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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I actually not flame think Hillary would do better than Biden in 2024    06/19/24  (28)
i need my fucking dick sucked and drained rfn    06/19/24  (2)
Serious Q: What is THE BEST Dave Matthews Band song/performance combo?    06/19/24  (15)
Teens at Chick-Fil-A now saying "180 fuck libs" instead of "my pleasure"    06/19/24  (80)
Another successful Hajj! 550 dead.    06/19/24  (2)
How do so many people raise multiple children? Its expensive AF    06/19/24  (65)
My wife's boyfriend says some people have a chemical imbalance    06/19/24  (1)
Not doing any work today to show how stupid a midweek holiday is    06/19/24  (4)
Dear lord, thank you for making all my enemies stupid as hell shitlibs    06/19/24  (1)
why do reptiles refuse to feed the kids they made poor people have?    06/19/24  (7)
Any BIGLAW Firms NOT have Juneteenth off?    06/19/24  (2)
never realized how much art-fag music i have always liked    06/19/24  (2)
"What's Eating Gibert Grape" is a great film    06/19/24  (2)
Xo has me&all of us fuck up to the point birds singing is depressing    06/19/24  (2)
TT funny fraud USA inflation is over 500% but 3% is claimed lol    06/19/24  (2)
Gook Fattie Kim signs Friends Forever pact with Putin, West Furked    06/19/24  (1)
Birdshits say one last goodbye to your Precious 55 IQ HelloSir Filipinos    06/19/24  (1)
US per capita GDP is probably FRAUD cause of ILLEGALS    06/19/24  (2)
im cumming inside his penis, bro! Don't watch    06/19/24  (2)
Evan39 they can buy pretty anything else terrible candy chips all crap    06/19/24  (3)
Nicotine addiction is really depressing to watch    06/19/24  (8)
XVideos Apologizes For "GoonTeenth" Promotion (Link    06/19/24  (1)
You're Frog & Toad? Sick get in the car, Were gonna go paralyze some fuckin cops    06/19/24  (3)
"The Mandela Effect strikes again" you mutter as ur wife births a black child    06/19/24  (7)
evan39 anyone ever hit main safe of took cash register or ATM machine?    06/19/24  (18)
i am so sick of being alive this is so gay    06/19/24  (2)
just had some married chick over    06/19/24  (6)
Enjoy Juneteenth and the rest of fag month hehe    06/19/24  (4)
10,000% Biden dies in office of natural causes, his life destiny    06/19/24  (5)
evan39 is theft on the rise with these ridiculous prices&by how much?    06/19/24  (9)
Why I Don't Smoke Weed    06/19/24  (2)
guided by voices - i am a scientist.mp3    06/19/24  (2)
its insane how highly qualified i am    06/19/24  (2)
retiring from xo (exeunt)    06/19/24  (41)
would you move to Hartford CT for a good job?    06/19/24  (4)
Everyone today is miserable look around    06/19/24  (1)
No offense evan39 but everyone should be couponing with these Biden prices    06/19/24  (5)
evan39 death to fraud Jews creating "coupons" which expire    06/19/24  (1)
I don't like eating pussy unless she doesn't shower for 3 days prior, minimum    06/19/24  (2)
F spoiled bastard kids and whores! Put them all in their place    06/19/24  (2)
Me and Evan playing MASH in the main K&L Gates conference room    06/19/24  (4)
rachmiel needs to deal with the poerkan menace    06/19/24  (1)
October surprise: 17 audio recordings drop from Twitter handle @xodrakemallard    06/19/24  (3)
"Eating pussy" has become a ridiculous emperor has no clothes situation    06/19/24  (108)
"that group that has a top 3 living drummer fucking sucks bro" - xo    06/19/24  (2)
Bboom why isn't some skank riding your face rn    06/19/24  (6)
Hotwiring a 1988 Ford Taurus    06/19/24  (1)
Everything is the opposite of what you thought it was    06/19/24  (3)
How are Americans still wasting like crazy with the ultra inflated prices?    06/19/24  (1)
