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How expensive is a decent horse?    05/30/23  (38)
Tucker ending every segment w/ 'RACE WAR NOW."    05/30/23  (1)
why did the GOP bend over re debt ceiling?    05/30/23  (2)
Just in: Gen X will die before the fraud collapses. Made deal with Boomers    05/30/23  (2)
Do you have any unexplained geniuses in your family?    05/30/23  (3)
Tucker ending every segment w/ '..this isn't about race, of course not'    05/30/23  (8)
Danny Casolaro | The Octopus | PROMIS software | Inslaw    05/30/23  (15)
XO is more addictive than twitter. Why hasn't Rach monetized it? Is he one of    05/30/23  (8)
starting to diet to lose 20-25 lbs. doing the opposite of disco fries.    05/30/23  (75)
Stone Cold Steve Autism    05/30/23  (4)
Top 1% SMV (Sexual Market Value) Male here. Taking ?s on being 1% SMV ITT    05/30/23  (80)
Took the little fucker to Thailand to teach him how to earn an honest living    05/30/23  (1)
Lawyer DESTROYS Two Cops    05/30/23  (41)
Estimate the number of unique monikers that poast in a given week    05/30/23  (2)
Interviewing Ricky about astrology on the xo podcast today    05/30/23  (26)
My dog doesn't seem to understand that I have COVID    05/30/23  (1)
its unbelievable how much this guy can cum. i can't cum 1/10 as much.    05/30/23  (12)
Any current tv shows that don’t suck?    05/30/23  (11)
ITT: i post a 23 yr old white british girls doggystyle pov ass and pussy pic    05/30/23  (22)
Is Russia going to shoot a swarm of drones at Ukraine again tonight?    05/30/23  (6)
Twink interviews black bouncer (video) (Twitter) (link)    05/30/23  (2)
Being short as a child really fucks with you psyche    05/30/23  (5)
You don’t get HPV or cancer from eating asian pussy    05/30/23  (12)
Fuck That's Delicious is the best reality show ever created    05/30/23  (12)
Fizzkid, do you know anybody in a "polycule"?    05/30/23  (2)
Why aren't you ejaculating inside a fertile vagina right now?    05/30/23  (38)
Ukraine sent their dregs of society to Bakhmut - link    05/30/23  (4)
I killed 4 kittens as a child on a camping trip    05/30/23  (39)
How many women have you fucked?    05/30/23  (44)
We will never pay these alleged "student loans". Never.    05/30/23  (23)
Is Veronika Rajek a suitable girlfriend for Tom Brady?    05/30/23  (27)
Elizabeth Holmes is now a federal inmate. We won't see her until the 2030s.    05/30/23  (61)
Eating pussy is 180 don’t care if that makes me a homo    05/30/23  (11)
Video of spaceporn at PetsMart (nsfw)    05/30/23  (13)
All 400,000 of ur male ancestors wondering why you haven’t impregnated a femal    05/30/23  (118)
RSF: Gonna need your HELP to market to the elite ski community    05/30/23  (7)
This would be one of the most popular forums on the web if rach opened registrat    05/30/23  (5)
Fox News raided Tuckers home and destroyed his studio 🤣😭    05/30/23  (20)
Have you noticed that everything at the grocery store is getting smaller?    05/30/23  (5)
Potluck what is your life $tory? Anything interesting?    05/30/23  (2)
irish car bomb but its dupa dropping shot glass of cum into pint glass of cum    05/30/23  (31)
"Wanna go for a run?" TSINAH asked the Tinder 4, looking at the steakhouse bill    05/30/23  (77)
Do you re$pect Juneteenth?    05/30/23  (2)
no problem with 'juneteenth' in theory but the stupid fucking name    05/30/23  (13)
do you get more ass and pussy while wearing those Cuban Gold chains?    05/30/23  (4)
20 million Russian casualties in WW2 always seemed like an inflated number to me    05/30/23  (22)
MASE here. Just wanted to say that SP rapes his adopted son's anus daily.    05/30/23  (96)
Terrible baseball tournament this weekend. Got ass fucked. Might have kid do juj    05/30/23  (37)
