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Cute brunette perplexed by Japanese ice cream not melting    02/28/24  (24)
Top 5 factors in choosing a woman for a relationship ITT    02/28/24  (2)
Buy BITCOIN, WIF, PEPE, BONK    02/28/24  (3)
remember "nick fuentes?" lmao    02/28/24  (9)
is it better to buy starter home and then upgrade, or rent, then buy real home    02/28/24  (21)
Is Eric Adams CR for mayor?    02/28/24  (9)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    02/28/24  (119)
why did pop culture music movies etc fall off a cliff around 10 years ago    02/28/24  (52)
can the feds "take over" a city for a while during an emergency    02/27/24  (1)
🫶Rebecca Ferguson & Zendaya, no interest in other Dune 2 women. Am I gay?    02/27/24  (19)
Buyers trying to terminate contract and demanding $25K due diligence $ back    02/27/24  (99)
did you guys have women that did "safe rides" in high school    02/27/24  (8)
Lady Jessica using the Voice on you to rim her for hours.    02/27/24  (31)
Who would win in a TDNW vs nyuug Octagon fight to the death?    02/27/24  (21)
Kirkland to implement dynamic billable $ changes throughout day based on demand    02/27/24  (3)
PREDICT what this country will look like during the 2028 election    02/27/24  (11)
Kevin Costner's self-financed Horizon western movie looks good - trailer    02/27/24  (6)
On a 3-hour fast. 48 minutes in, STARVING as FUCK    02/27/24  (6)
Starfield Killed Xbox    02/27/24  (1)
these people are completely dismantling this country    02/27/24  (8)
In preparation for Dune Part 2 Duneify your moniker    02/27/24  (4)
"hes to the right of karlstack" "to the right of hitler?" "no,karls    02/27/24  (1)
Does the roaming cranberry have arms & legs or is it a floater    02/27/24  (1)
Why are Ukrainecucks so insistent on keeping the US border open    02/27/24  (1)
Wendy’s to implement dynamic price changes throughout the day based on demand    02/27/24  (51)
''he's the Karlstackz haderach''    02/27/24  (2)
T-shirt: “I ‘heart’ Sand Niggers!”    02/27/24  (1)
2 married people with a lot to lose having affair. What could possib go wrong?    02/27/24  (12)
Israel throwing its hat in with Ukraine, are reptile torn (link)    02/27/24  (4)
NYC & tri-state area people tell me your SUMMER PLANS    02/27/24  (36)
bf not eligible for parole until 2024. How should i spend valentines day?    02/27/24  (5)
oh ho no    02/27/24  (1)
180: big commotion going on at Israeli embassy; DC meetup?    02/27/24  (1)
Middling Asian Sexual Ecstacy    02/27/24  (1)
biden nutting so hard inside his daughter his eyes go blank and he roombas aroun    02/27/24  (7)
Space aliens have joined the Ukraine war - link    02/27/24  (1)
Bushnell take another scalp    02/27/24  (3)
woke things that happened without you noticing    02/27/24  (16)
Judge rules no attorney client privilege for Nathan Wade's lawyer    02/27/24  (56)
president's daughter's diary: "my dad's a pedophile." libs: MY GUY!    02/27/24  (1)
NSAM setting MASE on fire and telling the cops it was suicide to protest Israel    02/27/24  (13)
t-shirt: '109 Countries Can't Be Wrong'    02/27/24  (5)
The Koch Kikes are OUT!    02/27/24  (44)
Joe Biden LOSING Dearborn, MI to UNCOMMITTED    02/27/24  (1)
Brock Lesnar’s dotter looks just like him, build and all    02/27/24  (1)
joe biden's big hairy cock swinging 2 feet from his daughter's nose in the showe    02/27/24  (7)
darn it ashley that soap's full of malarkey! bend over and pick it up for pop    02/27/24  (1)
What’s the difference between women and Magic the Gathering    02/27/24  (51)
the president's fat soapy uncut cock dangling 14 inches from your 9yo face    02/27/24  (1)
Bush - Everything Zyn.mp3    02/27/24  (3)
Vox: Zyns are dangerous as they make men conservative    02/27/24  (92)
