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My wife heard an NPR piece on how Caitlin Clark is going to change WNBA.    04/16/24  (6)
25% of women are involved in some form of sex work    04/16/24  (2)
I've made a huge decision about the direction of my life (evan39)    04/16/24  (2)
Americans are actually better off financially under Biden (link)    04/16/24  (33)
ITT: comprehensive list of anti-globohomo movies    04/16/24  (127)
That guy's crazy, he mocked anyone who thought Kherson mattered    04/16/24  (1)
Jordan Marsh tp    04/16/24  (1)
Rate this shrew who chose career over kids    04/16/24  (26)
submissive LLC ISO bear corp for parent-subsidiary relationship    04/16/24  (23)
Anyone one else going to be locked up all year with no cumming?    04/16/24  (4)
remember petumpkin    04/16/24  (1)
men to shut up, stand back, and step up    04/16/24  (3)
That guy's crazy, he was saying the war was over in July 2022 and Russia won    04/16/24  (1)
is it foolish to get a water cooler if i'm not going to overclock?    04/16/24  (10)
Can’t think of anything more pathetic than “serving in the military”    04/16/24  (72)
That guy's crazy, he thought all the AI hype was flame, he said nyuug drive a ta    04/16/24  (1)
Can’t spell “lugenpresse” without “NPR”    04/16/24  (1)
would you like me any better, if i was eddie vedder?    04/16/24  (2)
Rate Zuck’s wife wearing only a coat (no bra) feeling on a handsome    04/16/24  (82)
Pro Tip: Only buy NVIDIA GPU's    04/16/24  (91)
Can a man still have Honor if he majors in liberal arts?    04/16/24  (16)
Seems plausible in a month Trump is sentenced to 160 years in prison    04/16/24  (73)
Eddie Vedder has died    04/16/24  (6)
Baby Reindeer on Netflix is 180    04/16/24  (5)
does court have personal jdx over out of state co. that contracts w instate co?    04/16/24  (37)
I think NSAM is the only schtick that I haven't seen poast out of character    04/16/24  (1)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/16/24  (99)
The people running MASE are kinda fucked right now because they can't talk about    04/16/24  (20)
Karen's Kunty Kotillion    04/16/24  (1)
Trump is going to win the black vote    04/16/24  (3)
F-35 is going to be in service for 77 years. Eat shit.    04/16/24  (10)
It's another episode of NSAM spamming and talking out of his ass    04/16/24  (5)
Iran just whoops! made America the most powerful country on earth for 100 years    04/16/24  (7)
Insane that people do BIGLAW for 30+ years lmao    04/16/24  (1)
At least two lawyers on Trump jury, lmao. His team sucks    04/16/24  (11)
USA has been dadding Israel around for weeks now    04/16/24  (1)
The Life and Death of Hollywood (LONG READ)    04/16/24  (25)
Turn on Fallout Episode 1    04/16/24  (22)
You need to buy PUPS right now. First BTC memecoin. Going to moon bigly.    04/16/24  (13)
Jason Whitlock: WNBA is gaining popularity because players look like women    04/16/24  (8)
LOL @ commutemos. I WFH almost every day and make 400k.    04/16/24  (3)
Whitey Herzog was still alive and Eddie Vedder wasn't already dead? Wtf    04/16/24  (1)
Bluey is a great kids show but creator is smelling his own farts lately    04/16/24  (2)
Pearl Jam - I Still Unload    04/16/24  (49)
90s daytime TV was Jewish propaganda aimed at housewives    04/16/24  (12)
Eddie Vedder reveals he was singing "a made-up language" the entire time    04/16/24  (10)
Trump isn't getting convicted in NY.    04/16/24  (5)
FRONTLINE is new tonight    04/16/24  (6)
How prole to walk around with jizz stains on pants all day?    04/16/24  (4)
Why does Israel have a right to exist?    04/16/24  (4)
