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Cowgod has an autistic callousness in his posting. Weirdly emotionally stale guy    05/09/21  (9)
Could QT get away with Dead Nigger Storage scene in Pulp Fiction today    05/09/21  (3)
would Trump have let this extended federal unemployment thing keep going    05/09/21  (1)
if covid *only* killed 1% of <18 yr olds, boomers would have refused lockdowns    05/09/21  (3)
remember: there are "professional" investors buying bonds w/ -10% real rate now    05/09/21  (14)
Is the Millennial generation unsustainably large?    05/09/21  (4)
reminder that we live in a post-scarcity world    05/09/21  (2)
Tim Pool on the looming hyperinflation    05/09/21  (18)
"alien" crop circles seemed to have only existed in the 90s    05/09/21  (2)
something "off" about election night..    05/09/21  (3)
my local mcdonalds is now 100% latinas    05/09/21  (2)
I don't think I want to work anymore    05/09/21  (28)
Does anyone capture the cultural moment more perfectly than Gay Grandpa?    05/09/21  (6)
Society seems to be taking its time returning to normal    05/09/21  (16)
the cash me outside girl made 3 million in 3 days with her only fans account    05/09/21  (2)
So, Jews were reviled even before the Holocaust?    05/09/21  (8)
If you don't like what we tell you to believe in, we'll kill you.    05/09/21  (4)
Eth $4k waiting room    05/09/21  (22)
How much are you paying in crypto taxes this year?    05/09/21  (14)
what's a good all purpose revolver that also has good balance to spin on finger    05/09/21  (4)
floyd "fiat money" mayweather    05/09/21  (1)
Heard Jordan Peterson do the “see you ten more times before you die” line    05/09/21  (14)
Small firm lawyer. How do I set up so I pay the least taxes?    05/09/21  (1)
knees weak, dad is heavy, there's kimchi on his sweater already, xian spinelli    05/09/21  (7)
Sad story about Ma’khia Bryant, the girl shot by cops as she lunged with knife    05/09/21  (8)
America is taking back its foreskin...    05/09/21  (3)
When I Applied to College, I Didn’t Want to ‘Sell My Pain’ [NYT]    05/09/21  (4)
2,000 years: dead sky dude was your therapist for free; Now? $80/hr    05/09/21  (13)
Can my employer find out about side income if i work for gov?    05/09/21  (5)
they started with your foreskin and you gave in every step from there    05/09/21  (2)
Hilarious how many people on xo believe in GOD    05/09/21  (123)
Been watching Family Matters w my kids, surprising shows like this were made    05/09/21  (33)
Now a good time to buy vti or vtsax or no?    05/09/21  (6)
will shit be ok in 5 years    05/09/21  (4)
Princeton boasts that 68% of its new class identify as students of color.    05/09/21  (34)
whoa nigga that shit is fuk    05/09/21  (1)
Mig is a schizophrenic lunatic    05/09/21  (21)
why does Aaron Rodgers’ family hate him? because hes gay?    05/09/21  (7)
ITT Denzel Washington drops a TRUTH BOMB on the Mainstream Media    05/09/21  (4)
Silver coin inventory on eBay is rapidly declining    05/09/21  (13)
😷 🦍 🍗 🥂 SICK NIGGER WEAR THE MASK 🥂 🍗 🦍 😷    05/09/21  (1)
180 part of Ricky Schtick is asking about what car 2 buy for 8 years    05/09/21  (11)
"hey jaime, you want a pay raise huh? pull up that CPI graph for me    05/09/21  (1)
“Barstool Sports” should be illegal.    05/09/21  (5)
The cottage cheese they produce when horny    05/09/21  (2)
is BTC dead and ETH our new savior    05/09/21  (24)
When does Vietnam or Thailand reopen?    05/09/21  (1)
remember: there are "professional" father figures w/ -10% god scores    05/09/21  (2)
I skip the Christopher scenes on Sopranos re-watches    05/09/21  (30)
