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I voted for Biden, but I fucking love My Pillow    07/31/21  (3)
Clearly the vaccines are ineffective at this point, correct?    07/31/21  (14)
CABELA’S to require proof of vaccination from all in-store customers on August    07/31/21  (1)
LMFAO Chino Maidana looks like uvt now    07/31/21  (1)
Is our reduced QOL under COVID due to economic collapse?    07/31/21  (3)
"I live in fear of a minor cold with a 99.9% survival rate, jealous, Trumpkins?"    07/31/21  (22)
What is the best brand of ski boat: Waterski, Wakeboard, Wake Surfing?    07/31/21  (8)
fav thing about all tiramisu: vague coffee taste/drenched wonder bread texture    07/31/21  (1)
Fulano looking at catty Upset Jew thinking "haha wow holy shit!"    07/31/21  (35)
"Lauren I'm no longer OK w/Chad watching gymnastics here" squealed whiteknight    07/31/21  (11)
im white trash and that's why there should be no estate tax (jd vance)    07/31/21  (30)
i voted for trump cuz all non MeinPillow pillows are a bigger scam than the holo    07/31/21  (1)
Healthy 40yo dude I know sedated on ventilator from Covid    07/31/21  (87)
antibody dependent enhancement = vax makes it so benign diseases kill u    07/31/21  (26)
$1,194,422    07/31/21  (40)
"almost forgot, she *loves* tiramisu," the white knight told the shitfaced Chad    07/31/21  (36)
All you need is a wake board and a friend with a jet ski and you are all set.    07/31/21  (6)
Come ITT to shame me    07/31/21  (32)
Natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity – Marc Girardot of PANDA    07/31/21  (2)
Grrr Jan 6. Grrr Trump.    07/31/21  (3)
CDC stopped reporting vax'd breakthrough cases to hide ADE    07/31/21  (4)
Finally let my wife take some dick at our last play date (CSLG)    07/31/21  (25)
rate this girl receiving a well deserved spanking    07/31/21  (2)
anyone else openly over-the-knee spank ur wife in front of ur kids?    07/31/21  (4)
Indian Mens Basketball Team: Handsome as FURK gawd damn #mesohorny    07/31/21  (10)
I am absolutely devastating for board libs    07/31/21  (2)
Voodoo Child, Candy Ride and Henry Aaron are three different posters    07/31/21  (19)
still lol'ing at that fat bitch doc who made up story abt bedside no-vax regret    07/31/21  (11)
CDC: Guys sucking dick isn't Gay    07/31/21  (12)
What's the real Larry Nassar story?    07/31/21  (12)
TT and others! Net worth check in! Your fake balance sheets should be way up!    07/31/21  (5)
Many people are finally understanding that there is no endgame to COVID    07/31/21  (21)
lmao mention novavax on twitter & u'll get a lot of likes    07/31/21  (1)
Physical gold and silver are 180 things to own    07/31/21  (9)
MIT students film Chomsky agreeing to do karaoke of "Mr. Brightside" (vid)    07/31/21  (2)
Not flame. I produce copious amounts of pre-cum and it sucks when wearing condom    07/31/21  (20)
the zero intellectual curiosity from media of wuhan origins is hilarious    07/31/21  (4)
Expecting crypto to maybe run up to 50k BTC now, then head back down    07/31/21  (12)
rat-faced people eager to wear masks again. odd case.    07/31/21  (4)
Breaking point: emailed ex's mom when I learned about lies he was telling abt me    07/31/21  (117)
xoxo2021: pedude getting his fat hairy ass fucked by TS Amanda    07/31/21  (6)
Ashli Babbitt's loyal DOGDOOD died waiting for her to return after she was execu    07/31/21  (30)
What should be the fair price for prostitutes?    07/31/21  (6)
EPAH's kids rebelling as teens by being well-adjusted mentally healthy straights    07/31/21  (5)
vaxxed people now just bitter they were outed as gullible retards    07/31/21  (13)
omg Becky he even trashes surrogate activities to be part of the power process    07/31/21  (1)
Floyd Mayweather never got knocked down?    07/31/21  (11)
Drinking a beer and scraping a mountain of white shit off your tongue    07/31/21  (1)
