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What if aliens reveal themselves but it turns out they say racist stuff?    05/18/21  (3)
Banged Liz Phair over 12 pk of Zima ina Myrtle Beach hotel room in 95    05/18/21  (14)
so nobody questioned why Biden's campaign and WEF have the same slogan    05/18/21  (8)
I wakeup in disbelief daily at the abject horrors of american life now    05/18/21  (2)
How A Legal Niche Can Transform Your Career    05/18/21  (4)
Guess the age of this 33 year old white woman (pic)    05/18/21  (8)
These are scenes from a 'waterpark' in the 'America' of 2021:    05/18/21  (41)
california adds ben franklins letter re porking old women to 5th grade textbooks    05/18/21  (4)
benzo: scamming vaccine court and claiming disability also benzo: get the vaxxx    05/18/21  (11)
LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change.mp3    05/18/21  (4)
i’m all about diversity, equity, and inclusion    05/18/21  (2)
Rate this breakdown of how a $14 sandwich loses a restaurant money    05/18/21  (17)
"What If I'm Gay?" (1987)    05/18/21  (3)
post how much money you lost on SAMO    05/18/21  (28)
YOUR OLD: Charles Grodin is 79    05/18/21  (8)
Why Ewan McGregor has to pay ex-wife half his Star Wars $? Why she accept it?    05/18/21  (22)
have there been any major studies on how soul sucking jobs destroy you?    05/18/21  (1)
Rate the impact on the Silver Short Squeeze on COMEX warehouse inventory    05/18/21  (1)
I haven't learned a single thing in my job for about 5 years    05/18/21  (13)
pretty bummed out about what's happened to everything over the past ~40 years    05/18/21  (2)
LINK up 16% lol    05/18/21  (1)
Would David Foster Wallace be a rancid shitlib if he lived?    05/18/21  (17)
Qanon Shanon's lawyer literally berates XO poasters!!    05/18/21  (2)
A cig after weed is 18000    05/18/21  (5)
James Murphy narrating your slow slide into grumpy irrelevance    05/18/21  (31)
Made a girl squirt from anal Saturday night    05/18/21  (93)
Rate this female IDF soldier    05/18/21  (1)
are The Talking Heads overrated, underrated, or properly rated?    05/18/21  (10)
Spaceporn, you missed your window. Up until 2020 age of consent in Korea was 13    05/18/21  (11)
what's the epistemological basis for not being skeptical of the moon landing?    05/18/21  (5)
when is the alien disclosure being released    05/18/21  (1)
What’s the best answer to “what is your greatest weakness” interview quest    05/18/21  (19)
2004 Ford Ranger with 27k miles. Seller wants $14k lol.    05/18/21  (28)
Under the bed restraints are 180 (CSLG)    05/18/21  (12)
Did CSLG ever fuck GJR?    05/18/21  (15)
🚬🚬🚬    05/18/21  (1)
Americas legal syatem/jail/prison system is a laughable joke    05/18/21  (2)
ITT: tell your best joke    05/18/21  (5)
Internet Computer    05/18/21  (1)
Thinking of buying a professional Laser Tag team (CSLG)    05/18/21  (63)
60 Day Challenge begins today    05/18/21  (1)
Black Brunch is a spa compared to 2021 race relations    05/18/21  (1)
18 yr old with insane body wants to hookup, cant do it    05/18/21  (71)
Wife is excited to enter the expanded brigerton universe or “Bigerverse”    05/18/21  (1)
israel buying US weapons w US money to shoot down iran rockets paid for by US    05/18/21  (4)
<5 years away from libs passing ordinance to protect piss play in public buildin    05/18/21  (1)
is queen elizabeth riding the cock carousel?    05/18/21  (1)
No, Fauci and FDA head didn’t say 40%-50% of CDC, FDA staff refusing COVID sho    05/18/21  (16)
doobs popping out of cake at MPA's wedding    05/18/21  (2)
Divorced Wilson Sonsini partner kills self after one last conference call    05/18/21  (371)