Still tickets available for the Cardano rocket ship.    05/09/21  (2)
Basic issue for most XO bachelors    05/09/21  (193)
still pissed i didnt fuck those "fat" girls in hs    05/09/21  (2)
I hope to one day build a 500,000 square foot home on 2,000 acres    05/09/21  (2)
Why did human babies evolve to cry all the fucking time?    05/09/21  (10)
SOL is beginning work on their improvements using their 100 M Investment    05/09/21  (3)
I could go to Glacier Park every day if I wanted to    05/09/21  (22)
If the governing principle of all your decisions is maximizing your childrens'    05/09/21  (4)
Imagine reading peter jordanson's new book    05/09/21  (1)
Solana will be worth 500 next year at this time    05/09/21  (3)
reminder: in hyperinflation your salary stays the same but costs go parabolic    05/09/21  (25)
Times Square shooter is black, muslim sounding name, libs already in panic mode    05/09/21  (15)
Seems 1/10 poas know someone w covid, but 3/5 w adverse reaction to vaccine    05/09/21  (8)
Here's what David Lynch does before going to the same Denny's every day    05/09/21  (3)
Rate this teen Jacksonville rapper naming his murder victims in a song    05/09/21  (47)
So Doodikoff was only sick for like 12 hours?    05/09/21  (25)
LOL we're turning into Venezuela and libs are excited about killing for TP    05/09/21  (2)
Cuttingtable/physical silver tp... just word of advice that foreign currency    05/09/21  (4)
Literally nothing good will come out of crypto if it progresses    05/09/21  (17)
FTT FTT FTT FTT    05/09/21  (87)
“It’s set in the 1970s but with a race war and a globohomo hologram as POTUS    05/09/21  (1)
There seem to be a lot of mass shootings in Colorado    05/09/21  (3)
Black youths remix Vanessa Carlton song to air out Jacksonville gang beef    05/09/21  (8)
Trumpmos linking parody twitter accounts not ironically (xoxo2021)    05/09/21  (1)
I can’t believe I got this bullshit vax    05/09/21  (40)
Describe Weimar Germany on 3 trillion reichsmarks per year    05/09/21  (20)
welcome to lib normal where extraversion is pathologizes and only mean comedians    05/09/21  (4)
Chinese army discusss creating COVID vioweopaon 5 years before- Sky News reports    05/09/21  (5)
Alex Jones' Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement    05/09/21  (1)
ETHEREUM classic made me so much fucking money    05/09/21  (4)
What % of "criminal charges" would you say are false or grossly overcharged?    05/09/21  (24)
doodikoff passed away today, rest in peace sweet prince    05/09/21  (1)
Fauci: Masks Could Become Permanent (link)    05/09/21  (47)
The “reserve currency” thing seems fake and tenuous    05/09/21  (1)
So "disorderly conduct" is the most bullshit charge?    05/09/21  (6)
My visit to Florida    05/09/21  (9)
Denver to NYC road trip. Cr stops?    05/09/21  (2)
one thing I lost to COVID: fitness    05/09/21  (6)
Concerned dad what do you think about this varsity soccer high school player ?    05/09/21  (15)
Tom Brady takes the orange pill and admits he is loading up on Bitcoin (link)    05/09/21  (9)
Solana and Solana Dapps Criticism Megathread    05/09/21  (25)
So glad out pandemic leaders are faithful to Christian virtue    05/09/21  (1)
OMG IM COOMING    05/09/21  (2)
jordan penison: clean your coom    05/09/21  (2)
Luis just bought his first bar of silver - 180 Luis!    05/09/21  (7)
For some users, the internet peaked in 1993 (link)    05/09/21  (1)
Masses, a massive mass of masses    05/09/21  (1)
i still havent finished all of the rice i bought before covid "hit"    05/09/21  (9)
Vegas shooting infographic    05/09/21  (14)
Most XO Roman Emperor?    05/09/21  (19)
Ayo if the nigga nice then the nigga nice    05/09/21  (1)