and on the lazy days the dogs dissolve and drain away    07/31/21  (1)
When a woman shakes when she kisses you…    07/31/21  (3)
TSAmanda. Are you a top or bottom?    07/31/21  (22)
If covid was as bad as libs think, they would he justified. It isn’t tho.    07/31/21  (44)
If covid killed anyone, why aren’t Insurance Companies having a hard time?    07/31/21  (6)
edward jones advisor here, ama    07/31/21  (16)
New Menthol ZYNs are teh most addcitve amaziong shit ever    07/31/21  (1)
70% of Americans now vaxxed. xo antivaxxers: “we are the silent majority.”    07/31/21  (84)
TS Amanda isn't a top of bottom, she and gf get off touching eachothers penises    07/31/21  (2)
Did UJ get banned for outing Lawman8?    07/31/21  (3)
getting sick of TS Amanda and pedude nightly degeneracy here    07/31/21  (7)
i invite truckers 2 choke me in my dorm room, here are my thoughts on statistics    07/31/21  (1)
Did the CDC even consider that they probably just killed NYC for good?    07/31/21  (75)
*takes a sip of coffee* "ZOMG IM SO GAKKED OUT U GUISE"    07/31/21  (27)
I once had a colonoscopy done by a jet black Congo nword    07/31/21  (1)
Natalia Imbruglia and Lisa Loeb calling to you through portal to the '90s    07/31/21  (4)
pedude is a total TOP, as in he likes to get his ass rammed sitting on top    07/31/21  (1)
Charles Murray poses heroic question on Twitter, which will soon ban him.    07/31/21  (7)
Larry Nassar has only paid $300 in restirestitution while spending $10k in pris    07/31/21  (6)
Glenn Greenwald goes full Moldbug    07/31/21  (3)
How do burly tall but sorta fat men do in the women market?    07/31/21  (2)
Mark my words: Team Australia will win Olympics basketball gold    07/31/21  (1)
look pedude, here's the deal, shut the fuck up, nobody cares    07/31/21  (1)
Rate my new chinese paralegal (CSLG)    07/31/21  (2)
made 180 joke about coworker’s “turok cartridge” but no one got it    07/31/21  (4)
Trumpmos: "we are the silent majority" *loses by 8 million then riots at Capitol    07/31/21  (2)
Islam is right. We need to throw all gays off buildings (xo poster)    07/31/21  (2)
Gonna start nodrink. Five years of alcoholism is enough.    07/31/21  (123)
Bill Maher on the Woke Olympics    07/31/21  (11)
Let’s live in the ancient city of Rome, and have sex with men for money.    07/31/21  (1)
Gunna eat black forest bacon tomorrow    07/31/21  (2)
Korean men demand Korean chick's medal be revoked bc she's a 'short haired femin    07/31/21  (18)
Why women moan    07/31/21  (4)
Is there an alternative to a Tesla X?    07/31/21  (8)
Would you accept to be turned into a sex slave for aliens?    07/31/21  (2)
I think women arent as easy to rape as they seem    07/31/21  (5)
Wilbur can we hear more stories about dealing cards?    07/31/21  (1)
Should I get vaccinated?    07/31/21  (43)
:::a verified bird brain has just entered the chat. please use caution.:::    07/31/21  (3)
What are some tips for how to do a flame thread    07/31/21  (1)
woops PCR tests didn't work for last 18 months haha wow    07/31/21  (1)
Has anyone tried churchmaxxing?    07/31/21  (3)
dairy queen hamburgers    07/31/21  (8)
whats this shit about Binance blocking withdrawals after Aug 4th?    07/31/21  (1)
Tom Brady is such a fucking winner    07/31/21  (1)
Video of Karen on the prowl for Chad cock    07/31/21  (1)
Guess who's wearing panties right now    07/31/21  (18)
"Henry Aaron is a board treasure" says Henry Aaron on "Guy Debord" moniker    07/31/21  (28)
Can't hangout today, mom won't let me skip law practice    07/31/21  (9)
JEW: You can trade all u want from 9:30-4pm et GOY: But thats when Im at work    07/31/21  (7)
Libs rebranding cocaine as a "migrant pharmaceutical"    07/31/21  (10)
Can we get Todd Driskoll a moniker? Need to hear his side of the story.    07/31/21  (5)
The U.S. should demand a refund from Simone Biles    07/31/21  (1)