Eddie Vedder voice: whoa I. whoaaaaa I have sex w guys. Yeaaah I    04/16/24  (53)
How do I stop getting all these news articles linked to MSN    04/16/24  (1)
Insanely fast Chinese bro outruns Africans to win Beijing marathon (CNN)    04/16/24  (3)
Was Hitler right?(evan39)    04/16/24  (71)
Voodoo Child crew: FLW, Emilio E, Richard, TSINAH, RSF, Henry, LSD, Muscadine    04/16/24  (339)
Gleaming the Cube sequel announced: Piercing the Corporate Veil    04/16/24  (1)
Longest officecuck commutes you or someone you know has endured    04/16/24  (19)
We’re supposed to take women seriously even though they all have smelly vagina    04/16/24  (5)
lol cant believe I simped over my 'wife' for half a year u guys were right    04/16/24  (27)
everyone to rsf: "benzo's smarter than you"    04/16/24  (37)
Should I migrate to reddit, slash.law, or gamefaqs?    04/16/24  (10)
OJ Simpson literally destroyed Kris Jenner's vagina    04/16/24  (15)
Date or deport USC's valedictorian?    04/16/24  (12)
Norm got canned because OJ's Jewish friends didn't like the OJ jokes    04/16/24  (2)
“wake up chink i need threads shitmodded” (rsf texting kenny)    04/16/24  (6)
spit on extension school grads, roundhouse kick extension school grads, cover    04/16/24  (1)
the board is pretty gay tonight. but is it gay enough?    04/16/24  (3)
🚨 please do NOT humanize extension school grads like Rufo 🚨    04/16/24  (1)
80s yuppie marketing bros on LSD brainstorming 'Halls of Medicine' nightmare vis    04/16/24  (3)
Former Trevor Bauer accuser charged criminally for fraud over fake abortion    04/16/24  (2)
i'm supposed to be all broken up about (((Ron Goldman))) and some mudshark?    04/16/24  (1)
StoneToss going after SP    04/16/24  (2)
#1 pick Caitlyn Clark to make $338k over 4 years    04/16/24  (17)
Anyone else basically not getting PS6 no matter what?    04/16/24  (13)
How much do u think Caitlin Clark would charge for sex to supplement income?    04/16/24  (1)
If you poast here, I want to see your asshole    04/16/24  (1)
I knows Woman raised by a single father and her personality is amazing    04/16/24  (12)
I have come around on Rufo    04/16/24  (61)
"Chiefs" are frauds..end them    04/16/24  (1)
Ricki and I are the only poasters who ever beat Morrowind    04/16/24  (6)
i don't eat, i don't sleep, i do nothing but force shitmemes    04/16/24  (59)
Anyone who genuinely enjoys living in cities is cemented    04/16/24  (1)
I have come around on Adolf Hitler    04/16/24  (6)
Still feel like I haven't seen enough xo poasters' assholes    04/16/24  (3)
🚨 🚨 🚨TSINAH hearing @9:00AM EST 4/29/2024 🚨 🚨 🚨    04/16/24  (75)
Anyone who genuinely enjoys living in cities is demented    04/16/24  (12)
Anyone miss the poster To be fair? Retired in '16 after (terrible)Trump predict.    04/16/24  (7)
Ukraine retreating, front line collapsing    04/16/24  (1)
it's all 80% sales 20% execution    04/16/24  (1)
Did OJ get the COVID vaccine? Is that what killed him?    04/16/24  (5)
Why would anyone dig their own grave if told to do so by a killer?    04/16/24  (6)
I have cum to Ruffo (MASE)    04/16/24  (1)
I hate protesters who block roads so much    04/16/24  (8)
Saturday baseball was...8:30 little league pictures, 10:00 game, then two select    04/16/24  (8)
ITT we bash Boston Cream Pie, the dessert    04/16/24  (10)
Who's hotter in this pic: Naomi Watts or her son? (Link)    04/16/24  (2)
A Satriales meatball parm    04/16/24  (4)
ITT movies that never got the sequel they deserved    04/16/24  (2)
Backpackermos, explain women who stay in mixed dorms when female dorms available    04/16/24  (26)
