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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Met my first "double gay" person today. Basically double negative = straight    06/22/21  (1)
libs really went crazy w the vax hysteria, demanded it be given to 2 yos    06/22/21  (2)
Will buy 1 million in crypto next bear cycle (CSLG)    06/22/21  (17)
NOCOINER PRIDE    06/22/21  (7)
WaPo hit piece on Rufo (re CRT) utterly collapses    06/22/21  (17)
Rate this 1997 New York Times piece on Critical Race Theory (full text)    06/22/21  (2)
Big lawyers: work from 11 to 8, complain about lazy 8 to 5ers    06/22/21  (1)
wifebeater + loose necktie, over A-cups.    06/22/21  (6)
Don't get greedy and make sure to take some profits (CSLG)    06/22/21  (69)
Just remember when crypto finally bottoms to buy (CSLG)    06/22/21  (3)
cslg, hair fully-parted down the middle, rollerblading to mall to hit on chicks    06/22/21  (4)
Anyone else addicted to alcohol?    06/22/21  (11)
If I'm PT'ing around 174 what can I expect on test day    06/22/21  (2)
Women that don’t poast pictures of kids/husband and only themselves are whores    06/22/21  (1)
Xo retards: Chinese bio weapon! Also, just a mild cold! Fraudvirus!    06/22/21  (7)
Can I get into law school without any LORs (letters of recommendation)    06/22/21  (1)
WSJ: Tip 20% for takeout. And don't forget to tip TikTok content creators!    06/22/21  (19)
💵 PRIME DAY SALE: ONE SOLANA COIN FOR $23 💵    06/22/21  (4)
Is chase sapphire reserve still an elite credit card option    06/22/21  (2)
What’s credited for PRIME DAY?    06/22/21  (11)
My credit card charges an annual fee - what the fuck?    06/22/21  (22)
Going to a sit down Pizza Hut during lunch and gonna play TMNT 2 arcade game    06/22/21  (4)
wait wtf, tranny men can play women's soccer?    06/22/21  (3)
Is "puppet" a good nickname for my wife?    06/22/21  (1)
Thousands Of Women Report Period Problems Potentially Tied To COVID Vax    06/22/21  (28)
CRT was just invented by this guy? You all act like it’s mainstream.    06/22/21  (81)
Bat virus SPLICED with AIDS    06/22/21  (3)
millions of high school boys identifying as female, why?    06/22/21  (1)
Greenwald: Judge rules that Maddow talks bullshit & everybody knows it    06/22/21  (1)
share blue can spam all day, im not getting the mark of the beast    06/22/21  (1)
Nocoiners irate that I’m in it for the tech    06/22/21  (3)
Xbox Game Studios Exec Says Its Main Focus Is Diversity (link)    06/22/21  (7)
We need an upvote/downvote visibility system here    06/22/21  (5)
black nigger shoots 2 cops at point blank range in Chicago (vid)    06/22/21  (75)
(2070) "you were smart not to take the vaccine, grandma. what happened to everyo    06/22/21  (1)
Rate my SAMO investment    06/22/21  (1)
BigLaw leaders back Alvin Bragg in NYC DA race    06/22/21  (4)
rate this gif    06/22/21  (4)
🌈 NFL star Carl Nassib cums out as gay 🌈    06/22/21  (66)
Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In The Heights" disappoints with $11M wkd. Critics puzzled    06/22/21  (46)
what is the most prestigious homosexual act?    06/22/21  (14)
rate me as a sex act Mr. Jinx has tried with Whokebe    06/22/21  (24)
Covid is a joke I was asymptomatic! *infects and kills grandparents*    06/22/21  (2)
Grrr the Chinks are raping us *pours life savings into crypto, stolen by chinks*    06/22/21  (1)
Spaceporn shrieking, "nooo, not my son!" Truckers guffawing, "what son?"    06/22/21  (5)
Xo retards: the vaccine effects are unknown! (As if covid’s effects are)    06/22/21  (8)
Hope we get liberal mods who start banning racism    06/22/21  (3)
So BTC bros have lost half their money in a few months? Ouch    06/22/21  (10)
