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NYT's Liptak: Roberts got "humiliated" by 5 Doobs justices & lost his power    06/28/22  (30)
i did it all for the mushy, heh, the mushy, heh...so you can dat    06/28/22  (79)
Damn it feels good to be Of Counsel    06/28/22  (10)
St. Halford looking down on Doobs & Peterman from Heaven: "What hath I wrought?"    06/28/22  (15)
How Queer Chefs Are Reclaiming Bottom Food - The idea that bottoms need to adjus    06/28/22  (17)
Libs can’t find another Obama-esque candidate anywhere in their bullpen?    06/28/22  (32)
Two Gorgeous Peaceful Musbros BEHEAD Hindu Man in INDIA    06/28/22  (4)
CNN: “It’s still HER turn”    06/28/22  (12)
Anyone have GENEVA recommendations? (RSF)    06/28/22  (19)
"Extra bread sticks make boss man happy" (Sotomayor, J. bustling)    06/28/22  (7)
Leaving a "voice" text is a horrendous crime    06/28/22  (1)
Remember double and triple masking? Lmao    06/28/22  (5)
Dems are going to sweep November after Trump's Roe debacle    06/28/22  (25)
It is NOT okay to have typos in an appellate brief. How embarrassing.    06/28/22  (1)
A jock and cowgod in the locker room (pic)    06/28/22  (2)
Is Elden Ring a little TOO long?    06/28/22  (9)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/28/22  (179)
doobs in a hoodie, about to rap about his PISSWYRM at the 8 mile crowd    06/28/22  (4)
Lol why does RSF keep poasting here    06/28/22  (3)
Post-Doobs, wife insists on anal and swallowing my load    06/28/22  (2)
Doobs 8 MILES HIGH on HOOSIER SAUCE making obscene gestures outside Ice Miller    06/28/22  (11)
Any other bros trying to get into house dancing in late 30s?    06/28/22  (3)
found three typing mistakes in my appellate brief and want to quit law    06/28/22  (17)
"Bad day to bottom!" Earl joked as he left chipotle    06/28/22  (52)
*doobs dressed up like amelia bedelia beating rats with a broom in the HELLROOM*    06/28/22  (59)
Doobs v. Halford’s Twink hElLRo0m Organization is now Law of the Land, sry lib    06/28/22  (2)
"Tell me judge, what's a woman?" Doobs asks as he crosses his legs.    06/28/22  (12)
Ben Shapiro's sister singing about her boobs (link)    06/28/22  (7)
*Doobs riding Halford reverse cowgirl in wheelchair*    06/28/22  (66)
Reminder: Roberts was good friends with Gaetan Dugas    06/28/22  (1)
The Guild of Croissant Givers    06/28/22  (1)
Great teams. Great stories. ZoZo 2022.    06/28/22  (2)
Shitlib judges enjoining abortion trigger laws. How can they do this?    06/28/22  (1)
They said shaking hands and gatherings were done and there's a new normal    06/28/22  (2)
doobs prefered outfit is nude + tweed blazer & 80s flat top sunglasses    06/28/22  (1)
which famous pop culture libs WOULD now be con?    06/28/22  (24)
"Damn, what a slut" opines WSJ on doobs's negative interest rate 4 semen deposit    06/28/22  (6)
Hey... Kashyap Pramod Patel here but you can call me "Kash"    06/28/22  (2)
Politics are pretty worthless if they can just rename a cold and steal elections    06/28/22  (3)
*watches alien tripod vaporizing city* "They voted for this."    06/28/22  (10)
why did benzo delete the “does poop ever fall out of your butt” thread?    06/28/22  (4)
lmao at every poaster’s phone autocorrecting “dobbs” to “doobs”    06/28/22  (10)
Are hairy pussies cr or gay?    06/28/22  (9)
tommy T rate this race traitor indian bitch    06/28/22  (9)
Wife is 2 weeks pregnant. We are going to abort tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (81)
pretty sure i just got “the talk” as a partner    06/28/22  (62)
"Damn, what a slut" archeologist says uncovering doobs fossil w/yuge cock in ass    06/28/22  (8)
Beavis & Butthead learn white privilege    06/28/22  (60)
