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🚨🚨🚨 AI BUBBLE POPPING 🚨🚨🚨    07/25/24  (15)
“Going to the gym” is the most NPC shit ever    07/25/24  (1)
Van Jones re Kween Kamala: "Black men will crawl thru broken glass for her"    07/25/24  (7)
fellow reptiles - what country are we fleeing to after Kamala landslide    07/25/24  (6)
"Fuck JD Vance?" (my daughter, is DTF)    07/25/24  (1)
Why did Trump agree to debate Biden so early? So dumb    07/25/24  (6)
Furk JD Vance. My daughter is IVF    07/25/24  (9)
Sugar baby on TikTok posts about her Sugar daddy lolyer and outs him    07/25/24  (35)
Making an autoadmit group chat on Twitter    07/25/24  (1)
LEAK: Biden endorsed Kamala without Obama’s knowledge as a fuck you    07/25/24  (66)
GA, PA, MI, WI, & AZ are all going to Kamala    07/25/24  (5)
No activity scream nihilistic surrogacy like "poasting" on a "bort”    07/25/24  (7)
No activity scream nihilistic surrogacy like "talking" to a "woman”    07/25/24  (1)
The Felix Mendelssohn String Quartets are the most underrated pieces of all time    07/25/24  (11)
Wonder If Crooks Knew He Failed Before They Blew His Brains Out    07/25/24  (5)
IQ: Trump vs Kamala    07/25/24  (14)
No activity scream nihilistic surrogacy like "fapping" to "porn"    07/25/24  (1)
Physical activity is for people that are spiritually bankrupt    07/25/24  (13)
No activity scream nihilistic surrogacy like "cooking" in a "kitchen"    07/25/24  (1)
Home Gym Bros: Do You Lift Nude? Worried About My Feet. Shoes Only?    07/25/24  (1)
No activity scream nihilistic surrogacy like "exercising" in a "gym"    07/25/24  (7)
Pics of the GRASSLANDS of Gorgeous INNER MONGOLIA, 180 CHINA    07/25/24  (10)
Turo but you rent father figures    07/25/24  (14)
hedge fund runs poultry futures strategy in the "cock sleeve"    07/25/24  (4)
Reminder: Kamala Harris is a Baby Boomer    07/25/24  (1)
The "Trump dance" is so underrated. It's hilarious, endearing, and shows that    07/25/24  (4)
Will sp500 go below 4000    07/25/24  (1)
Crooks searched "How far away was Oswald from Kennedy" a week before lmao    07/25/24  (3)
Kamala is putting Ohio in play with the Vance kitten mom thing.    07/25/24  (1)
vonoskar getting escorted out of boston dynamics tour for kicking robot dog    07/25/24  (1)
Trump-Bryson Golf Round (VID). Trump Sticks It & Trash Talks Biden    07/25/24  (79)
Child havers produce the raw materials for spirit beings to convert    07/25/24  (1)
RIP Southwest Airlines open seating (1974-2024)    07/25/24  (22)
Tyrolean Doobs To Olympics: I Can't, My Tonsils #tennis    07/25/24  (1)
Houses are obsolete you must reproduce spiritually    07/25/24  (1)
Trump Pushes INSANE Conspiracy Theories About Assassination Attempt at Rally(DM)    07/25/24  (1)
LSAT: Trump vs Kamala    07/25/24  (15)
Kamala will win Georgia    07/25/24  (3)
Kamala is set to win Texas    07/25/24  (1)
Movie about your wife's sister who is sassy black attorney - "Sista in Law"    07/25/24  (5)
I work from home don't get out if bed until 9 or 10    07/25/24  (4)
Boomers even infantilize new doctors    07/25/24  (3)
Got back in MARKET a bit, already down $35,000!    07/25/24  (33)
Do mid-faced thins lie awake at night, sweating, terrified of Ozempians?    07/25/24  (3)
Guy who studied philosophy of government here to help u make sense of it all    07/25/24  (34)
WHITE OUT: How White Males Plan “Strike” First Week September (Time)    07/25/24  (1)
CNN Analyst: Youth support for Kamala "through the roof" (LINK)    07/25/24  (18)
This is mildly contrarian but I think Kamala is a really smart and impressive    07/25/24  (55)