Aren't you surprised nigs aren't looking and burning all to core right now?    06/19/24  (5)
** U.S. Pier for Gaza Aid Is Failing **    06/19/24  (38)
okay fine I admit it. It's absurd for the USA to send even one penny to Israel.    06/19/24  (3)
Have u ran doordash scam? Friend places order complains u keep&share    06/19/24  (5)
Me, TSINAH, and Hank Scorpio stoned out of our minds at a DMB concert in 2025    06/19/24  (3)
How real is the threat of getting HIV pwned by topping Ladyboys in Thailand?    06/19/24  (5)
Videos like this just make me wonder how the USA even exists    06/19/24  (5)
"I need cloud based business solutions", he finally admitted    06/19/24  (141)
A day in the life of Joe Biden's America.    06/19/24  (227)
A day in the life of Joe Biden's America.    06/19/24  (195)
Report: 17 audio recordings to be played for 1st time at Biden impeachment trial    06/19/24  (108)
RATE this adorable pittie    06/19/24  (5)
Bought a $5,000 grill/burner combo that doesn't fit in patio island cutouts    06/19/24  (7)
Lets say your rich: would you move back to your home country?    06/19/24  (8)
Seriously don't understand where the furk BIRDSHITS are SMART came from?    06/19/24  (25)
Trump vows to reinstate all student loan debt that Biden cancelled (link)    06/19/24  (63)
GOAT shitlaw TV show is still Rumpole Of The Bailey (1970s BBC)    06/19/24  (2)
*F*U*C*K --- *I*S*R*A*E*L*    06/19/24  (5)
How many trees are on your property?    06/19/24  (43)
that lil yachty album is a masterpiece    06/19/24  (1)
Best lifestyle is thin and lethargic    06/19/24  (1)
Angel Reese attacks Caitlin Clark again    06/19/24  (23)
Dan Stevens in The Guest tp    06/19/24  (6)
JFK had a wild ride    06/19/24  (8)
United pax uses AirTag to find lost luggage in SF dumpster filled with suitcase    06/19/24  (5)
Final Fantasy spinoff called Final Faggotry in which you groom boys to be gay    06/19/24  (1)
hate each car redesign more than the last    06/19/24  (5)
Home Collapses in Gaza, Injuring at Least 10, Officials Say    06/19/24  (2)
DIE FILIPINOS!!! die die die die!!!! DET TO ALL HELLOSIRS!! CHINA 180!!!    06/19/24  (3)
HelloSir Sailer loses FINGER to PLA Navy Alpha. 😂"Sir my finger missing Sir!"    06/19/24  (4)
Pyongyang looks 100x nicer than any Big US City    06/19/24  (4)
Furk this shit, I think I'll get out of CRYPTO    06/19/24  (15)
Bands that critics hate but are actually good.    06/19/24  (26)
Russian orc gets overwhelmed by advancing wave    06/19/24  (2)
regis and kelly episode filming during 9/11 (link)    06/19/24  (1)
US Army officer: Patriot systems in Ukraine have been a disaster    06/19/24  (22)
Videos of Jewish men picking on women and children (link)    06/19/24  (29)
Rach it's time to write the n word on the server and wheel it thru Harlem    06/19/24  (3)
hey, are you a nigger btw?    06/19/24  (1)
Idiots doing parkour cause the Colosseum to collapse    06/19/24  (1)
Is there a political party in the US that advocates nuking Israel?    06/19/24  (1)
Who are these guys who can’t get wives or GFs    06/19/24  (53)
Acceptable to have Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars as biglaw desktoy?    06/19/24  (6)
Jews are 1% of US population but 30% of US politicians, antisemitic country    06/19/24  (1)
Hezbollah pulls a Ukraine on Israel    06/19/24  (13)
Rap breakdowns that ruin serviceable pop music    06/19/24  (4)
Rishi Sunak says tri-weekly face-to-face meetings with Zekenskyy are "vital"    06/19/24  (1)
ITT the actual story behind Rishi Sunak's rise    06/19/24  (1)
Welp, finally caught COVID 4.5 years later (no vax)    06/19/24  (9)
Legislative Agenda of the Republican Caucus of the 119th Congress    06/19/24  (4)