What’s the current hottest white collar fraud?    04/16/24  (1)
Just deleted the whatnot app from my phone    04/16/24  (10)
This is all nonsense at this point    04/16/24  (1)
Why do these Russian soldiers keep blowing each other moments before death?    04/16/24  (6)
This Karma Sushi coupon sucks    04/16/24  (11)
the human body is made of 10^28 atoms organized very carefully    04/16/24  (2)
great thread Subrahmanyan    04/16/24  (2)
Vast majority of Iranian missiles were shot down by the US not Israel    04/16/24  (1)
reddit DORK discovers the concept of chad IRL at party!    04/16/24  (30)
Spaceporn, are you a Megan Thee Stallion fan    04/16/24  (2)
Reminder: OJ got off because Mark Fuhrman casually said the N-word once or twice    04/16/24  (17)
Custodian of Records for gay porn site–credited gig?    04/16/24  (1)
Amerikkka is fucking fraud    04/16/24  (7)
Lol at "living" in any state with state "income tax" ljl    04/16/24  (5)
Wait so if I blow a guy, I might get droned to death? A win-win?    04/16/24  (1)
TRUMP supporters on jury deciding Trump's case    04/16/24  (11)
"I gotta go see about a barely passable tranny"    04/16/24  (46)
Trump can’t win unless he defeats democracy first    04/16/24  (5)
Black student smacks troon teacher in the face    04/16/24  (4)
The World Series of Poker bracelet is the greatest trophy in sports    04/16/24  (4)
My brother got a female puppy and she’s bleeding all over the place    04/16/24  (1)
Israel's gonna pussy out - link    04/16/24  (1)
Being sick/unwell is truly the worst thing in life    04/16/24  (33)
can’t believe they make boys wrestle these busty teens (video)    04/16/24  (27)
Chris Rufo just assassinated new NPR CEO via retweets (link)    04/16/24  (30)
Rate this Nazi Superman who never got to breed    04/16/24  (6)
T/F: If they stopped making video games TODAY, existing games would last forever    04/16/24  (1)
careers over kids tp    04/16/24  (1)
Golden Gate Bridge protesters enter Google CEO’s office    04/16/24  (7)
2024 will be the bort’s last POTUS election cycle    04/16/24  (1)
LMAO @ faggot "Drake" getting a nosejob and then denying it    04/16/24  (2)
My biggest weakness is clearly the whatnot app. Holy Jesus.    04/16/24  (1)
I have come around on Rufio    04/16/24  (1)
My biggest weakness? Probably that I respect women *too much*    04/16/24  (3)
One time I sodomized myself with a widemouth 40oz bottle and pulled shit out    04/16/24  (3)
CIA is exclusively recruiting "LGBT" ppl now    04/16/24  (7)
Why are lawyers so bad at committing crimes???    04/16/24  (8)
Anyone here coparenting with your ex wife?    04/16/24  (15)
Is National Guard disobeying Hochul's orders?    04/16/24  (1)
"Let's make it even more obvious. Let's call him 'Bankman.' The goys will still    04/16/24  (13)
Why doesn't Russia just do TopGolf nets around the oil refineries?    04/16/24  (1)
*clutches tranny spy girlfriend*    04/16/24  (1)
Just Drove 2100 Miles Cross Country- Questions?    04/16/24  (17)
Reminder: there's no valid reason our society values lawyers    04/16/24  (6)
Criminal defense lawyers pocketing $400 "retainer," unloading Glock (white colla    04/16/24  (2)
"But he said: Woe to you lawyers also, because you load men with burdens which t    04/16/24  (2)
young thick slutty biglaw secretaries who can't keep their eyes off the lawyers    04/16/24  (3)
Where the fuck is FLW    04/16/24  (2)
Guy eats all of a roommate's beans. Roommate exacts revenge on Baldur    04/16/24  (11)
Recite your baseline.    04/16/24  (1)
Millennial lawyers are huge pushovers holy fuck    04/16/24  (4)

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