Shrews hosting tinder party - Swiping left/right on big screen - BRUTAL VIDEO    07/31/21  (1)
they stole an election for this?    07/31/21  (1)
Am I the Asshole? for being uncomfortable with my gf being naked around her dog    07/31/21  (2)
the lib plan was to hurt the economy and push a bunch of unpopular stuff?    07/31/21  (1)
well, u guys gonna love this you bastards, prince here, back from psych ward    07/31/21  (36)
The most cucked type of job you can have (IF you work)    07/31/21  (1)
Taliban execute Tik-Tok Star in southern Province of Khandahar    07/31/21  (3)
Reminder: The Democratic Party wants to confiscate your assets and kill you    07/31/21  (11)
The CIA is literally just mad they’re reject Freemasons    07/31/21  (1)
Spirit Airlines now holding passengers hostage in air, won't land until they pay    07/31/21  (2)
Imagine the insane fights John Legend and his crazy wife must have    07/31/21  (4)
would this incan woman get tinder matches if she was alive today?    07/31/21  (2)
Does anyone actually regularly eat a huge breakfast?    07/31/21  (36)
Billy Corgan tried to warn us about all of this    07/31/21  (1)
You should never give up your seat to a pregnant woman!    07/31/21  (2)
Anyone else seeing lots of Mexicans in rural midwest?    07/31/21  (13)
Trade our 20mn ghetto blacks for 500m turdskins. Deal?    07/31/21  (6)
Should a typical couple retire at 5m NW?    07/31/21  (18)
Dodgers add Trea Turner and Max Scherzer    07/31/21  (11)
~70% of EPAH's intact family are now trannies    07/31/21  (2)
How tf do super hilarious posts not get the bump of everyone online?    07/31/21  (2)
why are insane quotemos who impotently rage every single post allowed here?    07/31/21  (3)
Absolutely nothing watchable on Netflix    07/31/21  (3)
amazing that the quotemo - an actual chinaman - dares to speak to me    07/31/21  (2)
Post ITT if you'd like to see Henry Aaron IP banned and shot into the sun    07/31/21  (65)
Precum signals connection and engagement, not purely sexual arousal    07/31/21  (11)
Why did Henry Aaron out Charles12 anyway?    07/31/21  (3)
LOL @ Florida    07/31/21  (3)
*bangs pot and pan* Bring out yer COVID dead! *bangs pot and pan* Bring out yer    07/31/21  (1)
If the media weren’t screeching would you even know covid was happening?    07/31/21  (30)
*Makes up numerator* *Makes up denominator* "As my analysis shows,    07/31/21  (79)
U couldn't screw up a country this bad in 6 months unless it was done on purpose    07/31/21  (22)
Roger from Less than Jake is the greatest rock star of all time.    07/31/21  (2)
HS party happening in yard behind mine. Girl is puking in my grill.    07/31/21  (14)
Israel: >50% of cases, 2/3 of serious hospitalizations vaccinated    07/31/21  (6)
"libs' " love for this insanity is disturbing    07/31/21  (5)
this is a total shitshow but at least there aren't any mean tweets    07/31/21  (3)
More impressive: Caesar, Lincoln, or Caltech Summa/HBS Baker Scholar/Blackstone    07/31/21  (6)
razr RGB gaming mouse drenched in dried cum    07/31/21  (1)
Yankees 1-0 in the Italian Renaissance Era    07/31/21  (6)
crypto chick here. this is a bull trap and you are falling for    07/31/21  (64)
pedude when you find writing to cumbersome it just means someone smarter wrote i    07/31/21  (1)
White women insist fuck with masks on?    07/31/21  (3)
steppe pastoralist girls with wet rice cultivation guys    07/31/21  (27)
Chris-chan admits to raping mother    07/31/21  (5)
Jibjab idea: Obama and boehner heads on thelma and louise    07/31/21  (4)
7 mos into “Biden” and he has higher approval ratings than Trump EVER had.    07/31/21  (1)
vague discomfort at the edges of your bloated alcoholic corporeal body, dried sa    07/31/21  (1)
I feel like everything is about to crash. Car prices have doubled and evictions    07/31/21  (37)

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