have never seen It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - should I?    06/22/21  (61)
Is this a cryptocoin buying opportunity or will it crash further?    06/22/21  (2)
Birds of prey are awesome    06/22/21  (11)
the automotive industry is colluding to make driving gynocentric and sinocentric    06/22/21  (12)
Byron Yawn’s 12 incher gracefully entering Julianna Zobrist’s butthole    06/22/21  (1)
Those bully sticks you give your dog? They're penises.    06/22/21  (4)
Latest parenting craze: Have drones film ur kids 24/7.    06/22/21  (2)
Cubs Ben Zobrist cucked by preacher he employed, also robbed by said preacher    06/22/21  (32)
I've been stripped of my kippah    06/22/21  (8)
ATL Article on Ho Ka Terence Yung, Psychopath, Pianist, and Law Center Reject    06/22/21  (8)
Your wife is julianna zobristing you with your best friend    06/22/21  (3)
Xo: a bunch of anti science conspiracy theory retard incels    06/22/21  (6)
Why did vote counting stop in Fulton County when there was no pipe burst?    06/22/21  (70)
ESPN mixing WNBA stories into front page news is like seeing gay porn on xvideos    06/22/21  (14)
Dead Serious: Deion Sanders is morphing into Ratigan from An American Tail.    06/22/21  (1)
Whistling zippidy dooh dah as I zip tie spaceporn’s hands and ankles    06/22/21  (1)
Needs more horseshit    06/22/21  (2)
   06/22/21  (12)
19 yo nerd/gaming shrew has fucked 26 men    06/22/21  (86)
Wife is getting a boob job in Sept. Not sure I approve of this    06/22/21  (36)
Study: Vax makes you gay, but you were already gay before you got it (link)    06/22/21  (1)
Why didn’t exuent tell us when he was selling his SOL?    06/22/21  (8)
what do you guys think about this moniker    06/22/21  (1)
Stalin tp Ativan withdrawal thread    06/22/21  (30)
overheard kid singing America the Beautiful- is there a FBI hotline i should cal    06/22/21  (4)
Ted Lasso wins Peabody Award for being "perfect counter...to toxic masculinity"    06/22/21  (2)
I waste so much money on food and alcohol    06/22/21  (1)
is fraudster Musk going to get blowback when DOGE = 0?    06/22/21  (3)
Avril Lavigne and Tony Hawk found a portal to 2002    06/22/21  (1)
SOL about to break 20 holy shit    06/22/21  (1)
Thoughts on this cartoon about Critical Race Theory?    06/22/21  (49)
Crypto 🥺    06/22/21  (1)
Wait, Oliver Darcy follows doobs on Twitter and Instagram    06/22/21  (7)
Starting to suspect obeezy's IQ is in the low 70s    06/22/21  (21)
BTC -> $27K ->36K -> 21K -> 78K. by EoY.    06/22/21  (5)
just copped $25 Amazon Fire TV Stick - 4K    06/22/21  (7)
Best philosophical argument that elites have a right to exploit and enslave?    06/22/21  (1)
This is how you know you’re red pilled in 2021    06/22/21  (53)
does someone on your street have an American flag up? Why you may want to keep    06/22/21  (3)
Critical Clique Theory    06/22/21  (1)
ayo where da racism at    06/22/21  (2)
rate this video of MAF kenny in 4" shoelifts berating a fast food worker    06/22/21  (3)
whistling lennon's "imagine" while polishing your neatly stacked human skulls    06/22/21  (2)
Your racism is showing    06/22/21  (3)
where will 100% fraud bitcoin CRACK down to once $30k is breached? $16k?    06/22/21  (13)
Minimum IQ necessary to "get" Tim and Eric?    06/22/21  (5)
"student loan forgiveness when?" "how about a Juneteenth holiday lol"    06/22/21  (1)
When did Republicans switch from being a serious party to cosplay/conspiracy?    06/22/21  (30)
Republican congressman says UFOS are alien spaceships, Roswell covered up    06/22/21  (12)
Frog and Toad dragging spaceporn jr behind this F-150    06/22/21  (1)
SOL? More like LOL    06/22/21  (3)
"excuse me ma'am i would like to coom"    06/22/21  (1)
