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Car died. Should I get a Tesla? Play it safe with an ICE car?    05/06/21  (28)
Hyperinflation and Lumber: a deeper analysis    05/06/21  (15)
DeSantis is a truly unique candidate    05/06/21  (16)
ITT you tell me to where I should retire early    05/06/21  (70)
Lol Better Call Saul in movie Nobody is him killing fuckers left and right    05/06/21  (2)
Fastest new car under $70k? (No Tesla)    05/06/21  (13)
twitter engaging in INSANE censorship right now.    05/06/21  (39)
buddy just cashed out 1 mill in DOGE not flame    05/06/21  (1)
The name BIPOCS is hilariously demeaning    05/06/21  (35)
Texas Longhorn football player dead (guy.)    05/06/21  (1)
Anyone read Hunter's book yet?    05/06/21  (1)
Someone get this Harvard co-ed a moniker, she's asking for one    05/06/21  (7)
2021 Modern Steel Honda Accord LX    05/06/21  (8)
Only a decade ago transgenderism was considered a psychiatric disease    05/06/21  (3)
Rate this media Freudian slip    05/06/21  (1)
Jacked beefhead I grew up with is sales rep for Northwestern Mutual now    05/06/21  (7)
Twitter suspending ALL accounts that link/share from Trump's site    05/06/21  (9)
lol it’s going to take 8 days to send my ETC from ledger to exchange    05/06/21  (1)
hypo: anal sex from elliot rodger to save six lives    05/06/21  (22)
Doug Stanhope on Jews    05/06/21  (1)
how cr is a 30 year fixed 2.5% mortgage    05/06/21  (5)
Not flame- FBI going to indict anyone at the Capital protest even if not inside    05/06/21  (26)
michael doodikoff: how are you right now?    05/06/21  (133)
When you see TSINAH'S slamhog mother you see where he gets it    05/06/21  (23)
Next guaranteed 10x: SAW coin    05/06/21  (4)
Billie Eilish proves the "sexualization of women" thing is a myth    05/06/21  (85)
Florida investigation into voter fraud finds widespread ballot fraud. LIBS?    05/06/21  (2)
hypo: anal sex from aaron rodgers to save no lives    05/06/21  (2)
AZ State Senator to DOJ: stay in your lane, or youll spend time in AZ prison    05/06/21  (10)
will be poasting the 2 micro cap crypto 10x+ers in a few hours itt    05/06/21  (11)
Anyone have a Black bull and regret the color choice?    05/06/21  (3)
Why do we allow inflation to happen at all? Why not just keep money equal?    05/06/21  (1)
Holy shit wat just happened at Stock Market close    05/06/21  (33)
Countdown to release of Trump’s Twitter alternative. Can’t wait!!    05/06/21  (14)
Merely tweeting Trump's new blog gets you banned from twitter now    05/06/21  (1)
I’m 40. At the age when I’m supposed to die. Instead will learn CS    05/06/21  (2)
SP is an alpha. Gets what he wants. Ignores haters and the harm he causes.    05/06/21  (7)
Brooo KNARLY, HEINOUS, RADICAL!!    05/06/21  (1)
SP here. I will never be charged w such a crime. I will never "be tried"    05/06/21  (103)
rate this FRESH TEEN escort (pic)    05/06/21  (20)
Chad of today is a Incel of tommorow    05/06/21  (15)
I sold everything too early    05/06/21  (4)
Just crushed a steak quesarito. It was not great.    05/06/21  (8)
Holy shit, these are kooky times. Really at a tipping point    05/06/21  (1)
1800000 - Trump launches 'From the Desk of DJT' - Twitter-like feed    05/06/21  (92)
Time to go ALL CASH, bros.    05/06/21  (9)
Blonde woman goes to beach in India (vid)    05/06/21  (35)
historically important poster taking limited number of questions    05/06/21  (6)
just turned 30 and i feel like my intelligence peaked at 23/24. common?    05/06/21  (20)
You must prevent your daughter from joining Boko Haram as a suicide bomber    05/06/21  (2)
FBSM quotemo here, thinking about a rare weekend visit to NEW provider    05/06/21  (6)
