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LJL @ coders creating a tool (GPT3) that will replace millions of coders.    12/08/22  (40)
EPAHs dick is barely even hangin in the pic he posted    12/08/22  (13)
Becky… he’s really into Yellowstone and Ray Donovan    12/08/22  (1)
"No babe. Tommy is my Indian friend who lives in Thailand and luis is Persian    12/08/22  (7)
ITT: RATE is absolutely PERFECT TIKTOK 10    12/08/22  (56)
Tried watching “Yellowstone”. Seemed like globohomo boomer slop.    12/08/22  (7)
Do you guys "wash" your rice?    12/08/22  (72)
Thai model exposed as an identity thief and transwoman    12/08/22  (4)
He would've been a good lawyer, if it'd been an Of Counsel to yell at him every    12/08/22  (2)
100 In-House Job Apps; <><><>NO OFFERS<><><>    12/08/22  (109)
Long, lavish 80's/early-90's synthpop songs    12/08/22  (7)
Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about passing out dildos, buttplugs    12/08/22  (43)
pigeon starts talking to you in park: carbs r poison u know    12/08/22  (6)
Our future: Nigeria bans $ withdrawals to force use of digital currency    12/08/22  (25)
Griner traded for Victor Bout, other dude left hanging    12/08/22  (16)
Do you guys "wash" your chicken?    12/08/22  (5)
Does Elon have a lawsuit against baker?    12/08/22  (1)
Home prices are down in every one of the top 58 metros    12/08/22  (11)
Just spent ~$600 on Christmas decorations, taking q's (TSINAH)    12/08/22  (29)
Every day that I don't have an urgent deadline looming is totally wasted    12/08/22  (8)
Why do some Star Wars characters have English accents and others American?    12/08/22  (2)
Why wasn't Paul Whelan part of Brittney Griner swap?    12/08/22  (23)
Majority of covid deaths in the US are among the vaccinated (link)    12/08/22  (3)
Adam Schefter: Cleveland Browns to hire Joe Biden as new GM    12/08/22  (1)
Can I assume reptiles are MAF about Brittney Griner release this morning?    12/08/22  (36)
Why is FL with such a shit economy becoming more expensive than CA in parts?    12/08/22  (1)
What % of adult male football fans have touched a football in the past year?    12/08/22  (1)
Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani gets 13 years of PRISON    12/08/22  (20)
Atlanta is done here    12/08/22  (62)
Go away Upset Jew    12/08/22  (2)
biden tells mexico he’ll trade el chapo for ‘any feckless microcelebrity’    12/08/22  (1)
Upset Jew and the tranny post way too fucking much    12/08/22  (2)
I really wish Pete Davidson and Eli Manning had a joint Instagram account    12/08/22  (1)
xo2022 areas of expertise: BIGLAW burnout, rent evasion, wet wipes    12/08/22  (5)
Biglaw burnout - when did you burn out?    12/08/22  (46)
biglaw burnout can be sudden and complete    12/08/22  (45)
3-year old daughter has anxiety and it’s really annoying    12/08/22  (8)
Bogaerts to Padres    12/08/22  (5)
lawyer spouse (35M) has anxiety and it’s really annoying    12/08/22  (2)
Biden: “Britney Griner represents the best of America”    12/08/22  (7)
Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?    12/08/22  (46)
Fucked a 22 yr old Latino boy last night, taking ?s    12/08/22  (2)
Laura Loomer looks like a monster now    12/08/22  (1)
Rate this man’s suicide note    12/08/22  (81)
Remeber: WE are the boomers now. *farts cum all over the workforce*    12/08/22  (1)
Anything more intimidating than a black man calling you "playboy"?    12/08/22  (16)
Awake poasters, should I killself?    12/08/22  (1)
Merchant of Death for Griner is the worst trade since Wilson to the Broncos    12/08/22  (2)
