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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Every YouTube ad is about "stuck poop" or vaginal odor    04/24/24  (2)
what are the top 3 pop-tarts flavors?    04/24/24  (1)
I was in the movies and commercials as baby    04/24/24  (6)
This interpretation of 401k match language would make DBG very proud (pic)    04/24/24  (13)
Estimate the IQ of these Columbia U protesters    04/24/24  (3)
White Supremacist jews blocking you on twitter for identifying them as jewish    04/24/24  (6)
Twitter thread on media (CIA) debunking Lab Leak throughout 2020    04/24/24  (1)
Who calls?    04/24/24  (1)
Why would an atheist have children    04/24/24  (1)
They’re selling a dime on whatnot tonight for $2,400.00 (almost 25,000x face)    04/24/24  (24)
Poll: far-right AfD has huge gain in support among young Germans - link    04/24/24  (2)
Time is running out.    04/24/24  (7)
Mark Harmon should have had career Kevin Costner had    04/24/24  (5)
this is what happens when you fuck kids and jews have the tape to prove it (link    04/24/24  (6)
BOARD AZNS - can someone explain what weird eastern treatment this is?    04/24/24  (1)
ITT: I explain why white nationalism has never, does not, and will never succeed    04/24/24  (140)
hang on babe, I'm waiting for the 5 second hourly interval when I can post again    04/24/24  (1)
Russians are all white, tall, Aryans with blue eyes/blonde hair    04/24/24  (39)
people in LatAm sure do seem to love this ''Bad Bunny'' fellow    04/24/24  (9)
TKD    04/24/24  (1)
Mark Harmon Nationalism    04/24/24  (1)
Reminder: Your 1 and only purpose on this earth is to jizz in fertile pussies    04/24/24  (7)
why is Russia our "enemy"? what did they ever do to us?    04/24/24  (105)
Golf bros, working on pitching this week    04/24/24  (2)
Wife lost my benchmade 940. What should I do?    04/24/24  (30)
Naming my dog NAFO    04/24/24  (4)
Talentless Taylor Swift tortures the poets for profit?    04/24/24  (1)
Gatewaypundit pedo taking his talents to bankruptcy court    04/24/24  (1)
Fraud charges in Arizona! LOL LIBS! Cyber Ninjas vindicated!    04/24/24  (1)
Israel is a biological disaster    04/24/24  (3)
I pay more taxes in a year than these entitled boomers have paid entire lives    04/24/24  (2)
Russians are about 15%-20% Mongolian. That's not White.    04/24/24  (19)
WSJ: actually there ARE rules saying a dog can be a biglawyer (LINK)    04/24/24  (4)
Very sad how white people pretend "Christianity" is the White Man's religion    04/24/24  (153)
Ukrainians must be surrendering like dogs    04/24/24  (3)
PSA: If you let Luis jizz in your mouth, nothing will taste right for weeks    04/24/24  (1)
Anthony Kiedis, 61, says FUCK IT, imma date a 20 yo hottie    04/24/24  (24)
evan39, is your grocery store getting rid of "self checkout" like some Walmarts?    04/24/24  (4)
so jews' best hope in America is a geriatric xo poaster without a spine    04/24/24  (1)
Cass Report discussion thread ITT (for trans-posters and allies ONLY)    04/24/24  (87)
Wisconsin birdshit shitlib arrested for robbing stepmother's house (rate    04/24/24  (1)
This person really has a lot of problems with customer service.    04/24/24  (2)
Can a sexless marriage be a happy one? (Nyt)    04/24/24  (5)
Why do realtors insist on writing up a fucking contract to make an offer?    04/24/24  (79)
Ukraine already hitting Russian air bases with ATACMS    04/24/24  (14)
I did great work today.    04/24/24  (1)
Why is the nullo spammer going insane today?    04/24/24  (11)
