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XO Poll: Are you fully vaccinated at this moment Yea or Nay    05/13/21  (129)
Portland History in Pictures    05/13/21  (33)
God will smite the left    05/13/21  (3)
So the election was "stolen", there's just no proof or evidence of this?    05/13/21  (38)
Greenspan vs GreenDay    05/13/21  (1)
If vaccines are so effective, why does "Biden" need to make novaxers wear masks?    05/13/21  (9)
In our lifetimes, we'll be given a choice, pick humanity and death    05/13/21  (1)
Greenspun v. Greenspun    05/13/21  (13)
My current drug stash:    05/13/21  (23)
'our' hologram 'president' just 'tweeted' a new 'rule' we have to submit to    05/13/21  (4)
US Marines on a march: "PARENT ONE AND PARENT TWO... ARE TRANSGENDER AND METWO!"    05/13/21  (12)
Biden: "The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do."    05/13/21  (42)
Russians create Matrix 1.0 for cows    05/13/21  (6)
It is fucking insane how many idle rich people there are in this country    05/13/21  (12)
The rule is now simple, Lebowski. You wears ze mask or we fucks you up!    05/13/21  (2)
34% of 8th graders identify as LGBT (Forbes)    05/13/21  (10)
Once you go Alex Jones, you never go back    05/13/21  (2)
Why didn’t the RHCPs spawn any copycat bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam both did?    05/13/21  (37)
Election day 2020 seems surreal at this point    05/13/21  (96)
when is too much when talking about yourself to a girl    05/13/21  (5)
flickering holo-vid president just 'tweeting' new 'rules' out for the goyim    05/13/21  (5)
Anyone remember that fake "burst pipe" excuse in Fulton County GA?    05/13/21  (17)
Vaccine shedding is flame. The damage is contained within harvested individuals.    05/13/21  (1)
Anyone buying more crypto now will be handsomely rewarded financially    05/13/21  (11)
New Elon Musk crypto tweet    05/13/21  (9)
White men conquered the world, decided world domination was too boring, handicap    05/13/21  (3)
107 days until college football season.    05/13/21  (5)
vaccine shedding filthy slore chobani breath herpes lib women going maskless    05/13/21  (3)
Tucker showed a survey that said vaxxed are more reluctant to live life    05/13/21  (1)
Palantir is going to take down crypto    05/13/21  (9)
Is there a single US airline that has legitimately good domestic business class?    05/13/21  (7)
how to cope with the constant unexplained rejection of job interviews    05/13/21  (52)
sthilpery stholpe ith a fallathy!    05/13/21  (2)
tore top of my labrum SLAP 2 injury, should I get surgery?    05/13/21  (8)
what would happen if i made salmon burgers or meatballs w/out breadcrumbs?    05/13/21  (5)
Ralph do you ever get mayonnaise added to mcdoubles    05/13/21  (3)
Knife bros, cum ITT to rate my new knife sharpener    05/13/21  (3)
Millennials are going to mass suicide when crypto goes *poof*    05/13/21  (15)
do a forum search for "hologram"    05/13/21  (1)
“It’s like 1984 meets Turner Diaries but with a hologram as president”    05/13/21  (12)
Bump this when Wilbur kills himself from ETH hitting 20k    05/13/21  (1)
Libs think the cdc can “require” things? ljl    05/13/21  (5)
listening to Nas' "everything" on repeat and thinking about life and death tp    05/13/21  (2)
How contagious is foot fungus really    05/13/21  (10)
Nirvanayoda, need some predictions this year    05/13/21  (1)
So the awful day is here that the government begins the vaccine threats    05/13/21  (3)
Do you think he learned his lesson?    05/13/21  (1)
The point of vaccines is to make you more committed to mask-wearing    05/13/21  (1)
Go on the Record: Will THE COLLAPSE happen in our lifetime?    05/13/21  (18)