Reminder that the Roman Empire used swastikas everywhere but Jews killed that    02/27/24  (8)
Stunning Realization: MASE rearranged is SAME    02/27/24  (4)
Welp, Biden officially lost Michigan    02/27/24  (13)
NYT: Deporting illegals will cause inflation by raising wages for Americans    02/27/24  (19)
My fiancee is getting a silverado (TSINAH)    02/27/24  (34)
Stunning Realization: pepito rearranged is pot pie    02/27/24  (97)
ATH BREACHED screamed NYUUG as I perforated his colon    02/27/24  (1)
American soldier sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy    02/27/24  (175)
Will Michigan results give Biden an excuse to tell Israel to fuck off?    02/27/24  (5)
Bushnell's final words: "hot hot hot hot HOTHOTHOTHOT!!!"    02/27/24  (2)
where is XOXO these days on the Jewish Question (JQ)?    02/27/24  (1)
Even possible to have a more likable persona than Clinton c1992?    02/27/24  (1)
Krugman: White rural rage is the biggest threat to democracy (link)    02/27/24  (1)
Reminder: Alan Alda was seen as such a GIGA TURBO FAGGOT in the 80s that    02/27/24  (27)
how to become a war profiteer?    02/27/24  (5)
NSAM setting himself on fire after his wife asks him to do the dishes    02/27/24  (4)
Google's Gemini AI is hilariously woke    02/27/24  (94)
2 Bantus pipe rape 400 pajeets at an Indian university (TT don’t click)    02/27/24  (1)
Bill Clinton licking Hillary's hairy asshole    02/27/24  (12)
Wife cooking Hamburger Helper right now. Libs apoplectic.    02/27/24  (28)
TDNW vs. spaceporn likeability contest: who wins?    02/27/24  (18)
MASE bumping your thread = catching the hot chick staring at you    02/27/24  (3)
Rank these languages as easiest to learn: French, Spanish, Italian    02/27/24  (14)
Uncommitted at 14.5%, if it hits 15% it gets democratic delegates    02/27/24  (1)
Movie Idea: TMNT, but turtles named after contract attorneys instead of artists    02/27/24  (9)
if u install Windows 95 on PC you will wake up on release date August 24th, 1995    02/27/24  (13)
NYTimes: Ukraine is inching forward death by death    02/27/24  (46)
poaster going to gas station to buy ZYN after reading Vox article    02/27/24  (10)
Bill Ackman's Jewish POTUS candidate of choice a distant 3rd behind uncommitted    02/27/24  (1)
LLLLLLLLLet's get ready to fuck niiiiiiigerrrs!!! (rowan)    02/27/24  (28)
How many copies of his own books do you think Cernovich bought?    02/27/24  (4)
The HIMARS propaganda by ukrainecuck hahols is very amusing    02/27/24  (108)
america is fucking dead as fuck, fuck all you stupid fucking goyim, die asap    02/27/24  (1)
Is there any realistic way the GOP can prevent TRUMP from being the nominee?    02/27/24  (4)
AK47's "Mexicans: go back to you're country" was a classic thread    02/27/24  (7)
Zoomer Hope Sandoval lookalike just told me to “go back to Gondor” in a coy    02/27/24  (23)
things are really bad now culturally    02/27/24  (3)
women are universally pure shit garbage sewage    02/27/24  (2)
haley getting curbstomped again, must enjoy the humiliation    02/27/24  (8)
*Frosty prices scrolling on ticker as 80s pit traders in suspenders bark orders    02/27/24  (8)
Any large thread with TDNW in title = TDNW got blown out with 20 blank bumps    02/27/24  (6)
Did anyone here ever go on poopsex.com in late 90s?    02/27/24  (3)
In mistake, UGA AD gives Kirby Smart a raise after Laken Riley killed in GA.    02/27/24  (5)
the most prestigious TDNW discussion board in the world    02/27/24  (6)
Minnesotans still haven't explained why they fell so hard for Fentanyl Floyd    02/27/24  (2)
TDNW acting hyperdefensive like RSF, no reason    02/27/24  (1)
Disco Fries on suicide watch: 🚨 Outback closing MULTIPLE locations 🚨    02/27/24  (3)