I fuk frlat 40 year ord bard rawyer rast night. taking crestions    12/08/22  (2)
the best part is whelan could probably beat griner 1-on-1 in basketball    12/08/22  (2)
So "Wordle" has an "editor" now? (twist)    12/08/22  (24)
Ayyy! Must be the Nole!!!!    12/08/22  (4)
Bing Crosby “kill yourselves” to the tune of silver bells    12/08/22  (121)
Interracial marriage was mandated by law in Paraguay    12/08/22  (13)
They remade Addams Family but Wednesday is now Mexican and blacks everywhere    12/08/22  (89)
TDNW still raging about Russian “mongrels” as last ship leaves for alpha cen    12/08/22  (1)
Avatar 2 Stuns Press in Rave First Reactions: ‘Visual Masterpiece,‘ ‘Mind-    12/08/22  (18)
Consuela what are your latest theories?    12/08/22  (1)
anyone else have literally 100+ different browser windows open @ same time?    12/08/22  (7)
Whok is a board treasure hth    12/08/22  (5)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/08/22  (47)
Marathi-American community abandons Russell Wilson (ESPN)    12/08/22  (2)
About to much on some delicious LEGAL BREAKFAST in 20 mins    12/08/22  (8)
No inflation. No recession. No border crisis. Public outraged by Griner wrongful    12/08/22  (1)
Have watched vanilla sky 16 times in 2022 so far (Emilio)    12/08/22  (6)
Blink 1488 - Zionists Exist    12/08/22  (11)
WORLD in 2030 is gonna be LOLZY for Birdshits    12/08/22  (2)
Did you have a Nielsen Audimeter in your House growing up?    12/08/22  (5)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/08/22  (24)
Rate how gassy this pic is:    12/08/22  (6)
Pallets of cash and black lesbians - Dem POTUSes make the BEST deals, folks.    12/08/22  (1)
Fucked a White American 8.5 the other night. Barebacked. Taking ?s    12/08/22  (56)
Why ‘goblin mode’ is good for you    12/08/22  (1)
So ITALY has been SHIT since the Renaissance? (15/16th Century)    12/08/22  (1)
Fed Soc to challenge Griner prisoner swap in federal court action    12/08/22  (4)
INDIA attracts as many foreign R&D projects as China, US and UK combined in 2022    12/08/22  (3)
it's 180 seeing old bumped threads that make you think "lmao" then u open them    12/08/22  (11)
ITT: We replace a letter of a famous law firm with "T"    12/08/22  (19)
If you can just make $3k/day you can retire in 10 years    12/08/22  (13)
Zelenasky bans the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine    12/08/22  (80)
Probing chatGPT filters for safety    12/08/22  (12)
Had sex with an asian escort last night (Buses tp)    12/08/22  (25)
Absolutely shocking was libs collectively were able to do to Trump    12/08/22  (19)
SCOTUS denied GDC's bid for cert in my ca$e thi$ morning    12/08/22  (9)
cyberpunk story ideas    12/08/22  (78)
Movie idea: FULL METAL JACKET but it's about working at Kirkland    12/08/22  (112)
Playing the "you hang up first" game on phone meet & confer w/ cutie    12/08/22  (1)
Russell Wilson seeing Griner/Bout trade: haha wow holy shit    12/08/22  (3)
Whoever outted Lynn Conway deserves mpm this year    12/08/22  (142)
Nah Playboy, lemme cum in that ass    12/08/22  (1)
How to link Ralph’s Rewards Card to your facial ID scan    12/08/22  (12)
Do you guys “wash” your assholes?    12/08/22  (7)
NFL star Micah Parsons is MAGA πŸ¦…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ    12/08/22  (3)
time 2020 person of the year: nietzsche’s the last man    12/08/22  (7)
There are FIVE Indian guys living next to me    12/08/22  (5)
Jews can and will push a button or less and take everything you have    12/08/22  (2)
Zelensky = Time Magazine Person of the Year    12/08/22  (13)
