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XO Rich Schweikart appreciation poast    05/25/22  (3)
Uvalde shooter was killt by OFF DUTY Border agent while PD sat around doing noth    05/25/22  (38)
Most eye opening thing in my life is realizing just how much Jews hate whites    05/25/22  (100)
BACK in Orlando, taking q’s (TSINAH)    05/25/22  (18)
your hapa son, 'aiming' a baseball bat like a sniper rifle from the dugout    05/25/22  (71)
LinkedIn: Black person does something unremarkable, 3 million likes    05/25/22  (4)
Armed Texas teacher gets mad, shoots coworker then self.    05/25/22  (1)
Special place in hell for anyone who stalks/fucks with Boom    05/25/22  (2)
maybe the answer is to ban schools?    05/25/22  (3)
RSF what are some underrated/underappreciated U.S. cities?    05/25/22  (6)
Omnipotent, omnipresent "god" lets a bunch of kids get shot, why    05/25/22  (84)
Let's list some contemporary far-right figures that aren't gay and/or feds    05/25/22  (13)
"I'd set her on fire before she lays eggs," BOM blurts out randomly on a bus    05/25/22  (117)
Would you creampie this chick and rate her?    05/25/22  (1)
Bboom shut the fuck up you weird faggot before i rape you    05/25/22  (19)
core problem isn’t any particular gun restriction, it’s that libs are liars    05/25/22  (63)
how to talk to your kids about tech stocks    05/25/22  (1)
is this Lightning in a Bottle festival in Cali dope?    05/25/22  (1)
9 eggs sitting out 4 days 3 months past exp date=crack and eat?    05/25/22  (5)
"America" is a sick and vile place enjoy "consuming" and dying from peanut butte    05/25/22  (24)
New Poaster. First Day.    05/25/22  (1)
I ordered this pin! Supports jews(Link)    05/25/22  (1)
god doesnt exist but it is optimal to believe in a higher power for maximum gain    05/25/22  (10)
Seeing A LOT of new listings in a particular hot RE market    05/25/22  (10)
𝐲 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫
   05/25/22  (4)
up 65k if spx doesn't swing 30 pts in 4 mins    05/25/22  (19)
I'm in Dallas - it's a complete shithole    05/25/22  (89)
EE Jwoman: "Im leftie and my friends r commies." "IDEK who the bolsheviks were"    05/25/22  (1)
Top 3 Vegas hotels to stay at?    05/25/22  (10)
Boom do you watch Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul?    05/25/22  (1)
Hospitalization rates for children: COVID vs. the flu (link)    05/25/22  (2)
The pictures from Uvalde Texas are depressing.    05/25/22  (120)
Boom when are we meeting up? I have burner and throwaway ready    05/25/22  (6)
As moral foundations and cultural cohesion are eroded the left are correct    05/25/22  (15)
Board libs: You're never taking the guns. NEVER.    05/25/22  (52)
Texas department of criminal justice is hiring with no taxes!    05/25/22  (8)
Hey goyim, are you ready to watch the latest Star Wars slop?    05/25/22  (8)
*hovers over Paramount+ Subscribe button* “Strange New Worlds can’t be that    05/25/22  (1)
"Body armor" claim was a lie. The spic cops were just being pussies (link)    05/25/22  (3)
best way for average biglaw drone to build a book of business?    05/25/22  (55)
Chuck McGill (in his prime) v. 1 Howard Hamlin and 1 Cliff Main both in prime    05/25/22  (52)
itt: multimillionaire rsf becomes euphoric over intermittent four figure gains    05/25/22  (44)
Better Call Saul S6 to feature ep w/ "90 minute flashback to prime Chuck McGill"    05/25/22  (28)
No one wants to work    05/25/22  (6)
Close quarters combat footage from Ukraine - link    05/25/22  (1)
itt: totally broke pauper benzo becomes euphoric over intermittent $0 gains    05/25/22  (24)
no one has the patience for "pride month" this year    05/25/22  (1)