Israeli kikes murder 18-yo Catholic girl in Gaza as she was leaving church    04/24/24  (2)
watching america's massive race issues from afar is just bizarre    04/24/24  (31)
AZNman asks "What are We Doing to White People?    04/24/24  (7)
Helping Coffeezilla expose insurance scams by Cali ShitLawyers (Karlstack)    04/24/24  (5)
Least pozzed out non-catholic/orthodox denomination?    04/24/24  (49)
Beautiful music    04/24/24  (3)
people should work until they die    04/24/24  (5)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    04/24/24  (183)
I don't even have 1 crore rupees to my name    04/24/24  (2)
hotel shampoo cum of luis    04/24/24  (2)
ITT list the Top 3 Ozzy songs and his Top 3 albums    04/24/24  (20)
cafeteria food cum of luis    04/24/24  (2)
We need a civil war so we can win WWIII.    04/24/24  (4)
Kennedy pulling more votes from Trump than Biden    04/24/24  (6)
My life is so stupid and gay and getting stupider and gayer    04/24/24  (3)
should i start playing Golf    04/24/24  (15)
this board is an incestuous feedback loop of Jewish midwittery    04/24/24  (2)
Karen show me your deflated, saggy, huge-nipped mammaries    04/24/24  (2)
I did it all for the bussy (come on) the bussy (come on) so you could take that    04/24/24  (3)
Frenulum of Luis    04/24/24  (1)
so you can say anything you want about America, white people etc but not Israel?    04/24/24  (13)
What wld u do if ur teenage kid wears cross on chain, likes church, and u know    04/24/24  (85)
Trumpmos how do you feel about these PA primary results?    04/24/24  (25)
reading wikis of also-ran, never-made-it indie bands is super grim    04/24/24  (1)
Any way to responsibly have sexual relationship with secretary?    04/24/24  (31)
bussy of luis    04/24/24  (1)
When will Trump file the "Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence of Fraud"?    04/24/24  (1)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    04/24/24  (161)
Mick Jagger's the Duke of Earl, yeah, you're for me, punk rock girl    04/24/24  (1)
"my back" luis lisped as I used cripple dipper to lower him onto my cock    04/24/24  (234)
Usernames "penis of luis" and "anus of luis" are both taken    04/24/24  (33)
Alex Berenson Pointing Out Something Insane About Trump NY Charges    04/24/24  (41)
Tasteful thickness of luis    04/24/24  (1)
Taste of luis    04/24/24  (2)
Scent of Luis    04/24/24  (2)
Musk of Luis    04/24/24  (2)
Efluvium of Luis    04/24/24  (2)
Aftertaste of Luis    04/24/24  (4)
women just want to be beaten, raped, sold into slavery, and it's sick    04/24/24  (3)
Google search is PURE SHIT    04/24/24  (29)
Giuliani, Meadors, fake electors CHARGED (again) in Arizona!    04/24/24  (4)
Hegemon had the best analysis of Spaceporn's behavior on xoxo    04/24/24  (50)
Harvard has FALLEN. Pro-HAMAS thugs take over courtyard, institute SHARIA law    04/24/24  (5)
absurd kabuki theater to try to distract you from who's really doing what    04/24/24  (3)
made like 40K since that abortion 5-6 weeks ago    04/24/24  (2)
we should give Boomers one last mystical baseball movie paean to the 60s    04/24/24  (12)
What would happen if Russia took over Americass    04/24/24  (1)
should i get a few nugs of weed rn? maybe like 3-5 grams of shrooms too?    04/24/24  (13)
12 libs INDICTED in AZ for stealing the election from Trump (link)    04/24/24  (1)
"I'm entitled to be here" said the guy everyone hates    04/24/24  (1)
Without Googlng name 3 famous Serbians    04/24/24  (31)
Was this "Koolaid" fellow actually born w that name or did he change it    04/24/24  (1)
Drinking a Yuengling from a bottle I bought at Walgreens.    04/24/24  (9)
