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Why are HOMELESS people walking around with PIT BULLS unleashed?    06/24/24  (27)
Surgery Tomorrow    06/24/24  (7)
RATE my Sunday (TSINAH)    06/24/24  (26)
Rate Biden's new Associate Communications Director    06/24/24  (9)
AITA for refusing to let my sister's kids stay with me after she passed away? I    06/24/24  (93)
Game 7 Stanley Cup final tonight - sorry libs    06/24/24  (9)
songs where the drums are the hook/riff    06/24/24  (16)
"THAT'S A SHRAMP FORK MEEMAW! FOR SHRAMPS!!" (jd vance)    06/24/24  (8)
Lol if you own any stocks or crypto you’re about to be homeless lmaooo    06/24/24  (22)
jayden deejay “jd” vance, j.d.    06/24/24  (5)
Japanese game franchises you've heard of but know nothing about    06/24/24  (24)
Karlstack on Coffeezilla expose of Avi Eisenberg    06/24/24  (3)
young jd vance skinning freshly-killed possum to make fancy “church” loinclo    06/24/24  (7)
Panic about “grooming,” a homophobic slur that exploits people’s worst fea    06/24/24  (2)
JD Vance getting AMOG'd at YLS reunion by LLM Vance    06/24/24  (3)
News article from a few months ago about Mexican satanist killer arrested in US:    06/24/24  (4)
ATACMS launch - video    06/24/24  (8)
Bibi still saying US is withholding weapons, Biden admin says it’s not    06/24/24  (2)
My wife was finally turned on. Just not by me. (NYT)    06/24/24  (25)
Babysitting your kids so your ex wife can go get fucked is so sad    06/24/24  (55)
Oh no, ANUDDAH SHOAH!! Vietnamese cafe owner tells Jewish family to leave    06/24/24  (4)
so this website also doesnt work now    06/24/24  (5)
Started wearing Vietnam jungle boots to biglaw office    06/24/24  (1)
Woke up. Remembered MPA loved me and smiled    06/24/24  (2)
Haven't been on here in a while. It kinda sucks now.    06/24/24  (3)
"Red Dirt and Red Dot: The Love Story of JD and Usha Vance"    06/24/24  (1)
I just want to cruise the bayou in Rust Cohle’s red F-250    06/24/24  (3)
Stammering JD Vance calling Kamala 'auntie' during VP debate    06/24/24  (1)
x.com    06/24/24  (1)
Crisis on infinite professional corporations (Kirkland and Ellis cinematic unive    06/24/24  (4)
Disco I've had numerous amerikkkan friend that could not lose weight dieting    06/24/24  (5)
lob friend playing COD all night    06/24/24  (2)
XOers can marry Ukrainian women online - link    06/24/24  (1)
It's all outright fraud shit and theft    06/24/24  (10)
Had a 10 hour fuck session with a hot 25 yo Jewess last night, taking qs    06/24/24  (91)
Serbs arming Ukraine - link    06/24/24  (4)
epah, seems like sharks are a real concern in hawaii    06/24/24  (2)
Anyone here grow up with a DC Urban Mom?    06/24/24  (1)
Irish people are descended from Ancient Egyptian royalty.    06/24/24  (11)
did anyone ever figure out why azns look like azns?    06/24/24  (2)
Are airpods really bad for you?    06/24/24  (5)
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage -worth a read?    06/24/24  (1)
Bryce Dallas Howard farts during interview, disgusting (video)    06/24/24  (8)
Flustered 6s like Teri Garr in Tootsie    06/24/24  (13)
Once you understand the evo psych of female mating behavior    06/24/24  (21)
JD Vance is the MAGA version of Jeb! Bush    06/24/24  (10)
Ukraine just struck a Defense Ministry building inside Moscow    06/24/24  (1)
"time" is a lie..doesn't exist and disappears instantly    06/24/24  (1)
The actual jesus was likely an asshole    06/24/24  (4)
A "Frisco Steak" is topped with cum instead of cheese    06/24/24  (2)
Truth is no vehicle is worth over $400    06/24/24  (4)