CHINA bans Crypto    05/18/21  (14)
Have you ever been arrested and booked on some bullshit?    05/18/21  (3)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    05/18/21  (292)
And here it is, CDC now says everyone who got vaxxed needs to an emergency treat    05/18/21  (1)
Reporter: "Can I ask u about Israel" Biden: "Only if I can run you over" (link)    05/18/21  (15)
I bought 4 BTC at $58,000. Have not told wife yet, what should I do?    05/18/21  (39)
My house has 0 bathrooms. Can anyone here compete with that?    05/18/21  (2)
biden calls netanyahu a war criminal and cancels all military aid (link)    05/18/21  (1)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    05/18/21  (220)
is there anything to know about adopting small dogs? agency wants "small dog exp    05/18/21  (1)
leicester are bottling it mates looking like a proper dire side    05/18/21  (1)
California Leftists Try to Cancel Math Class (xo WSJ    05/18/21  (11)
My house has 4.5 bathrooms. Can anyone here compete with that?    05/18/21  (21)
A balding, doughy 5'6 lawyer and wife "playing" with trafficked prostitutes    05/18/21  (4)
Wife wants me to buy her boytoy a motorbike (CSLG)    05/18/21  (59)
Short ABNB    05/18/21  (1)
get your knitted penis for your trans child    05/18/21  (2)
There is no way out for the United States    05/18/21  (1)
“not racist thats what so insane abt this. hi who just joined    05/18/21  (1)
why do libs want to keep wearing masks    05/18/21  (13)
What’s the best answer to “what are your hobbies” interview question?    05/18/21  (44)
Hot guy who works at the Laser Tag place is turning 18 (CSLG)    05/18/21  (72)
Interviewing for Product Manager Roles    05/18/21  (28)
It's Brave New World only with Xanax and Pot    05/18/21  (7)
what is the nicest slightly used sedan u could buy with $25K?    05/18/21  (4)
the crazy thing is the "united states" really is The Great Satan    05/18/21  (5)
Rate this LAX private terminal lounge patio (pic    05/18/21  (3)
How to beat bullshit criminal charges?    05/18/21  (4)
Does the vaccine make it harder for one to spread the virus?    05/18/21  (6)
I did two things right: bought home at bottom & BTC at last bottom (4k)    05/18/21  (1)
Modern Progressivism: Standing on the Shoulders of Tyrants    05/18/21  (1)
Libs call everyone they disagree with "nazis" but fully side with Hamas?    05/18/21  (1)
im so tired of this shit    05/18/21  (12)
Master and Commander is criminally underrated    05/18/21  (72)
islamic terrorist groups driving 1990 Geo Metros around Kabul    05/18/21  (1)
Going to be featured in a documentary about Ska music, brothers (CSLG)    05/18/21  (3)
nigger    05/18/21  (6)
When racism is vanquished, and there are no marginalized peoples, who then will    05/18/21  (1)
white students walking racistly on sidewalks at Northwestern    05/18/21  (52)
90s kids, remember Saturday Night Slam Masters? (video)    05/18/21  (1)
if i accidentally match with 1 more tranny on Tinder im going to lose it    05/18/21  (1)
Israeli female soldier confronts Palestinian protester (pic)    05/18/21  (2)
lmao i hate being a lawyer    05/18/21  (22)
really shit poasts today so far    05/18/21  (9)
Mig is a schizophrenic lunatic    05/18/21  (23)
bort libs: do you at least agree that biden is incredibly uncharismatic?    05/18/21  (1)
Ironically, I was doing well, and then your email found me    05/18/21  (11)
Florida woman, 43, CRASHES party and RAPES 17 year old boy. (DM)    05/18/21  (21)
prince just walks up to homeless camps and smokes meth in tent w/ these bros    05/18/21  (26)
Dennis Hopper cackling hysterically as he reads jafar post    05/18/21  (7)