RSF: "Have I missed it? Have I missed closing argument?"    06/28/22  (73)
Why didn't SCOTUS save Doobs for last day of the term?    06/28/22  (7)
Bought 2 BTC at 20K and 15 ETH around 1K (CSLG)    06/28/22  (6)
Brown v BOE was wrongly decided    06/28/22  (6)
u rescue Doobs from Lord Halford, but he just repeats "doobs, rhymes w/ boobs.."    06/28/22  (36)
Why are libs so MAF about lab origin theory?    06/28/22  (55)
Who is this TOTAL BABE that is testifying to Congress right now?!?!    06/28/22  (3)
Should I cheatmo on wife with 20 yo stunner?    06/28/22  (63)
So ultimately Chuck McGill killed himself over a typo in a filing?    06/28/22  (33)
SCOTUSBlog's Morning Read articles are 180 shitlib COPE pieces    06/28/22  (6)
Lib here. I could see myself voting for DeSantis if he rejects Trumpism    06/28/22  (19)
Need Fulano to rate my t5 homos    06/28/22  (1)
Trumpmos: “we’re pro life!” *murders 48 migrants in Texas truck*    06/28/22  (28)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    06/28/22  (49)
Only comfortable in the company of TRIAL ATTORNEYS    06/28/22  (1)
NYT: Indian CEOs Flocking to Komodo Islands    06/28/22  (7)
Hochul and NY pols finalizing new gun control laws (link)    06/28/22  (4)
girls with excessive moles on their abdomen    06/28/22  (1)
"Damn, what a slut!" GC laughed as u buy $13 lunch after ur $7 latte+bagel    06/28/22  (14)
Wow, that was a very racist comment. Mind giving me your bosses contact info?    06/28/22  (1)
AMERIKKKA is total furking SHIT Boom, get out before it's too late!    06/28/22  (2)
Hey libs you know you're wrong! Do the right thing of the blood is on your hands    06/28/22  (1)
Americans have it super easy and good and still want to do bad and kill    06/28/22  (2)
This is the country that invented Superman.    06/28/22  (6)
Can you spot the #1 problem with this week's New Yorker cover? (pic)    06/28/22  (67)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/28/22  (49)
πŸ”«California AG release names, DOBs and addresses of all CCW holders πŸ”«    06/28/22  (38)
real talk: ISIS had some high T war music    06/28/22  (16)
Uvalde mall cops gangstalking parent who saved her own kids from shooter (articl    06/28/22  (9)
why are libs so effeminate?    06/28/22  (7)
My mom was 17 and dad 18. I was probably a prime candidate for lib culling.    06/28/22  (20)
a father's hard won wealth squandered over 1 generation on extravagant vacations    06/28/22  (4)
hard-earned wealth and tradition all destroyed by boomers in fell swoop    06/28/22  (1)
Only do right and good! Have fun and enjoy the nonsense    06/28/22  (2)
"oh wow, what a steal!" *presses for 35% tip* *does soyface*    06/28/22  (1)
rate michigan    06/28/22  (5)
Violent, anti-semitic Trumptard RUNS OVER pro-choice protestors in pickup (video    06/28/22  (15)
Lockdown for Midterms now impossible. Were mail-in-vote rules temporary?    06/28/22  (9)
Wife is interested in Darnell. We are going to divorce tomorrow as a “fuck you    06/28/22  (1)
I'm pro-choice but abortion is a sad, somber thing. Modern libs celebrate it    06/28/22  (92)
Wife found a new bf. We are going to abort tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (3)
There is literally in a dick in ass right now. This is my “fuck you” to cons    06/28/22  (2)
Jeb is a mess. Jeb is a waste. Jeb is a big fat mistake.    06/28/22  (3)
Not flame, Trump played Air Force One soundtrack at his '16 victory celebration    06/28/22  (9)
America has to pivot to Asia.    06/28/22  (1)
I don't get it why are libs so insane    06/28/22  (5)
why are libs so angry all the time    06/28/22  (8)
Why are libs so tacky and rude?    06/28/22  (3)
serious Q why are libs so fucking gay?    06/28/22  (7)
why are libs so cartoonishly evil?    06/28/22  (6)