Mid-late 30's, no wife/kids, can find work anywhere- where should I move?    05/06/21  (48)
nohousemos fucked    05/06/21  (8)
*Carmela entering Cathie Wood's office with a ricotta pie* "Cathie, hi"    05/06/21  (1)
Truth: many more AZNS are racist against BLACKS, than vice versa    05/06/21  (25)
Hyperinflammation and Lumber: a deeper anal cyst    05/06/21  (1)
anti-vax conspiracies on the right depress me. all smart people alienated    05/06/21  (105)
spaceporn, do acquaintances usually assume Gook Wife had Justin w another man?    05/06/21  (6)
Marvel studios phase 4 trailer    05/06/21  (13)
Saved my whole life. Was about to buy house. Hyperinflation about to take it all    05/06/21  (7)
Anyone have a BLACK bull and regret the color choice?    05/06/21  (4)
Some hockey player Chads terrorized my store today (evan39)    05/06/21  (9)
DC Uber Driver killers reach plea deal: no prison time, nothing past age 21    05/06/21  (104)
Grandmother fatally punched in French Quarter; brother has 'no earthly idea why'    05/06/21  (89)
lol @ REITs/mREITs crashing today faster than Doodikoff's oxygen levels    05/06/21  (3)
After runaway inflation, citizens of impoverished country eat physical silver (v    05/06/21  (1)
"hi kids, welcome to the Craterface Chris show! Meet my friends Tina & Molecule    05/06/21  (2)
Rate this Fauci impersonation    05/06/21  (1)
On the tyrrany of Blackrock's shareholder propsals    05/06/21  (15)
time to sell    05/06/21  (5)
XO MLB crew roll through (2021 edition)    05/06/21  (152)
Garbage judges and garbage prosecutors garbage case against my GF falling apart    05/06/21  (9)
TSINAH, how did you become so fucking fat anyways?    05/06/21  (1)
stormfront echo chamber retards gotta go back    05/06/21  (3)
Hyperinflation is getting completely out of control. Markets will be destroyed    05/06/21  (10)
A Weimar Republic, if you can keep it.    05/06/21  (5)
LA Angels DFA / RELEASE Albert Pujols    05/06/21  (1)
Govt printing money to pay people not to work. What could possibly go wrong?    05/06/21  (24)
Hyper Inflation just hit home pretty hard    05/06/21  (23)
Montana plans to cancel unemployment benefits to address ‘severe workforce sho    05/06/21  (6)
anyone else really enjoy watching blackpill videos?    05/06/21  (22)
Fuck amerikkka and its complete bullshit    05/06/21  (1)
If you’re not listening to the Bannon podcast every day ur literally insane    05/06/21  (6)
bartard stories: I pissed in my shoe last night    05/06/21  (1)
FNC: "Give TRUMP credit for inventing the vaccine. But it's deadly don't take it    05/06/21  (15)
Ark Innovation/Cathie Wood done here    05/06/21  (3)
no way alex jones is only worth $5M wtf    05/06/21  (2)
Asians in NYC getting vaccinated despite fears of violence (NYT)    05/06/21  (1)
Honduran restaurant in Portland cooked area's final four spotted owls    05/06/21  (14)
Historically retarded poster taking cocks, first cum, first serve    05/06/21  (6)
best software companies to invest in    05/06/21  (4)
MUSLIM NIGGER stabs/beheads 3 women at Tennessee truck stop    05/06/21  (11)
getting ur temper-checked, reading QR code menu, etc -- all to eat by yourself    05/06/21  (1)
There's nothing to look forward to in my life besides Marvel movies    05/06/21  (1)
I drink TWO VENTI coffees from Starbucks A DAY    05/06/21  (9)
One Incredible Ocean Crossing May Have Made Human Evolution Possible    05/06/21  (5)
Dogecoin now worth more than Ford not flame lol    05/06/21  (1)
“I love uh, Peru” TSINAH tells Guatemalan Denny’s waitress*    05/06/21  (3)
would like to see a strip of territory from Alaska to the mountain states secede    05/06/21  (6)
im luciferian    05/06/21  (1)
Can’t wait for hyperinflation to price out Trumptards from Trumptardian hobbie    05/06/21  (1)