guess the insane $$$ estimate dentist quoted me    12/08/22  (39)
walls only work in Israel    12/08/22  (2)
What are the most lucrative SALES GIGS    12/08/22  (3)
Jews literally claim nothing works..it's all stolen anyway    12/08/22  (2)
How to improve know what key to play when jamming on Bass Guitar    12/08/22  (23)
The only way I’d ever respect nyuug is if he joined the military    12/08/22  (1)
media said Otto Warm beer deserved to die because he was white    12/08/22  (1)
any XOers been to BATAM?    12/08/22  (1)
Mcdonalds bringing back breakfast items cancelled in scamdemic    12/08/22  (4)
Do you guys "wash" your penises    12/08/22  (5)
32X memories emerge after a lifetime of regret    12/08/22  (8)
Citizenship for more than 2 million “Dreamers”    12/08/22  (47)
GPT-3ing Operation Santa for fun and profit    12/08/22  (1)
Lol @ USPS "Operation Santa"    12/08/22  (11)
Whelan escapes Russia w/ help from telekinetic girl and gang of plucky teens    12/08/22  (1)
should i go to McDonalds or Chik-Fil-A for breakfast?    12/08/22  (14)
Unpaid law interns with nervous laughs and stupidly big double windsor knots    12/08/22  (12)
Kermit the frog w Jordan Peterson hair appears "wash your penis, mmm ok"    12/08/22  (1)
Inside the world of South Korean male beauty pageants    12/08/22  (5)
Brittney Griner would be the perfect POTUS for America 2022    12/08/22  (2)
WITHOUT GOOGLING: can u name 5 states with senators of different parties?    12/08/22  (33)
New Kanye track samples Alex Jones    12/08/22  (1)
World capitals quiz - how many can u get?    12/08/22  (17)
a dog uve never seen b4 pokes head thru ur doggy door, barks "Race realism" at u    12/08/22  (106)
good morning    12/08/22  (3)
obscure chatbort simulator    12/08/22  (5)
The Ballad of HoldUp / TS Amanda    12/08/22  (5)
Trump Organization convicted of fraud    12/08/22  (3)
i bet doodikoff is a shitty guitarist    12/08/22  (16)
@realdonaldtrump: As someone who knows deals, this deal was a COMPLETE DISASTER!    12/08/22  (2)
Russian GDP crashing from removal of Brittney Griner's free labor    12/08/22  (2)
Do you guys "wash" your poasts?    12/08/22  (1)
Putin LMAOing that his deal was accepted    12/08/22  (1)
Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!    12/08/22  (2)
Do you guys “wash” your chicken?    12/08/22  (6)
Let the praise of God be on your lips.    12/08/22  (1)
You can now earn a Dishonorable Discharge for Treason, Murder... and RACISM    12/08/22  (1)
Rating Poasters as (mostly horror) stories but one world is replaced with Luis    12/08/22  (44)
Lmao, the Military now considers Racism to be as bad as Treason, not flame(link)    12/08/22  (3)
Headed to LONDON this afternoon (RSF)    12/08/22  (31)
Discuss Jeep grand Cherokee vs Porsche    12/08/22  (59)
Alright, this prank is fucking mean: going to Walmart and firing workers (vid)    12/08/22  (45)
Wow. Second day here and you people are idiots    12/08/22  (14)
REMINDER: not only is Musk a giant piece of shit, he also    12/08/22  (17)
Free Viktor Bout    12/08/22  (4)
23andme buys naming rights to Tomb of the Unknown Soldier    12/08/22  (1)
just fucking loled picturing Elizabeth Holmes sucking some old Indian's turdbark    12/08/22  (84)
My alcoholic wife is telling me she will cut down drinking to get pregnant.    12/08/22  (9)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >%50000000    12/08/22  (7)
Benzo please post a photo of your current bank account amount    12/08/22  (2)
C# Wishes and Python Dreams: Lifestyles of the Weird and Aspie    12/08/22  (3)

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