"So...after all that. A happy ending." BCS bros come ITT to dx this Gene preview    05/25/22  (7)
Rate the new Calvin Klein models for June 2022 Pride Month (link)    05/25/22  (3)
AMC announces BCS spin off based on early Howard Hamlin    05/25/22  (15)
blonde hair map of the americas    05/25/22  (29)
ONE WEEK from today I will be DRUNK in London (RSF)    05/25/22  (57)
   05/25/22  (5)
Quick spatial reasoning test ITT: Are u a SHAPE ROTATOR?    05/25/22  (33)
Ugh you don't "need" a car! (single purple haired Portland apartment dweller)    05/25/22  (2)
REAL TALK: howard hamlin is an alright dooder    05/25/22  (9)
Our Dad, Danielle: Biglaw Attorney Cuts Dick off at Age 57, Makes Movie    05/25/22  (1)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/25/22  (130)
Lol thinking you need "internet"    05/25/22  (3)
Got AMOG’d by 6’8” security guard at Whole Foods    05/25/22  (63)
Man dreamed of driving Brazil to Alaska in '78 Beetle is killed in head on colli    05/25/22  (9)
BCS Fatal Flaw: HHM on suburban campus, has parking deck    05/25/22  (5)
honey, shut the fuck up. my niggerball game is on tv    05/25/22  (35)
HHM associate laughing about faggot named partner dying on ABQ rooftop bar    05/25/22  (4)
Haven't watched BCS S6 yet. General thoughts so far?    05/25/22  (4)
Clever Chicken Man. Clever, clever Chicken man.    05/25/22  (5)
Lol at retards thinking they need cars and need to eat and other nonsense    05/25/22  (1)
I, uh — I think I'm in the middle of something. There's really no need to…    05/25/22  (3)
'The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act'    05/25/22  (2)
Loling at how butthurt rsf gets when you point out he is Jewish    05/25/22  (17)
🎉🥂🚨 IT'S NIGGER TIME 🚨🥂🎉    05/25/22  (7)
Crazy how us rich folks can't figure out how this no money people "live"    05/25/22  (2)
Daily feel good reminder!: 56%÷ of americans don't have $1000    05/25/22  (26)
Reminder supreme court in the 1970s legalized murdering babies    05/25/22  (3)
Rate this female teacher caught having sexual relations with her female student.    05/25/22  (21)
Are there still bars where you can be a regular, have a tab, pay it every so oft    05/25/22  (3)
The Tragedy of LGBTQIA+ Backlash in Texas (CNN)    05/25/22  (1)
Should I sell my oil profits?    05/25/22  (2)
Shitlawyer here. Party depos yesterday. Both plaintiff and defendant had ADHD.    05/25/22  (2)
How big/small is CSLG's cock?    05/25/22  (11)
Shooting is sad but Mexican aren’t American to me    05/25/22  (78)
Guilt ridden Uvalde chamber of commerce throwing monkeys paw in fireplace    05/25/22  (1)
The only people who really won on crypto were the original miners.    05/25/22  (4)
Beto interrupts Governor conference at Uvalde school    05/25/22  (28)
Thoughtful Moderates: "...so many endless shades of grey, anyway, vote blue no m    05/25/22  (5)
Man goes on 3 empanada a day diet and loses 45 lbs in 90 days. Killed by gunman    05/25/22  (2)
*psycho karen climbs outof dumpster like raccoon,googly eyes narrow on ur crotch    05/25/22  (15)
Young investors lose big in crypto crash: ‘I didn’t sleep for days’    05/25/22  (48)
FLW cowardly switching to a new moniker after getting ass gaped for a week lol    05/25/22  (3)
RSF is a “day trader” but spends all day posting, flying and playing hockey?    05/25/22  (47)
GOP voter here but disagree on 2A, universal health, student loans, the JQ    05/25/22  (4)
FLW gardening outside on his 100+ acre MT compound in a face diaper    05/25/22  (39)
Wtf? Saul can get a huge % of the recovery even if HHM takes it.    05/25/22  (6)
Wait, the Texas shooter looks identical to Michael Jackson?    05/25/22  (1)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    05/25/22  (270)
Life hack: pretend to be blind, collect disability    05/25/22  (5)