Bigger mystrry than anything in astrophysics: how the UK PM is chosen    06/19/24  (2)
Jesus is coming backs soon    06/19/24  (3)
Fast Times at Kurilbyat Oblast    06/19/24  (2)
WaPo op-ed: “It’s still HER turn”    06/18/24  (39)
Sliding into driver's seat of 2003 Sierra, pulling the key from driver's side or    06/18/24  (1)
One less Freedom Caucus retard in the House - link    06/18/24  (2)
What is keeping everything from being looted&burned to the core?    06/18/24  (1)
If you literally don't get a full ride you're too dumb/untalented to be in skool    06/18/24  (1)
Lol all scams..paying for anything is a scam especially "school"    06/18/24  (1)
My wealth and domestic happiness are deeply painful to many    06/18/24  (1)
Would you personally kill squatters and make them disappear?    06/18/24  (1)
NOt flame when I think about my encounter w j Shad I hear matchbox 20 real world    06/18/24  (3)
Sings ROB THOMAS to tune of Rock Lobster    06/18/24  (3)
One of the weird things about growing up in a blue state and turning con    06/18/24  (85)
come itt and call me jewish    06/18/24  (4)
Was beer great or trash in the late 1800s    06/18/24  (19)
It takes a lot of guts to click that "poast" button    06/18/24  (16)
Sitting in Tully's at 6 PM blank bumping emilio's 4 AM blank bumps    06/18/24  (7)
my a/c has died, fuck this gay earth    06/18/24  (69)
FizzKidd lonely scrote suitor power rankings June 2024    06/18/24  (38)
"& then she said i was doing computer wrong but i said..." (ur wife at dinner)    06/18/24  (9)
New sitcom "My Wife's Computer Job" premiering on CBS this Thursday (link)    06/18/24  (10)
Metroid Prime 4 announced, Nintendo won the Gen again    06/18/24  (9)
Can I pee in the sink at your house?    06/18/24  (3)
oh i'm afraid the existential terror will be quite operational when the morning    06/18/24  (14)
My obsequious, over the top servility is actually satirizing globohomo haha    06/18/24  (2)
Final score here in Women vs Time, Scrotes 1 FizzKidd nil    06/18/24  (1)
Amazon "The Boys" - why did the suddenly made the French dude super gay?    06/18/24  (18)
You name a place, I prove climate is warming faster there    06/18/24  (2)
OYT, what are you & black gf doing tonight    06/18/24  (17)
The "government" figures are all fraud! You're being scammed    06/18/24  (3)
YouTube getting better at detecting AdBlocker and cucking you    06/18/24  (50)
"no, it's not enough. turn June into a gay nigger holiday month too"    06/18/24  (3)
Petro do you think I have any future as an Aztec priest-king    06/18/24  (2)
I've shit in 34 different courthouses    06/18/24  (34)
Anyone ever worn clunky brogan shoes smelling, no reeking of the poor quarter?    06/18/24  (4)
who here has JUNETEENTH off    06/18/24  (16)
Where is the best place in the world to live?    06/18/24  (53)
Justin Timberlake Arrest Proves the Old Adage That Nobody Will Remember You    06/18/24  (15)
Why is crime down so much nationwide?    06/18/24  (22)
Tsai Ming Liang's "The Wayward Cloud-based Business Solution"    06/18/24  (2)
Real inflation is over 500% do you see this as sustainable?    06/18/24  (6)
Old 90's Leno clip: nobody on the street can name one N64 game    06/18/24  (12)
So we’re all in agreement here, 0% chance disco summits Teewinot    06/18/24  (5)
The best guitarist in the world is a turbo autist named Max Ostro.    06/18/24  (2)
MPA began adopting your forcememe at 9:34 AM    06/18/24  (5)
Shitlaw boss accidentally invents "Mazda feeder" fund structure    06/18/24  (2)
actual asian guy taking ?s on mens clubwear    06/18/24  (10)
So none of this will crash?    06/18/24  (1)

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