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J shad = dJ SHADow    05/30/23  (4)
Absolutely imperative that you rewatch The Faculty NOW    05/30/23  (3)
i only date white guys btw    05/30/23  (3)
offspring guitar riff is the very first thing you hear when u watch The Faculty    05/30/23  (6)
california is absolutely beautiful    05/30/23  (59)
ppl in toronto must just watch the faculty 24/7    05/30/23  (30)
evan39 any $2.99 ca$e$ of bud light?    05/30/23  (8)
Lawyer DESTROYS Two Cops    05/30/23  (18)
TSINAH I'm still LOL'ing that ur gonna have to pay ur loans back    05/30/23  (11)
Trumpmos: If the FBI doesn't do the right's bidding, it's a biased agency!!    05/30/23  (1)
Crushing 4Lokos with Johnsmeyer before rolling out to sell life insurance    05/30/23  (21)
underrated part of The Faculty-- the aliens seemed to really like football    05/30/23  (15)
SP lawsuit was filed today at 4:30 est. Spoiler: some people here are fucked.    05/30/23  (83)
"in lieu of flowers the family has asked you watch The Faculty"    05/30/23  (12)
Of America's 270 Nuclear Missile Silos, 269 Overseen by White Men (Atlantic)    05/30/23  (1)
:::you are now thinking about black bodies:::    05/30/23  (1)
Just got the haircut Josh Hartnett had in The Faculty    05/30/23  (18)
i feel like josh hartnett in The Faculty (1998) & everyone around me acting stra    05/30/23  (9)
does josh hartnett "accidentally" have the faculty on at parties    05/30/23  (86)
Fuck it lets post about The Faculty all day    05/30/23  (2)
What is the fan% breakdown of Giants/Yankees, Giants/Mets, Jets/Yanks, Jets/Mets    05/30/23  (12)
I once punched someone in the face for saying "Actually, that's not irony."    05/30/23  (2)
Isn't it unreasonable for Georgia to have a town called Cumming?    05/30/23  (4)
Wait Jimmy Carter is still alive?    05/30/23  (8)
100 DAYS OF SOO CR SUMMER STARTS TODAY! (RSF)    05/30/23  (101)
me, j shad and johnsmeyer sitting on porch drinking beers to boys of summer    05/30/23  (13)
Why are there no low IQ Jews?    05/30/23  (17)
Terrible baseball tournament this weekend. Got ass fucked. Might have kid do juj    05/30/23  (35)
Camera following a J Shad dopamine hit like the bullet in freak on a leash    05/30/23  (10)
if u wear Smashing Pumpkins ZERO tshirt libs will attack u    05/30/23  (7)
honestly i can't work anymore, this is fucking insane    05/30/23  (12)
How is the steam deck, anyway?    05/30/23  (4)
isnt lifting kind of gay?    05/30/23  (35)
sublime chads, no doubt work spouses and smashing pumpkins wizards    05/30/23  (6)
Smashing Pumpkins We Only Come Out @ Night plays as u go to lobby to get Seamles    05/30/23  (3)
High Jewish IQ Debunked    05/30/23  (13)
"lmao duck sauce hbs fan fic!" (rsf wearing a princeton alum sweatshirt)    05/30/23  (2)
New Afroman song playing over footage of FBI arresting SP stalkers (link)    05/30/23  (1)
Cons are touting RFK Jr. cuz they think he’d be easier to beat than Biden    05/30/23  (4)
Help me shop for bird hunting gun    05/30/23  (12)
CSLG looks like Eduardo Saverin's younger brother but with downs syndrome    05/30/23  (28)
At first I didn't like CSLG    05/30/23  (3)
'survey SAYS...' *holds index card to forehead* '..I'M GAY'    05/30/23  (1)
isn't it unreasonable to describe attractive women as "comely"    05/30/23  (1)
it's such a sick evil world, I may have to kill someone very soon    05/30/23  (3)
singapore 3rd or 5th richest country in world, very last in happiness    05/30/23  (14)
Prole tell: hating cyclists    05/30/23  (88)
"....a fucking *Glove*?"    05/30/23  (15)
Isn't it unreasonable to expect me to eat "cumin"?    05/30/23  (3)