CNN: XO Poaster charged with felonies for selling fake vaccination cards (link)    05/06/21  (23)
my entire family is luciferians    05/06/21  (1)
Anyone have a BLACK car and regret the color choice?    05/06/21  (84)
computational neuro-luciferianism    05/06/21  (1)
so you can get fired for refusing the vaccine ?    05/06/21  (16)
most “journalists” are basically bloggers at this point    05/06/21  (3)
Maricopa AZ, Anterim MI, Wyndham NH (lsd)    05/06/21  (1)
Thread of Appeals: Under Appreciated and Unbumped Poasts    05/06/21  (21)
Anyone visited San Miguel de Allende?    05/06/21  (3)
What is the most prestigious tuna helper? Tuna Creamy Broccoli?    05/06/21  (1)
Buddhism is luciferian    05/06/21  (30)
Do older white men get off on dating Asian women who look like teenagers?    05/06/21  (10)
CSLG obtaining million dollar settlement for negligent install of cripple dipper    05/06/21  (4)
i don't fuckin know, just give tony blair a mullet (hungover sim creator)    05/06/21  (6)
am i insane for not leasing a lightly used 2017 cripple dipper for $200/mo?    05/06/21  (3)
"So I lifted him with the Cripple Dipper right on to my di--hi, who just joined?    05/06/21  (10)
***OFFICIAL*** petition to get RSF to stop being a <><>NOEDC<><
;> beta cuck
   05/06/21  (1)
my back    05/06/21  (4)
Just get me those election results next week. Or not, whatever's easiest. haha    05/06/21  (4)
South Carolina: Fuck lethal injection. We're bringing back firing squads    05/06/21  (65)
Fox New: 17,000 Afghan interpreters and their families will be coming here    05/06/21  (24)
Worst hobbies: 1. Hunting 2. Hunting 3. Hunting 4. Hunting    05/06/21  (47)
Stubbed toe on stair, ambulance chasin’ lawyer immediately Coincidence?    05/06/21  (4)
Rate, on a scale of 1-10, this shitlaw firm with all kike attorneys    05/06/21  (14)
It's not ghey if you're a top    05/06/21  (7)
More valuable to society: lawyers or tapeworms?    05/06/21  (5)
A mentally ill lawyer, a nazi, a terrorist walk into a bar    05/06/21  (2)
Farting so hard global temp rises 1 degree    05/06/21  (6)
Bigger Vultures - Actual vultures or lawyers?    05/06/21  (4)
Assistant was 30 min late and leaving at 3. 100% she still takes full lunch.    05/06/21  (8)
"They hate us for our freedoms"    05/06/21  (1)
How many lawyers does it take to switch a lightbulb?    05/06/21  (1)
stfu mig    05/06/21  (1)
"Use the pipe, Mario" - Obi Wan Marathi    05/06/21  (123)
Legal Defense Fund for Capitol Protestors launched by Trump & Bann    05/06/21  (9)
Dan Crenshaw is going blind in his good eye (not flame)    05/06/21  (52)
highlight of my day is watching the alex jones show on infowars    05/06/21  (12)
Rate this 1999 video of Elon Musk acting like a balding young rich douche    05/06/21  (1)
Sorry Libs: Here's timeline showing Trump FIGHTING Virus seriously    05/06/21  (6)
GC reading your resume, "So tell us about a time that you were a Good Goy"    05/06/21  (8)
"OMG Becky. . .they way he said, 'risten' over and over was so hot!"    05/06/21  (13)
Trump: "but it's swollen. . ." PA, slapping Trump's ass: "Roll the fuck over!"    05/06/21  (4)
Worse Fear: Dying in a fire or blowing the Statute of Limitations?    05/06/21  (9)
is buying all my clothes from mr porter prole?    05/06/21  (3)
Remember polite interaction bw shaman & security guard at Jan 6 protests?    05/06/21  (8)
Shires new a is a little on the nose: "you do the meth! get beach ready w shire'    05/06/21  (1)
Life sucks. About to stream some shows on Crunchyroll    05/06/21  (1)
Anyone have a BLACK bf and regret the color choice?    05/06/21  (1)
Best degree for Data Science    05/06/21  (4)

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