think I found the ultimate "chiropractor adjustment" video on youtube (Link)    07/25/24  (14)
wtf the college football 25 game isn't released for PC?    07/25/24  (14)
In America, is it legal to burn or deface an Israeli flag?    07/25/24  (1)
LOL: Trump Files FEC Complaint Over $91M Transfer To Kamala    07/25/24  (66)
Nobody says "Conniption Fit" anymore    07/25/24  (3)
Goldstein v. State Bar (1989)    07/25/24  (4)
look, if your husband had money or power in the 90s, i probably fucked him. but    07/25/24  (2)
Name something most people barely even realize.    07/25/24  (110)
Sugar Crisp (the 1970's cereal brand) had its own band called the Sugar Bears    07/25/24  (2)
Did Kamala pass the California Bar on her first attempt?    07/25/24  (4)
POLYPOCet    07/25/24  (1)
Kamala's First Rally: she comes off Attractive, Happy, Kind, Articulate...    07/25/24  (13)
Dad is taking D after voting R his entire life    07/25/24  (1)
GENGHIS KHAN did nothing wrong    07/25/24  (17)
Most forcememed political figures who went nowhere you can remember?    07/25/24  (29)
its called brat summer b/c ur future wife is taking dicks the size of bratwursts    07/25/24  (1)
i don’t even know how to read    07/25/24  (4)
WarGames but it's cucumbers tp using WOPR to tell the Russians 'good morning'    07/25/24  (1)
cucumbers tp selecting "good morning" database on Westlaw    07/25/24  (9)
CHINA has so far SURPASSED the West it's INSANE    07/25/24  (39)
Trump's stubborn refusal to get back on Twitter is hurting him    07/25/24  (5)
Kind Amiable Motherly Articulate Lovely Assertive    07/25/24  (1)
"I was bullied by Sega Genesis Americans" (cowgod)    07/25/24  (4)
Why Australians Aren’t Having Assbabies (WSJinx)    07/25/24  (3)
Mattel unveils blind trans Mexican Barbie and a black Barbie with Down Syndrome    07/25/24  (2)
Josh Cellars is OUT. Kamala now turning to her backup, Carlo Rossi    07/25/24  (1)
Jason Dean "JD" Vance is an American senator and 2024 Republican nominee for    07/25/24  (1)
Is this Talmud stuff true?    07/25/24  (4)
what's a good non-screen nighttime activity    07/25/24  (26)
this place is cisgusting    07/25/24  (1)
Cowgod, what clique is Kamala in    07/25/24  (11)
Cybernetic Svengali to get the results desired    07/25/24  (1)
cowgod assassinated (RFK)    07/25/24  (2)
Poverty Has Always Ravaged Men who Dispense (PHARMD)    07/25/24  (13)
what do computers even compute    07/25/24  (3)
John Forbes Kerry (JFK)    07/25/24  (1)
Trump leads Kamala slightly in battleground states - link    07/25/24  (1)
In Arabic, Kamala means PERFECTION    07/25/24  (4)
Midwives carve pumpkins to show different dilation a sizes at birth (pic)    07/25/24  (4)
Trump 2.0: You Can (Not) Pick Vance    07/25/24  (11)
'Kamala's Retarded!' 'So wld u win a debate with Kamala' 'Oh I'm too busy for th    07/25/24  (3)
switched from spotify premium to straight up pirating & foobar2000    07/25/24  (1)
Thats Ja lil punk ass thinking out loud. Southside tie dyed thats how I get down    07/25/24  (1)
Sad no one uses the word DRATS anymore    07/25/24  (6)
You poast in the context of all in which you live and what came before you.    07/25/24  (2)
good morning crew today, great work all around lets keep it up    07/25/24  (1)
America's first cowboys were enslaved Africans    07/25/24  (3)
I am an Expert on Political Science. AMA!    07/25/24  (9)
it's all fun & games until Israel brings out the red heifer    07/25/24  (1)
good morning    07/25/24  (2)
Libs love the security state terrorizing its population    07/25/24  (1)
xo is all fun & games until someone gets misgendered    07/25/24  (2)