your undiapered face, in a public space, a public menace, national disgrace    05/30/23  (4)
Time for RSF to accept he's Jewish. Reality, Sorry Fat Jew (RSFJ)    05/30/23  (1)
have you paid for sex    05/30/23  (1)
new Sony handheld is a glorified WiiU?    05/30/23  (6)
an unattended militarized inauguration w/ country on lockdown: peak democracy    05/30/23  (5)
Nancy Liu Mystery Stories: The Mystery of the Playroom Hotdog (FizzKidd)    05/30/23  (1)
How can anyone look at a woman for five seconds and not picture inseminating her    05/30/23  (1)
In England the biggest dollar store chain is called "Poundland"    05/30/23  (7)
Where is the next Boise?    05/30/23  (50)
OH WHAT A CEILING    05/30/23  (1)
TSINAH u better get used to Ramen Noodles fat boi    05/30/23  (1)
Anyone else try to own cars no one can recognize or remember?    05/30/23  (1)
only reason trannys are remotely passable is because women all have ssri bodies    05/30/23  (1)
Mainlinings posting style is really gay . Seems like hes a lonely druggie degen    05/30/23  (8)
Sotomayor's Basic Instinct moment    05/30/23  (10)
like it makes a difference if debt is 32 trillion or 32 trillion?    05/30/23  (3)
TV show idea - murder mystery set in a Villages-like retirement community    05/30/23  (3)
Chick-Fil-A goes woke    05/30/23  (22)
"reach out and touch height"    05/30/23  (1)
Mitsubishi Mirage, Mazda Miata...wat other vehicles XO approved?    05/30/23  (21)
LMAO, Trumpmos hate LGBT's but sure love "femboy" and "trans" porn    05/30/23  (6)
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 6 foot 4    05/30/23  (3)
2SLGTBQIA+ term was created by password manager    05/30/23  (4)
I just inherited an old boat from Grampa, found this pic of my Grandma    05/30/23  (19)
Justice Kagan's "Basic Instinct" moment    05/30/23  (24)
PoCs (People of Counsel) are demanding equity.    05/30/23  (5)
remember when libs wanted to destroy unvaxxedmos' lives    05/30/23  (28)
McCarthy voting with Democrats. LOL Trumpkins    05/30/23  (1)
If I was 6'6" I'd be happy    05/30/23  (1)
GOP insider succinctly states why GOP is fucked in states like Wisconsin (link)    05/30/23  (1)
xo Michael Shermer is based    05/30/23  (1)
Is AI going to kill everyone or is that just Star Wars nerd hysterics?    05/30/23  (5)
'you owe <clack clack clack> ... 32 trillion dollars'    05/30/23  (1)
dark lex twirling butterfly knife at faculty meeting    05/30/23  (10)
dark lex dropping sick battle raps in faculty lounge    05/30/23  (26)
Going back to law school in my 40s to get my "Mr." degree (dark lex)    05/30/23  (15)
dark lex luring coeds to apt for "party n pray"    05/30/23  (8)
spaceporn flies around outside at night when no one's watching    05/30/23  (18)
I killed 4 kittens as a child on a camping trip    05/30/23  (20)
Erik B & Rakim: Paid in Full (student loans)    05/30/23  (2)
Is Stanford more prestigious than Harvard?    05/30/23  (24)
David Lat and Doodikoff being forced to share a ventilator    05/30/23  (1)
REMINDER: "Beer can " in a posh British accent = "Bacon" in a thick Jamaican one    05/30/23  (10)
'I'm fully paid,' he lisped    05/30/23  (1)
TSINAH is gonna have to pay back his loans. LMAO    05/30/23  (1)
Cons how we doing on vaccine status being tied to your bank account?    05/30/23  (91)
Consumer Spending is still high somehow    05/30/23  (11)
I’ll pretty much believe anything if it’s typeset in LaTeX    05/30/23  (6)
Fuck my ass I just tested positive for COVID    05/30/23  (1)
Video of spaceporn at PetsMart (nsfw)    05/30/23  (10)
who is this Richard Hanania guy?    05/30/23  (38)
Right wing alternatives to Roman Catholicism?    05/30/23  (69)
DeSantis announces FULL PAY ONLY student loan reform    05/30/23  (22)