anyone here moved to mongolia from the us?    05/09/21  (3)
how did they convince all of those people to show up at the jerry springer show    05/09/21  (5)
NOCOINER just gambled some $$$ on LINK & TEZOS so tell me I'm an ape    05/09/21  (10)
Steve Jobs' wife won't pass down billions to her kids. 'It ends with me'    05/09/21  (117)
Essay by a 76-year-old man in 1913 reflecting on his 1840's childhood:    05/09/21  (17)
Joe "One Term" Biden: WSJ reports inflation up 10% & Fed won't act    05/09/21  (4)
Garbage judges and garbage prosecutors garbage case against my GF falling apart    05/09/21  (15)
So gasoline cyberattack is the prelude to crypto cyberattack?    05/09/21  (6)
Social distancing now enforced on Mt. Everest (link)    05/09/21  (1)
Stock up on ammo, brothers    05/09/21  (13)
Im glad I got the gats I got when I got them, but need more to survive    05/09/21  (1)
L.A. Times owner: "Newspapers need government aid or will die"    05/09/21  (16)
Digital cameras are only good for digitizing film negatives    05/09/21  (2)
Own any dogecoin? None of this seems real    05/09/21  (4)
XO India listed as the most racist country in the world    05/09/21  (12)
How easy is an anullment/divorce with no kids in no at fault state?    05/09/21  (1)
every time you jerk off to porn a Jew gets its horns    05/09/21  (1)
ITT: give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down on my prole life    05/09/21  (5)
So it’s true that all rich and powerful people are pedos?    05/09/21  (1)
Best Suntory Whisky?    05/09/21  (1)
You know I loved you with all my love, and now I miss you with all my heart    05/09/21  (1)
Growing up my mom made a lot of chicken for dinner    05/09/21  (38)
XO’s porn knowledge is pretty disappointing    05/09/21  (12)
Omaha,NE public defender makes 191k equivalent to MFH    05/09/21  (6)
Why have I defended the gf? The police did me a favor arresting her didn't they?    05/09/21  (6)
100k In Omaha=$278,665 in NYC    05/09/21  (12)
The Bill and Melinida thing has been a long time coming    05/09/21  (3)
Stocking up on Cardano. Fight me.    05/09/21  (4)
people forget that tony fucked charmaine bucco    05/09/21  (1)
FCS about to finish 9-month football season (2.5 months till next season)    05/09/21  (1)
so a "criminal gang" has shutoff us oil pipeline and now we have SOE    05/09/21  (3)
The new Teens Wilding development in Chicago is pretty interesting    05/09/21  (8)
I have to go to work tomorrow    05/09/21  (9)
wife’s dad’s stepdad’s new wife in town. what’s my obligation greeting-w    05/09/21  (8)
What sinecure should Ben Carson be given in a Trump admin?    05/09/21  (11)
"race" is gay hth    05/09/21  (1)
will EIP 1559 actually make the ETH network usable?    05/09/21  (2)
White people vs. black people reactions to "magic" tricks    05/09/21  (30)
"weird how there's no serial killers these days" *gov cuomo executes 60K elderly    05/09/21  (3)
"you're not a serial killer are you?" (woman, 30min away from 1st date anal)    05/09/21  (49)
I forget, why does some subset of poasters hate spaceporn so much?    05/09/21  (108)
I've had online German lessons with 50+ German girls    05/09/21  (1)
PSA: KEVIN SAMUELS videos on YouTube. Black dude putting women in their place    05/09/21  (19)
AAPI is out. AANHPI is in.    05/09/21  (6)
Salk Institute: the spike protein itself damages cells - troubling for vaccines    05/09/21  (12)
NYUUG is the faggot who has been poasting bizarre shit about my son.    05/09/21  (145)
Seems like the "police" have turned into more of a liability than an asset    05/09/21  (1)

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