NSAM should light himself on fire in front of the steps of the Israeli embassy    02/27/24  (4)
as empires decline more wealth becomes concentrated around the capital region    02/27/24  (10)
TDNW on mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv: it was worth it to see Bushnell die    02/27/24  (1)
Brian Mast on Bushnell: I wore a uniform too    02/27/24  (1)
Have TDNW and RSF ever poasted in the same thread?    02/27/24  (3)
Michigan muzzies TORCHING Biden harder than a psycho airman right now    02/27/24  (7)
I will NOT be satisfied until every Black man on TV has a White wife    02/27/24  (4)
Wife pissed because I honked her tit    02/27/24  (1)
i increasingly believe you should be killed if you go to a restaurant that isnt    02/27/24  (3)
How did [candidate with no hope] campaign raise/spend so much money? (faggot)    02/27/24  (1)
Big xo mystery; lawyers can't figure out why Haley and DeSantis blow campaign $$    02/27/24  (1)
we need a cleansing fire to take care of these people    02/27/24  (1)
What would you guy do to criminal who got away?    02/27/24  (17)
hold on, babe. cock of michael obama is giving me life advice    02/27/24  (18)
New associate filed Notice of Appearance for me wo checking w me for wrong party    02/27/24  (10)
BOOM tp (1949-2024) - now dead due to ruptured anus    02/27/24  (1)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    02/27/24  (347)
Dred Scott grew pubes on his head    02/27/24  (8)
Libs: How do we solve the white rural rage problem?    02/27/24  (9)
A Dred Scott for little babbydoods: LMAO sorry Constitution doesn't say u exist    02/27/24  (3)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    02/27/24  (8)
(((Krugman))): White rural rage is greatest threat to US democracy    02/27/24  (34)
TDNW is the village retard who thinks everyone is laughing with him    02/27/24  (15)
how many ZOG tokens will you accumulate this year?    02/27/24  (1)
Ms. Applebottom gives me a diamond hard boner    02/27/24  (7)
TDNW is here day and night and is universally reviled. How shitty must his IRL    02/27/24  (1)
Synchronized swimming is the last stand of implicit white identity.    02/27/24  (1)
I'm 6th gen American and have "white rural rage" am I an "enemy of America" ?    02/27/24  (7)
Hair transplants infected, fall out. What do? (boor)    02/27/24  (11)
The Druidian Drazen Petrovic    02/27/24  (1)
Prediction: if BTC breaches ATH it will shoot right to 160k    02/27/24  (14)
Macy's Department Stores (1858 - 2024):    02/27/24  (33)
Stinky Beaver medicated vagina powder    02/27/24  (1)
Elite lawyer reads a brief to his family. You won't believe their reaction.    02/27/24  (1)
fani and freddie    02/27/24  (2)
Max Strus is gay, and you will not convince me otherwise    02/27/24  (1)
PSA LIFE ADVICE: spend extra money on your HOME not your CAR    02/27/24  (19)
xo Paxton suing a porn conglomerate    02/27/24  (1)
Which sport has best female body type at elite levels?    02/27/24  (9)
entire Ukraine front line is collapsing    02/27/24  (62)
will there always be an england? FRONTLINE ep from 1986:    02/27/24  (3)
Right now it's Jokic vs Strus for MVP    02/27/24  (3)
Boomers are clueless about the state of the world right now    02/27/24  (1)
so Bill Gates had sex w/ a high school girl, got shaken down for huge hush $$    02/27/24  (14)
tuning into new Curb your Enthusiasm... Larry's gf is 80 years old?    02/27/24  (4)
Vigano: "In Western world elites control masses, impoverish, exploit, humiliate    02/27/24  (1)
A private club where you can beat the shit out of twinks to blow off steam    02/27/24  (1)
“Precious” actress Gabourey Sidibe is pregnant with twins (pics)    02/27/24  (10)

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