Kamala— can u tell that YT boi in office to get it together?    05/13/21  (4)
The answer is no, libs    05/13/21  (3)
There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and    05/13/21  (6)
"Jay-Z? More like ... Gay-Z!" *whole room gasps*    05/13/21  (1)
Just found out that vax rate among Jews is <1%, LMAO @ goys    05/13/21  (7)
The rule is now simple: arbeit macht frei    05/13/21  (1)
Chinese construction foreman in sub-Saharan Africa sighing “it’s all so tire    05/13/21  (3)
Hi goyim, new rule    05/13/21  (2)
just lolling @ that ridiculous "Biden" tweet    05/13/21  (3)
you all realize musk is just prepping for the big tesla DOGE announcement right?    05/13/21  (1)
but like, it's actually bad for like the environment, man *$100B disappears*    05/13/21  (1)
Gen Z sister in law is always calling my wife old    05/13/21  (1)
when are we all converting to Islam?    05/13/21  (3)
"transgenderism" is an unconscious reaction against masculine anger    05/13/21  (1)
gibberish torturing baby birds to death while dog whimpers in his microwave    05/13/21  (1)
Mig needs to be institutionalized immediately    05/13/21  (1)
Nigger.    05/13/21  (19)
Think how much waste there is so old people can still pay bills with checks    05/13/21  (2)
profoundly online    05/13/21  (5)
lol libs this is a joke    05/13/21  (1)
my mom pays some cunt $100s a week to pretend her imaginary problems matter    05/13/21  (9)
EPAH please do not give your children puberty blocking hormones    05/13/21  (1)
lol this covid insanity was so exaggerated and mishandled    05/13/21  (1)
CR truck for guy who doesnt go offroad    05/13/21  (44)
2027: Beef only served in illegal speakeasy    05/13/21  (6)
no way "Biden" legitimately won the "election"    05/13/21  (53)
Rate: this grizzly killed yesterday    05/13/21  (30)
Dadmos: How flexible/rigid if your wife with baby's nap schedule?    05/13/21  (43)
Is the original Mortal Kombat a good game    05/13/21  (6)
told some faggot kid mouthing off to shut the fuck up and take his seroquel    05/13/21  (1)
The population is greatly decreased    05/13/21  (1)
Do most guys in Spain shave their legs?    05/13/21  (5)
Sick Birdshit Chad kills his 5 week old son    05/13/21  (1)
😂🚀🔥🇮🇱 nigger 𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖌𝖊𝖗 nigger 🎄🥂    05/13/21  (19)
Disney finally offering traditional cartoons (link)    05/13/21  (33)
Do gays use cologne enema before dates?    05/13/21  (5)
Free Florida bros: How does this "simple rule" from "Biden" apply to us?    05/13/21  (1)
DeSantis to pardon anyone criminally charged for COVID violations    05/13/21  (7)
how does "Biden" plan on enforcing this    05/13/21  (3)
WFH party over soon I guess    05/13/21  (1)
Lumber shortage. Chicken shortage. Flower shortage. Aluminium shortage. Gas sho    05/13/21  (28)
we now have shortages like 1980s Soviet Union    05/13/21  (3)
Why are polynesians so prone to obesity?    05/13/21  (33)
"show me your vaccination papers"    05/13/21  (2)
this "Biden" nonsense is such a joke    05/13/21  (2)
Better news from a guy pushing septic tank cleaners than mainstream media    05/13/21  (2)
#StandWithChesa rally in SF draws tens of thousands (pic)    05/13/21  (1)
I hope Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci commit suicide to death    05/13/21  (1)
bad #s for Biden, Fauci exposed = actually we can go back to normal now hehe    05/13/21  (2)
chefboi rd    05/13/21  (5)
Obeezy really went crazy today with his alts    05/13/21  (8)
not flame i find gibberish's glee from hurting & killing animals to be psychotic    05/13/21  (4)
Those rodent sticky traps work amazing at catching birds. But kind of sad.    05/13/21  (30)