Tracking Claire's prediction of a mass redneck uprising    06/22/21  (40)
ITT: We track OFFICIAL progress of AZ election audit of Maricopa fraud    06/22/21  (24)
Can't wait for James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to deliver THE GOODS today    06/22/21  (57)
From "Stop The Steal" to "Drop The Appeal": The Donald Trump Story    06/22/21  (3)
Russian propaganda can just state facts about US now.    06/22/21  (43)
Wherein trumpenprole assert there were airstrips during the Rev. War    06/22/21  (14)
Will lsd ever show zher face ITT again?    06/22/21  (8)
Airlines recommending vaccinated people not to fly because of blood clots    06/22/21  (75)
why does this deep state shit happen so SLLOOOOWWWWW?    06/22/21  (30)
crypto will go negative and coiners will have to pay everyone else money    06/22/21  (4)
FBI creating a file on everyone flying an American flag    06/22/21  (1)
*sees the word "phenotype" or "clique* *ignores poast*    06/22/21  (17)
“Necklacing” SP and his whole family in the front yard tp    06/22/21  (2)
NOCOINERS MOUNT UP! Come ITT and predict that crypto will never reach new ATHs    06/22/21  (3)
I figured out obeezy’s IRL info (TSINAH)    06/22/21  (74)
FBI arrests everyone who stood for anthem @ Braves / Mets game    06/22/21  (1)
Biden administration eying Iraq "surge" - lol at lib warmongering    06/22/21  (20)
what is the absolute best blade steel for an EDC knife?    06/22/21  (31)
The Inherent Toxicity of Whiteness (Charles Blow, NYT)    06/22/21  (1)
Crypto crashing, FLW vindicated!!!    06/22/21  (1)
The coworker you briefly dated telling your female manager intimate details at    06/22/21  (3)
How long until libs push no smoking building to allow cannabis smoking?    06/22/21  (3)
"Grandpa, why are we rich when others are poor?" "Well son, my shitcoins mooned"    06/22/21  (45)
How can you base an entire economy on consuming?    06/22/21  (7)
How many people has Elon Musk fucked over with his Dogecoin memeing    06/22/21  (3)
"libs" really go crazy when someone disagrees w them    06/22/21  (2)
They put the slave day inside the gay month. Tariq genius triumph again    06/22/21  (1)
ETH price target @ $175    06/22/21  (22)
I have lost 3 pounds since last week. Gotta keep this up.    06/22/21  (5)
Haha you can buy stuff with it… I mean it’s a store of value actually.. haha    06/22/21  (1)
There is no "evidence."    06/22/21  (1)
Explain the SQUANCH meme    06/22/21  (9)
🚨***🚨 KEY LSAT DATES FOR AUGUST 14, 2021 - JUNE 11, 2022 🚨***🚨    06/22/21  (9)
So all 'modern' young women do is poast selfies and sexy dance vids?    06/22/21  (6)
NYT: Google Executives See Cracks in Their Company’s Success    06/22/21  (7)
Crypto Reddit is panic selling. This crash will be bad.    06/22/21  (9)
World map based on CUCK level    06/22/21  (5)
Real talk u can SNATCH a boy, make $eriou$ profit or keep him 4 urslf    06/22/21  (9)
And the lord said to Moses that ye shall manipulate crypto currency prices    06/22/21  (2)
There are piece of shit frauds exploring people everywhere    06/22/21  (1)
Good time to buy crypto?    06/22/21  (1)
Hot black chick just waved and hollared at me    06/22/21  (4)
Pro tip: Don’t listen to porn with noise-cancelling headphones    06/22/21  (3)
Can't spell 'NYUUG is a megafaggot' without 'S-A-M-O'    06/22/21  (14)
libs now trust the fbi    06/22/21  (13)
I went to play paintball today and got kicked out    06/22/21  (13)
you have no idea what ive given to acquire the knowledge i possess    06/22/21  (6)
Black girl making your big white dick disappear down her throat    06/22/21  (1)
You never truly own a crypto currency. You merely leave your kids with nothing    06/22/21  (1)

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