Someone needs to go to spaceporn’s house and beat the shit out of him    04/24/24  (28)
Leaked video of Caitlin Clark in shower    04/24/24  (3)
No judgment thread: who here has IRL had sex with an animal?    04/24/24  (1)
anti-gerontocracy posters PWNED by south korea    04/24/24  (1)
Tolkien really did model dwarves after Jews (both live in underground tunnels)    04/24/24  (1)
O god I have diarrhea    04/24/24  (14)
"Trolling!"Spaceporn sneered right before Hegemon double tapped back of his head    04/24/24  (8)
Jewish lawyer alleges anti-semitism because Uber driver refused to take him    04/24/24  (12)
180 how more people are realizing "antisemitism" is an empty accusation    04/24/24  (6)
Getting my chemo port installed on Thursday. Likely starting chemo on Friday    04/24/24  (27)
A Time We Never Knew (article)    04/24/24  (13)
weird how these "Pro-Palestinian protesters" all call each other "comrade"    04/24/24  (4)
people that don't fuck with me are linkin up with people that don't fuck with me    04/24/24  (6)
Many make 6 figures as restaurant reservation scalpers. U? Poast    04/24/24  (6)
Lucan's "Civil War": Reflections on Caesar, Pompey, and Cato    04/24/24  (1)
What's your current "stack"?    04/24/24  (1)
Fleshlight, I have all your cheatmo threads and pics saved. Don't fuck with me.    04/24/24  (9)
Ricky thoughts on Gilad Atzmon?    04/24/24  (6)
Colombian whores want to fuck    04/24/24  (2)
Greg Abbot: “Not like this, not by them!”    04/24/24  (3)
just straight up robbing clients ACH accounts    04/24/24  (3)
PRE | CURSOR | CHEMICALS    04/24/24  (1)
I need to get a lot of the good pill$ CHEAP    04/24/24  (1)
Obama warned us with leave the world behind on Netflix    04/24/24  (1)
Car Insurance Premiums Rocketing Over %100 (link)    04/24/24  (19)
Hay guys did you know Billie Eilish likes to masturbate in front of a mirror?    04/24/24  (4)
lost 35 lbs, still treated like a loser, what gives brothers    04/24/24  (2)
It's all fraud and you could've had it from    04/24/24  (1)
Jewish prof at Columbia: how DARE u not respond to my email in 12 hours!    04/24/24  (29)
Musk allowing you to say "NIGGER" on Twitter now - link!    04/24/24  (1)
Shia LaBoeuf: Jews want you to buy shit, but the answer is to contemplate Christ    04/24/24  (16)
Prediction: Hegemon will kill someone in the civilian world in his lifetime    04/24/24  (61)
Reminder: Trump literally called every migrant from Mexico a rapist    04/24/24  (5)
The "Vagina" is a cruel sick disgusting joke upon the human race    04/24/24  (3)
"The passport is gold standard.I'm eligible for three(getting my EU/French one"    04/24/24  (45)
"the anti israel protestor aren't hysterical enough" (tbf's repetitive court fil    04/24/24  (1)
Four injured as runaway military horses bolt through central London    04/24/24  (2)
Who's funding these pro-Hamas protests around the nation?    04/24/24  (13)
People refuse to contend with the reality of femcels    04/24/24  (89)
Columbia is fucked    04/24/24  (20)
23andme says majority of Ukranians are part tartar/mongol    04/24/24  (1)
Sniffing hot girl buthole rn    04/24/24  (1)
Reminder: Trump literally called Haiti a 'sh*thole.'    04/24/24  (1)
As an impartial observer, what is the controversy about spaceporn?    04/24/24  (31)
Honda to reintroduce the prelude for the 2026 model year.    04/24/24  (2)
How many TDs will Quinn Ewers have in the Ivy League this season? (guy.)    04/24/24  (2)
"Ukrainians" won't exist in a generation    04/24/24  (64)

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