why are libs so ugly, vicious, and stupid    06/28/22  (2)
Why are libs so furious?    06/28/22  (12)
Biden Admin and Pentagon to use TikTok and Illegals to bolster recruitment    06/28/22  (1)
Why are libs so ANGRY despite their total socio-cultural victory?    06/28/22  (29)
Why are libs so disrespectful?    06/28/22  (3)
Why are libs so insistent on young kids having sex with adults?    06/28/22  (11)
Why are libs so infantile    06/28/22  (24)
why are libs so invested in covid hysterics    06/28/22  (58)
why are libs so invested in the right to kill babies    06/28/22  (58)
Just made partner at a V100. What would happen if I started showing up to work i    06/28/22  (6)
why are libs so unhinged    06/28/22  (2)
Why are libs SO FUCKING INSANE?    06/28/22  (18)
Why are libs so mad? Don’t they hate procreative sex anyway?    06/28/22  (6)
CSLG - class action the CA AG's fuck up re: gun data dump?    06/28/22  (19)
why are libs so evil    06/28/22  (6)
why are libs so obsessed with Jan 6    06/28/22  (47)
RATE this jew deli I just went to in NJ (TSINAH)    06/28/22  (3)
Pathetic how you tried to fuck us over! Guess what, you're going to pay ;)    06/28/22  (6)
Go back in time and kill ONE musical artist. Who    06/28/22  (22)
should I chemo on my wife with 20 year old tumor?    06/28/22  (2)
"This is my rock bottom" Chad sighs as he cums on your future wife's face    06/28/22  (238)
They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.    06/28/22  (3)
Anyone here have > 100 btc?    06/28/22  (1)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/28/22  (171)
God damn, I wonder if Putin is tired of winning yet    06/28/22  (5)
"Damn, what a slut!" said Chad as he left your future wife's DORMROOM    06/28/22  (36)
"Damn, what a slut" Animal control guy says after fishing doobs out of septic ta    06/28/22  (14)
DAMN, WHAT A SLUT!    06/28/22  (7)
"Damn, what a slut!" exclaimed the REDWOOD TREE as luis meditated under it    06/28/22  (12)
"Damn, what a slut!" said the depressed 30 y/o lawyer to his MacBook, leaving XO    06/28/22  (3)
Mortal Kombat voice as you select your future wife: "What a SLUT'    06/28/22  (6)
"Damn, what a slut!" said the ice road trucker as he left doobs' HELLROOM    06/28/22  (62)
Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything.    06/28/22  (2)
Are you good-looking? Do you have a bright and direct gaze?    06/28/22  (1)
I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn't get there. And she was married.    06/28/22  (21)
I Googled Chechnya. And bro....they’re crazy!    06/28/22  (2)
Do you think Queen Elizabeth II sucked cock well in her youth?    06/28/22  (2)
Because you'd be in jail.    06/28/22  (4)
99 year old jellyfish found living in NYC fire hydrant    06/28/22  (143)
81 million pairs of shoes tp    06/28/22  (4)
Libs sterilizing themselves to own the Cons    06/28/22  (1)
Wife isn't pregnant. We are going to vasectomy tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (2)
u: trapped in alien cocoon wheezing "killl meee"; u: post on xo    06/28/22  (254)
Depeche Mode keyboardist died from aortic dissection at 60    06/28/22  (5)
KidRock32x    06/28/22  (4)
wtf just saw guy in white labcoat on dirtbike fishtail out of NASA parking lot    06/28/22  (62)
Please proceed Governor.    06/28/22  (5)
My goodness there are a lot of Of Counsels here    06/28/22  (4)
Reports coming from Egypt that pyramids have started “shaking inexplicably”    06/28/22  (2)
Add a little bit to the end there. Potatoe is spelled with an "E"    06/28/22  (1)
(((they))) don't want you to remember Wendy's had a salad and potato bar    06/28/22  (13)
I'm thrilled and proud to poast with such a great team.    06/28/22  (9)

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