theyre making us gay by giving us gay water    05/13/21  (3)
Didn't realize the Chad meme was modeled after the shape of Chad the country    05/13/21  (1)
NPCs ecstatic fake crisis is over    05/13/21  (3)
assad spotted on white horse leading Syrian troops through golan heights    05/13/21  (1)
Largest hindu temple in America built with lower caste slave labor    05/13/21  (1)
banned.video makes me feel like im part of something bigger    05/13/21  (1)
Amazon was blamed for killing malls, now it's killing restaurants    05/13/21  (10)
2021 Russia: tradition, religion, industry; 2021 USA: shortages, race riots    05/13/21  (1)
RATE this giant 2 oz silver dragon coin    05/13/21  (3)
What race has the LEAST musical ability?    05/13/21  (81)
Libs fawning over neocons/'intel agencies' is a truly disgusting trend    05/13/21  (4)
How tall is Gay Grandpa?    05/13/21  (2)
Rate the new video on my firm website (CSLG)    05/13/21  (75)
netflix, hulu, disney+ & amazon prime are goy slop with shit content & suck    05/13/21  (2)
help me pick bros: Ford Ranger vs Chevy Colorado    05/13/21  (1)
Hypo: you could drive ~24 hours and have a drink with Hemingway or Faulkner    05/13/21  (18)
Iran confirms that the Biden regime carried out the Afghan school bombing:    05/13/21  (5)
Agree or disagree: Jewesses excepted, higher IQ is inversely correlated with    05/13/21  (9)
Hot guy friend has the weirdest pickup line that works every time    05/13/21  (6)
For a long time I pictured this rsf guy riding in regular planes, eating the slo    05/13/21  (4)
$7/gal gas in VA    05/13/21  (7)
Upsetting career setback today, can someone call me names or something    05/13/21  (12)
Trump: "but it's swollen. . ." PA, slapping Trump's ass: "Roll the fuck over!"    05/13/21  (5)
US inflation is going up, and people aren't buying crypto? wtf are they thinking    05/13/21  (5)
The CIA niggers glow in the dark, you can see them if you're driving.    05/13/21  (3)
Can't wait to trade my food/water/gas supply for silver bars when US collapses    05/13/21  (4)
But say the election was stolen and watch as they recoil: "I've been found out"    05/13/21  (2)
oyt, cowgod, upset jew    05/13/21  (12)
Going to be hilarious when they admit COVID vaccines have serious issues    05/13/21  (4)
Buy BTC, buy ETH, buy SOL, buy SAMO    05/13/21  (5)
This is the most obvious buying opportunity since beginning of pandemic    05/13/21  (4)
how often do you get angry    05/13/21  (6)
my landlord just raise rent $10 now kicked me out because of my paintings    05/13/21  (1)
Wilbur Mercer is a dumber, fatter, more religious boner police    05/13/21  (29)
Can you email anyone @cia.gov to ask to be a mole or a plant?    05/13/21  (4)
Biz Idea: Kidnap kids of crypto whales, hold for ransom    05/13/21  (1)
do scientists refuse to talk to their conservative parents ?    05/13/21  (1)
Wow ETH down ~20% in last 24-36 hours    05/13/21  (1)
Was anyone else as shocked about Elon Musk being such a dildo?    05/13/21  (7)
not a conturd but it's alpha as fuck how Liz Cheney gives no shits    05/13/21  (59)
Vaxmos frolicing, maskless, happy. No-Vaxmos sad, masked, crying    05/13/21  (2)
Are these kids too young to be doing this football drill? (Link)    05/13/21  (49)
What's the most third world part of the United States?    05/13/21  (47)
lol so there was no supply issue, it was just trumpmos hoarding gas in trashbags    05/13/21  (65)
board olds: what is "Daria"    05/13/21  (49)
HYPO: $5M to walk across Afghanistan--Khyber Pass to Kandahar to Herat    05/13/21  (49)
Trumpmo gas hoarder’s vehicle catches fire in FL    05/13/21  (21)

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