Current obsession with “pedos” is 1980s daycare abuse hysteria all over agai    05/30/23  (9)
If woman doesnt $wallow is the BJ even worth it?    05/30/23  (1)
never forget courts found gavin newsom's wife willingly had sex with weinstein    05/30/23  (4)
Wld you have sex w/ this hapa-looking Hawaii girl who wears thong bikinis?    05/30/23  (20)
Why aren't you knocking off the$e fraud lotto "winner$" and $cammer$?    05/30/23  (2)
Pray for many deaths and arrests this fraud "memorial day"    05/30/23  (4)
NYC associate lawyer pulls wig of negress’s head, loses job (link)    05/30/23  (21)
Dig fag$ on yet another fraud amerikkkan "holiday"    05/30/23  (5)
Thi$ "debt" talk bull$hit i$ complete fraud    05/30/23  (2)
People are saying Ukraine's military intelligence got nuked    05/30/23  (1)
$port fraud i$ $uper lame a$$ $hit at thi$ point    05/30/23  (3)
Hope you die over "memorial day weekend" you fucking frauds    05/30/23  (17)
Hey. We are bullshit    05/30/23  (2)
SP lawsuit was filed today at 4:30 est. Spoiler: some people here are fucked.    05/30/23  (86)
video games measure IQ as well as the SAT:    05/30/23  (5)
got all coding interview topics and answers from ChatGPT    05/30/23  (3)
End homeless alltogether? Why is this allowed to exist?    05/30/23  (4)
Life=$cam we were $uckered into! We $houldn't have to $uffer, live & die    05/30/23  (4)
Me and Erik Prince using severed SwampNigger & FedLawyer heads for target practi    05/30/23  (4)
The 2023 Kia Juneteenth    05/30/23  (2)
Anyone watching this Natalia Grace show on HBO?    05/30/23  (1)
So RSF = Connor Roy?    05/30/23  (2)
Data shows Bud Light REVERSES sales declines into the Memorial Day weekend    05/30/23  (2)
My dog looks like a coyote 😔    05/30/23  (1)
Florida’s loose gun laws caused a bunch of teens to shoot ppl on the beach    05/30/23  (4)
evan39, when will you set up the store’s Juneteenth display?    05/30/23  (2)
Chocolate Hummus is so Delicious brothers. Tastes like Brownie Batter    05/30/23  (4)
Real talk: is crypto crash/eth 2.0 going to kill me (NVDA)    05/30/23  (12)
Looks like I need a new career (TSINAH)    05/30/23  (4)
insane that Eddie Van Halen is like 10th celebrity to die of HPV throat cancer    05/30/23  (22)
TSINAH, fill in the blank: "UR FU_KED"    05/30/23  (1)
"The CVS sells more Father's Day cards than Juneteenth Cards" the realtor winked    05/30/23  (6)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE list of STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE: (v2.0)    05/30/23  (66)
Fine, I admit it it: I SIT down to PEE    05/30/23  (6)
Nancy Liu Mystery Stories: The Mystery of the Playroom Hotdog (FizzKidd)    05/30/23  (2)
Is this orc OK?    05/30/23  (6)
TSINAH I'm still LOL'ing that ur gonna have to pay ur loans back    05/30/23  (13)
Neighbor across street from my WFH is "trainer". Lifts weights, blasts numetal    05/30/23  (12)
Is it true that Green Jolly Rancher would make a great spouse or mistress?    05/30/23  (1)
TSINAH's repayments are going to be thousands a month right?    05/30/23  (1)
I name a vehicle and you share your gut impression    05/30/23  (222)
Where is the next Boise?    05/30/23  (56)
Pic of XO after a poster reveals she's a woman    05/30/23  (25)
What is the fan% breakdown of Giants/Yankees, Giants/Mets, Jets/Yanks, Jets/Mets    05/30/23  (23)
XO poaster$ get veddy polite when tea$ed with naked women pic$    05/30/23  (1)
Nirvana - Half the Man When I Sit to Pee .mp3    05/30/23  (3)
you guys see Gavin Wax get fired from Babylon Bee live on Twitter today?    05/30/23  (17)
Sam Altman is the antichrist, OpenAI is literally summoning a demon    05/30/23  (2)
We’re bringing neofeudalism to the cloud    05/30/23  (2)
ITT: You RATE 57 year old DIMEPIECE Elizabeth Hurley    05/30/23  (20)