Disco you're just sick from toxic amerikkkan food! TT will tell u    06/24/24  (7)
If Trump loses the debate he has an easy out: just blame CNN    06/24/24  (3)
I am starting to think that I overdid it with the cheese on the steak last week    06/24/24  (4)
Omaha! Omahaaaaaaa haha fraud    06/24/24  (1)
You're the one that has the talent should be in spotlight&have thunder    06/24/24  (2)
Doug Burgum’s wife    06/24/24  (9)
Lied to and cheated out of it all! Stop the bleeding! Smash it! Take control    06/24/24  (1)
Most people are bad    06/24/24  (2)
Tommy: This Birdshit NYU Prof with $100m+ NW reminds me of you    06/24/24  (7)
Don't let them get away with any fucking more of this! Fucking pathetic    06/24/24  (2)
Goyim Eat Cheesesteaks But Repulsed By Cheese On A Steak. Very Confusing    06/24/24  (55)
Did the holocaust take place in the Muppets Cinematic Universe?    06/24/24  (3)
holy shit i fucking hate this planet    06/24/24  (1)
Lob Partner Asked The Judge For A Motion To Dismiss Herring    06/24/24  (4)
Retarded, disfigured Bryce Fort Worth Howard found chained in attic    06/24/24  (1)
Given Jews are 100% of internet & we live on internet, do non Jews exist?    06/24/24  (9)
Emo SoundCloud rapper KMS-One    06/24/24  (2)
Trump making ewok sounds at "debate" as Biden wanders around in circles    06/24/24  (2)
Justin Timberlake too poor to afford Uber very sad.    06/24/24  (16)
Dana Bash: “President Trump, how will you vote on Florida’s abortion referen    06/24/24  (1)
Lob Associate Forced To Revise Motion On Xmas Day By Goldfish Partner    06/24/24  (1)
Eleven or more wrong moves    06/24/24  (1)
Lob Associate Revising The Master Perchase Agreement    06/24/24  (3)
remember Jeb's truly weird mixed race beaner son 'George P.'    06/24/24  (18)
JD Vance & Meemaw hang gliding through the holler looking for possums    06/24/24  (5)
MMA fighter Johnny Walker is GOAT at getting knocked the fuck out    06/24/24  (2)
Lob Partner Using Atty Client Privilege As A Swordfish & A Shield    06/24/24  (3)
Hicks like Vance love calling relatives dumb Ewok sounds (meemaw, yubyub, etc)    06/24/24  (3)
Rate this 90's photo    06/24/24  (9)
Started lifting — is the StrongLifts app any good?    06/24/24  (82)
FUCK! Rapper "Foolio" gunned down, fatally!    06/24/24  (36)
Sanhedrin as a service    06/24/24  (3)
Edie Falco looking awful (Sopranos 25th anniversary interview)    06/24/24  (2)
"Meemaw? Hee-Haw? Yee-Haw!" (NY Post headline announcing Vance VP pick    06/24/24  (2)
Farting so loud TSINAH's toupee blows off like the Maxell cassette tape guy    06/24/24  (12)
Your coworkers began babbling about sports and the weather at 9:13 am    06/24/24  (8)
Lemon sole topped with Kraft singles    06/24/24  (1)
metaphysics is hetero    06/24/24  (1)
JD Vance emerging as the most 'well-rounded' vp option    06/24/24  (6)
Criterion Collection releasing Anthony Bourdain suicide video on Laserdisc (link    06/24/24  (2)
Lob Friend Doesn't GAF If You Order Steak With Or Without A Slice Of Cheese    06/24/24  (3)
Ari began manufacturing your consent at 8:21 am    06/24/24  (6)
Mystery Meat Wives Bill moves forward with support of JD Vance, Jeb Bush    06/24/24  (6)
"Rich Men North of Richmond" plays as Vance INHALES bag of fudge rounds    06/24/24  (2)
Kindergarten teacher explaining OnlyFans to your 5 year old like she is 5    06/24/24  (2)
TT have u seen Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams?    06/24/24  (4)
rachel jeantel starts exploratory committee for miami DA race (link)    06/24/24  (10)
Is every movie by the studio A24 overt anti-white propaganda    06/24/24  (96)