Pride / Juneteenth / What'$ next?    05/30/23  (6)
'hehe, pay your jewish loans!' <based crab in a bucket>    05/30/23  (3)
Most convincing book defending official holocaust narrative?    05/30/23  (21)
Your kids are going to think Juneteenth is a normal holiday    05/30/23  (38)
I name a vehicle and you share your gut impression    05/30/23  (135)
Please send my student loan payments directly to Ukraine    05/30/23  (2)
DeSantis promises to 'Destroy Leftism' 🙄    05/30/23  (41)
Ukraine declares its counteroffensive a victory    05/30/23  (12)
Almost no Ukraine-threading on front page -- is the war over? Russia lost?    05/30/23  (1)
Ukraine's "reserves" being sent to do "counteroffensives" are running away    05/30/23  (5)
DeSantis to weird FURRIES: "Stop fucking up our kids."    05/30/23  (9)
Coomtown, population: you    05/30/23  (1)
holy shit apps are full of literal whores now    05/30/23  (41)
fiscally conservative socially liberal prey eyed mischlings in ur red suburb    05/30/23  (1)
trashy rat faced kike proles bitching about the midwest tp    05/30/23  (3)
Rate this Azn girl's tweet to Mark Cuban    05/30/23  (6)
Imagine if NOFAP was used as a pumishmnet    05/30/23  (38)
DeSantis putting all his eggs in the I fight Disney basket is so funny to me.    05/30/23  (1)
consuela your substack gets truncated and fucekd up on email browser fyi    05/30/23  (4)
Russiatards DUN HERE -- entire Harry Potter cast joins Ukrainian Army (link)    05/30/23  (18)
daily reminder that all brown people are based & pious and better than you    05/30/23  (1)
JFC, Just read A Letter to Liberals by RFK Jr. Shit is insane    05/30/23  (47)
LOL CONTURDS -- Bud Light sales "finally starting to normalize again" (link)    05/30/23  (4)
The Magic of Walt Disney World    05/30/23  (3)
how do i get over my unhappiness    05/30/23  (8)
Robert Malone personally spread COVID at a conference in Boston    05/30/23  (6)
I don't see any GOP path to Presidential victory in 2024    05/30/23  (117)
Dr. James Giordano is a super creepy dood who more or less predicted COVID    05/30/23  (4)
Trying to find a shrink sucks so much    05/30/23  (22)
Looks like I need a new computer (TSINAH)    05/30/23  (160)
Why is Colorado's suicide rate so high?    05/30/23  (6)
RSF: Gonna need your HELP to market to the elite ski community    05/30/23  (4)
Any US soccer heads know where Anthony Hudson just took a job?    05/30/23  (1)
Ever have a gf come BACK to you after breaking up?    05/30/23  (6)
Jews and Asians ranting about lacrosse    05/30/23  (10)
Benzo, if you died and had a government funded funeral, would anyone show?    05/30/23  (1)
Someone bump that thread where RSF admitted to blowing the Al-Jazeera journalist    05/30/23  (42)
Only one week until WWDC23!!!    05/30/23  (1)
Vid of guy going around Boston this morning asking HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES??    05/30/23  (1)
Moscow: Bombs Kiev for 1+ years. Kiev: Bombs Moscow back. Moscow: NOT FAIR!!!111    05/30/23  (8)
Greek villagers greet migrant buses w open arms, olives, FETA, tomatoes & SONG    05/30/23  (25)
*cue Japanese city pop music during ZoZo afternoon intermission*    05/30/23  (45)
Does xo know about FRANK YANG? HOLY SHIT    05/30/23  (16)
Harvard study: Female vagina cleans itself in the presence of tall men    05/30/23  (11)
What kind of women date balding, paunchy V94 Ofs Counsel?    05/30/23  (3)
check out these before and after pics re:blm riots    05/30/23  (6)
always enter a room shouting "ANYBODY SEEN RICHIE???!" in Steven Seagal voice    05/30/23  (6)
Did you ever microwave animals as a kid?    05/30/23  (3)

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