#KHive: the online community for KAMALA Fans    07/25/24  (1)
Cybernetic Svengali-ing on the jewish blackmail dragnet    07/25/24  (1)
How many Consoles could you afford to buy & support contemporaneously?    07/25/24  (1)
is it gay to get your hair washed by another man when you get a haircut?    07/25/24  (8)
i’m trans    07/25/24  (4)
don’t you fucking misgender me again    07/25/24  (1)
politifags already making me miss gjr-bp spam    07/25/24  (5)
This is what Roman Legions came home to (pic)    07/25/24  (17)
arrogant, mean-spirited, hard-headed jew spook    07/25/24  (1)
Surface Transport Relief Area Pleasure Back Passage Kaiju (Japanese Peterman    07/25/24  (6)
Spaceporn injecting adults with 'reverse progeria'    07/25/24  (1)
Old footage of Winston Churchill addressing Congress    07/25/24  (29)
Kamala Harris’s Michael Dukakis moment    07/25/24  (6)
"Guy from a *cough* first world *cough cough* country...he--*gurgles* *dies*    07/25/24  (38)
Are there actually any polls showing Kamala above Trump    07/25/24  (3)
A Canticle For Leibowitz but its boner police and GJR's descendants preserving x    07/25/24  (23)
“You can’t change candidates! I’m SUING!” Sneered the orange faced man    07/25/24  (7)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/25/24  (97)
Bibi calls Americans losers, says 10/7 worse than 9/11, cucks cheer    07/25/24  (6)
3 cheeseburgers 3 whoppers 3 medium fries 🍟$17.49! Eat them all ad LG soda    07/25/24  (3)
41 years old, 3 kids + wife. household net worth is $2.1m. i feel poor as fuck    07/25/24  (60)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    07/25/24  (159)
Live transcript of FoxNews: GRRRRRR, HISSSSS, GRRRRR, ARGHHH, AHGUHDSKLJFNKJLSF    07/25/24  (3)
Trumptrash: GRRR charge Hunter. Trumptrash now: THIS CHARGE HELPS BIDEN!    07/25/24  (2)
Currently on the verge of a huge orgasm    07/25/24  (7)
A Disease That Makes Children Age Rapidly Gets Closer to a Cure    07/25/24  (1)
I kinda wanna downsize and just get high all day long, every day    07/25/24  (1)
Wildfire Smoke Spreads Over Pacific Northwest and Western Canada    07/25/24  (2)
None of this makes any sense it's all rigged    07/25/24  (2)
KAMALA is the REAL Deal    07/25/24  (7)
"The Boys" comic in full    07/25/24  (2)
TT building Land Rover Defender from scrap in Mongolia rn    07/25/24  (6)
We must defend democracy by allowing party elites to pick who runs for President    07/25/24  (2)
TT I couldn't agree with you more america ia the worst..so what need to be done?    07/25/24  (3)
What are your goto crypto exchanges?    07/25/24  (3)
tommy it seems you love China the best. You should just settle there & join CCP    07/25/24  (8)
🔥 burn 🔥    07/25/24  (1)
Should I smoke weed right now    07/25/24  (2)
Not her recording the sugar daddy’s law offices 💀    07/25/24  (2)
Domestic terrorist act in CA with snipers and no one knew? wtf    07/25/24  (5)
The idea that someone like Kamala should be POTUS is fucking absurd    07/25/24  (22)
''It's brat summer,'' muttered Luis    07/25/24  (2)
Dad is voting D after voting R his entire life    07/25/24  (18)
i literally can not stop smoking weed    07/25/24  (38)
AMD's "EPYC" CPUs shoot ropes all over Intel    07/25/24  (1)
devastating    07/25/24  (1)
137yo Juan Ramirez of El Paso vote counts for Kamala    07/25/24  (1)
are the legends true? that Qween Kamala has a tight pussy?    07/25/24  (12)
Funny how the masses of retards guilt trip into everyone being miserable like th    07/25/24  (1)
Guys I would definitely breed this massive Hawiian streamer BBW    07/25/24  (6)

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