Who can you $ue? Try police departments, libraries, cleaning $ervices    05/30/23  (1)
All quiet on the spaceporn front    05/30/23  (1)
Cali. court releases Manson Family murderer Leslie Van Houten from prison    05/30/23  (4)
Do you know anyone who got rich from personally $uing?    05/30/23  (1)
Did the US completely neuter Japan after WW2?    05/30/23  (17)
Your kids are going to think Juneteenth is a normal holiday    05/30/23  (43)
"when i'm 42 i want to look like a big city lesbian and brag about my dad's job"    05/30/23  (96)
novak djokovic is a serbian huwhyte hero    05/30/23  (1)
Holes4Height is a radical realist female led non profit organization that    05/30/23  (1)
rsf.exe has no drive associated with it    05/30/23  (93)
a woman's foetid, carcinogenic yeast trench    05/30/23  (1)
Trumpmos you cant just invade a white country and expect USA/NATO to not interve    05/30/23  (39)
Elizabeth Holmes nipping out under her prison issue jumpsuit (pic)    05/30/23  (12)
Even After Debunking, ‘Sybil’ Hasn’t Gone Away    05/30/23  (1)
Should I apply to become a state court judge?    05/30/23  (1)
*dismounts rickshaw* *stretches quads* 'hele is ah my thought on gun contror..'    05/30/23  (1)
Post ITT if one of your unused monikers is your full legal name    05/30/23  (1)
Libs shouting "Black Lives Matter!", Trump voters shouting back "No they don't!"    05/30/23  (30)
Go die in a homele$$ $helter you gay a$$ fraud    05/30/23  (3)
Fuck the "homeless"    05/30/23  (3)
Best cla$$ action scheme for an Of Counsel to get rich quick?    05/30/23  (4)
Trump to use an EO to end birthright for illegal children    05/30/23  (34)
jews begging you to like hitler    05/30/23  (1)
Who is gonna pay for it?? MEXICO!    05/30/23  (10)
"That's not what payment in arrears means, peterman"    05/30/23  (2)
“Can I touch your bowlcut?”    05/30/23  (2)
Cons what happened to that one leader of yours Richard Spencer?    05/30/23  (55)
Black female lawyer pulls toupee off white guy’s head, makes partner (link)    05/30/23  (3)
Daft Punk - Contact (Official Audio).mp3    05/30/23  (1)
Who has the LinkedIn Project endorsed for digital dexterity?    05/30/23  (1)
The Turdskin Diaries Chapter 12: The Day of the Grope    05/30/23  (2)
I just inherited an old boat from Grampa, found this pic of my Grandma    05/30/23  (22)
Black women think everyone is obsessed with their hair (which is fake)    05/30/23  (2)
taking a kitchen torch to the multicultural children's books at Pottery Barn tp    05/30/23  (1)
Who has the Lincoln Project endorsed for the Republican primary?    05/30/23  (47)
Most convincing book defending official holocaust narrative?    05/30/23  (23)
Ukraine changes name to YouKraine    05/30/23  (1)
Why is it called “sparkling” water? It doesn’t sparkle at all    05/30/23  (1)
TGT lost 4% of its market value today ljfl 180    05/30/23  (2)
Hey EPAH do you want to do a case w/ me? Class action    05/30/23  (2)
pick 2 of 3: social stability, civil liberties, non-selective immigration    05/30/23  (1)
I'll be in Flushing Meadow Park next week if anyone wants their skull caved in    05/30/23  (2)
The different conceptions of marriage in patriarchal vs. matriarchal societies    05/30/23  (15)
Why are women constantly going to the bathroom what r they doing in there    05/30/23  (9)
valen2 breaks down a Russia/Ukraine armed conflict    05/30/23  (14)
describe to me how douchey Chris Evans (the actor) is in real life    05/30/23  (14)
video of 2 cops being killed    05/30/23  (11)
Guy driving stolen school bus chased through 2 counties    05/30/23  (1)
just planted some tobacco seeds    05/30/23  (12)
are you interested in men?    05/30/23  (6)

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