vid of rsf wedding announcement    05/25/22  (7)
lol will the media report on how Depp basically committed perjury today    05/25/22  (5)
*boner polices chola wife giving birth to a jalapeno kettle chip*    05/25/22  (1)
Zelensky Addresses Davos (in T-Shirt), 'invites' $1 Trillion in Investment (FT)    05/25/22  (18)
ITT: A comprehensive list of blacks and Mexicans who sincerely mourned Waukesha    05/25/22  (5)
Gas Stations in California Installing New Signs to Display Gas Prices Over $10    05/25/22  (2)
Jurassic Park but it's with Mandy and TMFs frozen embryos    05/25/22  (24)
RATE this trumpmo who told Beto to stfu    05/25/22  (1)
EPAH, might have a class action consumer fraud case for you    05/25/22  (1)
How are you supposed to develop a book of business at Biglaw?    05/25/22  (18)
Is there a bigger parenting fail than “having transgender kids”?    05/25/22  (8)
irl lol @ how gay goy Christian men are    05/25/22  (1)
It's amazing how poorly designed the European Union is    05/25/22  (4)
LOL @ this Old Navy commercial w obese female dancers    05/25/22  (43)
"virtually restored" watermark informing musky cock rsf's anus looks worse irl    05/25/22  (1)
Those rental scooter things are dangerous, lots of people being maimed    05/25/22  (1)
check out this 9 yo Palestinian MC drop bars    05/25/22  (1)
Why does it feel like half the country is on drugs these days?    05/25/22  (1)
The Mexican Possessing ARs    05/25/22  (1)
Serious question. How do we fix the shooting problem    05/25/22  (69)
Mobbed by Raccoons (25) Tuesday Night 03 Nov 2020    05/25/22  (3)
Any XO approved solutions to school shootings?    05/25/22  (177)
3 years as a solo--here are my numbers    05/25/22  (22)
Have to be 25 to rent a car. Why not to own a semi-automatic weapon?    05/25/22  (60)
Could you live off $100K? Be honest    05/25/22  (60)
LOL JFC NOWAG and a black guy FOUGHT at pickup hockey today    05/25/22  (31)
Luis belting “Holy Diver” on karaoke night while I flirt with MPA at the bar    05/25/22  (4)
how does anyone even have sex with skinny women    05/25/22  (126)
At least the stock market was up today    05/25/22  (1)
me and luis crying for no reason    05/25/22  (3)
School shooting loner bullied automatic thought prayers fuck your thoughts praye    05/25/22  (2)
Rottenborn is kicking Depp's ass    05/25/22  (2)
Mystery meat 9yo hapa kid asks Buttfag to help tell the world he's gay (link)    05/25/22  (25)
Jorge Ramos is OFFENDED by you, sir!    05/25/22  (60)
Olympic weightlifting/powerlifting bros: Im back    05/25/22  (15)
Jon Arbuckle isn't gay    05/25/22  (1)
Autist connects 2,800 original Nintendo Systems together to make super computer    05/25/22  (14)
am i really below average to you guys or are people just being mean?    05/25/22  (274)
Solution to shooting problem = Texas secedes from country    05/25/22  (1)
Why not ban murder?    05/25/22  (1)
Why weren't the Crusades more successful. Wasn't European Armor was better    05/25/22  (56)
If the race is omitted, the left has forfeited.    05/25/22  (4)
Comprehensive list of posters Karen does NOT hate    05/25/22  (4)
"Dis-ah pussy smerr awfur!" gagged DVP before cooking the rotten dead cat anyway    05/25/22  (137)
hideous mystery meat CGI characters doing "dance battles to mumble rap," forever    05/25/22  (7)
That Abbott press conference in TX sure does look like a gaggle of retards    05/25/22  (1)
anyone here move from dev to tech sales?    05/25/22  (1)
*points at over roofied dead hooker like lynndie england* "take that benzo!"(rsf    05/25/22  (5)
why not ban assault rifles    05/25/22  (49)
DevryMastersCandidate appreciation thread    05/25/22  (2)

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