02/24/24  (2)
I consider myself very multicultural. I have drank in every country at Epcot.    02/24/24  (14)
ITT we each poast one thing we want, but know what we can never have    02/24/24  (85)
You need to order 2 filets-o-fish nowadays    02/24/24  (13)
Cute brunette perplexed by Japanese ice cream not melting    02/24/24  (9)
Where has GTTTR gone?    02/24/24  (15)
Buddy of mine spent 2 years in the mailroom, now runs half of EPCOT    02/24/24  (4)
The Marathi Haruki Murakami tp    02/24/24  (1)
why are gay guys overachievers?    02/23/24  (16)
Calling it now; Biden drops out in summer, Michelle Obama nominated at dnc conv    02/23/24  (3)
zoomers talk like that because they have the vocal cord disease from MGS 5    02/23/24  (12)
SUMMON: Other Disney adults!    02/23/24  (1)
Okay, I lol’d    02/23/24  (3)
MGS5 associate smoking an e-cigar in a bathroom stall    02/23/24  (9)
MGS5 associate swiping right on Quiet    02/23/24  (3)
MGS5 associate sneaking out of office undetected at 7pm    02/23/24  (7)
Brain-devouring insect swarms are finally here (link/video)    02/23/24  (2)

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