do you make a big mess while eating food?    05/18/21  (4)
"competition" and "timeliness" are white supremacist values    05/18/21  (1)
was doing anal with a chick when she squirted all over my cock    05/18/21  (8)
Prince ls posting and gakkkked on tutu    05/18/21  (5)
shitboomers trying declined debit card over & over while you stand there waiting    05/18/21  (3)
pay for your shit and leave, boomer. don’t make me wait in line bc u wanna tal    05/18/21  (7)
Panic in China as 980ft skyscraper mysteriously begins to shake    05/18/21  (42)
Many of my lib friends simply won't stop wearing masks even when Fauci says stop    05/18/21  (4)
Anyone here actually do ATD irl? Like for real? Not chink fantasy, but for real?    05/18/21  (1)
so are they still eating bats or what    05/18/21  (1)
Can’t stop won’t stop    05/18/21  (1)
Are Koreans the same as Manchurians and Mongolians?    05/18/21  (3)
No-SOLmos, when are you planning to FOMO in?    05/18/21  (18)
they lied and hurt the country to steal an election    05/18/21  (6)
Going from $3M to $6M is more life-changing than going from $0M to $3M    05/18/21  (37)
I have no self control when it comes to fast food    05/18/21  (2)
You can now stake SOL in Exodus wallet    05/18/21  (43)
The uselessness of Fauci shows the importance of getting right ppl in those role    05/18/21  (10)
why does the NBA collude to keep the Harlem Globetrotters out?    05/18/21  (1)
There are a lot more good people than bad so have faith    05/18/21  (1)
what is the most prestigious execution method?    05/18/21  (35)
I got a CLE class, pocket full of cash, just seen a big shrew ass    05/18/21  (5)
Upset Jew was a test tube baby    05/18/21  (4)
UMichigan "football" is a complete disaster    05/18/21  (21)
better sell your electroshekels before WEF cyberattack "drill" in july    05/18/21  (9)
Oh shit, there goes the "He's going for my girl" thread    05/18/21  (13)
2 dead, 5 injured in Oakland party bus shooting last night    05/18/21  (5)
Losing life savings in slow motion, too frozen with horror to try to stomp it    05/18/21  (4)
Would you fuck this 32yo teacher?    05/18/21  (71)
Wretched! Ghastly! Abhorrent!    05/18/21  (1)
Linux is 180 if you're not dumb    05/18/21  (83)
THE GAYS HAVE GOT TO GO    05/18/21  (23)
My Hooha: new toy for young boys suffering from Gender Dysphoria    05/18/21  (9)
hey racists--did you know that 90%+ of World Finger Painting champs are black?    05/18/21  (1)
The conflict in the black community is some like the coddling, some do not.    05/18/21  (2)
The science is clear: Masks worked, but vaccinated people don't need them now    05/18/21  (1)
One of the most important and useful skills in life is keeping your mouth shut    05/18/21  (8)
Told my job (boss/HR) i am no longer comfortable using microsoft products    05/18/21  (9)
doobs submitting blurb about earl being gay midlaw non-equity partner to his HS    05/18/21  (2)
4-day workweek may be hazardous to health (CNN)    05/18/21  (36)
the monthly Biden bux is to keep you up w/inflation basically right?    05/18/21  (1)
Coffee makes me feel like SHIT when fasting    05/18/21  (6)
If this vaccine was about saving lives, why hasn't FDA approved sinopharm?    05/18/21  (20)
So the next time the market crashes cash will also be worthless?    05/18/21  (2)
Is an i7-8550 1.8ghz chip a good chip for a desktop?    05/18/21  (10)
how is costco able to skirt attorney ownership rules for kirkland & ellis?    05/18/21  (6)
last chance to buy sub 50k btc?    05/18/21  (12)
listen to this doomer teacher lisp about his credentials and returning to school    05/18/21  (1)

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