Seattle to begin hiring illegal aliens on the police force as cops    06/24/24  (29)
Dead lynx on each shoulder. Fox head codpiece    06/24/24  (6)
Anyone watch the Kendrick "Pop Up" concert last night?    06/24/24  (47)
rate this old pic of boner police and GJR    06/24/24  (1)
Pretty crazy how hard "they" twisted the knife into Alex Jones    06/24/24  (8)
Indonesian Woman Falls Back Off Treadmill & Out Window, DET (VID)    06/24/24  (4)
Reindeer Games is a christmas movie    06/24/24  (3)
stfu MiG    06/24/24  (5)
USC student stabs homeless criminal, arrested for murder.    06/24/24  (93)
Christianity is ruined by Christians    06/24/24  (2)
Young Guns II book on next gen MAGA with shirtless Vivek, JD Vance, Matt Gaetz    06/24/24  (1)
Ur not supposed to challenge narrative that Trump is alpha & must be respected    06/24/24  (1)
literally everyone and everything is jewish    06/24/24  (3)
Tiny Asian bro delivers life-altering beating to larger Indian man (vid)    06/24/24  (10)
Just blow ur holds with caffeine nicotine and alcohol pretty much whatever you w    06/24/24  (1)
Estimate # of XO Birdshits who will KILLSELF when Vivek gets VP Nomination    06/24/24  (1)
For Biden and Trump, a Debate Rematch With Even Greater Risks and Rewards (NYT)    06/24/24  (22)
Beached whale Jeantel graduates high school, shitlibs rejoice    06/24/24  (50)
Rate this Alpha Birdshit cop wasting a Nigga on his Front Porch    06/24/24  (12)
Rachel Jeantel pens memoir: I Know How the Caged Bird Tastes    06/24/24  (163)
New Rachel Jeantel TED talk (link)    06/24/24  (71)
Rachel Jeantel floating outside space station, taps on glass porthole, startles    06/24/24  (14)
Eat Da Pee Pee And Da Poo Poo (NYT)    06/24/24  (1)
A few words about Rachel Jeantel (evan39)    06/24/24  (39)
Training for Teewinot--Will walk 50 miles this week (7.15 miles per day)    06/24/24  (3)
Rate this pic of Rachel Jeantel at the Kentucky Derby    06/24/24  (14)
Biden increased the national debt by TWICE as much as Trump (link)    06/24/24  (1)
rumor is it may be Vivek (link)    06/24/24  (28)
Gay couple leaves adopted baby in car to die    06/24/24  (7)
Nicknaming my life support machine “the ZoZo server” because it needs to be    06/24/24  (1)
Media: It’s another shoah in Germany!    06/24/24  (4)
Home Gym Bros: Where To Buy Cardio Equipment?    06/24/24  (13)
Cowgod pls advise a sad movie to watch    06/24/24  (13)
Vance is the VP pick btw    06/24/24  (16)
Disco, how many steps/miles do you walk every day?    06/24/24  (11)
RATE Heidi & Leni Klum In Bikinis In Italy (PICS)    06/24/24  (5)
JEWS are obviously destroying the West to avenge for "Holocaust" but no one....    06/24/24  (2)
Cowgod sucks, the likes of which have never been seen before, IMHO    06/24/24  (5)
Bboom is having gay sex rn: kissing, sucking, licking shit...all of it.    06/24/24  (3)
Parentmos bigger difference 0 to 1 kids or 1 to 2 kids?    06/24/24  (55)
you ever just willingly piss all over a covered bed or couch    06/24/24  (9)
Govt is like a naggy GF who spends all your money & spreads her legs for randoms    06/24/24  (4)
good morning    06/24/24  (1)
Bring back R12 and R22 for air conditioners. Carrier TRUMP    06/24/24  (3)
Sega Stars: Joe Miller    06/24/24  (1)
Obese miserable middle aged man giving you life advice    06/24/24  (11)
My pregnant wife fell in the ocean while we were in Bali last week    06/24/24  (26)
Rate this UMiami Law grad and LSAT tutor    06/24/24  (7)
SOL is about to go to ZERO soon, you’ve been warned    06/24/24  (2)
Moon and Sun are the same size    06/24/24  (13)

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